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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 07/09/2022 (Sat) 21:54:11 Id: 5c9cb5 No. 640607
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Do not post about illegal topics, or you will be banned. Thank you.
>>704029 Not if it's felbot He's a sperg who throws out bans like candy
(246.11 KB 850x889 Asuka smugstretch.jpg)

Just as an FYI, the "lowercase pedo"/pedokike has been globally banned since the end of last week ala niggerpill. Feel free to report him whenever he pops his head up. If you don't know what to look for, he's a broken record of the same 3 specific arguments: >loli is pedophilia >muh this site isn't 8chan theyre all just like Jim/Ron >get rid of the global rules and allow _ he never says exactly what out loud but he means jailbait and CP and once in a while he'll make spooky allusions like we're all doomed and in impending legal trouble because things like the hotlink block exist. You know the drill, report, filter, ignore.
>>704256 >and once in a while he'll make spooky allusions like we're all doomed and in impending legal trouble because things like the hotlink block exist. Just don't conflate that with valid criticisms of a shitty system that is preventing the site from gaining any meaningful growth. You're not very good at picking apart real criticism from bad actors, and more often than not you misidentify people, even the ones that are obnoxiously easy to identify.
>>704256 He also constantly tries to spook lolicons by making empty claims about tons of Japanese artists tracing or referencing cheeze pictures.
>>704257 >a shitty system that is preventing the site from gaining any meaningful growth. Would be nice if you named that part of the shitty system you don't like.
>>704259 It's literally in the quote you dumb fuck.
>>704257 Criticism is fine, his MO is more like >"the site is clearly hiding something and everyone is going to prison / the hotlink block is proof of them hiding illegal activity." Which as a take makes no sense except to a schizo like him. We remove illegal content, not hide it. The block just keeps the hosts happy. >>704259 Probly the hotlink block. Its not fun to have in the way of things, but thats the price we pay for having a host who will cover for us against SJWs and troons.
>>704256 Make sure you aren't encouraging people to go after boogeyman like what zzz did where everyone just shits on each other and calls them [xyz boogeymen] Not that he doesn't exist (he clearly does), but classifying him specifically as "lowercase pedo" already opens the door for anyone who posts in lowercase to be openly accused of being this guy, even when their posts have nothing to do with any of that shit, and worse if it gets reported and mods don't even bother looking before deleting and banning You couldn't think of anything better than using a grammar-related posting habit that has some level of commonness across many imageboards (for example sportschan is full of people who post like that, they don't give a shit about capitalization)? Be more cautious about the names you give to people, because doing so could potentially present a bigger threat than the actual threats in question down the line.
>>704256 You're forgetting one of his most common arguments >you won't accept "embracing the infamy" He has a lot of variants on the 8chan one, he constantly tries to assert 8chan prime was a haven for Epsteins when that shit was semi-allowed for a literally a few months early in 8chan's history before they were permanently booted off the site. Anons weren't too happy when they were around back then, either. >>704258 Now that does happen sometimes, it's been documented even among officially released hentai, but he's being willfully dishonest when he acts like it's not a rare occurrence. >>704264 Also this, I've seen random anons accused of being him even when they've been arguing in the exact opposite direction.
>>704256 >Just as an FYI, the "lowercase pedo"/pedokike has been globally banned since the end of last week ala niggerpill. Feel free to report him whenever he pops his head up. Does that mean that we can globally report him when he pops up? Along with niggerpill/luciano?
>>704261 >Criticism is fine, his MO is more like You've accused me of being like 5 different bad actors because of mild criticisms I've levied against you over the last 2 years. The point is that you're historically terrible at parsing out criticism from real anons and bad actors. It's not a matter of debate, it is a trait you invariably possess. >Which as a take makes no sense except to a schizo like him. We remove illegal content, not hide it. The block just keeps the hosts happy. It also keeps niche boards that could be the lifeblood of the imageboard dead. Until people can direct link their inflation foot fetish boards threads to their discords of degenerates it will continue to be nothing but free bandwidth for spics. You've removed the main component for organic traffic to the site. It can not be stressed how big of an issue that is. If the site can't exist without it then it is what it is. But then the site will peter out out and die all the same.
(209.57 KB 850x1232 Asuka colpen smile.jpg)

>>704267 Yep, same deal as niggerpill. We never want to be heavy-handed with the admin-level banhammer and prefer to stay out of things, but he's stirred shit and evaded bans across the site long enough that the global staff finally voted to axe him. He's the second person on the list after niggerpill himself, which isn't bad for the site being up 2 and a half years. IMO. >>704269 I don't even know who you are. The only way direct linking will make a comeback on a site that hosts both lolis and politics of a not-raving-communist variety is going to be if you hop into a timemachine and take us all back to 2006. Its so bad that we've talked about going as far as splitting the site in two and hosting the halves in different countries with a common overboard, just to get around it if our current host somehow ever dies. You're complaining about things for which alternative solutions do not exist, so we just do the best we can with what we have. If that ever changes you can expect us to jump at the opportunity, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.
>>704274 >I don't even know who you are That's kind of the point faggot, if you're accusing random anons of being this guy, that's a problem.
>>704285 Pedokike has extremely obvious tells. Just report it if you think it may be him and let the globals worry about it.
>>704288 The point isn't about the actual problem having obvious tells, its about mislabeling random anons as [problem] mods don't look carefully at reports and will delete on a dime in many cases
(354.64 KB 500x300 bored_sada.gif)

>>704288 The problem with reporting shitposts these days is at least one faggot Alpharius likes to slap bans onto reports, which causes the ban to not show up in the logs at all because it was not attached to an actual post, and the fucker doesn't give any hints as to what the ban was for in the reason. Actually makes me less likely to report shit now because I don't know when that absolute fucking faggot will ban me for reporting an obvious shitpost.
>>704274 >I don't even know who you are. Yeah, that's the fucking point dipshit. >You're complaining about things for which alternative solutions do not exist No I'm not. I acknowledged there probably isn't a world where the site can operate without it. I was complaining about you routinely accusing innocuous posters making mild criticisms against you of being known bad actors. And it's not even the accusations that are the problem, it's how widely inaccurate you are with them. You come off as a fresh off the boat redditor and you're the admin of the fucking site. It's more embarrassing that you can't tell who the bad actors are than offensive that you accuse me of being them.
>>704259 >>704261 The hotlink block is a mild nuisance, the real problem is the lack of information about the block. The only place in the entire site that explains the behavior of the hotlink block and the motives behind it is a single post (>>>/site/4482) buried in a read-only thread in a board that rarely appears in the top board list, and to make things worse that single post isn't referenced anywhere in the site, not even in the boards affected by the block. A gimmick so serious like this shouldn't be so opaque.
>>704302 From what I recall it has to be slightly difficult or annoying, because the alternative is requiring an (((8chan account))) to access the boards, like Sadpanda.
>>704313 Fucking lol, deleted in 5 seconds.
>>704302 To add to this, there isn't even a list of boards affected by the hotlink block, nor about the criteria used to determine if a board is a ""No rules" board, an extremely contentious board, or a board that accumulates loli hentai content beyond a certain threshold". >>704305 The hotlink block provides the difficulty on its own. This is just a lack of proper documentation and proper announcements of the (anti)features of the site, a problem 8moe experiences relatively often. For example, Acid just announced various changes in the way Tor and Redchannit portals work, but since he made the announcement in a GG thread that was in the middle of an argument about mecha anime and AI porn few people will know about the changes: >>703869 He also declared the pedokike a persona non grata there first: >>703878
(440.05 KB 736x736 1453082141108.png)

>>704256 Today, Acid was not a faggot. What I'd do to see his reaction to a global fucking ban. Jesus christ, I'm pleasantly surprised you bothered to step in, even though to the average user his antics must be amusing, I can't imagine how annoying it must be to mods. Why he doesn't go to kohlchan or any other pedonigger boards is beyond me, he would be embraced with open arms literally anywhere else in the IB sphere.
(202.70 KB 2024x2024 bwleglnwj2341.jpg)

What is pedoniggers deal? When did he start shitposting here and why?
>>704345 Well (((/hebe/))) getting banned threw him into a fit of "omg Acid just like Jim because he ban muh heeb" and he's been shitting up the site ever since.
(292.58 KB 645x706 [002954].png)

>>704351 Explain it yourself you lazy nigger. If you can't speak on your own behalf then something tells me you're guilty of something and won't own up to it.
>>704371 What's contradictory about it? I miss /pol/ too but I don't think acidman is lefty because he pleasure himself to negro penises.
>>704371 You also gave a very vague explanation, could you go further in?
>>704375 Why are you being called a pedophile, are those claims true?
(739.76 KB 2268x4032 20190618_181647.jpg)

>>704389 What's your end goal though? I hear you want the site to allow pedophilic content, is that true, or do you only want people to make an equation to 2D? If it is allowed, the site won't last very long because it is illegal content.
(190.44 KB 1000x1576 Asuka LC slung.jpg)

>>704302 So what I'm looking at right now is maybe doing away with the block and replacing it with a sitewide disclaimer page. Basically when you visit it'll make you read the global rules and click accept blah blah you've all seen that shit, and then take you to the site frontpage, and after that you can get a cookie and do whatever. Then no individual boards need to be blocked and anons aren't wondering about it. The tricky part is the ability to archive threads through such a system, and Codexx and I are hashing that out now. We're debating the merits of it versus the current system and I hope to have an answer before the end of the maintenance period here in a couple hours. That's when a formal metapost will go up on /site/. >>704339 Couldn't tell ya anon. We try not to step in on a global level because it's more work and it doesn't sit well with us targeting a user as opposed to just doing janny work on posts based on their content. But like niggerpill before him, there's got to be a line drawn somewhere. >>704305 Basically yeah. The specific example we were given to follow was in fact a login. The sad panda has their convoluted cookie-deleting thing for the same reason. Eventually we persuaded them that the hotlink block would suffice and so here we are. It hasn't been a problem for the host so we want to make it a little nicer for anons, if we can.
>>704440 suicide immediately
>>704264 >classifying him specifically as "lowercase pedo" already opens the door Then Acid isn't the one who opened the door. Everyone else with two braincells to rub together has already identified this identityfag by his stand out behavior in his usual haunts.
>>704264 >Muh you can't identify him by his lowercase posting. Well it's a good thing he's not called "lowercase anon", and is called "lowercase pedo", and has more identifying traits than "posts in lowercase when everyone else isn't", you stupid no brain nigger.
>>704266 >it's been documented Nice try nigger. Nobody has ever once cited any such documentation, unless by "documented", you mean "People have said so without proof on a bunch of different sites" >you won't accept "embracing the infamy" No, he doesn't say that, as far as I know, I do. This site's tagline, "Embrace the moé!" is almost as gay as "post freely, legally". If this is 8chan, infamy should be embraced instead of "security through obscurity", which leads to slow death. Everyone here is scared of the big bad normalfags and MSM ever catching wind of the site's existence, so much so that they've taken "defenses against deplatforming" too far to now include, >Your site can't be deplatformed if nobody uses it or knows it exists! 8moe is fucking lucky it absorbed those Taco refugees to keep the site alive. And look at how easily they've displaced the top boards. And beside deplatforming there's "We don't want a flood of newfags, they'll ruin the site by outnumbering us." Well guess what, if you don't get newfags coming in regularly to be converted to proper anon behaviors, the population of proper anons will only shrink. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes. A site that consists of one real board and dozens of circlejerks too small to populate any other real boards is comfy, but you can have small comfy boards even if there was more PeePeeEcchi. That's the beauty of board creation.
>>704576 Why do you type with lowercase letters anyway? What's that about? I'm not even talking about doing it to stand out, it's more of habit, is your shift key broken?
>>704440 >So what I'm looking at right now is maybe doing away with the block and replacing it with a sitewide disclaimer page. Basically when you visit it'll make you read the global rules and click accept blah blah you've all seen that shit, and then take you to the site frontpage So when some retard gets linked a specific thread and a specific post that a person wants him to see he'll just end up getting directed to the front-page of the site and confused and annoyed? Well that sounds about 0.3% better than the current system. People need to be directed to the content that they are hotlinked to. That creates a massive amount of organic activity. It enables people to link the source on OC created here on social media.

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