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(939.03 KB 1280x720 the dark souls community.png)

(95.36 KB 428x440 2auv59zhggb51.png)

(155.53 KB 1024x812 Godfield the Grafted.jpg)

General Souls Thread ft. guest appeareances by Sekiro, Nioh, & Bloodborne Anonymous 09/11/2022 (Sun) 10:18:14 Id: 028746 No. 687979
And of course Dark Souls VI. It's been out for several months now, when do you think the first DLC will come out? What are you playan anons? What will From's next game be like? What do you think about Tecmo's upcoming Chinese Nioh game? Are there any good Souls clones on the horizon?
>>704185 >non jewish like ungabunga or like italian because both can be done. You have to fuck with nose ridge depth and height, and also nose width. >ruins explorer souls game I've been hurting for something like that since I started to delve deep into chalice dungeons, I actually did a build that was a dungeon runner, so the only weapons I could get were anything before the first dungeon you can go through, and then the weird variants of weapons with different gem slots.
>>704168 >I don't think it'd do too well if it was made to be a souls game, since we've already discussed sekiro is more like a zelda game and is functionally distinct from any souls game I was meaning Souls in the broadest possible sense. So more like Sekiro and less like Souls. Basically just a complete reskin of Sekiro with Zelda stuff. There would be really very little that would need to be added or removed. Maybe throw in ER's mount system so you could ride Epona or so you could turn into a wolf and have Midna ride you.
What you anons think of this? https://youtu.be/EZ_9F73R1tE
>>704251 >description goes "lol objective criticism isn't real lol you just watch to many long for videos, get a life nerd." Immediately didn't watch it on that alone.
>>704251 >hour and thirty minutes long Can you give me the highlights? >Just look at shields being overly easy to crutch on in souls >Dark Souls 1 boomers Oh no.
>>704251 >direct-embed can't even use yewtu.be? Don't be a faggot/shill. >>704276 you weren't kidding, I guarantee this guy is a career redditor and I haven't even watched the video The mere fact that this is basically a drama video in its title alone already suggests cancer There is a supreme irony about this dude complaining about video essayists and then writing this autism screed in his video description alone He also uses "videogames as art" to justify that "video games are subjective, so you can't objectively criticize gameplay aspects" Joseph Anderson isn't for people who want to try out new games anyways, he's a guy who just makes longform analyses on games most people watching already played, who the fuck is gonna watch hours-long souls video without playing the game before it?
>>704251 >video essay vs video essay >Joseph anderson is on one side, a guy with a track record of having awful opinions that he deflects criticism from with "it's just my subjective opinion so you can't talk bad about me" >this guy who has a similar sort of mentality but actually wrote up decent reasons and cited evidence as to why he's wrong in his video >here and again he'll make a bad point though, stating whataboutisms and just rephrasing the same sentence as a "well it's not like this, it's like this" >isn't rolling complex attacks part of the fun I don't think people find it fun to use defensive options, it's more of just a means of mitigating damage until the next set of attack and defend points. There's no basis for this claim. >majority of the games are rolling lol nufrom faggot detected. >if you do x you are playing the game right >therefore if you do not x you are playing the game wrong I fucking hate people who use this type of logic, proving something is false goes a little beyond just putting negatives in places. >describing general nusouls combos yeah we all know, it takes a retard to not realize that fromsoft makes it really easy to tell what attack is coming next after a combo has started The rest of his video just seems to be giving up solid arguments about why you can learn any boss and saying "boss is made bad" is a bad mentality to have I don't really want to watch the rest because there's a weird amount of nuance to the concepts being described and both parties are talking in very absolute statements >there is no way to dodge this attack without taking damage!!! >there are no attacks that you cannot dodge while both of these statements are right and wrong for different reasons, it's absurd to think about in a gameplay manner because of course they wouldn't program an attack you need to take damage from without some kind of work around, but there's also context missing, meaning if you're in the middle of an attack and an enemy does some sort of jab while you're attempting to assault amidst downtime, you can't suddenly cancel your attack mid stream when you see the startup of the next move. ER definitely does play off the mentality that you need to take swipes as soon as an attack is done, but that can also lead to tricky situations where you're making an unknown gamble with how a boss enemy will react, meaning you want to play much safer the more you struggle with an enemy. This is the same as egoraptor saying "hurr durr ocarina of time enemies force you to wait to attack them" when there is an entire item bar that allows you to take any fight by the balls when you actually think about what you're doing. >>704278 Does he call people who play souls games with shields boomers? Is that the era we're in? >>704276 >description says having objective analysis on art is brain rot lol, I don't know how people criticize other people's statements on art when they have this sort of mentality in the first place.
(60.88 KB 500x669 m5kztxF8Bc1rsbisvo.jpg)

(165.60 KB 1200x1000 exponate_masks_mobil.jpg)

>>704188 >like ungabunga or like italian because both can be done. You have to fuck with nose ridge depth and height, and also nose width. Tengu. The closest that I've been able to get is something like these first two instead of a proper tengu nose. I would even accept something like the third but I can't figure out how to make the nose more bulbous.
>>704347 >>704347 I tried my best with the request, it requires a lot of fucking with cheekbones and jawlines to force the nose to extend
(244.00 KB 839x702 [KROMER].png)

(159.88 KB 467x676 Big shot heaven.png)

(206.31 KB 680x383 strings.png)

>>704424 >he created a big shot within [[antique jewelry]]
>>704599 Sigwald just got a nendo and Solaire had one a while ago, wouldnt be surprised if they did some stuff for Elden Ring eventually
(576.68 KB 789x795 red man 1.png)

(560.09 KB 800x801 red man 2.png)

>>704424 This is my starting template that I made several months ago. I'll see if I can improve the nose with your suggestions.
(591.74 KB 796x814 tengu 1.png)

(577.16 KB 801x812 tengu 2.png)

>>704669 This is better. He specially looks the part if you give him old man skin and golden eyes.
(64.79 KB 1125x624 FWRNZkMWAAIsW0p.jpg)

(463.29 KB 1080x1082 elden chad.png)

(1.63 MB 1513x2015 git gud.png)

Who wants to PVP me in DS3 or Elden Ring? Both on PC. Consolefags can get cucked.
>>704685 FOR FUCK SAKE Why does Bloodborne not save favorited faces sometimes? Now I can't figure out what I did before.
>>704794 >>704685 Gotta bump those cheekbones up also if you fuck with the mouth position it should bunch the nose up into a thin line. >>704692 Rune level and where
>>704952 125, you pick the spot. I don't wanna fight at raya lucaria thats generic now. The circular sewer area right before the fake Mohg fight is pretty good from what I've seen.
>>704303 >can't even use yewtu.be? I forgot to use it so feel free to bully my dumb ass https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EZ_9F73R1tE
>>704968 I'm at level 160 if that's fine, the majority of it is in strength and arcane for advanced corkscrew blows. I'll put a sign down at the place to the west of the shaded castle where you kill maleigh.
>>705001 >>704968 Just realized the range difference might require a password, so I'll just use 8moe as a password for now.
>>705009 okay okay im back coming now
I wanted to check the thread again to see any responses and to double check where your sign was an now I fucked up my game
>>705009 I dont see your sign bro. I'll come back after upgrading some weapons. I'll be even more prepared then.
>>705023 I'm on NG+2 so I've got +10 weapons But if you use the password you should be able to connect. When walking up to the first pair of stones you can see, there's a praying statue between them to the right, my sign is next to that.
uhhh, wanna go again?
>>705046 I'll keep going, I can stay for a while.
OKAY THAT WAS A PERFECT FINISH IT CANT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT GGS. I'm good for now it wasnt much but thanks for the duels dude.
>>705050 Pretty rad set. I'm gonna keep looking with the password 8moe if any other anons want a tussle.
I think the next time I start a new ER game I'm going to make a strength or quality build. I'm tired of playing mage in these Souls games because I feel like I'm not getting the big weapon experience that I should be. I would go I would go with a bow build but between having to pay for ammo out of my experience points, fucking crafting, and input reading enemies that sounds like a perfectly miserable experience. Worse than trying to run a faith build in DS3 because at least in that case you get regeneration spells to keep you alive.
>>705076 >Dextralife watermarks.
>>705076 Strength and arcane, maria's executioner sword, before that occult colossals, and before that you're going to have to fight radahn early to get to nokron for the black whetblade Shouldn't be too rough with the modern patch, but following that stuff you can sail pretty smoothly. The only reason I recommend this sword so much is because it gives you big damage without a zillion power boosts, you just need to charge your weapon and watch it do damage. Make sure you do alexander's quest also so you can maximize your gainz.

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