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Color/lineart/edit thread 3.0 Anonymous 06/03/2022 (Fri) 14:17:09 Id: 60fba4 No. 22499
New thread for color suggestions since the previous thread has hit bump limit. I’ll start off with my request from the previous thread, which is to have this pic by FireFox-SF (now calling himself JohnnyRespawn) to be colored. Considering the background I’m pretty sure the dojo from SFV is what’s being used in this pic, but just in case I attached a reference for the outside of the Rindoukan dojo as well.
(541.59 KB 1977x913 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.72 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.47 MB 1600x900 ClipboardImage.png)

gonna repost my request from the old thread as well Zero from Drakengard 3, tickled by One, Two, Three, Four and Five
This was requested in the previous thread. The characters are, Maya Fey and Franziska von Karma both girls from Ace Attorney.
Rin Shima from Yuru Camp
Wonder Woman by Fire-Fox SF being tickled by Frost and Cheetah.
(2.84 MB 2322x3000 panelblind_corrinsktch_f.png)

(3.15 MB 2469x3500 panelblind_corrinsktch_ff.png)

Corrin from the previous thread. She is always worth coloring.
>>>22257 From the last thread
>>22502 Holy crap that's a good pic...when did BP draw that one?
>>22726 He posted it on his Pixiv account as an old unfinished sketch. https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/98488245
Would anyone mind doing these
>>22745 Quick 10 minute flat color since I doubt anyone was going to color and shade this anyway based on the last thread >>22652 Totally agree with this statement, I’ll do this one soon
>>22750 Thank you so much man like seriously I have been dying to get it colored and it looks good thanks
>>22973 I wasn't the one who requested this but damn solid work, man!
Wanted to test to see if I’m decent at coloring
Had to fix one mistake I somehow missed
Could someone do this pic of Starfire? I know it’s a bit more content than usual.
>>23080 >>23081 This is pretty well done.
Character is Jack the Ripper from the Fate series.
Colored this Penelope pic, also does Shakezula have a secret place where he posts the rest of these, or does he just have them save in his files only, he made a Penelope account recently with this being in it
Had to make a fix
>>22711 Sauce for the artist?
>>22502 Holy crap that would be amazing! Just need to highlight those lines a bit, add some colour...
>>23157 >>23159 Where did you get this from? Can’t seem to find it
>>23160 Pretty sure one of their names was Hangten. They did some nice stuff, but I think ended up deleting their DA accounts both times.
>>23140 Since I doubt anyone else would’ve colored it as it’s the 3rd or 4th time it’s been requested, here’s a quick 15 minute flat color >>23176 This one is like a multi-hour project lol, better off just commissioning BP if someone really wants to see it colored. Also according to the last thread BP might color it anyways so idk why someone suggested it if it’s a WIP
Naruto: Sakura and Ino
(2.23 MB 5000x4000 illustration26-27-28.png)

(365.05 KB 600x584 101.png)

(462.20 KB 595x800 595px-Laffey.png)

Azur Lane: Javelin and Laffey
>>23140 Sauce?
Working on another Penelope color edit
Not too proud of it
>>23157 You got a link to the account?
>>23307 >>23193 <— here
>>23306 Version with the extra sketch layer removed
mabel and bill from gravity falls
>>23336 nigga this threads full of CIA agents, why are you only kicking up a fuss about the western one? >>23234 >>23233 >>22989 >>22502 Grorious nippon can do no wrong?
(62.60 KB 365x135 ha wow.png)

>>23337 >that filter fucking lol
>>23325 Ok but sauce?
>>22973 >>22652 Fixed a mistake I just noticed regarding Corrin’s teeth >>23325 Just use saucenao.com to find image sources https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/98925201
>>23350 Ticklespots on DA and Pixiv
Has anyone done that Annie and hange one from aot
>>23393 This pic forgot to put it in
>>23393 Here are the messages regarding the status of this image: >>19092 >>21426 Since someone else had already started coloring it I never bothered to consider coloring this one because someone was already on it. Idk if it has been colored by now. >>22711 I’ll do this request, coming soon
>>23437 >>23442 Original requester here, hasn’t been colored yet! They said it would take them a long while, but it’s been a couple months about now and nothing. Of course they have no obligation and I’m not trying to call them out but just letting you know the status!
>>23443 I'm not surprised it's takeing a while because Grey scale is hard af to do.
>>23454 I’m sure they’re just busy and have more important things to do than color some requests for some time. Personally I find it much faster/easier to color grayscale images than lineart based requests, but that’s just me.
>>23456 Lol I can't color for shit I did it once in the last thread of some ruby girl and it was so bad
Eva girls, you know what they look like
DR girls by TM
(42.38 KB 392x608 images.jpeg)

(766.15 KB 1200x1600 2(1).png)

>>23496 Tried I guess
>>23513 Thank you, you did a great job!!
This was in the previous thread yeah idk when it was done but its weird only having half the image colored Rise Kujikawa and Nanako Dojima from persona 4 Btw what tools do you guys use to color? I know nothing about coloring but I might give it a shot.
Going to try requesting this again. I just want Velvet (Tales of Berseria) on the far left and Alisa (God Eater) on the far right.
>>23576 I usually use ibispaint since it’s kinda convenient
>>23613 Forgot some things
(135.81 KB 717x1011 00.png)

(3.76 MB 2150x3034 13.png)

(171.73 KB 1280x909 gunsmith_cats_tickled.jpg)

(213.25 KB 1280x840 samus_assaulted.jpg)

>>23617 doujin source if somebody wants to do the whole thing https://exhentai.org/g/1739399/a39b5ae02b/
(93.73 KB 218x415 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.78 MB 1280x1619 ClipboardImage.png)

Friendly reminder to include color references and names and series. you’re only hurting your chances if you don’t, like I have no idea who the characters from >>23488 are >>23617 >>23619 This one was done in the last thread already. The samus one has been done already as well but I’ll have to look for it, maybe someone else has it >>23576 >>23613 I use ibis as well. Any color platforms work and all of them are about the same except photoshop which grants a ton more extra features and options. The auto-color AI on ibis is also pretty convenient If you don’t care as much about quality you can flat color any lineart by spamming the paint bucket tool, won’t look as good as with shading but better than nothing I suppose, that’s how I do some of the 15 minute flat colors when I’m lazy and don’t think anyone else will color and shade it like >>23225
(5.86 MB 3201x2100 Samoose.png)

(4.17 MB 2796x4000 Mabel - (TickleSpots).png)

>>23622 Included the Samus pic below. >>23488 As previous users have stated if you really want to increase the chances of your request to be coloured... Include the character references. It just strikes me as very lazy not to. >>23325 Here you go man.
>>23628 great job "anon"
>>23615 I should start inspecting my color edits more so I won’t have to repost them with mistakes fixed
>>23613 Thanks bro it looks great. It's amazing how color can change the mood of an image so easily. >>23622 And thanks to the both of you for the suggestions it's gonna be nice to contribute for a change.
Would you mind adding color to this. I just love it when the pics are the people loving being tickled.
>>23443 >>23442 >>23437 Might as well post this here! TWACC got back to me and its finally colored! It's up on their DA too
>>23628 >>23622 Watch eva

(1.95 MB 3000x2344 PowerPuff.jpg)

Anyone wanna take a shot at this?
>>23732 Forgot this one, the girls are in slimes matching their colors (Bubbles in Blue, Blossom in Pink, and Buttercup in Green)

(573.20 KB 1122x2052 99323590_p63.png)

Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

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