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Fire Emblem Tickling Anonymous 11/17/2021 (Wed) 22:09:48 Id: 505941 No. 7085
After all the Robin, Lucina, Camilla, and other FE posting in the favorite girls thread, I figured the series has earned its own thread. A blessed franchise with copious ticklish cuties
>>7091 It's even canon that Bernadetta's dad used to tie her to a chair for long periods of time. Who's to say servants around the house didn't improve the occasion here and there for their own amusement?
(1.12 MB 1200x1190 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.37 MB 3176x2263 ClipboardImage.png)

(8.18 MB 5550x3000 ClipboardImage.png)

(906.83 KB 1024x916 ClipboardImage.png)

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(2.56 MB 2736x1680 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.77 MB 1280x1810 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.74 MB 1024x980 ClipboardImage.png)

(915.76 KB 1024x759 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.32 MB 5000x3000 FEH Summer Avatar Girls 2.png)

(386.38 KB 747x1049 12.jpg)

(323.10 KB 742x1049 18.jpg)

(3.86 MB 2693x2569 PatreonPic2 Sep2019(3).png)

(3.86 MB 2693x2569 PatreonPic2 Sep2019(3).png)

(134.56 KB 1024x790 75964009_p0.jpg)

(493.19 KB 1024x1024 87491416_p0.jpg)

(2.25 MB 1536x2048 1626208121889.png)

>>7105 But... that's not how space works. Camilla's to the left of Corrin in the top and to the right in the bottom Why the fuck do I care about this?
>>7108 It happens brother.
>>7108 I noticed that too. He's done that with quite a few pics actually. He doesn't seem to process that turning two people around would switch their left-right positions relative to each other lol
(1.62 MB 1280x1639 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.07 MB 1280x1283 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.16 MB 2039x2039 ClipboardImage.png)

(3.01 MB 2105x1768 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.35 MB 1280x925 ClipboardImage.png)

(5.77 MB 2450x2500 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.85 MB 2663x2125 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.15 MB 1024x1325 ClipboardImage.png)

(8.12 MB 5900x4200 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.10 MB 1280x1280 ClipboardImage.png)

(875.63 KB 1200x1600 3 (Lucina).png)

(4.75 MB 3072x1728 87231483_p0.jpg)

(15.30 MB 5000x9000 72394204_p0.png)

(61.63 KB 798x800 Tub_C1_1.png)

Finally, I can dump my stuff on here too.
As a means to get a little discussion going, here's a prompt for those who care to take part. Which character from each FE game you've played would you most like to tickle? For my part: Awakening: Robin Three Houses: Petra Fates: Felicia Shadow Dragon: Palla Shadows of Valentia: Mae
The golden girls sure do have a lot of tickle art together.
>>7134 And aside from the one outlier, these artists seem to agree on the exact order they should be sitting in too. Huh
>>7133 Awakening: Lucina Fates: Lucina Echoes: Lucina Heroes: Lucina Warriors: Lucina The rest: N/A
>>7092 I bet the servants took the time and opportunity to play with a helpless Bernie. Her father wouldn't mind if Bernie doesn't like it since it'd just be 'punishing' her more~ Glad to see my dumb animation here lol.
>>7133 As someone who's played every FE game, this is gonna be a pain. Shadow Dragon: Norne Shadows of Valentia: Tatianna Genealogy of the Holy War: Larcei Thracia 776: Nanna Binding Blade: Guinevere Blazing Blade: Farina Sacred Stones: Amelia Path of Radiance: Marcia Radiant Dawn: Mist Awakening: Robin (Lissa close runner-up) Fates: Felicia (Sakura close runner-up) 3H: Bernadetta (Flayn close runner-up) Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Tsubasa Heroes: Fjorm (Sharena close runner-up) Warriors: Lianna BS: Malice
>>7139 Your animations are adorable! I can only speak for myself, but I hope to see more down the line if they're something you enjoy doing. >>7140 Especially since we share a common admiration for a certain white-haired tactician ;)
Since there's now an "official" Fire Emblem thread I'd like to restate my desire to tie up M!Robin and tickle and fuck his feet against his will. Also, please consider: Rinkah. In my opinion one of the most underappreciated Fire Emblem girls for reasons I can't quite fathom.
>>7141 Thanks a bunch, glad you like them! I was just playing around with Adobe Animate and made these dumb lil animations. I’ll probably make some more in the future, likely Flayn, timeskip versions of the three I’ve already done, and then other cuties like Robin and Lissa, but that’ll likely be in the future. Glad to hear you enjoy the cutie tactician as well! Robin is so darn cute, only reason I haven’t done her yet was cause I wanted to do some FE girls with no tickle art before her. Gonna give her her own tickle drawing and animation~
>>7147 M!Robin is so darn cute, I’d love to have him helplessly tied and forced to endure tons of tickles and more~ Rinkah is definitely an overlooked cutie! Besides her exposing a ton of tickle spots, those very defined abs look so fun to tickle and tease along with her feet~
Maybe another thing to bring some discussion: Who are some of your favorite FE ticklees and what type of scenario would you love to see them in the most? I left it open for multiple lees since I don’t wanna restrict anyone to just one girl! This is definitely also not me trying to find ideas for future FE tickle pics haha, who would do such a thing?
>>7155 I'm no Fire Emblem fan but FE seems like it's absolutely perfectly set up for "prisoner of war captured and tickle tortured for information", right?
>>7154 >M!Robin is so darn cute, I’d love to have him helplessly tied and forced to endure tons of tickles and more~ i don't want to seem like I'm trying to take over the thread with my very specific interests but I'm so tempted to just ask you to go into details with the things you'd do to M!Robin's smooth bare feet.
>>7155 I've always loved scenarios with the characters of Fates. Hoshidan prisoners in Nohr's dungeon, Nohrian prisoners in Hoshido's dungeon, so much room for semi-malicious tickle interrogations, as >>7160 indicated. Camilla definitely has a tickle torture dungeon. 3H also provides some opportunity for that, whether it be Edelgard's faction tickling Kingdom or Church supporters or the other way round. Rhea seems like the type to have a separate, private room for personal "interrogations." On the flip side, scenes involving consensual tickling are really appealing too. That seems like the best option for the Shepherds, as they all pretty much unequivocally love each other.
>>7165 >Rhea seems like the type to have a separate, private room for personal "interrogations." I know very little about Three Houses but I have had so many thoughts about Rhea that I probably like my own version better than the real one.
>>7160 Oh it definitely is! I just like to have some diversity with scenarios. Plus, I like it better when those scenarios have more details than just that. For example, using the point in the story of Maribelle being kidnapped by Aversa for a cute tickle torture scenario~ >>7161 Well that depends on if I’m a friend having fun with him or an enemy who’s interrogating him, as I’d do different things to him~ >>7165 Oh same! The idea of Hoshidan and Nhriana tickling each other for information is just great. Especially love the idea of Camilla nabbing an innocent cutie like Sakura to dominate with tickles on her exposed pits and cute feet, or maybe a more mature woman like Kagero or Orochi and being more intimate with the tickling~ 3H provides a TON of tickle scenarios, be it Rhea being tickled during her time of being a captive of the Empire, Edelgard punishing former Black Eagles who joined the Professor’s class, or Rhea taking cuties into her own tickle dungeon~ Also love the idea of tickling being a form of punishment at the Monastery and Byleth being a tickle fetishist who takes advantage of that. Bernie missing one too many classes, Annie blowing up the kitchen, Lysithea being a jerk, Hilda slacking off too much, or Mercedes leaving her room in only her undergarments; these are all reasons for Byleth to take the girls to their room and making them squeal for hours~ And yeah, I imagine the Shepard’s having more playful tickles among each other, with a side of somewhat mean tickles. Like Lissa getting pinned down and having her back stroked until she’s crying in laughter after she pranked someone, but not much more.
>>7166 Rhea definitely strikes me as a person that injects her piety into her tickling. Like she seeks to "purify" her victims by torturing them, and in turn she has a trusted ally that tickles the hell out of her quite often as a means of regular penance.
>>7166 Same tbh, I love the idea of Rhea loving tickle torture and using it as her favorite form of punishment or torture, the former being used on Catherine and Cyril and the latter on Edelgard and other Black Eagles, and either for Byleth~
Do you think if you tickle tortured Petra for long enough, she'd eventually forget herself and start begging for mercy in her native language?
>>7169 >>7170 As a foot fetishist as well as a tickle fetishist, I've had a lot of thoughts about Rhea using her own big, mommy feet to brainwash addled young men into complete and total loyalty to the church in exchange for a few good pumps with her soles now and again... >>7168 >Well that depends on if I’m a friend having fun with him or an enemy who’s interrogating him, as I’d do different things to him~ Oh, spoil me, do both!
>>7171 Oh I bet she would, after having all those exposed spots and those beautiful feet of hers tickled for hours, I can see her, out of sheer desperation, pleads for mercy in her native language. Even when she’s ready to talk she’s not given mercy, as her captors can’t tell if she’s been broken yet~ >>7172 Oh that works quite well, she lures many men and women into worshipping the Goddess by allowing them to worship her feet. I can see why Cyril and Catherine worship her~ Wellll, for a friendlier one, I’d like to enjoy the soft, smooth soles with some more light and teasing tickles, Stroking my fingers or nails across his soles, around his heels, lightly digging into his arches, on and in-between his toes, and even on the tops of them. After a good while, I begin to use other methods, like feather tickling or giving his feet some light, teasing kisses, and even licking them. Also some fluffy floss in-between his soles~ As for a more cruel tickling? Well screw the wanting to slowly enjoy his soft feet, my fingers and nails are gonna fast all over his feet. After a good while of that, I’d tie his toes back, oil his feet up, blindfold him, and use tools like brushes of any kind to make him squeal and plead for mercy. Also, why just stop at his feet? Of course, I’m just one person, and I wanna keep him to myself, so I’ll just use magic to tickle his upperbody and thighs, making him feel a ticklish torture that he’ll never forget~
>>7171 Also I love that tickle pic a ton. Of course, I’d imagine Rhea giving each girl a more specific torture that would be more effective on them, but I love her just keeping them all together and tickling them as well~
>>7173 Unf. I can't help but wonder how Robin would react to having his soft, sensitive feet relentlessly, hungrily licked. As well as how he'd react to being blindfolded and feeling oil drip onto his soles, knowing from the moment he realizes what it is that he's doomed, doomed, doomed.
>>7184 To the licking I’d imagine her squeal and thrash around in his bondage. For the blindfold and oil, I can imagine him either trying to stay strong or pleading for mercy~
>>7185 I like how apparently even during the friendly, light tickling you are also including bondage. Being your friend means making some sacrifices.
>>7186 Indeed, I don’t want the lee to be squirming around too much as I go after every tickle spot on the body, so they gotta be tied up!~
>>7187 Bless based female lers such as yourself
>>7189 Thanks~ I just wanna give any cutie I like the good tickling they deserve. Sadly drawing takes a while so I can't get every FE cutie at once and there aren't too many FE RPers from what I've seen on DA.
>>7190 You have a DA where you post art and stuff?
>>7194 Glad to hear you liked it!~
(13.62 MB 3837x2880 ClipboardImage.png)

(15.34 MB 4032x3024 ClipboardImage.png)

Also I'll just share quick sketches I did of Cath and Peony.
>>7174 Definitely true. Edelgard's sentence would be much harsher than her compatriots'. And as an unabashed Azure Moon loyalist, I'd say she deserves it all. >>7187 Friends don't let friends kick them in the face! Bondage is necessary lol >>7190 Also, I've never used DA as a resource for finding people to RP with, but that's because I try to keep my presence on DA as quiet as possible for the most part. Though it does sound nice.
>>7223 Oh it would be, but I also meant that each one would have a tickle torture for them and them alone. Bernie would be subjected to being tied to a chair with her feet in stocks and her hands above her head in the middle of the town. With a bit of payment, you could tickle her anywhere you want. Obviously meant to exploit her trauma with her father and chairs along with her fear of being humiliated~ Dorothea would be forced to participate in a play about a tickle toy or something. She's forced to sing a ticklish song as she's tickled on her sensitive back, armpits, and feet, with some people in the audience getting the chance to go backstage after the play and tickle her, especially the rich folk~ Obviously meant to play with her past and her hatred for the rich. Petra would get something nature related maybe? And I think Edelgard would be Rhea's tickle toy. DA is decent for it, but some of the people who RP FE there prefer one-liners and all that. If you wish to, you can contact me there for an FE RP!~
Surprisingly I wasn't able to save it before /tkr/ shit the bed, do any of you have the Lucina captions that were posted to the old thread?
>>7226 Seems to me that you've given the cruelest fate to poor Bernie, who deserves it the least D: Not that I wouldn't absolutely pay through the nose to tickle her senseless regardless, but it's still mean. Or maybe I just think you're letting Dorothea off too easily. As for Petra, it's difficult to say. Maybe being tickled and humiliated in the public square is fitting for her too, as it emphasizes her foreignness and how much of an outsider she is.
>>7239 Sadly I do not have them since I wasn't here for a previous board. Good luck on your search! >>7243 Bernie is my favorite so I gotta make her suffer a ton, plus her post-timeskip design is sooooooooo cute and ticklable~ I am letting Dorothea off a bit too easy, though that's more cause her scenario and I just can't not love a play aimed to tickle torture a beauty like her~ That could work, but I do feel it's repetitive and the setting fits Bernie a lot more. Though all I can think of is her being lickled by animals so public tickling should be fine enough (just keep her and Bernie away from one-another as to make sure Bernie has no one's presence to comfort her~)
>>7245 Sometimes I want to protect Bernie and Petra and hug them and assure them it's all gonna be alright, and then other times I want to make them cackle and howl and beg for mercy. The duality of the tickle sadist, I guess. As for Dorothea, like with Edelgard, I have no qualms whatsoever about torturing her to kingdom come, as I'm not really a fan of hers tbh. Sometimes you want to tickle a girl because you really like her, other times you want to do it because you don't and she deserves to be punished.
>>7247 Oh I know exactly how you feel. Normally I’d wanna just protect them and hug them, but then there are times I wanna tickle them with no mercy whatsoever~ I enjoy Edie and Dorothea, but I do agree with the sentiment of wanting to tickle torture a girl you dislike. I’m quite guilty of it as well~
(3.65 MB 1995x1824 Lucina.png)

>>7250 That's always a grimly satisfying moment in scenarios like this, where the victim has a moment of clarity that it was never about interrogation or any external goal; the goal was always just to inflict unbearable ticklish torture for its own sake.
(3.51 MB 2996x2088 78420156_p1.png)

(3.67 MB 2996x2088 78420156_p0.png)

>>7250 Yeah, that was the last one, thanks. There was an older one that used one of these, I'm still looking for it.
>>7254 Ask and ye shall recieve, LucinAnon
>>7272 Yep, that's the one. Thanks for having my back.
(131.97 KB 1200x630 0rrgas9zyE8LPnAwP7jwSR8O.jpeg)

Anyone have this?
(2.05 MB 1424x1512 kuva_2021-11-20_203910.png)

>>7155 >Who are some of your favorite FE ticklees and what type of scenario would you love to see them in the most? The idea of Lissa being a high ranking hostage who is also being tortured for information has been living in my head rent free ever since it was announced as a possibility. It does conjure lots of wonderful imagery in my rotten brain. Lissa locked in stocks in a bandit camp as her feet are licked by goats, her face wet with tears and several empty buckets on the ground to imply that she gone through lots of coatings. Lissa stretched on a torture rack in a dungeon, deprived of most of her clothes as she is getting her soles, smooth armpits and skinny sides ticklishly destroyed. Maybe a longer story where the bandits who kidnapped her eventually sell her to Chrom's enemies - whoever they might be at the time - and give their interrogators a hint about their ticklish weakness which has already been exploited to drive her to edges of her sanity. ​No hope and rescue at sight. I bet she would divulge all kinds of information as soon as she realizes the torture isn't going to stop, but why would her tormentors want to stop making the adorable princess suffer even after she has given them what they want? Perhaps she has more information to give up, vital details which lead the Shepherds to their demise and doom Lissa to spend rest of her miserable life as a tickle slave, a constantly tortured and humiliated war trophy from a conquered realm... I probably have to commission something related one day.
>>7328 Oh this is an absolutely excellent scenario for one of my favorite girls! Lissa being lickled on her feet by goats for hours, being tied and tickled all over by tickle-hungry bandits, and then being sold to the enemies of the Shepherds who, after learning of her massive weakness to tickling, tickle her day after day, extracting every bit of information that could be obtained from her before just tickling her for fun. It's a beautiful scenario, and perfect for a princess who wants to prove herself and gets caught scouting. Lissa truly would be a high-ranking hostage~ Absolutely excellent choice and scenario!~
>>7328 I second all of this wholeheartedly.
>>7339 >>7331 >>7328 Lee-ssa gang rise up
>>7331 God, I love goats-licking-soles torture so much, it gets me going so bad.
>>7155 Another character that badly needs to get it is Sophie. All of the clumsy characters from these games, e.g. Sumia and Felicia, are adorable, but Sophie has gotten the least attention I think. Whether it be capture by the enemy or even discipline for her antics among her allies, you just know that girl and her big, clumsy feet are in need of some fun.
>>7345 It's so good and fits perfectly in Fire Emblem, it's just too perfect~ >>7346 Sophie is underrated as heck, definitely in need of a good tickling after she's been caught. Plus her Paralogue sets it up perfectly for her to be nabbed by some bandits for a good tickling~ Although I think a collection of the clumsy FE girls (Sophie, Sumia, Felicia, Annette, etc) getting tickled would be quite the treat to see~
>>7345 These ones didn't seem to be posted yet.
>>7348 Goat lickles are great, wish there was more FE animal lickles!~
Another thought I had: it blows my mind that no one has drawn Peri tickling the hell out of Felicia and/or Flora. Known psychopath with a major hate-boner for maids and servants with no qualms whatsoever about using torture, BUT she's been informed that killing or harming these two particular maids is strictly off-limits by Corrin. So the compromise is a torture that doesn't actually harm the poor girls.
>>7371 ...I'll be adding that scenario to my collection of ideas for pics in the future-
>>7371 Probably because they are just "discount Rem and Ram" so this two don't get much attention and Peri is kind of "too weird" for the mainstream audience
>>7373 Didn't the Re:Zero anime drop like a year after Fates?
>>7373 Well Rem and Ram are just discount Rom and Ram
>>7373 I mean they're completely different personality wise and came before those two's anime, but popular anime will obviously have more content. Mainstream media is weak to not like Peri as Ler-i.
>>7376 I'm pretty sure they came before, Re:Zero is from 2012, Fates is from 2015 but really I'm not trying to say they are better or worse, I don't even like Rem and Ram XD I'm just saying that they are way too similar and they are more flashed out than Felicia and Flora, Felicia at least has somewhat of a likeable personality but Flora is barely even in the game
>>7381 How tf can you not like rem
Morgan and Kana deserve to be tickle tortured
>>7381 Oh yeah I know the light novel came before FE Fates, I said that the anime came out after. I mean of course they're more fleshed out, they have WAY more time to develop than either Felicia or Flora, considering they were given the burden of being in Fire Emblem Fates (something that ESPECIALLY hit Flora considering she has 2-3 Supports despite being in the box art of the games.)
>>7395 I agree, they're adorable! Plus, you can make a case for either being canonically ticklish in a way, as you can say Female Kana is as ticklish as Male Kana and that Morgan inherited Robin's ticklishness or something lol.
>>7400 Is Male Kana confirmed ticklish somewhere?
>>7402 "For reasons no one could explain, Midori went on to become a trained torturer in the barracks." Seriously, when I realized the joke was "oh she's trying to do pressure point stuff but she keeps tickling him", I thought "oh wouldn't it be cute if she said okay fuck it if all I can do is tickle you then I'm gonna get your feet", but then they literally, in canon, said "I'm going for your feet now" and the boy just lost it. Delightful! Also like, she was really insistent on trying over and over again even though each attempt only tickled. It seemed less like she was frustrated that her pressure points weren't working and more like she was investigating tickle spots. I really feel like at the end she was just like "alright, screw it, if I can't make this work I'm at least tickling your feet and making you beg for mercy".
>>7403 I bet her experience with Kana awoke something in her, and she now just wanted to find more ways to tickle the cute boy. Her going for the feet was just too perfect, right? In this video, I'll explain why Midori is now a tickle fetishist and now finds opportunities to tickle the cuties that fight alongside her-
>>7404 Weird how they just found Kana tied up and exhausted, mentally drained from having his feet tickled for hours on end, with Midori nowhere to be found but all Kana can do is repeat her name over and over again while giggling at nothing...
(756.45 KB 1684x1920 Robin~.png)

(974.33 KB 1000x1108 Fjorm~.png)

(1.21 MB 1684x1920 Felicia~.png)

(1.10 MB 1684x1920 Flayn~.png)

(2.49 MB 1684x1920 Lilith~.png)

One thing I enjoy doing is making 'tickle edits' of FEH damaged art. It's dumb but I enjoy doing it lol.
>>7406 Hey now, those look cute and the damage portraits are really good for it. Oh, I just looked up Kana, he's Corrin's kid and has the same weird little "sort of barefoot but not quite" thing they've got going on? Yeah sorry this poor kid deserves everything he gets.
>>7405 I wonder who the culprit of his tickling could be? Guess the world will never know!~ Who do you think Midori would go for next?~
>>7408 Certainly couldn't be Cofu the Tickle Mage that was recently recruited... I'm not a huge Fire Emblem fan, I just like the designs and find the conversation here fun, so my knowledge of where to go from there is limited at best. I just know Fire Emblem has some pretty lady knights and cute guys and I'm all for that.
(573.35 KB 1000x1140 Hapi~.png)

(1.13 MB 1684x1920 Florina~.png)

(1.73 MB 1000x1140 Halloween Female Grima~.png)

(1.61 MB 1684x1920 Legendary Corrin~.png)

(3.25 MB 1684x1920 Freyja~.png)

>>7407 Thanks a bunch!~ Gonna throw a few more here! Oh yeah, Kana is barefoot 24/7 just like their parent, and deserve the same amount of tickle torture~
>>7411 I'm surprised I haven't seen any mother/son or father/daughter side by side tickling for Corrin and Kana.
>>7410 Haha I definitely didn't help Midori in her tickling, that would be so cruel of me! Ah I see, well I'm glad you enjoy the pretty ladies of FE and their ticklish torment~ As for who's next, well luck found it's way to Midori as she ended up being summoned into Askr, in the world of FEH. (For reference of why this is good, nearly EVERY FE character is present in FEH, meaning she has an unlimited choice of for who she can target-)
>>7412 It is quite confusing how there isn't anything for Corrin and Kana being tickled together. You could even break the rules and have it be a father/son or a mother/daughter duo tickle.
>>7414 I think it could be cute to see Midori tickle a dad character, so maybe someone like Chrom if we're extending it to the greater FE setting. I just picture Chrom tied up and helpless while Midori just cracks her fingers with a smug look on her face. >>7416 Yeah, that could work too. I feel like the mixed gender is part of the appeal, if that makes any sense. Honestly I'd be way into a father/son duo but if I had to choose based on canon, I would probably prefer the shota over the loli so I'd have to turn down my burning need to see dads tickled.
>>7417 Going straight for a royal cutie I see, how bold of her! Good thing she was Summoned into my Askr, where I allow her to do as she pleases. I hope she gets that armpit of his that he always exposes as well!~ Oh no I agree that the mixed gender makes it better, just wanted to say that anyone could draw either of them as any gender (like the Female Robin and Female Morgan tickle pics.) I'd just flip a coin since I find both versions of both of the cuties too cute~
>>7368 Well, here's reindeers.
>>7418 Yeah, Chrom's armpits are exceedingly tempting. He's definitely asking for it, which makes it morally just to tickle him until he's crying. I always like to imagine gacha games being "under the control" of the person playing them, and the protagonist is free to use the characters any way they choose, so in my head all of the characters in your Askr know that at any point you could descend upon them and scoop them up for long, extended tickle torture sessions, like some sort of horrible tickle-reaper.
>>7416 Best I could find is them showing off their soles together
>>7422 Oh somehow I never realized that was Kana. This is very cute!
>>7421 If that's the case, my Summoner has been absolutely tormenting my waifu collection for years now. Based
>>7424 Oh yeah, I definitely imagine that for me too, but I'm also more often a lee so I usually imagine myself being the one getting gang-tickled into submission by my waifus and husbandos.
(1.36 MB 850x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7420 Oh this is cute as heck! Here is a cat lickle in return~ https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/93318884 >>7421 Exactly, it's allowed, even encouraged, to tickle Chrom's armpit, so I'd pat Midori on the back for doing so~ Well they aren't "under the control" in FEH, they just can't do stuff like harm the Summoner (the MC you play as.) However, you can very much trick them into getting tickled very easily, as you come from a completely different than they do (basically our world) and you can say there is a 'ritual' that is needed for them to become Heroes...I think you can see where this is going- >>7422 That's adorable...now they need to be tickled together for several hours-
>>7425 Just like the tricking them into being tickled, you can very much trick them into tickling you! I'm a switch myself, so I enjoy dishing and taking the tickles from the cuties that roam Askr~
(842.42 KB 1684x1920 Marianne~.png)

(1.04 MB 1684x1920 Picnic Felicia~.png)

(1.30 MB 1684x1920 Nowi~ 1.png)

(1.48 MB 1684x1920 Malice~.png)

(1.30 MB 1684x1920 Nowi~ 2.png)

Here are a few more I did of the FEH tickle edits.
>>7428 >>7406 >>7411 Now do the edits where their footwear is gone
(731.88 KB 1684x1920 Elise (both eyes closed)~.png)

(731.88 KB 1684x1920 Elise (one eye open)~.png)

>>7429 Oh that's hard to do for most girls, but I'm learning~
>>7431 Ack, forgot to post the originals for reference.
>>7431 >>7432 Hey, those aren't bad at all. I know editing them to be barefoot would be a huge hassle, so even just editing away the sandals is a pretty cool move. I also don't know why it amuses be that you even use tildes~ in your filenames, but it does.
>>7431 Oh damn, I was kidding, but that's impressive!
>>7433 Thanks! And using these feet, I can edit them onto other girls with the same artist as Summer Elise~ I just do that for nearly all my files can include tickling lol. >>7434 Thanks a bunch! Just had these already, hehe~
(1.15 MB 1684x1920 Delthea~.png)

(594.14 KB 1684x1920 Delthea~ (Torn).png)

I'm even playing with the clothes for the fun of it, seeing if I can add more tears and stuff.
>>7437 A single rip in your shirt that exposes a ticklish side is like blood in the water.
>>7439 Exactly, it's another reason I love the damaged art of FEH. It provides more tickle spots to be opened up, and easier ones at that, hehe~
(1.85 MB 1684x1920 Altena~.png)

(914.48 KB 1684x1920 Young Azura~.png)

(921.14 KB 1684x1920 Young Azura~ (One Eye Closed).png)

(1.24 MB 1684x1920 Flora~.png)

(1.29 MB 1684x1920 Annette~.png)

A few more~
(2.28 MB 1684x1920 Champion Fjorm~.png)

(1.73 MB 720x1280 aaaaaaaaa.png)

Here's the last one along with a lil dumb thing I did with it, hehe~
>>7442 Oh, adding the dialogue box to write in some ticklish dialogue is actually a great idea. How hard are those to make?
>>7444 The tickle edits take a while, but they aren't too hard. The dialogue part is easy, just download this, download the Font File that comes with it, and the rest will be easy! https://github.com/ngarces/FE-Heroes-Text-Simulator/releases
>>7441 Not even Smol Azura is safe from your wrath D:
>>7446 You think I'd have mercy for her? Of course her tickles aren't nearly as bad as what I'd give Fjorm or Robin, but exposed pits and feet don't go unpunished~
>>7445 Also if you do anything with this, do feel free to share them here! I'd love to see what y'all do with it~
(1.87 MB 720x1280 Grima Robin Edit.png)

>>7449 How's this for a first attempt?
>>7450 Spectacular. Very cute!
>>7450 Excellent stuff, that's absolutely adorable! Just try to keep the text in the box is the only criticism I'd say, but besides that, it's perfect!~
If anyone has requests for tickle edit, drop them below. When I have time I'll do the ones I like. And don't worry, I'm not picky~
(267.29 KB 1684x1920 Camilla inj 2.png)

(519.42 KB 1684x1920 camilla inj.png)

>>7453 Well, I was looking for some dudes to request, but then I stumbled across these two where Camilla is actually barefoot, so while Camilla's a little overexposed I'd feel remiss to not point these two out.
>>7454 I could definitely give Camilla what she deserves, hehe~
(592.66 KB 1684x1920 inj byleth rhea.png)

(588.25 KB 1684x1920 inj sothis.png)

>>7453 I am a sucker for Sothis' design, so maybe you can do something with this smug barefoot character, couldn't imagine what but I'm sure you could get some ideas~ Oh, and Summer Byleth has Rhea alongside her? Well, that's a two for one deal right there, that sounds good to me. Probably the best one we have for Rhea...
>>7456 Oh yeah I can definitely do something with Sothis and the Duo cuties. Reminder that all I do is alter their expression to make them laugh and blush, meaning that really any damaged art can be changed into a tickle version. Also Sothis deserves tickle torture so badly for being so smug and exposing her armpits, tummy, back, thighs, and feet while having the perfect ears for tickling~
>>7457 Yeah, that's a good point. I've been trying to find ones that kind of have some degree of exposure so you can imagine magical feathers getting into their tickle spots, but I guess in the end it could be literally anyone. Honestly she does, and she definitely has this attitude of "go on, come and get me!", but I kind of spend more time thinking about how much I want her to tickle and dom me like the smug little shit she is...
>>7458 Anyone works, plus you could make a case that magic feathers wielded by a strong enough mage could bypass clothing~ Don't feel limited to who you want to see tickled, just post whoever you wish to see!~ Same, I'd wanna tickle the heck outta her, but her tickling me? I'd want that as well~
(635.16 KB 1684x1920 inj brv hector.png)

(256.75 KB 1053x1200 inj soren.png)

(603.21 KB 1684x1920 inj fallmorganm.png)

>>7460 Okay, I've got some male requests for you if you ever get the time. I forgot all about my crush on Soren, the cutest dark mage in the world, and he's already wearing sandals, so he kinda deserves it. Speaking of male dark mages wearing sandals, apparently Fallen Morgan (Male) gets sandals specifically, while Fallen Morgan (Female) keeps her usual boots. THAT also needs to be taken advantage of. What I really wanted to find, though, was a cool armored buff dude that I could imagine getting a tickle edit, because my taste in dudes actually trends towards the bigger, bara ones. This one stuck out to me, with the way it seems like his armor is being blown off of him and the way he's resisting, i think this could easily be like a two-part tickle spell, one that whisks away his armor and the second that tickles him. That could be fun, I think.
>>7468 Ah Soren is an excellent choice! And yeah, him wearing those sandals all the time makes him deserve the tickling so much. Wished this cute tactician and Ike's little sister got captured and tickled together so that Ike would have to save them both- Fallen Male Morgan definitely deserves it for showing them cute peds off with those sandals! I'll definitely do one with him~ Oh Brave Hector is a good choice as well. I'm personally not usually into more large and muscular men, but Hector is one of my exceptions~ Oh that sounds like a cute idea, I'll definitely see what I can do with him!~
Forgot to post this, but here's a list of all the characters currently in FEH. Anyone can go through and find the ones they want to request!~ https://gamepress.gg/feheroes/heroes
>>7470 Might you be the hero that finally separates Summer Robin from her shoes?
>>7469 Glad you like my choices. Absolutely no rush, just slot these in your "to do" list wherever seems natural. Glad you like Hector, too!
(2.17 MB 1600x1920 ClipboardImage.png)

>>7471 Here's the great thing, the artist who did Summer Robin also drew Phina, meaning I could utilize her feet to put over Summer Robin's!~ >>7472 Oh don't worry, I ain't gonna rush to do any of these, since I like taking my time. These will be coming out slowly since I do focus on other things as well.
>>7470 Bikini Byleth and Rhea please.
>>7473 Wow, those feet are really nice too. She's cute! We might have a breakthrough here on Summer Robin...
>>7474 I'm already gonna do them. Also keep in mind that you gotta post their damaged art for me to put em on the list! >>7475 I know right? Phina is super cute herself, hehe~ Oh we might have a big breakthrough here!~
>>7454 Found some time and did these two quickly!~
Did Summer Lyn quickly as well~
>>7525 Oh, these are incredibly cute. Thank you so much!
>>7532 No problem! If you have anymore, do feel free to leave them here!~
I'm aware that Corrin is basically fetish bait but by God that is some bait I'll bite every time.
Also, tfw Robin and Corrin will never lock you up and lickle and tickle you for their amusement.
(1.05 MB 1000x1140 Eitri~.png)

>>7672 Corrin was designed to be tickle tortured, so we should oblige and give her what she deserves, hehe~ >>7673 God I wish that was me- Also currently working on some of the FEH edits after some of my files said 'fuck you' and destroyed some of the edits I was making. Anyways, here's a quick tickle edit of Eitri since she's cute and was easy to edit~
(2.37 MB 2304x3072 498958-1.output.png)

(2.41 MB 2304x3072 498958-3.output.png)

Commissioned a thing. Byleth deserves it for teasing us with an outfit like that. The Dorothea B support edged all of us, so enjoy.
>>8270 Absolutely excellent commission! That B-Support was such a tease, glad to see Dorothea decide to test if her teacher really was ticklish~
(930.57 KB 1131x707 ClipboardImage.png)

Gonna just share one of my favorites since no one else has~
What is it about the Golden Deer girls that makes them such appealing targets?
(865.34 KB 930x1311 94914821_p1.png)

(859.89 KB 930x1311 94914821_p0.png)

(3.56 MB 2481x1754 file.png)

Sumia a cutie
>>9910 Sumia is definitely a cutie~ Clumsy gals are great lees since those clumsy feet need a good punishment~
(3.87 MB 4443x2400 95034538_p0.png)

(1.95 MB 3000x3875 IMG_2455.jpg)

Forgot to share this here!
Robin is a cutie that should definitely be tickled senseless on a regular basis. Also 11000 get
>>11001 Damn. That hurts.
(660.59 KB 2048x2732 Edelgard.jpeg)

(1.15 MB 2048x2732 Dorothea.jpeg)

Vibrating Chastity belt Edelgard & Tickle Pinball Dorothea.
(739.71 KB 1125x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

>>11106 Poor Bernadette. She's such an easy and tempting target. She must be getting used to it at this point.
>>11110 She's a prime tickle target, she's definitely gotten used to being tickled, whether she likes it or not-
>>11111 Good digits
>>11112 Thanks xD
>>11111 >>11110 >>11106 Bernie was made to be tickle punished for her shyness. Long days trapped tied to that chair at her father's house, with lots of bored servants. Her adorable neet feet are just too tempting to pass up.
>>11125 The reason she was tied to the chair was so that the servants of the house may tickle her until she became fully submissive. Unfortunately for poor Bernie, her parents and siblings tended to leave her alone with the servants who want to take any pent up anger from serving Count Varely on something, and poor Bernie was his adorable, helpless daughter that they were allowed to torment for the entire day~
(4.62 MB 1296x2032 96321714_p0.png)

(5.60 MB 2508x3541 96307935_p0.png)

(7.40 MB 3467x4336 95828292_p1.jpg)

Corrin is going to stop walking around barefoot if we keep tickling her this much (unless this is what she wants).
>>14803 A girl who insists on going barefoot her entire life with feet that soft has to be into it. She's doing everything shy of wearing a sign that says "tickle me now" to make sure it happens.
>>14829 Honestly, "Tickle Slut Corrin" is a pretty hot interpretation.
The sweet taste of Revenge
(941.71 KB 1280x1091 ClipboardImage.png)

(781.59 KB 1280x939 ClipboardImage.png)

(7.42 MB 2800x4500 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.78 MB 1024x1449 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.70 MB 8000x8000 h2.png)

>>14861 >Pics 1 and 2 Who are these gals?
>>15005 First pic is Sigrun from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn and the second is Dagr and Nott from Heroes
>>15009 thanks
>>15009 Well if she's not from Heroes what game is she from
(224.57 KB 600x315 ClipboardImage.png)

>>14803 Corrin is a tickle slut, she loves to be put in ticklish situations. Lucina is more ticklish, but hates it.
(2.19 MB 3650x2404 96614373_p0.png)

(2.28 MB 4448x2292 96614264_p0.png)

inb4 tummyfag seething
>>15612 no one is seething over crappy art bud
>>15117 Oh Corrin definitely loves being tickled and tickling in return. I think all Lilith, Felicia, and Flora have had moments of tickling her and being tickled in-return growing up~ Lucina canonically hates it enough to threaten Inigo- >>15612 Why would anyone get mad? It leaves room for you to join~
(169.07 KB 978x1200 FL7S26WUcAQ7Of3.jpg)

>>15685 Honestly with how Kagero always gets captured, she deserves it~
>>15679 Based Inigo confirmed for ticklechad
>>15689 Dorothea too
>>15690 She's pretty good, but she only threatens to do it. Inigo just goes for it. A man of action
>>15692 To be fair to Dorothea, the only reason that's true is because Byleth isn't ticklish. She's definitely pulled it on her classmates before.
>>15689 Inigo is one of us. Now I need him to pin down and tickle female Morgan- >>15693 Less so that Byleth isn’t ticklish and more so that Byleth doesn’t react to teases. But yeah, Dorothea has definitely tickled her classmates a ton. Edelgard would be fun to see squitm as she tries to hold it in, Petra’s broken English being even more broken as she giggled and squeals, and Bernie just crying of laughter as Dorothea gently stroke her nails across her feet for hours~
>>15701 I’m now picturing Bernie screaming into her pillow while tears roll down her cheeks as Dorothea scratches at those soft, plush peds of hers.
>>15701 I like to think every house has a dedicated tickler. For the Black Eagles, it's of course Dorothea, and for the Blue Lions I could see it being either Mercedes or Annette. For the Deer though, it's gotta be Hilda.
>>15739 Dorothea learned how to pick locks and now terrorizes poor Bernie whenever she pleases. Poor Bern just can't handle the long, cruel nails or horrible hairbrush that Dorothea loves tickling her feet with~ >>15740 Dorothea is definitely the BE's dedicated tickled. For the BL, I think Mercie fits the roll better, especially with just how effective her soft voice would be at teasing as she gently strokes her nails or a feather across her victim's (usually Annie) soles~ Oh yeah, Hilda is definitely the GD's dedicated tickler. Marianne is her primary target, but making Lysithea and Leonie, both of who find tickling childish and annoying, squeal is always a treat to her ears~
>>15746 Outside of the houses, I'm sure Catherine has subjected Shamir to some pretty thorough tickles. She seems like the type.
>>15747 Oh Catherine definitely likes tickling Shamir a ton! Shamir's a tough cookie to even make smile, but Catherine knows all her worst spots and the techniques that makes her crumble~
>>15748 And as for the Wolves, there's no way in hell that Yuri doesn't get up to that kind of stuff. He loves to tease others, and is definitely the adventurous type. He's definitely made Constance and Hapi's laughter echo through the Abyss walls on many occasions.
>>15750 Oh yeah, Yuri absolutely LOVES dishing out a healthy serving of tickles! He treats Constance as the noble she is and licks her feet, though it seems that it has the side-effect of making her cry in laughter~ (This one was obviously inspired by their supports-) He also likes making his other female comrade a 'Hapi' lass by teasingly stroking his fingers across that ticklish tummy of hers, enjoying the sight of her struggling to keep it in. It makes it all the more fun when she bursts out in laughter as he blows a big ol raspberry to catch her off-guard~ He also likes joining Dorothea on occasion when she breaks into Bernie's room. It's just too fun to hear his childhood friend giggle and squeal as he strokes her sides and pits while Dorothea does wonders with her feet. The two are an absolutely evil duo and love bullying poor Bernie Bear with tickles~
>>15752 The moment I read that support I fucking knew, it was meant to be. I can also imagine him using a feather from her own pegasus on her feet, and we know she has an adorable laugh so it's even better. As for Hapi, yeah, you already know. It's a safe bet that the reason her timeskip outfit covers her tummy is because she had enough of Yuri's shenanigans. Imagine all the torment her poor little belly button was subject to.
>>15753 Oh yes, it was meant to be! One foot given the treatment of the lickles, and the other the Pegasus feather. Her laughter being adorable just gives him more reason to tickle her~ Yup, Hapi learned from Yuri's constant ticklish harassment that exposing her beautiful tummy will just lead to her getting tickled a ton. Oh I bet it was subject to quite the good amount of tickling when Yuri found out it was a major weakspot of hers~
(5.54 MB 2304x3072 617630-2.output.png)

TMS counts! Here's a Kiria piece I commissioned. She's hot af and her midriff is perfect. She deserves more art. Even just in general.
>>16257 Damn, I was just about to post that too. Good stuff.
>>16257 You commissioned that? Great choice. Her and Tsubasa's Carnage Forms would also make for great tickling.
>>16297 Absolutely! Whenever I feel like paying up for more commissions, I definitely wanna get Tsubasa too, as well as her and Kiria in some of their many outfits.
(2.00 MB 1600x900 Tsubasa.png)

Did somebody say Tsubasa
>>16257 Oh you commissioned that? Good stuff!~ >>16300 That’d be too good! You have excellent taste, my friend! >>16303 Heck yeah we said Tsubasa tickles-
Been a while since we've been treated to a good one of Best Girl Robin
>>17046 Erimoto did the best girl justice~ >>17401 The ninja star tickling Corrin's feet is just so creative and cute~
>>17046 >>17406 And in case you didn't see, a saint in the coloring thread did this fine work.
>>17497 Lissa tickling is underrated and we need much more of it
>>17499 I agree, we need so many more Lee-ssa tickles. She’s so cute, is a prankster meaning that her getting tickled is only natural, has snuck into enemy territory to scout by herself, making her an easy princess to nab and turn into a DiD, and is the only FE character that is a cute little sister, a MILF, a GILF, and potentially a great GILF with all of her family present (and being cute.)
>>17499 >>17528 Lissa deserves to be tickled without mercy, for the crime of being the best FE waifu.
(2.97 MB 1938x2082 ClipboardImage.png)

(756.46 KB 1000x1200 ClipboardImage.png)

(622.15 KB 1000x1140 ClipboardImage.png)

>>17536 So true! I want her pinned down and tickled on that exposed back before she's grabbed and taken someplace else for a better tickling. Or on Valentines and Christmas, tickled onto her pits for a festivity or something. I just wanna see her ticklishly suffer- Btw, which version of Lissa is y'alls favorite from FEH?
>>17543 I've always loved her Christmas design with the exposed pits and super cute floofy boots. Wasn't a fan of hers until that alt came out and then I was shown the truth lol.
(903.24 KB 1684x1920 Winter Lissa~.png)

>>17544 Yeah, her base art isn't too good imo. However, that Christmas alt is just sooooooo friggin cute! Even made a tickle edit of her Christmas alt~
>>17545 Ahhh so cute I just want her to lift her arms up haha or mysteriously lose a boot or something lol. Love or hate heroes ya gotta admit the art/designs for the game are top notch.
>>17549 Thanks a bunch! And same, I wanna see those pits or have her foot be bared of the boot protecting it! And I agree, the designs they make are amazing!~
>>17549 >>17554 Winter/Christmas Lissa also deserves plenty of tickles.
(1.87 MB 1600x1920 Robin F Summer Full.png)

>>17554 If I were to pick a design that I liked the most or the one that surprised me the most it would probably have to be the female Robin summer design. That design alone shot Robin up the fire emblem waifu list like a rocket into space lol.
>>17563 My favorite has got to be ninja Corrin's outfit. Exposed armpits, inner thighs, and stirrups on her feet. It was designed to draw you're attention to her tickle spots.
>>17565 Yeah Robin uncloaked with her whole upperbody exposed waiting for anyone ambitious enough to give it a couple of teasing tickles. Once you find out she's ticklish the jig is up belly, pits, ribs, thighs every spot would be thoroughly explored. I'd of course save her feet for last because there is clearly only one reason why they are the only spot hidden away in those boots. Needless to say those cute feet would lose their protection and I'd bet they'd be her worst orrrrr favorite spot haha.
>>17556 I agree! Gotta make her enjoy the holly, jolly festives one way or another, right?~ >>17563 Oh this is definitely my all-time favorite alt! The design and art are just sooooo friggin cute and perfect! F!Robin was always my number one after playing Awakening, but this cemented it- >>17565 Oh this one is an amazing one! They did amazing with the outfit, and gosh those pits, thighs, and especially those stirrups, all of it is perfect! Also Elise is there and that makes it better imo. >>17567 Robin always hides her busty body in that cloak, but she's made the mistake of exposing it all. Her smooth pits, soft tummy, succulent thighs, and sensitive ribs would satisfy anyone's ticklish urges. But you're 100% correct on leaving her feet for last, as she always has boots on and makes sure her feet are never exposed, implying that they are beyond ticklish! I think the most fun part is slowly taking her boots off and seeing the fear fill her eyes as those cute feet are bared of their protection and ready for a good tickling~
>>17569 Haha I can just imagine her face after I tickle her upperbody and maybe give her a short break to catch her breath only to bring my hands down towards her boots and slowly pull them off. The guise of a brilliant and friendly tactician torn apart by my fingers wandering down to her soft pale unprotected soles turning her into laughing mess. I'd of course tease her about it too "oh so thats why these feet were protected, well they are all mine now!" She's a smart cookie too so I bet she takes good care of those feet which just makes them an even better target.
>>17569 This sort of reminiscing made me want to create something new so I tried writing a story because I sure as hell cant draw anything. https://www.deviantart.com/doljakkusu/art/A-Little-Bit-of-Summer-Fun-F-911018769 This is my first time ever writing something like this even though I've wanted to for a long time. Feel free to let me know what you all think!
>>17625 Breddy gud stuff! Short, sweet, and to the point. Definitely good for a first shot!
>>17570 Oh that sounds great! Poor girl would be thankful that it's finally over, only to open her teary eyes and see you grabbing her boots and slowly pulling them off. That tease is so mean, exploiting her biggest weakness and making her a mess!~ >>17619 Lucina's new outfit is soooooo pretty! Also, it exposes her pits, sides, thighs, and feet, so that's another big win! The canonically ticklish gal gets what she deserves~ >>17620 This outfit is also absolutely beautiful, and does well to expose those beautiful pits and feet while also complimenting F!Robin's beauty! Another canonically ticklish girl gets it~ >>17625 Oh this story is super amazing! For a first time, this is pretty good!~
If anyone wants to talk to me on Discord, it's CoFu#4382. Y'all are fun to talk to!
(1.58 MB 1280x1280 3x3_Template.jpeg)

Since I made this 3x3 entirely with FE girls, I figure it belongs here as well. A celebration of some of the franchise's best victims. Loves it/Takes it: Corrin. Is it any surprise? A girl that insists on going barefoot her whole life with feet that cute is pretty much just asking for it. She knows what she likes. Loves it/Tries to keep dignity: Lucina. Confirmed ticklish in her support with Inigo. She threatens him when he tickles her, but it's in a sort of cutesy, impossible-to-take-seriously way. She was just flustered about getting so familiar with the Shepherds' certified tickle fetishist. But I think she loves it. Loves it/Fights it: Elise. Little explanation needed. She is confirmed to love getting in tickle fights with her siblings. She loves to be tickled and will fight back. Loves and hates it/Takes it: Robin. The girl always in control, always in charge, ever pragmatic and tactical. Someone like her gets a thrill like none other from having that control taken away from her, and having her weakness exploited. And as has been discussed before on this board, that girl habitually hides those feet of hers. Getting tied down and having her weak, sensitive soles tortured at the whim of someone else is a dream for her, guaranteed. But it can't be denied that it's also torture for her. That just makes it better for both parties, of course. Loves and hates it/Tries to keep dignity: Severa. Classic tsundere. She won't admit she's having fun, not only because that would involve admitting to having such a shameful and childish fetish, but it also really is just torture. It ain't easy being so tsun. Loves and hates it/Fights it: Lissa. Perhaps not as prolific a tickle fighter as Elise, but is there any doubt that she's seen her share of tickle scrapping? She doesn't have Elise's stamina though, and where Elise is enough of a lee that she doesn't mind losing, Lissa really will try to win at all costs. She just often loses anyway. Hates it/Takes it: Bernadetta. Poor Bernie learned a long time ago that fighting just makes the punishment longer. Just take it, laugh and beg if you must, but don't try to get away, and don't even think of lowering those feet. Poor girl. Hates it/Tries to keep dignity: Flora (and to a lesser extend, Felicia). Both sisters are surely ticklish and can't stand to be tickled, but when working for a family that includes siblings like Corrin, Camilla, and Elise, the chance that either maid could avoid tickling was very near zero. They've learned to just take their knocks (and their turns in the stocks). Hates it/Fights it: Ingrid. She hates how ticklish she is. It's beneath her dignity as a knight, and if you tickle her she will try to destroy you. If you plan to tickle her, you'd better be willing to go all in, because once you start, your only chance is to tickle her into submission and wear her out until she's too weak to fight back.
>>17642 I like that you tried to keep the "loves it" row to characters who are either canon ticklish and don't seem to reject it, or characters who are just blatant sluts. I appreciate the forethought. >Loves and hates it/Takes it: Robin. I definitely think my idea is that Robin loves getting tickled and having power taken away from her in a controlled manner, but her feet are just TOO ticklish. That's her weak spot and that's when it becomes torture for her - she can't measure out how much control she's losing and just starts losing it faster than she'd like, so going after her feet is almost an immediate safeword. >Hates it/Takes it: Bernadetta I have never seen a more fitting square on this board and lord help me I'm about to sin. >Hates it/Fights it: Ingrid. Also hot but I don't feel nearly so bad about this one.
>>17645 Robin most definitely invited her upperbody to be tickled but then goes crazy when her feet are targeted she. She always keeps them safe, so there's no doubt that she's terrified of being tickled on them. Hopefully she doesn't get a ler who doesn't care about the safeword~ If sinning means tickle torturing Bernie, then sin. She deserves it so bad~ Ingrid deserves it bad fr-
>>17646 >If sinning means tickle torturing Bernie, then sin. She deserves it so bad~ Taking advantage of someone who hates it but accepts it sure does feel like a sin, yeah.
>>17647 Well if that's the case, then sin. Make her feel the wrath of tickling!
>>17648 Make her feel the wrath of tickles to satisfy my gluttony haha. I also love the idea of Ingrid desperately trying to resist a Pegasus feather along her soles.
>>17642 On a similar note. Lissa versus Elise, tickle fight, loser is tied down and endures the mother of all punishment games: who wins?
(340.21 KB 919x821 20220326_111344.png)

>>17642 I feel that Shamir would definitely fit in the Hates it/Fights it category. Her canon fear of spiders and centipedes leads me to believe that her sensitivity to any tickling sensation is extremely heightened by it. One quick, surprise spider tickle to her sides or pits would probably immediately make her jump, turn around, and punch you out of instinct. She needs more art...
>>17649 Do it!~ Also, big agree, watching Ingrid try and resist a singe feather stroking her feet and failing horribly would be adorable~ >>17668 Depends on context. Usually, due to her massive weakness being exposed, Elise wind over Lissa by pinning her down and tickling her back until she submits. If they’re in they armorbreaks, then it’s even and depends more on who initiates it. But overall, Elise tends to win more imo!~ >>17669 Oh that’s something I was thinking about just earlier! Her fear of bugs would make the aft of ‘spider-tickles’ very effective on her, something her enemies (and Catherine) would take advantage of~ Sothis help her if they subject her to tons of tiny centipedes walking across her feet~ I definitely need to do a pic of her when I can draw again~
>>17642 What of Camilla?
>>11110 Don't worry, she's got a boyfriend who will worship and massage her feet once all the tickling is done.
>>17678 If anyone would go to such lengths to acquire that many fuzzy caterpillars for a prank that devious, it would be Hilda. And if Shamir’s feet are tied down…..oh my.
Since the other one was pretty well received I decided to take a shot at another story. This one featuring a totally unique and rarely shipped Byleth X Edelgard with Dorothea for good measure for some F/FF action https://www.deviantart.com/doljakkusu/art/Dorothea-s-Gambit-F-FF-911148465 Hope you like it feel free to let me know if there is anything to fix!
>>17679 I'd personally say Camilla would be somewhere in the 'Loves it,' but I'm not sure if she takes it or fights back. >>17680 Oh she does...except she has multiple boyfriends who are varying amounts of kind to her and her ticklish feet- >>17694 Tbh I think it'd be a combined effort of Hila and Catherine. Hilda went out and found the fuzziest caterpillars while Catherine lured Shamir to the spot before wresting her into the chair and tying her up. Poor Shamir's feet are tied down and unable to squirm as the caterpillars explore the ticklish spot and she screams in laughter and fear~ >>17701 Oh my, this one is super great as well!~
>>17727 Messed up, wanted to upload more
>>17706 I can definitely picture that. I do like the idea of Dorothea wrestling Shamir into that position.
Finishing off my trio of fire emblem themed stories here is another one https://www.deviantart.com/doljakkusu/art/Unique-Encounters-With-Demonic-Beasts-F-911334676 Hope you all enjoy!
(1.33 MB 1280x1707 ClipboardImage.png)

Saw this art on DA today, so I might as well as share it here!~ >>17749 Dorothea would probably help Catherine wrestle Shamir into the chair before tying her wrists as Catherine holds her down. They both wanna see her ticklishly suffer, but they both know they only have one chance~ >>17827 Excellent work as always! Loved this one a ton as well, my friend!~
>>17836 Always good to see the cutie prankster getting the attention she deserves <3
>>17837 I know right? Prime tickle target that deserves so much more tickle love~
>>17836 ohh this fella, yeah I hate to break it to you, thats traced from one of lululewd's pieces. refilgames12 has been tracing and outright reuploading people's art
>>17876 Oh yeah I figured this out a bit after lol. Sucks that it's been traced...although, is it bad that I'm impressed at how well they traced this and added the features of Lissa?
>>17882 >>17876 Yeah ngl it might be a trace job, but I'm definitely hanging onto it anyway
>>17882 >>17891 Yeah definitely not the worst offender I've seen. Toootally no bias at all either from me....
>>17876 >>17882 >>17891 Yeah, Lululewd herself told me about it not long after I requested the Lissa pic.
>>17891 >>17894 Definitely no bias from our ends at all, haha- >>17912 Ah I see, well that's unfortunate that it's traced.
Anyone know of any tickle fetish artists that are open for requests/commissions right now?
(1.25 MB 1280x1707 ClipboardImage.png)

Lilith Fire Emblem- >>17938 Don't know any specifically, but there were some I saw on DA and Pixiv that were opened to commissions I think-
Speaking of commissions, here's a new one I just got! I'll never tire of seeing Byleth's adorable, sexy belly button getting teased and played with, leaving her a giggly mess~ Her outfit is just the best...
And here are the last two versions; 7 versions in all. Only tickling her navel with one tool wasn't enough. It deserves all the attention it can get, hehe.
>>18043 >>18044 Oh this is an absolutely excellent set of tiggle images! Byleth becoming a mess of laughter at just her exposed belly button being tiggled is sooooo cuuuuuute! Perhaps this s Dorothea testing if her professor is tigglish? Or Rhea decding to help Byleth 'train?' Who knows, all I know is that this is adorable!~ Excellent commission!
>>18060 Thanks! Breaking down this stone-faced, stoic beauty into a storm of cute, tigglish giggles is what I live for. It's her fault for displaying her extremely adorable navel in such a way that practically BEGS for it to be poked and teased... And yes! I specifically asked for the hand to be feminine-looking for this purpose. Is it Dorothea finally getting to instill the fear of imminent tiggles into her lovely professor to get the reaction she was robbed of before, and get under her skin whenever she wants? Could it be Rhea having a little fun with her new pretty subordinate to watch her squirm and hear her adorable squeals, or punishing her for doing something heinous? Perhaps it's even Hilda using drastic measures to torment her strong-willed teacher to convince her to bump up her grade? Or is it simply torture she must endure done by Catherine, Shamir, Leonie, or someone else that could be akin to an interrogator? It's up to your interpretation! Whatever the case, Byleth will be laughing for a long time and regretting her wardrobe choices later. Her design is so perfect and she's so gorgeous and I just ugh... I could gush about her for so long, I love her.
>>18100 No problem, and she deserves it so so bad for real~ She always exposed her belly button, so now she's gonna get punished for it~ Oh I like all of those! Dorothea deciding to show Byleth why people react to tiggling by bounding her and tiggle torturing her navel until she's taught her lesson~ Rhea shows Byleth how the Church 'initiates' female members (meaning yes, Catherine, Shamir, and Manuela have all endured this as well) with said initiation leaving the professor a tigglishly squealing mess~ Hilda convincing Byleth to either up her grades or leave her out of future battles so that she can just relax~ Oh those are great as well! Catherine possibly using a 'strategy' to up the former mercenary in a training session, Shamir helping Byleth learn how to endure torture, Leonie finding her rival's weakness and exploiting it until she admits Leonie is stronger, or even another student or and enemy~ After this, I think everyone will never see her exposing the spot anymore. Oh I love her so much as well, and I have like five friends who all gush over her all the time~
Oh yeah, I'm curious! Who would guys rather tickle and why? Male Corrin or Female Corrin I need to see who's based and who's not based.
>>18219 Being Bi when it comes to tickle targets has its advantages here. While I'd enjoy tickling both F!Corrin is pretty basic waifu tickle food. M!Corrin on the other hand is a very rare form of male tickle food and would thus be my first target.
>>18220 You, my friend, are based. M!Corrin is of the highest quality of male tickle food~
>>18221 Used to think I only liked ticklish girls. Then characters like M!Corrin started coming along and all of the sudden I actually just like ticklish people haha. Truly great tickle food, same qualities as F!Corrin but would definitely try and keep a tougher persona up. Just to make them crack with a couple of teases. That and it's rare to see guys like this barefoot. Obviously there are all the muscle bound fighting bros that walk around barefoot but I'm more interested in the guys like Corrin, cute, soft, and too ticklish to resist hehe.
>>18223 M!Corrin is the best way for one to realize they love ticklish people in general. I'd know~ Exactly, he'd try harder to keep his composure, but then become a giggly mess with a simple stroke of the soles. Muscular guys walking barefoot is nice and all, but someone so cute and soft like M!Corrin being barefoot 24/7 is beyond amazing. Prime lee material~
>>18224 Well since our CEO is saying it, it must be true! Apologies M!Corrin but you cannot avoid our gaze anymore... as if you were even trying being barefoot 24/7 He really is just another desperate lee after all. That and he just fits into my type for ticklish guys.
>>18225 Join us in tickling Male Corrin! His feet are just so cute and tickleable, and he loves making it known! Ticklish guys need to be punished as much as ticklish gals fr~
>>18219 I have no actual reasoning to justify this, just a vibe. But I think while F!Corn is a total tickle slut and loves getting utterly tortured, M!Corn–while he doesn't hate it–definitely isn't as wild about it as the girl. His main reason for foregoing footwear is not to entice would-be lers like F!Corn does, but rather just genuinely for comfort reasons. Therefore when someone, e.g. Camilla or Rhajat or Peri, decides to go after him, he doesn't see it coming like the girl does. I wouldn't mind ticking him, but I'd want it to be alongside F!Corn as well. Maybe a two-person set of stocks. The juxtaposition of their relative reactions to being tickle tortured would make each stand out more.
>>18228 Exactly! I've always enjoyed a good barefoot lee who does it more for comfort over being a tickle slut, even if I love me a good tickle slut. Oh gosh, him being teased by his big sister, Rhajat, or just ravaged with tickles by Peri is just amazing, especially when he's completely caught off-guard! While I may prefer him over her, but the two same characters with different genders and enjoyment to the tickles sounds amazing~
>>18229 Id like to think that M!Corrin caught off guard is actually a bit harder to crack. Instead he cracks way faster when he knows its coming and is relentlessly teased about it. Just a couple of soft words in his ears as you tease his upper body telling him how bad you are gunna get those bare soles of his should do the trick!
>>18238 Thank God someone else is acknowledging that Oboro is simply begging for it.
>>18232 Same! I think that he's the type who cracks as you tease him. Either whisper them as your hands trail across his pits and tummy, or speak them out loud to be heard over his laughter as you tickle his feet. Both wield the same result~ >>18238 >>18239 Oboro definitely wants a good tickling. Too bad Takumi misses all of her cues xD. I also love this pic cause, much like most Hana tickle fetish art, Hana looks like she hates being tickled, which is so fitting~
>>18284 Yep that's what makes him auto lose any tickle fights he has with Elise or Camilla. Their teases just make him melt into a puddle of giggles! I don't blame him though I don't think anyone would last long against that.
>>18285 Lissa, Flayn, and Mist tickles are adorable~ >>18293 I agree! Though he can win against Elise if he can stop the teasing by tickling her silly before she can speak, there is no chance that he could ever beat Camilla. Her teases along with her cruel tickling makes her an impossible fight~
>>18332 True enough Elise is also super vulnerable to tickles pretty much everywhere. I feel like Camilla is just too strong in a tickle fight. The dommy mommy of Nohr would need to be ganged up on to have any chance of losing.
>>18334 Get Elise on her tummy or feet, and she's practically beat! Camilla would need the combined efforts of Corrin, Elise, Selena, and the element of surprise to have a chance~
(1.58 MB 1280x1440 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18341 Oh yeah Elise wouldn't be able to stand a chance once I got a hold of those cute little soles. With an army like that we may just have a shot to take Camilla down. She won't be able to hide how ticklish she really is!
(1.45 MB 1888x1042 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18353 Wobin~ >>18365 Oh she definitely wouldn't, hehe~ The ler will finally be the lee, and her not being used to it will likely make her squeal even louder! I'm so glad they confirmed she's canonically ticklish~
>>18366 All canonicallly ticklish FE cuties male or female deserve to be treated very well! Oh and tickled mercilessly until they are laughing their cute little heads off.
(23.81 KB 192x574 ClipboardImage.png)

(46.69 KB 168x1066 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.66 MB 1866x1043 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18367 True true! Here's a list for both all the canonically ticklish FE girls and boys that I can remember from the top of my head...and Lissa mentioning tickling cause I won't let her get away with this-
>>18369 I did not know sheep girl Genny was confirmed ticklish now I want that sauce lol. I mean it's obvious she is ticklish she's just too adorable. But confirmation of my bias is something I like to see.
>>18369 I like how the mere existence of Inigo is responsible for nearly every confirmed male lmao
>>18376 Here is the lamb sauce!~ https://youtube.com/shorts/E_GCOcFhoQ4?feature=share >>18377 Inigo is such a tickle chad that he himself is canonically ticklish. What a lad~
(1.09 MB 1165x947 f42.png)

>>18379 Now this is the sauce I like to see! Thank you very much for outsourcing this CEO! Now all I need is a bunch of FE remakes for classic characters to get some more admissions of ticklishness.
>>18369 I had no idea Camilla and both Corrins were canonically ticklish prior to this thread, and I find this info lovely. Considering what a tease Camilla is, making her melt and squeal from tickles would be very fun. And pretty much any art piece where fingers or tickle implements go underneath Corrin’s stirrups to strike at the very center of the arches makes me giddy with glee, particularly for F!Corrin.
>>18383 No problem, just doing my job! I’m gonna need the eventual Sacred Stones remake to have Eirika, Lute, Neimi, Myrrh, and like every other girl to confirm they’re ticklish. Thank you IS- >>18403 It’s such a fun bit of info to know that someone the biggest teases in FE are also ticklish as heck! Camilla, the master tickler, also turning out to be a massive ticklee is great, as is Corrin with those stirrups being bypassed to get their feet. We need both Corrins stocked and tickled for hours fr-
>>18410 Honestly IS just put it on their stat screen. Ticklish - yes /no Worst spot - X Gg ez would buy 35 copies
>>18411 They should've figured this out a while ago, but guess we're gonna have to show them the way! Honestly, like every character is gonna be ticklish. I think a scale of how ticklish they are would also be of major use! As for the worst spot, well, you don't know until you find it out yourself~ Only 35? I'd buy them of all their copies-
>>18415 True! Give me that stats list and a mini game where you get to find their most ticklish spot. It can just be a Sauna like mini game from 3H but instead of heat to relax you... it's tickles that "relax" you haha Then I'd be forced to duel you to purchase every copy since we'd both probably want to do that lol.
>>18418 Gosh that's be so fun! Would love a minigame where you can relax a character with tickles. Either that or a minigame that you tickle the character to boost either their Defense or Resistance, depending on if you use physical tools or magic ones~ You think you can beat the CEO of FE Tickles???? Cause you probably can, I'm very short-
>>18422 Oooff such a good idea. Resistance training my warrior gals as they try to act tough only to lose immediately to magical feathers. Training my cute mages and clerics in defense as my fingers go for all their weak spots! I'm not sure I'd truly duel our CEO. So long as their willing to share I would keep my hands to myself lol.
>>18369 You'd best add Orochi to that list. She's quite verbally ticklish in the petting minigame we missed out on. Her laugh is adorable! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFWxJK6HJr8
>>18424 Exactly, training your strong, yet res-weak gals with magical feathers, making even the toughest of them squeal! Poor mages and clerics, they're just so weak and ticklish! I doubt they'll enjoy this training all that much~ Fine, I'll share some~ >>18426 I was gonna bring that up. Some of the confirmations of ticklishness come from this petting game, meaning it's entirely possible that anyone who laughs during this can be counted as ticklish! Orochi here is a prime example of this, as I'm not sure if she states if she's ticklish, but she seems like it! Also Orochi being ticklish would be amazing cause that tummy, those pits, and them feet are just too friggin tickleable~
>>18427 So nice that our lovely CEO is so generous! There is no way she'd horde all the ticklish cuties to herself! Seriously though I can't decide what idea I love more. Breaking down a tough woman with soft teasing magical feathers Or punishing a defenseless cutie with my fingers for being too adorable.
>>18428 I wish I could-I mean of course I wouldn't haha- That is such a tough one for many. It's easy for me since a lot of my favorite lees can use a defense boost, but good luck in deciding which one you'd wanna do more! And remember, you can use whatever physical and magical tools you want~
>>18429 M- magical tentacles...? Breaking a gorgeous paladin babe like Leonie with tentacles wiggling all over her body and soles.... it's too much lol While I may like that more personally I definitely understand anyone's addiction to cuties in need of a defense boost. I too would totally never hoard girls and keep them as tickle prisoners.... no way!
>>18427 Absolutely! I'd love to see Orochi's sexy midriff get ravaged by many tickles. She always struck me as a devious ler, but her clips from this minigame tell me she's a hard switch.
>>18430 Yup! Magical tentacles, taking hold of Leonie's wrists and ankles as more stroke her toned tummy, smooths pits, succulent thighs, and soft feet. It's made even worse that her res is bad, meaning it's even worse than regular tentacles!~ Yup, I just wanna abuse Lissa's ticklish back and feet for hours with my hands, feathers, and brushes, and many other cute mages and clerics~ Haha, never haha- >>18431 Same! She's a devious ler who loves tickling girls like Oboro, but also the type to squeal as her side or pit is stroked~
A commission I got from Kneecoxx!
>>18554 THIS IS SO FRIGGIN CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!~ You, my friend, are a saint!
>>18556 Lissa deserves plenty of tickles, and judging by her heart-shaped pupils, she seems to agree!
>>18559 Oh she most definitely does! If she wants it, then she'll get every tickle she deserves!~ Also, might I add that choosing her Sage Armorbreak outfit was an excellent choice?~
>>18561 Damn now I want to get a commission of my best girl! Too many good artists to choose from though...
>>18613 Hey hey, now you’ve got me curious! Who’s your best girl?~
>>18640 It's Leonie of course! Gave it away earlier!
>>18641 Oh right! Sorry, forgot to check the ID xD Good choice though, Leonie has too little tickle art!
>>18613 You could try Kneecoxx. That drawing of Lissa only cost me $35, not to mention she loves drawing FE girls! Since she's working on another Lissa pic, her commissions should still be open.
>>18643 Well if our CEO agrees I guess I'll have to make the lack of Leonie tickles change in more ways than just RP~ >>18646 That Lissa piece is definitely cute enough to ask them. Especially considering the price! Thanks for the recommendation.
(99.87 KB 787x1015 1_by_m_dn_df367sy-pre.jpg)

(98.39 KB 894x894 2_by_m_dn_df367so-pre.jpg)

We have entered a Lissa renaissance lately
>>18677 Yes, and it has only begun...
>>18672 These are soooo friggin cuuuute!~ >>18677 >>18689 Good, it's about time we did!~
>>18700 With operation Tickle Lissa in full force what's the next plan CEO!
(372.80 KB 720x405 ClipboardImage.png)

>>18724 Y-You guys are gonna need to figure that out yourselves, this new possible leak has me busy...
As of right now, I have six more Lissa commissions on the way from each of the following artists: 1. Jstratus 2. Duskario64 3. NeroFerret 4. Kimoon79 5. Kneecoxx 6. Arisuyoku
>>18771 Are you gonna be the new Tifa autist?
>>18771 Cheers
>>18773 Tifa autist? Mind giving me some context? >>18778 Cheers!
>>18771 ...you are the head of the Lissa tickle department. I salute you, based anon.
>>18773 Better to be the new Tifa autist than the Prince Charles autist. At least Tifafag doesn't have the world's absolute cringiest dialogue put in every single one of his commissions lmao >>18771 I respect. One day when I actually have disposable income for once I'd like to do something similar with Robin. At least with a few artists I like, anyway.
Vote Camilla, Mercie, and one other girl (or you can exclude Camilla or Mercie, just keep one of them.) We need another FE tickle!
Greetings fellow Lissa enjoyers I come with gifts to add to the renaissance https://www.deviantart.com/doljakkusu/art/A-Most-Adorable-Advertisement-F-MF-F-912606378
>>18939 Damn son, that hit all the right notes. Cute, torturous, and surprisingly sweet. Big approval!
>>18941 Many thanks my friend!
>>18939 This one is absolutely amazing, highly recommend the read to anyone who hasn't!
>>19305 Damn, even got Daz in on the Lissa love
>>19305 Where did this one come from? I don't think I can find it on Daz's pages
>>19401 That's because a lot of the recent Lissa pictures aren't by the artists but rather one person making edits of other works. Not that I really care - more Lissa is good thing and the edits are pretty convincing.
>>19407 THIS IS TOO FIRGGIN CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!! >>19415 The traces are so good that I keep falling for it...but I'm still happy for more Lissa tickle content tbh.
Lissa and a 5 year old Owain having a good laugh on Christmas
>>19528 Real question but do y'all really get off to drawings that look this deformed? It doesn't have to be this specific picture, just art styles like this because I've seen a few like this.
>>19537 In my case, yes. I personally don't see how Kneecoxx's art style is "deformed", but to each their own.
>>19537 I think it's the footfag equivalent of hentai artists drawing perfectly round balloon tits. They exaggerate the parts of the anatomy they find appealing to feed their boners. It kills my boner, but whatever. plenty of normal-looking feet to jack off to, too.
>>19543 Funny thing about that is kneecox said on twitter that she uses pictures of her own feet for reference when drawing. So I have no idea where the exaggerated feet proportions come in, but you’re right. To each there own. Kneecox has uploaded pics of her feet on twitter anyways and they’re pretty hot
>>19528 OMG THAT'S SO FRIGGIN CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE >>19537 Idk how it's deformed, but yes, I do enjoy it.
Does anyone have any other good celica art here! She seems to be one of the less-popular girls in this sphere, which sucks cuz she’s my favorite :(
(760.76 KB 1200x783 ClipboardImage.png)

(804.92 KB 1200x783 ClipboardImage.png)

>>19679 I've been planning to commission some art of her Awakening DLC outfit soon, it's just perfect for tickling.
>>19331 Who is the artist that made these gifs?
>>19810 Jayakun
(1.74 MB 2717x3508 lissa barefoot_color copia.jpg)

>>19990 Based Lissanon returns
>>20356 Lord's mercy, look how big the artist drew her feet. Like twice as big as Chrom's head. I like that.
Nobody shared these yet so I'll share this one I commissioned a few years back.
Selkie a cutie
(5.44 MB 2000x3000 98323654_p0.png)

(373.05 KB 600x429 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.78 MB 3000x2249 98742647_p1.png)

(714.37 KB 1200x900 98742647_p3_master1200.jpg)

>>22580 Lissa is definitely good but I'm glad to see the much-underloved Emmeryn for once as well.
>>22587 Same! Emmeryn deserves so much more love...and tickles-
A blessing from the coloring thread
(9.06 MB 7000x3000 98992449_p0.png)

>>22990 Blessed
(1.07 MB 1154x1192 99172270_p3.png)

It's been a while, but I return with another TMS commission. This time, it's Tsubasa's turn to get it! For years I've been wanting to see her adorable tummy tickled through that outfit of hers in her carnage form. Now it's finally been done. It's entirely her fault for being so cute and leaving a large window in her dress exposing such a big weak spot to the world ;) There are also a number of more variants that can be found on the artist's pixiv here: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/99254120
(2.15 MB 1448x2048 772611-2.output.png)

>>23654 I saw that request and had a feeling it was you, I was really looking forward to it. I always liked how revealing her Carnage Form really is, so I'm happy to finally see her get tickled in it. Great choice, I hope you might get more in the future! May as well post a commission of my own, Celica in her Awakening DLC outfit. I think it's really hot and wish we saw more of it so I'm hoping to commission more in the future too.
(1.06 MB 1000x1610 ClipboardImage.png)

>>23654 Tsubasa's tummy has always been such a big tease, so I'm more than happy to see it (and her pits) getting tickled in this art here! Great commission, you did her justice! >>23663 I keep forgetting about how cute Celica's Awakening design is, and just how vulnerable she is to any type of tickling. This commission is so darn cute, and I look forward to any future commission if you go through with that!
(6.75 MB 3901x4093 76159512_p0.png)

(1.96 MB 3447x2808 76195902_p0.png)

I don't know if I dreamed it, but I recall seeing a fanart of Fallen Edelgard in her armored beast form, you know, when she turns super tall in a black armor with long arms. Anyway, in that fanart she was carrying female Byleth with one hand and tickling her belly button with the other hand. If this fanart exist and anyone can find it I would appreciate It, since I cannot find it anymore.
>>24758 This is the closest thing I could find. Really do hope you find it, that sounds cute as heck!
>>24764 Not what I was looking for, but thanks, this is a nice work! While the search for that fanart continues let's enjoy this, Dorothea knows better than anyone that Byleth's cute belly and navel need some tickling!
Agreed, it’s very tempting especially with it exposed.
Agreed it’s very tempting, especially with both spots exposed.
I wanna tickle Lucina so FUCKING bad bros...
>>27319 Who can blame you? She's pretty as hell, kind of a dork, and canonically ticklish. Not to mention the like ninety other things that make her so amazing-
>>27516 The Byleth/Aqua one is cute, but wtf did they do to Lucina...
>>27534 Maxed her attack power?
>>28099 source for the corrin (middle) one?
>>15612 I never noticed before the difference in size between the sister's pussies
>>28182 I can't remember for the life of me, think it was a thread here?
>>29014 Damn, that was quick lol
>>29014 Sasuga Cofu lol
>>29022 >>29041 I am SPEED.
>>29014 Toothpaste-chan deserves to be tickle bullied. She just gives off that energy.
>>29056 Alear “Toothpaste” Fire Emblem deserves to be tickle bullied all the time. I bet many find out quickly that a minute of tickling her sides makes sure she never disagrees with you~
>>29014 BASED
>>29100 Thanks a bunch!
I was thinking of cooking up another post for the caption thread, but I have a hard time making a decision about which image to caption. I do think I'd like to do a Fire Emblem one though. Does anyone have an image they'd really like to see captioned? Feel free to suggest multiple options.
>>29244 Here I’ll give you four
(7.85 MB 3840x2160 FireEmblem_New1.png)

(7.96 MB 3468x1896 FireEmblem_Final_5.png)

I’m gonna do an FE Tickle Inktober (but only sketches cause I don't wanna die) and I need y'alls assistance on scenarios and characters! Nothing you suggest will have a 100% chance of making it, but a chance is a chance if the idea is good enough!
(469.80 KB 2106x1500 thebox02skt.jpg)

(454.78 KB 2142x1500 thebox01skt.jpg)

>>29697 So we pick a character and one of these suggestions on the list?
>>29705 Pick a character and scenario based on the prompts! It has to make sense, no Camilla Armadillo or anything like that!
I suppose an example is in order? For 'Farm,' I chose Mozu and Donnel for obvious reasons (I know Donnel isn't a farmer but I can stretch villager to farmer)
>>29707 I pick Corrin in Uh-Oh. Just a standard girl about to get tickled.
>>29709 No offense, but there isn't enough meat on that scenario for me, and the character choice isn't exactly justified without a good scenario for this prompt.
>>29697 Eagle. A student from one of the other classes is recruited into the Black Eagles, where Dorothea initiates them with tickling. Even better if she uses an eagle feather to do it.
>>29711 Ooh, that's a good scenario! Definitely something Dorothea would do, and it sounds like a fun scenario! Any preferences on who?
>>29712 I was trying to think of who the most popular recruits into the Black Eagles are, I know it's mostly Lysithea but who else is there? I know Shamir and the female Ashen Wolves are up there.
>>29714 Shamir doesn’t exactly work due to her being a staff member assisting the class rather than a student, but Lysi and the female Wolves work well!
>>29697 How about for "Tempting" you have one of Byleth's students (could be anyone, but Dorothea immediately comes to mind) tickling her 'tempting' bellybutton after being fixated on it for so long
>>29724 That one could definitely work! I’ll put it down on the list, though it is facing tough competition-
>>29697 I'll throw in some suggestions if it's okay to suggest more than one: Byleth, Trip - Byleth in her swimsuit from Heroes gets pinned down and tickled at a trip to the beach. Kagero, Heist - Kagero is captured after failing a stealth heist and tickle tortured. Hilda, Uh-Oh - Hilda is stripped naked by Disrobing Gale from Fates, and realizes her most ticklish spots are exposed to enemies and allies alike. Hilda is my personal choice, but you could use a Fates girl instead if you want game accuracy.
(651.60 KB 768x1024 101515966_p0.png)

>>29918 This has been a fantastic year for Lucina tickling content.
>>29697 Here are three ideas I just made up while in the shower 16. Fowl: FE Awakening Lissa and Maribelle are tasked to hunt up some food for the Shepherds and upon encountering a large flock of wild peafowl they try to hunt them, only to find their roles reversed from hunters to the hunted, Tickled on their helpless soles, pits, thighs and bellybuttons by the vengefull birds. 19. Ponytail: FE Fates Camilla, Elise and Selena are trying out a new spell that should strengthen their hair and style it in a in-season ponytail only for the spell to go awry and ending up tying them with their own now lengthen up ponytailed hair which proceeds to tickle their soles, pits and other defenseless spots until they are rescued. 28. Camping : FE three houses Manuela and Bayleth are teaching important camping knowledge much to the charging of the three houses students that are trying to have some fun horsing around competitively and believe that the 2 teachers are being sticks in the mud. They decide to teach the teachers on how to have fun by wrapping up their arms and legs in the sleeping bags and tent fabric, basting their bared body areas in honey and special herbs and letting the forest animals have a great time lickling their teachers for the rest of the day.

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