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Some f/m
>>2772 No.
(8.83 MB 3024x3983 ClipboardImage.png)

(9.94 MB 3024x3983 ClipboardImage.png)

(10.69 MB 3024x3983 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.02 MB 1742x2048 ClipboardImage.png)

his kemono is fairly updated and has hd versions + variations of all of these
>>4604 I wish the Pitou pic had a version with her wearing socks because her orange stocks are adorable.
>>4604 Friendly reminder that Pitou is dead
(4.59 MB 4320x3024 ranamon2.jpg)

>>4604 Don't forget about the follow up of this one
Where can I see his old post. I don't think I ever see half of the pics here, probably archived somewhere
Anyone have that old RE Jill pic of his? She’s getting tickled and fucked by tentacles or something. Much thanks!
(361.44 KB 684x760 jillxxx.jpg)

>>6164 Yeah, that one. It’s awesome. Thanks bro bro.
I feel like I've been living under a fucking rock because I didn't know he drew explicit stuff. Pretty based tbh.
‎Anyone have the new Bad-Pierrot pics ? ‎ ‎specifically the triss one
(4.32 MB 2814x4032 Patreon_post_image-2.jpg)

(4.23 MB 4032x3024 Patreon_post_image-3.jpg)

(5.21 MB 3967x2986 Patreon_post_image-1.jpg)

(4.96 MB 3977x3240 Patreon_post_image.jpg)

(4.76 MB 3979x2987 Patreon_post_image-3-1.jpg)

Newest batch.
(4.96 MB 3977x3240 Patreon_post_image.jpg)

(4.23 MB 4032x3024 Patreon_post_image-3.jpg)

(4.76 MB 3979x2987 Patreon_post_image-3-1.jpg)

(4.32 MB 2814x4032 Patreon_post_image-2.jpg)

(5.21 MB 3967x2986 Patreon_post_image-1.jpg)

The newest batch.
>>8438 Are you his patron?
>>8438 If you're his patron would you mind uploading them to kemono? I'd be interested in seeing the textless versions as well
(35.33 KB 960x537 Kazehaya.jpg)

>>8438 Super appreciated man. Thank you very much.
If someone’s got his pic that had Sarada, Chocho, and Adult Hinata being tickled that’d be great, seems to be deleted off of DA.
Does anyone have the newest batch?
I used to gripe about Umojar/Bad Pierrot hitting an artistic plateau, but looking at some of the Patreon stuff he actually makes for his own enjoyment, rather than the bland and predictable commissions he does for other people has kind of made me wonder if I judged him too harshly.
(1.12 MB 3626x2882 IMG_1957.jpg)

(1.64 MB 4032x3024 IMG_1956.jpg)

(1.47 MB 3933x2938 IMG_1958.jpg)

>>22285 Hmm, he did a good job on that Mavis one, thanks for the post 👍
(2.67 MB 2550x3300 ram sketch copy.jpg)

>>22315 Why do BP's sketches have so many random lines going all over the place? I'd love to see this pic finished and colored, Guilty Gear characters really need more art. I'm getting really tired of only seeing Chun Li.
(1.14 MB 4032x3024 PXL_20220601_164921382.jpg)

>>22329 I would call it a gesture drawing or something. he probably made that picture in a matter of minutes, that kind of drawing attempts to preserve the movement of the scene so when the lineart is drawn it doesnt look so stiff. these are a few drawings i managed to find where i tried it myself. your brain is very "in the moment" when you do these and your not worrying about making it look nice just getting the idea down. you just sort of let your body move on your own as you look at the reference. it does take lots of practice tho.
(4.07 MB 3024x4032 shermie 1.jpg)

>>22329 Because every sketch has messed Lines up. The artists and mangakas start from here, since its quite hard to draw a straight line they generate order from Chaos
>>29514 >Drawing SNK girls that aren't Mai/Kula, especially in current year >Remembering that Chizuru has a twin sister >Actually incorporating one of her special attacks into the image He's so fucking based

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