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Games thread Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 02:06:15 Id: 707f9f No. 680
(33.05 KB 894x211 RIP.jpg)

>>680 That was rather enjoyable. Can you do anything past making her safeword? Also rip Kuri, stuck as a tickle slave forever.
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92659001 new game just came out today on pixiv fanbox
>>788 oh shit, DDD is back
>>788 I played this and am I missing something? There's only one fight and then the game ends, but there's a a big CG gallery and mechanics that you don't get to use playing normally.
>>794 You did miss something, but it's not normal RPG Maker mechanics so unless you can read Japanese most of the gameplay is impossible to figure out. You are supposed to click around the area and find hidden things, including traps, items, enemies, a workshop and an inn. I think the idea is that you use these things to get stronger for the final boss, but it's pretty easy anyway. MHXX's status also changes depending on how much she gets tickled, making her more vulnerable in ways I can't quite figure out because I'm not fluent enough. If you get tickled too much you do get a game over though.
>>794 >>798 Please upload it
anyone have Who Hunts Monsters chapter 2? every link i can find is dead
Does anyone know of any games where you can tickle guys or guys get tickled? Tickle games are rare enough, and there are barely any with anything other than f/f.
>>680 >>685 Gotta admit, getting to indulge the very specific sub-fetish of ignoring the lee's safeword is the best thing about that game
>>792 On an unrelated note, is his first CG uploaded anywhere? The link to purchase it has 404ed.
>>1076 It's on exhentai
>>1081 >Tfw forgot my panda login Thanks anyway anon
>>1147 Nope, StockParty 1.
>>1064 Seconding this.
https://tarutarutw.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-195.html There's new game at Japanese board
(81.45 KB 808x514 121635.jpg)

>>1744 Today's a good day.
>>1745 Kuri Dev is a saint.
Does anyone know where I cab find this game? Please? https://m.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=acZdcT64fhw
>>2288 https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/6143/article/522693 Here you go. You might need to sign up for an account and follow them to get access to the link, but the game is in the free tier so you don't have to pay.
>>2295 If anyone can download it please upload it, it won't let me sign up for some reason.
>>2295 >>2300 Much appreciated.
>>2300 Thank you
Anyone have oneortheother's To-Tickle List 12 and 13?
There are tickle mugen?
Here's a little known(At least I got a feeling that it is little known...) tickling game with King Of Fighters girls, art is just edited sprites from 2D KOF games, but it makes it quite unique looking I'd say. Also it is pretty damn difficult on other difficulties, so there's no shame in playing on Super Easy! Most of the scenes is girls tickled by monsters or by tribals it seems... but there are few scenes where they tickle each other as well. https://www.mediafire.com/file/30vubf23q6owaqd/PinkLodge0.9.6.rar/file
(268.44 KB 816x653 4312542ds.png)

Third puzzle room in the second area. Tried everything. Please help.
>>2677 I've seen two, but I'm sure they're not what you're looking for.
>>2774 Doesn't matter if it's male tickle, in fact it can be interesting too. But make you sure is about tickle, not sex, but tickle or tickle sex
>>2806 Okay, well one of them is the SCP tickle monster that is played more for jokes than anything else. I don't think you'll get much out of it. The Slime character has a tickling attack, but only a few characters are compatible with it.
https://chateau-des-chatouilles.netlify.app Not really a game, more an interactive story, but it's pretty neat.
>>3402 I stay exactly at level 2 and I get the message: "Double-click this passage to edit it" Any ideas on how to continue? because the truth is that I liked the type of game in the second person.
>>3402 This interactive smells of woke bullshit to me... with all the pronoun stuffs, and all
>>3546 Not really, similar things have been a standard feature of text-based games since before "woke" was ever a thing. It is a low effort method of making your game appeal to more people by letting them choose the gender they are playing as and the gender of the people they encounter.
>>1064 >>2806 I've heard about a tickle game where you can tickle male characters created by an user called kroxco
>>3414 That's because you can't go beyond level 1. The guy who made the game said he's planning on doing monthly updates. >>3556 It would've been nice to have different portraits for the characters instead of pronouns.
>>3574 Yeah, pronouns sucks
pog pog 0.7 is out
>>3643 The toothbrush is so op, holy shit Figure out what the 'special interaction' is yet?
>>3648 I believe if you tickle her enough past her breaking point, she keeps being teary-eyed and goes ballistic even if you quickly swipe on her feet! That must be the special interaction.
"There was an error with your request" Anyone else getting this message when trying to play Kuri-Dev's new update? It's pissing me off.
What's the source of the top image?
Does anyone have a collection of the translations and saves for Noir's games?
>>3657 What browser are you using? I suggest showing the log of the devtools.
>>3665 I found the one for divirtual on >reddit but did not test it. I also downloaded some from the old board but I will have to find them.
(83.20 KB 562x651 021201.jpg)

(67.97 KB 476x654 021932.jpg)

>>3651 >you can literally break her now. Holy mother of based.
>>3726 >toe ties >baby oil >toothbrush automatically tickles her even if you don't move the mouse >leave the computer for a few hours to go run some errands
(78.29 KB 470x595 slashdevilishslash.jpg)

>>3728 Positively devilish
>>3728 Kino
>>3735 what does that mean?
>>2771 Press the buttons to spell out "KEY" Like this: xox xxo = K xox xxx xxo = E xxx xox oxo = Y oxo I've 100%ed fairy maze so if you need help with any of the puzzles just ask. They get really obtuse.
>>3686 Think I managed to find it https://www.axfc.net/u/3745256 password is kocho
>>2715 Don't bother playing this unless you want to sit through unskippable cutscenes of unrelated fetishes every time you make a mistake.
(80.10 KB 560x420 _RJ270611_img_main.jpg)

So... after brute force this game without know a damn thing about Japanese and a lot... and I mean a lot of try and error, I finally got all the tickle scenes from this game called Guild Traveler, the game itself looks like your typical generic Jrpg with lots of NTR stuff but a surprisingly amount of tickle scenes witch is very rare in this kind of game, it seems like the guy that made has a tickle fetish since most if not all his game have tickle scenes, I'm pretty sure he even made one that the main fetish is tickling(It's a shame that involve ugly ass Orcs and he can't fucking draw a hand) but I'm getting out of the topic... I have the RAW game and I have a save file with not all the CGs from the game, but with all the tickle scenes unlocked, I can post here if you guys want it, maybe someone can even translate them, just let me know how I can share this since I'm really not that great with this stuff
somebody has Episode 12 of the To Tickle List?

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