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#GamerGate + #NotYourShield [#GG + #NYS]: Gun-wielding Lesbians Edition Anonymous 05/21/2022 (Sat) 03:08:03 Id: b9767e No. 604801 [Reply] [Last]
ONGOING DISCUSSIONS: >Embracer (Formerly THQ Nordic) buys multiple IPs from Square Enix for $300 Million https://archive.ph/wGTUC >Elon Musk Buys Twitter:https://archive.ph/pweWJ https://archive.ph/5cyDH >Disney employees create open letter and are asking people to sign a petition for political neutrality https://archive.ph/9ES8d >BuzzFeed shareholders urge CEO Jonah Peretti to shut down the ENTIRE news operation which has '100 staff and loses $10MILLION a year': Staff bombard execs with questions in leaked audio of tense meeting about the news https://archive.is/8viWf >Former Gawker Media properties G/O Media of staff from Kotaku, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Lifehacker and The Root went on strike. https://archive.ph/pyYJg >MS buys Actiblizz https://archive.ph/Lc4Em >Sony buys Bungie for $3.6 Billion https://archive.fo/7BE4T >Sony Vice President of Playstation Network George Cacioppo exposed for trying to have sex with a 15 year old minors through Grindr App via chatlogs from "People Vs Predators" Group: https://archive.md/SlG30 >Archives Prove IGN Executive Review Editor Dan Stapleton Lied When Claiming Outlet Would Not Report On Sony Exec Pedophile Allegations Because They Don’t Cover “General Crime”: https://boundingintocomics.com/2021/12/07/archives-prove-ign-executive-review-editor-lied-when-claiming-outlet-would-not-report-on-sony-exec-pedophile-allegations-because-they-dont-cover-general-crime/ - https://archive.md/uuDNE https://archive.md/O7wma

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(10.92 KB 205x246 download.jpg)

>>604935 >muh everyone is one strawman Die in a fire, corporate shill.
(915.00 KB 300x283 laughing whiskey.gif)

>pointing out luciano/niggerpill samefaggotry is being a coporate shill >anon was mostly discussing goblins & dwarves, nothing praising coporations

(26.58 KB 267x373 Hearts_of_Iron_IV_packshot.jpg)

(404.36 KB 640x360 stiahnuť (26).png)

(1.31 MB 1440x1080 dytairfdaeh31.png)

(4.53 MB 2400x1350 map.png)

Hoi4 Thread Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 09:33:36 Id: 3bdc40 No. 570942 [Reply] [Last]
Hearts of iron 4, one of the most modded game in these trying times. Sadly it is popular between trannies, but also suprisingly far-right people too. >News NSB updates fucked up a lot of mods even those in development. Fuck paracucks for not accepting that their lives solely offtopic mods What is your favourite mod? What mods are you looking foward. Any after action report? What were your latest campaigns/games?
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>>604527 I've meant I don't want any of those pozzed paths for some of the countries. I've heard that some us president takes the americans to mars? Which one is it?
>>604546 >I've heard that some us president takes the americans to mars? Which one is it? Yeah glenn, his is one crazy path and pretty cool, imo the best ending for the USA in TNO and if you manage to negotiate with japan and germany, one of the few ways to avoid WW3. I think the only real pozzed path for the USA is the socialist, even robert kennedy's path is pretty cool.
(82.88 KB 367x541 S4kNpwndcA.jpg)

(72.16 KB 284x544 6lknBXb0-2E.jpg)

(1.93 MB 670x101 1.gif)


(335.79 KB 2560x1440 BO3 mods.jpg)

(150.29 KB 1200x675 DwSiBFDWwAA2sn_.jpg)

(770.15 KB 739x428 ldxn3fdpssb31.png)

(771.62 KB 320x568 elRKPvkVxlfLs91z.mp4)

(2.62 MB 1146x638 1617889800670.webm)

Call of Duty Thread Anonymous 05/10/2021 (Mon) 22:07:49 Id: 9e46d3 No. 306120 [Reply] [Last]
What mods are you playing? What skins are you using? Do you want to play with anyone?
392 posts and 285 images omitted.
>>588232 >That's a cute Schnauzer I missed that part, you meant the dog I guess if the manchild with soon-to-be dried up ovaries is going to replace a child and a man in her life with a dog, she should at least groom the dog properly, that is when she's not bouncing around in a child's playhouse or tweeting about ukraine or what have you Everything else about her and the studio is just so stereotypical that it's something I would expect /v/ to make a shitpost about. I'm not gonna shit up the thread more with that, tho, but it is very relevant in context of why vanguard/COD as a whole is what it is today
40$ bundle for Vanguard spotted Keep in mind, full game is 60$, buying both will cost you 100$, and the game has no content and bleeding players For reference, 10 years ago camos cost 2.99$ per pop, and it also included things like reticules for all gun sights and a player card with your purchase. Gun skins here only work on one specific gun each, and you cannot take off any attachments or the skin gets ruined(attachments not good, you have to handicap yourself to get the look you paid for)
(935.54 KB 1193x841 white girls fuck _____.png)

>>552742 >Pack Leader >Norse knot You just know

Warner Bros. Multiversus Anonymous 05/20/2022 (Fri) 07:13:17 Id: 4851ff No. 604327 [Reply] [Last]
So this pile went into alpha today and people have been streaming it. Key takeaways: >It's kinda boring to watch and sucks for viewership >Animations are slow and lack punchiness, speed and impact >It's hard to tell what's going on most of the time in a 2v2 match because the move telegraphy and keyframing kinda sucks >The movesets aren't terribly cool or interesting <On a funny note, I've been watching one streamer play this all day and not a single person online has picked Steven Universe the whole time he's been streaming Since WB is apparently ready to go fullbore into this, already announcing a huge 2v2 Evo tournament with cash prizes, this game is probably gonna stick around for a while. Closed beta is next month and it's free to play so I'll probably give it a shot but so far I think it looks kinda lackluster. Still better than Nick All Stars Brawl though.
96 posts and 36 images omitted.
>>604929 And thats entirely your opinion, not a fact, mr no-fun-allowed.
>>604485 Popeye would be stronger
>>604938 WB owns Popeye, it's probably inevitable that he gets added to this.

(51.79 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)

Anonymous 04/22/2022 (Fri) 20:21:31 Id: b09225 No. 584658 [Reply] [Last]
Friday night motherfucka! What'cha >PLAYAN >WATCHAN >LISTENAN >READAN >EATAN >DRINKAN >FAPPAN >FEELAN Personally: >PLAYAN Azure dreams. It's more or less the best true roguelike that you can play/emulate on a mobile device. >WATCHAN Random youtube crap

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>604792 Girls with large foreheads get it up the butt, its the law.
(71.74 KB 630x630 That's Life!.jpg)

aw fuck I missed the thread by a few hours >PLAYAN TF2 Classic custom weapon servers. It's been fucking painful though, because with every update of the custom weapon mod they break something. If the Liberty Launcher isn't unloading its entire clip at once because of a coding typo, you have 200 HP engineer with 50% damage resistance coming at you with a high damage Uzi with a very high fire rate. I witnessed one destroy an overhealed heavy and chase away his medic in mere seconds. If it's not that, it's a similar situation with a gunspy but from far away. Why the fuck they thought this would be fun to fight against is beyond me. For something so hard to dev for due to needing to decompile and recompile before every update, they sure don't fucking plan or test anything. Oh, and I'm replaying Dishonored 1 again. I beat it on Low Chaos, and now I'm about to beat it on High Chaos. After that, I'm gonna do the same thing for the DLC. Due to being so familiar with the game, I'm also playing on the hardest difficulty (and still fucking up a lot). >WATCHAN Art tutorials from this semi-aggressive dude who apparently has a professional portfolio. I have learned to not use my imagination for reference until I'm already as a professional level, and to reference from artists that I like to find my own style. With this in mind, I already got a project in mind to test this. I'm also watching some gayming videos. >LISTENAN Video game music mostly. >READAN Nothing at the moment. >EATAN I pan fried a burger earlier. It was fucking delicious, but I ate it too fast and hurt my stomach a little. >DRINKAN Water and CBD. >FAPPAN

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>604930 >TF2 Classic custom weapon servers I've noticed there's some guy on youtube who posts like a million videos on custom weapons loadouts and they look really fun

SEGA games Anonymous 05/15/2022 (Sun) 04:49:06 Id: 8cef55 No. 600724 [Reply]
I know that it's only asking for trouble but it's sad to see so many of their franchises dead. Is there any SEGA game you would like to see a proper sequel of? I would like a 3D Platformer of Ristar. The arms mechanic could be fun in an open enviroment if done right. Something with Opa Opa would be cool too.
29 posts and 17 images omitted.
>>603478 >since it was just after Sonic '06, and the lesson they took away was that Sonic shouldn't have multiple playable characters Sega's a little retarded aren't they?
>>601154 There are genuine issues with the two nuDoom games, both aesthetic concerns and technical gameplay and design reasons. Both in general and from the perspective of fans of the original Doom games or just traditional FPS's in general. Like what you like but that doesn't make the problems go away.
>>601154 I liked Doom 2016.

Valkyria Chronicles Anonymous 05/21/2022 (Sat) 01:55:27 Id: 7bbd3f No. 604778 [Reply]
>favorite tactics that aren't just scout rush >best girl >Denuvo removed from VC4 when? >What do you want see in VC5? >if Darcsens are identifiable only by their hair, why don't they just shave their heads? >why so few man-portable (non-sub) machine guns? >why did gunner get dropped in VC4 when they were 2's best addition?
1 post and 1 image omitted.
(10.33 MB 1280x960 ailehenshin.webm)

(1.64 MB 1280x960 ashehenshin.webm)

(5.59 MB 1280x960 ailezxhenshin.webm)

>>604797 I wonder if Sega has better quality versions of the anime cutscenes or any other assets for 2/3 for use in a hypothetical combined re-release. Capcom did for the ZX Collection and it actually makes the PC version of the re-release something of value (the games are fully voiced in Nipponese and it's a simple mod to use it in PC version) since the lack of DS compression is obvious.
>>604810 Ignore how those conversions came out not that great looking. The raw MKV is way better
Is it true that VC4 flopped in comparison to the other games despite having relatively more of a marketing push? Does it spell the death of the franchise given the 1-2 punch of it and Azure Revolution's horrid reception? Is it because 4 had a tranny?

Lets discuss good games EA helped produce Anonymous 05/17/2022 (Tue) 07:19:18 Id: 194681 No. 602487 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone else remember when EA was good? They haven't been involved with making a good game in over a decade. Dead Space 2 being the last good game I remember them being involved with. Sure, they were always greedy, but they are in no way as greedy as they are today. I cannot recall any broken/unfinished games released by EA before 2010. Buying an EA game used to mean buying a quality, finished product. Now all it means is buying an unfinished broken mess.
46 posts and 24 images omitted.
(12.83 KB 187x269 Simcity.jpg)

(49.67 KB 256x330 Bulletstorm.jpg)

(18.41 KB 340x340 Titanfall-2-PS4.jpg)

>>602487 Lest we forget all the studios EA brutally murdered or enslaved. >>604441 Why would they let themselves be so easily bullied?
>>604655 check'd Fuck EA and any exec or manager that was in anyway involved with Titanfall2, it is the only fps where I have played and finished every difficulty of the campaign on the same day because it was just that much fun. Multiplayer is still alive thanks to Northstar and getting my anus gaped by sing sings and sea gooks isnt even that bad, the combat and speed of the game tickles my dopamine in a way no other fps multiplayer game has before. EA and their soulless corporat suits need to die.
(242.06 KB 871x955 Teagan_cry.jpg)

(718.83 KB 293x182 crying_sink.gif)

>>604655 >>604877 >I'm never going to hear BT tell me to trust him again I hate EA.

(468.66 KB 1200x658 ClipboardImage.png)

PC Hardware Thread #4 Anonymous 04/07/2022 (Thu) 01:49:35 Id: 8fbb24 No. 572951 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss PC hardware related topics. Last three threads https://archive.ph/TgN1a https://archive.ph/ceUXJ https://archive.ph/Xyu9F
471 posts and 137 images omitted.
>>603353 It runs worse when my vcore is too low, it's strange since 4.5ghz doesn't run like 4.5ghz at 1.2~, if I'm running all cores then undervolting doesn't bother me or hinder it much since I won't be putting my processor under single/dual/quad core load compared to 16 core mode, which is what I use for rpcs3 emulation, and 8 core for emus like yuzu and PCSX2, etc. It's honestly not a huge issue if you're not trying to crank out as much performance out of your silicon like I am. I also recently realized that yuzu performs best if you use the same cores as the switch uses, 4 cores and 5 threads.
>>604026 Maybe it's to do with the Amp limits, since lower V + same W = higher A
>>604298 no v=ir and W=i²r so its not possible. and yes the r change but with more works on the cpu the r goes down

(2.99 MB 2391x1191 elden ring nip and fat.png)

(24.31 KB 320x376 skele scream.jpg)

(41.35 KB 720x759 skeletor legal fee.jpg)

(362.13 KB 475x347 skele wtf throw.gif)

(1.62 MB 1280x720 skele hot spring.png)

ELDEN RING: SKELES STILL SPOOKY EDITION Anonymous 04/16/2022 (Sat) 10:09:44 Id: 1fa452 No. 579711 [Reply] [Last]
Is anybody still playing or have they done everything until the inevitable DLC? Or are you just burnt out on Yet Another From Game: This Time With A Horsey™
413 posts and 166 images omitted.
>>579857 Her old body was infertile and riddled with stds from all the hardcore pounding she received from monsters. Hence the reason why she needed to transfer her soul and possess a new body.
>>603599 The early wiki trolled me by telling me that you had to kill her and she would shed skin and resurrect for the good ending. Epic troll bro.
>>602606 Malenia isn't a boss.

(14.37 MB 444x250 100% Taxes.webm)

(3.94 MB 852x480 absolute state of reddit.webm)

(1.10 MB 1280x720 AFRO-NAZBOL GANG.mp4)

WEBM/MP4 Thread Anonymous 05/01/2022 (Sun) 23:54:11 Id: 292617 No. 591717 [Reply] [Last]
New thread. Let's fucking go.
Edited last time by Felbot on 05/02/2022 (Mon) 16:21:56.
363 posts and 1111 images omitted.
>>604744 >doing anything but celebrating a dead jew
(70.69 KB 283x266 FFYdWIxXwAg4iRy.png)

>>604793 sounds like someone needs to take a vacation
(31.85 MB 720x300 The Bad Guys.webm)

Vidya Levels Anonymous 05/19/2022 (Thu) 22:38:40 Id: faa773 No. 604099 [Reply]
What are some of the best levels/maps you've played? Whether it's the physical layout of the map, some crazy shit that goes down on it, the aesthetics, or some other niche part of it that you enjoy without really understanding. You can also post maps you've made for games, like stuff in Source's Hammer, I've found the level design in Metroid Prime to be really atmospheric, each area felt unique with the combination of the environments, music, and enemies all tying everything together. Phendrana Drifts really sticks out, and overall I like the design more in 1 than in 2, there was more variety and stuff to look at than just "sad world corrupt by evil". One of my other favorite levels is the farmhouse shootout in Splinter Cell, it's set up almost like a tower defense where you have to defend a bunch of captured burgers and bugmen from rusia monkes trying to silence them. You have a short time beforehand to set up wall mines and place other traps to stop the slav hordes from coming, as well as two automatic turrets at your disposal that also shoot at you as well so don't stand in front of them. I used to dick around with Hammer a lot, making maps for Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2, but I never released any of them simply because I didn't want to release anything that was unfinished nor did I really have the time or motivation to invest into them. I still have most of the VMFs, except for the dam level that I would work on in the back of class that my history teacher called "Escape from Dachau". Good times.
5 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>604127 They are good maps, just astoundingly boring
2Fort. It's truly iconic.
>>604106 bruh that UT level. when i had no friends i loved commanding the bots around to fight while i telediscked or whatever to the top to steal the flag. what a great level

You can undo one game Anonymous 04/15/2022 (Fri) 02:03:24 Id: e513dd No. 578676 [Reply] [Last]
If you could back in time and retroactively erase one title from ever existing, and therefore vanishing with it any influence it ever had on the industry, which game would that be? I can't decide between these two.
163 posts and 69 images omitted.
Gone Home.
(29.54 KB 460x215 header.jpg)

if i had to delete one of those 2 games OP it would be darksouls because i would never get to play morrowind

(347.79 KB 1024x768 shrine of the seven stars.jpg)

(209.52 KB 1024x1024 b5bb2738b9578153e9989aee17859488.jpg)

(209.28 KB 1280x720 valley_of_the_four_winds.jpg)

(743.22 KB 950x594 jade forest.jpg)

Mists of Pandaria - Mistblade Private Server Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 02:50:19 Id: 58790f No. 598429 [Reply] [Last]
Come play Mists of Pandaria with us on a private server! We are a group of Anons that are from 8ch and 4chan. The server is semi-fresh and only the first raid tier is unlocked. We are playing on alliance side which has a ton of perks as opposed to the horde. Also, better waifus. We just rolled a few weeks ago, so there is still time to join us. We need just a few more people to smooth out our raid roster. Come join us! Mark, please don't be a fag this one time. Let the thread stay up. Website: https://stormforge.gg Guild: <Khazar Milkers> Faction: Alliance Raid Times: 21:00 Euro 14:00 Central US on Sat/Sun Recruitment Needs: 1 Healer - Restoration Druid 1 DPS - Bee yourself 0 Tanks
155 posts and 70 images omitted.
>>604779 I played BFA on a Acer Aspire 5, Intel HD 620. Borderless window on minimal settings, of course. You'll be fine.
>>604779 Your fps will probably completely tank during AoE phases but that doesn't matter that much I suppose.
are the achievments fixed? Can i get the Mount from doing heroic dungeon achievments?

(154.44 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)

Playing two versions of the same game Anonymous 05/20/2022 (Fri) 05:40:59 Id: d7965f No. 604292 [Reply]
Through some circumstances, I have a several games where I own different versions of them, and I wanted to hear how other Anons deal with this circumstance. To provide examples of just a few of the games, I have Half-Life for both the Dreamcast and PC, Splinter Cell for both the GameCube and PC, and Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga for DS and Wii. In the example of Lego SW, both versions of the game are far different from the other despite being the same basic premise and design. Splinter Cell covers the same story on both systems, but have differently designed levels while retaining the same gameplay. And, Half-Life is the same game for both Dreamcast and PC, with the only difference being a slight graphical upgrade on the Dreamcast. I was wondering, if I complete one version of the game, does that effectively make the other version redundant?
10 posts and 3 images omitted.
(170.93 KB 1021x690 Tales of Conservatism.jpg)

Used to be that I'd buy the console versions of games that I felt "belonged" or "felt right" on a console, or depending on the title, I'd buy a multiplatform game on the console that felt most suited it (assuming no major performance disparity). Later, I'd buy (if cheap enough) and pirate older console games to play on PC since PC is now my primary gaming platform. Here lately - I only use my consoles for their exclusives since almost all multiplats either come out on PC or come out first on PC - and typically look and play best there anyhow. But worthwhile exclusives are harder and harder to find - so I'll probably just skip this generation altogether, except maybe Nintendo's new console and an Xbox Series X if my One S dies since that what I'm using as a OG/360 backwards compatibility machine. Even though it barely supports half of my library which are still locked to the old hardware. Sony and Microsoft both credited my account $10 to try to encourage me to buy something... anything, from them again. So I bought Islands of Wakfu on the 360, and the rest of the credit is just sitting in my accounts collecting dust. I did specifically buy Project Diva (and most of the DLC) on PS4 and Switch, just so I could have a portable option.
>>604312 Play Daikatana with the fan patch. It's still rough as fuck, but enjoyable enough that I played it through a couple of times.
(6.79 KB 268x187 bluesky_software_logo.png)

>>604534 One that most people really don't know: BlueSky was the original dev that Sega chose for Aladdin. But progress was slow because most of the team was busy working on Jurassic Park instead. Disney didn't like being treated as second fiddle, cancelled that version, and hired Virgin Games.

(565.26 KB 3840x2080 Ysqq9Bo.jpg)

(120.37 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault-2463355908.jpg)

Bro moments in multiplayer Anonymous 05/17/2022 (Tue) 08:26:56 Id: ae58b7 No. 602503 [Reply]
>playing medic in casual tf2 because we are getting steam rolled and nobody is picking med >enemy team has discord niggers with their twitch links as name, sticky demo+kritz med gf, tryhard killstreak soldiers, beanie scouts, the usual 6v6 pubstomping sort >team is trying best but getting shit kicked in beyond 2nd point >somehow an engineer managed to build a tele near their spawn >tells us that sneak tele is ready, asks us to push an uber in >a pyro changes to phlog and uses sneak tele to their spawn with my uber at 100% >spawncamp time >kill everyone leaving the spawn, ubering the pyro while his mmph charges up >other team absolute butthurt about phlog, tells to play game right instead of spawncamping >eventually die and but managed to push payload far enough >they go full tryhard mode, soldiers rolling out at full speed and now they have two kritz med >they push us back again >engi somehow built another secret tele >roll in another uber and wipe the team >other team calls us "noobs exploiting map points" >laugh at their asses as we push cart to victory >defense time

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

20 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>604511 I'm white but both can't express myself or type english despite it being my first language for shit. >>604594 This pretty much. Ty bruv :^)
Not really a bro moment but I played thousands of hours of F.E.A.R. Combat back in the day. >you could holster your weapon to run faster and melee/flying kick to one hit kill people >most of the time you would get shot before you could get close enough >found out a glitch that let you reset the punch animation by spamming crouch and punch at the same time >rather than having to wait a second between punches you can unleash a barrage of 5-6 punches per second >running and jumping around seizuring up and down with a flurry of one hit kill punches like some kind of crazed retard >get autistically good at melee once I learn to exploit this skill >most of the time people would rage and vote to kick or ban me >but sometimes people would ask how to do the trick and I would teach them the way of the samurai >faggots continually trying to votekick/ban end up getting banned instead after people realize its not a hack and anyone can do the same thing >end up getting the entire server to go full melee for the rest of the match once they figured it out and it becomes a kung fu battle I miss that game.
(1.34 MB 255x192 Thumbs up good job.gif)

>>604818 If that isn't a bro moment, I don't know what is. Good on you, mate!

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