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(137.57 KB 376x265 Monster_Hunter.png)
(84.37 KB 1080x1080 EmpGXMXWEAIySOo.jpg)
Monster Hunter Anonymous 04/14/2021 (Wed) 05:10:04 Id:18c568 No. 284797
Old thread reached bump limit, so it's time for another Monster Hunter Thread. Let's hook up and play some Rise together. If you don't play Rise, talk about your favorite game is better than all the rest and how shit Rise is. How many of you caved and started playing GenU after Rise came out? Fuck, Kill, Marry, Enslave? Hinoa, Yomogi, Minoto, Rodine?
>>303096 Cinematic monster intros sounds tolerable. How essential is the wirebug to gameplay? Does it have to be used, and often, or can I just not use it?
>>303092 No FOV but it does have a camera zoom out setting in the options that feels like its almost a FOV change. Not a huge difference. There is some shaky cam but its not much and only on certain attacks you get hit with and can be disabled. Just watch some gameplay dood. That would tell everything you need to know. >>303097 Wirebug is essential. I mean theoretically you could not use it but you would be at a huge disadvantage.
>>303097 It basically triples your movement options when used alone. Now some of the "Silkbind" attacks that use it are pretty optional, depending on the weapon. Some are so good you'd be a fool not to though. I went ore farming in the lava caves tonight for money and got two ore outcroppings back to back. I walked out with about 600k zenny and an Anjanath kill for good measure. I finally maxed out my non meta, but solid armor sets for LBG, Longsword, Greatsword, and Bow and blew the rest making some sets I wanted like Teostra. From rich to broke in 5 minutes flat, but I have swag.
>>303097 It's core to the game, that is, unless you want to do some kind of challenge run where you play it like classic Monster Hunter. You could theoretically play around it. The Silkbind attacks usually don't have you doing much movement -- they're just the Hunter Arts from XX/Generations. Many of them are just counters, and some are relatively normal "attacks." A few do actually have you move around as you would normally use a wirebug. More importantly, there's a wirebug ability that allows you to recover from being hit and knocked down instantly, but it doesn't do any crazy camera shenanigans. It's also a bit risky if you're an idiot because you can easily set yourself up to be hit immediately again. >Intros You can instantly skip those and they only show up the first time you see a particular species of monster. I was talking about during the fight. The camera will pan and zoom out slightly then focus on the monster, usually when they enrage I think, but only specific monsters and not all the time. It's weird, I don't quite understand it myself.
>>303092 Here's some wirebug zipping, seems pretty stable but I've never had motion sickness. Hope you can enjoy the game friend.
>>303224 Nigger thats not wirebug zipping thats basic IG gameplay thats been in MH since Worlds launch. The only time you even used the wirebug is when you did the lance drop attack which was in Icebourne (still basic IG gameplay) and there wasn't even any wirebugs in that game. Try again and try actually using the wirebugs with ACTUAL wirebug zipping this time around.
should i get rise or iceborne? Vanilla MHW feels pointless now
>>303227 I've got a bunch of clips saved from me using Power Sheath to dodge stuff last second, anime style, if you want to see someone do that stuff.
(56.99 KB 620x468 garfield.jpg)
>>303227 I actually mean to type IG zipping, authentic retard moment since I was thinking about wirebugs while reading the rest of the posts.
(6.47 MB 1280x720 autistic human missle.mp4)
>>303232 Get Icebourne if you want more content get Rise if you wanna go CHRAYZEE with the combat and verticality.
(2.32 MB 854x480 amazing.mp4)
>>303502 >You can be a human missile in Rise If it wasn't for the fact that I am really, REALLY bad at monster hunter and other such games, Dark souls comes to mind, I would totally get a switch and play it.
(58.56 KB 736x736 cat thumbs.jpg)
>>303597 Icebourne, a full MH game with plenty of content is already on PC. Just wait for Rise to come out on PC or wait even longer for Rise Ultimate to come out on there, then take your time with the game. The trick to winning is to hit them when they are open as quickly and as much as possible while simultaneously trying your best to not get hit yourself. As you get better at exploiting openings and your skill and damage with your weapons increase the game starts to feel even more fulfilling and fun over time. If you're still shit just watch speedrunners and try your best to copy the way they play, if you are at least as half as good as they are then you should be fine, most players are shit anyways, just like you, but as I explained you don't have to stay that way.
>>303502 I want lv5 shelling on the rampage GL
>>303597 Meta Autists will moan but if you stack def all the way up and get at least Free Meal at level two you will never cart and as long as you have at least some affinity and attack buffs you will kill any monster in about ten minuets just keep your gear up to date. And there are multiple ways to build for this. Rise is super fucking easy.
(935.31 KB 1280x720 cat scream.mp4)
>farming for biles >get pic related Join us for some hunting! Lobby: USX5E4 Pass: 1337
>Anjanath sees sleeping Nargacuga. >Anjanath nopes the fuck out tip toes around it. Anjanath is quickly becoming my favorite monster he is just really fucking random in Rise.
(2.06 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Gentlemen! Show thine thread thy layered armor. For I wish to gaze upon it, verily so!
(371.94 KB 1280x720 Totally not gay.jpg)
>>306267 >For I wish to gaze upon it, verily so! Thats a monkey's paw wish Anon.
>>306294 >doing xFFFF00 magic pink >not xFFFF80
(914.76 KB 1191x1304 73434890_p0.jpg)
>>306296 Saturated pink is pleb tier, pastel is godly level
(467.05 KB 1440x810 consider.jpg)
>>306296 >>306297 You do not understand Anons. This layered armor has a theme. >Armor set's theme: How Speedrunner troons THINK they look. >Armor set's name in loadout: 41
(262.08 KB 1920x1080 9Vv0pg8.jpg)
>>306267 As you wish. Boy I can't wait for this to be on PC so it doesn't look so awful. TIME FOR HUNTS Lobby: BF1LE8 Pass: 1337 It's usually just 2 of us playing together. Rarely 3. I'm real lonely. Please hunt with me
>>306314 Well I'm in. I hate that big ass frog.
>>306328 I also need to say sorry for my cat looking like a lesbian.
(67.24 KB 450x450 1441188371354-2.jpg)
(114.69 KB 1042x1042 1434809618712.jpg)
>>306328 <I hate that big ass frog. >Check the wiki to see Tebatsucabra is in the game. >Its still not, only the fucking baby tease one in the guild hall is there >still assblasted how tebatsu with its nip themed set and gear isn't in the nip themed game Why would you do this to me anon? Its a shame that the 2 best kinds of Amphibian monsters were in 4U/GU and will maybe never seen again after that. I will always cherish the Zamtrios hunt, its nice mode and vore mode were fucking insane.
>>306348 Baby frog is a smug prick
(328.60 KB 831x768 5irf30k06nd01.png)
>>306314 Have to get some sleep. Seriously fun hunts tonight Anons. Good stuff and good luck with ur hunts.
>>306348 Same destiny of best bird, tho with the game getting easier qurupeco calling a jho/bazel simply won't have the same impact anymore
(276.32 KB 600x449 kid goku peace.png)
>>306450 Likewise. Thanks for joining, and sleep well.
>>306450 Good hunts and good night anon.
(123.04 KB 407x617 panic PANIC.png)
So, anyone who before 2.0 was stuck in the GOUT table getting repeated charms after the update? Just got my third Crit Elem 2 (lv1)-(lv1)-(lv1)
>>306267 Couldn't decide between which pose I like more so you get both. >>306548 I don't think I was on the gout and I never got the bug but I have gotten a couple identical talismans not sure when from exactly its either spare shot or razor sharp or something I forget and 2 small slots. I've gotten like 4 or 5 of them now. It doesn't appear that I have any others but I haven't looked much. Gonna dump some of my clips and screenshots.
(17.06 MB 1280x720 Do a flip.mp4)

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