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Games thread Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 02:06:15 Id: 707f9f No. 680
(33.05 KB 894x211 RIP.jpg)

>>680 That was rather enjoyable. Can you do anything past making her safeword? Also rip Kuri, stuck as a tickle slave forever.
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/92659001 new game just came out today on pixiv fanbox
>>788 oh shit, DDD is back
>>788 I played this and am I missing something? There's only one fight and then the game ends, but there's a a big CG gallery and mechanics that you don't get to use playing normally.
>>794 You did miss something, but it's not normal RPG Maker mechanics so unless you can read Japanese most of the gameplay is impossible to figure out. You are supposed to click around the area and find hidden things, including traps, items, enemies, a workshop and an inn. I think the idea is that you use these things to get stronger for the final boss, but it's pretty easy anyway. MHXX's status also changes depending on how much she gets tickled, making her more vulnerable in ways I can't quite figure out because I'm not fluent enough. If you get tickled too much you do get a game over though.
>>794 >>798 Please upload it
anyone have Who Hunts Monsters chapter 2? every link i can find is dead
Does anyone know of any games where you can tickle guys or guys get tickled? Tickle games are rare enough, and there are barely any with anything other than f/f.
>>680 >>685 Gotta admit, getting to indulge the very specific sub-fetish of ignoring the lee's safeword is the best thing about that game
>>792 On an unrelated note, is his first CG uploaded anywhere? The link to purchase it has 404ed.
>>1076 It's on exhentai
>>1081 >Tfw forgot my panda login Thanks anyway anon
>>1147 Nope, StockParty 1.
>>1064 Seconding this.
https://tarutarutw.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-195.html There's new game at Japanese board
(81.45 KB 808x514 121635.jpg)

>>1744 Today's a good day.
>>1745 Kuri Dev is a saint.
Does anyone know where I cab find this game? Please? https://m.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=acZdcT64fhw
>>2288 https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/6143/article/522693 Here you go. You might need to sign up for an account and follow them to get access to the link, but the game is in the free tier so you don't have to pay.
>>2295 If anyone can download it please upload it, it won't let me sign up for some reason.
>>2295 >>2300 Much appreciated.
>>2300 Thank you
Anyone have oneortheother's To-Tickle List 12 and 13?
There are tickle mugen?
Here's a little known(At least I got a feeling that it is little known...) tickling game with King Of Fighters girls, art is just edited sprites from 2D KOF games, but it makes it quite unique looking I'd say. Also it is pretty damn difficult on other difficulties, so there's no shame in playing on Super Easy! Most of the scenes is girls tickled by monsters or by tribals it seems... but there are few scenes where they tickle each other as well. https://www.mediafire.com/file/30vubf23q6owaqd/PinkLodge0.9.6.rar/file
(268.44 KB 816x653 4312542ds.png)

Third puzzle room in the second area. Tried everything. Please help.
>>2677 I've seen two, but I'm sure they're not what you're looking for.
>>2774 Doesn't matter if it's male tickle, in fact it can be interesting too. But make you sure is about tickle, not sex, but tickle or tickle sex
>>2806 Okay, well one of them is the SCP tickle monster that is played more for jokes than anything else. I don't think you'll get much out of it. The Slime character has a tickling attack, but only a few characters are compatible with it.
https://chateau-des-chatouilles.netlify.app Not really a game, more an interactive story, but it's pretty neat.
>>3402 I stay exactly at level 2 and I get the message: "Double-click this passage to edit it" Any ideas on how to continue? because the truth is that I liked the type of game in the second person.
>>3402 This interactive smells of woke bullshit to me... with all the pronoun stuffs, and all
>>3546 Not really, similar things have been a standard feature of text-based games since before "woke" was ever a thing. It is a low effort method of making your game appeal to more people by letting them choose the gender they are playing as and the gender of the people they encounter.
>>1064 >>2806 I've heard about a tickle game where you can tickle male characters created by an user called kroxco
>>3414 That's because you can't go beyond level 1. The guy who made the game said he's planning on doing monthly updates. >>3556 It would've been nice to have different portraits for the characters instead of pronouns.
>>3574 Yeah, pronouns sucks
pog pog 0.7 is out
>>3643 The toothbrush is so op, holy shit Figure out what the 'special interaction' is yet?
>>3648 I believe if you tickle her enough past her breaking point, she keeps being teary-eyed and goes ballistic even if you quickly swipe on her feet! That must be the special interaction.
"There was an error with your request" Anyone else getting this message when trying to play Kuri-Dev's new update? It's pissing me off.
What's the source of the top image?
Does anyone have a collection of the translations and saves for Noir's games?
>>3657 What browser are you using? I suggest showing the log of the devtools.
>>3665 I found the one for divirtual on >reddit but did not test it. I also downloaded some from the old board but I will have to find them.
(83.20 KB 562x651 021201.jpg)

(67.97 KB 476x654 021932.jpg)

>>3651 >you can literally break her now. Holy mother of based.
>>3726 >toe ties >baby oil >toothbrush automatically tickles her even if you don't move the mouse >leave the computer for a few hours to go run some errands
(78.29 KB 470x595 slashdevilishslash.jpg)

>>3728 Positively devilish
>>3728 Kino
>>3735 what does that mean?
>>2771 Press the buttons to spell out "KEY" Like this: xox xxo = K xox xxx xxo = E xxx xox oxo = Y oxo I've 100%ed fairy maze so if you need help with any of the puzzles just ask. They get really obtuse.
>>3686 Think I managed to find it https://www.axfc.net/u/3745256 password is kocho
>>2715 Don't bother playing this unless you want to sit through unskippable cutscenes of unrelated fetishes every time you make a mistake.
(80.10 KB 560x420 _RJ270611_img_main.jpg)

So... after brute force this game without know a damn thing about Japanese and a lot... and I mean a lot of try and error, I finally got all the tickle scenes from this game called Guild Traveler, the game itself looks like your typical generic Jrpg with lots of NTR stuff but a surprisingly amount of tickle scenes witch is very rare in this kind of game, it seems like the guy that made has a tickle fetish since most if not all his game have tickle scenes, I'm pretty sure he even made one that the main fetish is tickling(It's a shame that involve ugly ass Orcs and he can't fucking draw a hand) but I'm getting out of the topic... I have the RAW game and I have a save file with not all the CGs from the game, but with all the tickle scenes unlocked, I can post here if you guys want it, maybe someone can even translate them, just let me know how I can share this since I'm really not that great with this stuff
somebody has Episode 12 of the To Tickle List?
>>4276 Anyone got this or his older ones?
>>4263 Thanks a lot!
Does anyone happen to have the save files and translations for the Noir games?
>>3569 Any idea where to find it? Can’t find their account.
>>5134 His account is closed. But i belive he referred to this Mugen. https://thebluekim.blogspot.com/2019/03/yaoi-mugen-download.html?m=1&zx=b1fd6e28559f22ea Kroxco appears in one of the comments.
(202.25 KB 1099x722 unknown.png)

>>4315 Got the arknights one https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SZJ5lhlBl6sXW7FE3bBidhZ1NZi9hQip/view?usp=sharing The IIRC the MTL broke the game, how to fix attached
>>5265 Is there a tutorial on how to play it?
https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ350439.html new game and unfortunately it is 30 yen over the free coupon you get for making a new account
>>5336 Do you have the older noircastle games and translations?
Any news about Noire's new game? Any ETA?
>>5435 Good question...
>>5445 Thanks anon! This is the best Christmas gift.
>>5445 Thank you very much Anon! Any idea why "RJ216133" (the slave elf game) doesn't open for me when I click it?
>>5544 No idea, it works for me no issue. Is your computer properly set up to play Japanese games?
>>5336 So I already tried everything and I only got the normal ending and 2 bad ends. Anyone knows how to get the other ending?
>>5553 Look more closely in the final room and explore a bit more afterwards.
>>5549 I think not, I'm going to set it up, thanks.
>>5544 You need to make some things first. 1. Extract it using Winrar, you have to press ctrl + E and change to Japanese so the filename doesn't get fucked up 2. Download locale emulator and open the extracted game with it 3. (if it doesn't run with previous things done) switch the system locale to Japanese
>>5664 I tried but I get a message that says: "Access violation at address 001C06C2 in module く す ぐ り オ ー ク シ ョ ン 1.05. Exe. Read of address 00000008", still thanks for the advice.
>>5544 all I do for these dlsite games is change the locale to japanese + restart comp. none of tis emulator or file renaming nonsense
>>5692 The locale emulator thing is so that you do not have to change your system locale. It changes it just for a single program.
No.5445 Do you have a save for the game RJ339338?
Anyone have files for tickle mugen characters?
Anyone have underwater castle of tickling?
>>6600 Thank you very much Anon!
>>5265 I tried fixing it that way in the picture but it only changed the room to Chinese and made the crafting menu only half work instead of not at all
Anyone got To-Tickle List Episode 14?
>>6643 Getting an error when I apply the patch: Failed to load: img/tilesets/goumon1.png System locale is already Japan. Anyone else?
>>6677 I got the same error before, what I did was to extract the game again from a zip file before applying the patch.
Anyone got a completed save file for Fairy Maze v7.04?
>>6679 Tech illiterate here, I've been sitting on a save file with level 99 characters, every pot, and the secret boss. How should I go about sharing it?
>>6683 Just zip the entire installation folder and upload it somewhere, I think saves are stored in the same path as the install.
>>6683 You can upload the save folder found in the www folder to mediafire or some other place and share the link
>>6677 I got the same issue, I tried following the patching directions from the reddit page and replaced both the data and js folders but still ran into the same error code. I couldn't figure out what the "game archive" file the page keeps talking about. Can someone help explain if possible. Thank you
>>6719 The dude who made the patch fucked up something with his own game, likely by not extracting the game archive in Jap locale. Anyway I resolved by downloading the archive again, and extracting it normally, so that the folders with jap characters are all weird like this: ûéîòâïâVâFâtâèü[âh. The patch can be applied then and it works. Link for game: https://store3.gofile.io/download/279fe943-6df5-4e50-9194-1639e6c9857e/RJ256313.zip
>>6719 Oh and by normally I mean i my locale, not japanese.
>>6685 >>6688 You're gonna have to give me a more step-by-step process. If it matters, I'm playing the untranslated browser version on my android phone.
>>6804 >browser version Well that makes things a little more challenging. Your save should be stored locally in the web browser storage somewhere...
>>3692 I'll test Divirtual. Any luck finding the other noir game saves and translations anon?
>>6806 Can't be as tough as fighting a secret boss in a jrpg written in a language I don't understand a word of. Where do I go from here?
>>7648 Assuming you are indeed using an android phone, the save folder should be in My files → Internal storage → Android → either Data or Obb and then in the folder of the browser
How old is Lena?? She seems so childish...
>>7677 Fun fact! Noircastle stated that Lena was about 12 in a #peing tweet I've struggled with digging up because browsing twitter on a phone is nightmarish. Pretty sure it was posted in the 8kun games thread, but I can't view images there anymore. And besides, Lena is a very brave girl and a very skilled fighter who risks dozens of fates worse than death to save her mom!
>>8056 >Lena was about 12
(34.41 KB 663x663 1538041067592.jpg)

>>8058 >the loli tickle game has lolis in it holy shit what the fuck wait a minute
>>8060 >"loli" game >Lena is literally a child
>>8062 yes? do you know what that word means anon? do you need help getting home?
And people called me a schizo for saying there were too many normalfags on this board
>>8064 i mean ig it depends on the defintion i thought lolis were of age adults that had child-like features not like, literal children but to each their own ig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>8066 Who the hell disagreed with you on that one? The normalfags themselves?
(18.22 KB 400x266 155562260445.jpg)

>>8068 >i thought lolis were of age adults that had child-like features nigga who the fuck told you that?
>>8069 Probably. They were the same fags getting defensive when they got called out for sucking up to 3dpd Twitch thots.
>>8071 Oh, okay, no, that looked pretty schizoid, sorry to say anon. Not that I disagree with the general point.
>>8070 idk Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, New Yorker, etc. you want a list of citations in APA format with my answer?
>vpnshitter Kek, it's always the same lad""s"".
>>8074 idk why it does that but yes >>8058, >>8068, >>8073 is all me my vpn is fucked so idk what you want from me :)
>>8062 She is too old to be a loli actually. >>8075 You are the same faggot who kept getting angry at people for fapping to tickling as children, aren't you?
Does anyone have the full version of the Devil Sword Luchefried game from Noircastle? (the Japanese version)
>>680 (OP) Is that an actual game? or just a video?
>>8134 it's an actual game by noircastle it's called ahazon if you're curious
Seems like there's some new tickle game(Or interactive story kind of deal at least), sadly behind a paywall: https://tenaciousgaming.itch.io/jamie-knight-and-the-wolfs-bane-statue
>>8292 I like the style of the art and the fact that it is an interactive story with more than one ending interests me a lot.
(231.05 KB 1257x710 Screenshot_3.jpg)

(232.22 KB 1260x712 Screenshot_4.jpg)

(232.11 KB 1257x711 Screenshot_5.jpg)

Game: Tickling Slave Dealer-100 Days of Rebellion. How to view img files of the game? Specifically, I am interested in how the state of the girls changes depending on the degree of training.
>>8301 Sorry, but that cover is probably going to be the only piece of art in there. >>8568 If it's an rpgmaker game you can extract the assets and convert them to normal image files.
>>8568 This is the holy grail of tickling games. There will never be another one quite like it. You are doing yourself a disservice by not actually playing a translated version.
>>8591 Hard agree, the girls are a succesful mix of both cute and sexy. The tickle scenarios, while maybe not as creative as the Noir games, have a bit for every sub fetish. I would be more hyped for a sequel or another game from this guy than any other normie franchise any day.
>>8591 Link to the translated version?
>>8568 Is that Anna?
>>8568 Anyona knows how to get a different end from "normal". Is there a different end? Is there a guide that you can follow?
>>8644 If I remember right there's only two endings: when you fail to make the amount of gold needed by the 100th day and when you make it. You need to capture and sell all the girls, use their weakness against then and buy the information from the seller (so you can unlock new areas and new girls).
>>8654 Ok thank you. So I need to unlock all girls. If you don't unlock all of them, you cannot beat final Vampire girl. That is what has happened to me, I think.
>>8654 What happens in the Fail ending?
>>8654 But I have problem, there are character that does not appear. And I don't have a new map to find then so I can finish to unlock all girls.
(239.62 KB 1268x709 Screenshot_1.jpg)

(736.39 KB 1280x720 CG028_01_07.png)

(736.22 KB 1280x720 CG028_01_08.png)

(739.22 KB 1280x720 CG028_01_09.png)

(831.43 KB 1280x720 kaisou228.png)

Speaking about "Tickling Slave Dealer" . Has anyone noticed that the scene with a "Fighter" does not work correctly and does not give out the right emotions? According to the description, "Petrification -> The sensitivity of that part goes up" Even in the files of the game we can find this animations, but the scene doesn't show them. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug of the game?
In relation with Tickling Slave Dealer, that does anyone have "TICKLING DEMON ARMY" available (english or japanese, no matter)?
>>8660 Ok, sometimes the information is not available until you buy specific goods the girl sells you. I have a copy with all the characters and scenes unlocked if you're interested. I can upload it tomorrow. >>8670 I also have a copy of that game too. I'll upload it tomorrow.
>>8568 Link to the game?
>>8704 If you could upload a completed save that would be awesome.
>>8670 >>8715 Here's Tickling Demon Army. There should be a save file with all the girls. https://mega.nz/folder/rpc2wDTa#BxyZ7twGJfcLGR5z_Lmx9g And here are the save files from the Slave Dealer, just add them to your save folder. https://mega.nz/folder/m0U0jLSL#V8NGlhrBp3ITnq2ieUeBZA
>>8760 Can you upload the common and config.rpgsave as well, saves wont work without those
>>8793 Can you also upload the whole game in Mega? The one from svscomics is to slow for free users.
Sup /tkr/. I'm a developer who makes games in his free time. I'm considering making a tickling game (mostly out of patriotism so american devs have better representation in the scene) but I wanted to hop in here to poll the room. I don't submerge myself in 'the culture' of the fetish, but I feel we don't have a good developer rep; and I wouldn't mind having a donation link sometime down the line. I don't like how the majority of games out there are simple RPG maker projects or text adventure games. WTFeather is the only other example I can think of, but he made a rhythm game with tickling as the dressing. Credit to him, and respect to the fellow Unity dev, but I would want to make a game that is *mechanically* about tickling. Ideally, these mechanics would interact with each character in the same way, but have different effects depending on the profile of the character. RPG maker games do this by changing the damage each attack does. I'm not really an overtly sexual person IRL, but if we come up with a good idea I would be willing to put my other projects on hold so we could get a prototype going. Things might slow down after that though. TL;DR: I want to prototype a system that is a satisfying representation of what the majority of us enjoy about tickling. Stripping it down to its barest mechanics, what would this representation look like? We can build a narrative around it later, but good games (even smut like this) needs to be mechanically engaging. I want to be able to jerk it to the gameplay, not the cutscenes.
>>8838 I'm more in it for the story, the scenarios before the tickling. Like a captured tough warrior girl just noticing her ticklishness when being interrogated by tickling, or a gamer girl being distracted by light tickles, or when a ticklish woman getting her foot massaged while holding in her laughter.
>>8839 Same here, but we can have that idea played out mechanically as well. If we wanted to go torturous, we could have there be a resistance mechanic that conveys that character's pride, while also being usable in a different scenario. We could have a dialog system that allows for dynamic responses to the player's actions. Shit, we could have an anticipation system. Without mechanics-driven design, you're better off making a visual novel, right?
>>8841 I don't think I got my point across with this message. My point is, while the narrative gives significance to the mechanics, the mechanics need to be engaging in themselves or they become a chore preventing you from accessing the content. This is the cardinal sin of most tickling games out there. Games give you agency, and being able to feel like your own style of tickling is being acted out is something only games can provide.
>>8842 Maybe something like his work? twitter.com/fuwakusucado
>>8844 This is insanely impressive for a solo dev. I had no idea this existed. Most of my work is 2D, but I'll look into how he did this. At the most basic level, this is somewhat what I had in mind.
>>8832 Talking bout this archive for game "TICKLING SLAVE DEALER", does anyone have another version? Since this version (v1.0 I think) has some buggs in some tickling scenes. A japanese new version (v1.3 I think) could also be used since English path from version v1.0 can be use in this new version.
>>8838 >WTFeather is the only other example I can think of, but he made a rhythm game with tickling as the dressing Link?
>>8793 you're a godsend anon
>>8856 Its gated by his patreon. You can find it there.
>>8838 Well based on the question you are asking I think it would be best to narrow down on a genre. Rpgs are easy as they involve lots of text and very simple animations. Critical hits from a tickling perspective are simply just a characters most sensitive area. That and the resources to make those games are easy to get and use. Visual novels double down on narrative based gameplay as do point and click adventures and text based adventures. Other genres like shooters and beat em ups can tend to come off as cringe and most ideas make little to no sense and are half baked at best. A fighting game could be interesting as tickle fights are an obvious connecting point for us to work off of. We can easily work in weak spots on certain characters, and fighting games typically have a lack of narrative to stick to. Which leaves us a lot of time to get some very satisfying gameplay mechanics in place. Apart from that something that a lot of games lack is a feeling of anticipation. While I'm all for merciless tickling I also feel that the other emotions like the sense of dread/excitement one would get when their worst spot gets exposed is something that is sorely missing. Being able to use that in gameplay to make your next move even more effective would be great.
>>8838 >I want to prototype a system that is a satisfying representation of what the majority of us enjoy about tickling. The best fit for tickling would be some kind of touching game, second best is some kind of slavery/raising simulator. Tickling Slave Dealer pretty much nailed the formula.
>>8884 Except Slave Dealer has the worst English translation I've ever seen.
>>8886 Welcome to the world of machine translations. They may be shit, but they're the best we've got.
>>8887 >>8886 I know some Japanese so if anyone can guide me towards attaining the raw data files of the game, I could see about making a more accurate translation
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1039310/REGOLA/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqjLu4mnWr8 Has anyone tried this? It looks really poorly made but it might have potential. It's a unity game where a girl's possessed by a demon and to exorcise it you have to tickle her.
>>9062 Can you tickle her feet or is it all upper body shit?
>>9065 Boo hoo nigga, go play one of the hundreds of other tickleshit games where you can only tickle feet.
What do all of you guys think of To Tickle List ep 1 to 10 and which is the best of all of them?
>>9067 Someone sure needs a nap.
>>9062 I played for about 10 minutes It's a really shitty game, the tickle mechanic is kind of fun I guess but you can't even enjoy it for too long without getting "jump scared" by a very poorly designed demon
>>9067 What games? Almost every tickle RPGmaker game i've ever played is mostly upperbody stuff.
>>9079 You were the first one bitching though, thread was chill until you came in
>>9065 The video literally shows her feet being tickled you autist
>>9086 >>9090 He asked a question. You're the one who got all defensive for no reason. Chill the fuck down, retard.
>>9090 >>2771 What game is this
>>9204 Wonder if it would be possible to mod this game with custom character models.
>>9204 This game has plenty of potential. Decent reactions, removable clothes and changeable camera angles. A really good start when it comes to 3d reaction tickling games. For the future I can see things like different models, tickle tools and positions being implemented - and maybe one day some kind of light 'story' for collecting tickle slaves... But for now U'll give credit where it's due. Nice game.
Does anyone have the full version of Ares Record in their Japanese language of Noir Castle? https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ288704.html/?
>>9204 Game's out: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ362822.html Has anyone tried it yet? How is it?
>>9455 I bought it a few minutes ago. Pretty good sandbox game. The camera is a little wonky, but the game has a lot of potential. Hope to see more from the dev.
Wtfeather made game apparently. Anyone have a link? That'd be awesome
>>9465 when did he do that? Also what is it called
>>9463 Can you give us some more details? Is it the same as the demo, except you have two extra poses and two tickle tools, or does it have any additional features? Is there any way to "lock" a tickle tool to a spot to make it tickle her automatically? I'm tempted to buy it, but it's a little pricey.
(3.61 MB 1885x1052 tickle game.png)

>>9490 Not the same anon but it's pretty much what you described. There are two extra poses where she's spread out on a frame and another face down, her feet in stocks facing up with her butt showing. There is an option to 'mirror' your tickle tools (hands, feathers or brushes) to have two tickling her at once on opposite side as well as an auto tickle mode that keeps the tools tickling so you can pan the camera around as you watch her struggle. A few extra clothing options but it's pretty basic. It's up to you whether you want to shell out on a minimal 3d tickle experience but it definitely has the potential for more in the future.
>>9492 there is also an option to use your own soundclips (if you have them/can find them) for her laughter, if you're at all interested.
>>9492 If we have any anons who can post a link of this, it would be most appreciated! Sounds feature-light for the price
>>9496 Just downloaded the demo. I take my request back, give this man all the money you have.
>>9496 Seconding Can't get my credit card to work because of the weird site it's posted on. Got a call from the fraud department when I tried to add it earlier, even though I didn't even make it to the purchase screen.
>>9492 I hope this is used as a framework for future games with more characters and more poses.
>>9496 I third this
(95.02 KB 996x789 DLsite-points.PNG)

>>9502 >Can't get my credit card to work because of the weird site it's posted on. I used to be able to shop on DLsite with no issues. All you needed to do was register on the site and log in. Otherwise, it'd reject non-Japanese cards, but a while ago it completely stopped taking my card. I reached out to their support, and they said you can just use PayPal to buy points that you can shop with like money. That's been working well for me so far. Basically, just switch the language to English, register, and check Account / My Page in the menu. I'm not just saying this for this one game. DLsite is the only place where I don't mind spending my money on porn, and you might find some other stuff you like too. Although a lot of it makes it onto the panda, I still like to drop some spare money on artists I want to support because I prefer this model over subscription-based services like Patreon. >>9492 >>9504 >>9496 I ended up buying the game, and it's definitely low on content for what it costs, but even after having played the demo first, I was kind of surprised how well put-together the game is on a technical level. It looks kinda nice, the controls are alright, UI is decent, and there are plenty of gameplay settings in the options menu. I'm not sure how the content could be best improved to make the game last longer and have replayability, but it's definitely a solid foundation for future works. Not sure I can recommend buying the game on its own merit, but personally I don't mind dropping the money to show that I'm interested in seeing more. It's better than subscribing to someone's Patreon at least because I feel conned whenever I do that.
>>9496 fourth'd
>>9496 Fifth this, and willing to trade
(2.56 MB 1885x1052 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9616 File's Legit. Thanks anon! Much appreciated. Remember to tip the dev when you get to a situation where you can, fellow bum-anons. This is the best ticklegame we've gotten so far. We should incentivize more development.
(131.89 KB 333x307 k38n53u749t8h.gif)

>>9616 You will be remembered, Anon.
>>9616 Thank you so much Anon!
>>9616 is there anywhere to get reliable laughter clips to sub in for the dungeon game? might be a good idea to gather them in this thread for public use.
>>9616 Truly a saint Also I wonder how long until a Tifa 3d model pops out
>>9617 Definitely, this is a surprisingly high quality project for such a niche interest. Hope the creator gets motivated to continue working on it. >>9663 Is it not possible to simply swap out the model with an existing one?
>>9663 It's Unity, so it shouldn't be crazy hard right?
>>9663 Imagine if this ends up not being too difficult. Tifa will definitely be the first, followed by Jinx, Tracer and 2B.
>>9465 Seconding this one. Didn't even know he made a game lmao. Anyone have any info on this? >>9616 Thanks a bunch anon! Much appreciated
>>9675 You'd probably have to port the model first though right?
>>9675 Definitely not hard. I probably couldn't do it but anyone with basic unity/coding skills and said 3D model would do it in no time
>>9691 Unity developer here. Speaking without having the project files in front of me, so keep that in mind. Kawa made the model herself, including the skeleton she used to rig the animation. There's a chance it won't be as easy as you'd think it would be, considering alot of the animations she has in her game use unorthodox articulation points. Like the victim's toes curl when you tickle her feet. Plus (and I don't mean this to be a prick, honestly.) there are bugs in the animation that would likely compound when you switch out the model. If I were going to try and mod it, I would set aside a weekend.
>>9711 let's say the rigging and stuff is really easy. how difficult would it be to actually replace the model and such, the injection part?
>>9713 That alone is very simple. Almost to the point of drag-and-drop.
(576.66 KB 1201x672 76118531_p1.png)

Anyone got any of the two games that this artist made?
>>9734 Sauce? I'll probably buy this
>>9798 Sadly he deleted his pixiv. He had a twitter too but I can't find it. It was a free game actually.
>>9805 Oh, thank you. This is weird, I guess he just deleted the specific imageset. https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76118531
>>9805 >>9804 >>9835 Thank you!
https://twitter.com/fuwakusucado?lang=en new update out for tickle prison boys (if anyone is willing to reup)
>>10024 seconding this
>>10024 >>10145 thirding this
>>10024 Meh, I'm waiting for new positions and tools like Feet stock, Toe ties, One finger tickling, added dialogue (no voice is ok), and Pen writing.
>>10160 Ah, that all?
(346.91 KB 1644x2048 E7qHcSzXsAAhYqR.jpeg)

>>10162 There's still backscratchers, tongue lickers, customize your model, gropers, and many more.
>>10163 >>10160 It's being developed for like one guy, I'm sure most of that will come eventually except maybe alternate models.
>>10166 Then PAY FOR IT! None of you should get it for free in this site. This One guy took the time to make probably the best tickling simulator in 3D with expressive facial animations for himself and you guys HAVE THE AUDACITY TO GET IT FOR FREE???
(1.14 MB 1022x1432 789.png)

>>10170 Not sure what that has to do with what I said.
>>10170 >Trying to shame ticklefags on 8chan about piracy and asking for stuff for free
>>10170 I'll pay for it when it has the features I want. Until then cope.
>>10170 Oh man, thanks, I never feel prouder of /tkr/ than when we come together to humilliate retards like you.
>>10171 >>10173 >>10174 >>10175 >>10177 Then prove me wrong then. Wheres the mega, fileshare, or whatever it is you use to get free stuff?
>>10178 In this very thread
I will post a 100% tickle slave dealer english If someone posts the new update of Tickle prison
>>10182 But that is in english already.
>>10183 You mean English that is so broken you can't understand what they are saying english?
>>10187 Yes, I'm not seeing better translations being posted here.
Hey, better than nothing
https://mega.nz/file/gl0CmBpK#8NonCtHtnl9Fv6H37XCLdndmt2r7EnDy0U_mmFa5uJg merry christmas but please support the original creator too.
>>10189 Unfortunately there is no proper English translation of that game, just translator++ That is hands down the best tickling game and deserve a translation. Hopefully some rich anon comes through some day.
>>10255 I appreciate you making this available, but would it be possible for you to provide the files as a single ZIP or RAR? Google Drive is having a damn seizure trying to ZIP it all up.
Anyone have the password for the recollection mode for this? http://shirorimi.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-1.html
>>10301 1234
(119.65 KB 405x400 400.jfif)

>>10357 That was my first guess btw
(845.31 KB 1040x807 95129644_p0_master1200.jpg)

New game New game go support the creators and learn Chinese while you're at it. Doesn't good like a translator will carry you through this one https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/95129644
>>10497 Fuck, this looks good. I wish I could translate Chinese.
>>10497 Didn't look at it much, but it is an RPGM game and Translator++ should be able to provide a basic MTL for it. Although, looks like it has a weird skill interface on it, and speaking from experience on the Arknights game (had some weird crafting interface) straight MTL can break the game. If worst comes to worst, I can just extract the CGs from the game and post it here.
>>10503 Honestly I'd prefer just to get the CGs, because you have to struggle through an amateur-made RPG to get to them and that can be a slog.
Speaking of the Arknights game, does anyone have the DLC pack for it? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/88219827
As a western keybord user, would you kindly suggest me some japanese names I can write in this game? http://ahazon.makibishi.jp/
(1.21 MB 1024x768 舞绘1.png)

(1.22 MB 1024x768 舞绘2.png)

(1.21 MB 1024x768 舞绘3.png)

(1.27 MB 1024x768 舞绘4.png)

(1.17 MB 1024x768 舞绘5改.png)

>>10533 This was all that I could find in the img folder, makes sense since it's only v0.0.1
>>10245 >The file you are trying to download is no longer available. Please repost
>>10545 Got a zip of the game?
>>10558 u fokin blind?!?! just kidding >>10497 here but if you mean a save sorry no
>>10497 https://www.mediafire.com/file/3fcb25vy8ut22jp/save.7z/file Here is a save file for those that want to see the good stuff immediately. Revisit the room 2-3 times to watch all the scenes
>>10559 I meant save, sorry. >>10562 Thanks anon
Hi, does anyone else still have Eleptoclypse games, can you share?
>>10512 After the thieves hideout It said end of this version, disappointing did the rest ever get translated? the next area is a machine themed area would have loved to play through it
>>10933 IIRC the group translating at the time had a freakout due to underage tickling content and dropped the translation and no one picked up since.
>>10964 oof yeah I got banned on a forum website a couple years ago for calling them pussys wasn't sure if anyone else worked on it
>>10964 Based
>>10964 I remember that moment when they literally freaked the fuck out and virtue signaled all over TT, all the while the same people praised every artist for their depictions of underage anime girls. But it was okay, they were popular anime girls.
>>10968 seething pedoshitter
>>10964 Bahaha, not even tickleshit is free from translation group drama, absolutely amazing >>10965 >I got banned on a forum website a couple years ago for calling them pussys Literally picrelated. Is there a bigger pussy move than banning the person calling you a pussy?
>>10972 being an entitled fag who gets mad when people won't translate his fetish game for free is a pretty big pussy move
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLkJsvgqGbE This game had potential, he finally posted the link to download but when you try to start it you get hit with..."failed to load image img/titles1/%E8%83%8C%E6%99%AF.png". The guy has been silent for a few weeks now. Can anyone fix this problem? Link for the game is in the description.
>>11016 Works fine for me. You need to extract it as Simplified Chinese, either by setting your system locale to that or using the Name encoding option in WinRAR or something.
>>11016 Most of the time errors like that are due to you not having the language installed on your OS. Example for japanese games: Since the computer doesn't know how to comprehend "くすぐり.jpg" it throws in gibberish and makes it "dk&$$kfls@#.jpg", but the game is still trying to find "くすぐり.jpg" so it gives an error. Once the language is installed, when you unzip the game the files should be named correctly.
>>11085 Sometimes not even just installing the language is not enough. For me, you had to change your system locale to Japanese first and then re-download to get the correct titles
>>11085 >>11087 >windows users pathetic
(44.14 KB 211x184 despair.png)

> tfw all your mechanics-driven tickling game prototypes have been shit Maybe I should just give up and make a visual novel with meters. I spent my teenage years on writing.com interactive stories. I've got this idea for a story where you're the captain of an order of demon hunters, and your character gets cursed by the head of the big bad coven. I could have a corruption mechanic that influences the narrative based on the decisions you make. Have a dynamic where your comrades are torn between knowing you're being corrupted, but wanting to help
(387.26 KB 610x444 indies.png)

>>11165 >Maybe I should just give up and make a visual novel with meters. I spent my teenage years on writing.com interactive stories. Probably the best idea, I think even half this thread will admit they just pound away mindlessly at "the gameplay" in order to get to the scenes so they can enjoy the pictures.
>>11165 I hate to say this, but there's a reason most adult games with "gameplay" are generic RPG Maker games with a few slight tweaks. People generally don't want complicated mechanics, and it's important any game can be played one-handed. Anyone with even basic knowledge of game design can probably put together something better than all the western RPG Maker games we've had so far though. There are very few that are even playable, and the insistence on using tickling as a battle mechanic instead of a capture mechanic like Noircastle's games makes them very slow and clunky to play through.
>>11168 That's exactly what I'm saying though. I'm embarrassed by western representation in the scene. I have the technical skills to make something better than the RPG maker flips we've had so far, but amateur art skills and completely untested writing skills. All of my ideas involve discarding my primary, professional skillset. There's a visual novel called "Long Live the Queen" though, that is basically a single story played out like D&D, where between each 'day' you decide which skill you want your character to train. It's basically a meter management game. I could see a system like that working in a narrative driven tickling game. But, like I said. That lives or dies on writing and art.
>>11169 Someone was working on something similar here: https://twitter.com/game_create/status/1452612647149400066 As far as I can tell they ended up abandoning that aspect of it and it is now basically a visual novel made in RPG Maker though. Making something appealing for any reason other than art is actually really difficult, there have been tons of attempts at text-only games that haven't been great too. Some sort of point and click puzzle game would be an interesting way to go, but that would definitely require some advanced art skills unfortunately.
>>11169 >amateur art skills Go back and play the first few levels of Fairy Maze. The art was charming, but very amateurish and rough. It's amazing how much better Noir's later work became. >completely untested writing skills Probably the easiest part to learn, or at least the part that most people won't care a whole lot about.
>>11191 This. As someone who has made a shitty tickle RPG maker game I can assure you that the art doesn't have to be good at all for people to be interested in it. If your coding is competent and it works and you release SOMETHING people will be interested.
I'll fire up unity and work on a prototype chapter of the VN game I had in mind. I'll pop back in here to get feedback. Thanks for the encouragement anons
>>11225 Make sure add sleeping tickles, sneaky tickles during foot massages, and sole line tracing tickles.
>>11168 These two games by cogitory on DA are the perfect example of a good tickling based RPG game imo. No battles or extra long scenes, the tickling is seamlessly inserted in the game in many occasions with various results with different choices available. For example, in one you had to get a book from a sleeping bandit, and to get to move her you had the choice to tickle her in different spots, but if you got too faar she would wake and it would be game over. Too bad he only released two games, they were the bomb. https://www.deviantart.com/cogitory/art/Tales-of-Emertung-Prologue-708791511 https://www.deviantart.com/cogitory/art/Tales-of-Emertung-Chapter-1-768740384
>>11225 Go for it and remember what >>11195 said: >if you release SOMETHING that even just works, people will be interested. >>11233 Exploration and light puzzle games are at least tolerable as far as gameplay is concerned. There were a couple of good Japanese games like that. Both of them had the premise of exploring a haunted building (mansion and school respectively) and you could trigger tickle scenes either by getting caught by enemies or when interacting with items.
>>11016 When i open the game says that cannot load a img.png, anyone knows how to fix that? i changed the locate to chinese before
>>11242 Make sure it's simplified Chinese. I had a different version of Chinese and it did the same thing.
>>11264 Yeah i'm sure that is simpiflied chinese but there's no way, mi computer is not able to read chinese i don't know why.
>>11333 Not trying to be overly negative, but I really don't get why people like this one. It's a real chore to play through and the short, text-only tickling scenes aren't good enough to make up for it.
>>11486 Not to mention the set up is really cringe and sacchirine vanilla
>>11487 >>11486 Agreed. I don't want to discourage anyone from making tickling games, but at least make the effort to produce some art. Text and game sprites just don't do it for me.
>>11489 Honestly I'd be happy enough with just sprites and text if they'd put at least a little effort into either of them. The built in sprite generator in RPG Maker isn't exactly great, but it can do some way more interesting things if you're willing to spend like 50 bucks getting a few of the DLC packs, which is very common for devs who try to make money from their work. The text is just bad though. The story is garbage and the tickling scenes are boring.
>>11490 The medium is severely lacking in quality non foot focused animated content in general Im a believer in the pareto principle, so its very likely we'll have to wait for (or become) a wealthy patron to just fund something from the ground up, or at least inject a reasonable amount of money into an already existing game or project for some additional content
>>11489 It takes a special kind of person to have art, writing, and programming skills. You're using every corner of your brain for it. Plus you gotta be the kind of sperg willing to put hundreds of hours of work into a niche fetish with no expectation of getting compensated. It's a massive ask.
>>11489 >>11490 Text-only games are pointless. Might as well just write a novel or a short story at that point because you'll much better result for much less work. I understand that not everyone can or wants to do art, but sprites should be the bare minimum. I think there's even a Japanese artist on either dlsite or the pixiv store who sells tickling-themed sprite asset packs for RPG maker games so you can probably buy one or two of those if you can't make the sprites yourself.
>>11548 Do you have some idea for what you want to do? I would say writing is by far the most important part, you can just grab other people's art unless you're planning to sell the game (the person who made lala's ordeal did that for his games), and honestly the gameplay doesn't matter as long as it isn't irritating (most tickle games fail at this). If you need help coming up with scenarios and writing them I'm sure there's at least a few people around here who could help.
>>11589 My current plan is to make almost a visual novel where decisions you make change the way the story plays out. I want the player to actually develop their character's relationship with the cast so the tickling scenes have more weight. Like other VNs, but instead of the big scenes being vanilla sex it's shit for ticklefags. The central thread I'm currently working with is this: You are the captain of a chapter of paladins defending your kingdom from a demonic invasion. During the first incursion scene, your character comes into contact with the big bad of the game. After establishing the setting, the big bad curses your character. That establishes the "corruption" mechanic. The higher your corruption gets, the harder it will be for your character to pass up tickling opportunities on members of your chapter. I could see the "bad end" just being traditional smutty tickle hell. I think the hottest scenes could be when you're trying to progress through the story in character. Getting to know the women in your chapter as they try to help you without getting seduced. The gameplay will be deciding what skills to train so when you go on the next mission, or meet with the next girl, the character you are choosing to play is adequately represented. If the context of the scenes are the most important when it comes to tickling games, then I'll make a system that turns your victims into characters, and scenes into character moments. Or at least, that's the plan. I'm sure I'll come around for feedback as I get closer to having something playable, but at the moment I have enough that I want to write that I'm not tapped for creativity. In terms of art, i could commission an artist for a small enough project. If I expand my scope, I could hire an artist on. Time will tell.
Does anyone have the full version of Ares Record in their Japanese language of Noir Castle? https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ288704.html/?
https://www.deviantart.com/glowzone/art/Night-with-two-VR-Version-2-3-870418735 A pretty cool game for those of us who have VR. Also has a desktop version i believe.
>>9616 heres what needs to happen 1) be able to import models, because april o'neil needs to be part of this 2) a voice actress needs to be given ten bucks to impersonate April during the Case of the Hot Komono episode, but aim for 3-5 minutes of audio 3) I never leave my house again
>>12697 Why do spergsp obsess over April. That fucking feather scene is so outdated and feathers are cringe anyways
>>12706 because for a large number of 28-38 year olds, that scene is why they have the fetish.
(16.24 KB 511x245 ClipboardImage.png)

>>13157 Lmao. I love this guy's spirit. It would be a fantastic way to restart his momentum if it weren't for the fact that has been his last update in nearly a year now.
>>13163 I misread August as April, so half a year. mb.
>>13157 This made me remember other game developers like Screamer and SexualDamnation. I liked their games back in the day. I wonder where they are now.
>>13157 Im so happy this guy isn't a game dev, the game is good but idk why its so difficult for no reason. The dark souls of tickling games.
https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/95931164 Does anyone help me to download the file of this game in google drive/mega form? I can't use the baidu to download the file
>>13219 It's not just him. Almost every tickle game from a western dev that I've played is pointlessly difficult, and not in any good way. They've been poorly balanced rng fests where you're praying that the enemy doesn't crit twice in a row and beat you without you having the chance to do anything about it. If I remember correctly leveling up in Tower of Gargalesis was actually a bad thing because the enemies scaled with you but the only way to restore health was potions that healed a fixed amount, so eventually enemies would do more damage in a single hit than you could heal.
>>13165 Screamer still posts on TMF like a true boomer, just doesn't make games anymore. >>13346 You reminded me of the second of act of The Laughing Isles (continuation never ever). The first act was reasonable in challenge but it spikes almost beyond unreasonable once you enter the mines, where your save might get fucked over because you can't go shopping anymore. At least it still had pretty hot tickling scenes to make it almost worth it.
>>13347 Even with the ridiculous difficulty spike, The Laughing Isles is one of the more reasonable ones to complete. I just don't understand why the developer had to make choosing to tickle the bosses into submission after the fight a bad thing. Still one of the best tickle games though, I'd put it as my favorite along with Who Hunts Monsters. Too bad that one also went into development hell after the person making it decided to replace all the art in the game with much worse stuff she commissioned.
>>13347 I still have Laughing Isles on my pc after all these years lol. Too bad we never had a sequel with the oni girl as a playable character. Btw, about the necromancer boss you fight at the very end of the game, does anyone know where she is from? I love her design and I'd like to know if there are more pictures of her.
Hey, not sure if this is the proper place or not but I'm currently developing a Twine game (text based but I'm trying to see if I can code images into it) and I wanted to know some of your guy's thoughts on the game mechanics. Do people like long passages with decisions like interactive fiction or quick sentences sorta like how dungeon crawlers used to be?
Any good VR games to check out?
Can some kind soul please reup the updated tickle prison dungeon game
Here is a completed pinklodge savefile to just view the gallery..damn that was tedious. https://www.mediafire.com/file/1ig3ihbbprte0t9/Save01.rvdata2/file
>>13581 What a hero, you must have nerves of steel. It always surprised me that Mai Shiranui never showed up in the game, she's the first girl I would expect someone to put in. I'm wondering if the dev just doesn't like her or he was saving for the final update of the game as the big climax. I think I might upload my saves for The Laughing Isles later, I think I've got one right before every tickle scene in the game. It would definitely save some tedium and frustration for anyone who's interested in that game.
>>13542 what game are you even talking about?
>>13356 I kinda like both, but if you're making a "traditional" text adventure with good old fashioned compass navigation and all, I think it would be more fitting to describe surroundings briefly and then leave longer bouts of text to interactions with objects or characters. Also, if you're making retro styled text adventure, remember to put an obnoxious maze section that requires drawing a grid map in it as an obligatory fetish game anti-fun.
Is the to tickle list any good?
>>14650 If you like stories I guess, because there are no pictures at all. Also if you don't mind RPG maker faces for everyone.
>>14650 I'm not gonna say I haven't bust to TTL a couple times, but the writer has a very stagnant writing style and all of their characters sound the same. Like what people who live on chanboards think 'hip' people talk like. TTL 11 is all about league of legends characters, and it was a chore to get through. Between how often they would include the character's in-game voicelines in strange context, or shift completely out of character, it's low-tier smut. Wouldn't recommend paying for it.
>>14650 I really liked some of oneortheother's work like the persona series he did but idk, just can't get into ttl and i've tried a bunch of different ones. they just bore me.
>>14801 persona which one was that? also I really liked the mass effect one bc it had over watch characters too
>>14650 It's decent, but I think it would be vastly improved if oneortheother would ditch the main characters already... they get pretty obnoxious with their one-note horny personalities after so much time. Also this is personal preference but they would also benefit from a more anime style, because the main guy's face at the moment just makes me want to punch him.
>>14800 Also, the dude's way too up his own ass about making the gameplay more complicated. Like dude, the gameplay is essentially just a roadblock between me and the tickle scenes. >>14804 It's not in the TTL games, it's from the stories on his DA page https://www.deviantart.com/oneortheother/gallery/60166647/persona
>>13595 Oh please do share us your save, I really cant get passed the Lockstock Castle part
>>14841 https://www.mediafire.com/file/xiu66dqyiu4e0ry/The_Laughing_Isles_v1.95d.zip/file Thanks for reminding me, I totally forgot about this. Let me know if there is some problem with the download.
Bit of a shot in the dark, but I was tracking this game on twitter for a while that had femdom and shota elements, and some of the girls attacked by tickling. Any chance one of y'all has seen it out there and could link me to it?
>>680 recently found a link for Tower of Gargalesis, will post if everything works on it. Anybody know which bosses I need to tickle and which ones i need to save. I know on Tower of Gargalesis it does a bad job of telling you which decisions will make it impossible to beat the game and which wont
Guys, maybe there is a some enthusiasts, who can translate this game to english? https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/95931164 you can find the mega download link in description
Google translate works pretty well w/ that if you use Chinese.
(19.59 KB 1920x1040 DV error.png)

>>7419 Has anyone encountered this error trying to get Divirtual to run on PC? (this happens to me both with and without the translation patch). I have Japanese language enabled on my computer, and I was able to install and play Devil Sword Luchefried, one of Noir's other game's just fine from DLSite. Attempting to put in a placeholder PNG with the missing filename (as either the garbled %E3... name or what it decodes to, which is タイトル画面) doesn't fix the issue.
>>15264 Wait, tower of gargalesis was unfinished, you cant finish the game anyway regardless of who you save and all that. Post link btw, pretty please
does anyone has the save files for Divirtual, Spectoria and Devil Sword Luchefried
thank you
found this new tickle game being worked on https://soyokazz.fanbox.cc/posts https://twitter.com/innocent_breez
thanks for the saves!
http://kocho-land-senki.sakura.ne.jp/ I'm sort of stuck trying to save the princess now. I got to the part where I rescued the blonde woman (the military chick) from the beginning. It says I have to go to an area I have never been before. I think I know where to go, but I don't have the right items yet. The one major thing I am missing is one of the emblems. I got all of them except Emblem #6. I think once I get that Emblem I can get the one item in that red chest in the ice land castle. I feel like the woman who gives a hint about some stone monument might lead me to the #6 emblem, but I don't know which stone monument she is referring to. Other than that, no clue what to do with the one goddess/green hair being in the sand area and then the one chest located guarded by the strange water fire barrier thingie.
>>16252 Post art from that game pls
>>16252 man is there any chance to play this game in english?
>>16262 I don't think so. The person who made it said they do not plan to make an English translation of it (from last I saw which was like a month ago or something). I sort of just winged my way through it. I started to use a translator once I got midway through the game, but I finally hit a wall since I am missing the one emblem
>>16266 how can one translate this reliably? is there a download link so you dont have to play the game in browser?
>>16324 In terms of translating it reliably... it'll be difficult. I do not think the game has a downloadable link/version. In terms of how I figured out some stuff, I pretty much used my phone to google translate it (which isn't the best source, but it gave me clues on what I needed to do - minus the parts that I am stuck on now).
>>16330 Fuck hope the dev uploads it as a file to download at some point. The game seems cool actually but i despise online rpgmaker loading times
>>16397 Its like your standard RPG in terms of adventuring, questing, and leveling. The game sort of hints that you should progress through this game in this way. It takes a while to level, get money, and piece things together (especially when I can't read Japanese). Once you capture a potential prisoner/.recruit, it gets interesting. The interesting snippet is the tickling because its broken down in two ways. Either you, the main protag, tickles the girl or you are playing the lee (whom is usually a girl) and try to survive the ticklish torment from your opponents. For the you tickling bit, especially if they are in your dungeon, you want to try to tickle them to submission so they can join your team. Not only do they give more variety to your party, but they also have handy benefits. Some of them are needed to advance through the story. The tickling session can vary depending on what items you use, who is in your party, and if you can really break the girl into submission. For the lee aspect, you got to survive. So pretty much you swapped roles. Instead of dishing out tickles, you got to survive the ticklish torment by conserving your mana, refilling your HP, charm your opponents, etc. I could make a guide. Maybe. I'm just stuck on where to find this so called monument and Emblem #6 P:
https://watatarutaru.github.io/Kochobus/ Any idea on how this game works?
>>16433 3rd choice on main menu, and then first choice for the fights or 2nd choice for the 'tickle hell' part of each creature. When fighting, it seems that the 3rd option into '100' makes the love bar full and you get the nice tickly part!
>>16433 Is there an english translation? Kinda distracting when I have no idea wtf anyone's saying
>>11016 Does anyone have an ideas as to how the game is meant to be played on android? I see no application to run within the files.
https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/96860947 Does anyone have the passwords to this? I just want to see cute girls get tickled.
(595.83 KB 584x440 pts.PNG)

Just played Pocket Touch Simulator. Wish we had more good sandbox games like this. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ373925.html
>>680 For anyone else that was waiting, version 0.8 for Kuri is up.
(333.60 KB 846x591 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17053 Introducing Kuri the tickle slut~
>>17053 >>17057 Nice, thanks for the headsup
>>17053 Damn each version is a solid improvement, and the attention to detail is nuts. For example if you gag her when she hasn't been tickled yet and then overwhelm her, she'll start to droll. Also can we take a minute to realise that kuri-dev made an image of her bare tits and rather than implementing the image and having the bandaids image as an option he made the two images inseperable. This is truly a man of culture.
(126.78 KB 500x500 Yp1Ini9.jpg)

>>17057 I'm normally a lee but goddamn the expressions she makes makes me want to destroy her mind to make her the perfect giggly tickle slut.
(343.53 KB 720x591 Screenshot_1.png)

>>17057 kuri dev deserves fucking medals this is the most cultured degeneracy i've experienced in a long time
(600.68 KB 977x879 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17057 So we can agree this is the best tickling game right? Kasumi's rebirth is a close second.
>>17084 Whats kasumi's rebirth?
>>17084 Definitely best for this style of tickling game, as comparing this to a noircastle game is like comparing apples to oranges. Even still I think you could make an argument in favour of kuri. >>17088 Fuck, that question makes me feel like a fossil. It's an old OG flash game that's been around as long as I can remember, can find it pretty easily with a quick google search. It's not even tickling specific either, just a virtual tied up girl for the player to abuse basically, and the dev just happened to add tickling I guess. Definitely worth loading up and exploring all the animations & menu options at least once.
(455.77 KB 1095x730 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17089 shout out to Tickle Attayo too
>>17092 Fuck, it slipped my mind... Maybe we'll call it a holy trinity? Either way Kasumi and Attayo are both classics and I'm sure Kuri will hold a similar reputation in no time.
Some screenshots from RUI’s kocho land game
can anyone share kasumi's rebirth?
The guy who made Kasumi Rebirth, Sawatex, is actually creating a new game that's pretty much the same thing but with more detail, customization, etc. It's called Touch the Girl! The only thing he's added tickling-wise is the ability to use your tongue and other tools.
https://www.ticklingforum.com/archive/index.php/t-265914.html An oldie, but a goodie. Featherstone Mansion has some good tickle scenes, would love for someone to record or pull screencaps from this because I no longer have RPG Maker on my computer. Also, it actually encourages you to play the game to see the scenes instead of game-overing at every enemy
>>17122 Do you have a link or source?
>>17142 https://mega.nz/file/MohQ2Iwa#t0xk7aSpYvz81e06Abl4l0ocqcylxSJRjTxn_7vTvY4 I've got a mega link; he's also on Kemono as Sawatex and he has a website https://sawatex.x0.com/ There's an uncensored patch out there somewhere if you want it.
>>17053 are you kuri dev?. Or if kuridev lurks around here, good update my man, thank you for the hard work. And while I appreciate the hair options honestly I like her base hair the most
>>17199 Nah, I'm just a random lurker that occasionally posts if I find something new that no one else posted yet.
>>17135 This has always been one of my favorite western-made tickling games. No overly complicated gameplay, no attempts at making a serious epic story, just a fun little game that does what a tickling game should do perfectly. They even managed to make the scenes look good using 3DCG, which is a very difficult thing to do as 3DCG isn't great.
>>5265 bro, can you share a link to this game creator pls?
https://mobile.twitter.com/fuwakusucado?lang=en-GB new tickle prison dungeon update boys
>>17053 >>17057 God damn that's a fine update. Of course, the supreme move is to tickle her to insanity once, let her calm down, then tease her into a tickle slut and start again.
>>17342 fuck yes finally
(2.07 MB 2383x3541 96978359_p0.jpg)

>>17342 Waiting until he adds feet stock position.
any VN recs with good tickling scenes (especially feet)?
>>17342 Would anyone happen to have and be willing to share?
>>17039 Can you share?
Anyone have some more apk games? Playing on a phone will be fun as well.
>>17564 >>17512 Just a warning that these almost definitely aren't worth buying. I grabbed one of his other "games" a little while back and there is almost no content despite the large wordcounts he puts on the pages.
>>8129 why are some of the files password protected? also, the ares record tl is broken, missing core game mechanics lol
>>5664 I recommend getting something like ScreenTranslator unless you have the know-how to translate a game by yourself or otherwise can read moonrunes.
Anybody got the newest version of Lust Doll+ (36.0)?
I can translate Chinese, I just don't know how to put it in the game/overwrite the language files and I also haven't bought the game. So if somebody wants to just let me translate for them and they put it in the game, I'd be happy to
>>17343 How can you actually get her to like it? When I tease her or go slow, this never happens.
(83.33 KB 332x296 ClipboardImage.png)

(104.87 KB 587x358 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18708 Tickle her until she's in a state like the first image, then switch to tease mode. Use the magic wand until her speech is written with pink, after that you can switch back to tickling and she'll like it. When you use the magic wand, make sure to keep it moving, it's not as effective if it's just left in the same position.
>>680 Just found this, can someone give it a try? https://twitter.com/seaumirabbit/status/1512756560648622082
>>18855 I just played it Super bare bones and not very interactive You just kinda select a tool and click really fast until a meter goes up. I think there's a laughter meter and an arousal meter. Once both go up, the game ends. There's some dialouge at the begining but it's in another language. If I could understand it, maybe it would have more of an impact. The art and animation are alright certainly not the best, but not the worst either. As it stands now, don't pick this one up. There's just really nothing here. Prolly wait for a future update and then try it out. But if you really do want to try it, don't let me stop you. Just be warned that there's not a lot to do.
>>18883 What even are the controls though? I can't figure out how to do anything but move around the room.
>>18720 Thanks!
>>18720 You have any more tips? You seem to know the mechanics of this game well. I feel like there's some small details or secrets like this that are worth knowing about (aside from the crying)
Anyone have the scenes from this game? https://twitter.com/01_shiro/status/1513117682014384132
>>18932 It hasn't been released yet, so no.
>>18892 Just use arrows to move, x to interact, and when you get to the tickle section, just select a tool ( you may need to click it a few times) and then just spam click on her feet.
Villain Simulator is working on a tickling mechanic, and it looks good. https://www.patreon.com/posts/status-update-64523937
>>19298 FINALLY! I message him about it when the project was first getting on the ground and, if I recall correctly, he said something like "That sounds interesting, I think I might do that" or something like that. Genuinely excited, there is basically no tickling content in VR. Even a lot of the VR videos are garbage.
>>19298 Actually hyped, the coomer in me is going to never let this go when it drops, thanks for notifying anon.
>>19298 Time to dust off the old VR headset
(8.54 MB 3472x3472 IMG_20220419_104127.jpg)

Guys, how can I pass this one? This error keeps coming
>>19628 was your system local in japanese when you downloaded and extracted the game? that fixed it for me if that doesn't work then idk
>>19298 holy shit I would buy a vr headset for that
>>19629 All files are english, no need to change localized language, I fixed it by adding the missing file by searching for 'grass' sound Anyway, can anyone give me a walkthrough for labyrinth of laughter?
(219.91 KB 1080x1042 IMG_20220420_201748.jpg)

I was looking at a meme based on "Knuckles approving Playstore games" and this one came up, does anyone know what it's called?
How do people even go about making tickle games these days? Flash died, right? I know you can make them from scratch with programming languages but I don't know much about that. But if someone wanted to make a game for themselves, what are their options?
>>19980 I think the most popular choice is RPG Maker (only paid unfortunately), given that it requires no knowledge of programming since it is a game based on events. Furthermore it doesn't require flash since it distribution comes with its own API. Other than that, the only ones I can think about that are similar is Game Maker (also paid) and Unity (free but requires knowledge in programming)
>>19981 Yeah, my idea isn't even close to RPG in nature, so I imagined I'm going to have to learn programming in some way. But that's how life is I guess.
>>20009 Yeah if it's not RPG then I would definitely recommend GameMaker and Unity, depending on how much programming you are willing to learn. GameMaker is paid but does not require any programming knowledge. Unity is free and much less limited in terms of game design, but a hefty coding learning curve is required (they use the C# coding language in case you are interested). You could also use Godot if the coding learning curve is not an issue. It fundamentally works the same way as Unity but the learning curve is not as high since the coding language is a little simpler. However, it is slightly more limiting than Unity so pick your poison.
>>20009 It depends on what you want to make, but RPG Maker is capable of quite everything, even some simple shoot em up or action games are made from the same tool.
>>20015 I am aware of that, but it always seems a little square peg round hole to me. >>20012 I'm gonna make an effort to try to look into Unity and C#, thanks for letting me know the programming language. I'm sure I can find some basic tutorials that'll get me going.
>>20017 Because of how popular Unity is, there are a ton of good resources out there. Good luck!
>>20115 I gotchu fam game is a pain in the ass so here is the cg from this and the 1st one too https://e-hentai.org/g/1457960/93038ebf1f/ https://e-hentai.org/g/2202029/bdca673fa8/
>>19298 Beta 28 just dropped on Patreon, Kemono is having problems pulling, I don't have any other sources to get it, not sure what to do until Kemono is working.
Does anyone have the new Lust Doll Update?
>>20154 I think he might've just changed the links or something after the post went up on kemono.
anyone have the link to the villain simulator tickling beta then? would greatly appreciate it
>>20272 Newest version is on kemono. For those having issues removing clothes, use the raygun thingy and change the power to max!
>>20277 Links were taken down Anyone willing to share the files?
Villain simulator is really amazing Only thing missing is having a couple more spots, a tummy, bellybuttom and thigh option would be great,
>>20277 >>20329 Would greatly appreciate if anyone could share as links are down on Kemono
>>20329 Don't know if anyone here uses it, but the devs are interacting with people and asking for criticism on a reddit thread. Might be a good opportunity to suggest things. https://www.reddit.com/r/tickling/comments/ud4asm/best_videogame_with_tickling/
>>20284 This please. Help an anon that came late to the party.
>>20450 attempting to shmooze, thank you for the info
So was anyone able to snatch villain simulator?
(642.62 KB 613x457 55.png)

Does anyone happen to have the latest version of this game?
Please put a new link for Villain Simulator beta 28. Please feed all the hungry dogs in this thread including myself lol
>>20724 https://anonfiles.com/T2P7Gcc1y5/tpd_zip no idea how long this link will work but here ya go
>>20762 Thanks man, you are the coolest dude, and let no one tell you otherwise.
>>20762 Based
>>20810 Seems legit It's nice but I find Tickle Prison to be far superior in terms of tickling. The mouth doesn't look too natural...
I just downloaded villan simulator, but idk how to take the ladies clothes off Any help?
>>20824 Can either use the cheat or the laser gun
(367.15 KB 560x420 RJ305237_img_main.png)

Has anyone here played this game? I feel like it's very underrated. It's called シズクとくすぐり海底城 and has voiced tickling scenes.
>>20846 game was fun, voice was cute, scenes were great everything I could ask for, honestly
>>20822 Laughter and character creator in VS are great, but expressions could use work. I also don't really expect them to add much if any tickling tools. Still, I love the character creator, already busted one good nut to tickling ribs of a scantily clad cyberpunk spy I made.
>>20890 The creators asked for feedback if you scroll up a little, so I'm sure they'll improve on it. That being said though, sock/pit tickling Tifa and 2B? It can only get better from here.
How do I control sensitiveness in Villain Simulator? I read somewhere that this was possible.
>>20927 U got a link to download it? Also... I think its ctrl + U and it will ask you a password.
>>20846 I hope someone releases either a browser port or a translated port. Getting Japanese RPGM games is such a pain in the ass
What is the cheat code for Villian Simulator? And what does the cheat code do?
What is the cheat code for Villain Simulator and what does the cheat code do?
looks good thx
http://shirorimi.blog.fc2.com/ Anyone have the Chaos Tickle and Bug Tickle installments from this jrpg creator?
Does anyone have the older version of Who Hunts Monsters that went through chapter 2 and would be able/willing to share it? I like the "new" version too (not really that new), but I lost the old version and the indeexpo page is down, which to my knowledge was the only way to download it.
>>21425 The developer of that game wrote a bunch of tickling stories on pixiv that are really fun, even if you just run them through google translate. I haven't tried the game so I might be pre-judging it, but I don't really know how changing his work's format to a game really adds anything though.
Does anyone have Eleptoclypse or Laughing is Losing? Both were flash deckbuilding card games with tickling animations. Eleptoclypse has a demo stashed on swfchan, but other than that I had no luck in my hunt.
>>20931 Any idea what the password is? One download said "1313", but the program didn't accept it...
Does anyone have the new To-Tickle-List?
Anybody got the file/link for OneortheOther's new game Dungeon Tickler? https://kemono.party/patreon/user/3309124/post/66416463
>>21177 https://www.mediafire.com/file/smwd9qqjjbyk8re/Who_Hunts_Monsters_OLD.rar/file Here you go, wanna give back to the community after lurking so much. I'm not here often but I have quite the collection of old tickle games if anyone wants to make requests
>>21534 Please send everything you got lol
>>21534 How many of the Japanese ones do you have? A lot of the old ones from a decade ago can't be found anymore.
>>21527 +1 for this one
Hey I was just wondering if anyone has The Villain Simulator Beta 28 (tickling version), if so could you drop a download link? The megadownload on kemono no longer works. Thanks in advance!
>>21667 This link works >>20810
>>21672 How do you actually tickle her in VS? I only see slap, punch, and rub
>>21709 slap hand, hover over underarms, ribs, or feet, clicklclickclickclick fastish
(2.63 MB 800x600 1653115934930.webm)

Are there anymore Sims 4 tickling mods?
https://twitter.com/lastsuusan1/status/1528049712917807104?s=20&t=wLDUNTqRXuZsUNl6qyBSzw New game was released. I haven't been able to play it yet.
>>21852 Apparently it's missing some sort of plugin to run. I can't tell what it is though as it's in Japanese, and I'm too much of a dumbass to translate it properly or know how plugins work altogether.
It's not missing a plug in, you have to change the unicode to japanese. It's in settings regions and I believe under advanced keyboard settings, you also have to download the Japanese fonts, which you can do through windows 10 directly. It's a pain for some and I'm being very vague. A quick "how do I play Japanese rpg games" on Google will give you the answers you seek
>>21915 I can't figure out how to download this or his previous games. He publishes them through that weird site and seems to have disabled the download option.
Finally got The Laughing Isles working, but I've gotten stuck. I need to clear some rubble to get a mine cart working, and the character mentioned something about a shovel. I swear I've explored every inch of this dungeon and haven't found a single shovel. What am I doing wrong?
>>21169 I got you, plus what I've got for saves, PLUS a completed file of Alchemy and Tickle https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q9485JwWMXqbQilUOwJDRtppky1QOAZE/view?usp=sharing
>>21902 Thanks for the help, I'll give that a try.
>>22174 is there any recollection room in all three games?
>>22206 I haven't completed Chaos Tickle, so if someone has a full save for that... Bug Tickle has a save in the recollection room. Alchemy Tickle has a separate recollection system accessed from the title menu
>>21527 Kemono archive of the post where oneortheother collects all of the download links has been updated, and it now includes Dungeon Tickler https://kemono.party/patreon/user/3309124/post/40268754
>>22303 download link no longer available
>>22303 This is comedy gold, does he really think its worth money? hes basically scamming people into thinking it has tickling art in it, while instead it just has bad dialogue.
>>22340 welp. I ain't paying money for his buggy, bloated-with-too-much-combat-filler games, so I'm all out of ideas.
Is Caroo's 'Bindmancer' game any good? it seems to have been in development for ages but the version last available on kemono was still pretty bare bones
>>22388 It has potential, he just needs to add more actual fucking content instead of reworking shit every week and adding small background shit no one asked for
>>21527 Thirding this.
>>22388 I wouldn't say so. Having played some of his patreon releases, it is nothing more than a near 1-for-1 copy of Crypt of Necrodancer with 10% of the actual gameplay. I would definitely say you can spend your time better elsewhere
We've had tickling-focused games but what are some games where it isn't the focus but still has some tickle scenes in them?
>>22570 If I remember Slave's Sword 1 and 2 has one tickling scene per game. More on the typical hentai scenes though
(44.40 KB 816x624 CG27_09.jpg)

(142.58 KB 1024x768 Eve_22_0017.jpg)

>>22570 Princess Project and Celesphonia.
>>22570 The old board had an entire thread devoted to tickling scenes in VNs with images and detailed descriptions. Too bad nobody saved it.
>>22583 someone should make a thread for that here
>>22613 I'm the guy who made the original thread, but I've pretty much given up on searching for tickling scenes in VNs ever since the external hard drive I used to store all of them died. I'd be happy if someone else could take up that mantle because I have no motivation left in me. There was also another anon I talked to a lot about tickling games and it was fun because he found different scenes due to preferring different types of games. While I was actively looking for stuff that tended to involve tentacles, torture, or BDSM, he would come across scenes in more wholesome moe games, often just small snippets between CG events. Haven't heard from him in a while either.
>>22640 I might be the person you're talking about. I'm the one who posted the cute tickle scenes from Sabbat of the Witch.
>>18976 "x" it doesn't do anything?
>>22174 none of the games seem to be working
Does anyone have those
>>23067 Imma be real with you in saying that artstyle looks like hot fucking garbage
>>23068 Its a tickling game with art mf that makes this shot a picasso in this community
>>23068 don't bully ert-dono
https://www.dlsite.com/maniax-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ388563.html Thought this was worth posting. It's a game where you use what a mimic does to a girl it caught and ofc it has a tickling option. It also has voice acting and the animation is pretty good so I would say give it a buy (only like $3) especially it you like things other than tickling cause the creators wants to add more things.
>>23786 No English yet I assume?
>>23789 sadly, there is no translation yet
Anyone here has astoria girl? Or some 5 years old games?
Does anyone have biomacchia's occult rewrite?
>>22964 Is your computer set to Japanese Locale?
For real does anyone have the chapter 16 of To-Tickle-List? Download links from Kemono are dead.
The absolute fucking saint who's translated some other tickling games has released a not-garbage translation of Tickling Slave Dealer, and also has a browser-playable version available. https://www.reddit.com/r/AnimuTickling/comments/vgrz03/translation_for_tickling_slave_trader_100_days_of/ The translation is just a patch, so it requires that the game already be installed, but IIRC some download links for the game's files were already posted in this thread. Combine that with the completed saves someone else posted, and you can use the "Scene" option on the title screen to watch the main scenes instead of having to play through the game to get to them.
>>24060 >properly translates the undisputed best tickling game ever made Unequivocally based, holy fuck.
(25.28 KB 700x356 IMG_20220703_224953.png)

(37.54 KB 560x420 RJ305237_img_main.webp)

Does anyone have this game? I need a replacement data.wolf file from this game because the one in my zip file is corrupted and can't be extracted.
(543.84 KB 1738x978 screenshot0015.png)

(476.14 KB 1598x898 screenshot0032.png)

>>23852 Holy shit, didn't expect someone to name my game here. I posted a build on f95 a while ago, you can download it there. That build has the entire first chapter, and there's a tickling scene on it, but it's kinda old unless somebody else updated it. There's another tickling scene on the second chapter that's way more involved (you can choose different spots to tickle her at, lengthier descriptions and stuff like that) but I just released Occult Rewrite on steam, so if you wanna get a legit copy, you can try here https://store.steampowered.com/app/2009950
>>24288 It's been unreleased according to that link; just gives me Steam's answer to a 404
>>24288 IDK man, paying 10 bucks for 1 tickle scene is too much. I'd be fine with it if i was into the other stuff there.
>>24329 You have to be logged in to see it. Otherwise, just search for it in the Steam client.
(350.11 KB 1598x898 screenshot0076.png)

(565.35 KB 1598x898 screenshot0097.png)

>>24357 There are two, but that's fair. I include a lot of stuff other than tickling, so there's usually 1 or 2 scenes for each fetish per chapter. Except feet. There's quite a bit of that >>24329 Like the other anon said, you need to be logged in. Steam is a dick to adult games
(132.70 KB 1019x761 RJ169293_img_smp1.jpg)

(172.23 KB 1019x765 RJ169293_img_smp2.jpg)

(167.11 KB 1019x764 RJ169293_img_smp3.jpg)

>>24288 >biomacchia lurks on here >and expects people on 8chan to actually pay for something
Anybody got the latest version of Armani curse
>>24373 I eagerly await the day I'l see my name on the "artists you hate" thread lol
>>24382 Pretty sure you wont fuck up badly like NP.
>>24371 Dude, great work on it man! I bought it when I first saw the steam store page ya linked and burned right through it. Tickle content aside, it was fun and hit the right notes for me, for a CYOA/VN game! The scenes were pretty solid, enjoyed playing a brief bit in the second scene. Just wanted to say some nice stuff, I'd be happy to see more from you!
On a less positive note, I grabbed Kinkshamed yesterday and spent some time playing it, and I'd rather have that time back. -Art is incredibly mid and largely static -Tickling scenes are shown as turn-based RPG battles, which are very tedious and full of stalling mechanisms (damage debuffs/stuns/heals, and also just low damage overall) -The written scenes within each of the "battles" are short -Quests to unlock tickle scenes consist of little more than running around a ton, sometimes with no good idea of where to go -Because it's a janky RPGMaker game, the only option to increase screen size is to play full screen, which stretches everything out on a 16:9 monitor -The writer seems to thoroughly resent the tickling fetish's overlap with foot fetishism... while still having a lot of the scenes/art pander to it -MCs get weirdly preachy about the tickling fetish while simultaneously dunking on footfags, which I just found annoying and hypocritical -No replay function when you finish the game. All you can access after the fact is the image used for the scene and a quick summary. So the only way to quickly re-access scenes is to keep saves, but save slots are limited and can't be named. -Male MC is generally dumb and unlikable
>>24459 Isn't that James game? No wonder it's a shitfest
>>24476 do not say his name, just talking about him will maker him show up Like a skinwalker but sad
>>24252 give me your zip
I just bought the game, would anyone be so kind to share with me his save file?
>>24524 Slave's sword 2? how many tickle scenes are in it?
Don't know if many people have come across this one before but it was new to me so I thought I'd share. https://f95zone.to/threads/runaway-tickle-girl-soccer-girl-final-soyokaze.121773/
>>24576 Like clockwork.
>>24429 Thanks a lot friend! Really happy you enjoyed the game so far. I'm still ironing out a couple things (one or two bugs, but mostly issues with typos/grammar mistakes). I hope to close it out with one more tickling scene for the final chapter in a couple months.
(90.81 KB 860x728 clapclap.png)

>>25095 This was really fucking good. Loved the little comedy bits here and there as well. Very much looking forward to more from this guy.
>>25103 Roomu is a great artist, one small issue Hes a member of CleaninghouseTK
>>25116 Who/What/Why is CleaninghouseTK? And what did they do? Sorry anon, I live under a rock...
>>15264 Necroposting but Didn’t he post the source code once? Like I remember once being to open it up in RPGMaker and fiddle with the stats till the game was reasonably fun. Does anyone have that or am I having a stroke remembering this incorrectly?
>>25095 Good game anyone know how to get through the skull puzzle
>>25122 You can actually do that easily enough with most RPG Maker games, just need to shove a project file in the www folder and open it. May also require you to run a decrypter against the files depending on whether they bothered to use it.
>>25124 Stuck there too
>>25126 talk to the cat, and it gives you a hint. white skulls facing away from the red circle at the center and black skull facing away from the res circle
>>25128 black skull facing the circle I mean
>>25124 >>25126 >>25128 Figured it out finally. The black skulls have to face towards the circle, and the white skulls have to face away from it UP and DOWN. Facing away LEFT and RIGHT won't trigger the solution, which was the reason I was stuck on it.
(182.68 KB 1188x2048 1651069997326.jpg)

>>25095 I've had the honor of trying this game before the official release. The dubbing is much better than what other *cough cough* Baronstrap *cough cough* come up with, the drawings are simple and nice, and the scenes go straight to the point. The fact you're rewarded with scenes rather than punished is a good twist Also i love Emi she is my wife
So a random question does anyone have a download link or any sort of way to play Noircastle’s AHAZON game? I’m a bit curious since I can barely find much on it.
>>25131 Yeah, not the best puzzle design. The two sequences where you have to run away from things that attack you were also a pain in the butt because the game doesn't tell you jack shit about what's happening or what you need to do, it just drops you into the action sequence. >>25153 Try http://ahazon.makibishi.jp/
>>25157 Works pretty well thanks
>>25095 Anybody know what the computer password thing is all about?
>>25157 You wouldn’t happen to know how go get through the scene with the dogs would you?
>>25207 Try running in zig-zag.
>>25198 Computer password? Do you mean the code thing? Go to the side room with the dogs and it tells you the code (IIRC 137) and allows you to enter it into the thing when you go back to it. Then go outside and activate the device there to unlock the dog run game. >>25207 Hold Shift to run faster, run forward, and then right to the door, you have to press Enter to open it. Then run forward again, but this time turn left. In that room, you should just go past the round thing and interact with the device behind it to be done. I can upload my 100% save if anyone wants it
>>25217 Nah, he's talking about the computer you can interact with after freeing the girl from the chair with the ghosts. There's a prompt to enter a password/the character's name? No idea wtf it's supposed to do or if it even does anything.
>>25198 >>25223 Password is "Moonbeam", you get it on the bookshelf on the second floor. It gives pic related.
>>25319 Can someone please upload and share this?
>>25319 so its basically the same shit as to-tickle list?
>>25095 This game is amazeballs. Lol'd hard at the communist manifesto stuff. His other games any good? Anyone played them?
>>25319 >>25352 Yes. To my knowledge, each "Tickle Scene " is just short a dialogue of a tickler pick tool, tickle tool go brrrr on tickle spot, and a long "hahaha" to a total of 1 paragraph or soo. Even after the guy made 15+ games or so... Doing the exact thing multiple times over and over again, and people expecting a different result? That's just insanity. Is the guy expecting "more" people to suddenly buy his games after a title change or something? Emphasis on "more" as there are people foolish enough to buy them for him to keep making more.
>>25354 What makes it worse is he commissions a lot of artwork for his games but its just some random fuckin OC that isnt in it... Its almost like the dumbass who keeps commissioning blue dress tifa...
Has anyone uploaded the complete version of this game? I can only find the Aug 30 versions. https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ288505.html
https://www.deviantart.com/sexualdamnation/art/THE-QUEEN-OF-LAUGHTER-CHAPTER-1-FREE-DOWNLOAD-712657576 Does anyone know how to enlarge the edges of the screen? because the screen is too small to enjoy it.
>>25095 Finally got around to playing this. The variety in tickle angles and methods was nice, and even setting the tickle stuff aside the humor made for a fun playthrough. My favorite parts are giving a ghost a copy of the Communist Manifesto so he can get a bunch of ants to murder their queen only for them to die shortly after due to being incapable of reproduction and [spoiler]getting a ghost’s favorite author to write NTR shit and then giving it to him to make him kill himself.
>>25207 Holding left shift makes you sprint. Its the same in virtually all these rpgs.
Bro I need help in Valeria's rising, the skull room part with the black skulls and white skulls idk wtf im doing
>>25777 You don't know what you're doing because the puzzle design is shit in that there are multiple ways that you could arrange the white skulls so that they are facing "away," but only one option is considered correct. See >>25131 for the answer.
>>8875 where?
>>25716 Yeah it was great. Really hope he does another at some point.
>>25120 >Hurr, paywall bad >Everything tickling related should be for love and charity!
is there something wrong with tickling slave trader? I had just the girl from the town and the curio shopkeeper and used all of the tools on them both and never got criticals.
>Playing Ares Record on max difficulty >Unfortunately I'm too good at video games and never get grabbed >Effectively have infinite mana because I get perfect parries every time >Restrict myself to not using stat boosters or consumables >Still breeze through the game >Watch the tickling scenes but only if I actively allow myself to be grabbed so it takes out the 'game' element When will the japanese make a truly difficult porn game for those autists who can't get off without stats?
>>26339 >When will the japanese make a truly difficult porn game? Try this one: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ304913.html Post saves when you're done.
Does anyone happen to have a ToG save from the end of the game? I made it pretty far a long time ago but just don't have the patience to go through the shitty ff8 leveling system again
(772.09 KB 900x688 97784473_p0_master1200.jpg)

https://anonfiles.com/V2H0T22byf/RJ385076_zip I offer you fuckers this game, I hope someone more capable than me is able to translate, it has some good scenes
Hi, anyone have The cyriaan chronicles #10 beta?
Random question: when a game asks you to enter the name for your character, what do you like to use? Your real name, the default (if one exists), some username you have for other places, or something completely random?
>>26718 In single player I use the default given name of the character if there is one, if there none, i check the game wiki or website for the name, if there is none, then some random name, all this to keep immersion. Unless I am doing any multiplayer mmorpg where the name is for identification, then I use my other multiplayer game names to be labeled as the same person. Never my real name though, that's just ehh... not for me.
>>26409 What does it mean ToG?
>>26135 You may need to use a higher level tool.
Anybody got the latest version of armani curse
Anyone got a copy of Kunzite's "A New Project"? I bought it ages ago, and haven't been able to find it again
Hi, I'm looking for help finding an old flash game by Flek-Lola/illionore. The game was a battle sim where the opponents would tickle each other.
>>26887 I got you bro https://www.filemail.com/d/uadwqmbtkfsvwlx Link will work for 7 days. Should work right out of the box, I just zipped it for upload.
>>26922 You’re a god, I can’t thank you enough!
>>26922 damn, this was awesome. anyone know anything else like it?
>>26718 using my real name always made me kinda cringe, idk why. but I sorta created this alter ego for myself and always use its name which is completely different from mine.
(2.62 MB 3943x2231 Tickliest_Tomb_Poster.jpg)

Was anyone able to download Tickliest Tomb by oneortheother? The links seem to be dead already https://kemono.party/patreon/user/3309124/post/67321125
(81.59 KB 560x420 HIuEkiES_o.jpg)

Does anyone know of a translated version of this game? (Tickling Auction (くすぐりオークション) ). I can't find one online and trying to do it myself with Translator++ isn't working, and I don't know of any other software to try with.
>>26922 Sorry to ask but could you send a new link to the game?
"Anyone got a copy of Kunzite's "A New Project"? I bought it ages ago, and haven't been able to find it again" This! One fellow posted a link where he uploaded it, but it expired(darn me, just a few weeks too late). Could anyone please reupload it? That'd be a blessing!
Does anyone have the downloads for Divirtual and Spectoria?

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