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(6.07 MB 4096x4096 wurmap.jpg)
(2.57 MB 1517x825 death to sneed.PNG)
(37.99 KB 1202x451 around kiwis its easy.PNG)
(467.01 KB 1920x1027 hots imperial cavalry.jpg)
WURM UNLIMITED: FUNNY NUMBER EDITION Anonymous 04/22/2021 (Thu) 06:50:59 Id:678fae No. 291293
SERB IS STILL ALIVE AND BETTER WITHOUT KIWIS IP: PORT: 3724 PASTEBIN - zyz9BmQ3 PIRATE CLIENTS: https://mega.nz/folder/SZwDDZqY#SOBwLZAq4_HuixQPZX45wQ https://www.mediafire.com/file/hclcos0toe7j4qq/Wurm_Unlimited.zip/file <Last time on Wurm Ball Z: >Weekend tournament rolls around, contenders from here destroy kiwis and cuckchanners in 1v1 duels so hard the entire kiwifarms settlement of 20+ people implodes overnight and is now an empty ruin >One insane autist and his insane autistic plan to dig a ~600 tile tunnel into the mines of kiwitown just to "check them out and steal shit laying around" actually succeeds, but he is fought off by a single pickaxe-wielding newbie clad in starter leathers >Somehow this makes everyone simultaneously asshurt and amused >The Last Kiwi™ just wants to be left alone to learn the game in peace since his faglord handlers yanked the rug out from under his feet and abandoned him >The entirety of HOTS shows up to pick over the remains of kiwitown, ignores the solitary autist, steals everything that isn't nailed down and bashes the rest >They lockpick the jewel of the Kiwi navy and then fuck off so loaded with loot the boat can barely move >Newly christened hermit politely asks them to leave a FSB and larder so he has food, they ignore him and take all 5+ anyway. He shrugs and starts building his own after they leave, but struggles to find lead. <WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON WURM BALL Z Go ride by the bashed husk of Kiwitown and say hi to Excelsior, he's lonely and friendly. Surp, he even kept your armor for you.
>>295564 >>295748 It's pretty clear I have to change my approach. I couldn't find wurm map tool for the life of me. Right now I'm using Wgenerator. So is it called wurmgen tmap? I'm happy to use GIMP I just don't know how to drop dirt or add biomes post heightmap.
>>295519 >there was a point early on when all grass was actually kelp God I wish I'd saved screenshots of that, was funny as hell seeing endless fields of kelp. >painting biomes in gimp
(19.77 MB 4096x4096 CRV test15.png)
(88.41 KB 1255x934 CRV overhead.JPG)
(2.96 MB 1918x947 gorge.PNG)
(1.68 MB 4096x4096 biomes wip.png)
>>296040 I guess I should go into more detail about how I made the last map in gimp. At this point pretty much everyone who played or especially worked on last serb knows how cursed this knowledge really is, but wgen and its variants make the most boring maps imaginable and I'm really sick of playing on them. Just make sure to do lots of testing and double-check the colors in your biomes values. I started with an IRL river that I grew up next to and wanted to capture the some of the feelings of. I found heightmaps of it, but I could tell just by looking at them they wouldn't work well in wurm. So I traced the outlines of the rivers and made up my own heightmap. Set gimp to grayscale 16-24 bit color,I forget which, single layer PNG. This is hard to work with if you're using a real thing as a basis, so you can just manually export one single layer at a time as you work. I suggest starting with not-quite-black and painting the rivers over it. You can mess with the opacity of your layers and your brush to get better views and softer edges. Do some google searching for "scatter brushes" or "dust/particle" and download some free ones, they're more useful for biomes but you can have fun in the heightmap too. Most IRL rivers flow through the low point between hills and mountains, and this one in particular is a bit south of a very famous gorge in the pacific northwest. Use high-opacity fuzzy edge brushes to make nice pale smudges beside your river, maybe leaving some space for floodplains or lowcountry (another place I lived near was a flat coastal marsh). Narrow and harden your brush over several passes and try to bring each mountain to a ridge or a line. IRL mountains are most commonly ridges like >>293860 , not singular pointy things with snow on top. Even then, they're usually much more rounded and less pointy. After lots of tests in-game (about 15 for the heightmap alone) I eventually used lots of blurring and smudging to make the terrain flow together more naturally, which took out some of the hard ridge shapes. I figured this was okay, mostly because I'd already spent like 15 hours on the heightmap and wanted to move on. Painting biomes is even more cursed. One of the wgen variants I don't remember has an "import height map" button. The biomes map I included here is an early WIP version since I cleaned my desktop a few days ago and deleted most of my work without bothering to back it up first (oops). Most wgen programs can export a png of biomes when finished, and you can easily color-pick the stuff you want. There's also a forum post somewhere that has a huge list of every tile type and its RGB values. The pitfalls with this method are obvious, the colorcode for kelp is almost identical to grass, and somehow the two got mixed up in an early build like I mentioned in >>296134. Another one was the birch tree / lavender bush issue. The forum post I found falsely listed a "generic bush" and "generic tree" color, which I assumed meant "put a tree/bush here and randomly generate which one later." I liked that idea, but also liked having some homogeneous forests and biomes, but ultimately failed to make a mixture. I wish I still had the finished biomes image we used, because you could clearly see that some biomes followed the shore and height very closely. This was deliberate, wgens usually include an "elevation map" too, much like what livemap uses on that setting. I opened one of these in gimp, put it underneath my WIP biomes image, and used fuzzy select around the conveniently-placed elevation demarcation lines for most of the biomes I painted. For trees and bushes I used free scatter-powder brushes like mentioned earlier. Once you've done this, plug your heightmap into a wgen program, drop your dirt, then import your biomes file confident that fucking up at this stage might only cost you as little as 30 seconds of time. Or more, if you do the kelp thing too. Oh, and certain things like clay and tar are much better placed with the wgen tool, or in-game. I sincerely hope some of you use this knowledge better than I did and add to it, something that desperately needs researching is hand-painting the cave layer. Anyone want to know anything else, or just want to point and laugh at the guy who spent weeks >painting maps in gimp
>>296160 Thank you for all of this knowledge. The good news is I got half the way there since my last post. I'm currently using some land features from Colorado and heightmap data from the USGS to generate a "base map" you could say. Just something to get started with. Then I play on painting it in GIMP to a better state. The biome painting sounds like shit. I'll look for that list of RGB values and see what I come up with.
>>296164 <DO NOT paint the biomes in GIMP. thats how we ended up with the last server with kelp grass, lavender bushes, and one type of tree everywhere. only use GIMP for the greyscale heightmap (if thats how you choose to do it) then import that into the wgenerator map tool to paint your biome or make quick land edits
(1.33 MB 1388x1271 ClipboardImage.png)
>>296661 I painted it in GIMP >:] I found the CORRECT color value for grass. I did hit the same kelp issue but quickly corrected it. Whaddya think wurmbros? How should I tweak this guy? Please tell me not too and that it is perfect because fuck wurm map making.
>>297318 Generic blob map not too dissimilar from everything we have been playing on for the pat 15 years
>>297322 > not too dissimilar from everything we have been playing on for the pat 15 years I'll count this as a minor success, but I haven't cemented any of this in stone. I tried to add some nice boat paths across the map. All of the valleys are easily traversable. All biomes present, clay is easy to get at with sand etc etc
>>297318 The circular pattern of the islands in the northwest corner is neat. as a noob I'm curious about how islands play out. Are island fortresses meta, or boring?
>>297340 > fortresses meta, or boring Not boring >:]
>>297340 >Are island fortresses meta Tried making those twice, but the server died before it was finished, twice
>>297322 >anon trying to learn how to make something <HURRR THAT SUCKS LET IT DIE
>>297611 he asked opinion, he got opinion
>>297318 way too much snow, that big mountain off to the left is basically unusable due to the sheer amount of it it's a garbage tile that does nothing but halve your movement speed, actual WO doesn't even use it on maps any more
>>297673 WO is shit, tho.
>>297494 Yeah it seems logistically difficult. Lack of space, having to bring wood and dirt in on boats. Terraformed terraces like what we had in Broenix would be difficult to make.
Build your fortress on a peninsula then when it's done hack it off from the mainland with a digger nigger.
Why not just steal a good map made by someone else and use that?
>>299349 Seems like that would turn off fags if they have played on the map before.
>>299349 what part of autism sandbox do you not understand?
Thanks for the opinions on the map anons! >>297673 > way to much snow So don't go there. 90% of the last map went pretty much untouched, so I don't think I'm going to go nuke a little bit of snow because an anon thinks "too much snow". Even if I go steal a great map, there will be <insert autist issue here> so, honestly, this map is pretty chill.
>>297318 I think there is too much water on this map and too many useless islands as a result of this. Better than your last map for sure but if you made the bodies of land slightly bigger where the masses of water is or atleast reduce the slopes of the islands I think that map would be acceptable provided there is actual wood variety.
>>300836 > Too much water on the map I was going to add that in my previous post, but decided to go with <insert autism here>...I should have stuck to my guns. I'll grant you I may have damped the heights a bit too much and added the water a little high. Oh well, maps are a fucking pain to make and I'm going to live with this one. Notes taken, though. Next one will bear this all in mind. The most important thing? I know how to stand up a server and get all the mods running, can copy paste this VM
(24.79 KB 610x584 map.png)
Maybe something like pic related, but obviously with desert and tundra and steppe and mountains and blackjack and hookers.
>>301176 I think that's very close but I would add these landmasses. This way all the continents would be accessible without a boat (albeit with heavy swimming) but boats could still pass through them.
(36.90 KB 610x584 h.png)
>>301217 Added, also the north east island looked a bit nothingy so island bay it is. Also I guess snow should be north, south and mountain tops.
(40.14 KB 850x431 Wata cool idea.JPG)
>>301261 Looks good to me. Can't wait to play on your server anon.
(29.12 KB 610x584 ClipboardImage.png)
>>301261 Needs an ∞ Also what does red represent?
>>301433 >Also what does red represent? Cancershrooms I assume
(41.60 KB 610x584 30f.png)
Yeah mycelium, could make the central regions desert and steppe too. I'm gonna stop now cos otherwise I'll have to put some actual effort in and actually make the fugger.
Is the serb over?
>>301586 >slowpoke.png Aye, it died amid a crashfest of epic proportions that got progressively worse to the point where you couldn't get on for 5 mins sadly.
>>301589 Thanks. I didn't play much this one, I wanted to drop by to see how the towns have progressed. Do the admins at least know why everything went to shit like that?
>>301592 Seems not, or it never got pinned down, at first it was thought people holding bugged items trying to log in were causing it (though that didn't seem to be it as everyone and their granny was convinced it was them and it happened to all of us with very few on). A deed in a fucked up place and a bloated serbside file clogging the pipes were floated but its still a mystery. The host was not around to give the serb a kick when it went sideways then it went fully kaput, so despite all the drama for once we're blueballsed wanting more.
>>301589 That's a damn shame, I wonder if the custom-made mods had anything to do with it.

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