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(232.99 KB 299x569 It_is_a_good_pain.png)
(32.85 KB 393x130 does_this_arouse_anyone.png)
(6.01 KB 1024x154 ClipboardImage.png)
RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress Anonymous 02/11/2021 (Thu) 22:56:15 Id:6d9fd7 No. 234876
Been playing the fuck out of RimWorld the last week for the first time. Pretty addicting so far even if I suck at it, and I wanted to see what mods people were using or even just what gameplay style you had going for ideas of things to try out. I have some collection of Vanilla Expanded mods and a medieval mod, but I'm curious what shit other anons suggest running. Please post pics of your colonies too, as I want to see how badly my own stack up. Also I've been wanting to get into Dwarf Fortress, but I have yet to dive into that because a friend of mine warned me that it was really tough to get into. Any advice for a first time player? I've recently been watching a bunch of videos on it and it doesn't seem as bad as my friend made it out to be, but maybe I'm missing something.
(2.63 MB 1920x1040 Kill Me2.png)
(120.23 KB 1577x699 Just a prank bro.png)
>>285859 Could be because equipment like gloves and boots gloves are modded so the game won't recognize them unless they're worn on flesh. There's an additional mod that addresses just that though, Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts. >Have I been torturing my colonist by having her running around on stubs? Nah, but had you been forcing her to gimp around on peg legs, simply allowing her to get dissected by the mechs would've been more merciful..
>>285908 That seems dumb. Why would bionic legs stop you from wearing shoes? >>285929 >Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to check it out. Also I feel bad for Bumper. Some colonists really just get fucked by RNG
(189.91 KB 640x400 ClipboardImage.png)
(21.17 KB 644x101 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.23 MB 653x9960 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone with performance issues try this fucking mod out (RocketMan Performance Mod). I went from some lag and crashing once every 30mins with 150-ish mods to not crashing at all with minimal slowdown when 3 traders showed up all at once. Also if anyone is desperate for more mods to try out, they released a pretty huge Mass Effect mod for Rimworld.
>>282386 making money is a bad idea the more money you have the stronger the raiders come for you
>>316134 >>316135 More like trying to get the perfect no damage outcome is going to make the next raid harder. I doubt making money actually raises overall wealth in the colony compared to a random trade caravan dying on the map or the leftovers from a siege raid
>>317040 >trying to get the perfect no damage outcome is going to make the next raid harder Do injuries count or is it only when they get downed or killed?
>>317040 >>316135 Fuck, I hate when games do that. It makes sense but if you know how to circumvent it most encounters just become a chore to deal with. Neo Scavenger did the same sort of thing (more valuable items = more enemy attention) and it was just annoying.
>>317053 iirc downed/killed colonists count more towards the point system though it gets autistic and tedious trying to abuse the system. Then again playing randy random just makes it more fun because time is less of a factor. >>317057 Time is actually a bigger factor in raid calculation compared to total wealth and population. In the first 1.5 years ingame it might be worth to keep your colony wealth and colonists count low but after that raids get bigger and mechanoids start frequently attacking.
(277.78 KB 1920x1018 Thanks Mech cluster.jpg)
(144.19 KB 480x480 aaa.mp4)
(446.61 KB 1920x1018 Mess of a glacier base.jpg)
I didn't need the top part of the map anyways. A run on glacier sure goes very long compared to normal biome
(12.93 KB 409x561 ClipboardImage.png)
>>317234 >I didn't need the top part of the map anyways Those mechs are pretty cool sometimes. I always like having them pop up in unused corners of the map. Either they weaken/take out raids or they hit traders. Regardless of who decides to show up, I get the free loot when they go.
(2.11 MB 1423x936 Early morning infestation.png)
The nerve of these little bastards, tunneling into the base, penetrating every defensive barrier and ruining the gardens. Arachnids appear to be more and more spot on with every infestation, wouldn't be surprised if they'll just start spawning under bedrooms next. Now feels like Cassy's finally found her favorite mod to bury my base with. >>317234 Guess best to leave well enough alone, until some unfortunate poor slobs stumble onto your map. But what do you do about the condition causers?
>>323622 >Arachnid Hives Is there a starship troopers mod? >But what do you do about the condition causers? Unless its something dangerous to the colony like psychic emitters, i just ignore it. Not like i have a reason to go out into the ice fields anyways. Otherwise pull all of the defending mechs into my defenses and after that try to pick off the buildings from a safe point from all the turrets. Not pictured is there also a fog generator on the worldmap that i didnt bother to clean up
>>323622 >infestation The regular ones make my dwarf fortress style mountain base games fucking hell sometimes. This game really does not want you doing that. >arachnid tunnels That is both pretty cool and probably intensely annoying. >>323693 >Is there a starship troopers mod? A quick search says there is.
>>323969 >This game really does not want you doing that. Which really does makes sense. The amount of protection you get from raids and sieges is pretty good with mountains. Only thing i dont like about infestations is how absurd it gets with spawning hives during late game
>>317234 You don't know what a long run is until you've decided to play the game like its the sims and have a run spanning decades and multiple generations.
(208.45 KB 637x358 STA.png)
(452.41 KB 635x790 Whats for dinner.png)
(2.03 MB 1703x1008 2021-02-08_180308.png)
(251.10 KB 1584x998 starship troopers.png)
>>323693 Is there a starship troopers mod? Yeah, but seems only for 1.0. Not very well balanced though as it treats attacks as "incidents" rather than raids, actually had to clip a few events due to the frequent overlap with base game and other mod events as well as for redundancy reasons. Still a lot of fun. >a fog generator on the worldmap that i didnt bother to clean up Yeah, like the ones that fuck with your electric. Unless you come with pawns that have some crazy minCT stats, just from dealing with outages during cold snaps, there's always going to be those few pawns who just aren't happy campers.
(36.92 KB 456x533 min comfortable.png)
(331.44 KB 466x607 stupid.png)
>60.8F Shit, I'm retarded. Only ever noticing the gear enhanced value, never realized all pawns had exactly the same base value until after I highlighted it. Which actually feels pretty lame now, always thought some pawns were a little more special than others.
>>324926 Some trait mods adds temperature adjustment like cold/hot lover, could be worth looking into. Would fuck stupid brains out until shes actually stupid
(807.41 KB 572x990 All it takes to woo a tomboy.png)
(816.19 KB 1294x886 Tomboy stash quest.png)
>>324996 >cold/hot lover My woman hating scientist somehow conquered the tomyboy farmer, now just need some madman to take on the tsundere gimp. Ye, was checking out Temperature Tolerant a bit but seems to have stopped at Alpha 18, though some are claiming that it's still compatible even with Royalty. Did Install two alien race mods awhile back and just noticed that they come with higher base stats in some areas. Been playing with the Ratkins and Rabbis using Faction Discovery for a while and finally captured a couple of rabbis. Today just saw that they have slightly higher base speed and mental/psychic thresholds than humans, now to just hunt for some rats. That raider truly lived up to her namesake too, being the first to die after breaking away from her group at super speed only to commit suicide on my line of fire, shame she ended up warg food.
>>325250 Dont the rabbis require moon crack or something. Been a long time since i touched that race. Ratkins are always a welcome sight
>>325250 >2nd spoiler I've noticed that when it comes to raiders I want, they always make sure to suicide themselves before I can get the right colonist in position to safely KO the idiots. Hell there was one occasion where they even managed to TK each other on the edge of the map, because a mad squirrel ran into a pile of retards armed with grenades.
>>325480 >fuck, squirrel! >toss the fucking nades!
(2.24 KB 128x128 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325590 Maybe they thought it was like the monty python rabbit? Anyway, it was especially dumb since I had that magic mod that adds custom mage/fighter classes that randomly spawn in for raiders. >One was a grenadier class or something similar if I remember right and just bombed the ever loving fuck out of the area where they spawned >Luckily the squirrel somehow managed to survive thanks to their grenades only having the power to TK >around 10 dead/downed retards now >2 surviving idiots surround the squirrel >each toss one grenade at the squirrel >looks like they are playing catch with grenades as the squirrel runs to grenadier fag >both get killed by the other's grenade and the squirrel sadly dies a warriors death I buried the squirrel in my cemetery next to my old colonists.
>>325683 Interaction between different mods is the coolest shit in the game. I remember having the Children and Pregnancy and the Vampire mods among many others and after a pair of colonists had a kid, Uncle Vlad would stop by every night and talk about creepy shit with the kid because he was the only one awake and had Nursing tasks enabled. It's a shame that mod fucks up merchant caravans so much since it's statistically very likely that at least one of the merchants is a vampire if you enable that and he will be shot by his peers when dawn comes. The way blood works there makes prisoners valuable and the blood economy quite a chalenge to maintain especially if you abuse the powers. It's kinda what the tabletop feels like somewhat due to the management side of the game. Really wish VtM was turned into a proper sandbox game already. I'm still trying to get my ultimate combination: a Nosferatu Sith Lord that worships Cthullu.
>>325708 >I checked the mod settings (it offers an option for stopping new pregnancies when you hit a certain colony size) and mine is set to "never stop," Maybe it has to do with the population control with the Storyteller? I always get a mod to increase that since base game expects you to do all the chores with less than 10 people. >If a pregnant woman jumps in one, the MedPod thinks it's a tumor and erases the pregnancy hediff entirely. Fucking based.
>>325715 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1658712035 Try this one. I used another that went through all the story tellers and created version of them with double the population before but this one is far more flexible and compatible. It simply changes the limits of the current story teller you're using so remenber to configure it after you're already playing. Says you can crank it up to a minimum of 100 colonists, so go nuts.
>>325696 Nigger, what? There's VTM mods for Rimworld now? I haven't played Rimworld in 2-3 years, how crazy is the modding scene now?
>>325736 It has been quite wild for a long time. Did you think people still played this for so long just for the vanilla gameplay? Just look for Jecrel's mods for a lot of neat content to fuck up your game and that's just the starters. The VtM in particular is pretty great. Everyone has a blood bar in their Needs, including animals. Robots get Coolant instead which acts the same. The rules are essentially the tabletop, everyone has 7 points, they regenerate a single one daily, this affects Blood Circulation in the Vanilla game, vampires naturally lose a point every day. This works wonders in Rimworld because every power you use is an extra point you're gonna have to feed today from someone else so you better have spares. On the upside, some discipline powers are amazing and after every fight you don't have corpses, you have a buffet. There's also another for the Werewolves which is fucking broken as fuck since Werewolves are some really OP shit that will fuck you up. Hope you don't get a Mestis or whatever that fucked up race is. There's also Star Wars heavily inspired in the Jedi Academy with most of those powers and lightsabers as well. You have Call of Cthullu to create cults and worship Elder Gods, make (human) sacrifices, kill non-believers and protect your colony with fish people. Then you also have plenty of other games with content there. There's Warhammer both medieval and 40K, there's LotR, there's even SS13. Try these with mods that change the world into a sort of 4X, centered around exploring and conquering new lands with dynamic factions that do the same. Oh and there's also Saferimworld which is just the SFW version of Rimjobworld so it can be in the Steam worshop. It's essentially the same thing but replaces sex with hand-holding and related euphemisms.
(521.10 KB 1706x1626 ClipboardImage.png)
(32.96 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325696 >Interaction between different mods is the coolest shit in the game Yeah it is pretty cool. How are the Cthullu + cult mods. I was tempted to try them, but I have been nervous about adding more mods after I finally fixed most of the crashing I had before. >>325708 >So even if I got the damn thing working again, I would have to watch these whores like a fucking hawk There is a mod for adding locks to doors that you can use to keep people/animals away from rooms until you let them in. Maybe that might help?
>>325747 completely changes up the game, can be very interesting combined with medieval storyteller but it fits just as well with regular technology. your characters can either read/write/perform pass-time activities to keep sanity up, or give in and start worshiping the old ones, requiring you to construct places of worship, letting you sacrifices animals/people for rewards, etc.
>>325375 Planetarium, it's kind of a pain in the ass since if they don't get their fix within about a week, they'll just walk around like dazed junkies until they collapse. Until you have a refinery method and set drug schedules, there's no worries. Plus there's the chance of a temporary performance boost from doping and a pretty high mood buff when consuming in tea form so it works out. >>325708 >If a pregnant woman jumps in one, the MedPod thinks it's a tumor and erases the pregnancy hediff entirely >deep down in hell Justice Ginsburging intensifies
>>255476 But for example it restricts adamantite to mountains only, and certain things like deep chasms to them too.

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