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(72.55 KB 768x768 cancer02.jpg)

(202.52 KB 990x556 cancer01.png)

(36.49 KB 933x523 cancer04.webp)

(1.48 MB 1920x1080 cancer03.png)

(2.63 MB 1792x968 cancer05.webp)

Garbage ideas that developers insist on Anonymous 06/30/2022 (Thu) 15:59:11 Id: b3d752 No. 633432 [Reply] [Last]
Share your most hated game design conventions, here are a few ones that piss me off: 1. Skill unlock systems for basic shit. The only excusable use of a skill unlock system is if the game is so complex it's too overwhelming to start playing with everything unlocked from the beginning, and even then there should always be an option to skip all the unlocking and get to the meat of it immediately for people who have already played the game before. I have yet to see even a single skill unlock system in an action game that meets this requirement, actually, the only time I've ever seen a gameplay unlock system that actually helps learn the game was in Kerbal Space Program. I highly doubt that ANY action game is complex enough to justify having a skill unlock system. 2. Walking and talking sequences. The cancer of the unskippable cutscene evolved into the cancer of the quicktime event, and now it has reached its ultimate, most cancerous form in the walky talky sequence. What in the flying fuck purpose do these trash sequences serve? Desert Bus is a game designed to be torture as a joke because it forces you to do nothing and always be paying attention to the nothing you're doing by slowly steering your bus to the side and forcing you to constantly correct the heading. That's exactly what these walky talky sequences do, not only can you not skip them, you can't even tune out because the game is constantly demanding that you move the analog stick to prove you're participating in the torture. This shit makes games pretty much unreplayable and it's every-fucking-where. 3. FPS red goo vision. One day CoD had the brilliant idea to plaster your screen with red shit at the precise moment when you most need to see clearly, and then every retard chasing CoD's success ended up copying this awful idea. A damage indicator should never get in the way of actually seeing what the fuck you're doing. To make things worse, red goo vision doesn't even show directional damage in most games that use it. 4. Wallhack vision. Why bother with sensical world design and patrol routes, balancing stealth mechanics or doing sound design when you can just give the player a fucking wallhack and call it a day? I blame this shit squarely on Arkham Asylum and it's the biggest cop out that has infected more than just stealth games ever since.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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unskippable cutscenes and quicktime events, for me. those things just really pisses me off.
>>670286 In the right kind of game it can make it more immersive. In New Vegas I always play with IMCN which doesn’t just track hunger and thirst but also protein, nutrients, bodyfat, stimulants and alcohol. Balance the stats with lots of protein and nutrients and you get bonuses to strength and more. If you’re lazy or mismanage the stats you get debuffs instead. What I like about it is that you start to engage with the map in new ways. Animals become more than just set dressing and low level enemies. You start to pay attention to what grows where and what animals live where. The game rewards you for immersing yourself and engaging with the game-world as though it’s a real place rather than just a game map. I also like that there are immediate goals every game day beyond going to the next quest objective. Especially early on where starvation and thirst are real threats.
>>675321 It's called gravity you dumb nigger, and yes, it does.

(46.12 KB 680x383 gay awards.jpg)

(49.42 KB 572x429 Pope has spoken.png)

The Game Awards announces 2022 date - December 8th Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 16:21:55 Id: 66fe43 No. 674183 [Reply]
A bit early for this thread I know https://archive.ph/Uvioy Are you ready for Dorito Pope's 3 hour advertising and music hall festival?
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>>676482 A shorter way to phrase it, though, is that the game just feels like someone looked at cliffnotes from prior games, played any game in the series for like an hour, and just wrote based on that rather than realizing what makes the series what its known for, really fucking strong party bonds and characters that might start out as simple tropes but outgrow that as the story progresses. Plus the big thing about the series being the mix of 2D traditional animation with 3d modeling. Even Zestiria, as much as people shit on it, had strong bonds within the party and the way the characters played off of each other was great. Life is Gay influence had nothing to do with this game turning out shit, save for both games having shit stories. It's more like the writers just... forgot how to write a good story, and ironically it's not localizers fucking shit up either, it's just that shitty and barebones trope-laden even by the standards of this series.
>>676157 >>676283 God bless Josef.
>>674318 I thought it was much older, and that Skyrim's release date was first announced there, but apparently it was at Spyke TV's video game awards. Also here are the past winners of GOTY from the TGA

Japan/Asia releases with English support Anonymous 08/18/2022 (Thu) 15:17:01 Id: bf4002 No. 670534 [Reply]
I remember reading somewhere that the Western release of the new Pocky & Rocky game was censored or something, I didn't bother to look further into it and simply downloaded the Japan/Asia version which to my surprise has a full English localization. Back when I used to own a PS3, I was all over the small yet interesting handful of Asia released games that featured English such as Aquanaut's Holiday (Reboot) which had Eng subtitles only on its Asian release, this is quite a rare game by Artdink (redundant) that never saw a Western release. So yeah, any recommendations? It can be any console.
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>>676235 >port these to Steam Is this really what it's come to
>>676235 better get a steamy dick fom volvo then
>>676235 >why couldn't they port games to a censored platform Faggot

(23.27 MB 4272x5044 V essentials.jpg)

/v/ makes a chart: Recommending western games the Nips should play PART 三 Anonymous 05/27/2022 (Fri) 13:33:10 Id: a62209 No. 608675 [Reply] [Last]
Calling all anons! Let's make a chart together of your good western games the japanese audience should play! >why? There's an increasing effort to get the Japanese to play Western developed games. And, rather than let companies decide which games should introduce those players to media, we can develop a chart consisting of the "better" games that the West has released over the past 20-30 years, with five of the "best" or "most recommended" titles released every year. >ok I'm in, what are the rules? - The first version of release counts as the game's original release year, unless you're referring to a specific version of the game. - It is a good idea to prioritize games which either already have a Japanese translation or received a Japanese fan translation. - Each year must have 5 games total. - For variety's sake, try to keep it to one title per platform every year. - Only add games that you have personally played to this list. - The years will span from 1992-2021 Discuss with other anons what games you think should/should not be contenders as the games of the year! Archive of previous thread: https://archive.ph/js5gA
505 posts and 187 images omitted.
>>676370 It looks pretty good in terms of aesthetics. One thing I would recommend is to put a cute girl on the chart, nips love cute girls. Slap on a nice-looking Vivian or something like that, or go request something like that in the drawthread that would go nicely with it. I would need to see how the header and whatnot and how it would all look together to see how well it would work. I don't really have any major criticisms for it in terms of aesthetics and function, though just making sure that you didn't just google-translate the names into Japanese for the games but took their actual names in Japanese, correct? If not, that might cause issues and english names might be better for some games. I wish there was a way to explain why they might want to play a certain game, but with the chart's size, that's probably unfeasible, on top of all the text needed and people needing to write that, and worse, for it to be translated coherently. In terms of games: I would recommend adding in Planescape Torment, replacing Rayman 2 in 1999 since the chart has plenty of platformers and another rayman game on it already, they can do without this one probably. Planescape is literally the legendary CRPG, it was literally fan-translated into Japanese by some dedicated mad lad recently, its got that much love for it, and the chart is lacking on CRPGs, which are very much a "western" genre of game, and a genre that influenced Japanese games like their RPGs in their own ways (though granted a lot of that was from blobbers and wizardry and ultima and whatnot back in the day, but still) There's personal preference titles that I would personally like to see on there over others, but I'd rather not start up debates or problems, especially since the chart is overall solid enough

(1.11 MB 2850x2550 Absurdistcore.jpg)

(4.24 MB 3969x3969 1371145142824.jpg)

(2.79 MB 4000x3600 Flash.jpg)

(2.79 MB 1700x3096 Classic_JRPGs.jpg)

>>677049 Wait, I haven't gotten a close look at the games in the final chart, but is a no-nonsense addition like Torment really missing? >Unreal Tournament >Worms Armageddon Why are THESE here? Both have games that 100% surpass them and eliminate any need to play them in the future(Unreal Tournament 2003, which itself is surpassed by 2004, and Worms World Party respectively) And then of course you miss a classic like PT in their place. Have any of you actually played any of these games? >>676370 >gay little essay about culture wars is the first thing you want the japanese to see I haven't been following these threads all too much and I don't know all the details, but I can see why they evolved into some sort of a shitshow now. Do I even need to explain why this is a bad idea? Here are 5 different video game charts I grabbed at random from my folder. Do you see a long prelude about how the SJWs are trying to take away or censor my videogames in any of them? I strongly suggest you look the final product over, both in removing more useless bullshit text like this and checking the actual games you picked, cause that ms paint chart that someone else keeps posting is looking better and better the more I look at some of those selections on yours(not to mention it has more titles, so rayman 2 lives alongside PT)
>>677049 >One thing I would recommend is to put a cute girl on the chart, nips love cute girls. Slap on a nice-looking Vivian or something like that, or go request something like that in the drawthread that would go nicely with it. I would need to see how the header and whatnot and how it would all look together to see how well it would work. I have more than enough Vivian images, so I'll probably use one of those. > just making sure that you didn't just google-translate the names into Japanese for the games but took their actual names in Japanese, correct? There are a couple where I had to guess what their title would approximately be in Japanese (However, I used my elementary knowledge of Katakana to writ them), but all of them are correct. >I would recommend adding in Planescape Torment, replacing Rayman 2 in 1999 since the chart has plenty of platformers and another rayman game on it already, they can do without this one probably. Sure, I could see about switching that around. >>677417 >Why are THESE here? Because they were the best Western game released in 1999. >Both have games that 100% surpass them and eliminate any need to play them in the future(Unreal Tournament 2003, which itself is surpassed by 2004, Which of the games for 2002/2004 should that replace? >and Worms World Party respectively) Same question for 2001. The way the list was designed is that it's based off of the best game released every year, not necessarily the best game in the series. >Have any of you actually played any of these games? That was a big sticker for the list, and why some titles are listed while others are not. The only games people could submit were titles that they had played enough to give an affirmative decision on if it is a good game or not. For reference, here's the list with all the games crossed off that I neither own nor have ever played, meaning that everything else listed on the chart was submitted by other Anons who did play these games.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(81.03 KB 1200x676 Backrooms-horror-short.jpg)

(755.76 KB 400x240 130-eschaton_command.gif)

Games you think would do well, that you probably wouldnt like. Anonymous 08/08/2022 (Mon) 04:50:19 Id: fd7fa0 No. 664043 [Reply] [Last]
Like the title says, do you have any game ideas that you think would do well, that you also probably wouldn't be interested in playing. I had this idea of an etrian oddessy style dungeon crawler, but its in the backrooms, I guess it could also be old school smt as well. The main thing just being that the backrooms are mostly just empty rooms and hallways that all look the same from floor to floor, so I feel like you'd be able to make a game out of that pretty quickly. Plus that theme is really popular with the kiddos nowadays, I feel like it'd be free money.
35 posts and 21 images omitted.
>>675260 That's just fall guys.
(24.34 KB 312x282 20211117_113319.jpg)

>>675332 Well... kinda yeah. But fall guys is all one control scheme, that being controlling your tumble man.
(544.79 KB 600x700 1663494951559893.webm)

a gem rpg game

Mosaic: Vice City Edition Anonymous 08/16/2022 (Tue) 01:17:14 Id: da26d0 No. 669174 [Reply] [Last]
IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER MOSAIC! You know the drill, pick a square, announce it ITT, draw over it or do whatever you can to make it 'yours', then post it here. When all is done, I'll put it all together and we can enjoy the fruits of our labor! Will post the squares after this post.
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>>670880 >Tranny colors >Cunny Sasuga. :^)
>>673147 >tranny colors What are you talking aboot?
>>670880 Late with saying it but good job everyone, this one looks great.

(135.66 KB 2896x1475 Fear-watson-sas-12.webp)

(212.79 KB 2896x1475 Fear-sm151.webp)

In-game content exclusive to certain platforms. Anonymous 08/23/2022 (Tue) 01:08:13 Id: 4c4e7a No. 673890 [Reply]
A couple of years ago i found out that the console versions of F.E.A.R. actually has exclusive weapons. The ps3 got an automatic shotgun and the xbox 360 got a machine pistol you can dual wield. I am kinda annoyed at this. having exclusive weapons for the console versions would be one thing but both consoles having their own unique weapons means I would need to buy 2 copies of the game to play with all the weapons. not to mention both versions also have their own missions exclusive to their versions. I kinda wish if there is ever such a thing as a F.E.A.R. remaster that they would add both weapons and missions to the PC version. its such a bizarre situation for the devs to put themselves in though. I am sure there are more situations like this but usually it's games being ported to newer hardware being given more stuff. Do you have any more examples of this shit? should I buy the console versions of F.E.A.R. and play through them both to see which game got the better weapon? why would they do something like this in the first place?
7 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>674055 Ah, I see why I was confused, the PS3 exclusive auto shotty is only available on the exclusive missions. The SMGs (SM15) are in the main game in the 360 version and replace some of the OG smgs found in it. So I guess OP has some reason to be pissed off.
>>674200 Saturn SotN also had some differences to the soundtrack
>>674989 And richter's sprite was different, he looked more like he did in the artwork.

Wanted:Dead delayed to February 14, 2023 Anonymous 08/22/2022 (Mon) 15:35:55 Id: 22f4b0 No. 673418 [Reply]
Wanted:Dead also known as "Devil's Third the Second" was delayed for a few months, mainly I assume to actually promote the game and show that it's basically "Devil's Third but good". Honestly I'm cautiously optimistic for this game, especially hearing about how Devil's Third had a good multiplayer mode that we'll never experience since NoA is fucking retarded. They also announced a new trailer with more gameplay and dates for the game to be demo'd for the public, hopefully we'll get more insight soon to see if this game is actually good, from the gameplay it looks to be Ninja Gaiden but with guns, which is perfectly fine.
4 posts omitted.
>>673473 Gonna have to say, you're full of shit.
>>673479 What?
>>673418 Looks terrible.

Masculine protags and the MALE POWER FANTASY Anonymous 12/30/2021 (Thu) 22:00:29 Id: 69f106 No. 501956 [Reply] [Last]
Yeah bitch you read the subject. Lets talk about manly, heroic, reliable male characters who get put through the ringer and no matter how bad shit gets they pull through in the end with integrity, dedication and style. Which ones fulfill your power fantasy the most? Which ones do you think are the coolest, or most masculine? Which ones are the ones who inspire you the most, perhaps even changed you life for the better? Which ones are the ones who been through so much SHIT that you would never want to be in their shoes? Discuss.
186 posts and 103 images omitted.
(49.71 KB 618x526 fuck my life.jpg)

>>661269 >If you had to make the ultimate dudebro vidya. What would you make? MGR2
(90.61 KB 800x600 the diviner girl fell.jpeg)

(1.04 MB 1024x768 small.PNG)

(1.51 MB 1280x960 challange statement.PNG)

(1.48 MB 1023x766 sleeping on the floor.PNG)

This feminist hero

(867.44 KB 796x498 titles.png)

Days Gone, Jak & Daxter, Ghost of Tsushima and Gran Turismo are all getting movies Anonymous 08/21/2022 (Sun) 02:43:58 Id: bb2bf3 No. 672547 [Reply] [Last]
Some of these were announced awhile ago but got no coverage, but Days Gone is a new one. Considering how the Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank movies were, I'm not expecting any of these to be good either. https://archive.ph/3L64V https://archive.ph/os514 https://archive.ph/L06p2 https://archive.ph/Rk7N2 The Jak & Daxter movie is being directed by the same person was the Uncharted movie, which got an incredible 39% on RT. Sony want Gran Turismo to be directed by Neill Blomkamp of all people, most famous for District 9 and Elysium. He doesn't direct movies much anymore and mainly makes short films like he did as a student. I can imagine a reason they want him, he's brilliant at SFX and CGI as that was his background before his stint as a director. A racing movie probably needs somebody of that background to have even slight chance of being watchable. I couldn't find much else about the others. Sony also has a few TV show adaptations in the works, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, The Last of Us and Twisted Metal. All four shows on four different streaming platforms oddly enough, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and Peacock respectively. Did gaming execs learn anything from the 90s? There may be some animus out there I'm unfamiliar with but I don't think I've seen a single good vidya adaptation that wasn't a book or graphic novel.
35 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>673274 >I'm sure soon enough we'll see Phantasy Star be turned into one with Alis as either trans, a dyke, a nignog, or a combination of any of the three. I hope not. I really don't want to have to go to prison for murder and/or terrorism related charges. Shit, it was all I could do to keep from buying a plane ticket to Tokyo and publicly caneing Satoshi Sakai.
(493.79 KB 1145x715 existence.jpeg)

>>673911 You would have to nuke the core of the problems first: California
(799.94 KB 1280x720 GAYS_DONE.jpg)

>>672547 >Days Gone They should get AJ Styles to star in it just to make it official.

Deus Ex Anonymous 08/20/2022 (Sat) 03:47:47 Id: 33c5cf No. 671807 [Reply] [Last]
Despite this game being released in 2000, it feels like it was made a few months ago.
95 posts and 29 images omitted.
>>673227 UE2 was basically a monkeys paw engine, even if you had all the right power and specs to back it up Want a large multi-room sprawling map? You have to sacrifice detail in textures, geometry, and lighting Want a lot of enemies/npcs doing multiple things in a map? Well it better not be "overly large" or else they'll kind of just stop functioning once you or they cross a certain perimeter. How about a bunch of small interconnected maps with good detail and lighting? You can do that but you can only ever have a max of like 15 npcs or else. I'll never get over how such a shitty and lazily optimized piece of shit engine was allowed to be pushed into common use, there's just so many damn games/things that could've been far better had they not been made with any unreal engine iteration past the initial one. Even to this day the the unreal engine is a horrendously janky piece of unoptomised garbage, all I can tell is that its kept as such so shitty people with "unreal engine experince" have guaranteed job security down the line.
>>673273 So Silicon Knights was right all along?
>>672184 IW is a decent enough game in and of itself but that's bad as a sequel to Deus Ex which was outright great. Mostly it suffers from being dumbed down for consoles (players and hardware limits). Install the fan patch (check pcgamingwiki) and give it a single playthrough.

(47.39 KB 616x353 Entropy Zero 2.jpg)

(15.58 KB 320x180 Ashes Standalone.jpg)

(55.24 KB 620x325 Total chaos Directors cut.jpg)

Modding General Anonymous 08/22/2022 (Mon) 03:24:03 Id: 2e5aa7 No. 673179 [Reply]
>We've reached a point where Total Conversions on decade old engines are now better than the average AAA release The absolute state of this hobby Talk about your favorite mods and moddable games.
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
I've been going back and replaying all the RE:Engine RE games with the VR mods. Almost finished up with RE2:Remake and I have to say the part where you play as Sherry trying to escape from Chief Iron's house was pretty fun. You get to experience things from the loli's perspective as you try to escape being molested by a fat middle-aged pedo who's locked you in his house.
>>673217 Thanks for that post, reminded me to get Tale of Two Wastelands myself.
I love rimworld modding. Turning a game designed usually for 2-4 ingame years of gameplay into a long term colony with full on family lineages is a sight to behold

Metroid Dread Anonymous 07/27/2022 (Wed) 07:53:01 Id: da4ec8 No. 654349 [Reply]
More concretely, Metroid Dread isn't very good, and I need to vent out my thoughts on it. Mainly because everything I've read about it is praising the game as it being amazing. And sure enough, it has some strong points, the visual aspect being the undisputed best the game has to offer, specially the way Samus moves and is overall portrayed. That, I liked. But even at the strongest point, there is something that was still bad to me, and was the backgrounds, while portraying some impressive imagery of natural caves and artificial constructions, somehow manage to be very samey, blending together and making the corridors sort of indistinct one from the other, making me check the map because I wasn't properly registering the path I was taking. Another strong aspect I'd like to point out was the animations of pretty much everything and everyone, and the successful parries to bosses attacks and the subsequent bonus cinematic you can use to put the hurt on them looked pretty intense. So that was good too. Now, to the not as good. Samus plays very smoothly, and her responsiveness is tight and overall feels good to play as her. However, there are a few things that bothered me. One was the unique movespeed for Samus unless cloaked with the invisibility item. Breaks inmersion for me, tilting the joystick just a little bit and having a full sprint as a response. Granted that's minor and I as I got more powerful, the need to move slowly while entering new areas disappears, so whatever. But I'd like to point out, pressing down to build speed boost felt bad most of the time (although the newly implemented wall jumping while boosting, while very sparsely used for some item containers, was pretty cool to see, not so much to pull off, but it was neat), and having to weirdly use three buttons to swing around with the grappling beam, also felt really awkward. And why wouldn't you give me the option to make Missiles a toggle if I'd like to? Or the option to re-map the buttons entirely too. But whatever again. Not a deal breaker. Now the the outright bad. The lack of memorable themes or tunes is criminal. And I don't mean it like a nostlagiafag that needs the classic music themes slapped with a new coat of paint. New compositions all the way is good for me, but I can't remember a single BGM from this game, it's all approached as a background noise without melody. And while it sort of does it's job on a first impression, makes it feel so liveless, so unappealing, that I feel that's one of the main reasons the atmosphere of the game isn't as good as it could potentially be. On the plus side, most of the SFX are fine. I feel some of them lack some punch. Specially the Screw Attack not making the enemy go BANG on touch. They are killed in one hit, some of them in two, but they just kinda melt away because by that point everthing is X infected, and while the melting away in some black ooze works for beams or missiles, for the Screw Attack felt unimpressive The game cltuches too much on repeated boss fights and backtracking, sometimes to an absurd degree. And doesn't help that travelling between map zones takes a good half a minute of having a loading screen with Samus just standing there. If at least I could push buttons to have Samus check on her cannon or on herself or some kind of eye candy to break the monotony of waiting for 30 seconds for the elevator to arrive at destination, that would be somewhat solved too. Story was retarded. Full stop. It creates a lot of continuity problems from Fusion to Dread, and it seems like a huge wasted oportunity to have for the first time alive Chozo to interact to, only to create some kind of conflict between Chozo subspecies or some kind of civil war between brainy Chozo and muscly Chozo? Aren't they supposed to be the most advanced civilization in the cosmos? Is the main bad guy so determined to bring order to the galaxy that he will kill everyone that doesn't line up, or straightly murder welcoming brethren because he's eeeeevil? Why would the soldiers follow his orders when all we've seen of him is killing fellow Chozo? This is just sloppy writing used as ane excuse to move the plot forward, like having the Federation go "Samus dindu nuffin" and having to hire her again to check out the apparently survival of the X parasite on this new Chozo planet. The EMMIs being also hacked to hunt down Samus felt fucking stupid. Hell, the whole EMMI things fucking stupid. Knowing that they are limited to a part of the map kills any tension the game could have. Fusion made it right 20 years ago with SA-X. It could appear anywhere in the map. She was roaming the whole station, and you never knew where she could pop out from. That was scary. This time, with the EMMIs being literally untouchable or you get killed in a very anticlimatic way (should be a +16 game, not a +12, the game pulls some body horror stuff at some point that could be great if expanded upon, but whatever) and they made me feel annoyance, not dread. Also the idea of having them linked to some Mother Brain lite made little sense. And once you get the red cannon from the defeated mini mother brains, the EMMIs stop moving to hunt you, and move in a way so you can shoot them down easily. All of them die the same way, with the same exact cutscene too. Not really exciting, doesn't give you a "phew finally" feel. More of a "I'm glad I don't have to outmaneuver you anymore, you beeping fuck". And you do that 6 times. It was bad. The whole game was built around that gimmick and the gimmick sucks. Like the melee counter still feeling tacked on and overpowered, making you one shot anything you parry succesfully. At least now you can do it while jumping and running too. Unique boss fights were entertaining, but most of them felt like another phase was missing. The bosses do heavy damage, but are once you learn their pattern quite easy to defeat. The final boss was at least the best of the bunch, thank god, and was fun to fight him. I'm also a sucker for the "antagonist is your relative and uses the same fighting style with some variations" so that was good. Easy once you learn the pattern as well, but engaging all the way. This kinda takes me back to the "story is fucking bullshit" part (the communication rooms where "Adam" talks to you by just making a recap of what you just did or explaining again the new item you just got was as asinine and uninteresting as they could have, and also kills the isolation aspect) but I'm repeating myself by now. Also, the ending screen is the same always. No matter how fast or what percentage of items you end up having, Samus is always on her suit striking a pose, and then glares to the side after the camera closes up to her visor. You unlock some gallery images, which is fine, but no reward of Samus without the helmet/suit/ is criminal and I feel it's current year bullshit creeping in, but I can't confrim that. That's all I needed to lower the end result from a 6/10 to a 5/10. Can you play the game without problem and it functions like it should? Yes. Can you get some enjoyement out of it? Some, yes. Does it fail what it was set to do? Yes. Falls short in many crucial aspects spectacularly. So that's my hot take. What do you guys think of the game? What are your expectations for Metroidbesides Metroid being able to crawl now at lastas a whole in the future? For me, the highlight was this game invalidates Other M's portrayal of Samus, so there is that at least.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(30.15 KB 255x255 Samus drinking.jpg)

>>654349 As a guy who played Metroid Fusion, the EMMIs were lame compared to SA-X. The reason I said this is because the EMMIS are not a big focus of the story due to the X Parasites being the center of attention. Fusion had SA-X trying to hunt you down almost throughout the whole game because it knows that Samus is a dangerous creature (like how she single-handedly made the entire Metroid species extinct and defeated the Space Pirates), not to mention that the parasite had Samus's Varia Suit with its arsenal and Freezing Beam that can fuck her over. It's like MercurySteam tried to copy the same success and feel of Fusion's mystery and horror elements into Dread.
>>672447 MercurySteam are just the hired guns because Nintendo doesn't have enough teams to make all the games they want to make internally, and Sakamoto is both responsible for the story and setting as well as choosing to farm production out to MercurySteam.
>>654349 >and was the backgrounds, while portraying some impressive imagery of natural caves and artificial constructions, somehow manage to be very samey, blending together and making the corridors sort of indistinct one from the other, making me check the map because I wasn't properly registering the path I was taking. I think this is an effect of all the walls being blacked out, which I don't understand why they did it. Samus Returns had fully visible walls, and it's the same devs, so this was something they intentionally changed for some reason. >tilting the joystick just a little bit and having a full sprint as a response It's a 2D Metroid title. Samus has never slowly walked outside special circumstances, like Super's moonwalking, in these games. >And why wouldn't you give me the option to make Missiles a toggle if I'd like to? It's been like that since Fusion. >Chozo >Aren't they supposed to be the most advanced civilization in the cosmos? That doesn't mean they can't still have inner conflicts within their civilization. "Most advanced" doesn't mean "absolutely perfect". Hell, a large part of Prime is about a group of Chozo that split off from the rest to live as hippies. >the rest It feels like you just didn't pay much attention to the plot. The science tribe on SR-388 wanted to destroy all the Metroids for being too dangerous. The villain wanted to use the Metroids as a weapon, so he had most of the science tribe killed off so they wouldn't try to stop him. And asking why Chozo would continue working for him after he killed other Chozo is one of the stupidest questions I've seen. It's like asking why soldiers of one human nation would continue following their leader after going to war with another human nation. Like, do you not understand that there can be multiple factions within a species that conflict and are okay with killing each other over such conflict?

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Living in a Videogame World Anonymous 08/17/2022 (Wed) 16:33:09 Id: 3c3d8b No. 669910 [Reply] [Last]
If you could live in any video game or its world, which would you choose? Would it change anything if you could only be the main character or only an npc/regular person? Would it be at a certain time, before or after a certain event? I always liked Mimiga Village, it's quaint and quiet and cozy and (before the events of Cave Story) seems like a really peaceful little village. Fishing, gardening and cooking all while living in a tiny town like that sounds really nice. For the same reason I might want to live in one of the Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon games, or even a smaller place in a big world like Azeroth from World of Warcraft.
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>>669910 are you a retarded child?

(1.08 MB 1220x668 Crown_City.png)

(345.27 KB 1448x2048 kf3mxrtsy0qz.jpg)

>>669955 You could at least explain why. Aside from wanting to fugg pokeymans, the world in Pokemon always looks really clean and modern and has really advanced technology too, sort of like a "perfect future" for the world. Usually it's easier to notice in the anime, but even Sun and Moon have some really fantastical stuff like alternate universe shit going on and a literal city built in the shadow realm. >>670643 I wish.
>>669995 >so you can pick the one you want. To a degree, I don't think many of the higher profile ones would give you the time of day, many of the better choices likely wouldn't be that picky though. >spoiler Many of the scenes from there do include worse than death situations having a plant hijack your circulatory system with her roots doesn't seem particularly pleasant for example so not too far off really.

Shota Games Thread Anonymous 04/01/2022 (Fri) 15:33:47 Id: cf8b35 No. 568366 [Reply] [Last]
Talk and lewd your favorite gaming shotas ITT. Also I happen to have a question, are there any non-H games that cater specifically to a shotacon demographic? Lolifags have stuff like Nobeta and Onirism, but I can't think of anything tantamount to that for this demographic.
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>>569089 That's why when I want to fap to shota I just browse the shota tag on a booru instead of going to a site where everyone else bitches about seeing it
(12.05 KB 251x255 1j6j2gzaj8z21.jpg)

>>669756 No don't anon, shota-sperg might report your posts and get them deleted!! Oh how dreadful, telling someone to go back to where they belong, so controversial nowadays.
I'm probably the only person here who has played this.

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