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Card game Anonymous 04/09/2021 (Fri) 21:52:34 No. 181
Hinalogic, Yugioh, MTG, Vanguard, Wixoss
(440.82 KB 1248x886 53466066_p0.jpg)
(336.21 KB 1000x1319 59806728_p0.jpg)
(452.91 KB 1000x1428 62612794_p0.jpg)
Which one is gayer, Wixoss...
or yuri-oh?
(140.88 KB 500x600 515138.jpg)
(251.67 KB 447x600 429098.jpg)
>>199 Wixoss has they gayer anime, but I like Yugioh cards more.
(242.59 KB 1000x1000 32c307a0e155f05c3c2e72bb7b8a9ade.jpg)
(67.22 KB 400x400 1978907.jpg)
(493.36 KB 700x989 56862072_p1.jpg)
If you live together, you'll end up doing something like this >>201 Funny Wixoss was designed as yugioh for lesbian girl but yugioh art catch up (at least in monster department)
>>203 That Bellamadonna size looks too similar to Holly Harpies are definitely lesbian species. Just like Amazons
gayest April Fool ever
>>201 Yu-Gi-Oh is made for yuri. It has so many cute designs ^///^
>Axgard >Asgard >>206 Also Valkyries can be lesbian

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