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(700.44 KB 889x1266 Buddy Simulator.png)

(12.97 KB 1008x403 template 1.jpeg)

(42.86 KB 900x1335 template 2.jpeg)

What I expected what I got Anonymous 09/12/2021 (Sun) 17:13:43 Id: f76f38 No. 414149
It's an old template but I still really like it, so let's make a thread about what we played, what we expected and what we got.
fresh out the oven
>>416118 I'd still kiss Basil.
>>416143 faggot
>>416118 I don't get the "tomboy/trap" part.
>>416143 You might be a homosexual
>>416307 Highly likely.
(1.49 MB 1920x1080 News 4 U.webm)

>>416296 One of the main characters is a tomboy, that's all.
I decided to update my own image to make it slightly less confusing.
>>416118 >>416407 Needs more best boi
(721.91 KB 900x1334 Fast Racing NEO.jpg)

<No, you don't get it! Staring directly into the sun is a feature!

(127.89 KB 500x726 zombiu.jpg)

(1.78 MB 986x1378 Carrion what I played.png)

>>416469 >rubberband >sun blinding It sucked because the game was promising otherwise. Posting three old ones and a new one.
What a nice thread where everybody gets to have fun post unique content and enjoy themselves. See what happens when you fuck off and leave us alone Mark? We become happy and at peace. Be sure to keep it that way. >>415803 That made me smile anon. Thanks for that!
>>416514 Poor kotan khan got so fucked over by WB, and he was the coolest character from mkX together with ninja cowboy.
(50.59 KB 500x502 Kotal screaming.jpg)

>>416525 MKX >Kotal is literally a Khan who just wants outworld to not suck >Reptile is his best bud >Doesn't use brainwashing or mind control and only asks that earthrealmers respect him and not act like total fucking dickbags >Gets accused of being an asshole because earthrealm fag kids keep fucking things up and he's trying to save outworld from being eaten by shinnok MK11 <his reveal trailer is just him getting insulted and fatalitied by the non character jacqui >people love his rule in outworld and are doing pretty nicely since he isn't trying to invade earthrealm or do shady shit >after the time merger, shows that he can actually go 1 on 1 with MK2 Shao Kahn and fucking beat him along with several other fighters >randomly in a romance with jade, which is out of fucking nowhere but holy shit they kinda work well together and hot damn does he put his all in the voicework <lmao tarkatans are totally downtrodden nignogs who dindu nuffin and kotal is bad man <nevermind that Jade has to kill half a dozen just to not be killed herself <shao kahn uses cutscene power to break his back forcing him to give up rule to Kitana <aftermath makes him job to sheeva and then shao takes his head off because lmao MKX >Erron is a 150 year old gunslinger who just finds outworld more enjoyable than earthrealm >has seen xenos before and doesn't give a shit MK11 <lmao he just a cosplayer who likes outworld booze
(491.03 KB 1300x1390 higurashi nutshell.jpg)

>>416614 >that AC Domooo
>>414743 Wow, that game sounds batshit retarded. >>415803 10/10 joke. >>416469 I don't remember the lens flare being that bad, but the rubber banding was insane.
(830.78 KB 902x2189 Fire Emblem Warriors.jpg)

(375.79 KB 640x480 true.mp4)

(598.01 KB 1193x1657 whatigotstylesavvytrend.jpg)

>>416837 >Playable in 2D and 3D mode >3D for ages 7+ I know they're referring to the eyestrain thing but this still makes me chuckle.
(593.43 KB 900x1335 monster sanctuary.jpg)

>>414280 Damn I wanted to do a crosscode WPWE. Its pretty nice though don't know whats up with the psyducks though. >Also no clutch claw reference in icebourne Anon they are downright nearly broken if you know how to use them right. Here is one for a indie I beat today. Did anyone do one for FTL?
(2.00 MB 900x1335 Caligula - What I got.png)

I guess I had to make this pic sooner or later.
>>416972 Hi, can you please not defame Wal-Mart® brands such as Great Value™? Just because we offer everyday low price guarantees on a variety of great products, does not mean that the brand is somehow inferior. Thanks!
(755.65 KB 900x1334 Persona 5 Strikers.jpg)

These are actually fun to make. >>416514 My brother gifted FRN to me for Christmas. I felt like such a piece of shit for trash-talking it while playing it. >>416828 Every single track had at least one "visibility hazard". The sun glare, the rain, the snow, the waterfalls, the sand, even lens flare from neon lights in one track. I would've at least tried to slog through the rubberbanding, since they're supposed to intentionally botch on the last lap it's to simulate a real player, but it's still incredibly unsatisfying, but the visual fuckery made my eyes water so badly, it wasn't worth it. I do have a better monitor now, so maybe it's worth another look sometime.
(764.87 KB 900x1334 P5S.jpg)

>>417255 Fixed for poor scaling legibility.
(24.70 KB 1328x123 fag1.png)

(39.43 KB 1330x221 fag2.png)

(32.77 KB 1334x190 fag3.png)

(39.40 KB 1327x219 fag4.png)

(26.69 KB 1324x124 fag5.png)

>>415803 oh, it's you again.
>>414149 contributing
>>417597 The only thing that Jojo game needed was like 5 more stages and fun game modes. I wish they would have made a proper sequel instead of that shit with 3 vs 3.
(244.05 KB 886x1270 Intravenous PEG.jpg)

>>417599 I am sorry but this is wrong The rollout for the original ASB was abysmal, with many of its features locked behind DLC and a practically pay-2-PLAY "online" mode. That alone should have killed the game, but you also add to that the fact that some moves did barely any damage, with some glitched ones doing NO damage, throws being insta punishable and the super disjointed moves and you get one truly shitcake of a release. The game needed to either be HttF in 3D or, if they really wanted to make it that pseudo 2.5/3D fighter, at least competent. Easy beats completely eliminates the need to learn the mechanics because it's practically a free combo that can even be transformed into a super, footsies don't really exist and even removing all that there's some super moves that just take like 10 seconds to go through their animations (something that I actually liked in EoH is that they greatly shortened them). I mean, it's still fun, but even if you score an online match there's not such a high skill ceiling and some characters are just busted (Diavolo, Hol Horse, Young Joseph).
>>415803 I dont get it. Is this some streamer or something
(853.67 KB 1021x1344 cave story nutshell.jpg)

>>417255 >FRN it was a GOOD game. it wasn't a shit game and it wasn't a great game, but if you literally expected F-zero you were not going to like it. I will say, playing it on a big screen tv didn't make the visual issue as bad for me. I just ran out of interest in playing it because there weren't many racers and no real point in winning since there wasn't anything to unlock (from what I remember). >>417608 It does run into the problem of "recreate the super move as it was in the manga with maximum detail for maximum effect" or "make it rush through it to keep the pace up". Same with some characters being completely fucking broken and others being useless, but yeah, that didn't make the game shit. Even HttF wasn't balanced, but it was still fun and worked properly.
>>417751 Well, yeah, it's not bad, but extremely disappointing. HttF was fun because you had a lot of room for experimentation, although some characters like Jotaro or Kakyoin had way more option the fact that you could pull ludicrous combos with most characters was what made it super fun. In ASB you're kind of stuck with a very limited set of combos and most of it comes down to either outzoning the opponent using the only like 5 characters that can do that effectively or using bullshit powers like Diavolo's time skips or Giorno's stun. There's way less room for experimentation but compared to HttF it's much closer to the source material, I'd say it's worth owning just for the 3d models.

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