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(113.06 KB 1280x720 Letter.jpg)

Halo studio 343i's head, Bonnie Ross, has left the company Anonymous 09/12/2022 (Mon) 20:50:34 Id: db8028 No. 688771
(436.68 KB 768x576 Go Home.webm)

>>689617 Contrarianism has nothing to do with twitter and is easily observable on media-hobby focused image boards and forums
>>689609 I first started when Habbo Hotel raids were still occurring (I was banned by a mod during one of them) and I've always thought Halo was a decent game. I believe the ire for it originates more from its influence than the game itself, similar to how you have contrarians here now who say Half-Life was never good. If it was like Perfect Dark, a fun console shooter that didn't overstep its boundaries, I believe everyone here would agree that it was good but because it became Microsoft's desperately needed flagship franchise for their nascent console, it became the target of anti-conformist ire. In reality, Call of Duty and other game franchises which aped the regenerating health mechanic still would be shit, they would have just been shit for other reasons. Shooters which aped Halo in a bid for success were not bad because of Halo but because they were made by lazy assholes copying what was successful. It had a good run for at least 3 games. Nothing groundbreaking but respectable for what it was and it did its job properly. This just goes to show that marketing does way too much for the success of a game.
>>689721 >similar to how you have contrarians here now who say Half-Life was never good I'm not saying that as a "contrarian" opinion, I'm saying that as an object opinion when I played through the game a few years ago. There are some good things about it, but it's ironically the parts of the game that people "hate" (Such as the first-person platforming and Xen) that are actually the best parts of Half-Life. Everything else about it is just people looking back at the game through (I hate this term) "nostalgia goggles". But, that's also an opinon developed by someone who grew up with FPS titles from the aughts and later, which took everything that Half-Life presented to the industry and ran with it, so it could be that my view of Half-Life is tainted by the fact that everything it did back in 1998 isn't as unique or innovative just a couple years later. However, I reject that being the sole reason why I consider Half-Life to be overrated because I fired up Doom around the same time and I was stunned by how awesome of a game it was, though confused as to why people didn't noticed that Doom is just first-person Zelda with twin-stick controls.
(653.17 KB 664x516 Noble_6_check_em.PNG)

>>688999 >not one check for these trips
>>689739 It sounds like you agree that Half-Life is at least worth a playthrough (I'm also one of the ones who doesn't mind first person platforming, but then again I literally grew up with the game so there's that). I'm talking about those who conclude that because corridor shooters from the late 00s and later that focus on story are ultra-shit, Half-Life is retroactively shit. It's a glorified Quake mod with upgraded graphics but then again so were a huge number of shooters from that period (once upon a time Epic actually had competition for Unreal Engine licensing). The multiplayer scene was arguably even better than that of Quake's however. Half-Life 1 custom games were truly magical at their peak and sadly it's not something one can experience now.
>>689764 >It sounds like you agree that Half-Life is at least worth a playthrough Not really. It's like when I watched Citizen Kane. It's not a bad game, but I'd rather I spent my time playing something else.
>>689784 Did you try Opposing Force? Still to this day the best thing Gearbox ever made. Which is kinda sad.
>>689797 No, the only EP I played was Blue Shift.
>>689805 Play OF anon, it's very worth it.
>>689805 Blue Shift is shit. OF is better than the vanilla campaign but shorter.
(1.35 MB 751x1064 Doom_Eternal.png)

>>689739 >Doom is just first-person Zelda with twin-stick controls. and the reboots are first person Darksiders which isn't a bad thing
>>689822 It plays nothing like Darksiders and it is indeed shit.
>>689829 It's a first-person character action game about saving the world from the Christian apocalypse while fighting demons, there's where the comparison came about.
>>689832 >NuDoom >Christianity It's all Ayys and interdimensional capeshit faggotry.
Gaylo is pimping some world premiere on the 25th.
>>697411 Probably Forge or some shit
>>697416 I saw some people suggesting it was a a halo 3 map collection added to infinite since the esports event was also halo 3 related. Some said it was confirmed it won't be the BR mode or forge, but I didn't see where the devs mention it and I am too lazy to track it down.
>>697416 Can't be Forge, then they'll have people recreate old maps that they want to resell to the plebs playing.
>>697416 Honestly forge being announced would be the one thing that could turn Halo Infinite around at this point. I honestly don't get why the mode wasn't in there at fucking launch since it's basically an infinite content generator and keeps the community going. I know it'd be one of my priorities if I was in charge over there.
>>689376 >that fufufu~ after headshotting 3 shield jackals in a row
>>689376 What a weird, cringe video...
>>688779 didn't they change the female/male armor to heavy/light armor and nerfed the female hips for halo reach in the mcc?
>>697872 Been playing MCC today and I use the female spartan body. And you got it half right as they changed it to heavy/light and let you choose a male or female voice. I think that the hips are unchanged but it's been ages since I played reach on xbox360 so I'm probably not the best judge.
(7.41 KB 640x448 tmnta-Have Sex inshell.png)

>>689390 >Dickgirls aren't gay Stop making up excuses and just come out of the closet.
Is the MCC on pc still as broken as it was on console? Halo 1 lacked most of its fx.
>>689390 Reminder that deviance organizes in clusters. Any straying from normality ("lol normalfags!!!") will eventually merge with abnormal sexuality. And you will be fucked, literally.
>>698028 It's much better now though it's still chuggy in places. Not sure if they've filled the entire checklistof features they were going to include but friends and I got through a full Reach Campaign without too many issues not long ago (and most of those issues were likely client-side third-world internet problems).
(2.21 MB 768x480 The Pit Flythrough.webm)

>>697411 The "big" news was a single halo 3 map (The Pit) that was remade in forge for infinite. The visuals of the map also look like shit. The community made remake maps look fucking better. As an added bonus, it is a wip and not releasing until after forge mode does sometime in November. You really have to try to be this bad.
>>699474 I like how every AAA company prances shit like this while trying to shill as hard as possible for fags to "get hype".
>>699490 That is the reason why even streamers are losing the trust and viewship from normalfags. Every unimportant thing is forced to be (((hype))) and have shills talking about it as if it was the best thing to exist. People are simply moving away from all that noise and lies.
>>699474 The Pit? I think I remember that map being pretty fun. Wasn't it industrial as shit? Why's it got all this neon slapped on?
>>699490 At least now more and more people are not having it. >>699949 Yeah it was an alright map. This new one looks worse on top of the colors/lighting all blending together in a way that feels visually impairing. Their style completely ruins what is otherwise a fine map. Compare their forge creation with what the community has done and it is like night and day.
(9.80 MB 1280x720 (((kig-yar))).mp4)

Wanted an excuse to post this.
>>699992 Modern AAA devs can't light for shit, literal hacks that make everything look too bright or saturated.

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