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(204.32 KB 1200x919 school-shooter.jpg)

The sorry state of FPS games Anonymous 09/07/2022 (Wed) 21:21:01 Id: b960c9 No. 685509
The past decade has been pretty awful to the FPS genre especially late last year, but the biggest sin and what truly bother anons here is that fucking Destiny is the best of the worst. As the bar was set so fucking low that Destiny doing base shit at it's bare minimum made it have a more stable playerbase then the others, what the fuck is going on with FPS games?
>>696014 >posts demon porn <anon don't be attracted to demons Anon you need to figure out how to get messaging across better
(283.52 KB 800x1296 jesuscuresrin.jpg)

>>696041 You need to pray to our lord and saviour Jesus Kristus.
I just wish for the doom retrokids to die, is that too much to ask for? Ever since Brutal Doom popularized it back, you have these deluded retards who think the whole world kept playing Doom for 30 years because it's such a timeless masterpiece. When in reality, it was abandoned by 1999 and everyone wanted for something more.
>>696014 >They are the kinda jealous and spiteful women who regularly cucked their husbands in life. Wait, I got my hell mixed up, are the demons and the damned the same thing?
>>696063 I like to think that they are.
>>696045 >you have these deluded retards who think the whole world kept playing Doom for 30 years because it's such a timeless masterpiece No, the only Doom they obsess over is Doom II, the original Doom is left as a footnote because they played nothing beyond what was in the original shareware release.
>>696045 Fuck are you talking about? I was playing doom wads in 2012 and I have never even played brutal doom.
>>696080 There is no dissociating from BD fam, it was responsible for bringing back the fad and arguably even Doom 2016 and Eternal. You smoked BD but didn't inhale lol
(81.91 KB 535x982 halo gamers.jpg)

>>696080 He's some shitposter who's been doing this in every FPS-adjacent thread, I'd point to his other posts but the vols deleted them Usually I don't engage in >le every1 I don't like is le same person!!!1! schizoposting but he specifically he calls Doom fans kids or kiddies and this board's users are slow low that a quirk like that is easily noticeable and unlikely to be done by several people
>>695966 Well we are on /v/.
>>696014 >Cute brown tsundere tomboy imp Truly, the devil knows the weakness of men, and is a master of temptation.
>>696014 I don't like when they have hair, or are post puberty.
>>696477 >tfw no loli cacodemon
(1.04 MB 810x1300 DOOM_bride.webm)

(10.40 MB 1280x720 At Doom's Gate start playing.webm)

>>696063 Sometimes the damned can become demons, but mostly demons are the angels that rebelled with Lucifer and were cast out of heaven.
>>696042 Even demons can be helped. They can become good girls too. Hell in arthurian legend one demon changed his way and became a Christian monk.
>>696642 >Arthurian legend Merlin's entire backstory is that his dad was an Incubus and he was supposed to be the anti-christ, but was baptized and raised to be a good man. At least in the christianized version.
(1.01 MB 1912x961 suppresion.png)

(76.50 KB 600x338 04-bloody+screen-3565925337.jpg)

Here's something that makes my head scratch - "simulating" suppression fire by blurring vision. This is somehow okay when it ruins gameplay by blinding you and making you crawl towards waist height wall to get cover. Some people even defend it as they laugh at cod with its jelly screen that does the same thing. Why do many newer games follow such shit?
>>696746 Dont think I have played any games with that kinda suppression blur. looks annoying as fuck though, I really hate it when games just in general block my view.
>>696746 >>696747 What if it's an simulator or half-simulator like squad, which does have blurring vision for near explosions.
Have you anons tried Severed Steel? I picked it up on sale after seeing a trailer for it it reminded me of Mirror's Edge which I loved. It's one part fast-FPS run and gun and 2 parts parkour stunt simulator with destructive environments and a pretty good soundtrack. Its hard as fucking balls on normal difficulty but I'm enjoying it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCR4QWG08xM
Seems like loads of great shooters are coming out. Like it's better than it's been in 15 years
(144.93 KB 1920x1080 Kane is not amused.jpg)

>>696746 Because it makes MGs actually useful for supression? It's not like you have actual life preservation in a videogame. In Battlefield 3 it actually made sense, and the moment they removed it in 4 and subsequent games, MGs became absolutely fucking useless shit. You're also posting a Tactical Shooter with Hell Let Loose you retard. In COD it makes no sense, it's a super arcade shooter where the balancing and gameplay is all about gun stats. You remind me of the Haloniggers that say that picking up items manually in Crysis with a dedicated animation was bad and that Crysis 2 and 3 did it better because you just walk over them. I hate this one size fits all bullshit, and your two images, one of a tactical shooter, and other of an arcade shooter is the epitome of that cancer. Reminds me of every RTS trying to be fucking Starcraft or ASSFAGGOTs instead of being their own thing. 7th Gen and AAA has rotten peoples brains.
>>696819 >You remind me of the Haloniggers that say that picking up items manually in Crysis with a dedicated animation was bad and that Crysis 2 and 3 did it better because you just walk over them. Wait, people actually bitch about stuff like that? I always attributed it to a design decision. -t. a "Halonigger"
>>696821 Yes, they're ADD ridden retards who don't care about immersion or interactivity.
>>696819 >7th Gen For all the shit I give 7th gen it's still less cancer then current gen by a long shot.
>>696935 Consoles have never recovered since then, in terms of games, much better outside AAA cancer.
>>696969 By that, I mean nowadays game are better in general.
>>696977 > game are better in general. Games are super dumbed down in general both indie and AAA wise.
>>697064 >Games are super dumbed down in general That was literally 7th Gen, if anything games have more depth now outside AAA, to the point old and new genres popped up again.
(277.49 KB 440x437 1615163595303.png)

>>696819 >its good because its "realistic" >its tactical shooter, so its allowed >inhibiting vision in fps is okay when we do it Hell let loose actually does this pretty good, I should say. Suppression actually helps your squad push up and getting pinned down actually makes your other teammates instinctively defensive so you actually huddle and survive more often, rather than just be cut down by mg42. Maybe this got started from day of defeat.
>Prodeus has 4 player co-op I'm getting tempted here but the fact that the game has been in EA for years and hasn't gone on sale any lower than 15 bux bothers me a lot. Has anyone played it? Any good, shit, so-so?
>>697354 IIRC one of Valve's guidelines (as in recommended but unenforced) is that Early Access games aren't meant to go on sale or, if they do, not by much, because the point is not to make sales to the general audience but to people actually invested in the project or something.
>>697341 Yes, it's a fucking tactical shooter, not an arcade one, the whole point is immersion, even if it hurts your sole performance, you're supposed to act as a team. You don't want supression, communicate to your teammates to flank the MG. >DoD No, Day of Defeat never did this, that is also an arcade shooter, a team based arcade shooter, but an arcade shooter nonetheless. If anything MGs in that game are a pain in the ass as the sound they make is super low and due to Source jankery, it sometimes doesn't even make a sound outside the bullets hitting the geometry around you. First time I saw a game do this was Battlefield 3, and it did it well, but everyone bitched because by that point in time the franchise was nothing but CODkiddie faggots who started with Bad Company 2.
(76.73 KB 1264x704 mario doubts.jpg)

>>697075 >if anything games have more depth now
>>697702 >conveniently ignoring the "outside of AAA" part Nigger

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