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Greatest Common Divisor: 2 girls (I'm putting board tag as backup here because the description keep disappearing) yuri, western lesbian, western animation, k-pop shipping, fujoshi refugee, himedanshi

(270.87 KB 1023x721 everyone gentle time.jpg)

Welcoming thread Anonymous Board owner 04/07/2022 (Thu) 00:07:46 No. 686 [Reply]
Welcome to 8chan Yuri. A community for people to share their thought, pictures or stories about female on female stuff. We allow wide range of stuff from tv series or novel, Asian or Western origin, 2D to real person, furry to monster girls, soft or extreme fetishes and lesbian general. poll regarding when you find this board (click this even if you are here before 2022) https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/3oCNtP
Edited last time by 0nee_sama on 04/24/2022 (Sun) 01:08:03.
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Tips 1. For people who use Imageboard for the first time: using this sign " >" in front of sentence functions as quote. Example >what do you mean? typing like that indicate you are quoting someone else's post, comment, picture, or something inside a link they posted 2. If you are here just for yuri, it is not recommend to click on any buttons on top left of the site 3. Have a question or 2 regarding how this board work? Feel free to ask in meta thread >>174 Got a nice picture you want to be featured on top of board? Post it in banner thread >>749
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Transformation suit general Anonymous 03/10/2021 (Wed) 17:13:10 No. 133 [Reply]
Mecha (Cross Ange, Granbelm) and Plugsuit (Neptunia >>137, Symphogear) or other combat cute suits (Vividred Operation) Nanoha? Valkyrie Drive?
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Moving CG for supporting character. We found the loved pairing of the game
cookie pudding. Nep know her stuff
(429.11 KB 1568x1100 cover.jpg)

(529.41 KB 1536x1116 lustful.jpg)

(438.75 KB 1574x1150 696355 Michairu 29.jpg)

(109.66 KB 780x1113 809769 07.jpg)

>>133 https://exhentai.org/g/696355/d3b45daef9/ not my first or top but Michairu definitely shape good chunk of my futayuri experience

(120.63 KB 700x250 2021 Winter.jpg)

(741.92 KB 1530x1024 2021 Spring.jpg)

Idol General Anonymous 03/16/2021 (Tue) 14:51:15 No. 143 [Reply]
Girls who sing, dance to cheer you up, make you happy and give you strength Winter Idoly Pride, Gekidol, Idolls!, Luminous Witches Spring Zombieland Saga Revenge, Revue Starlight Movie Summer Love Live! Superstar
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We won’t have Bangdream thread? They just turned into visual novel
>>143 >>685 If Bang Dream look active enough I plan to make Genoujin general so we can throw D4D and Revue at it.
(1.47 MB 990x1400 1571299697734.png)

(1.95 MB 1500x1500 83750848_p0 hvy1.jpg)

just arrive for im@s. yuka2

(125.28 KB 925x952 everyone gentle time.jpg)

(112.53 KB 797x468 Lilian Gateway.jpg)

(822.58 KB 1280x720 da church.png)

(631.94 KB 1280x720 Star Harmony.jpg)

Lesbian School Anonymous 05/24/2021 (Mon) 17:08:34 No. 261 [Reply]
Welcome to Yuri Gakuen. Where you can start discovering yourself in this world and learns Her teachings. Little Sours will partner up with an Onee-sama to assist you in your journey until someday you find your special person Series: Maria-sama, Valkyrie Drive, Kindred Spirit on the Roof, Aikatsu Friends
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A typical tropes in yuri school is having an onee-sama surrounded by imouto with etiquette. But mc usually cut the queue even though she only know her for a while. This is refreshing subversion of it
Ah shoe locker. never had one of those. closest thing we had were our drawer-table which get cleaned up every day. except in college where I know some library's lockers without key, which rarely opened by normal student
Stay fit! Your soulmate will help you

(697.41 KB 595x854 2103mt595.jpg)

(200.46 KB 679x651 85315029_p4.jpg)

(306.67 KB 683x1919 enviroment yuri.jpeg)

Manga Time Kirara Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 16:59:05 No. 134 [Reply]
Spring In the cold days of being depressed in the corona I hope you will feel a sense of openness after reading.
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(453.28 KB 1280x1808 344621 Stratosphere 04.jpg)

(663.90 KB 1280x1808 344621 Stratosphere 09.jpg)

(485.14 KB 1280x1161 344621 Stratosphere 26.jpg)

(358.31 KB 980x833 706982 16.jpg)

(38.61 KB 274x234 2131159 10.jpg)

(188.19 KB 868x691 2131159 04.jpg)

(179.93 KB 915x1335 18 2.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1280x720 me on my way to work.mp4)

>childhood friend

(75.97 KB 567x900 960159226546016257.jpg)

(572.20 KB 782x993 61401320_p0.jpg)

Witches Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 22:40:57 No. 120 [Reply]
World, Little Witch Academia and other
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>>504 After some rewatching I finally figures this is just professor spirit being mischievous. I thought this mirror reveal true self
Take a breath *clap* space stratosphere yuri
(496.33 KB 900x1200 62553808_p0.jpg)

(446.80 KB 1200x1500 83393168_p0.png)

not enough likes

(496.89 KB 1600x1109 779b6ce8dace1d.jpg)

(193.95 KB 1134x1600 rabu rabu in tv.jpeg)

(184.96 KB 697x1007 1535016714235.jpg)

(1004.92 KB 1280x720 1447805815383.png)

Saki Anonymous 07/26/2021 (Mon) 03:48:50 No. 327 [Reply]
National, Achiga, Toki Siscons
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Tourney Start like 6 minutes ago. Leading for JP team is an AI Vtuber First hand just over. Vtuber get full flush mangan'd
Chinese representative from NZ use Saki as character following is an unusually expressive Nodoka. Poor girl getting bullied Hope they are having make up mahjong after match
(514.81 KB 835x851 Achiga 13 30.png)

13. funny. Mahjong learning since 2013 list: checked Yaku list, learning melds, reading mahjong manga, found Saki, learning what Kan is, but didn’t understand how calling tiles suppose to change draw orders, reading the manga sequel, understand rinshan, watching Achiga halfway, see meme about tanyao, watching National and rewatching Achiga, learning han value, noting each team’s scores, didn’t realize about heavenly compass, ordering a yugioh card Dora of Fate, pulling it effect vs a Stelswarm deck Re-reading Achiga, search for guide as easy as possible to understand to get my discord friends to play mahjong. “what the hell is yaku? “. Learning multiple-side wait, Join a mahjong tournament, learning suji, watching even pro getting stomped and now. I finally understand how this wait is worse in multiple ways Her hand is 3334567m 2345s let’s analyze what possible from that -discard 2s or 5s so at least I keep tanyao, tenpai wait 2457m (I would do this and even think of discarding 3s so I can chi 6s if I’m badly need extra dora, discard 2s then wait on 2457m) >sumire discards 4m leaves 567 as complete meld, ishanten Next draw is 7s 333 567m 23457s -with this hand you could discard either 2s or 5s, wait on 7s -or disc 7s, 2 sided wait on 25s >of course Sumire discard 3m, leaving it as pair. Tenpai on 6s

(66.88 KB 419x600 1592601.jpg)

(453.22 KB 1100x629 69951812_p2.png)

Watamote Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 08:51:18 No. 118 [Reply] [Last]
Remember when Yuu-chan was the only route?
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I accidentaly skip 2 chapters. Chapter 129 is 2nd heavy ntr. Hinafags might REALLY want to skip it.
Sagashi ni yukunda soko eeeeee
There is a curious timeline about Watamote yuri and hentai 2016 iirc the first yuri fanart in pixiv with girl other than Yuu. This is the start of Ucchi getting screentime and react to the word lesbian Late 2016 Kii-chan become really weird 2017 December. After Yuri show early sign of jealousy and Hina at least being aware about her gaze/how she react to Tomoko’s interaction to other girl. The second printed full yuri hentai (at least the one we aware of), the content is about those 2 girls above. 2018 April. That thing got translated to Eng (the source of that crop) 2019 April I stumbled upon the gallery but I haven’t read it yet 2020 after pandemic spread but before it enter my country. I read the hentai along with Smile https://exhentai.org/g/525942/7e4b9f2e8c/ https://e-hentai.org/g/1381057/c60f02983f/ but I would forget about it soon 2021 >>320 here you are 2022 recently I got curious about the first yuri hentai of it, so I searched it. Turned out I already read it. I read my saved file and remember reading your crop

Pokegirl Anonymous 03/03/2021 (Wed) 20:29:13 No. 124 [Reply]
Date (This thread is for human character only. Interaction with pokemons goes to furry thread)
Edited last time by 0nee_sama on 05/04/2021 (Tue) 00:13:22.
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(509.47 KB 1400x1000 79850691_p2.jpg)

More date
>>126 sweaty Flan touching herself while thinking about the flying sylph (linked with author's permission) https://archiveofourown.org/works/24056593

(688.29 KB 800x800 72601655_p0.jpg)

(221.65 KB 800x889 pharmercy 67148311_p1.jpg)

MOBA general Anonymous 06/12/2021 (Sat) 14:17:14 No. 279 [Reply]
Lol, Overwatch, Dota and other
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OneLoli Anonymous 07/05/2021 (Mon) 21:28:22 No. 296 [Reply]
Also known as Age Gap. Might overlap with Age Progression
JS x JK/JD – Poster child of OneeLoli genre Wataten, Lucchini Charlotte, >>573 JC x JD – neighbour onee-chan a pink slut who wears full-body pantyhose and seducing a college woman >>125 (thanks, Homucide) had to continue this thread after watching a trailer about certain anime from 4 years ago JC x OL age – student and teacher Cynthia? I think she is at least OL age JK/JD x OL age – student and teacher, some age progression yuri JS x OL age I want to make “call police” jokes on some of these. But looking back, it apply to these 5.
(1.43 MB 2147x3028 inb4 cheating.jpg)

(314.35 KB 621x800 61591190_p1.jpg)

(413.22 KB 1440x810 65757968_p0.jpg)

Uncommon For mature woman age, Irua is your artist. I could’ve swear the osananajimi book was translated before mid 2018 Mortal x immortal – should be some cases but count as rare because the relationship dynamic is rarely brought upon their age. Instead they are treated as their appearance age/position Reading material: いつか訪れる結末 Positive example Ghost girl? Kana x Riko Saikawa Intermedial case Unicorn Negative example RemiSaku: treated as master servant Maidragon main: treated as.. oh wait. I got an idea Moriyas: treated as incest
JS x JK/JD Unconsciously I don't dig straight example (ba dum tis) -Mya-nee and Hinata is reprociated but Mya-nee looks awkward toward other girls -the pervert maid goes brazen to her master -maybe it is a stretch but if you consider age alone, Shamiko and loli!Momo count. gosh Shamiko even get dommed by aggressive loli -while we are at it might as well throw Hotaru and whatever this thing from Toei https://youtu.be/v3BtIB227Ao

(182.15 KB 572x564 10287925_p2.jpg)

Hifuu Club Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 08:39:36 No. 117 [Reply]
Our favorite college lesbian
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(772.51 KB 450x450 1627414847967.webm)

(767.42 KB 1100x1100 30 minutes in gimp.png)

My friend set a booth in a virtual convention so we pay her a visit. Finally a convention after 4-5 years! it is really exciting jumping around in our simple avatar Pic related there were 8 halls, 1 for BL and kpop but on the whole venue there is only 1 yuri booth! 3 if we count hololive booth that sells a yuri doujinshi. The convention continue tomorrow I’m still nayamu if I should ask for commission. One of our friend did it first time in morning but in my mind it is better if visitor do the request. She mainly do Arknight but can take anything sfw. If anyone got suggestion I’m waiting for the next 12 hours (should’ve posted this earlier) Posted here because I find another circle who made a Hifuu rpg game on Steam.
(424.78 KB 1920x1080 even this parody get it.jpg)

(304.60 KB 1000x1598 74289459_p0.jpg)

Mari is that girl who bring excitement into someone's life. And Renko not only bear with stuff Mari expose her to, also marching with her own initiative.

(594.31 KB 1196x850 73573138_p0.png)

(218.55 KB 1280x720 true love.jpg)

(889.93 KB 1600x1707 77203225_p0.jpg)

Card game Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 21:52:34 No. 181 [Reply] [Last]
Hinalogic, Yugioh, MTG, Vanguard, Wixoss
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(425.34 KB 1121x543 gaying idol.png)

>>580 Rei got lore origin in manga special. ooo
(47.59 KB 475x432 bathe in pride.jpg)

How could a hotspring cause so much trouble?

(354.33 KB 900x900 1600511576114.jpg)

yuri horror stories Anonymous 10/28/2020 (Wed) 02:55:16 No. 56 [Reply]
she was born to two brilliant but very disturbed parents, both of them doctors and killers, and when she was young, she saw her mother kill her father, and force her into disposing of the body. Her mother was caught, and she was forever marked with the stigma of her parent's madness and evil deeds, she grew up a doormat, bullied by her peers, abused by her adoptive family, but determined to fight against her legacy and be good and altruistic to everyone, she became "too good for her own good", she decided to become a doctor, not to hurt people, as her parents had, but to make up for their actions by helping them instead. Thus she threw herself into her studies, her interest in particular was in the nature of evil, and whether it was just the result of some physical or chemical disorder in the brain that could be treated and perhaps even cured. eventually, she graduated top of her class in medical school, becoming a pioneer in the study of neuropsychology, and her wild theories on criminal neuropsychology in particular became the subject of controversy and interest among all areas of society. it was not long before she announced her first study, and was given a multitude of subjects for her study, ranging from control groups to the criminally insane (the worst of the worst). one, in particular drew her eye, she was a woman about her age, who bore an uncanny resemblance to herself, and had been convicted of a series of gruesome killings of young girls, but she seemed adamant about her innocence, "i was framed" the patient said, very convincingly, despite warnings from the police that they caught her red handed eating the remains of her victims in her abbotoir-like basement, the doctor and patient quickly became friends. the doctor thought her to be wrongly convicted, and decided to use her experiments to prove her innocence, but that if she were guilty, the experimental treatment would cure her and allow her to reenter society as if she were innocent, so it was a win-win. unfortunately, the criminal was indeed a cold-hearted killer, and attempted to force herself upon the doctor (likely a ruse to kill her and use their resemblance to take her place) when given the opportunity, but the doctor subdued her and desperately forced the rest of her treatment upon the convict without taking the proper precautions as a fleeting period of insanity, unfortunately, the doctor killed her patient in the process. lacking her most promising patient, the star patient she would use as the prime example of the effectiveness of her treatment, was too much for her, so she decided to make do and substitute herself instead. the treatment she used upon herself did not kill her, instead it was everything she dreamed of, her mental issues all cleared up and she became the example of a good and sane mind. with new confidence she pursued her research and dismissed her critics, her dark side was purged from her mind, and she felt at peace, perfectly socialized. that was, until the night fell, and she went to sleep, only to wake up refreshed in the morning, and turn on the tv to see the morning news. apparently, her star patient had broken loose and has killed again, her patient had impersonated her doctor to abduct some prostitutes and then slaughtered and ate them, one body was untouched, except that the head was removed and nowhere to be found. "but how could this be?" the doctor asked herself, "she's dead, beyond resuscitation, i know it to be true".the horror only intensified when she opened her fridge, where, staring back at her, was the severed head of a girl. in the washroom, where she had gone to throw up, she saw written on the mirror, in blood, "we need to talk, note under the pillow". rather than read the note, she went to where she had disposed of the convict's body, only to find that it had seemingly got up and vanished.
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>There's a girl who was born to a notoriously evil pair of genius doctors that committed atrocities by experimenting on human beings in the name of mad medical science. >The parents got discovered and ended up killing themselves before being caught, leaving their infant daughter to be found and given for adoption. >Her lives under a different name, and is just a brilliant as her parents were, but is a picture of mental health. >Despite her adoptive family trying to discourage her from it, she goes into psychiatry in order to help people, especially those who the world has rejected, evil people, this is before discovering her adoption and the identity of her true parents, which ignites in her a great drive to learn about good and evil and how to rehabilitate the irredeemable. >This leads her to discover a miraculous new drug, one she tweaks and perfects, which can, in her theory, seemingly hold the cure for evil. But she needs funding for it, and attention. >However, due to her level of achievement (producing jealousy), intergrity (making her fail at playing politics or seeking recognition), and the nature of her research (which could threaten various industries and holds little promise of making money), she is spurned by the corrupt mainstream academic community, and has to rely upon alternative venues for her research. >Said venue comes in the form of an ultramax women's prison holding the worst of the worst in a section of the site dedicated to the criminally insane. Who decides to seek her help in desperation to deal with their problematic residents, posting her in their asylum as a live-in on-site staff (it's on an island) and assigning one such resident to her as a guinea pig to test her drug treatment on. >The patient bears a striking resemblance to the doctor, as if the two identical twins, not only do they look similar, they sound similar and bear the same mannerisms as well, though the various cosmetic changes each has made to themselves disguise this quite effectively from most onlookers (the truth is that they are twin sisters, raised apart in vastly different environments, the patient being raised by an abductor who wanted revenge on her parents for murdering their daughter in their experiments, and this twin was made to suffer). >Putting aside the uncanny revelation, the doctor gives the patient the drug, and things seems to be going well, but then she kills herself soon before she was supposed to be shown off to others as an example (out of a combination of guilt for her crimes and the suffering she inflicted on others, and also that the return of feeling makes her relive the trauma inflicted on her by her parents as if it had just happened for the first time), so the doctor is extremely pressed to find some alternative, willing to bet her own life on the outcome, she takes the treatment herself. >The similarities between her and her sister means that she can pass for her own patient, and she successfully pulls off the ruse, what's more, if she was good before, she is the very embodiment of goodness, honor, nobility, purity, and virtue, she even becomes too good for life on the earth to the point where it's a severe issue, even her adoptive parents, who are highly devout religious zealots, would think she's a bit overboard. >The problem here being that she is now confessing to being the doctor, but due to the change in her appearance, and the insanity of her story, she is not believed, the drug is determined to be a failure as it produces psychosis, that the patient believes herself to be the doctor. >As for the absence of the doctor, she was taken off the project for being too involved with her patient, so another doctor was presenting her, she conspired with this doctor to cover up the suicide and do the switch of sisters, live for dead. >At night, however, she becomes a different person entirely, taking the name of the deceased sister, she breaks out of the facility with the help of the replacement doctor, and makes her way into the city. >There, she does evil deeds, acting on all the desires her good side was repressing, such as getting revenge on those who wronged her or took advantage of her, she also acts on the behalf of her dead sister, the two having merged into one, in addition to vengeance, they seek to slake the thirsts which they had been denied, eating, drinking, dancing, gambling, drugs, sex, fighting, and more.The evil side is an absolute criminal mastermind, cunning, charismatic, and unfettered, able to figure out pull off the impossible with little effort. >The good side awakes, and seeing the results of what had happened, is left with no choice but to search for a way to undo what has been done, the replacement doctor is also trying to help her out with her research, also gets involved in locking down the doctor when she's about to go to sleep, because when one side sleeps, the other awakes. >Due to some strange effect of the drug, it removes much of the effects of lack of sleep, and the side waking up is well rested provided the other side was awake long enough, giving it time to rest, however, and the truth is the negative effects of restlessness is merely being hidden, she is in fact slowly dying from her new split-brain condition, the resolution is hypothesized by the replacement doctor to be merging the two sides together again (which the evil and good sides reject for different reasons), or by the two sides of the doctor's mind, which is to give one side complete domination over the other (which each side wishes to be themselves, and so the conflict between them ensues). >The ultimate fate is suicide, but the truth is that she was revived and given a new cure, which is for three personalities, good, evil, and original, to share the body, and work together in such a way as to survive, meaning she finally gets real sleep. She is then recruited into a group that takes in various women with metahuman or transhuman qualities that are made to serve mankind as the pet monsters of a conspiracy that protects the world from unusual threats.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(228.79 KB 1024x1546 C5Gy7XIUYAEanrn.jpg)

When heart become broken. Horror not only come from monsters. human like to label monster, to single out bad things they perceive As if they are exemption

(267.48 KB 1000x741 85010235_p0.jpg)

(213.99 KB 850x1139 1254330.jpg)

(671.22 KB 700x933 gayer than main couple.png)

Doomsday/barren world Anonymous 05/14/2021 (Fri) 17:27:20 No. 247 [Reply]
Girls Last Tour (shukumatsu), Humanity Has Declined (Jinrui), gakkou gurashi, Yuru Camp
Jinrui no Mina-sama『じんるいのみなさまへ』 Nippon Ichi & Acquire game. About a group of girls surviving in ruined Akihabara. PS4 & Switch. https://archive.fo/hP8tF
(274.46 KB 500x1017 73185997_p0.jpg)

(144.20 KB 980x1300 30210664_p0.jpg)

In wreckage there is only you and crazy imouto

Kemonomimi Thread Anonymous 08/02/2020 (Sun) 02:22:51 No. 40 [Reply]
Because animals are nice
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