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(56.41 KB 616x353 cyberpunk.jpg)

Bad Game Design and Game Design General Anonymous 09/21/2022 (Wed) 19:51:32 Id: bb11be No. 696208
To start off, Cyberpunk 2077. >Has stealth but the enemies are bullet sponges (because of the loot system) and none of the enemy groups in the game are designed around stealth >Had a perk that allowed you to throw knives, which are semi rare, and you lost them forever, until they patched it so it's just a cooldown. Knives were the only other option for stealth besides silenced revolvers and rifles >has character creation but hardly ever displays your stuff because you're always in first person. >Random missions on the street can have enemies who randomly kill you in one shot with a peashooter because the encounters are leveled without considering where the player at a certain level has access, which is EVERYWHERE after the first act is over. >Despite having enemies way over your level, you don't get loot that matches their power if you defeat them, as the loot you get is leveled to YOU and anything above your level if you DO find it in the world is unable to be used (There are fixed drops), arbitrarily. >Iconic (unique and powerful gear) weapons are also leveled to you, so if you don't spec into crafting they're all useless unless you find them at level 50, and they'll quickly get outpaced by shit on the street. >Melee is an option, but none of the perks you get do anything but increase your damage. Building into it with cyberware doesn't add much. >The harder difficulties are not the way to actually play the game, because it ups the enemy health, damage and armor, so if you fight any group early on, you'll get one shotted often. >You can't get chased by police in a car because they didn't program that shit in >The design in general is an example of the devs wanting you to have options, but the options conflict against eachother in design (stealth doesn't work because enemies are sponges who don't die from sneak attacks or have good AI, loot system doesn't work because it doesn't commit or allow the player to get ahead, the crime system does not work because it was underdeveloped and the AI is shit) Sounds to me like it was a case of developer conflict. They didn't know what the fuck to focus on. They wanted it to be Borderlands, but also have stealth. They wanted you to be powerful, but the enemy balance lists compensate by being bullshit and random, they want you to be blocked off from stuff for "reputation reasons" so you have incentive to move up, which exacerbates the random difficulty, they wanted to create a living, breathing world, but they don't even work on the fucking AI? Many indie games that do less, do better then this. And that's not a compliment to indies. And on top of that they pull the same AAA tricks in the story (walkie talkie scenes, slow setpiece scenes like hacking and braindances, etc). I think they committed the cardinal sin of focusing on cutscenes and environment FIRST, rather then the game system and game loops themselves, because the cut content vibe of the story missions reek of that. The flathead being a story piece rather then a gadget, the whole scale back on the hacking system, removal of climbing with mantis blades, removal of fluff pieces like the stalls, the extremely overdone yet empty world, horrible optimization, it reeks of that shit. They're updating it but they aren't fixing it. The whole game is a disasterpiece from start to finish, literally all the choices in development they made were ill-thought out. The graphics are nice. That's about it. Also fuck this game. So any other standouts in game history, now or recent?
>>704707 >Using Nexus for anything but New Vegas mods
(254.66 KB 969x636 asdasddas.jpg)

>>704707 They did the same thing with the new spiderman game. https://archive.ph/Z42bD
>>704713 Spiderman is even funnier, the only thing the mod did was change the localization files to a Middle Eastern country.
>>704709 Nexus is the only place to get Dragon Age Origins mods, and I imagine that's the case for a lot of other games.
>>704733 It's going to become another Gamefront when it shuts down and takes the mods with it. I'm surprised how autistic the mappers and modders for Unreal Tournament are since there are still sites hosting that content decades later. It's these big centralized sites that are more worrisome because you're putting too many eggs in one basket.
(204.87 KB 1920x1080 CDPR Founder Leaves.jpg)

So not only did these fucks announce 3 Witcher games a Cyberpunk sequel and a new IP, being developed simultaneously after botching a single release, but the founder and CEO also left. Surely this is great news for the studio! I sure am glad they went opened up to be a publicly traded company!!! I have no doubt that there will be nothing wrong with these games and that they won't be rushed out the ass with tons of marketing behind them in the 8 months before launch! https://www.dsogaming.com/news/cd-projekt-red-has-announced-three-the-witcher-games-a-sequel-to-cyberpunk-2077-and-a-new-ip/
>>704841 >but the founder and CEO also left. To be honest, from what we heard about the development of CP2077 that might be a good thing. Bad suits can be poison in big vidya companies, see Phil Harrison. Even founders can be guilty of this, Jeff Spangenberg of Retro Studios being the most dramatic example.
(2.42 MB 1280x738 they're gonna get you.webm)

>>704856 This shit was not the CEO, if anything he probably fought the hardest he could to keep the poz out, but he was dumb enough to open his company up to stockholders. Guy produced Witcher 1 to 3 easy
>>696208 >enemies are bullet sponges You clearly never played the game Its not difficult whatsoever and on highest difficulty enemies drop in 3 hits
>>704856 >>704878 >CEO leaves >They make an ESG video Goddamn, I wish I wasn't right every fucking time with my speculation. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=QU-db73BAFI >>704898 >Bulletsponges = Hard >Enemies drop in 3 hits despite gameplay and gameplay footage proving otherwise Stop posting
(49.62 KB 335x352 1639249893322.jpg)

>>696208 Indeed, they did not know what to fucking focus on. This game had a confusing plot from what I saw of it. Even Skyrim, Alpha Protocol, Megaman X6 had more clever writing and mechanics.
(5.40 MB 1356x2400 meme.mp4)

>>703867 Did they even add Rebeccunny to the game?
>>705095 I believe she was already dead by the time the game takes place.
(32.58 KB 720x1280 skele arrives.webp)

>>703867 >>705095 >>705096 >muh loli She's an old woman in a childs body, this doesn't redeem shit you stupid fucking niggers. If you even had a single braincell you'd know that there's better places to get your fixes, fuck off holy shit.
(362.42 KB 904x735 1638931982579.jpg)

>>705098 >20 is an old woman lmao
(2.52 MB 910x720 1637263995157.webm)

>>705121 The prime age for a woman is between 12 and 19 and you can't do or say anything to prove that statement wrong.
>>703867 >>703921 The anime was awful what the fuck are you guys talking about?
>>705098 >a childs body maybe by american standards where jailbait=children.
>>704707 Someone better share those troon removal mods for my playthrough.
>>705144 well she more has the body of a young woman, my bad in that regard however the anime was godawful.
>>705127 nah, women in their early 20s are still plenty hot and fertile >>705144 hardly jailbait, she's just short and has small tits
(1.07 MB 828x1181 462a4e56110.png)

(660.04 KB 1566x1064 92da7da445847.png)

>>704574 It won't happen. Instead, those will be purged. Western money is losing power and will never recover.
>>704841 Dead company.
>>705095 >cunny Go back to plebbit, freak.
>>705289 Anon Please Just let it go already Everything we love is either dead or dying We can't do anything to stop it Nothing belongs to us anymore Our time is up No more 8chan No more non-SJW thought No more nothing No more No more No more n o m o r e
>>705170 He said prime. And he is right. After that, the decline and rot start. Some go fast, some go slow, but they all go down.
>>705293 Japan is immune to SJWs and jews. before the final blow was struck.
>>705095 >cunny You have to go back, pedo
>>705152 Shitrunners was somehow the least pozzed thing to come out of Japan this year and it came from fucking Studio "ESG Cocksleeve" Trigger and still had loads of (((progressive))) cancer. That is depressing as shit. >>705095 >cunny Reddit is that way kiddo.
>>704905 >Vid The comments are very red pilled. Proving once again that nobody approves of SJWs, or Larry Flink.
>>705095 >cunny Your shitty meme will never catch on here predditor.
I think your forced consensus will take a few more IP hops to be believable.
Blackpillers, a bunch of (1)'s, and the loli=pedo retard in the same thread. What caused the spergs to freak out this time? To try and re-rail the thread. I'm not quite sure how to word this complaint, but it's something I felt heavily with Tales of Arise as I've been playing through the game recently, and that's intentionally brain-dead AI allies to try and drain resources. Bizarre thing to complain about I know, but in Arise your healing draws from a mana pool, and because "fuck you we wanna be different this time" you can't use co-op to take place of your braindead allies whose AI is so shit they make the last two game's AIs look like geniuses. It's to such a point that the AI will flat out refuse to dodge certain enemies, and during boss fights it all comes down to RNG on whether the AI will remember to dodge key hard-hitting attacks or not rather than person skill or effective use of the strategy settings. Hell, the strategy settings are super limited compared to past games, even. This results in there being several choke-point bosses in the game that try and goad you into buying the free level DLCs by basically being progress walls you need good RNG to get past. There's a lot I have to complain about the game, really, but this strange design decision of making the AI retarded as some kind of difficulty increasing measure is pretty high up on the list, right up there with how shit the story is, how it did way too much different from past games in the worst ways possible, and how 2/3 of the cast are terribly written characters.
>>705324 >the loli=pedo retard you best refer to me by my now official title or I'll be forced to post AI generated celebrity likenesses that will make acid have a nervous breakdown.

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