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(565.15 KB 1920x1080 Made-in-Abyss-2.jpg)

(672.95 KB 1920x1080 Made-in-Abyss-6.jpg)

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness Anonymous 08/31/2022 (Wed) 14:37:40 Id: ef7ed9 No. 680190
Thoughts? First 20 Minutes of gameplay (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=P6VKOBcBkDs ) Deep in Abyss Mode (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=3eS_xqPLiLM )
Edited last time by pururin on 08/31/2022 (Wed) 16:13:19.
>>696931 >Made in Abyss >People can easily go back up Actually read/watch what you're talking about you filthy fucking nigger.
>>696941 >Where did the manga make the distinction between combat-ready and non-combat ready guys? See the posts I already made in the thread >>683965 >>683966 Nanachi says he ran out of bodies that are capable of fighting, implying he has bodies that aren't good at fighting. >His mask was broken before he went into the pit and started turning into a narehate. I just assumed the eye and tail, were just some artifacts the body had implanted, and not the "blessings" of being a Hollow Man.
>>697110 >Nanachi can just see the curse The mangaka doesn't make it seem like that. For instance during that same trap they sprung on Bonedad, Reg lifted Nanachi straight up quite a distance, much in the same way they lifted Bonedad straight up albeit one layer lower. >Nanachi specifically points out he's low on firepower near the end. What I picked up from that quote is that Bonedad was running out of men period, not specifically fighting-capable men. I'd assume they're on and the same, considering that he sent out praying hands to do dirty work like burning that flower field or corner the kids in that scorpion pit which really they should have known was there. They built an entire facility on that layer which probably took decades yet they weren't aware of a super-deadly mega scorpion nest nearby, let alone how to detect them? Yet Democrat supporting kids were able to detect them? Seems like a total asspull to me but I'm willing to give the mangaka a break since the rest of the manga is really good.
(447.41 KB 1064x438 bonedrewd_crop.png)

>>697217 Not to pile on, but are you even reading the same story as everyone else?
(709.49 KB 1268x402 strain.png)

>look mum, I'm reading a picture book for grownups >it has scat and gore, that means it's made for adults >what do you mean the author likes small children so it's bad >aha no it's ok when japanese do it >mum no, give it back, mum please
>>697124 I know, it's one of the many plot holes of the series. It would be literally impossible to traverse a place like that. Delving is bullshit, can't be done on that set of rules.
(28.95 KB 246x304 ffrecvtr.png)

>>697338 Thanks for telling us your life story, sorry your mom wasn't cooler anon
(84.66 KB 239x278 Confused 2D red head.png)

>>697338 You think anyone here still cares about that kind of social shaming?
>>697339 The curse is weaker at the edges and stronger in the middle. The routes of expert delvers are kept secret, but there's definitely ways to ascend that are at least non-lethal, from the 5th layer back. Hell, there might even be a way, albeit long, around the elevator. Also, the right relics can rewrite the rules of the abyss, and there are examples of them making ascension safe, Faputa being one of them, although an extreme example.
I wanna fug ozen.
>>697497 I wish Mr I love kids would draw more older girls.
>>697537 Well you got three of them in the latest arc. Though one is a hambeast furry.
>>697538 I LIKE HER TOO!
>>697547 I'm on the fence. I'll wait until I see more of her.
Why is the game called Binary Star Falling into Darkness When the anime and game takes place inside of a chasm? I am sure Reg and Riko never seen a star in literal Months. >>697547 >>697548 She's unironically mentally retarded, violent, irritable and a fat fuck. She's basically your typical American + a furry.
>>697618 >Why is the game called Binary Star Falling into Darkness The Binary (male of female) Star (you) Falling (delving) Into Darkness (the abyss)
>>697654 >The Binary (male of female) Star (you) No anon. Reg and Riko are the Binary Star. >>697618 >Why is the game called >Binary Star Falling into Darkness >When the anime and game takes place inside of a chasm? >I am sure Reg and Riko never seen a star in literal Months. Are you ESL? This is a really basic metaphor.
I just learned the hard way what happens when you run out of cooked food and weapon health. Fucking bullshit you can't even have an emergency fallback weapon, like a stick or being able to make a fire to cook food.
>>698119 Why are you even playing this trash at this point? What could possibly be salvaged from it?
>>681771 >only 10TB Are you even trying? You can get 12TB for just over $200 right now without any sales. >>681841 Your gay. The entire point of Bondrewd's character is that he's a mad scientist who had the very idea of morality totally destroyed by dying and having his mind duplicated so many times. And he never did any pedo shit either, children are just easier to gather and experiment on.
>>698173 >he never did any pedo shit either How could you forget the papa pole?
>>697124 Yeah I forgot to mention the Abyss is weaker the farther you go from the center and through passages there is how delvers safely go back up. Bonedrewd went down and made it back up form the even the 6th layer so theres no excuses for when it comes to the upper layers too. >>697654 >>697688 I took the title too literally with my autistic lizard brain. Neat name but the game is still shit though. >>698174 She may have seen his penor after he left the shower or was peeing or something. She just mentions it thats all. You never seen your dad naked before? Or maybe he did indeed delve inside her guts (segs wise not surgical which we know he did) I don't know I'm not the author of the manga.
>>698174 Do you have parents? You end up seeing their bits sooner or later.
>>698230 >Bonedrewd went down and made it back up form the even the 6th layer I think it was implied that he either fucking died and just Zoaholic'd himself or used lots of cartridges doing so.
>>698230 >You never seen your dad naked before? No. Unlike the pedos everywhere else, us Americans don't feel the need to get naked with our children and show off our genitals to them. You sit at the side of the tub and and scrub them until they're old enough to bathe themselves.
>>698144 I don't know, for some reason I still somewhat enjoy it. It's just too bad that it's more or less shovelware with all these small niggling problems that stops it from being good. The combat being bad really doesn't help. If I would have paid 60 bucks for it I would have deeply regretted my purchase, good thing I got a 60 dollar discount. I would say it's worth, if I'm being generous, 15 dollars. I really like the setting and I want to see where the story goes, that's probably what is keeping me going. I wish we could get a true survival game with good and polished gameplay in this setting. Also being able to explore the town and a useful seeker camp. Anyway, have some Ozen.
(408.17 KB 1280x720 Smug Ozen 1.jpg)

(370.72 KB 1280x720 Smug Ozen 2.jpg)

(370.57 KB 1280x720 Smug Ozen 3.jpg)

And some smug.
>>698298 I love her
>>698298 Her inhumanly wide mouth suggest and inhumanly large tongue. I want to face fuck her.
(121.05 KB 840x900 papa pole.jpg)

(2.66 MB 2508x3541 old hags.jpg)

(230.23 KB 600x888 hair.jpg)

(530.31 KB 1518x1075 what?.jpeg)

(2.45 MB 2000x2112 Ozen drink.png)

>>698174 What's wrong with the papa pole? >>698296
>>698231 i also never saw my father HARD purushka only reconizes papas pole AFTER riko drew her an erect dick. what makes me wonder what kind of experiences you are having with your father anon.
>>698306 I fucking hate pastel colors in digital shit

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