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(47.18 KB 871x871 Miles_O'Brien_after_20_yrs.jpg)

(102.03 KB 1024x576 Morden.jpg)

Space Game General Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 01:03:15 Id: 746ee6 No. 688371
Back on the old 8chan, we used to have a Space Thread for games set in space and to remind others that Dukat did nothing wrong. I'll try to revive that. Still waiting for The Mandate too.
>>697139 Which game are you playing?
(709.96 KB 566x642 1612145466939.png)

>>697271 Starsector >tfw I lost my Starsector webms
>>697350 Time to make some more!
>start new starsector run >exploring around to get my first colony going >find incredible sector, 2 terran worlds, 2 desert worlds, 1 arid world, some of those with maxed out stats and even low gravity >small detail: it's a high risk REDACTED world fug
(116.27 KB 917x434 fug.png)

>>699328 Like shit, look at those stats. 5 habitable planets in the same system, what are the odds? Ultimately I know it's overkill and planet diversity is important because of the special items that enhance production but still.
>>697350 I might have them if you posted some before. I'll check later and see what I got. >>699335 What sector generation settings did you use? Still looks pretty sweet to me. I just get happy when I find one with a gate in the system.
>>699335 >Three 5s, a 4, a 3 and a 1, all with valuable resources and enough to cover everything you'd need from AM generation to building up fleets You lucky motherfucker, what's your sector ID?
The Callisto Protocols gameplay looks pretty rough. Maybe it's just the case of the retard playing the demo being shit, but he's just blindly firing slugs into enemies and kind of waling on them. Plus it has same lame stealth mechanics shit that looks ripped straight out of last of us. On top of that the monsters look like they are from the last of us and are very uninspired. Generic zombie retards instead of sick necromorphs. I was excited from it initially but man it looks pretty fucking dull. Maybe I'm just cynical. https://invidious.tiekoetter.com/watch?v=OnmOtGf88HY
Here's a question for you: do you prefer third person POV or first person cockpit view? I think the first game that really sold me on cockpit view was Elite Dangerous, mostly because of the diagetic UI. For arcade-style dogfighters like Rogue Squadron and Project Wingman, I like the third person view more. >>688375 I think one of the big advantages that space games had on older hardware (and still somewhat true today) is that since there's no polygons in the environment, the devs can put more polygons on the ship models.
>>699612 >I was excited from it initially but man it looks pretty fucking dull. Maybe I'm just cynical I am the same way. When I first heard about it, I was really excited. Then you see the tired gameplay elements and really generic designs and that excitement dies pretty fast. >Generic zombie retards instead of sick necromorphs That has to suck. You nail the designs the first time around and then end up in a position where you no longer own the rights to that design and have to settle for generic shit. The fact EA is picking up dead space's corpse to shit out another game is also additional salt in the wound. >>699651 First person, but I do like third person views alongside it so I can admire whatever I am piloting.
(26.91 KB 736x414 ra.jpg)

>>699612 It looks like focus-group inspired Last of Us but in spaaaaaace generic trash. I hope I'm wrong. I'm too jaded to expect nice things.
>>699612 The enemy design is pretty bad but everything else looks pretty alright to me. Might be a good 7/10.
>>699666 >You nail the designs the first time around and then end up in a position where you no longer own the rights to that design and have to settle for generic shit. They didn't have to settle for "generic shit", they could have just created different variants of the monsters they created for Dead Space that make sense in the setting of their new game.
>>699612 To be honest, I didn't really like Dead Space 2, and never played Dead Space 3. Dead Space was kind of a one-hit wonder for me, so it's not a surprise that when the team is squeezed for creativity by having to avoid stepping on EA's toes - they fall flat. Probably not all that different than TurtleRock never being able to live up to the standards they set themselves with Left 4 Dead.
>>699733 Dead Space 2 is okay, it has a bit too many reused sets in the start of the game but otherwise it's like 1 but more. Dead Space 3 is kind of only a Dead Space game in gameplay, and even then it's just a worse Dead Space. They regressed on the controls for the menus and forced in a cancerous weapon customization system that is truly awful to try to manage. And the story and levels are basically nothing like actual Dead Space. It loses all the gritty atmosphere for an an Alien franchise atmosphere instead. It isn't awful as a coop space shooter game, but it isn't really Dead Space. Dead Space 1 is the pinnacle.
>>699451 I didn't do anything special, it's all defaults. >>699537 >You lucky motherfucker Yes, but you might have missed that this is a high risk remnant sector. In my last playthrough to fight in those sectors you needed end game gear and it was still not easy, so what's the point? By the time I can break into it I'll already have everything I need. It's frustrating. Additionally while there are some incredible planets it doesn't actually end up being that useful because some of the items that increase production levels a lot can't be used in them like the Mantle Bore. There's also a habitable desert world in the sector right next to that one that has +3 transplutonics and +2 ore and I think some farming and organics with like 150% hazard rating. But it's high gravity and again, given that it's habitable it's never going to produce anywhere near as much as a world where you can use the Mantle Bore, and those stats are much more commonly found in other planet types where you can too. >what's your sector ID? I'll look into it later.
>>699729 You are expecting way too much of modern devs. This generic shit is likely the best they could come up with. >>699733 (checked) To be fair, the DS games lost more of their identity with each new game since EA was pushing it to be something it never was or could ever be without losing everything that made it interesting to begin with.
>>699733 >not all that different than TurtleRock never being able to live up to the standards they set themselves with Left 4 Dead. With TurtleNeck there is an argument to be made, that most of the key people that made Left for Dead good did not go to TN, but either stayed at Valve or were from Valve. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EdRLNUGmFC8 Skip to 23:51
>game advertises to be realistic space sim >there is sound in space
>>699768 >High Risk Remnant Sector All I need are a few capital class ships and a bit of luck with black market manufacturers being willing to fulfill my weapons orders. With those conditions met, the entire sector is MINE. Until you've colonized a 175% or 200% hazard rating world and turned it into a profitable megahive, don't complain. Dealing with 150% is easy as fuck compared to that.
>>700014 Webm showing a fight with a 3+ Radiant remnant fleet or GTFO. Either way, unless you're rigging the game somehow you're not going to get 'a few capital ships' without getting colonies first and at that point you won't have a need for the sector anymore. >spoiler Hazard rating is a meme, it's only kind of important on the planet you're going to be building your heavy and light industries on since those are expensive to maintain and in any case you can alleviate the cost increase with AI cores, but unless you make really bad choices profit is going to be higher than cost so I think prioritizing accessibility and planetary resources is more important. At least this is how I see it. I used to like building my first colonies on cryovolcanic worlds because you can get high stats of ore, rare ore, and volatiles with a single cheap industry so despite that they have very high hazard rates you get a lot of money, but that was before the production items were introduced and now I think they're not such a good investment anymore.
>>700210 Cryovolcanic worlds are actually better now since the cold and poor light/darkness condition can be nullified with an orbital lamp, and the mantle bore for improved ore mining requires a non-habitable world.
>>700218 It seems that you're right, but there was some other item that conflicted with regular cryovolcanic stats. I think it was the Catalytic Core (for Refining) which conflicted with cryovolcanics having some sort of toxic atmosphere or something. I like to have my refining industries on the high hazard planets due to it being very cheap to maintain. >orbital lamp How convenient are those really? They introduce an extremely high requirement of volatiles which sounds really costly, and on the other hand the benefit of shaving off 25 or 50% hazard rating feels like little.
>>700232 Catalytic Core (refining) and Synchrotron Core (fuel production) require no atmosphere present. I think a few cryovolcanic planets can generate without atmosphere, but you'd be better off colonizing some 150% barren world for those. With any AI core slotted into Population and Infrastructure Volatiles demand goes down to 9. A shortage of 1 unit of volatiles increases the hazard rating by 5%, and IIRC the highest production of them on an NPC colony is 8. If you already have an orbital lamp there's no reason not to slot it into your first cryovolcanic colony as it will only decrease your running costs, even if it's not much.
>>700245 >I think a few cryovolcanic planets can generate without atmosphere It sounds like a nightmare to try to get both that and good mining stats on the same planet. >but you'd be better off colonizing some 150% barren world for those. Yeah, but then you don't get any volatiles. But it's not like they could compete with Gas Giants with the special item nowadays either. I thought what I started doing after the new items were introduced was just getting volcanic planets for mining and refining since they can get very high mining stats, but now I'm remembering they also have some awful atmosphere to them so you can't use the Catalytic Core on them either, which is a fucking shame because I just found a +3 ore +3 rare ore volcanic world next to a system with a 100 hazard rating world which would have been sweet. I even got paid to survey it, lol. I need to make up my mind very fucking soon about where to settle down, I'm getting fucked over by storage charges and fleet maintenance every month and I won't be able to handle that for much longer.
>>700210 >you never found the random 2-3 d-mod XIV Onslaught or XIV Legion while exploring outside core space >you never took on a bounty where there was one capital with a handful of cruisers while piloting a fleet of cruisers and managed to recover it >you never bought a Conquest from the Independents There are so many opportunities to get capitals without building a colony or siding with any of the factions that I can only describe your playstyle as self-crippling, terrible and otherwise bad. Also >you openly engaged three fleets of remnants at the same time because you don't know decent maneuvers to keep them from ganging up on you >mfw
>>688371 Daiteikoku.
Any of you guys have some good Humanity Fuck Yeah! stories. I lost those too.
>>700771 Do you play on easy or something? Because nothing of what you said makes much sense in my experience. Specially since they boosted how powerful the remnants are in one of the last releases. Like I said, show webms faggot. >you openly engaged three fleets of remnants at the same time because you don't know decent maneuvers to keep them from ganging up on you Did you just confuse Radiants with Ordos? Because Ordos with 3+ Radiants each one are perfectly possible in high risk remnant sectors.
>>701851 And you're playing some extremely modded bullshit because I have never once seen an Ordo with three Radiants in it. I'd show webms but that scenario has never happened across multiple years and saves of playing this game and I strictly play vanilla. Once again, you're sabotaging yourself and for no good goddamn reason. Also >playing Easy >ever 0/10 put in some effort next time.
Ever since I swapped to an AMD card starsector has run like shit.
(138.74 KB 1325x1028 Humies.png)

(51.85 KB 1310x1096 a big enough rock.png)

(83.25 KB 1203x706 Children of Earth.png)

(218.44 KB 1234x916 chocolate.jpg)

(1.76 MB 1920x1080 Avatar.png)

(111.37 KB 1280x1397 We are coming for you.png)

(274.67 KB 1128x1963 The Pulse.png)

(118.19 KB 877x1700 Veil of Madness.png)

These are all the stories I have saved. Enjoy.
>>701997 >>701998 I tried looking at the usual repository for HFY stories, 1d4chan, and found the page filled with a lot of gay edits about "wacism" and "muh /pol/", seeing as that place is mostly cuckchan /tg/ I shouldn't be surprised, but still, for a site that still has all the old Angry Marines stuff where they're calling each other dick breathing faggots and whatnot, I expected a bit better. But I guess it's the fate of everything halfchan made to get co-opted like SCP.
(728.39 KB 1920x1080 4r.jpg)

(957.36 KB 1920x1080 3r.png)

>>701917 >I have never once seen an Ordo with three Radiants in it If that's not the definition of playing on easy I don't know what is nigger. I'm also playing vanilla, latest version with no mods. Just to double check I went back to a save from a previous playthrough and went to a high risk remnant sector to see what I found. I was received by a swarm of Ordos and among them one had 4 Radiants and another had 3. Go fight that with a Conquest faggot.

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