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(697.41 KB 595x854 2103mt595.jpg)

(200.46 KB 679x651 85315029_p4.jpg)

(306.67 KB 683x1919 enviroment yuri.jpeg)

Manga Time Kirara Anonymous 03/11/2021 (Thu) 16:59:05 No. 134
Spring In the cold days of being depressed in the corona I hope you will feel a sense of openness after reading.
(118.33 KB 420x604 76 15-01.jpeg)

(386.07 KB 697x1999 13 6-01.jpeg)

https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ゆゆ式#アニメ >On the official website, the characters were swapped as part of an April fool project in collaboration with "Kiniro Mosaic" (serialized in Manga Time Kirara MAX,
(515.32 KB 778x800 73605631_p0.jpg)

(43.41 KB 540x470 85707883_p1_master1200.jpg)

(226.70 KB 1052x740 1_198590_1119_1600-01.jpeg)

Twintail tsuntsun Aya: I hope you can reach your happiness with your crush too
(586.43 KB 815x1200 49987783_p0_master1200.jpg)

I need to read Hanayamata again https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/49987783
(257.04 KB 560x805 9416004_p0.jpg)

Dangerous lolicon
(39.53 KB 371x540 slow start indeed.jpg)

Umekiti just need to publish 49 yuri doujinshis before Kirara notice her
(572.23 KB 595x854 2105mt595 mou owa.jpg)

>Thank you for using our CDJapan eBooks website. >Recently we received a notice from one of our payment processing companies warning that some of the contents listed in our eBooks are violating their terms of their service and they may have to suspend the payment service if the situation continues. >If the payment service is suspended, it will cause a great amount of trouble to our customers and therefore for now, we have decided to remove all links to the eBooks pages from our CDJapan website. But that's how I buy Kirara digital
I need to start reading that Nodoka series
mfw I find a Kirara yuri in panda but it get mistagged mfw no one correct it because no one reads the manga
(170.85 KB 980x1402 01.jpg)

(483.81 KB 1474x830 07.jpeg)

(579.57 KB 1254x1771 78136507_p0.jpg)

(447.57 KB 1120x1044 feels in heaven.jpg)

A bit torogao from the og sandwich https://exhentai.org/g/142980/70a1ff0070/
(114.12 KB 856x780 sakuhima.jpg)

>>402 Tora update their notification mail. Nice seeing the preview like this.
(238.56 KB 711x782 stranger that just barge in.jpg)

(78.50 KB 457x332 redhead stalker.jpg)

In middle of watching Yell. I guess the new red girl will fill a role like Minaha from Stella Mahou >>492 >Dogakobo made Yuyushiki No wonder Izumi and Kohane remind me of Yukari and Yuzuko >Sansya Sanyou as well I can’t escape
>Inume become unintentional onee-sama >the imoutos gank osananajimi I'm digging this new arc
So Izume know Ishiku was a member in middle school but she barely appear in album
(274.79 KB 568x858 40192855_p0 tag.png)

She went heart pupil when senpai stare at her like Hotaru. What a lewd kouhai
(453.28 KB 1280x1808 344621 Stratosphere 04.jpg)

(663.90 KB 1280x1808 344621 Stratosphere 09.jpg)

(485.14 KB 1280x1161 344621 Stratosphere 26.jpg)

(358.31 KB 980x833 706982 16.jpg)

(38.61 KB 274x234 2131159 10.jpg)

(188.19 KB 868x691 2131159 04.jpg)

(179.93 KB 915x1335 18 2.jpg)

(1.00 MB 1280x720 me on my way to work.mp4)

>childhood friend
(163.23 KB 448x947 19 2.jpg)

(62.76 KB 488x360 kids.jpeg)

ayy Ritsu jelly
I read a lot of Kirara's covers to find artist/ I don't remember it perfectly but I'm sure from kanji it is Yuyushiki author. Speaking about yuyu, I got an excel file containing all chapter listing I used as ‘temporary’ excel utility list but ended up as my perpetual excel file Let’s see if I can get chronology correct 2007 May K-ON debut 2008 April, Kirara 2008 5 edition was published where Yuyushiki debut May - first printing of K-ON vol 1, first chapter of vol 2 2009 March - vol 2 published, Yuyu author made this illustration. Yuyushiki chapter 18 published
(49.52 KB 432x600 570675.jpg)

>>812 made-up (nakanaori) sex
(173.84 KB 414x1129 21 4-01.jpeg)

In observers eyes, as far as highschoolgirl goes they are so intimate
(1.77 MB 1456x2114 81672621_p0.jpg)

(163.30 KB 585x900 51399003_p0.jpg)

they really want to eat Yui. Yui probably anticipate their antics but since it is them, they probably make some spurs of the moment joke that left Yui hanging @@
(140.46 KB 1123x1600 vol 1 re-run.jpg)

(287.11 KB 1224x1120 2 months later.jpg)

>>823 >in 1 year vol 1 get print re-run for the 5th time K-ON was something else. Meanwhile people were still in closet and Mikami-sensei is pushing raging lesbian to its limit

(244.47 KB 483x1333 18 7.jpeg)

childhood friends. what will they do without you
summer training camp! now Ritsu is the one getting lonely

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