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(82.91 KB 1152x864 Squilliam.jpg)
(10.50 KB 640x640 squilliamM.png)
(6.16 KB 640x640 squilliamF.png)
(13.24 KB 640x640 squilliam flat 1.png)
Squilliam thread Anonymous 05/30/2021 (Sun) 22:41:24 Id:fd103c No. 320097
>13 days to E3 It's time to get ready. Prepare your bingos. Ready your report cards. But most importantly, make some Squilliams. There's been some uncertainty about lack of video anons, so unless someone wants to volunteer I'll do it. I'm a complete editing noob however The song I'll be using: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=CoZ8KmVuhqI
Song suggestion for the Squilliam compilation.
>>329801 If you'll allow me to critique, I think this image will be a lot better if you put some shading detail in the hair
>>329864 No problem. Like I said I'm not good at doing hair.
>>320097 Male and female Halligan from heavily anticipated hit game Mystery of the Druids 2. I will try to get Lowry done tomorrow morning.
(248.60 KB 640x640 Vert Squilliam.png)
>>329801 There was an attempt in shading detail.
We are so fucking close. >>329909 Better.
(249.74 KB 640x640 PINGAS.png)
Not my best work.
>>329909 Lot better, mate. Well done.
(249.06 KB 640x640 Vert Squilliam.png)
>>329909 Noticed some spots on her that didn't get shaded. This should be my final revision.
Next year we've got to make sure to start the squilliam thread 3 to 4 weeks a head of time. The 13 day crunch is just pushing things too much considering our currently smaller population. We've got some awesome submissions this year despite of all that though.
>>329913 I'll take B1.
(480.83 KB 640x640 final squil.png)
I'm going to sleep, so I'm going to share my progress so that the anon making it doesn't make the compilation before the end of the 12th. I should finish it tomorrow, I just need to add a couple more details and audio. It's shittier than my previous ones, but I'm not a drawfag and I'm doing all this shit in paint.net with a mouse.
>>329937 Danke anon. That leaves just two more squares.
>>329946 That reminds me, if anyone has suggestions for some quality "audio" I'd be open to suggestions because I don't watch porn that much.
(39.34 KB 160x160 b1.png)
>>329937 Done.
(11.43 KB 640x640 SMB Special.png)
Probably my second to last squilliam of the season. >>329961 Oh I really like that.
>>329913 Will also claim D3.
(24.22 KB 160x160 C2.png)
>>329913 C2 done without notice.
(1.54 MB sex.ogg)
>>329946 >>329950 Idk if this audio would be good for Lucy, but here you go. You don't want to know the source, trust me
>>329961 GR8 why's Luigi there too though? >>329717 sweet
(35.83 KB 160x160 d3.png)
D3 is done. >>330021 It's the signifance of his Mario 64 model being discovered from the leak.
>>330027 Absolutely amazing, specially maria's megamammaries.
>>330027 Beautifully autistic
(62.29 KB 640x640 Lily v1.png)
(68.08 KB 640x640 lily v2.png)
(65.60 KB 640x640 Lily v3.png)
I think I've done my final squilliam this year. I'm not sure which one is best and frankly I could go through a hundred more variations. After last year I was beginning to think that we'd never have this again but we managed to pull it off after all.
>>330055 What is that skating Loli from? Ive seen lots of artists drawing her but as far as i can tell shes an oc.
>>330067 She's one of Andava's OC's. I just really wanted to make a squilliam of her and I knew that I could tie her into a skating game of some sort of another. I considered T&C or Tony Hawk too but I never could find a decent looking background to use.
>>330075 Neat, now shes only missing the autism face and a dick in her butt.
(505.81 KB 640x640 CHIHUAHUA.png)
Yesterday's stream was yet another reminder why Ren should have delivered
>>330027 Fuck the low effort faggot that made B3
>>330099 Someone should remake B3, it looks incredibly out of place.
(11.13 KB 160x160 B3New.png)
>>330107 already done
(394.60 KB 640x640 mosaic_alt.png)
>>330109 Much better if you ask me.

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