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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)
Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id:a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
>>308022 >This is only for the webring and does nothing with the long term issue of bad actors that it attracts and perpetuates. Yes, I know, but the point is that we must first undo the damage the asinine decision of keeping pedo-panderers (note: not talking about 2D) has caused to the site. Then we can talk about actual improvements.
>>308037 >if the attraction is solely to the idealized drawings in noticably unrealistic artstyle -- like say, the stereotypical moeshit or CalArts cartoon, that is a lolicon I'm still a bit iffy on this. They still exhibit said features, even in a "deformed" manner. How does this differ so significantly from the "are traps gay" argument, even more so when it isn't just "draw a girl, call it a boy"? >If you attraction is to children both realistic and fictional, or only realistic children, that is pedophilia Agreed. >child pornography requires an IRL child to have been molested. This is a crime. Certainly. This is the key difference between doujinshi and CP, the distinction between acts of fiction and reality. >fictional lolicon content is the cause of such behavior is a bit disingenuous I didn't make that argument.
>>308022 Well Shit... >>308038 Agreed.
>>308037 So only the specific people who are exclusively attracted to a very unrealistic type of lolicon (that still has typical traits that are present in children but differs too much from actual children to be related) ought not be called pedophiles, but the rest is? Got it. But by my understanding all the rest of lolicon is also called lolicon, that's a little confusing. Why call them lolicons then and not moes or something.
>>308044 Why the fuck are all of you arguing about semantics, this is about protecting the site from being busted over shit, not whether it's morally good or bad Simply put, they'll shut it down for any real person (looking) too young to be of consent and they'll get pissed off but not able to do much of anything if it's any fake person (looking) too young to be of consent. The ambiguity and morality can wait another 300+ thread.
>>308040 In that case, I don't know what your argument was. Bringing up rape when discussing what the difference between lolicons and pedos, I can only assume you're conflating actionable pedophilia with the fictional. >>308044 It's the nip term for the hentai subgenre, and thus it's what people stick to. Imageboards, in case you haven't been lurking enough, are pretty steeped in Japanese media.
>>308047 Because there seems do be a lot of confusion about the semantics like people who assume pedophilia is an act or lolicon is entirely unrelated to pedophilia etc
>>307984 You can either have a site with free speech, the site that already existed. Or you can have a dead pedo site with no speech for anyone. If that's the hill you want to die on, so be it. The kind of community you're inviting and enabling is not going to play nicely by the rules.
>>308051 Anon asked what the difference between lolicon and pedophilia was, and I argued that there really isn't a distinction based on definitions of attraction, and arguments to the contrary conflate pedophilia with CP and the act of raping kids, unjustifiable acts that are obviously separate from the attraction itself.
What's the difference between being a furry and being a zoophile?
>>308051 >in case you haven't been lurking enough I presume I have lurked a lot and seen a lot of lolicon threads over the years as well. And most of it clearly doesn't fall in the category of "too unrealistic to be related to human female children". Especially the doijins that have been mentioned.
(187.02 KB 1961x2063 933[1])
>>308063 >most of it clearly doesn't fall in the category of "too unrealistic to be related to human female children" You're missing the point, it's not that it has to be apparent "these characters are not human", it's that it's clearly apparent that they're fictional. I've never seen real children with eyeballs that big, noses that non-existent, hair colors that impossible, among other usual trappings of the typical loli doujin. To say nothing of more stylized artists. Look at pic related. Akko's clearly noticable as a young human female, but you wouldn't claim she's a real person would you? >>308060 > Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D, be it CG content or otherwise. Most
>>307984 He acid, in case you didn't realize it yet but sites like reddit and twitter allow CP there but shovel it under the rug so they don't have to address it. You would be better just by simply not allowing them to have a place here at all. We barely have any good optics with the rest of the internet and now you're allowing pedophilias to have a place to stay under the guise of "free speech" unaware of the fact that these assholes endorse illegal actions towards minors if their past history is anything to go by. We lose nothing by deleting /hebe/ and those same cunts claiming deleting their board wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on considering what they're into. Now quit your moralfagging and do something about it cause they're not here in good faith and you of all people should know this.
Fucking post validation bullshit. >>308060 >I argued that there really isn't a distinction based on definitions of attraction, and arguments to the contrary conflate pedophilia with CP and the act of raping kids, unjustifiable acts that are obviously separate from the attraction itself Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D, be it CG content or otherwise -- that's already one difference if you ask me. Most of the time, there's no real way to indicate pedophilia outside of the possession and enjoyment of CP, rape, or self-admission -- god knows nobody in their right mind would admit to it unless they're degenerates like those Twatter MAPs.
>>308082 Large eyes are kind of a thing though because they grow faster than the rest of the body. Besides that, the typical traits that arouse pedophiles aren't in your list like flat chests, small body size, no pubic hair.
>>308085 Is there a reason why there's this bs valid crap? I remember moe in it's rarly months had none of thi shit. Now it's mostly annoying with no idea on my end.
>>308088 And there's no real way to stop them from enjoying that, and it isn't anyone's place to stop someone from enjoying loli doujins anyway. At the end of the day, the problem with pedos, from the site standpoint, lies solely with the CP content they usually enjoy and the illegality that comes with it. So long as you don't try and conflate loli with it in a desperate attempt to push the envelope and argue CP should be allowed (because like it or not, the law is not on anyone's side and the gray area's all the leeway people get), there isn't much to it. >>308090 It's anti-spam software. It's meant to make it obnoxious to try to dissuade and bore autists from IP-hopping since otherwise they'll be stuck for hours. However, it comes at the cost of giving regular users a couple minutes' annoyance every 12 hours.
>>308082 >Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D They'll turn there noses up at 2D if it isn't from the Champagne region of Japan, hence the separation of /loli/ and /delicious/.
>>308092 >So long as you don't try and conflate loli with it in a desperate attempt to push the envelope and argue CP I doubt anyone's genuinely trying to do that. The issue is that many people are vocal about how much they hate pedophiles and want them to be gone for being pedos and that just comes off very hypocritical given all the loli content.
>>308097 Have you checked the revised rule 2 thread?
>>308085 >Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D Personally, I think it's denial or the acknowledgement that it's instant crucifixion. That doesn't change what they're attracted to. >>308097 > very hypocritical given all the loli content Yeah.
I own a small ass board that I try to post on whenever I'm not busy, having this site delisted from the webring accross so many sites isn't exactly helping. That's just a thought I wanted out of the way.
(232.91 KB 500x700 99816.png)
>>307984 >An 8chan that wouldn't give boards like /hebe/ a fair shot to follow the rules and exist is an 8chan that wouldn't have given #GamerGate one either <we have to support pedos because of GamerGate What are you even talking about you cuck piece of shit? You're trying to achieve some idealistic moral virtue that doesn't make sense even within framework you've provided. Regardless of my opinion that GG ultimately was/is a massive was of time and energy, I could at least make a justification for setting up a home for the movement. They were trying to expose industry corruption and attempt to fix it, there were ideals and goals based on a sense of being wronged. Regardless of how pointless/misguided some of these attempts were, there was ultimately good faith behind it all. There is no such justification of pedophilia. There is no moral good pedophiles are trying to achieve, no wrong to be righted. They want to abuse children to satiate their sexual perversion. You are trying to sleep beside a rabid dog.
>>308102 It seems that like some other anon said, the BO is making their own site. Imo, good. It's a win-win since we don't have to deal with the actual pedos anymore aside from the few who think any users here will handle their shit and the BO can do whatever the fuck they wish on their own site. Hopefully things go back to normal before any of this shit occurs anymore. >>308097 i don't quite see it as hypocritical. Sure, both are what a spade is a spade in terms of what they are designed to look like, but the main key difference is how it's aimed and made at. Loli and any other substance of it is just made for sick entertainment that is fiction, while the actual shit is at the cost of a child which any fucker who thinks it's wise should maybe look in the mirror and think about getting a noose perhaps. Eiher way through if we go by your own logic, which as I already stated before, we might as well call furries actual zoos, rape kink fans actual rapists or nechros actual sickfucks who want to do shit with dead bodies.
>>308109 >if we go by your own logic >we might as well call furries actual zoos >rape kink fans actual rapists How so? As said before, pedophilia is merely an attraction and does not descibe an act.
>>308108 He literally stated that he's allowing pedophiles to spite morality. It's unironically just an edgy position because Acid is a redditnigger that thinks edginess for the sake of edginess is what imageboards should be. Whether or not his decisions are morally abhorrent is not factored into the equation. He literally admitted that if CP were legal he would be fine allowing it on the site.
>>308109 You are conflating acts with attractions again, anon.
>>308112 >Acid would allow CP Nigger what do you think is happening right now?
(23.28 KB 480x360 Sundae_profile.jpg)
(146.78 KB 1751x1055 already dead.png)
>everyone abandons /hebe/ for /b/ the moment the mod who kept deleting their generals (kazu) is fired The absolute state of every-fucking-one using this site. I don't even know what to say about this.
>>308114 A severely neutered /hebe/ that is planning to move elsewhere that coincided with obnoxious faggots pushing the loli=CP shit and fags that demand inane redefinition of rules so they can claim they didn't break them as a Global Rule 2 custom made to cockblock "borderline" posting, kept afloat by the /tot/ embassy?
>>308111 Yes, but if we are to go by that logic, Furries would fit the same bill. They are attracted to animal features if they like the porn. Regardless, it's tiring to call them zoos or loli fans the actual shit since they aren't on that level of doing the actual shit imo. Sure, you aren't half wrong, but I still disagree on saying loli is like the actual shit. Rape stuff of adults I can understand I misjudged on through. >>308113 My explanation above should clarify more as to where I stand at anon.
>>308119 They're not neutered they're using /b/ as >>308118 said and there's a thread with child photos there right now. What a fucking joke of administration.
>>308121 >there's a thread with teen* photos Fixed, and it seems to be from the same guy who posted tons of them on /hebe/ until every pic was removed. >>>/b/17529
>>308124 Maybe niggers aren't reporting it, as all eyes are on /hebe/.
>>308126 I already reported it hours ago and nothing happened.

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