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Steven Universe (the show, not just the character) Anonymous 09/22/2022 (Thu) 00:44:06 Id: 7e29ef No. 29608
I saw the original tkr board that got destroyed had a thread like this, so i figured this board should have one too.
thats all I got
>Peridot getting by far the most fanart Yes... Yes... Lewd the green dorito...
(157.76 KB 582x603 1610592726525.png)

>>29675 Peridot's pretty great, but I wish my wife got more tickle attention. There's very little of her and most of it isn't good
>>29675 She gets the most art due to being the best character obviously~
(3.44 MB 5000x4000 lapis2.png)

>>29682 I strongly disagree
>>29679 Probably on account of her big 'ler energy if I had to wager a guess. I do think >>29609 is mega cute tho >>29682 BASED. >>29684 TURBO BASED. Second best girl tbh. And the two of them are obviously the best ticklish pairing
>>29684 fucking lmao
>>29684 oh my fucking god
>>29684 lmao you glorious son of a bitch
>>29684 Why is he so popular?

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