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(36.48 KB 415x500 agdg.jpg)

(78.66 KB 800x1057 AGDG BEFORE NODEV.png)

AGDG - NoDev for Old Games edition Anonymous 07/26/2022 (Tue) 07:35:09 Id: d719a0 No. 653563
Archive of last thread - https://archive.is/XSo7Z DEMO DAY 8/8 SOON Post progress and ask questions about others progress. Resources: >#8/agdg/ via irc.rizon.net >https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs >Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources >Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/ >http://mu-sic-production.wikia.com >https://pastebin.com/qtDwktHP
(84.30 KB 639x547 DingoCube - Copy.png)

>>702628 >November I could probably be done by then if I hustle.
>>702768 you're gay
>>702768 On my end I wouldn't have much to showcase because once again I switched projects because there is no good general purpose map editor that I can use alongside with Godot, which sucks. I thought there would be one given how much 3D games are being made nowadays, but it seems nobody wants to make a FOSS 3D map editor program apart from Trenchbroom which is limited to Quake styled mapping. Welp I guess that's how it is.
>>702768 you owe me new underwear
>>702628 If there's anything any of you want done on the stream side of things, let me know and I'll try to make it happen. Current plans are pretty simple and laid back: a bunch of us will play and discuss all the submitted games, including any multiplayer shit if any of you guys have that, and try to give whatever feedback we can. We might have an open server any of you can join to talk about your games with us, but only if you want to. Not a necessity. There's plenty of time to think about and prepare for this, so I don't think there's a need to set anything in stone. I just want this to be good fun for anyone involved and maybe get some fresh eyes on your work, so do tell if you have any wants/needs/suggestions. As far as anything on the technical side of things--shit regarding the site itself--you can either hit up Codexx on IRC or tell me and I'll communicate with him directly since I have his ear. Hopefully everyone has a good time and gets something out of it. Feedback, more people seeing your work, whatever.
(58.77 KB 620x515 1543763585.jpg)

>>702829 I can't think of any feedback right now what could be done. I think I just come along the stream and see how it goes. >and try to give whatever feedback we can. I'd rather prefer if the feedback is posted on the thread instead, with the reason being that I can still look it up if something critical got left out or something or a feature that is quick to implement, at least on my end. And codexx notified me with this agdg game streaming and he told me I should post on agdg thread about it. But yeah thanks for taking into consideration for streaming locally made games. Hopefully this brings some more attention this time and no shit stirrers as I have no time for this shit.
>>702628 >>702829 I'll have an actual completed 6 to 10 hour game for the upcoming demo day so I guess I won't be qualified for the stream.
>>702848 If it doesn't bother other devs here, I don't see why there's no reason it couldn't be included. We definitely won't be playing it to completion on stream or anything, but we can at least preview it. Give it an hour or whatever, tell people to go play it if they're interested.
(11.66 KB 1026x632 PixelationFix2.PNG)

(30.94 KB 1920x1040 PixelationFix.PNG)

So actually I just realized I have a question for you guys, I think I already know the answer, but I wanna make sure I'm not missing anything before I go fucking around with asset sizes and having to adjust the scale of my game entirely. My pixelart is at a bit of a weird scale where if I change the scale of the image the pixels get warped. I've tried just changing the size of the sprite to be significantly bigger, but the pixels still get warped when the sprite gets that small. I'm pretty sure the answer is something along the lines of "figure out what resolutions your pixel art works in and lock it to that." but I wanted to know if anyone has encountered a similar issue.
>>680843 Is the color switching baked into the sprite there, or is that being done programmatically?
>>702859 is it actual pixels or "pixels", scaling down is completely unpredictable youre supposed to use a real bitmap and scale it up if you want to preserve the pixels
>>702875 1-1 scale pixels for this picture but I've gone to 8x when trying to fix the issue.
>>702881 interpolation?
>>702859 >>702881 Looked into some stuff with Viewport, I think I'm going to have to lock the resolution or switch everything to non-pixel art It's gonna be a web game, so I do actually have to think about variable resolutions.
>>702859 If you're scaling the art below its native resolution then of course its going to warped.
>>702954 It gets warped either way, The two pictures here are me scaling the viewport up not down.
>>702963 If you don't want your pixel art warped then scale it in integer amounts. 2 by 2, 3 by 3 whatever. Not 1.523452 or anything like that.
>>702966 Yeah I kinda wanted to see if there was some way around that, but there really isn't. Which makes sense, but since this is a web game and I can't necessarily predict what their monitor is going to look like on the fly, I think I'll just redo the assets. I could design the game so the window can only expand in those intervals, but the pixel art is big enough that that would not be very smooth. So I think just to save me future headache and to get this thing out I'm just going to redo the assets as regular digital art and use mipmaps like I usually do.
Slow but steady progress. Haven't implemented the animations yet but I'm getting there. This isn't my first time doing something like this but I still don't have a lot of experience. The idea I'm trying to do here is based on a theory I have that you should try to think of your character and their movements as if they are a toy, just make them fun to move around and fidget with, similar to one of those anxiety cubes with all the analog sticks and switches and stuff. So to that end I want Kasha to feel a bit zippy, but heavy, and have a bit of acceleration and stopping distance to her movements. I'm also trying to consider her minimum jump height which should be enough to comfortably get onto the next platform with a little bit of room to spare (think the original Mario Bros. arcade game). I have it set so that holding the jump button gives her a little extra height, but given that this is a twitchy 80's arcade game I don't know if that'll have much purpose? I'm still also trying to figure out what the actual gameplay loop will be. I designed Kasha to be a versatile character with many things she could do using her magic shapeshifting tail and natural catlike abilities. What I've been thinking for this game is that it's a "defeat all enemies on the board" type of game like Mario Bros. Kasha does this by directly attacking the pests that appear on screen and each of them has different, uh, health? Kasha's default attack is her tail turned into a broom, which is a very basic melee attack. I'm thinking the enemies each have quirks to defeating them in short order. Mice: hit once with broom to defeat them. Cuckoos: fly around and randomly divebomb, jump on them to defeat them. Cuckoo eggs: too hard and immune to all direct attacks, need to be pushed off ledges to be destroyed. Cockroaches: hit with broom until they fall on their back, then jump on their exposed belly to defeat them. Armadillos: tanky enemies that are immune to broom attacks, have to be dazed with jumping on them first and then hit with broom. That is sort of what I'm thinking. I also have ideas for introducing more tail abilities as limited time powerups she gets through different milkshakes. Coconut shake gives hammer tail, heavy weapon that causes a shockwave. Green tea shake gives golf club, weapon that putts small projectiles. Banana shake gives monkey arm, which essentially makes her tail the weapon from Rod Land (grab enemies and smash them over your head repeatedly for bonus points). Honey shake gives flyswatter, which... is a more rapid fireable version of the broom? I dunno. I'll keep at it. Hopefully if I work on this every day I'll have it released by christmas.
>>703963 Now that I look at this footage, Kasha's a bit too fast, but don't worry, I changed it so she's a bit slower.
(247.46 KB 768x576 WizardSpell.mp4)

I question how to make menu navigation less terrible, or if this project could even be interesting/viable enough to continue working on. A top down wizard deathmatch ultimately seems pretty uninteresting to play, even with the "gimmick" of "flexible spellcrafting." And then there's logistical issues like the "readability" of certain effects and knowing the capabilities of enemies.
(11.66 MB 1280x720 Chad Warden Gun.mp4)

>>703982 Nice Counter Strike inspired menu.
>>702983 I don't really think that's necessary. You could in theory allow stretching of the border/room without stretching the character/tileset used.
Alrighty, she's starting to feel good to play.
>>704552 Does she have only one jump height?
>>704602 She has a very slightly variable jump height, not enough to be significant. Generally it's just enough to comfortably land on the raised platform. The variable jump height only means she either clears it or she doesn't. I was thinking of keeping her jump height simple since it's supposed to be a fast and frantic 80's arcade style action game where you don't really think about getting onto the next platform, you just jump at it and it works. Kinda based it on Mario Bros/Donkey Kong. You think I should change that?
>>704981 I say keep the non-variable jump height and stick close to the arcade action game feel. Unless you're going to make levels with platforms of non-uniform height?
>>705027 No, they are all uniform height. I want the movement to easy to understand. The platforms will probably be one-way too.
>>705031 Then keep the uniform jump height like in MarioBros./Donkey Kong.
>>704981 >You think I should change that? I can't really say until you're further along I think.
(85.15 KB 600x450 ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

(313.44 KB 1920x1080 sadie_scene_2-2.png)

(315.69 KB 1920x1080 sadie_scene_2-3.png)

(387.60 KB 1920x1080 sadie_scene_2.png)

>>705056 My only experience with Steven Universe is your game and bits and pieces of the shows when others were watching. That being said I can't wait to play the full game. Thanks for the hard work you're putting in
>>703982 If you're looking for interest, it comes down to spell effects, I think. Like gravity changes/magnetism, elemental effects, different shapes of projectiles (think bullet hell), etc. etc. Maybe make spells counterable by a spell on the opposite side of something like a colorwheel.
(41.11 KB 1234x264 ships so far.png)

I've been learning how to make a mods for starsector. Portraits were easy once I mostly figured out a method for making them blend in a bit better with the vanilla ones. Even then though they still stand out because most vanilla portraits are fugly. After that I moved onto making a fighter expansion for the playable fighters mod. I wanted some stronger fighter variants that could survive the more intense battles a bit better + just have more fighter/bomber options in general . My lack of balancing knowledge has made that process of fine tuning them slow though. Still, I've got six of the nine ships I am aiming to get done (I am basing them all on the aeros from Sky Rogue). Of those six, I got two variants for each so far. A junker variant and a pirate variant with varying color schemes. I might make the pirate ones all more uniform later though since I could use the current skins for the final higher tech variant I want to do later (I kind of want to redo them later anyway since I am admittedly not very good at it). I also made a custom missile and rocket for it. Though they are nothing fancy since I have seen most people strongly advise against adding weapons if you're worried about balance.
>>705056 That looks like a female steven...

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