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Special Requests Thread 9: No Shame in Stealing Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 15:14:08 Id: f6d60d No. 27476
Last one reached the bump limit. You know what to do
PLease....PLease update TKGEEK's page...I cannot live without it....I will DIE if it is not updated...PLease for the love of god, please. Let me show you the truth about PLease. I have been very wrong in my comments about D2 and there was actually an accident but I am making peace with it. I will have your support I dont want that anymore....PLease for the love of god.....pls...
Does anyone have this?
Anyone have any of AviJustFeet's videos? He blocked that shit on kemono
>>27486 Yeah is super hard to get.... they opened a discord tho...
>>27480 Someone just updated it a few days ago...
(2.37 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p0.jpg)

(2.55 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p1.jpg)

(2.66 MB 3508x2480 92824953_p2.jpg)

Doe anyone have the full set of these pictures by https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/50999852 ?
Feet vandal color comic pls
>>27480 just spend the money you desperate faggot jesus christ. This ain't even a >pirating from ___ post but holy shit if you're that desperate just drop the money.
Does anyone have this Feet vandal color comic from jinkslizard
Anybody has this comic by Polarbear? Thank you in advance
Could you guys stop impersonating me? Seriously, that's no more funny.
anyone got this?
Does anyone have ticklingoscars from pixiv fanbox pls
My apologies for requesting this, but does anyone have the latest update of armani curse
>>27476 Anyone got any of the old videos from Myticklishside/herticklishside? The dude form myfantasychests’s first partner, can only find that one “the bet@ video floating around
>>27545 https://www.boundhub.com/videos/140578/sophie-and-myles-1/ https://www.boundhub.com/videos/140579/sophie-and-myles-2/ https://www.boundhub.com/videos/140580/sophie-and-myles-3/ These are the ones that remain floating around the net, the foot worshipping ones infamously for being insanely hot. Afaik no other old vids have surfaced
Does anyone have bigfootfantasies comics from s.o.l.e searching 1# 2# 3# and college daze 1# Halloween haze
Anyone got the new jaiden pack from nitro?
Does anyone have this?
Well I'm not reposting them here. I posted those mrbelmont requests on the last thread. There is daki, annie,komi and bunny girl from mha. I'll post more later. And can someone update imtheguy97 I'm banned from his pateron
(231.72 KB 721x321 1659462013.granatrix_ap.jpg)

Asking again, anyone have this?
(279.06 KB 1920x2010 kaguya.jpg)

to the blessed belmont poster, this was the kaguya one I was referring to in the previous thread https://www.deviantart.com/mrbelmont273/art/Preview-All-s-Fair-in-Love-and-War-918649342
>>27621 Sorry man I don't have access to it rn but is there anyothers you want cus I did grab a few pics. I did grab faith and ela for some of the people in the last thread. But anyone else u wanted
>>27623 Do you have this anon 😅?
>>27621 Here bro, someone on deviantart uploaded it a long time ago and I downloaded it before it was removed 😅
>>27623 you still got wraith, ela and saiyaka anon?
Can someone help a brother out? Ticklygiggles is the patreon
>>27629 Here is ela but I don't have the knosuba one it's not on his pateron and who is wraith and saiyaka. Cus he has never done any apex girls
(16.39 MB 7680x4320 Dokkaebi and Ela 02.png)

(1015.93 KB 1984x1668 100074437_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have this by any chance? https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/100074437
>>27648 Second
>>27639 ty anon, was talking about this girl
(460.91 KB 1920x2010 sdfsd.jpg)

(374.47 KB 1920x2010 sdsdf.jpg)

>>27640 Hey there brother, you happen to have these 2 at all? Second one is the same character in a different pic. (And also, if you can? you could just attempt to post everything you got your hands on? Put it in a googledrive? lol)
does anyone have feet vandal color comic pls
any one has this from いべりこ? Thanks
(297.26 KB 1024x1536 Dokkaebai.jpeg)

>>27679 >>27686 Don't have her but I do have doka. Alot of these pics weren't even on his pateron so he might be doing pivi or substar only pics.
>>27686 Yeah I'll post it later it's not much cus I'm shadowbanned now I think but I can't access anything. But I'm being fucked over with covid rn so I'll post then later
does anyone have this comics pls
>>27600 Seconding this
shitposting is >>18404
does anyone have this comic from salmacisreptile pixiv fanbox pls
(1.53 MB 2077x2039 100695618_p0.jpg)

Anyone know what this says and if anyone has it?
>>27899 seconding so hard
anyone have this yet?
>>27925 Second so hard
>>27925 Well I tried to buy it but neither pateron or gumroad will take my card
absolutely NEED this if anyone has it you're a fuckin legend
Anybody have the nude variations of this piece by Billy Buddy? Also if someone could add his subscribestar to Kemono that would be much appreciated :)
Anyone got the DazidentEvil ms fortune file?
>>27973 It's on the special request 8 thread
Can anyone upload the new twomario stuff? Also if you have these two uncensored please send!!! (Both are futa so that’s why spoiler, I know we all got different taste.)
Anyone have wtfeather’s Yor pics? Need them variants
(2.37 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(1).png)

(2.37 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(3).png)

(2.36 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(4).png)

(2.37 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(5).png)

(2.38 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(6).png)

(2.39 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(2).png)

(2.39 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(7).png)

(2.39 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(9).png)

(2.45 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(10).png)

(2.38 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(8).png)

(2.39 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(15).png)

(2.55 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(11).png)

(2.56 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(12).png)

(2.53 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(13).png)

(2.59 MB 1212x2270 PatreonPic Jun2022(14).png)

Anyone got this?
>>28054 >pirating from Aza-chan
>>27925 Bump
(230.84 KB 721x321 1653865973.granatrix_ap.jpg)

Anyone got this?
(362.27 KB 769x1200 Hermione Tickling1.jpg)

(4.46 MB 1313x2048 XCBWaR4Y.png)

>>28055 A horrid thing to do.
(47.79 KB 404x572 July10th.jpg)

(1.19 MB 2661x2000 August10th.jpg)

>>28014 cheers mate
Thank you for sending those!!!
Could someone possibly update Master417’s Kenmono page? And if not, could someone post Master417’s recent Silvercoat Ethel from Xenoblade 3 and Marianne from Fire Emblem artworks? Thanks.
Ima order a comission from Belmont any ideas
(285.79 KB 607x960 Mei Hanzo.png)

>>28134 Mei from Overwatch getting her feet and belly wrecked by some mean robots
>>28134 Jolyne Cujoh anything related. There's a distinct absence of tickle art for her
>>28145 I've seen a good bit, more than a lot of characters get.
>>28134 Mina or Ochako from MHA?
>>28068 holy I think is my favorite from aza in a long time
>>28134 Makoto Nanaya from Blazblue or Fio Germi from Metal Slug.
Anyone have this pls 🙏?
does anyone have this comic from salmacisreptile from pixiv fanbox pls
(1.62 MB 1434x2048 CHTK_Dibujo_36.png)

Is there a full one?
(36.15 KB 600x334 100929407_p0_master1200.webp)

https://www.patreon.com/Perizukois Can someone add him tokemono party
(2.30 MB 4800x3600 AkzkRJcTLvU6W9AwZ7ydn44x.jpeg)

(537.31 KB 1078x1217 IMG_20220903_085030.jpg)

Does anyone have the PSD file of the Asuka Langley tickling artwork of Nitro?
>>28199 thank you anon!
I didnt even know there was a new one sooo can anyone update narutobyrufy, jackalDE, and dazidentevil?
>>28199 Imagine paying someone for that!
>>28213 I guess some people have low standards. even cleaninghouseTK...
>>28134 I wouldn't bother, hes really sensitive about "ownership"
>>28218 And if its one of the "commission tiers", get ready to be double charged to be able to even see it.
>>28199 The color choice is what makes me genuinely hate this
Anybody have the Princess Leia pics from Kusujinn?
I know that it was probably lost in time, but is there a narrow chance that someone managed to save the old April o neil tickling game back in 2010? It was done by the angry egg, a great animator who left due to unknown causes
Can someone put badbadfish13 on kemono. He just uploaded this collection and his patreon isn't even on kemono
I have the Juri Pack, but not the password...
>>28267 NVM, found it! You can download the pack from here: https://mega.nz/folder/Ayh1DQKQ#4t-XlPiJFIInihaW_5zJyA Password: SF6DEJH2922
If anyone gets the the chance please
(127.14 KB 1200x630 p9UgvTcSq4IuxPy24mQFrsFd.jpeg)

>>28268 Thanks for bumping that so it can be taken down fucking idiot
>>28269 I was talking about his patreon. Not his fanbox
(4.09 MB 3047x4161 101008359_p0.png)

Anyone have this?
>>28292 You're welcome uwu
https://wolfytk.fanbox.cc/ Does this guy have a Kemono?
>>28353 Yes, you just have to search it https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/15776318
please put in this comics here from salmacisreptile from pixiv fanbox pls put in here thanks
(40.14 KB 600x427 100956099_p0_master1200.webp)

Does anyone have this?
>>28381 You can find that one on Kemomo party
https://kemono.party/patreon/user/4624426 Can someone update his works on kemono party
(47.75 KB 900x295 FbpaszAXoAA4bNZ.jpg)

Does anyone have this?
(3.74 MB 3508x4961 100916238_p0.jpg)

Does anyone have the rest of this set of pictures from https://afdian.net/item?plan_id=5a2b7be829b211ed821152540025c377
twomario week 1 September????
(7.03 MB 3000x2000 fnf.png)

(515.40 KB 3000x2000 UndertaleFuta.jpg)

(349.66 KB 1744x2446 MeteraRachnera.jpg)

(4.85 MB 3492x1864 JennyVexus.png)

>>28362 The comic was cancelled, so stop asking for it, Erick
(112.54 KB 1152x864 Laughing_Squidward.jpg)

>>28507 I'm waiting for the day twomario just draws someone being tickle tortured by a cum monster and it's making them cum more and adding to its mass you know it's coming.
Alexander thank you for always posting!! I hope I can repay you one day🙏
Anyone got this one?
>>28509 He already drew Zero getting revived by Kirby characters cum through tickle torture and milking, anything is possible at this point
>>28507 You wouldn't happen to have the uncensored sadayo futa in a higher res would you??
>>28521 +1 for this one
>>28537 The left one is on FeetCN’s kemono page
(1.62 MB 2000x2828 tc3d.jpg)

>>28538 You mean this one?
>>28556 I couldn't find it, can you post the link?
>>28559 Never mind, I was confusing it for something else. My bad.
>>28557 Yes! Thanks a bunch
sorry guys get to nag but the comic are not cancalled in pixiv fanbox from salmacisreptile pixiv fanbox so scold it please get it comic from pixiv fanbox pls and sorry get to nag
>>28591 Lapis when will you learn? Spamming just leads to the people that do have it not sharing our of spite.
>>28591 there's persistence and then there's this, give it a rest lmao
>>28591 Anon, this can't be any more than $10. Just fucking buy it, no one is posting it here. You dirty, broke bastard.
>>28591 me seconding this. also update banjo35 pIssssssss
>>28591 im going to buy it just to delete it without sharing
>>28557 I have one more if you got it. The uncensored of the most recent 25 minute sketches with the big tittied lady jerking someone off
>>28591 could you stop asking for it? These retarded believe that it's me spamming.
Can someone please post the full picture please?
Anyone with the finished one?
>>28670 It's on his kemono, anon, just remember to check this one since they're two: https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/18688682/post/4148430
>>28683 Apologies, I only knew about the teichikun one
Does anyone have the uncensored version of Dragon Ball: ErasaXBeerus from IndulgentMystery's Patreon?
Does anyone have this?
Anyone have the part 2 for this?
>>27600 honestly, it'd be nice if we could get the last few jaiden packs
(1.51 MB 2850x1944 ezWNJxYRfL2y0pnuhggnKGJj.png)

>>28723 Can you post a link to bros patreon? Im not gonna buy it but i wanna look at it
(1.39 MB 1200x720 jySoYAAZqALOD1CU.mp4)

(1.13 MB 500x282 9RHG.gif)

>>28791 >Not tickling but
>>28792 I wish feet weren't real.
Sure, link: https://www.patreon.com/IndulgantMystery They also posted a 4 min clip of it on their YouTube page. Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tUa1lzN6S4k&feature=youtu.be
(121.49 KB 1200x630 Zwht0K8uo1TEyMNnOU09FeMa.jpeg)

Anyone got this from CleaningHouse?
>>28827 I’m liking him starting to incorporate non consensual footjobs/cum on feet stuff like this. Shits fire. Wish that the RWBY pic from a while back had it. Because it’s just an additional humiliation factor.
Can anyone add the Billy Buddy subscribestar? It would mean alot.
>>28828 Play around with the psd's and have at it my brother in christ
>>28838 I don't think you're using that phrase correctly, but yeah I'll fuck with the PSD's. Never thought of that.
>>28791 Second
>>28791 Third
Anyone have or know who made the Android 21 image used for this thread cover? Can’t even remember the artist’s name.
>>28877 I've been told they're separate people but I swear his artstyle is almost exactly the same as Juzi's
>>28894 Artist´s name is SymbSymbTickles. He´s on Patreon but the Android 21 pic is not there yet.
>>28911 Shit, I meant the pic is not in Kemono yet. My bad.
>>28906 The art style is similar because he mentionned on Pixiv that he has Juzi's instructions/guidance
does anyone have these? mostly the xenoblade tickling version.
Anyone got this?
Anyone got this?
>>28928 artist?
>>28920 okay that makes more sense, coulda fooled me though. That's some damn good tutoring and mirroring on his part though, even down to how Juzi colors
Anyone got this?
Anyone have bebob's sketchy volumes?
>>28983 Second so hard and who is the artist
(1.41 MB 2480x3508 20220913_172026.jpg)

Anyone have this pls 🙏?
(14.22 KB 403x335 1632693366372.jpg)

>>28992 >>28988 You can get all 3 of them for less then $20...
>>28995 Nice try bebob, but I'm not shilling out money for it
Not me posting there, you can check the IP if you want. I have long accepted people like you aren't going to support the work we do, but there are thankfully people who do. So go ahead n pirate it, if your dedication to not paying for other peoples work is this great I happily support a bit of sadness charity here and there;) Thanks for sticking up to me, random poster above. Preciated!
>>28268 I hope I'm not being a dick, but may I ask for a txt upload to the same mega that includes all the file's passwords? I'm so desperate to watch the rest of them.
>>28948 Seconding
>>28983 I was just about to request this too
Anyone got this?
New twomario stuff?
Anyone by chance got this?
>>24089 >>24256 >>24529 >>25013 >>26006 >>26605 >>27515 >>28533 >>29116 Why is it the shittiest/cringiest crap always spurs the most autism?
>>29013 Found this version on vk.
(345.74 KB 597x750 2.jpg)

Anyone got the code for this?
Also does anyone have her real life photos. She posts tickle art and her actual feet
Anyone have this?
>>29186 SF6DEJH2922 That's the password. I just realized you could've scrolled up here and you could've found it lmao
>>29189 Oh there was? Wait where do I put the password? It doesn't show
(932.91 KB 1440x799 101237540_p0.png)

>>29192 You put it it in when you use the zip file after downloading it
 Anyone got this?
(2.79 MB 3508x4961 101263205_p0.jpg)

(2.89 MB 3508x4961 101263205_p1.jpg)

>>29175 Which group did you find it in?
>>29332 Anyone has the tickling variants of this? From YueHeidao
>>29380 just download the psd file, 8chan doesn't even support the full res https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/15032923/post/4439906
Can someone please post the tickling in space and bounce in the night comics and maybe Weakness by scavenger? they're all on premium keep2share https://tickling-videos.com/comics/
>>28995 Could you get them?
(1.52 MB 3508x2480 101335350_p6.jpg)

(1.44 MB 3508x2480 101335350_p7.jpg)

Jager may have posted a little more than he was intending to
>>29443 Any more of these?
>>29443 god, torn shoes is such an unfairly hot concept
Does anyone have Imtheguy97 pateron im trying to get all his r6 seige pics
>>29443 Do you possibly have this?
Anyone have this pls 🙏? There is not much art of them 😔
>>29542 Second
Does anyone have the ones from mrbelmont273?
(357.78 KB 1080x1170 Screenshot_20220921_154254.jpg)

Someone please update badbadfish on pixiv
Anyone have those pics from ImTheGuy97?
>>28788 ...Is there a part 3?
New twomario stuff
>>28997 Is there some animal lickling in the third?
Anyone have this artist? They are not on kemono... https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/101270090
https://www.patreon.com/feeteraco Someone plz definitely add him to kemono.party
(567.60 KB 4096x3277 20220922_211908.jpg)

Yo Ik u on here and got to say this is the funniest thing I have seen today
>>29689 Man feathers are so lame. At least these two are cute
>>29689 Someone paid $200 for this.
>>29698 That one anon who is totally obsessed with Yuel is gonna love this one
>>28995 nigger what thread do you think we're in
>>29690 Thanks king I hope Lapis/Erick will appreciate the bant
>>29726 My name isn't Erick retarded
>>29727 Stop using my name!
>>29728 wtf who is this sick stalker
>>29728 >>29729 Could you guys stop this shit? I never asked again for tkgeek stuff, so can you stop attacking me?
>>29731 What do you mean? Can't we call ourselves whatever we want? We're all a little bit of Lapis deep inside
all of you are fucking artists and I love it
>>29738 *autists
(145.88 KB 462x296 1660706730277.png)

Does anybody have the full pic?
>>29791 Thanks a lot mate
>>29732 That actually is a funny idea. Anytime somebody ask for stuff, she/he must call himself Lapis
>>29817 Good idea, Lapis posting is now a thing Anyone got any of Arlioth's comics? No way Im paying for any of them
Genuine question, who is lapis, and why do they have such a bad reputation? Side question, who is erick?
>>29821 Lapis and Erick walk into a bar. He orders a drink.
>>29822 Okay so theyre the same person then, but who is lapis? what did they do to become such a laughingstock?
>>29824 Would constantly bump multiple threads begging people to update a certain artist's Patreon.
(251.42 KB 393x264 1641354709179.png)

Anyone have the full picture? This old picture is harder than other old ones to find…
>>29821 Lapis apparently spammed for god knows how much time begging to TKgeek update. The main reason he actually became popular (in my opinion) is because there was a bunch of users bullying him in. Like, death-threat level. I personally think it reached a point of obsession because the abuser started hallucinating and asuming everyone who asked him to calm down, was indeed lapis
(73.40 KB 619x767 ctukjezvzvi51.webp)

>>29819 I agree with the arlioth stuff. Also can someone please update badbadfish pixiv fanbox?
>>29819 Good idea So does anyone have these
(398.84 KB 758x1200 fullresanticipation.jpg)

(555.78 KB 758x1200 fullrespitviolation.jpg)

(74.10 KB 910x653 teasing.jpg)

>>29829 >>29839 Full/Full Res images + a little teasing from the manga (I think) If anything, for showing off these pits all the time, she deserves it.
(158.90 KB 1200x630 0OrCiPB7X4BJm3KoDqfTVqjc.jpeg)

(69.62 KB 1200x630 jSFctikCZrhnlBzmId481uX3.jpeg)

https://arisuyoku.fanbox.cc Anyone has these?
(446.52 KB 451x539 sketchy3.png)

Does anyone have bebob's Sketchy Vol. 3?
>>29443 The full version of this is on his kemono page. Very nifty concept. Shiki of the Void doesn’t normally show herself, and Shiki isn’t aware of her existence at all through the series. So how does Jager get around this? By skimming through it, it seems like he does so by making these sessions happen within Shiki’s subconscious and making her forget them whenever she wakes up. Meaning she will get tortured and driven mad by her ‘self’ every time she falls asleep. It’s diabolical and hot.
Anyone have this? please
Anyone have the uncensored version of this? Its an old piece from CollaredKid, around 2017, and the only link I can find for an uncensored version is for Tumblr but I think it probably got deleted from there since I can't find it anywhere on there.
Anybody has Missfortune pack?
>>29956 Scroll up. Note the Juri image. Click the mega, it has what you’re looking for and more. There you go.
>>29593 seconding this request
>>29596 It's on Kemono.
>>29999 It's not only 2 of the 7 pics are
Does anyone have the new pirata sketches?
Someone have Prisoners Of Laughter from mtj pub pleass?
Hi, Someone has pictures with frankie foster from home for imaginary friends tickled by a thing and Bloo is behind a door. I see them on a thread, but I don't where. Thx
Pure torture #1-2-3 someone have them?
Nor sure if this is tickle pic, but anyone got this one from CollaredKid? Also, isn't there a CollaredKid thread on here, or am I imagining things?
(10.43 MB 2449x2653 FootFeed.png)

>>30041 Do u have this
>>30049 No. :(
(229.05 KB 1080x807 Screenshot_20220929_124641.jpg)

Anyone have twomario week 4 this month??
(113.82 KB 1200x630 Y6FePFx4rpIGPvBjGW1D1xYi.jpeg)

(123.40 KB 1200x630 asyCrglOUpdmrbl4RnaKlqUp.jpeg)

(149.53 KB 1200x630 q0c2RvNmbgbXdGhwy0SYhEJF.jpeg)

(128.32 KB 1200x630 xH58z5zcyO7eoq7ltLMdYOTY.jpeg)

(3.63 MB 3000x2000 Robbun (1).jpg)

(3.98 MB 2258x2000 LuciTailsMarmite.jpg)

(4.79 MB 3000x3029 HypexpHalloween.jpg)

>>30066 Here you go!
Can anybody update FeetCN on kemono?
Thank you Alex!!!
It's not tickling, but anyone can update https://www.patreon.com/kharhaS ?
It's not tickling but can anyone buy me the fortnite battle pass https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/battle-pass
>>30087 I can do that, and you in exchange will updated you know who 😉
https://www.patreon.com/feeteraco Plz add him to kemono.party

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