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(1.94 MB 1400x5800 cuhrayzee.jpg)
(5.23 MB 5748x6740 PS2 2.jpg)
(4.98 MB 3028x7396 xbox.jpg)
Chart Thread Anonymous 03/01/2021 (Mon) 23:10:00 Id:e4534a No. 250310
Haven't seen one of these in a long time, post your charts.
(22.00 MB 3181x8665 loli games 3.4.png)
>>276508 Here's an updated version.
>>275989 The date says it was made a couple days before the FBI shitstorm, fortunately someone saved it.
(50.27 KB 402x345 all smiles.png)
>>276593 Fantastic, looks way better now that I can tell what platform their games are on! Thanks again!
Charts are for people too stupid to read. And offer no discussion, context, or even quality submissions. a "top X" games chart is voted by barely a 100 people and people retarded enough to vote are often of such an IQ that the results don't even offer any reliability other than maybe how popular a game is. At best these threads will complain about the inaccuracy of the charts, rather than outright shunning the concept altogether, like you should. Talk about video games instead, I double dare you.
>>275989 >The jpg compression artefacts are getting so bad now that some really just needs to remake is from scratch. So just save it as a png you fucking retard.
>>276485 For some reason it still looks wrong compared to the old one I think maybe its the wider spacing between the blocks of covers. Also do you have the gimp xcf for the chart or at least a png? >>275941 >>275989 >>276602 Frankly the 2019 one looks like it was mostly changed for the worse. For example I can't imagine what possessed chartfag to remove San Andreas, Vice City and the ever underrated Chinatown Wars in favour of GTA:IV and that's just one complaint. >>276470 Most of them are shit honestly.
>>276470 Taste reaffirmers can be an important thing to help one know that you aren't surrounded by as many retards as other places anon
>>276470 No, they're for retards with unrefined taste and no sense to seek things out on their own , and usually made by retards. Charts covering specific games with longevity (i.e. Doom or anything with extensive modability) and franchises are somewhat helpful, but platform specific charts are all uniformly terrible and genre charts are even worse. Don't get me started on meme charts (WEIRD GAMES CHARTS BY VEEE XXD) like what this faggot suggested >>256678 are cancer, and really affirm these things are to let redditors, twitterfags and normalfags in.
>>276708 They also publicly let faggots know what SUPER SEKRIT EBIN CHANNERS play so they can infect the place. Kill yourself for being a pussy with no opinion of your own. There are games many niggers here enjoy and I think are trash. On that thought, people like you should go to >>>/reddit/. That's the perfect place for wanting fake validation for what electronic time wasters you enjoy.
>>276801 >>276804 ass blasting
>>276866 cuckchanning
>people are recommending fps games just because they're on n64 Are you all retarded? >>276801 my nigga. Charts are even worse than youtube reviews. Chart threads will always only ever be about the accuracy of the charts, rather than actually discuss games. It doesn't even teach you what version to play, what mods to install, they're so shallow, so surface-level that I truly believe just typing the word video games into google you'll get the same pictures in the exact same order. Luckily I'm not forced to come to this place for my high quality hobby discussions.
>>276593 Yeah, well, what about games that let me play as a loli and have a wholesome relationship with a shota?
>>277088 >Are you all retarded? They're charts anon, they're especially made for the lazy and retarded.
>>276706 >Also do you have the gimp xcf for the chart or at least a png? I do not because I didn't intend to add anything. Plus, the main anon that was working on it went on hiatus because he was studying for finals at the time.
(668.57 KB 2000x1737 Pokemon Rom Hacks (No BG).png)
(736.59 KB 2000x1737 Pokemon Rom Hacks.png)
I decided to be autistic and create this quick and dirty chart for Pokemon rom hacks. Please no bully. Feel free to take it and add to it as you see fit.
>>275989 >>276485 >doesn't include wind waker
(149.88 KB 1033x774 1574557442052.jpg)
>>285136 Pokemon Wack Version
>>277949 That's a shame but hopefully he shows up.
Charts are awesome, stop shitting on them. Even if only 1/4 of the games in there are actually good, that's a much better ratio than you can find anywhere else.
(58.69 KB 498x382 can you not.jpg)
>>302340 >Charts are awesome. >TOR.
>>302410 >barebacking your ISP is a virtue
>>302411 There's VPNs for that
>>264106 StarFox is one of the few shmups I enjoy because you don't die in 1 fucking hit.
>>264106 If the only thing shit about Zero was the controls, couldn't they just release a Switch version with better controls?
>>302695 I imagine Platinum is busy enough with Bayonetta 3. How much did Zero use the touchpad for though? I tried the Wonderful 101 remake, but I was put off by the presence of the second screen overlayed on the regular screen to the point that I considered pirating the original.
>>302624 Are they free?
(41.22 KB 888x558 1468922573902.png)
>>302868 because im backtracing your activity through the hidden CIA honeypot monitoring machine, the cyberpolice is heading to your home address right now to shoot your dog, destroy your property, and plant CP on your computer so that they can then proceed to arrest you for it. now seriously, TOR has a set of hubs that act as a directional gathering point for most of the content on TOR, something like the shadow tranny conglomerate in the middle east helping the poor opressed gay trans nigger muslim community would be advertised clear as day in either the hiddenwiki, topiclinks, or another such link list, and i haven't seen jackshit. its mostly CP links and under the table crypto trading
>>264079 Feel the same way about Perfect Dark games>>250366 >>250366 No love for FF games King's Field/ AC missing from the music but surprised Forever Kingdom is in there.
>>302624 Then your VPN provider has the data instead.
>>303121 Not if you use a non-shit one
>>303174 If you choose to believe them sure.
>>303674 Eh, you can see what happens in the court cases and attempted seizures like for example, expressVPN being raided by the turks but their servers didn't have logs so the government got fucked.
>>303174 >>303674 >>303679 Isn't Mullvad VPN one of the good ones?
>>303679 You can vet a VPN provider to some degree yes, but companies change and can always be infiltrated/leaned on quietly or technically compromised by competent non-roach government agencies if needed. For the average consumer you'll likely be fine with almost any paid provider (otherwise they have serious motive to make cash off you another way) of reasonable reputation but if you're dabbling in things that are locally illegal or otherwise questionable to a degree you might be targeted specifically I wouldn't trust a VPN alone. Of course if you start getting very high profile there are a few semi-practical ways to try and deanonymise TOR users too but that's really far beyond what most people need to concern themselves with. So you'll be fine if turks try a mass data seizure against your provider but if you're worth watching enough I can almost guarantee you no anons are that a western agency quietly asks or otherwise forces their way in to watch what specifically you are up to things are different. I mean I personally use a few paid VPNs myself so I should probably have been clearer that I didn't mean they're worthless, just that you're then making your provider the likely point of failure rather than your ISP. >>303680 From what I know yes but I've never really looked into them at length.

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