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OCs in tickle art/Artists Anonymous 11/12/2021 (Fri) 18:37:28 Id: f2ed4e No. 6652
i've seen a couple of people in various threads discussing about OCs and i want to make a discussion thread about them. do you like OCs in tickle art? what makes you love/hate an OC in this art? is there a favorite piece of you with OCs in tickle art? what do you think about OC shilling? and finally do you have any OC you'd like to see tickle art of?
(441.48 KB 774x651 ClipboardImage.png)

(563.90 KB 928x794 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.40 MB 1280x990 ClipboardImage.png)

Good examples of OCs are bluish feather's girls. Just look at these two, one straight up says she likes it and the other tries to hide it but I mean c'mon
(3.01 MB 1280x1657 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.93 MB 1280x1760 ClipboardImage.png)

They're also fuckin SMOKING hot, so there's that
(962.23 KB 1200x825 ClipboardImage.png)

And here's an example of a bad OC, complete cunt who doesn't even have the fetish and mocks people who do. She just kinda seems like a bitch who's just generally unpleasant to be around. The fact that people find her attractive is astonishing to me
>>6664 That was a fun idea but the roleplaying Twitter account ruined much of it.
(70.68 KB 200x218 1620888204497.png)

>artist often draws tickling >has a cute fucking OC >NEVER draws them getting it
>>6672 >cute self-insert OCs Where aza-chan at?
>>6673 She's in the middle of the first one you blind bat
>>6657 >>6658 Those two are insanely hot, that first Kat pic isn't even tickle smut and yet it sets my lust ablaze any time I see it >>6674 yup, me dumb, soz, have a aza
(873.98 KB 763x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

azumuku is a goddess
(521.50 KB 2550x2420 ClipboardImage.png)

(218.01 KB 1838x1379 Dz31YugXgAAN5ir.jpg large.jpg)

>>6652 >do you like OCs in tickle art? yes >what makes you love/hate an OC in this art? Whatever differentiates them from everyone elses. I love the clown bitch in OP but also like that swole Indian/not Chloe from Life is Strange couple and even though they use the most basic shit it's used well because I can't recall seeing a "flirty couple" in fetish art before. >is there a favorite piece of you with OCs in tickle art? of MINE or someone elses? pic related for someone elses >what do you think about OC shilling? Don't care do you have any OC you'd like to see tickle art of? More of HNC's gay bitches
(127.57 KB 1625x1259 FE2boGwXoAU4dXv.jpg large.jpg)

I'm a fan of oc x canon character content but that seems to be less popular than it once was.
>>7913 it comes off as cringy/wish fulfillment to a lot of people, especially if the oc is a self insert. truth be told, I wish I was shameless enough to draw my self-insert ticklefucking my waifu, but thats sadly not the world we live in.
>>7917 It is cringe that's for sure, specially when the OC looks really out of place, but at the same time, it's "your" money, you have the right to commission whatever you want, the commission is for you, not for the community after all
>>7917 >>7922 Nigga who cares the whole fucking fetish is cringe to the overwhelming majority of people, just do whatever you want.
>>6652 I prefer OCs to other characters. Something about the idea of them being created exclusively to cater towards a fetish just makes it more attractive, just so long as it's not their entire personality. It's relatable seeing a character with the same fetish as you. or at least one who is designed to indulge it, and not trying to shoehorn it in to an established personality. Personal favorites are Kusujinn/Kidetic's Hatshepsut (Though he hasn't drawn her in ages), and Cleo. Also I know she gets lots of hate for being kind of an ass, but HomunculusLover's self insert is really great. It's strangely sexier when you know it's basically just someone drawing creative tickle porn of themselves and their friends. There are some other good ones in this category too (Bronek, Lycanthropash) but it can also easily get self-indulgent and stupid if you take it too far. Finally I really like the duo dynamic with characters like the To Tickle List siblings or Morgan and Jackson from that other game.
>>7940 did Kidetics Egyptian girl ever get a comic, or still a series of stand-alone pics? She's hot.
>>7944 No comic, just a few pictures, and I think maybe he had a contest to do tickle art of her once. It's a shame, she's easily my favorite of his OCs, but he's largely moved on to Fetish Palace and Tied to Twins characters.
>>7950 K but who's that girl who's enjoying it in the 3rd pic?
I'd say Loz is by far the best at making OCs in the entire community. Kidetic has some good ones too, but Loz is the only artist from who I would rather see OC drawings than fanart of anime/comics.
>>7951 I think her name was Nedj. She was like the princess' handmaiden. The dynamic was that she was extremely loyal to her and more level headed, but always got dragged into trouble (and inevitable tickling sessions) by her master going around on adventures. And I think it was implied in some of the art that she got off on being tickled, and especially watching it happen to the princess (and sometimes doing it herself).
Originally posted this in the wrong thread, tera soul is an artist who sometimes draws herself tickling other characters or being tickled
>>7940 I agree. There's also something to be said about creating a whole cast of OCs made purely to be tickled. and a lot of the same architypes and tropes come up. Which is not a bad thing imo. It goes to show that a lot of our fantasies arent that dissimilar. A couple examples: The demonstrously ticklish lee The cocky sadist ler (whom eventually gets tickled too) The lee the secretly loves being tickled The lee that outwardly loves being tickled A bratty character that you get to punish with tickle torture A femme fatale goddess that deserves/needs to be tickled Some sort of mom character because of course and many more I'm sure
Just throw the only tickle I got with my OC here even though their design is outdated now. My character tickling a friend's character from Visk. Love OCs in tickle art though it seems most everyone here prefers female ticklers and ticklees.
(1.21 MB 1280x827 ClipboardImage.png)

Some stuff involving my own OCs.
Bro this is too many characters
(40.84 KB 1422x798 cover9.jpg)

>>11857 I don't even know who any of them are. As impressive as the scale of these pics are, they all look like generic anime girls with similar feet.
>>11862 This. I like pirata but I wouldn't have been able to identify any of them as OCs had you not posted them in an OC thread. Has he even used them in anything?
>>11872 To be fair, it's harder to tell these people apart when they're all in the same Santa Claus getup. Clothing helps distinction, after all. And these aren't all Pirata's OCs. I see some of Codricor's and Master's in there, it's probably a big crossover between friends.
Two of my favourite OCs are Detectives Kitty and Jester by Natsuko Hiragi. Sadly can only think of one picture with them involving tickling, rest are CiD pictures. Still great OCs though
I recently discovered this artist, TottyTk on Deviantart, and am crushing hard on her self insert OC. Ticklish girls with glasses are pretty hot, and watching how the OC gets closer and closer to being wrecked as the follower count goes up is great.
>>12714 Erimoto needs to be tickled so fucking hard
(56.90 KB 1607x1983 Owen Tickle 1 Outline.png)

(65.68 KB 1607x1983 Owen Tickle 2 Outline.png)

(70.37 KB 1607x1983 Owen Tickle 3 Outline.png)

>>10531 Me and friend made some new pics of my OC being tickled. Best I got with their now updated design.
>>19948 Her, Aza, Reatl, and Mei need to fucking get DESTROYED by tickles.
>>20527 Who are reati and mei?
>>10082 >draws herself you know its a dude right? not even a trans woman, its a guy who identifies as a man but catfishes people for free art and to get paid for overpriced commissions. theyve literally been kicked out of various tickling discords because of that
>>20532 Also hates when he isn’t the center of attention as well. Like he got ignored in a discord he threw a fit and left, joined, left again and joined again when people paid him no mind
(174.76 KB 1400x985 Mei smug.jpg)

>>20533 I like mine better
>>20537 lol. I mean that Mei thicc and also deserves brushes across those thick, creamy soles. If you think about it most characters are OC's
>>20538 >If you think about it most characters are OC's in that they introduced them, teased DEEP LORE, and then proceeded to do nothing with them lol
>>20540 Just like most OC's
We should set up a mass tickle torture session for female artists and those girls on twitter and have them all tickle wrecked
We should set up a mass tickle torture session for female artists and those girls on twitter and have them all tickle wrecked
>>20573 >>20574 thank you walooigi, very cool idea
>>20576 Thanks anon
>>20578 i do feel the need to inform you that if you do see up a tickle session for all the girl artists you'd get like 3 girls and a bunch of dudes though.
>>20579 Yeah, I’m sure some people would enjoy that. Could always just make it female onlys though, even if that’s not as many. There’s still a good few
>>20580 which artist would you like to see get tickled? I've seen a few pics of teakoi a while back someone posted in the old old tkr, and she was pretty cute iirc. I'd like to see her get tickled tbh
>>20581 I agree, she would be good. Some of the ones I would like to see have been mentioned in this thread already, like Eri, Mei, Aza, and all that. There’s others as well like virtual fairy and arisuyoku. I think Aconfusedtickler and kneecox on twitter are girls as well
>>20532 >its a guy who identifies as a man She doesn't identify as a man, she has the female role selected in every server she's in
>>20600 because they're catfishing retard, read what i just wrote. dont take my word for it, ask any tickling server they're banned from. it would be stupid to select roles as male and then pretend to be a woman. they do not identify as a woman, they pretend to be a woman in order to manipulate people into giving them free art or paying him for way overpriced commissions. i respect trans people, i do not respect scammers and catfishers, and i can guarantee you that they are the latter.
(1.60 MB 850x1345 ClipboardImage.png)

>>20598 Another gal that I could think of is ER-iKaa ( https://www.deviantart.com/er-ikaa/favourites ) No idea who is this woman exactly tbh. She doesn't have anything in her DA, except for favorites, and a lot of people make drawing about her. I found about about her because of this drawing I found long time ago, made by Keeper of Pots ( https://www.deviantart.com/keeperofpots ) This artist doesn't have much in their DA, not even this picture. Only place I found it was in their HypnoHub ( https://hypnohub.net/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=keeper_of_pots ) here: https://hypnohub.net/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=51686 I'm not really that interested because I'm not hypnosis, and the NSFW isn't that appealing to me, but maybe someone would like it. I still liked this one so much tho
>>20600 >He has the female roles on discord/identifies as a she so he must be a she Fucking trannies man I swear to god. You will NEVER EVER BE REAL WOMEN please I beg of you get it through your thick skulls.
>>20609 How do you know though? What's the evidence that it's a dude
>>20615 You can also find some of Erika's art at Foot-Fetish-Booru, just so you know.
>>20643 dude has gotten caught or called out and admitted it before. plus he used to play the "I'm mute/shy so i don't talk in VC" card, but now i doubt he's so stupid to pull the same trick after it stopped working.
>>20598 I'm curious to hear what you would actually do if you got to tickle a tickle artist. Like imagine the type of taunting that can be in play. Like "I copied this technique from one of your tickle pics"
>>20660 Pretty much that actually. You can do a lot of taunting to a ticklw artist who you have tied up to tickle. It would depend on the artist usually. Some artists have already drawn themselves getting tickled. Those artists I would make sure to recreate the art that they’ve drawn or commissioner before. Others have not drawn themselves, so for those ones I would put them into a similar setup as what they’ve put other characters into. I would also make sure to stalk their pages on twitter or reddit or whatever to take all the information I can find and use against them. What’s that horny twitter artist girl? You’ve tweeted that the feet and belly are your worst spots? I’ll use that to my advantage
>>20660 the crazed/obsessed fan would be the best role to play. "oh you retweeted my art that one time 3 years ago? and when you commented good job on my fan art of your oc? i haven't stopped thinking about that day... you must really like that pose so i put you in the same one and we're gonna try every technique from your drawings. remember this one? from the drawing you posted in may 2017? and what about this one from your most recent one. i can't believe I'm actually tickling [artist]'s feet! you must really be enjoying it as much as i am right?" etc. maybe I'm being a little autistic in the way I'm saying it but you get it.
>>20669 Agreed anon. That’s some hot stuff right there. An ideal position for a tickle artist and one of her cruel fans
these are some tickle art that I REALLY want to recreate on the artists
>>20703 Absolutely. That’s hot. Who deserves it more? Eri or aza?
>>20708 I'm not entirely sure BUT Eri's first pic with that comic where she teases the pov is a little mean...
>>20712 Agreed. Looks like somebody is deserves to get tickled so fucking hard for being such a tease all the time
>>20713 On her twitter, she sometimes talks about how much she likes to put vibrators in her tickle pics so maybe she should get a taste of what she puts her victims to
>>20718 I can think of many places that a vibrator would suit her. Not just the feet
I only have two in mind lol Jenn (Zp92) Casey (CaseyTheII)
>>20757 inb4 all the "actually it's a dude" fags
>>20757 Big footed chus are fun so I approve of Casey. Jenn’s nice, but she has the same unrealistic proportions of all of Zp92’s OCs so eeeeeeeh…
>>20739 oh and also setting up a livestream for Aza. imagine that being a big event
>>20826 Sounds good to me. Artist girls tickled on live stream would be very enjoyable for us tickle fags
>>7913 It's absolutely wish fulfillment and you bet I'm gonna commission it several times

(569.12 KB 2000x1300 2-1-1.png)

(990.25 KB 2300x2100 Birthday_tickles.png)

(853.24 KB 2000x1000 pog.png)

I regularly get self-insert gifts or commissions so I guess I can share the ones I have
(1.87 MB 1500x953 MorganaJaz.png)

(2.87 MB 2500x2800 2-4.png)

(4.64 MB 3139x2200 Evelynn2.png)

(4.50 MB 3360x2240 Zoe-1.png)

(5.87 MB 3360x2240 MFTadashi.png)

(518.32 KB 1700x1750 1-8.png)

(5.15 MB 3200x2200 Trophies-1.png)

She is really needy for tickles as seen on her twitter. It’s kind of cute but also makes me wanna see the fuck tickled out of her
Like I said before, both Aza and Eri deserve ruthless tickles. I don't think they've interacted before so this would be the perfect way for them to interact. A tickle stream in which each of them have to stay quiet otherwise the other loses a piece of clothing. And once both are inevitably nude, the toys come out, and the fun games begin
>>22523 I agree with ya. They’re both hot and seem pretty obsessed with self inserting themselves into tickle scenes. I think they definitely need to play a game together ending with them both naked. I would love to see what kind of toys you would use on them. I know Erimoto loves vibrators so definitely gonna get them
>>22531 Vibrators, Dildos, blindfolds, gags, pure sensory deprivation. I want to absolutely ruin them. For being absolute teases.
>>22538 How evil of you anon, but a very good idea you have. I’ll have to join you on that to utterly humiliate and wreck these girls with those toys. They are definitely teases, and need to be punished as such
>>22542 I'm a foot fag so I'd love for their feet to be given attention. But fucking edge them. Make them squeal. I want them to be babbling messes before the real tickling begins. Their breasts, pussies. clit, nipples, all those areas.
>>22544 That’s really hot. Use the dildos and the gags and other tools and toys effectively then and I’m sure they’ll crumble easily. Both have made it obvious they are real weak to this type of stuff at least. Would be fucking hot to watch them get destroyed like that
>>22554 Once they're leaking profusely, babbling and begging to cum you can mess with them. Slide the dildo in and out slowly. Edge them. Get them so close to that orgasm. Whisper into their ears that this is their fault for being such teases online that now they're going to pay the price. Hours of edging.
>>22559 Edging is always good. Would love to do that to them. Especially Eri. Dildos are fun and would be effective at edging them on with their gagged mouths and blindfolded eyes. Just teasing them with soft tickles and fuck toys, knowing that their teasing nature and knack for drawing themselves got them into this mess
>>22574 Collar and leash them. All of it is live-streamed, and any orgasm is hours upon hours of tickling before trying to edge again. False promises of being freed if they don’t cum, only to fail and have to try again. Their punishment for being such damn teases.
Admittedly I find Eri to be less lewdable than Aza, mainly because I don't see any extreme arts of her. Still, a tickle-contest between them two would be great.
>>22577 She makes it new secret on her twitter that she’s lewd. She just doesn’t make as much art about it because she’s embarrassed I think. Exactly the reason why we need to edge and wreck them
You guys know both eri and aza are dudes right?
>>22591 They’re are probably talking about their respective self insert OCs or something
>>22591 Shh, you're gonna make the simps upset.
>>22591 > enter > "You guys know both eri and aza are dudes right?" > provide no evidence > leave
I mean there isn’t any evidence to suggest that they aren’t? And I think it’s unrealistic to just assume that no artists or tickle people online exist. Besides, even if they weren’t girls, I would still tickle the fuck out of their ocs
Meant to clarify female artists in particular
>>22600 Welcome to the world of conspiracy anons
>>23602 Extremely hot. Nice to see some female artists getting their ticklish dues on here
>>23602 Wish that she had done Aza as well but I suppose they haven't talked. Regardless all of them deserve it. For hours and hours on end.
>>23616 Suppose Aza has already drawn herself tickled multiple times so it’s no big deal. Nice to see some other ticklish artists getting ticklee like hell though. Hours and hours to suffer. Wonder if they’ll still like tickling after going through that hell

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