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(72.49 KB 836x836 3070ti Evga.jpg)

PC Hardware Thread Anonymous 09/11/2021 (Sat) 22:04:07 Id: 4d0df2 No. 413503 [Reply] [Last]
Think we could use a PC hardware thread on /v/ right now. >What have you bought recently? >What Specs is your Rig running? >What peripherals do you use? >What Monitor resolution do you run? >Storage >PSU wattage I recently by some miracle snagged a 3070 ti for a somewhat reasonable price in Leafstan and now am looking for a reasonable priced 1440p 144hz monitor.
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Is buying a display colorimeter worth it in the long term?
>>420954 What I would do for a piece of tech like that is buy it use it and then return it. The only way it would be worth it is if you just constantly buy new displays for some retarded reason or you buy it for work to calibrate other peoples displays. Most people probably buy a new monitor or TV like every 10 years if technology has improved enough to warrant it or the old one broke. I can't see how its worth it at all to own a piece of specialty equipment that costs hundreds that you'll use not even a handful of times over the course of ten years. Even how much you use it aside I don't think they are tremendously useful. Calibrating a display is pretty easy by eye and the difference is certainly not worth hundreds.
>>420954 A colorimeter would be decent to buy if your work requires high quality colors, like photography and print media. It's useless if you're using it only for games, as the color space is mostly sRGB. The monitor also needs to have additional support for color spaces (check display specs) like AdobeRGB and DCI-P3, which is uncommon for gaming monitors. I use one (a used Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro) for artfag related tasks, especially for photos. They are slowly getting cheaper, thankfully (getting one used is better).

(2.42 MB 1200x800 ClipboardImage.png)

Cruelty Squad Anonymous 07/29/2021 (Thu) 18:44:50 Id: e8f3ce No. 375033 [Reply] [Last]
Has anyone here played this game? Is it worth a purchase or should I just pirate it? I watched some gameplay and it looks pretty fun, it reminds me of SWAT 3, Deus Ex and Rainbow Six 1 on the N64 but the visuals are just literally visual vomit and its turning me off from the game.
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thanks doc.
>>409228 >>411047 Thank you. These are all I needed to know. Acquiring™.
I gave it a shot a while back. The accuracy reduction while leaning was annoying as fuck. I wouldn't mind if it was just a slight reduction but it's so extreme it's basically impossible to hit a single thing except by pure luck. Just running and gunning doesn't feel like an option either because enemies can murder the shit out of you in half a second

(320.16 KB 1200x867 cnc.jpg)

(98.43 KB 916x449 D5uTFuNWsAAavRW.jpg)

(1.14 MB 2646x3174 rts chart updated.jpg)

(2.85 MB 2961x3015 1624466000.970726-.jpg)

RTS Thread Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 07:19:08 Id: 7336d4 No. 413839 [Reply] [Last]
Shill some good newer under-the-radar RTS games, discuss the classics, recall fun online matches, how to get good at APM, and argue for the 9014th time on what killed the genre Also shill some older RTS games you've never seen mentioned. I've never seen anyone in these threads talk about Blitzkrieg or Sudden Strike. If you ever feel worthless, remember, at least you didn't buy Warcraft III Reforged
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>>418002 Let us know if it's any good
>>415375 Not running them directly into base defences when they could have just gone around for a start. That entire game was a ~30 min long shitshow of two retards blindly copying tactics they'd seen in the European tournament the day before, it was great fun to watch live. The full recording is archived somewhere and even it is a bit shit because a burger was the one recording and had literally never played an RTS before either.
>>420181 Shocking truth!

/agdg/ Demo Day 8/8 Anonymous 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:22:11 Id: ab894d No. 383799 [Reply] [Last]
>What is demo day? A seasonal community event in which your fellow nodev anons show off their vidya, and for you anons to do what you do best. >That is? Play our vidya, and tell us how we can improve, show us the untapped potential you see, tell us how much our game sucks (or doesn't, after you've played it of course), and why it does or doesn't suck. >I haven't finished my game yet This thread will last a long time. So can you. Devs, delivery anchor here. Do include details about the game, a link, and instructions if needed. Screenshots and Videos would be nice. Do check out the games here.
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>>419371 ??? What happened to you anon?
>>419371 Post what you have of your game.
>>409318 This past few weeks is seriously having me rethink my workflow on how I write further dialogue of UTRT and any future projects. Uncommon Time Retuned - Progress Report -Went through and corrected typos and grammatical errors in the following: ----The opening script ----Forest of Preludes cutscenes ----Solfege cutscenes ----Arpeggio Pass summit cutscene ----Libretto cutscenes The inn was the worst, most of the time, errors were misplaced or missing capitalizations. ----Dal Segno cutscenes ----Pizzicato trail cutscenes ----Polyphony & Euphony temple cutscenes Including a lore error in the library of Euphony Temple --Fixed Broken name tags in Libretto. --Did some rewriting to bring back Bravura's elizabethan dialect. --Increased gold gains for the chimera fight. --fine-tuned Dischord's Libretto encounter: lowered his ATK to be more bearable for the fight, slightly-lowered HP.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(7.41 MB 1528x2156 win_samandmaxhittheroad.png)

(7.13 MB 1880x2510 Chart.png)

TRADITIONAL MOSAIC THREAD Anonymous 09/13/2021 (Mon) 23:40:19 Id: ea49c6 No. 415191 [Reply] [Last]
TIME FOR A MOSAIC, FELLOWS! This time we're doing the Sam & Max: Hit the Road cover. Almost certain this one hasn't been done yet. I'll start this OP with the original cover and the chart, then I'll be dumping the tiles. For those of you who don't know how to do this, you announce which tile you'll be taking ITT, then you draw over it or add your own little 'touch'. I'll also post a few example mosaics so you can get some inspiration but don't outright steal ideas, faggot Without further ado, here we go!
135 posts and 83 images omitted.
>>420677 That seems like too many tiles. Maybe shorten it down a bit?
>>420677 I love the idea but I would say give it some time, at least for the creative juices to flow back into most anons. This mosaic turned out really well but I doubt everyone who contributed would want to work on another tile already. Who knows, maybe by the time the next one starts we'll have a lot more willing participants? >>420743 Actually it looks like the same number as this one was (4x4). The last two thumbnails look to be the image in full resolution. Probably the cover image and the image split up, just like the OP. >>415191
>>420743 >>420750 Yep it's the exact same number of tiles. >>420750 >I love the idea but I would say give it some time, at least for the creative juices to flow back into most anons. This mosaic turned out really well but I doubt everyone who contributed would want to work on another tile already. Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I'll give it at least a month or two at bare minimum.

Going back to a game you never finished Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 21:57:13 Id: 218ba1 No. 419745 [Reply]
I went back to GTA III and I'm about to play every 3D GTA game until 4 because despite very normalfag praising the games as the next coming of Christ most have never finished one due to baffling gameplay design decisions by R* As soon as the oldschool Trance started playing along with Da Shootaz, which I first heard on the GTA 1 menu, I was immersed and seeing the grungy and grimy Liberty City Streets only helped, the world design is great, it's just a shame the game is just 3D Driver with on foot shooting and the missions are nearly the same shit over and over. Ram car, collect shit against the clock, steal car, repeat. Still, I wish I could back to when life wasn't absolute 1984 tier shit and GTA III kind of reminds me of those times. Do you usually go back on games you never finished anons?
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Just yesterday I went back and forced myself to beat Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure for GBA. The PS1 Crash games are my favorite games of all time, and I owned Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced on GBA as a kid, and replaying it, it holds up. Not as good as the PS1 game, but a respectable effort. But it took me several tries over the years to beat The Huge Adventure. The level design doesn't hold up as well as N-Tranced. It has a lot of blind jumps and other things that don't make platformers very fun. But then I realized the game was like 2/3 the length of any other Crash game, including N-Tranced, and figured I should just force myself to beat it so I can say I beat every old-style Crash game. Also, it has a secret final boss, which the PS1 games don't have, and I wanted to see that boss. Anyway, not a great game, but at least it's better than Crash 4. >>419745 >Still, I wish I could back to when life wasn't absolute 1984 tier shit and GTA III kind of reminds me of those times. >game that is about satirizing (then) modern America and pointing out its dystopia-like qualities is a reminder of better times Sad, but relatable. When I was like 10 and GTAIII came out, I was one of the casual kids that never finished it but just liked ramming pedestrians in my car. Same with Vice City. Only after San Andreas came out did I bother to go back and beat them properly, and realize that there is a lot more depth than I was giving them credit for. But despite going back to GTA IV and V multiple times, I've never been able to bring myself to beat them. I always just get bored partway through. I can go back and beat the PS2/PSP era games again and again though. Except for 100%ing San Andreas. That game has Donkey Kong 64 levels of extra stuff to get and I can't bring myself to ever do it all. But just doing some of the side content for fun while beating the regular game is great.
There are a ton of games for the N64, Playstation, Gamecube, and even 360 I played most of the way through but never completed. It was actually a big problem of mine probably to do with anxiety where I'd get right to the end of a game and then drop it because finishing it felt wrong. Ever since getting into PC gaming a decade or so ago and going back to play stuff on my own time it's a lot easier to just power through some of them. Emulation and save states also help since sometimes the game would just get corrupted or the disc would get lost or someone would overwrite my save file, etc. etc. >>420293 Speaking of, I'm actually trying to finish a full playthrough of Morrowind right now. Going Mages Guild->Imperial Cult->Main Quest/Telvanni with an almost purely mage character.
(782.03 KB 2593x1729 Escape From New York.jpg)

>>420565 >game that is about satirizing (then) modern America and pointing out its dystopia-like qualities And now the same company is part of the powers turning it into a dystopia. Funny how it goes

(658.14 KB 500x702 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.31 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)

(271.73 KB 640x643 ClipboardImage.png)

(4.20 MB 1400x1400 ClipboardImage.png)

(791.42 KB 724x640 ClipboardImage.png)

ACTUALLY obscure vidya Anonymous 05/02/2021 (Sun) 17:24:49 Id: 1f3575 No. 299761 [Reply] [Last]
I have never seen anyone talk about this game, ever. I am confident to say that this is one extremely obscure title, up until recently you could only get an ISO for it from some obscure russian emulation forum and from select private trackers. It was recently uploaded to CDRomance so now anyone can get their hands on it. Designed by Taro Kudo, of Love-de-Lic fame (Moon Remix RPG) and director of some not so good Paper Mario games. If you know anything about the people who were involved with Love-de-Lic, then you know how unique and special their games are (think Giftpia, Chibi-Robo, Chulip) It sold 9k copies during its first week in Japan, which doesn't sound like a lot.for an Enix published title and there is honestly little information about it online. This is from the Wikipedia page >The player takes on the role of a 5th-grade boy who is accidentally warped to a fictional island called Endonesia. The protagonist must communicate with the island's 50 sealed gods in order to return home. The boy does so by obtaining several abilities called Emo powers, which draw on his emotions, and the emotions of those around him. The game features day and night cycles as well as days of the week, with the island stuck in a 10-day time loop. I don't have a PS2 to test this game with and PCSX2 seems to behave oddly when I try it, some background are missing. Here's some gameplay footage, there are hardly any videos for it on Youtube. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=lilBe-ldJYU If any of you anons have a PS2 to test this game and can drop some footage, that would be appreciated. Take note, this is a text heavy game that remains untranslated. https://cdromance.com/ps2-iso/endonesia-japan/ Another extremely obscure set of titles are the Jungle Park games by Saru Brunei, developers best known for Cubivore on the Gamecube. These games, released on the Saturn and Playstation basically served as a sort of proto-Cubivore testing ground walking simulator. There might have been a Jungle Park title for the Bandai Pippin as well, which I don't believe was developed by Saru Brunei, can't find much on it.
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>>420544 >>409201 >>409076 It's in a really weird spot where it used to be very obscure and unknown but because of that obscurity got a lot of coverage from people, sort of like what happened with LSD: Dream Emulator and Seaman. Now it's more of a cult classic or whatever the equivalent term would be than really obscure. >>420552 The style and theme of it gives me some pretty strong Illbleed vibes.
(140.54 KB 220x221 ClipboardImage.png)

I honestly never see this discussed when b-tier game boy games come up, but I never see b-tier game boy discussion in general so maybe it's way more known than I realize.
(59.52 KB 466x477 Incredible Crisis.jpg)

>>409076 I remember seeing it on shelves but since I'm a Eurofag, it looked like this.

/gameclub/ Thread - Legend of the Mystical Ninja Anonymous 09/14/2021 (Tue) 00:15:03 Id: beed44 No. 415223 [Reply]
Welcome back to the gameclub, where the polls are absolutely not rigged and everyone has a fun time! >What's the /gameclub/? It's a thread where we play a game and talk about it. Try out something you might have never played, share your thoughts, compare scores, and have fun. GAME: We're playing Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the SNES! >The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, known as Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyūshutsu Emaki in Japan, is an action-adventure game by Konami, and was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. It was also ported to the Game Boy Advance along with Ganbare Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shōgun Magginesu only in Japan. >It is the first game in the Japanese video game series Goemon to have a western release. It has also been released for the Virtual Console in Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. In North America and Europe, this game was followed by two different games for Nintendo 64, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon in 1998 and Goemon's Great Adventure (known in Europe as Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon) in 1999, as all subsequent releases for the Super NES were absent of a Western release. In Europe, two Game Boy versions of Mystical Ninja starring Goemon were released. One was a standalone game and the other was part of Konami GB Collection Vol. 3. (via Wikipedia) >Goemon (Kid Ying) and Ebisu-Maru (Dr. Yang) are enjoying themselves at home when they hear about strange spirits sighted at the temple taking control of the other villagers. Concerned that a new evil has appeared, the two set out to confront it at the temple. This is just the beginning of a new adventure that will take them Goemon and his partner all across Japan; into mountain villages, amusement parks, castle fortresses and more! (via Moby Games) FUN FACT: One of the game's minigames is itself a full recreation of the first stage of Gradius.
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(6.03 KB 98x37 lord has forsaken us.png)

(30.30 KB 456x445 Disgust for Mongoloids.png)

>>415223 I tried playing this game with my brother when we were younger and he said that it was stupid. I played it again recently and realized that I was right about this game being fun and that my brother's taste in video games sucks ass.
>>420106 You should rope your brother by the neck for his shit taste.

(87.50 KB 1027x629 pathfinder.jfif)

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Anonymous 09/02/2021 (Thu) 17:03:32 Id: 000000 No. 405293 [Reply] [Last]
Game's coming out today, it's the "sequel" to Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It is set in the same universe, but it's a completely different adventure; at most we can expect a few returning characters and passing mentions to Kingmaker. According to beta testers and early reviews, WotR should be far less buggy on release than Kingmaker was, so I'm setting my expectations to mild disappointment instead of total failure. The game is centered around killing demons that are pouring out of some World Wound or some shit. You lead a crusade against the demon hordes. In a rather literal sense. Gone is the kingdom management from Kingmaker, you know recruit armies that run around putting down demons. Those army fights are more or less Heroes of Might and Magic 5 inspired battles, where your stacks move around on a square based grid. The whole crusade mechanic is reported to be the buggiest part of the game, most of the issues forcing a save reload. The other big gimmick of the game are the Mythic Paths, which empower you greatly in order to meet the demon forces in battle. The paths are: >Angel - for martial and divine casters, adds the typical holy/anti evil stuff >Aeon - neutral stuff for summoning, shape shifting, and a bit of martial stuff >Azata - chaotic path, for bards and support classes >Demon - evil path, has Rage powers like barbarians but doesn't stack, and lets you shape shift into demons; apparently the weakest path, but it's probably good for fighters >Lich - MOTHER FUCKING SKELETON CASTER HOLY SHIT YOU CAN RAISE YOUR OWN UNDEAD COMPANION AND EQUIP IT ANON WHY AREN'T YOU BONING THE DEMONS INTO SUBMISSION >Trickster - chaotic neutral dick ass thief meta, breaks the fourth wall, probably the fifth wall too, best for martial classes or illusion/enchantment casters >Gold Dragon - late game good path where you turn into a dragon >Swarm - late game chaotic evil path, transform into a host of insects, devour everything in your path, become the problem! >Devil - late game lawful evil path, fuck everyone else because it's all about you >Legend - late game path, fuck these outsiders, mortal might wins the day - your level cap is now 40 instead of 20 Late game paths weren't on the beta, so there's not much information about them. Paths have some alignment based restrictions, so your lawful good paladin can't become a demon or a devil. Most paths change your appearence. Only the MC gets to pick a path. There's mythic feats, that everyone in your party gets access to. There's fun stuff like drinking potions as a swift action or not automatically missing your attacks when you roll a 1, and generic shit like sneak attacks get +1d6. I'll try and find a link in a bit. So stay tuned for easy acquisition.
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>extra cutscene after creadit >the whole game is another donut steel telling their so so interesting life story to someone It's either the writer is so shit they don't know how to frame a story any other way or I missed a note somewhere that every AP has to be someone retelling a story.
>>420301 This was pretty obvious from reading any part of the quest journal. Using a different frame would require them to dramatically change the whole game.
>>420301 There's so many donut steels I guess it's not that surprising. They try to shove trannies and gays eveywhere and will try their goddamn hardest to force you to like their characters to the point where they're impossible to get rid of.

(237.11 KB 1400x787 random screenshot.jpg)

Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 02:35:40 Id: f71353 No. 419167 [Reply]
I need a mmo where I can dress up a custom character and vibe in town and also fight monsters and shit with a real-time combat system that is more involved than literally left clicking an enemy and watching my character slowly bonk them to death. Also something that isn't fuckin 12 years old or asia-only and nothing that takes fucking hours of mandatory tutorial or story bullshit to actually get into the fucking game. I don't care if it's pay to win, I have money.
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>>420069 >on something that looks cool like what?
>>419931 How inclusive of them to add George Floyd to Maplestory >>419991 Really sounds like SEGA is just shooting themselves in the foot. Even as a new player I'd be willing to bet a majority of the playerbase doesn't want to see old PSO2 gone. When I first started playing like two days ago I started on NGS and then switched to PSO2 and I can say PSO2 is much better in combat. Why is NGS even a thing? Did the creative team not have any ideas whatsoever for PSO2 they just decided "fuck it, let's pull A Realm Reborn"?
>>419167 Dungeon and Dragons Online One of the best Freemium games I have ever wasted money on.

Switch Thread - Summer Edition Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 16:38:13 Id: df3488 No. 318540 [Reply] [Last]
Useful links >eshop prices tracker https://www.dekudeals.com/ >homebrew guide https://nh-server.github.io/switch-guide/ >pirate lairs nxbrew or nsw2u (formerly switch-xci) Latest Switch games released during May >Arcaea >EDF World Brothers >Famicom Detective Club The Missing Heir & The Girl Standing Behind >Kowloon High School Chronicle >Maneater >Miitopia >Saga Frontier Remastered >Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(993.37 KB 500x705 ClipboardImage.png)

>>419378 >>420221 So, if I want to play the original two SMB games, I should pick up a copy of Deluxe for the PS2/Xbox.
(128.90 KB 1080x1075 SAN.jpg)

<<420260 >bringing up the PC release implies giving money to Nintendo This is your brain on console wars.
(18.03 MB 1280x720 2021091915381900_c.mp4)

(339.50 KB 1280x720 2021091914302600_c.jpg)

(416.10 KB 1280x720 2021091914160900_c.jpg)

(397.44 KB 1280x720 2021091914165000_c.jpg)

>>419967 I didn't unlock everything but most of them at least, and I can confirm the fanarts are drawn by different people, one of them being the lead artist of Aria Chronicle (a rpg game published by Crest too). >>420223 >>420264 I really do not recommend ever using a credit card for any console manufacturer due of their past record of having their servers hacked, even Paypal might be playing with fire. Prepaid cards are generally the safer way even if it may be more redundant in use (it's also the sole possibility for the japanese eshop) >>420221 >>420285 https://youtu.be/2t2flIEfV6s if Monkey Target looks this awful on the upcoming Banana Mania, I shudder to imagine what the rest of the game looks like

(2.72 MB 3840x2160 1625355284787.jpg)

(86.28 KB 1200x675 1625350908624.jpg)

(3.86 MB 200x260 1514503466201.gif)

(224.12 KB 1114x1940 1617211548719 (1).jpg)

(2.78 MB 1000x562 1501447341913.webm)

Dragon Quest Thread Anonymous 08/10/2021 (Tue) 23:37:16 Id: b8c6e2 No. 386058 [Reply] [Last]
>Favorite Game >Favorite Song >Originals or Remakes >What do you hope to see in DQXII? >Favorite Character
Edited last time by kazu on 08/11/2021 (Wed) 02:30:54.
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>>414962 Sweet, but I wonder how different X Online and X Offline will be
>>413884 >I think she wears no pants on her school uniform outfit. When she gets knocked down there's nothing down there Pics or it didn't happen
>>414962 Are we certain that list is legit. Seems too good to be true.

Sengoku Basara Thread Anonymous 09/20/2021 (Mon) 06:46:31 Id: a5bbff No. 420090 [Reply]
Ya put your guns on lately? A team's working on an English patch for SB4S so you don't have to have guides open when fusing weapons. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=jYqZwtKBxiQ >Favorite character? >Favorite stage? Love using Magoichi on Nobunaga's stage. Great pre-battle cutscene.
4 posts omitted.
>>420112 Never forget Capcom's initial reluctance to even bring MH over to the west, with the massive gap between 1 and later games. Then it becomes like their most successful and profitable series internationally. Because their original marketing campaign for MH1 on the PS2 was like 2 magazine ads and then they went 'wow guess they hate it.'
>>420124 Didn't they release Devil Kings in the same timeframe as Dynasty Warriors? I'm pretty sure they did that and it's no wonder it didn't sell. They were trying to compete with an already established Musou title such as Dynasty Warriors. If they were smart they'd release it during the downtime in-between Dynasty Warriors games releasing. >>420125 Just look at some other retarded shit they did this past decade. They let another developer reboot Devil May Cry and that failed. They neglected Mega Man for the longest time. They shit out Marvel vs Capcom Infinite which was dogshit.
>>420130 >They neglected Mega Man for the longest time Honestly I'm glad, I'd rather they do that than overcompensate like last time and release at least two or three MM games a year. I'm still waiting on a Mega Man X game that doesn't feel rushed or incomplete.

(8.05 MB 1280x720 Kuro no Kiseki - Web CM.mp4)

(2.99 MB 3166x1568 Legend of Heroes.png)

(1.40 MB 1456x2348 Ys.png)

NIHON FALCOM THREAD: Legend Of New Heroes Edition Anonymous 08/12/2021 (Thu) 18:38:02 Id: ab90a8 No. 387848 [Reply] [Last]
>Latest News - Kuro no Kiseki will be released In Japan on September 30, 2021 for the PS4. - Trails into Reverie will get a western PC release in 2023 - Trails from Zero will release to PC in Fall 2022 and Azure is slated for 2023. - Nayuta no Kiseki will see a PC release in 2023, translation by NISA. >Fan-translations - The Geofront Trails from Azure patch 1.0.1 offers mod support. - The Geofront Trails from Zero and Azure translations became the official one. - Geofront has also translated the Drama CD "Road to the Future", which fills in the blanks between Zero and Azure. - Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga is completely edited and has entered the testing phase. >Undubs Mega of every undub: https://mega.nz/#F!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder. >Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(20.19 MB 1280x720 LEON!.webm)

>>420025 >Maybe just a “are you strong enough to protect my sister” kind of thing Considering how Trails games are with harems, I'm thinking an entirely different scenario here.
>>420061 I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if she was in the running. I’ve seen a lot of whiners trying to claim this game won’t have harem elements but frankly I think there’s just too much setup to ignore.
>>420025 Some of those fights could also be one of those wacky misunderstandings, where Van accidentally runs into them having their own investigation of some sort. Then they fight, conclude that both of them are pretty cool dudes and we have more party members. >Elaine Maybe Elaine is stopping Van from continuing on, because "it's too dangerous" or some shit, and Van has to prove he is strong enough by beating her? Or all of this could just be the alignment system, which would cause canonical headaches going forward.

Activision Blizzard’s Labor Woes Grow on Union Complaint to NLRB Anonymous 09/15/2021 (Wed) 05:49:09 Id: 5b0a04 No. 416289 [Reply] [Last]
A union has filed a federal labor board complaint against Activision Blizzard Inc., opening a new front in the legal battle over workplace rights at the video game maker. The U.S. National Labor Relations Board complaint, filed Sept. 10 by the Communications Workers of America, accuses Activision of violating federal labor law through coercive rules, actions and statements, according to the agency’s docket. It also alleges the company illegally interrogated staff. Activision didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment. Activision Blizzard, which creates games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, is embroiled in controversy over its treatment of employees. California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing sued Activision in July, alleging the company fostered a “frat boy” culture in which female employees were subjected to sexual harassment, pay inequality and retaliation. Days later, an employee walkout drew hundreds of demonstrators to the sidewalks of the company’s corporate campus in Southern California. In a July email to employees, Activision’s chief compliance officer, who served as Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush, called the California agency’s claims “factually incorrect, old and out of context.” Activision has also said that the picture painted in the lawsuit “is not the Blizzard workplace of today” and that the company values diversity and strives to “foster a workplace that offers inclusivity for everyone.” Complaints filed with the labor board are investigated by regional offices and, if found to have merit and not settled, can be prosecuted by the agency’s general counsel and heard by administrative law judges. The rulings can be appealed to NLRB members in Washington, D.C., and from there to federal court. The agency can require remedies such as posting of notices and reversals of policies or punishments, but has no authority to impose punitive damages. CWA, which has increasingly focused in recent years on organizing non-union video game and tech workers, said in an emailed statement that it was “very inspired by the bravery” of Activision employees and that it filed with the labor board to ensure that violations by the company “will not go unanswered.” Source: https://archive.is/tFgje
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>>420042 Do you seriously need spoonfeeding to understand what the fucking joke is? You retard.
>>420052 Jesus fucking christ you must be the most autistic motherfucker on this site and that's a goddamn accomplishment.
>>420054 He's quite obviously some faggot from /leftypol/ or reddit's section of the site dedicated to whining about "pebble throw literally nazi and if you say his name it gives him power".

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