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(1.18 MB 2429x3470 arcueid brunestud.jpg)

(449.03 KB 930x1300 rance women.jpg)

(176.96 KB 1643x1402 happiness increased.jpg)

(789.76 KB 748x999 lunch.jpg)

Visual Novel Thread Anonymous 03/24/2021 (Wed) 00:41:32 Id: 2a0bcc No. 267918
The Visual Novel thread is back. Have you anons read anything good lately or been thinking about reading? Maybe looking for some recommendations? Hell, even a good H-scene is worth discussing. Helpful sites >VNDB - Visual Novel Database. Also has reviews and can sort by popularity https://vndb.org/ Most popular VN's: https://vndb.org/v?f=&o=d&s=rating >Fuwanovel - Forum that has walkthroughs for practically every VN's https://forums.fuwanovel.net/ >Nostalgic Visual Novels on-line: Can play old VN's directly in your browser. https://tss.asenheim.org/ I used it for Love Potion, its a great site >Visual Novel Publishers Jast USA: https://jastusa.com/ Jlist: https://www.jlist.com/category/games-computers/visual-novels Mangagamer (won't link it because some of their employees' are not trustworthy but quality is generally not too bad): https://web.archive.org/web/20200904080400/oneangrygamer.net/2020/03/mangagamer-leaked-discord-chat-shows-localization-staff-despise-fans/105399/ >(((Reddit))) r/visualnovels buying guide https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/wiki/buy *Do not under any circumstances buy VN's through Steam. They have been censoring VN's intensely for years now and only get worse with each purchase. If theres no other means to support, try torrenting or erogedownload or another alternative. As for me: Was going through Tsukihime for the first time a few weeks ago had to take a break because of a hard interview and enjoyed it a lot. Music wasn't anything spectacular, but characters were fascinating and had tons of depth. Finished the Arcueid route, still need to go through all the others. Also went through another run of Sengoku Rance, trying to max out on end-game points. Its a lot more fun with overpowered characters and the Masamune family, plus got all the reinforcements, each one is cute in their own way. Probably gonna try out more from Key/Type Moon after doing Tsukihime, was very impressed with it. Any anons here try out Fate Stay/Night or any other notable VN's?
>>355693 I enjoyed fantasizing about the dna memory scifi stuff, though it did open up some big questions about how exactly the story could even work. On the other hand I genuinely hated every single character in the story aside from Aqua and the whole Amamiya family. Lots of actions characters take seem to just be created because the author though a certain course of events would be dramatic and neat to think about. Though that bit is highly subjective.
As long as I'm venting some autism here's a general gripe: Why is it that whenever VN writers get even a bit of financial freedom the first thing they do is rape and torture all the girls in their story? I can't read that shit. Sure it's been a part of stories that I am glad I've read, but for everyone one of those there are about 20 VNs that I've just dropped. So I now don't even take the risk of getting invested if a background check of vndb turns up any rape. I'm honestly bored of pure romance moege shit at this point. I'd like an actual story. But these people can't tell one without raping everyone I mean fuck.
Is 999 on the DS the best way to play it or is nonary games better?
(597.94 KB 1024x576 SPOILER_Muramasa_5sJ6hs54Ln.png)

Reminder you are all gay EOPs who refuse to learn jp to actually read and understand what you are looking at in visual novels.
>>356126 Where are you right now? I might do a reread some time, reading other stuff at the moment. How'd you feel about chapter 1?
>>355765 Play the DS version.
>>356126 I prefer my visual novels in English though. Japanese is such an ugly language. I even mute all the characters as well. Hopefully we get some dubs in visual novels soon.
(195.91 KB 537x393 Screenshot_20210531-124859.png)

>>356132 I'm just posting a screenie, I've read it multiple times throughout my jp learning but I am learning chinese and have a better grasp of kikokugai then I did when I was a JOP...
>>356220 This. English is the only way I'm able to stand most anime related things. The people that actually learn Japanese for this shit have to be mentally ill and work at Target or some depressing shit.
>>356459 I actually installed a C-J dictionary recently, pretty useful. >learning chinese How's that going? What exactly are the major differences? I've considered it myself.
(291.21 KB 768x1200 FUCK YES.png)

>Nitroplus’s Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is coming West from JAST USA http://operationrainfall.com/2021/07/15/nitropluss-full-metal-daemon-muramasa-is-coming-west-from-jast-usa/ >JAST USA has announced they will be releasing Full Metal Daemon Muramasa on August 24, 2021. This is title comes to us from the very famous Nitroplus whose works include Song of Saya, Deus Machina Demonbane and SONICOMI. Like other releases there will be a physical Limited Edition at a later date. J-List will handling the pre-orders and anyone who buys this physical edition will receive a download code to play the game right away. Finally.
(1.86 MB 1014x568 1.webm)

>>365606 Fuck yeah
(1.10 MB 1120x640 1620007249642.png)

>>365606 One of the best visual novels, good shit.
>>365657 Reflection in his glasses looks like a fat naked dr. Eggman from the thunmbnail.
Does Paraphore count as a VN?
>>365988 No, it doesn't have any visuals so it's just an N. The computer thing doesn't count.
(324.98 KB 1208x1920 dress.jpg)

(595.07 KB 2574x3252 citrus on head.jpg)

(801.59 KB 1711x2000 Namaniku Atk Muramasa Boobs.jpg)

(136.52 KB 775x1200 Ninja.jpg)

(710.01 KB 1283x2000 Sansei Muramasa 1.jpg)

>>367457 Shame she gets killed, her mother is great too.
(1019.87 KB 810x629 me and my waifus.png)

>>367457 Another fine addition to my harem.

(1.56 MB 983x1073 RAGE_GUTS.png)

(542.67 KB 1947x2400 Muramasa casual.jpg)

>>367738 >She fucking dies WHAT'S EVEN THE FUCKING POINT?!
>>367457 >which manga is that? Akumetsu. Good read. >>367738 Damn. I'll still read it though.
(341.51 KB 1920x1080 1618949377311.jpg)

>>356220 >>356719 Nice bait, I almost fell for it. >>365606 >Full Metal Daemon Muramasa Niceu. Been waiting for this one. Hopefully they don't butcher the translation. Now all we need is さよならを教えて.
Why is Type-Moon(specifically Nasu) so jewish? Its been 10 years since they first announced the remake and as it currently appears its going to be a refake with only 2/5 routes. You'd think maybe someone would have more appreciation for their first works?
>>367881 Because fuck you for wanting to put your penis into a pure blooded brown elf attempting to make babies.
>>368842 Because Fateshit is where the money is.
(6.44 KB 108x144 wewishness.jpg)

>>368842 SPEAKING OF JEWISHNESS Remake gonfirmed 40GB in install size. About 20 GB are solely dedicated to Ciel's new rewritten anal scenes. OK, Now that there's some attention, what do you guys look for in terms of advancing the visual novel medium? On the Japanese side of things, the market is significantly winding down and on the Western side developers either pigeonhole themselves into pale mimicry or try to make, well, "Western" touches that never take off. Polling since I am vaguely conceptualizing a narrative-focused OELVN in my poor broken mind as a means of spouting my sophomoric observations on sociology. I've locked down some details I want for certain but am trying to zero in on key areas to improve and iterate upon (for a fictional concept that I'm not that attached to anyways). I definitely want it to be a homage to all my favorite titles that I've read over the years while being original enough to strike off on its own. I also want an aim to be to break normalfags' pigeonholing of VNs, which means courting both male and female demographics. Yes, I want my project to be a gateway. As much as I appreciate VNs' abilities to reach out to niches I also feel like there's still unexplored literary territory, at least from the speculative fiction area. Key focuses I've locked down for certain: >Narrative-focused. Sorry. way too many nukige/moege on the market right now and my muse wants to strike off on terrtory OELVNs have yet to venture. >Cast where you follow and switch among select protagonists of differing ages and backgrounds, cynically for cross-demographic appeal and creatively because it's stimulating to write such differing characters and I might as well break the "teenage character" mold if it's an OELVN. One of the viewpoint characters will be the obligatory sociopath female through which I will mouthpiece some of my observations of humanity and will be intended to be a breakout character to sell the game. Because of course normalfags will gravitate around the "cute psycho waifu," per my own views. >Relationship values. Although I do not plan for romance to be the attraction to my title like what is stereotypically thought of for the medium, I do want to introduce the concept to Western gamers divorced from Persona and Tokimeki Memorial as a means of tracking character and plot development. I also want to capture the female social management addicts, the kind that look up guro fiction in their spare time (hence one of the cast being a psychotic female). They will figure into the metatextual themes of the narrative, though I will never break the fourth wall. >A "biopunk" theme. Mainly to stand out amongst the contemporary and urban fantasy classics and primarily to give it a Western horror flavor while still referencing Japanese media (AKIRA, Guyver, etc.). Esper/psychic and chuuni elements optional and not final. Will be a creative risk the title will take. >Themes: the hedonic treadmill and the inverse relationship between empathy and the quantity of human life among others. My prototype is set in the Victorian era (for better or for worse) to encompass a cultural environment that is familiar to Westerners and exotic to Easterners and permits politically incorrect views to be espoused without controversy (the main cast see slavery as a historied and accepted institution, for example). It may change. Key focuses to decide: >For the narrative, what elements are people demanding that are being underserved? As much as the mystery genre comprises some of the most popular and influential titles I feel like just adopting the investigation/point-and-click elements would homogenize the final product. >How much gameplay is there? Easily the largest barrier to VNs' commercial success is the expectation of reading, which is like trading broken glass for Amerimutts, so you need a "gameplay" hook. See previous point for detective gameplay being overwrought. Social management/raising sim mechanics in relation to deciding narrative course may be sufficient but not distinguishable enough. >What improvements can be made for presentation? Textboxes are getting old but they are reliable and English cannot be displayed the same way as Japanese. How far to go with production value while still maintaining the definition of a visual novel as opposed to "one" like a David Cage game? I do wish for scenes in my title to play out like attached once it is set for release. >Finally, how can storytelling be improved for wider appeal? I want to deal with darker themes and stronger dramatic beats. Cutting down on unnecessary padding to save time is one object of the project. I also selected the multiple protagonists route to break away from the galge/charage structure, facilitate the relationship values into the narrative, dispel any delusions of self-inserting, and improve literary merit. But what else can be done?
>>381684 There aren't any sex scenes in the new Tsukihime remake. So that 40gb is pure uncompressed garbage like the nips are famous for
(180.51 KB 850x1134 wewishness.jpg)

>>381684 Did this site really fuck up my uploads? Remedying with the intended files. Hopefully they work this time.
(4.20 MB 480x264 Divi-Dead Opening.mp4)

>>381702 One last time, jebus cripes.
(262.32 KB 1280x720 2021061100014600_c.jpg)

(133.81 KB 1280x720 2021061214263800_c.jpg)

(196.82 KB 1280x720 2021042806381700_c.jpg)

(251.69 KB 1280x720 2021042806272800_c.jpg)

(159.08 KB 1280x720 2021042819143900_c.jpg)

>>381684 >>381702 >40GB for a visual novel on console >a remake that only has two (apparently "improved") routes from the original nonetheless I wonder how the hell they managed to make this huge in size considering even the Grisaia Collection on Switch (3 main titles + the short spin-offs) is like 11gb Even most VNs I have on the system are like around 3-4gb, 5gb at worst
>>381684 What the hell is even in there to make it so big? Would it include the new melty or even the internal dialogues will be voiced?
(3.45 MB 1841x1036 ClipboardImage.png)

I laughed for about 5 minutes non stop when I came to this choice
>>388740 What game?
>>388742 Double Homework

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