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(38.67 KB 600x338 Bayonetta-2-600x338.jpg)
(25.40 KB 700x316 aQ33RxW_700b.jpg)
(466.88 KB 659x785 Vert_RB1.png)
Vidya characters you want to FUCK Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 04:47:20 Id:96f9d5 No. 325141
It's that time again where this thread returns and we post vidya characters we fantasize about having sex with. Don't lie, nobody here has any girlfriends. If you post gay shit expect to be called a faggot unless you have good choice in vidya males. Also short hair Bayonetta > long hair Bayonetta It's true, you know it
(17.32 KB 320x294 smug midna.jpg)
>>329086 >Midna got to ride Link. Cia must hate Midna.
>>329190 Midna!?
>>329086 Her smugness is contagious. If she decides to be smug during sex, I'd smug back.
(214.40 KB 537x810 1563640941439.png)
(438.38 KB 850x1200 IMG_20200612_205415.jpg)
(119.29 KB 900x1200 Shantae.jpg)
(181.65 KB 1273x1800 TommyCaseShantae.jpg)
(612.23 KB 1100x2092 IMG_20200510_173438.jpg)
(120.69 KB 1322x1429 IMG_20201019_232459.jpg)
(2.37 MB 2602x3299 IMG_20200122_121343.jpg)
>>329053 >>329065 What was it?
>>329509 The usual wrongthink.
(974.52 KB 1163x1567 44467519_p3.jpg)
(340.14 KB 884x997 20200412_035206.jpg)
(434.79 KB 2104x2555 ad473b8ba70efefdd4da2e0af2228786.jpg)
(421.79 KB 1608x2500 EqHso8ZXcAgZNfY.jpg)
(205.28 KB 1280x2033 89400517_p6.jpg)
>>329086 You don't need to remind me
>>329700 >Fapping to Boogie's OC
(221.06 KB 800x782 Lusty Alolan Maid.png)
>>329509 it was just some retard accusing >>329007 of being "antipedo" in broken english.
>>329726 It's funny how they call people "antipedo" as if that's a fucking bad thing.
>>329808 It's almost like there's a distinction between fantasy and reality
>>329808 Back to Twitter
(318.05 KB 1285x1817 001.jpg)
(891.96 KB 1243x1814 002.jpg)
(850.56 KB 1243x1817 003.jpg)
Check it out, I translated this in order to bring more activity to this site. https://exhentai.org/g/1931811/037c3e4e66/ Please let me know what you think.
>>329814 >furry shit McFucking kill yourself
>>329815 it's kemono and it's art
(2.24 MB 1280x720 youre doin good lad.mp4)
>>329814 >I translated this You're a good lad anon, I know all too well the pain of untranslated works of my weird fetishes.
>>329814 If exposure was the issue we'd have seen a natural growth in activity over the span of this sites existence as word gets out, we haven't seen that at all because this site is a hugbox that has already garnered its target audience and this is it.
>>329814 Good on you anon. As someone learning moon runes to translate obscure dumb shit, I hope I can follow that example one day.
>>329814 Good shit, anon. I don't speak moonrune but I've got my own archival project I plan to credit towards the site. Keep up the good work.
I don't just want to fuck her. I've got to F U C K her.
(78.12 KB 640x480 20210609_164345.jpg)
>>329814 We need more anons like you
(157.94 KB 1024x1200 EaSc-tPUwAQeuP1.jpg)
With Kat I want to tenderly hold her hands while sensually impregnating her while looking directly into her eyes, I want to take it slow and cherish every single second I have with her like as if its my last. I want to start a family with her and grow old and die together. With Raven I want to fucking paralyze her from the waste down, I want to cause so much friction in her pussy that it gets 3rd degree burn and smells like bacon after I'm done with her. I want to fuck her til she becomes retarded. >>329064 I want her to sit on my face. I don't want her to fart directly into my nostrils though. If she does and it smells really bad then I will contemplate suicide. But I still want her to sit on my face and bury it between her asscheeks none the less. >>329899 You never will shes a videogame character. Do the next best thing and become a chad and pork a woman who looks similar to her. No 3dpd will ever compare to Kat though, every one that I would date would be me dating down compared to her. Japan just had to go ahead and fucking ruin women for me for fucks sake.
>>329899 The intro to the original Soul Edge was porn to my 12 year old self. I beat off to Sophitia bathing nude and Taki's jiggling titties so fucking much. It also has one of the greatest intro songs in the history of vidya. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=RtF80UCgarY
(64.59 KB 220x357 220px-Etna_(Disgaea).png)
Surprised she hasn't been posted
>>329960 Had to share it as a webm because it's too fucking good not to.
>>329960 I spent hours on the first five Soul Edge/Calibur games trying to convince myself that they modeled cameltoes, particularly on Taki, since she has the best outfit for it. I shouldn't have kept trying, but there were just enough polygons to leave me thinking "maybe it actually is there," and with each new console, I kept thinking it would be more obvious. When the Dreamcast came out and the graphics blew me away, I was convinced it was really there this time. After a while, I realized it was just in my head, just like with Soul Edge, but then Soul Calibur II came out, and I convinced myself that with the power of these even better consoles, the models were even more detailed now. And then again with Soul Calibur IV on PS3. And I would have kept at it if Soul Calibur V didn't suck so bad.
(2.37 MB 2195x2160 x92Ueko.jpg)
>>329968 Anon I have good news about Soul Calibur VI.
>>329994 >That cameltoe is Denuvo'd It hurts
Eve from Parasite Eve is pretty alright.
>>329960 That's pretty catchy. I was always a big fan of Bloody Roar's faux heavy metal openings myself. Before furries ruined everything everywhere, a fighting game where your main character was a kickboxing werewolf jamming out to heavy metal was the bone of the most awesome things the 90s had to offer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw7zMNespjY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMHBI8jfb18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCxHed_f59o
>>330014 The furry culture predates the internet anon. They've been active in the 70s and 80s, and arguably since ancient times

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