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(246.57 KB 1233x694 index.jpeg)
It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 13:21:28 Id:6766da No. 106280
Early Halloween/Horror thread. What do you plan on playing this year? Here's my list so far >Eternal Darkness >RE2 REmake >Layers of Fear >Costume Quest >Zombi >Dino Crisis
(20.53 KB 350x350 suicide.jpg)
>Eternal Darkness Stop recommending this game, it's not good. It's a mediocre survival horror that was only remembered because it was one of the few competent third-party games released for the Gamecube.
cant you wait until october at least? fucks sake, we're not even halfway past september yet
>>106282 I've only ever heard good things about it, and was really looking forward to playing it
>>106282 Holy fuck, somebody finally said it. The rune system the whole game is based around so clunky and unfun, it's really tedious hearing "PARGON, PARGON, PARGON" for the fiftieth time. The story is terrible and clichéd. The atmosphere isn't bad but an inconsistent and tonal mess, the closest thing I can compare it to is Daikatana. Both the writing and dialogue are laughable. Play Alone in the Dark or Silent Hill, they're much better.
>>106283 I've seen Christmas lights up already
>>106280 >Halloween Nigger it still looks like summer where I live
(102.80 KB 1280x720 Harry Pumpkins.jpg)
(200.46 KB 1024x640 Harry.net.jpg)
>>106280 We're not even on the south-end of September you gunjumping shitheel. Anyone trolling kids again this year by giving them CDs filled with games instead of candy? Make you put a copy of Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry on it
(23.05 KB 640x640 hugo's house of horror.png)
>46 days till Halloween
(24.23 KB 640x640 DON'T USE MIXELS.png)
Onirism full release when? It looked very much like a halloween game.
>>106294 It is a great game, it is just not a game for people with a need for immediate gratification rewards.
>>106393 Oh come on, anon. I've played it three times and liked it less each time. It has nothing to do with "immediate gratification", the game is awkward to play and half of the tention that's usually in survival horror games is removed by the addition of the magic system. The insanity effects might as well not even be there at all because you can just undo with magic it the second your sanity gets too low. Same goes with health.
>>106280 Already started my playing. >Deadly Premonition Beaten but I'm thinking of stalking some characters during certain chapters to try and figure out their actions better. Like when Carol shoved the seeds down Emily's throat. It completely undermines George's plan, which alone does fit her character, but I can't help by wonder if she had any interactions with Kaysen prior during the episode as that ends up working perfectly for him. >Deadly Premonition 2 Just got it to work on Yuzu with a pretty stable framerate >Outlast >Catherine >Lurk In The Dark Prologue >Don't be afraid: The First Toy I have no idea when I added the last two to my steam library so thats always a treat >Alien Isolation
(4.99 MB 1280x720 It's spooky month.webm)
>>106280 >mid-september Whatever, close enough. I'm waiting for GCN copies of REmake, RE2, RE3 and Code Veronica to arrive in the mail. I've already got Zero and 4.
Also I nearly had a heart attack the other day when I thought I saw a Kaysen statue in Zack's apartment. They are visible when the camera focuses on Agent Morgan and the lady, but not when it focuses on the dumbass wiretapper. Connection keeps failing when I try to post with an image.
>>109541 >Connection keeps failing when I try to post with an image. That's what you get for not using Tor.
>>109542 Still failing.
>>106283 Not sure why every holiday has to start a month early. >>106299 My neighbor does this to avoid putting shit up when it gets cold/covered in snow/ice. It looks dumb as fuck, but it saves him the trouble of it later I guess. >>109519 >deadly premonition I need to finish that one of these days. Keep starting it then fucking off and coming back to it months later so I restart it and repeat this process. Also that whistle theme gets stuck in my head for days after playing it. Not sure why it is so damn catchy. >>106343 >spoiler Pretty sure if anyone goes trick or treating in my area, the china virus police force will arrest/fine them.
(111.22 KB 1280x720 beware.jpg)
Whatever happened with this game?
This year I finally want to play dad space 2, since I really ejoyed the first one. Also, that adventure one called "World of horror" looks good enough, I'll go for that one too. Might even try the RE games, I've never played them before >>106393 I remember that one from some old nintendo magazines, looked really interesting. One of the editors wrote a full playthrough narrating it somewhat in-character, good shit and a good example of actual gaming journalism. Has been in my backlog for years
>>109560 Foamy is always funny.
(280.93 KB 1200x1800 EQok6woU0AA72_W.jpg)
>>106280 I don't play many horror games. I plan on playing through Dark Souls Remastered soon since I never finished the original game. As for recommendations for others, I'd say the Destroy All Humans remake & DUSK are good Halloween games.
Every year I try to beat Ghost Master and always get the same game breaking glitch that discourages me from playing any further. I love the game but it can be pretty glitchy. Other than that I'm probably gonna play through Arkham Knight and all of the DLCs since I haven't touched it since the horrible release preformance stopped me from finishing it. I also may try to playthrough Nightmare Ned, a game I loved as a child, since I haven't touched it since I was a kid. And maybe Costume Quest 2, some halloween Doom wads and Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogies Revenge if I have the time.
>>106294 It's not terrible. It certainly isn't as good as people make it out to be. It relied a lot on the sanity effects - some of which have aged well, the majority of which haven't - and the runes, which as >>106297 said fucking sucks. You should still play it. I'm going to play and finish Fatal Frame 3 because that is what I do every Halloween.
>>109519 I tried to play Deadly Premonition but I couldn't get the PC version to work after messing with it for over an hour. Maybe I'll dig out my 360 and try playing it that way.
(135.90 KB 269x260 why is it making this face.png)
>>110444 (checked) Trips confirm, I want to fuck that pumpkin
>>109546 >Pretty sure if anyone goes trick or treating in my area, the china virus police force will arrest/fine them. It'll be fine. It's Halloween. Masks will be strictly enforced.
>>111425 Are there any games that do action-horror as well as FEAR?
>>111602 The Evil Within
>>111612 I really hated the action parts of Evil Within. The horror and atmosphere is pretty God tier, but I hated killing endless waves of enemies
>>111602 S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Dead Space, System Shock and RE4
This Halloween is The Evil Within and RE 0 remaster, never played either but always wanted to.
>>111614 You'd like the sequel more then. There's much less wave after wave killing till the end.
>>111685 Didn't care for the open world shit, and the atmosphere was no where near as good as the first game.
>>111686 That's exactly how I felt, too. I don't understand why people like the sequel so much more.
(2.28 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot_62.png)
(2.23 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot_112.png)
(136.81 KB 1920x1017 qXlfNS.jpg)
(102.75 KB 1920x1017 zr+K+N.jpg)
(163.82 KB 1920x1017 RKrgWM.jpg)
Come talk about horror movies on >>>/vhs/5 >>106280 (OP) I usually play Silent Hill 2 on Halloween. Is one of those games that actually scare me. I also recommend everyone to play Yedoma Globula if you haven't already.
>>111425 >I am a game.
>>111805 If the screenshots are any indication it looks fucking horrifying
>>106343 How is that trolling kids when its better than any candy in the world? That's like saying "I'm going to troll this homeless man and give him $10.
(2.37 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot_310.png)
>>111805 Those first two are mine, probably some of my favourite screenshots I've taken in any game. I had to stop playing YDG because it was giving me nightmares. I hadn't gotten nightmares from playing a game since I was a boy. There's something about it that taps into the Lovecraftian sense of terror in the human brain. It's when it doesn't understand what's happening at a fundamental level, and the only emotion it can muster is fear.
>>106283 One month isn't long enough to guarantee enough time to even beat a single game for people with busy schedules depending on the length of the game.
>>106343 Nigger, what? I've always been interested in obscure and interesting games since I was single digit years. If you gave me a CD full of old games I'd never seen before for Halloween you would be my favorite house, bar none.
>>106280 Currently working through SH2, as it's the only one from the original trilogy I haven't played yet. I really like it so far, actually. I've also downloaded FF3 and Eternal Darkness, though I'm focusing on one gaem at a time for now; thinking about trying the original Siren, as well. Of course, the real horror is trying to stay optimistic about REVIII.
Movie night this Friday (6pm PST) We're watching Pulp Fiction just to test it at >>>/vhs/21 so if it goes well we can watch horror films this October. >>109759 Which Fatal Frame game is the best one? I've been wanting to get into the series for a while now and there is no better time than now.
>>112473 >Which Fatal Frame game is the best one? First one was too damn scary for me, so I will say that one. Fighting ghosts with a camera, smdh.
(24.02 KB 400x300 Suicide.jpg)
>>112489 >smdh
(314.19 KB 433x598 cirnoween.png)
Halloween is my favorite holiday!
>>113703 I'm more of a Christmas guy for personal reasons but Halloween is a close second
>>112473 >Which Fatal Frame game is the best one? I've only played the second but it's pretty good.
Any game like Resident evil, but without all the crafting and searching stuff. More focused on story.
>>109519 >Deadly Premonition 2 isn't a horror game >Outlast is a 6 hour game Glad I only paid 4.99 for Outlast. Catherine better be good.
I'm craving Fatal Frame at the moment. When's another game coming out since it's been a while since the last game released? Return to that series Koei Tecmo and start working on it!
>>110309 try the GOG version
>>113768 Parasite Eve, though the first one's a bit of an action-RPG. The second one's full-on survival horror, though not nearly as obtuse as RE can be when it comes to puzzles Disaster Report 1, 2 (released as the laughably named Raw Danger), and 4 are reasonably straightforward. Relatively little item hunting though you will need to worry about other resource management like hydration or body temperature. No zombies but you'll be dealing with earthquakes, fires, floods, and assholes with guns. 3 hasn't been released in English but a translation project is in the works Dead Rising for zombie slaying goodness with pretty straightforward objective and no obtuse item puzzle bullshit aside from what to stick together to kill zombies better. 2's my personal favorite and is available for PC Siren for--who am I kidding, it's RE/Silent Hill taken to an extreme. Fucking terrifying though
>>106280 Illbleed is my go-to Halloween game, I don't think I'll be playing anything else.
>>106280 I finished Silent Hill last year, guess I'll finally finish 2 this year. I might also finally get around to playing RE2 the original. On Halloween itself I usually play Luigi's Mansion for nostalgia and it's a game that can easily be completed in a single sitting over the course of a night.
>>113984 >RE >obtuse You mean "put thing inside of the one slot it fits in" or "basic arithmetic brain teaser?" Yeah, super obtuse anon.
>>113980 It was the GOG version
>>113984 >nearly as obtuse as RE can be when it comes to puzzles
>>114155 To be fair, RE3 originals water sample puzzle right at the end of the game was pretty challenging for a 13 year old. My friend couldn't solve it and he said he'd give me $10 to do it. Still waiting for my fucking money, Andrew.
Finished Eternal Darkness. Anons are right, game is pretty meh. I think I'll play Alone In The Dark next, I've been looking for an excuse to break out one of my older computers plus I wanna wait for my new GPU before playing RE2
>>112473 >which Fatal Frame game is the best? With the exception of 4, they're all excellent. 1 is pretty rough around the edges and you can tell that they were working out the kinks in their new formula. 2 has probably the best setting; an abandoned or is it traditional Japanese village on the eve of a big festival. 3 is my favorite because it's ostensibly set in current times, but the main characters begin to dream of a mansion, and they share their dreams and start bringing their nightmares back to reality with them. 4 is wagglan bullshit and was an embarrassment. 5 was a lot of fun and had a shitload of content and yes, they did censor a swimsuit costume, but it doesn't hurt the narrative at all and there's still scads of barely-clothed sexy ghost woman sideboob to go around. There was even a 3DS spinoff thing that was pretty damn good. tl;dr they're all good except 4, and I like 3 the best.
(82.38 KB 424x598 evildead2.jpg)
(181.28 KB 639x919 The Shining.jpg)
It's finally October! And to celebrate it: /vhs/ Movie Night II - Double-Feature Edition Friday October 2nd 5pm PST - 8pm EST. We're are gonna watch The Shining and Evil Dead 2. >>>/vhs/21
(1.02 MB 1500x1500 23.png)
>>118874 Looking forward to it.
>>112489 >smdh Normalfags out
(12.56 KB 149x240 Simon's_Quest_Card_Dracula.jpg)
(382.67 KB 1920x1080 the South will rise again.jpg)
>>106280 Well I'll be plating Nioh 2, Sekiro, and Terraria purely for update reasons. I hope to get in some CV 1+2 and Bloodborne as well though.
(101.86 KB 237x232 GET MONEY.png)
>>118874 I'm game. Let's fucking do it.
>>106282 I've played it more then a few times. I'm not gonna say it's great. But it's definitely at least good. They're is a lot of elements in it that haven't aged well. But a lot of that probably stems from the fact it was original going to be an N64 game. All games from the early 00s have some elements that are eye brow raising nowadays. The one thing it's at least very successful at creating is a creepy atmosphere. And it was a second party game by the way
I started playing RE 2 remake. I don't understand why this game gets so much praise from fans of the original. Everything good about the remake is ripped straight out of original, and the weakest parts are what's original. If they weren't working with a great base game like RE2, I'm convinced the devs would of made something completely shit.
(61.54 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
There's a new Amnesia game coming out. Ten years after the big LP craze kinda fucked up perception of the game, I still think Dark Descent is pretty good. A Machine For Pigs is not good. They gave that game to the people who made Dear Esther and it just fails in all sorts of ways. Rebirth looks cool, the only problem is that the protagonist won't shut the fuck up in the gameplay trailer. I hope there's an option to turn that off.
>>121551 Post the trailer.
>>121501 Partly because up to RE7, we thought the series was dead and turned into japanese cowadoody, and because it also is a pretty good game of its own and did a good job as a remake even if it isnt what we wished.
>>121501 >I don't understand why this game gets so much praise from fans of the original I have never praised it and shit on it almost every chance I get. As for why niggers love it so much, it is one part RE games are shit these days so even just mediocre stuff looks like a diamond and the other part is just nostalgia shit.
(636.82 KB 3840x2160 jill.jpeg)
>>106280 >RE2 REmake RE3 REmake has benn denuvo free for a little while now. In case you wanted to jump into it right after. It helps if you're at least familiar with the originals to speed up playtime.
(154.31 KB 559x556 000535501.png)
>>121583 Yume Nikki is the most overrated goddamn shit. It's a pixelshit walking sim but because it's made by a fucking Nip instead of some faggot from California it's suddenly good.
(169.48 KB 403x321 1554217891.png)
>>121583 I feel like the legitimate autists like that anon are slowly dwindling year by year and it really makes me sad. >>121897 Pic related
>>121906 >I feel like the legitimate autists like that anon are slowly dwindling year by year and it really makes me sad. They still exist. They just aren't on public imageboards displaying their autism anymore. All the autistic people that used to populate imageboards with content are on goyscord servers instead these days. Imageboards are a dead format.
(1.34 KB 230x24 dead.png)
(232.35 KB 477x330 fuck off.png)
>>121916 >Image boards are dead. >Tor user being a faggot. Anon this place has only been up for like half a fucking year and its already got over 600000 posts. Also take into account the the weeks this place was kinda down. Fuck off you blackpilling nigger.
>>121927 I'm not talking about this imageboard being dead though it still is whether you want to admit it. Not that I personally mind this level of activity, in fact I much prefer it. I'm talking about the format being dead for the kind of demographic that produces the autism you're talking about. They're alive enough to sustain themselves for people like us and give us what we want out of them, but personable autists that do goofy shit gravitate towards shitscord because that's where all name/tripfag/attentionwhore culture has shifted towards. Imageboards are dead in the sense that a lot of the kinds of content they used to facilitate has been siphoned off by discord. Probably for the betterment of overall imageboard post quality, but distinctly less interesting in a number of ways.
>>121916 >>121933 There are tons of really popular non-English imageboards. Finland has a bunch and India is starting to get some like pajeet.top.
>>121935 Trickle-down pop culture
>>121933 You're full of shit Regional boards are more alive than ever.
(15.30 KB 256x342 Condemned_Criminal_Origins.jpg)
(587.21 KB 1386x1600 Condemned2bs.jpg)
(22.38 KB 264x376 Dinocrisis3box.jpg)
Have done 3 game so far. Last game was Escape from Dead Island. The next are pic related in order. CRYOSTASIS is abandonware now you can get on myabandonware for free.
>>122243 If you like Condemned 1, Condemned 2 will make you very, very angry. Be aware
>>122252 I liked 2. It wasn't as good as 1 but it still had some great atmosphere and the gameplay was improved over 1.
>>122269 Condemned 1: >gritty crime drama >slowly uncover the origins of this incident >investigate clues and slowly start to piece the puzzle together >learn that not everything is as it seemed >learn that you are closer to this incident than you thought >all while beating hobos to death with desk drawers and 2x4s >guns are extremely rare and are frankly more useful as clubs, which is good because you never ever find more ammo >really stupid ending but whatever Condemned 2 >replace protagonist VA because ????? >magical dragonball Z powers >cool fleshing-out of the investigation system, which is immediately discarded and never touched again just after you decide you like it >interesting alcoholism mechanic, which is immediately discarded after you decide you like it >guns everywhere >the bear >yelling at people so hard they die Condemned 2 might be the most egregious example of "missing the point" I've seen since Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, in that it seems to be made specifically for people who didn't like the first one. It discards a ton of the atmosphere and adds a bunch of shit that the first game didn't need and was in fact notable for not having.
>>122279 I liked the bear
(317.59 KB 685x1000 ArmyofDarkness.jpg)
(27.91 KB 300x500 DayofTheDead.jpg)
/vhs/ Movie Night III - Rise of the Dead Edition Army of Darkness - Day of the Dead Friday October 9th 5pm PST - 8pm EST. >>>/vhs/21
>>111685 >>111686 >>111689 I never finished The Evil Within 2 as i found the gameplay to be frustrating, the character moves like he's under water and when you "run" you just go slightly faster and get tired after only a few steps as if the MC is a 90yo with asthma. Fuck that.
>>123830 Aw fuck yea, Day of the Dead is one of my favourites.
(879.03 KB 2433x3333 263_us_360.jpg)
What's some specifically Halloween games? Doesn't have to be horror.
>>124847 How long is this? I've never beaten it and I've always wanted to. Simpsons Hit and Run is a Halloween game. Everybody forgets that.
(22.94 KB 890x236 howlongtobeat.png)
>>124862 This sounds about right from what I remember
>>124870 Woah, that's super short. I was expecting 15-20 hours at least. Does anybody have magnet or mega? I'll probably play it tomorrow. How's the sequel?
Carrion is a pretty bitching game. It's not too long and doesn't take long to 100% it, but it has just enough ambiguity to let you decide certain story beats. >Is the creature innocent or malicious? >Does it slaughter everyone it comes across or are unarmed people free from it's wrath? >Is it really a monster or is it governed by the memories of the scientist that interacted with it?
>>123830 Crap my kid ended up being born early so I missed this. I hope the next one is good.
(2.78 MB 1141x1683 Beware_the_alimony.png)
>>125160 >Female mummies always hot. >Male mummies are just zombies but dry. Why do dude mummies always get the short end of the fucking stick? Fucking feminists.
>>125223 What are you talking about, you have Imohtep from the Frasier Mummy movies. And the original Universal Mummy was just Boris Karloff in bandages.
>>125262 >And the original Universal Mummy was just Boris Karloff in bandages. He wasn't even in bandages for most of the movie either.
(65.78 KB 1000x1000 b7d.png)
>>125262 Anon even Boris's take on it he looked like a meth user and the 1999 version was even fucking worse an emotional cripple that killed himself in the second movie when his girl friend dumped him. I swear to fucking god with that particular type of monster men get fucked over. Its probably the most autistic thing to be ever annoyed about but it annoys me none the fucking less.
>>125312 >Villain of a Brendan Fraser movie >Kills himself when he gets JUSTed It's like pottery.
(11.27 KB 239x211 40k.jpg)
>>121551 A Machine For Pigs' "twist" ending is just really weird. I didn't like that at all and I'm not surprised it didn't get the attention of the original. Weren't they planning on making 5 of these games in total? >>125188 >only 650 or so MB Remember when games weren't 250GB? >>122243 Can you really call Condemned a horror game? I've played it years ago and remember it being more of a mystery game.
(2.54 MB 2384x3157 heather_says_sorry.jpg)
Just doing a silent hill series runthrough this month. Never really finished em all so it'll be good. >>114023 >Illbleed Tell me TORpedo, do you own a physical copy? If so I'm jealous, prices have spiked the last few years.
(328.96 KB 1920x1080 klltA5.jpg)
(121.45 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
I just discovered this little gem called Golden Light, good for a spooky Halloween playthrough. It's a first-person roguelite that has you entering The Meat Zone and fighting your way through The Gut in order to find "She", your girlfriend. It leans pretty hard (sometimes too hard) into the weird aesthetic but it's got some pretty neat gimmicks and I really like the lo-fi presentation. Also, it's the only game in recent memory that will let you eat your gun or hit yourself with your knife or pipe, because since every weapon has random properties your knife might heal you on hit so you just walk around stabbing yourself in the gut when you need a heal. You can eat anything you can pick up as well, which resulted in a funny playthrough I had where when I was desperate I ate my map, which healed me but then set me on fire. It's really, really hard and often feels unfair in said hardness (when you find all the keys you need, you're likely to be attacked by wave upon wave of previously-dormant enemies, and you're never prepared for it) but I still can't stop thinking about it.
>>125370 Speaking of the silent hill series, whats the best way to play them? I know the remakes are trash, but with emulating, say the original, should I upscale the game or should I keep it at its original rendering resolution?
>>128427 I'd say upscale if you can and if you're dead-set on emulating. SH2, SH3 and I think SH4 all had PC releases and I've heard they're all vastly superior. There's an infographic floating around of how best to run these, which patches you need etc but I don't have it. As someone who got the PC SH2 working after a bit of hassle I can tell you that it was definitely nice, looked great and after applying a mod to fix the lipsync it sounded superior. All this said though, really there's only one wrong way to play them and that's the HD "remaster" that came out a few years ago.
(1.32 MB 1617x2530 Re-Animator.jpg)
(162.41 KB 542x738 Braindead-DeadAlive.jpg)
Movie night showing right now https://cytu.be/r/OverlookTheater
SMT Strange Journey is spooky. R-right?
Since trick or treating will probably be a wash, I was going to buy some nut-free candy for myself. Usually I like licorice since it's low sugar and I can eat a whole bunch with less consequence. What candy do you faggots like?
>>129629 Candy corn
>>129629 >eating licorice Don't die anon, it's toxic in very high amounts.
>>129647 Did you mean black licorice? I know it lowers your blood pressure (and I've heard a story where a construction worker or whatever ate a 1 lb bag every day for like 3 weeks and kicked it). I was referring to shit like nibs and twizzlers; and most any generic "licorice" candy you get from a big box store doesn't even have real licorice in them any more.
>>129647 Most licorice candy today doesn't use actual licorice root, there are cheaper foods that taste the same like aniseed
>>129685 >aniseed Why did they call it this?
>>129701 Thot, or Thoth, an Egyptian form of one Hermes, and a number of other similar characters depicting understanding and, in deeper meanings, cycles of existence. People shouting 'begone thot' essentially 'spiritually' dispelling wisdom and knowledge. In esoteric understandings of creation, the concept of, for lack of any other term, the 'godhead', is referred to as 'one absolute be-ness'. The sanskrit word 'vidya' is in the realm of meaning of the concept of 'wisdom'. A quick search shows it to mean something around 'clarity' or 'right knowledge'. Existence is fucking wacky, that's why they called it aniseed.
>>129707 I think you're looking too deep into things. This is "Masonic connections in Mario 64" levels of reaching
>>129707 >be-ness :DDD
>>129748 I think it's just a shitpost, anon.
(911.38 KB 500x281 34567ujhgfrew.gif)
>>129707 This guy gets it >>129748 >>129758 Pic related
So I decided to go for a Predator marathon this weekend, should be done with Predators and The Predator(why are the movies named so stupidly? Christ) tonight. I heard lots of shit about The Predator so I'm looking forward to that. Two things I've completely forgotten/discovered >AvP was seriously fucking shit, I had hoped they would be kickass because of the video games >everyone's sweating a river in the Predator 2. Shit man, was LA that hot back in 1997? Also P2 isn't an alright movie.
(4.71 MB 2475x3300 Q-WEB-1.png)
>>129814 >Nazis run the pentagon I wished.
>>129814 Q is legitimately such detailed schizo shit that I have to think it's not some random anon running it, it has to be a psyop or something. I know the dud thinks Jim is Q but I don't believe it, he's not smart enough to pull this off.
>>129885 >be CIAnigger >create Q larp >now have every boomer acting as controlled opposition and being memey retards where they spout every conspiracy theory in such a way that the legitimate ones are drowned out Seems legit
I'm confused, did I get 9 stars or 4?
>>129764 >P2 isn't an alright movie The best part of P2 is how it starts with Danny Glover crashing a car for no fucking reason.
>>133290 Ok, this is much better. I just need to get all the endings, find an optimized item route, and shave off about 2 and a half hours off my average game time. The second will likely lead to the third I hope.
>>134388 >9.9 stars >Not enough kills >Realize there are still enemies in the classroom >Shoot them >Still not enough to get gold kills >Remember that melee kills will be worth more because the larger of the two is /2 >Only have Knife and shitty Axe >Save's time is 1:26:34 >have less then 3 and a half minutes to run back to the room, knock down a Kokujin or two and stomp on them without being swarmed REMEMBER TO NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP
>>135975 >have less then 3 and a half minutes to run back to the room, knock down a Kokujin or two and stomp on them without being swarmed and still kill the final boss

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