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/gameclub/ thread- Actraiser Anonymous 11/30/2021 (Tue) 02:52:42 Id: 2dccfc No. 480886 [Reply]
Other OPS are gone, so this is probably the last one until some other anon decides to make one. >What's the /gameclub/? It's a thread where we play a game and talk about it, who knows, maybe you'll even have f*n! GAME Actraiser is or was a franchise that is part side scrolling hack and slash reminiscent of Zelda II and part city builder reminiscent of Sim City that has you play as a deity who helps create civilization and kill monsters. The first game came out in Japan in 1990 making it one of the SNESs early flagship titles. A sequel was made in 1993 that is just pure hack and slash and a remake of the first came out in 2021 with more up to date graphics. The first game had a shit ton of censorship applied due to it being the 90s and on Nintendo like most games from Japan FUN FACT >The NA and Europe releases are significantly easier than the Japanese version of the game thanks to it having less traps in those versions and less enemy encounters in both action and simulation RESOURCES Share Thread: >>47877 Actraiser (NA Rom) https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/actraiser-usa/ Actraiser (JP translated) https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/actraiser-japan/ Actraiser 2 https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/actraiser-2-usa/ SNES emulators: https://www.emulator-zone.com/snes/ IMPORTANT SHIT Guides: Actraiser

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I just wanna say that the flying skulls can choke on my dense chode.

#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Fury's 30 Still Fatal Edition Anonymous 11/29/2021 (Mon) 03:27:20 Id: be6923 No. 480098 [Reply] [Last]
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Nathan Grayson leaves Kotaku to join the Washington Post's "Launcher" section https://archive.is/9hqq0 >Kotaku: "Sega Changes PSO2 Name To Something Less Borderline Racist" https://archive.is/XwXUd >Guilty Gear Strive censors mention of Taiwan and other countries https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Factorio developer attacked by SJWs after he refuses to denounce man whose programming advice he linked and denounces cancel culture https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/20/attempts-to-cancel-factorio-dev-backfire-players-and-positive-reviews-swell/ https://archive.fo/S9SyH >Voice Actress Ai Kayano's lines removed from Azur Lane and Arknights after Chinese people object to her visiting Yasukuni Shrine https://nichegamer.com/2021/06/22/report-ai-kayano-voice-and-credit-removed-from-azur-lane-and-arknights-after-chinese-outcry/ https://archive.is/qTQD3 >Five Nights at Frieddy's developer Scott Cawthon retires after SJWs and game journalists attack him for donating to Republican politicians https://archive.fo/wCpMC https://archive.fo/Fe8Ey

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(17.80 KB 386x376 [Screaming Begins Again].jpg)

>>480946 >yewtube doesn't allow embeds anymore for my version of waterfox I BET THE (((ELVES))) ARE BEHIND THIS!
>>480560 To think that we have advanced to a time where the green pea-ness joke can be referenced when there is actual green penis in the thread in which it is posted. It's really a pretty good time to be alive.
>>480868 It is always ok to kill jews and leftards.

Witch thread. Anonymous 10/06/2021 (Wed) 23:14:55 Id: 3056c1 No. 435592 [Reply] [Last]
Lets have a cute witch thread in honor of our fallen comrade. Post cute video game witches.
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(201.45 KB 1034x784 yotsubawitch.jpg)

(348.24 KB 1500x2000 Witch uraraka.jpg)

(552.41 KB 1000x1000 Witche.png)

(139.69 KB 422x600 witches.jpg)

(268.78 KB 500x729 witch time.png)

Happy Halloween.
here's a pretty nasty one
>>480949 Here's a better mature witch

(9.84 MB 360x360 Omae Wa Mou.webm)

(3.46 MB 640x480 petersonian.webm)

(3.87 MB 854x480 tentacles.webm)

webm thread Anonymous 11/15/2021 (Mon) 07:32:34 Id: 5d2ae3 No. 467206 [Reply] [Last]
New thread because the last one is bumplocked
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(15.65 MB 640x480 Insert_dick_to_continue.webm)

>>479872 >Bring Me The Horizon My fucking sides. Yeah, I know who they are, they have a couple of songs I really like (Throne, Drown, Avalanche, Oh No, Kingslayer, Ludens), so this is so funny to me that I was so close, yet so far away. Thank you for telling me, anon. Have this.
>>480342 >that YOOOOOOO gets me every time that sfx
>>477796 Name of guy alluded to?

(3.67 MB 5312x2988 20180708_205240.jpg)

Anonymous 11/29/2021 (Mon) 21:30:17 Id: c0ccaa No. 480717 [Reply]
I need a new controller for my PC. Mine has been thrown and bashed against the desk so many times over the years that I don't know how much longer it's going to last. It barely stays together these days. The vibration modules have both fallen out. I prefer a wired controller, but will consider wireless. The last wireless peripherals I had was like 20 years ago and I didn't like the latency, but perhaps that's improved. I really like the Xbox controller design, feel, and compatibility with my games, but I can't find my model anymore unless I wait 4 weeks for shipping even from Amazon. I rely on the autism of /v/ to recommend me the best controller.
24 posts and 10 images omitted.
(12.81 KB 426x364 Best controller ever made.jpg)

(34.70 KB 800x450 That D-pad.jpg)

(17.23 KB 474x328 image.jpg)

(19.00 KB 300x330 CC.jpg)

>>480717 >I really like the Xbox controller design, feel, and compatibility with my games, but I can't find my model anymore unless I wait 4 weeks for shipping even from Amazon. Drop by thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets. You'll usually find one for about $5-$15. And, the best 360 pads are the original MadCatz ones. >>480762 >Is it worth buying a ps5 controller? From what I heard, they're shit. >>480781 >>480792 >>480805 >>Rolling d-pads It honestly depends. I don't understand the rage around the "rolling D-pads" for the Sega systems, but the D-pads for the Yok SNES controller and the PS1 Performance GamePad are absolute bliss. >>480816 >Same with the Gamecube controller's joystick My GC controller still work, and they're one of the first-print editions.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>480964 >first-print Gamecube controller Is it Made in Japan? That's what I noticed when comparing Gamecube revisions. >DOL-001 set: Made in Japan >DOL-101 set: Made in China
>>480781 A few months ago I bought the controller, as well as a generic USB_Bluetooth stick for the PC. It has worked like a charm up until now, when I would activate the controller, get 2-5 minutes of it working then suddenly shutting down(even if I am a few inches away from the Bluetooth receiver). I would then turn it back on, and it would immediately turn off. It's not the batteries, since I recently replaced them, and in that case I had a different indication(it would turn on, then flash, then turn off). The only "fix" I found is to connect it with a USB to the PC(which works fine, but it's a short cable so it's not preferable), and after a certain amount of time, I can simply disconnect the USB, and the bluetooth will work again fro a few more minutes, then I have to restart the process. The only explanation I could find, is that I need to update the firmware, but apparently I need "Xbox Accessories", and for that I have to make a MS account, which I do not want. Searched for alternative free downloads, all of them linked back to the MS store. You might say I need a special MS Bluetooth receiver at 60+ dollars, but for months this generic Bluetooth device has worked like a charm, so I doubt that would solve it. Have you had this problem as well? Is it the firmware, and if yes, how can I get MS Accessories, without making an account. or how can I directly download the latest firmware?

(446.82 KB 1200x630 SMT5_2.jpg)

Shin Megami Tensei V Anonymous 11/05/2021 (Fri) 04:33:02 Id: ceb6bd No. 458572 [Reply] [Last]
>Day 1 DLC >Doi is still making some shitty designs like Amanozako along the fact that designs like Demeter and Zeus are in the game >Seemingly minimal dungeons, the open world replaces them for the most part The plot is still up in the air though but all signs point to this game continuing the downward spiral of SMT.
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(1.67 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)

Ok so I got to area 4 finally. Story spoilers up to that point. Ok I Tao is alive, kinda and a party member now. Cool. But I worry if she'll stay a party member Taking her from you twice seems like a dick move and I don't think they'd do it but does she leave or die again? What I'm really asking is should I use her? And if she does leave can I still use her in a non-canon way like resummon her with the pokedex or something. No story specifics for this question please. I can't recall his name for the life of me but Insecure hat fag I fucking knew he was gonna be Abdiel's knowledge. I've got 74 hours in this fucking game I should know the names but they've only ever been on screen for such a tiny fraction of that. Only ones I can remember are Tao cause I liked her and Aogami cause he's pretty cool. Still haven't gotten to the part from that image but I'm excited for it. Now on to the gameplay. Area 4 is quite the difficulty spike, leveled up a little went to fight the first abcess and the thing has 11 levels on me and I do fuck all for damage. You also have enemies that were bosses not too long ago just regular fights(werewolf and blue ten armed guy). Now I'm not sure if this is great RNG or a mechanic but I encountered like 10 mitamas in random fights and off navi points and got up to level appropriate in like 15 minutes.I constantly have to be using my grimoires on my Idun and Yoshitsune and a few others because I've hit the max twice now and the game throws grimoires at me. I don't know if I should maybe try getting rid of Yoshi and Idun but they are still great and I feel like they are keeping up well especially since I gave them some stat boosters a while back, Idun especially. Both are just so incredibly powerful. I haven't explored much of area 4 but there don't seem to be many leyline founts its a pain in the ass. I've only found one. I felt the urge to try to summon on a full moon again to get a random demon. First try I fused my lv 45 Anahita and lv 51 Thoth together for a lv67 Melchizedeck and got a lv 69 Fuu-Ki. I was surprised by the first try but Melch was better. I tried again about 10 more times and got a lv 72 Thor. A full 10 levels above my Nahobino and a quite a bit stronger than Melch. Not gonna push my luck further but this is the strat for getting rid of old demons you can't figure out what to make. just reroll fusions on full moons till ya get something crazy.
>>480947 Are you playing on Hard mode, have ADD/ADHD or work like 60 hours a week? Also save scumming is a thing when it comes to minimizing bad luck or avoiding death when grinding. >that spoiler I ain't reading all that shit it hurts my eyes but >I haven't explored much of area 4 but there don't seem to be many leyline founts Keep running around nigga you'll find em eventually and boy oh boy you're gonna be there for a LONG time, can't wait for you to finish the game in at least 2 more weeks and 50 more hours.
>>480960 I haven't been playing everday like I was for the first like 4/5 days after release. Haven't had much motivation to play or do anything lately. I'm playing on normal. I explore the maps thoroughly, do every quest, find every Miman and go back to Mitama spawns every few hours. I also spend like 10 minutes thinking about whether to take a new move or keep my old moves every time a new one pops up and I spend a fuck ton of time looking at the different demon fusions wondering what to fuse. I'm at 79 hours now I wrote my last post spoiler part like 2 days ago but didn't post it. Haven't gotten much farther in area 4. Killed one abcess and thats about it. Also took the quest to unlock Odaiba in area 1 and spent a bit of time there resetting the Steel Mitama for 2 gospels to drop but never got it after resetting for like an hour. I know its possible I got a 2 drop from a different one. I've got 16 Gospels now. Haven't used one yet.

ITT vidya related drinking games Anonymous 11/29/2021 (Mon) 17:06:34 Id: 122bc3 No. 480550 [Reply]
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=z6ducLZFNl8 Try watching this, take a shot each time you see any of the following >RPG Maker >Default RPG Maker assets/fonts/combat >Furry characters >Quirky and unique enemy designs (what if [mundane thing] was alive?!?!? what if dogs were evil?!?) >Quirky dialogue (raises spork!!!1) >Pop culture references >Nostalgia baiting <hard mode >pixel art >blatantly ripping off MOTHER's art style without an ounce of originality >faggotry >manchildren >muh feelings/muh depreshaun Good Luck
Obviously the old classic "Mario Retardy" where you have four CPUs play Mario Party (any version) and you take a shot every time your chosen character loses a minigame (when someone gets a star, everyone else takes two shots). You could also just have everyone actively playing instead of four CPUs, but that devolves quickly into liver failure.
(200.41 KB 773x179 falco-noend.png)

What's wrong with pixel art? Some of the pixel art in these games is actually pretty good, even though it's derivative. I am one of those faggots who loves good pixel art, so I can appreciate the effort they put in here. You should be more angry about the fact that they're wasting their talents on making derivative, uninspired dog shit based on a mediocre SNES RPG that was ignored in its own era and should've stayed that way.

(931.79 KB 1378x776 RollerCoaster.png)

(1.69 MB 1499x861 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.38 MB 1518x857 ClipboardImage.png)

VR Thread Anonymous 11/30/2021 (Tue) 05:08:40 Id: 342c53 No. 480961 [Reply]
Theres an event happening in VRchat called "Vket" which is basically just a virtual comiket, but for VR products, again not really a game but it's neat. one of the planned worlds is looks like an armored core rip-off, though I'm not expecting to be piloting any mechs. Also, are there any VR games you think are worth picking up? Any that you'd want to exist? I've had this weird need for a VR JRPG, not sure if it'd work but I'd be interested to see what it'd look like.
They should ban non Japanese IPs from entering
>>480962 They can't even if they wanted to. VRchat hosts the worlds, so while you can start an instance of a world only people in your friends list, or friends of friends, you can't stop someone from just making a new instance without those requirements.

(601.99 KB 640x360 f14541936.webm)

Share Thread: Please Remember the Abused Chaikas Anonymous 11/24/2021 (Wed) 19:58:58 Id: 3cc00c No. 476242 [Reply]
READ ME BEFORE ASKING FOR ANYTHING YOU FAGGOT FUCK gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/OP-Pasta Previous Thread: https://archive.ph/ldX0N How to Contribute Post ITT, make a pull request (git client or gitgud IDE) or raise an issue. If you do not have you own gitgud.io account: tough shit because the public account is busted. Before requesting first check THE GITGUDS YOU COLOSSAL COCKGUZZLER, THEY EXIST FOR A REASON DEAD LINKS ARE CURRENTLY BEING PURGED Anons have experienced shady shit with IGG (e.g. miners and extra files that served no purpose in terms of running the games) and they're from Vietnam gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/CheckingBeforePosting gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/PC gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/GOG.sha256 gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/Consoles gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/LewedGames

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>480801 >creamapi Never even heard of it, googling seems to indicate it was discontinued. Was it used to fool the local steam client into believing your account had all dlcs which you downloaded manually? Sounds like the perfect solution to me.
Does anyone know where i can find the Wii game "A New Beginning" ? I can't find it one the https://gitgud.io/Blank/stv/raw/m/CheckingBeforePosting

(2.89 MB 1600x1200 sonia.png)

QTDDTOT Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 22:52:46 Id: 700bb9 No. 228459 [Reply] [Last]
you know the script, niggers for any 8/16bit and certain ps1 games, i've been using the 6 btn megadrive/genesis controller, love the d-pad and clicky buttons, so my question is, should i re-order another 6btn megadrive, or is there a better alternative?
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(447.67 KB 1200x675 harry potter.png)

Do you think the Harry Potter legacy game will come to PC, and it will run on wine? Because i really don't want to buy a ps5. Maybe i'll get it for ps4.
>>480950 There is zero way to predict whether or not a game will run on wine or not. If it's a single-player game it's likely to be fine. If it's an online game it's likely to not run because it probably has some stupid anti-cheat. Looking at the developer history for Avalanche Software it doesn't seem like they've made a habit of wine incompatible games. But that is very loose grounds to predict anything on. The wiki for the game says it's shipping on Windows.
>>480683 He makes you give him head pats (in text during negotiation) in SMTV. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=AoXkTTgWCyY They never did that with me though they would usually try to fucking kill me.

(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id: a120a4 No. 25719 [Reply] [Last]
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
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>>480839 Why should should I have to appeal to Kazu's faggotry just to get into contact with him and tell him how to do his "job" correctly?
>>480891 because hes corrupt like most officials without any morality or oversight
Why is the tor version of the site so unreliable? Sometimes it works and sometimes the reply button takes so long to post that it fools me into thinking it doesn't work.

(236.55 KB 1105x962 Orson.jpg)

New batch of Nvidia leaks Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 23:05:49 Id: 811e3e No. 457602 [Reply] [Last]
This time, release dates included https://web.archive.org/web/20211103180922/https://gist.github.com/woctezuma/a1252976913713390963b745fbc51e73 This is a huge one Some examples >Ghost of Tsushima (PC port) 8th of February 2022 >Blood Bowl 3 10th of February 2022 >Cities Skylines 2 15th of February 2022 >Company of Heroes 3 23rd of September 2022 >Crysis 4 25th of October 2024 >Dead Island 2 25th of February 2022 >Descent (remake)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(39.25 KB 1280x624 1280px-Sz_modern.svg.png)

>>480650 >it could even appear literally right next to a normal S!) That's because it's a holdover from the German Eszett, dipshit. Two s's next to each other get concatenated.
(85.29 KB 412x490 Todd_Howard_visits_8chan.png)

>>457626 >Fuck Crytek, fucking backstabbing jews >backstabbing jews >jews <The filthy turkroaches I'm not saying one is better than the other, just letting you know what kind of bugspray to use. >I'll take 10 copies, thanks Todd! <Only 10 You're gonna have to do better than that anon.
>>479400 >these unique mechanics need to be dumbed down and made identical to everything else because I don't understand how to do it properly git gud

Pokémon Company Confirm Pokémon Legends Arceus is Not an Open-World Game Anonymous 10/09/2021 (Sat) 20:54:51 Id: 4e42be No. 437994 [Reply] [Last]
The Pokémon Company have confirmed Pokemon Legends Arceus is not a truly open-world game, but seemingly more akin to Monster Hunter. Fooling absolutely everyone with bullshit marketing. Honestly I'm actually impressed, the last time someone was able to bullshit so hard was Metal Gear Solid V, although I think EVERYONE is expecting Arceus to be half assed. Still, I'm quite impressed how Game Freak continues to fuck up, yet people keep buying their shit. I think all someone needs to do to compete is to steal the base formula but actually enrich it with content. Still I figured this was worth a thread considering how they pretty much lied in their marketing. https://archive.ph/vKDHA
171 posts and 55 images omitted.
>>450038 >You think the userbase here is actually younger than 4chan's current userbase? Yes. I played from gen I to gen VI and gen III was always my favorite. >muh water IGN has poisoned your mind.
>>480684 The post you're replying to said nothing about water. It was talking about features that were removed. For you to completely ignore that and act like it was talking about water, just so you can call the poster an IGNorant faggot, shows how truly retarded you are. You couldn't even attempt to actually address the point. As expected from a Hoennbabby.
>>450814 >Platinum will remain superior to BDSP no matter what so it's better to replay that instead. When they release the updated versions, they should just sell the ultimate versions instead. For example, instead of fire red and leaf green, just only have piss yellow.

(268.92 KB 1280x1889 1638040484011-2.jpg)

What would a GOOD remake/enhanced port of a game change about a particular game? Anonymous 11/28/2021 (Sun) 07:28:56 Id: d5fc92 No. 479349 [Reply]
Video game remakes, especially modern ones, tend to suck and have no idea what made the original game good and making random changes while the additions are relatively pointless. What games do you think could actually benefit from a remake with relatively minor changes? Hard Mode: Not just modern interface/controls and actually working on modern machines. Baten Kaitos >Nipponese VA by default and no distorted audio in stereo >time based magus changes longer than a 5 hours are based on real time instead of game time >lower the number of missable items, especially on disc one >add the wing dash and instant ladders from the sequel >improve the element variety of Lyude and Sylvana's magus so they're not stuck with two contradictory elements >buff non-weapon magus so they're more than novelties Breath of Fire II >new translation (duh) >add the dragon gene system found in III because BoF2 Ryu is super boring >this also allows adds more stuff to fill out all the empty sections in dungeons >make shamans obtainable earlier so the system matters before just the final few dungeons >make the solo sten segment less of a hell if he's not leveled up when you enter it >make Patty join the party when you reach the final dungeon

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(565.40 KB 958x717 5fd.png)

>>480743 > Enjoy your shitty waifu coomer games forever <Not your f2p, lootbox driven, (((diversity-infested))), celebrity voiced, ///in-house developed\\\ sportsball shootan faglitary pseudo-MMO "experiences" Come on anon, you should know the difference of the average niponese stoner developer and the normalfags and investors by now.
>>480745 Anon please, we have gone down this path before. Remember Net-juu?
>>480880 At this point I have more faith in chink devs than nip devs.

(181.13 KB 1017x591 8chanTV.jpg)

Stream Thread: Second Edition Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 20:05:26 Id: 936f31 No. 471628 [Reply] [Last]
https://watch.8ch.moe/ Post a link to your channel here if you're streaming. Previous thread: https://archive.ph/VwUMC
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>>480072 we are live again, continuing MGS1
>>480803 Thanks dude, I'm downloading it right now.
>>480803 Damn, mega damn near crashed my pc. The second the download finished my audio stopped working properly just a loud screeching, everything froze for a minute plus than firefox crashed and the desktop crashed and restarted itself soon after. Attempt number 2, hopefully it doesn't happen again since the download seemingly got destroyed in the crashing.

(44.26 KB 500x373 unnamed (2).jpg)

Vidya Lounge Thread Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 16:37:19 Id: 33c988 No. 343401 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /v/'s comfy lounge. This thread is for general discussion about /v/-related topics that don't deserve/fit in regular threads. The rules 'may be treated more flexibly here, but please take care not to make a mess and don't be a retard. Rules: 1. The lounge is a shared community with /v/. Posters should have posts elsewhere on the board before entering the lounge. 2. Discussion should pertain to /v/-type content only, such as funposting about video games, more video games, industry matters, and gamer™ interests. Colouring outside the lines MAY be okay, however posters do so at their own risk with the understanding that said posts might be moderated without forewarning at any time.
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>>478622 >Everybody else still needs to prove their existence to their boss just like usual You are not going to get an extended payroll just because you are putting in extra effort or some shit like that, especially in a company of hundreds of workers. You don't "stand out" or "prove your work", you just do what you are told to do and you get paid for it, that's it.
>>478921 >You don't "stand out" or "prove your work", you just do what you are told to do and you get paid for it, that's it. That's exactly what I said.
(85.22 KB 579x485 shirtimage-0 (2).png)

(204.33 KB 553x312 ClipboardImage.png)

It is time to jack boxes together again. https://cytu.be/r/Jackbox1

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