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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id: a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
>>419208 I like House too, I just wanted to defend the Legion. But I agree on your points about how California would mostly play out. Re: Lonesome Road, I feel like if you were Legion you'd pretty naturally nuke NCR in the circumstance regardless of your general karma because it's a pretty big tactical win from the Legion perspective to destroy the Long 15 in particular as traveling to the Mojave through the Divide is such a bitch for NCR. But it could go down other ways too, all depending on how you're RPing it.
>>419669 What does this have to do with the lolicon new vegas debate thread?
>>419669 Is it that same fag from before or a new one?
>just obliterated my entire post history because I made 2 posts pointing out japanese companies censoring is japanese censorship >didn't even say a single thing about vtubers or give a single fuck about them in the slightest Hope turning multiple threads I was posting in into swiss cheese was worth that one Mark.
>>419838 I restored the posts that didn't sperg over vtubers.
>>419860 None of my posts were sperging over vtubers. >It's Chink's pressuring Jap companies yet again into removing someone with threats of chink funds being cut. <Which is Jap censorship. If twitter leftists "pressure" a company into changing their game do we blame the company or the leftists? The answer is both. I know you faggots are all Japanophiles that think your special variant of bug people can do no wrong but at least try to tame your bias a little. This was the post I made. Can you point out to me where I "sperged" over vtubers? You didn't delete the post for being off-topic because the guy I was responding to still has his post up. I didn't even mention vtubers. I wasn't talking about them at all. I was pointing out that Japanese companies censoring things is Japanese censorship. I'm very interested in an explanation for how this counts as "sperging over vtubers".
(301.26 KB 1024x1001 why.jpg)

>>419860 >sperg over vtubers. why am I not allowed to wish nigger rape (and aids) on somebody that inadvertently made a champagne socialist bernie boo into a multi-millionaire?
>>419875 Because that's an opinion one of this boards boogeymen has so nobody else is allowed to have it. If I was them I would start giving my opinions on the widest variety of topics possible to guarantee that nobody is allowed to talk about anything.
>>419875 We have a god damn board for this shit, use it. >>>/vyt/. If you use this board then maybe we could get discussion related about them gain traction instead of flooding the GG threads with even more bullshit?
(7.37 KB 191x255 1609224392097.jpg)

Delete criticism of vtuber of any variety except for that spam nigger is beta male tier, chief. Nice of you to use the spam nigger as the bogeyman to remove all anti cam whore sentiment.
>having a non pre-approved opinion read: makes Mark cry Careful with how you express that, you must be [boogeyman]! I can't tell who's more retarded; the faggot deleting willy-nilly after having a cry, or the parts of the userbase sucking his cock for doing so. >>419864 Good luck ever getting a coherent response.
(225.36 KB 1000x1000 616f4a13c0619fae655023a28eafffbf.jpg)

(55.31 KB 400x400 Tesla Quote .jpg)

>>416025 >WHY THE FUCK DOES /hebe/ STILL EXIST? Because all Alt Chan's are inherently honey pots. There is no such thing as an independent Chan that isn't ran by FED's so those are the only real choice you've got Spook websites and google. Welcome to Web 2.0, it only gets worse before it gets better which it will eventually regardless but Big Tech will keep desperately throwing monkey wrenches at their competitors and if not for government intervention and the stigma that surrounds alt tech like say odysee despite it not really being all that radical actually is the only reason they haven't gone bankrupt. Proggess is inevitable both the good and bad kind. >>416400 Schrodinger a cute, CUTE! I want a spin off series were he does a bunch of action shit and slice of life shit in Brazil and Argentina prior to invading Britain, just make it like something similar to the Black Lagoon spin joke OVA's.
>>416025 Stop clicking the link you closet pedo
>>419988 I'm not.
Loli is based.
>>420361 You were a loli anon? No way!
>last post was 2 days ago lmao wtf is going on here why are you such a fucking retard sperg you fat mongoloid fucking fat cancer fuck
>>421225 >tsundere herdnigger heh
(37.00 KB 673x520 ClipboardImage.png)

>>421225 >>last post was 2 days ago Wut?
>there are 0 PPH boards where the mods react faster to herdnigger raids than this one does Nice
Please clarify on avatarfagging because shit is getting annoying now?
>>421527 >parked What is "parked"?
>>421519 >>421527 Why is nearly ALL 3DCG porn absolute trash?
>site gets shilled on the promise that mark won't be involved in administration >turns out acid is even more retarded than mark is I concede to the many anons I've argued with over the years who proclaimed "but what if we got something worse than Mark". You were right, it can get much fucking worse than mark somehow.
>>421547 It's not all bad.
>>421552 Which is why he used the qualifier "nearly".
>>421549 >site gets shilled on the promise that mark won't be involved in administration >Turns out, the only board that isn't practically dead is Mark's board
>>421614 >>421592 Just delete and ban anyone posting Toga, until he stops, and apologize for and restore any false-positives that get nuked in the crossfire.
>>421539 Posting a picture of one (1) character with your replies, possibly as if you're pretending to be that character. Sub-clause: Acid can do it because he's the guy in charge and tubby talmud is nothing if not subservient until he decides to break things off for one reason or another. I imagine ROBanon would also be an exception if he hasn't been driven off years ago since he does it to tell a story and i suppose ROB isn't an established character, and probably the tewi monthly rabbit faggot likely wouldn't get the axe either since, again, mark.
>>421625 >Toga THAT'S what her name is. I kept thinking it was Toki.
(772.52 KB 450x253 toki sad.gif)

(25.43 KB 474x359 toki.jpg)

>>421519 Speaking of which, can anyone confirm these posts? If true wouldn't that change things? >>421653 >>421644

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