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(93.90 KB 1120x1008 Fa6JG8IXwAASJ4n.png)

(93.25 KB 1120x1008 Fa6JG8GWAAAbVT8.png)

Sexy Sprites (part 2) Anonymous 08/24/2022 (Wed) 10:00:42 Id: 349da7 No. 675497
Continuing from the old one >>516987 Here's what i spent working ALL DAY.
>>695785 >Who cares? It's not real! Just entertain my autism instead of being like this.
>>695461 >this post getting shat on Kek, since when did this place gain some normalniggers here? Scram to halfchan, you reek /acrg/. >>695771 Zero wouldn't, but won't stop Nakayama's hand. Start pumping that tight reploid orifice, Wily's AI soul wills it.
>>679242 Gravity Rush on the GBA looking sick
>>695461 >>695479 8 bit and 16 bit nude lolis are just the tops.
>>695795 >/acrg/ Is that some cuckchan term?
>>695800 But you can't see anything. I need nude loli games that are very hi-res and have movable cameras, as well as a gameplay style that encourages the cameras being placed to give you good views.
>>695803 It's a halfchan brainrot center. it's where failed shartists go to.
(594.27 KB 2304x1296 capcom poker night.jpg)

>>695795 >asking capcom characters to get it on You fool, what you ask for is impossible.
>>695804 Katamari Lolidacy?
(247.98 KB 1230x1207 Poison Dart Carbuncle.png)

>>695784 Nice, good to see this thing is still alive. Is the fight on top of the Dark Queen's boobs still going to be in the game?
>>695841 Yes god damn it.
(64.64 KB 264x768 ciel.png)

>>695461 Someone should finish this sheet and anything else from spriters-resource.com and leave it in the original size dimensions.
>>695841 >>695861 Video game logic would have you bouncing constantly while realistically you'd be sinking and it'd be difficult to stand.
>>695861 But anon that's not the Dark Queen, this is.
(565.15 KB 217x200 ´Puke.gif)

>>696745 Unless they're plastic and made of silicon I assume >>696757 If this game was made in Japan she would have been even hotter than before and probably maybe have even fatter, juicer milkers.
>>695840 But you can barely even see your character most of the time in Katamari, and even when you can, I wouldn't say you get a very good view. The best I can really think of would be something like a single-player fighting game/beat-em-up, so you can move the camera around, have it be relatively close to the player character, and have the character do lots of moves that will give you different views.
>>696970 The loli would be the katamari, and you'd roll up other lolis in an orgy.
>>696981 I've seen that exact picture.
>>696970 >But you can barely even see your character most of the time in Katamari, and even when you can, I wouldn't say you get a very good view. What? I swear you could see the Prince at all times in the corner of the screen?
>>696757 I still find myself questioning the malicious incompetence that led the designer to make her all purple Even a splash of color would make that generic look slightly less of a wash
>>696757 if you're gonna make her flat at least have the decency of making her cute loli
>>695861 Fix the breasts, they're lopsided.
>>697295 Not mine.
>>695775 Just say you like penises aesthetically and get it over with, then you can begin your spiritual journey to being gay.
>>700885 That's some great sprite work, gorgeous body on that girl.
>>695775 Whoever the artist is for these animations is a god.
>>701124 I just wish he drew males that were a little easier on the eyes.
>>694319 Weren't there some anons who wanted to take this and other sites down because loli isn't banned? >>695775 Sorry anon, i cannot get hard at seeing non-humans fuck females despite being a mentally challenged thirld-worlder
>>701196 >Weren't there some anons who wanted to take this and other sites down because loli isn't banned? They weren't anons.
>>701196 You must be confusing filth from Alogs/Tvch and 8kunt with anons, easy mistake for a newfaggot.
(1.08 MB 2149x1825 20220930_140427.jpg)

>Never Ever.
>>702342 Right, we're never getting a Mariavania series in similar vein to the Roll-Chan games.

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