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(371.91 KB 1000x1000 kept you waiting huh.jpg)
(297.30 KB 1987x1113 SS4 Skill Tree.jpg)
Serious Sam 4 Launch Day Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 16:07:33 Id:ce7d21 No. 113307
It's launch day for Serious Sam 4! >check Twitch to see some gameplay >the top English language stream has 331 viewers >skill tree under S.A.M. in menu What?
Oh fuck I completely forgot it was coming out this month Yeah it has a skill tree system
>>113307 Oh shit, downloading now. >Skill system the fuck?
>skill tree And dropped
(583.86 KB 480x475 Sleeping is nice.png)
>>113307 >Buggy >Most of the maps small pockets of action spaced by large fields of nothing. >Reloading is still a thing >Sprinting is still a thing A serious disappointment
>>113307 It's a bit of a technical mess, the legion system only appears in the first and last levels and the whole game seems to take most of its cues in terms of game lay and story from SS 3 It really feels like an early access game. Especially since the console versions are coming out in 2021
Its crap
>>113349 >Redditmanlives fuck out of here shill
Jesus, the reviews on Steam are absolutely slaughtering this game.
I guess I'll wait for like Patches and whatever
So I guess Ultrakill's the only FPS releasing this year that's not going to be a disappointment?
>>113348 >the legion system only appears in the first and last levels So they have this shiny new tech and they barely use it? What's the point?
Called it. This is what happens when people get attached to franchises. If this game didn't have Serious Sam in the title it would've been completely buried. It looks like baby's first Unity game where they just make a flat map and fill it with cobbled together assets.
>>113366 > It looks like baby's first Unity game where they just make a flat map and fill it with cobbled together assets. It doesn't even remotely look like egglike, though. It's their own engine. I'm curious what the fuck even happened with this game, The Talos Principle was great and it was made far faster than this.
(181.32 KB 850x950 Ultrafuck.jpg)
>>113358 Apparently the game itself isn't all that good, either. The "hundreds of thousands of enemies" claim was an outright lie, the enemy count is more or less the same as the original. >>113359 The only thing I know about Ultrakill are the drawings of the robot as a buttslut for some reason. The devs even released a rigged model of him for people to make porn with because so many people requested it.
>>113369 >Enemy counts Now that fucking sucks. They kept showing off that one big like 1k enemies on screen fight in a rolling plains setting but I guess that's a bullshot. >Buttslut Faggots are faggots, they'll draw usually gay porn of just about everything.
>>113369 >the enemy count is more or less the same as the original I expected the whole "100000 ennemies at once" would never happen and I'm still let down.
>>113307 I've played about two hours of it. >So far it's a better version of SS3 so how you feel about that is up to you. >Running Vulkan API, runs well but has hitching. >Skill tree doesn't bother me too much. >AI companions are out of place >Guns feel good >Overall having fun but hoping it gets better I don't know if I should refund this, from what I've played it's okay, not bad, but it seems like it doesn't get better from reviews. Also if >>113348 is true regarding legion then that's fucking bullshit and is bordering on false advertisement.
>>113369 That would certainly be a very dangerous fuck >>113387 >Also if >>113348 is true regarding legion then that's fucking bullshit and is bordering on false advertisement. Yeah dude, it's complete bullshit. Kind of shocking, it's not really even a feature and more of a set piece. You ever play that one Hitman: Blood Money level with the politician and the whole crowd of people? I believe they're using the same trick as that did, by having fake enemies that are basically just props that run around and "die" when it.
>>113414 *when hit
>>113369 >Apparently the game itself isn't all that good, either. The "hundreds of thousands of enemies" claim was an outright lie, the enemy count is more or less the same as the original. Does that matter? Original games had a good enemy count already.
>>113387 Is it as "open" as they claimed it was?
>>113465 I've seen a stream of it just a couple of hours ago. Hard to say if it's open world as it was mostly corridors. There were secondary objectives though, so perhaps you at least choose which corridor you take.
>>113368 >The Talos Principle was great and it was made far faster than this Funny you should say that because most of the maps in Sam 4 are slightly altered versions of maps from Talos Principle.
>>113486 How the fuck would that work? Those maps wouldn't work well for an arena shooter.
>>113368 >it was made far faster than this. Because they already had the engine (albeit some modifications). It probably took them a lot of time to make their new custom engine. Plus Talos Principle doesn't have enemies (aside from balls and lasers) which makes it a lot less complex to code. That being said I really really want a Talos Principle 2. Main game and DLC were godlike.
>>113473 Did they scrap their initial map designs? From what it looked like in older demo videos, you'd have big open fields with some areas with enemies in them to do stuff in, like Kingdom Come Deliverance. Looked pretty good too since they used real photographs for textures.
>>113512 Considering it was the beggining of the game, I don't know if they scrapped the big open fields. Would be terrible if they did.
>Excited >check it out >looks okay, a colorful SS3 i'll give it a check once they fix glaring flaws it's going to have first though. Shame the legion system is shit.
If big arenas and wide corridors are considered open world, I guess you can call it open world. Doesn't feel as intense as the trailers made them out to be. Even though you can see a horde of them coming from over the horizon, because they are so far away, you can easily take them down and by the time they are up close and personal, it's only like 5 or 6 enemies. Even if I was in danger, I could just run to a choke point to mow down the smaller or faster enemies easily. Doom Eternal is more intense but I like this better since I have a much wider place to move in and don't have to do that ammo->kill->ammo replenishing loop and maybe get health back that got tiring after a while. Hoping the later game is much better than the starting one.
>>113770 Big arenas isn't open world, it's just big arenas. Open world is more like you have a big map with action scattered across that you choose to avoid or engage in, preferably with their own submissions (which doesn't have to be marked as "missions" with big fat markers and text, missions could be implied).
>>113799 I'd have a pretty hard time imagining how a SS game would work with the open world model. The combination of long engagements with lots of enemies and the ability to freely cross and recross areas of the map could be a problem. I mean, you'd either have big empty areas to run through, or you'd be getting in big fights in areas you already cleared, or you'd be getting in small-scale not-Serious-Sam fights. I guess one option could be to have a second tier of trash enemies that die very quickly and don't take much ammo, and that's mostly what you'd fight when moving between areas that you've been to often. I get the feeling the game would have to do something to try to gauge how much time you'd been spending in given areas to try to weight the types of fights you'd get into. Moving into new areas or areas you hadn't been in for a while (like, to go after a newly-generated mission or opening a new route or whatever) would mean the usual Serious-type series of big arena fights. But just exploring common areas--most open-world games have cities or peaceful areas, so I guess that would be new to Sam too--would mean trash mob fights just to keep things from being empty. I guess you could implement a kind of fast travel system where Sam fights through a procedurally generated set of arenas that abstractly represent the areas of travel between the big arenas, so that the player didn't have to fight trash mobs in the same areas all the time. Then again, since SS isn't open-world, it's all spitting in the wind.
At the third real level right now, and I'm feeling conflicted. The technical issues are definitely unforgivable, had screen tearing out the ass before I turned on v-sync, and changing the AA settings crashed my game the first time. The first level was horrendous, absolutely awful way to start a Serious Sam game, and the second level was only a little better, but then the third level is a lot better, with wide open arenas, more intricate level designs, and some zany secrets. The story bits aren't great, but they aren't offensively bad, and they don't take themselves too seriously. Unfortunately the game carries over a lot from BFE, in fact the levels feel like they could have been lifted straight from it, but some things are better. The auto-shotgun no longer reloads, but the pistol and assault rifle still do. The enemies so far are much better in both function and variety, no annoying hitscanners in sight so far. The secondary objectives feel a bit too heavy-handed a way to get the player to explore the maps, but they give you useful rewards, at least. The upgrade system is eh, though looking at the available skills it looks like you can get bullshit OP with enough of them. Took a look at the multiplayer offerings, and it's severely disappointing. Only co-op is available, no deathmatch like the older games, and the only available player models are Sam, Sam in a black shirt, Sam with a beard, and Sam in a blue jumpsuit.
>>113864 I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a "free DLC" with more multiplayer models. It'll probably only happen if the game's multiplayer actually gets successful. And hasn't the pistol type weapon needed to reload since TFE?
>>113874 Yeah, I completely forgot. I think the change in model, addition of iron sights, and lack of dual wielding cemented in my memory the reload was also added in BFE. Some good news, the dual wielding is back, but it's locked behind a skill.
>>113874 >>113875 Forgot to add, the lack of player models is inexcusable, still. BFE released with a whole bunch, and one of 4's new features is NPCs that fight alongside you at points, so they could have easily used those NPCs as player models. It's been nine fucking years since the release of BFE, you'd think they would have found the time to put in more than four variations of Sam.
>>113879 Plenty of old SS games had lots of silly multiplayer models, yeah. From how people are talking about this game, it sounds like they decided to release it somewhat unfinished, and that could mean skimping on the niceties like adding NPC models to a list for use in multiplayer. In the old days devs skimped on maps for multiplayer games when they wanted to hurry up the launch date. I'm pretty sure my should've-been-release-content-as-"free"-DLC idea is how they'll try to spin this, and it's not okay. With digital game distribution, soon we won't even be able to catch devs leaving DLC unenabled on the disk, because the disk meme will be over and done with. That's really the future for games that want to keep content secret from fans and dataminers: don't even distribute it to them until you're ready for it to release. Most game devs are either too incompetent or lazy or just don't care about datamining spoiling things to do those kind of precautions well, which I guess is nice.
(186.14 KB 495x810 Seriousbombs.png)
i just want another game on par with TSE >not as good as TFE or even serious sam 2, barely better than 3 in some areas >headshot mechanic is added in allowing you to deal almost triple the damage, not mentioned in a lot of shitty reviews, this is the most unique change, the typical horde shooting is unchanged but combined with the inaccuracy of all the weapons and the open field, headshotting the majority of the enemies makes skirmishes potentially a lot easier and fun if you like headshotting enemies, headshotting isn't easy due to the inaccuracy of some of the weapons. Headshotting also changes the enemy & weapon dynamic, werebulls can be hedshotted with one shot of the double barrel shotgun or one rocket, larger enemies like the green Reptiloids can be instantly killed with a headshot instead of being sniped a few times >dual wielding is now an actual thing, a barely functional feature in serious sam 2 and a key mechanic in the double d xxl game. dual wielding more or less makes reloading less painful and doubles your fire rate, too bad the game doesn't drop enough ammo to compensate in general, there's hardly any serious ammo throughout the game >you can swap (but not dual wield change?) weapons while reloading and still complete a full reload, no longer you have to go through the entire animation anymore >doesn't look as good or runs as well as 3 (3 didn't even run well or look good), yeah it's more colorful but sometimes it's really fucking hard to see enemies pop out aganist the background >lack of polish in general, animations, cutscenes, etc. >skill tree & weapon upgrades are cool but I feel like with the upgrades should be given to sam from the start along with the additions of the skill tree as well >kleers projectiles no longer home on you, thought this fusion change would have bled into 4 >some of the changes are just weird like female gnaars run a lot faster than usual and deal as much damage as kleers, or werebulls deal 39 damage instead of 40 damage >but some of the changes are good like the witch from BFE no longer grabs you and fucks your mouse, instead it warps around and throw projectiles that lead a lot more based on your movement (move right, move left as soon as it throw trash for example) >new enemies are either cool or garbage, but not as bad as the witch in 3, but so far only one blunder of an enemy ever since playing through italy >sprinting is still in the game and is kept as long as you're moving in one of the cardinal direction (if you hit both AD & WS, you lose sprint due to how the game's socd works), kind of stupid but- >some of the stuff from the VR games has been turned into gadgets, very powerful fuck this encounter items with black hole, rage, time 'stop', etc. there's also a healing item that can overheal you 50hp and i just found out from reviews that the legion system is just pure kingdom hearts bullshit
>>113369 >The devs even released a rigged model of him for people to make porn with because so many people requested it. I will now buy your game.
(2.73 MB 1920x1920 ClipboardImage.png)
>>113349 This series has been shit after SS2 anyways. >That character wearing a fag pride baseball cap Dreadful.
(55.56 KB 209x165 ClipboardImage.png)
>>114066 >Look up random gameplay video >Textbox doesn't even fit in margins >Gameplay looks like if Doom Eternal was a european kusoge
(430.64 KB 1133x1197 1415879266046.jpg)
I ended up refunding, the legion system only being used only once despite being advertised as a feature leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The game itself wasn't bad but not worth the money, probably get it on sale.
(1.26 MB 1396x671 ClipboardImage.png)
At least this part has cool visuals. All the little projectiles flying around and stuff. Too bad it's too little too late.
I had hoped Sam games would have gotten less serious after how meh 3 was, thought they'd be up to some Mario Galaxy with alien genocide by now.
>>114083 Croats don't have that kind of imagination.
>>113307 In this is why you pay attention to graphics in video games. Now I also agree that graphics are not that important. They can't make a bad game good. But if a game has really shit graphics you can be sure that the team behind it is trash. The moment I saw the first gameplay clips of serious sam 4 I knew it would be another ss bfe.
(32.66 KB 1219x588 SoonTM.png)
Good thing I never pre-ordered it. It's on GOG so it didn't even need to be cracked. I'm just gonna wait for the repack so it doesn't take a century to download on my trash internet, but GOG Games has it if you don't care about that: https://gog-games.com/game/serious_sam_4
>>114501 >russian bitcoin miners lol
>>114712 >I know I'll steal this game from the thieves who made a copy!
>>114712 What are you talking about? Fit girl is totally a hot athletic babe who loves me, the bitcoin miner I have on five of my PCs is paying for our wedding.
(288.72 KB 331x331 1455200923837.gif)
>>114501 >Trading 50 hours of download time for 50 hours of decompression time lmao
>>114790 >>114501 >not downloading [Portable] version from Rutracker >just download and play, no unpacking necessary lmaoing at your life
(230.82 KB 220x210 clint.gif)
Its absolute fucking kusoge though. Worse than previous year's Metro Exodus. Feels more like addon to ss3 than new game. And everything from shitty cutscenes to way locations are designed feels like lazy mod by amateur custom map designer.
(1.39 MB 674x712 shit_seriously.png)
>legion system is a sham, and also skill trees >dialogue is shit, SS3 is gold compared to SS4 >story is ubisoft underdog rebels vs ayylmaos >rebels are all trannies and pridefags, and niggers. >no cool ancient egyptian temples only empty grass plains >game is just straight up unfinished and runs like complete garbage I'll just play TFE and SE with friends and have fun instead
>>114810 >kusoge Why type more letters to be a weeb? Its shit. Call it shit.
(482.43 KB 1027x1415 ss4.png)
>>114501 >>114790 You weebs suck at pirating.
>>114810 >amateur custom map designer It is, they hired one of the most cancerous members from their fanbase to do the level design
>>114911 was it a tranny?
I watched a few reviews and a common thread among them is how the game feels unfinished. How can that be? They've been working on this game several years longer than they worked on TSE or SS2.
Been playing it and it is certainly...interesting. Been doing a serious run from the get go without using the skill tree and while doable, it it very clear you are supposed to use skill points rather than playing it old school which I am not a fan of. The two boss fights I have fought are just fucking bad and I do not expect them to get any better. The shooting feels good but the levels seem pretty meh and I do not know if it is just me, but the enemies seem to blend into the environment making it hard to see what the fuck is attacking me half the time. I know I am getting older and my eye sight is turning to shit but I replayed both TFE and TSE recently and I did not have a problem discerning enemies at a distance. Same with SS3.
>>115022 >but the enemies seem to blend into the environment making it hard to see what the fuck is attacking me half the time It's because of the art style, everything is much more muted.
>>115028 Whatever it is, it is fucking annoying. I keep getting hit by things I cannot see half of the time which is really irritating me. Even SS3 with all the dust kicking up from literally anything I could always make out what what shooting me bar those human grunt enemies.
(90.32 KB 658x239 seriousscam.png)
>>115022 some of the enemies are missing sound to alarm their presence, scorpions no longer scream they just sort of appear and only make sounds when they fire, kleers are also missing sound for most of their stuff and so on Oddly enough by not doing egypt levels, it ended up being not unique at all
>>114911 Who? I'm curious about this.
>Pride Hats I refuse to believe this. Someone post proofs
(11.23 MB 1280x720 planetbadass.mp4)
>>115246 >I'm sorry you had different expectations. Riiiiiight, because it's not like they set them that high with the fucking announcement trailer or anything.
>>115295 Yeah, that announcement trailer is really misleading.
>>114501 Repack is up now. https://fitgirl-repacks.site/serious-sam-4/ >>114712 >>114789 Protip: Being retarded "ironically" is still being retarded. >>114790 You were offered an alternative in the same post, ungrateful nigger. >>114804 >>114873 Neither of these is 27GB. (((Who))) is to blame for artificial scarcity via data limits? I can't seem to find it, but look up that map of the U.S. that shows most of the country has only 1 or 2 ISP options, options that are generally slow and overpriced with artificial data limits and penalty fees.
>>113850 >The combination of long engagements with lots of enemies and the ability to freely cross and recross areas of the map could be a problem. Enemy strongholds vomiting out hordes of enemies when the player draws enough attention and enemy transports dropping in fresh troops would solve that issue. Of course, performance would be a problem, and so would be believable long-range enemy behaviour (they shouldn't just unload if the player runs far enough).
>>115639 >Repack is up now Why do you download gay ass scene releases? Those niggers are nothing but drama loving attention whores. >>115639 >Neither of these is 27GB. Why does it have to be 27GB?
>>115678 >Why does it have to be 27GB? Why do you not read the post you're replying to? Specifically the end of post complaining about ISP data caps.
>>115678 >Why do you download gay ass scene releases That's not a scene release you absolute illiterate dumbass.
(253.29 KB 2226x834 NHQGvG6.png)
(118.53 KB 1099x640 FTTH1.jpg)
>>115702 >Why do you not read the post you're replying to I read that part, but ignored it because it's a bullshit argument that only applies to you and a few nigs nobody cares about. Nigger, I am not live in the US myself, but I have relatives there and friends I met in games. No one I know has their internet connection limited. In live in Germany, when it comes to Internet we are one of the worst countries. Not just mobile, but also fiber wise. And even though germany is backwards as fuck when it comes to tech you will have a hard time finding data caps. You must be living in a cave or something. >>115714 How is fitgirl not a scene release? It's not even a good link. It's the steam version with some shit ass emu thrown into it instead of going for the DRM free gog release.
>>115717 >How is fitgirl not a scene release? By not distributing a scene release and by not being a part of the scene release. Why do you run your mouth about shit you know nothing about like a retarded nigger?
>>115717 >How is fitgirl not a scene release? Fitgirl does repacks, for starters, and repacks are by definition not releases. On top of that, scene releases literally don't exist for weakly protected games, because there's no need for that: as you can see, Fitgirl's repack is based directly on the clean steam files, and then just slaps a generic crack on top of those. >the DRM free gog release. That one probably lacks the easy crackable multiplayer.
>>115724 >spoonfeeds the dumbest, most desperate newfag in the world, grasping for straws to come up with a response due to a mess he got himself into Why
>>115734 Because maybe some other newfag will learn something new, and because it's still a better post than C-Ving nigger as usual
>>115745 Other newfags that are humble enough can learn by themselves by lurking. You just spoonfed a narcissistic nigger that already thinks he knows everything.
I've played a bit. It still has the most annoying issue of Serious Sam 3 which is item placement. In the First and Second encounter you could run off to the corner of an area, to the sides of a hallway, behind some wall or pillars, and you would very often find pickups. In Serious Sam 3 they just laid scattered pickups on the ground or on top of boxes here and there. The trained response from TFE and TSE of running to the corners to find pickups no longer applies. This results in many barren nooks and crannies throughout SS3. You'd go to places where there would generally be a hidden pickup and there would be fuck all there. Empty spots that compound in number throughout the game making the levels seem more and more empty overall. Same thing in SS4. I go to so many little spots around these levels and they've put absolutely nothing there. It makes looking for secrets very disheartening because you keep turning up nothing with so many empty spots everywhere. So far, to my memory, I have found two spawn secrets. There's a special syrian werebull that will appear if you shoot a sign that says "don't shoot" and more recently I found a long, narrow, dimly-lit room. Inside there are shelves on either end. On the shelves, health pills will appear and when you collect them enemies will spawn on the other end guarding more health pills that appear on the opposite shelf. You can keep going back and forth spawning more enemies and more health pills. Gates will lock you in the room while this is happening, but I think it gave me one opportunity to leave toward the end of the sequence. I chose to keep spawning enemies and health pills to see how far it would go. It was really cramming a lot of enemies in there. At the end it spawned a large enemy outside, but all you have to do to kill it is circle strafe while holding left click until it is dead. After that there was a circle of health pills where I had been strafing around the big enemy. So if you complete this spawn trap you can easily get max health. I'm hoping to see more spawn trap nonsense because I loved that in TFE and TSE, but I keep running into spots that seem like they would have something, but most often they're empty and I become disappointed. Otherwise, gunplay is gud, levels so far vary from "not great" to "alight", the soundtrack works, but there is far too much dialogue. You can skip cutscenes and get on with the game like in SS3, but the chatter in the levels is too much. I know they got their writer for the Talos Principle on this game so they're probably like "YEAH, NOW WE'RE GONNA BE REAL STORY-TELLERS WITH A WRITER!" but it's just so fucking unnecessary for this type of game. This is mindless wave-based first person shooter where I can switch my brain onto auto-pilot and have fun just strafing around blasting enemies without thinking much about story or characters or any "deep lore". When I see a radio in the game I unload into it so I don't have to hear it because I don't care, I want to play the game. If the "story" shit was more limited I wouldn't mind it, but it seems like they really want to shove it in your face that "We have a writer this time!".
(516.69 KB 1920x1080 20200927214030_1.jpg)
Anyone figure out how to get up there, yet? I swear I've scoured the entire area and found nothing. Shooting the pillars spawns werebulls, but killing those subsequently does fucking nothing. I don't know if the game is broken or if I'm missing something. I wouldn't be too bothered except I'm pretty sure that's a skill orb up there.
>>116407 >skill orb I wonder if they decided to go this route so that people would have an actual collectable to find when scouring for secrets, rather than a powerup or rare ammo or just a silly joke. If they did, I then further wonder whose idea it was, if anyone's.
>>116412 I don't know, so far the only ones I've seen have been right on the main path. That's the first, if it's even a skill orb, that I've seen as part of a secret.
>>116482 In that case, the orbs are just surrogates for game progress, but ones that you can skip if you like. I guess I don't understand the point of making them pickups if they aren't hiding them in the levels. Perhaps they wanted to give the player the option of skipping them, or maybe they felt that just giving the player the points directly wasn't in the Serious Sam milieu. Then again, these guys making bizarre design choices wouldn't be too surprising.
>>116407 >shoot rocket at pillar >get up there with the werebull hitting you yes you're suppose to lose almost all your health getting up there
So what does the skill system actually do though. Is it simple boring shit like CAN SPRINT WHILE RELOADING, +5% ACCURACY etc or does it go anywhere fun?
>>116556 >is it boring shit yes >sprint while reloading >ads doesn't slow you down >reload slightly faster >faster fire rate after reload but you have good shit like >dual wield pistols & knives >dual wield 2h weapons >dual wield bigger 2h wepaons >dual wield race mixing weapons
>>116530 That's BS, especially since you have Rodriguez there shooting the werebull and possibly killing it while you're trying to get up there. >>116556 There's some fun things. As the other anon mentioned, there's a whole branch for dual wielding, but there's also a skill for using level objects as melee weapons, as well as one for riding enemies like werebulls. They also stuck most of the melee finisher moves behind skills, you can only do it to the really minor enemies at first.
>>116407 >I wouldn't be too bothered except I'm pretty sure that's a skill orb up there. It's not a skill thing it's a "secret gadget" which for me was just another one of those time gadgets that I already have. I accidentally used one earlier so now I have it back I guess. >>116635 It's not that hard. Just stand on top of those grey stones and run against the wall until one of the werebulls knocks you up there, then you should fly straight at it. I dunno where the hell he went, but Rodriguez wasn't around when I triggered this. You can spawn two werebulls which increases your odds of getting knocked up there anyways.
I remember back when I was waiting for this game to come out about 4 years ago, now it's out and no one gives a shit anymore.
>>116671 Everyone is playing it and having fun instead of discussing it Happens everytime unless it's something that comes out of fucking nowhere like the Dragons Dogma PC port.
(1.07 MB 1080x720 burn_in_the_fires.webm)
>innaccuracy-because-ADS-exists and recoil still a thing. I just want to double the typewriters without the game penalizing me with my shots going everywhere like in the VR games, goddamn it.
(469.95 KB 1920x1080 20200928184637_1.jpg)
(511.08 KB 1920x1080 20200928184405_1.jpg)
(328.56 KB 1920x1080 20200928184323_1.jpg)
(349.83 KB 1920x1080 20200928184210_1.jpg)
(353.29 KB 1920x1080 20200928184302_1.jpg)
Six levels in and I have managed to completely break out of the map boundary. Wasn't even hard. Learned the game does have moving cloud shadows, though, thanks to it.
>>116872 Neat. I did that in SS3 a few times, but I haven't done it in SS4 yet. >moving cloud shadows I noticed the cloud shadows because one time a cloud shadow had a weird big green spot on the edge of it and I was wondering wtf it was and what was causing it. When I altered the color settings it went away, but I'm not sure that's what was causing it.
(6.54 MB 1280x720 SS4 bouncy.webm)
Platforming is made more difficult in these games when you slide and bounce off of things. Why do I bounce off of this shelf when I touch the side of it? The collision is weird.
>>117426 If I remember right, Sam's always had sort of goofy physics, although it didn't make much of a difference in the earlier games.
>>117426 it's trying to push you as you're running towards it, if you walk backwards while it's pushing you back that happens, pretty weird as far as serious sam movement goes
>>115717 >How is fitgirl not a scene release? It's not even a good link. It's the steam version with some shit ass emu thrown into it instead of going for the DRM free gog release. Fitgirl is a repacker. You'll almost never see the actual faggots who do the legwork caring enough about normalfags to do a general release, they transfer everything through autistic secret back channels which eventually filter out to wider but still private channels and from there out to public channels including through repackers. >>116872 Being fair SS has always cared less about the possibility of you escaping than with how gay invisible wall overuse is. Though that said previous games would have had a neat secret or something for you getting out of the map because they'd have playtested it to death themselves and found the way out rather than just letting you walk forever.
>>117511 >if you walk backwards while it's pushing you back that happens I'm not walking backwards, I'm only walking forwards into it. I think this behavior exists to keep you from getting stuck in objects. When you hit the collision a certain way the game just throws you in the opposite direction. I've had this happen in other places. >>117622 >previous games would have had a neat secret or something for you getting out of the map I remember going over the walls in TSE/TFE and there was a bouncy thing on the other side you could use to get back into the level. On Serious Saturdays we'd stack players to get into out-of-bounds areas all the time.
>>117651 it also happens when walking backwards as it pushes you out, although in rare instances like your webm you can just walk completely forward and it bounces
>>117651 I'd believe that SS devs used to have the philosophy that most players wouldn't bother to try to get out of the game world, but that if they did they deserved to get something out of it for what is presumably their intentional effort. There are a lot of gamers, though, who might call the ability to get out of the game world alone a hallmark of shitty design. Putting a thing to get you back into the world or, even better, that plus a neat bonus is a pretty smart way to defuse that criticism as long as you can withstand people complaining about immersion-breaking.
(551.12 KB 1920x1080 20200930235542_1.jpg)
(576.56 KB 1920x1080 20200930235555_1.jpg)
>>117651 >>118423 The problem with my map break is that it was this. This is right next to an easy to find secret. Jump on the tarp, jump over the fence. It's so simple that, first time I tried, I was for sure an invisible wall would stop me or it would lead to an extra intentional secret. Instead it let me completely out of the map. I had found ways to break out of the map before, but those took some effort to find. This one is just a blatant lack of testing.
>>118439 That's my-first-map levels of poor design. I wonder if someone else got handed that map halfway through and didn't realize that wasn't a second secret area, or something like that. That's the kind of thing anyone would try to jump into, so testers should've caught it.
(446.79 KB 1920x1080 20200930203037_1.jpg)
(441.01 KB 1920x1080 20200930203223_1.jpg)
(585.54 KB 1920x1080 20200930203403_1.jpg)
(604.03 KB 1920x1080 20200930203425_1.jpg)
(603.94 KB 1920x1080 20200930203436_1.jpg)
In other news, the moment the game gave me a motorcycle, I took the road in the opposite direction the game was telling me to go. I did find a secret secondary objective a short way that direction, but I decided to keep going. Had a nice, uneventful ride in the French countryside for many, many minutes. I couldn't believe how long it kept going. And then it just stopped. I wasn't really expecting an actual secret, the devs would have been assholes to make you do such a long, boring trip to get to one, but I was at least hoping for, like, a sign calling me a dumbass for coming all the way out here or something. For having such an enormous map, they really didn't do much with all the space.
>>118423 Serious Sam, the original games anyway, were shamelessly gamey games not even slightly concerned with realism, immersion or consistency beyond what was fun so they easily got away with it. >>118443 >>118439 That's exactly what would have been a secret in the past which is what worries me. I always got the impression from the old games that the devs played it themselves and caught things like this naturally.
(1.62 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_47_58_059.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_48_27_126.jpg)
(1.25 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_39_06_001.jpg)
(1.22 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_39_18_113.jpg)
(732.13 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_42_11_923.jpg)
After the large open areas in France you will come to a town. If you go around these concrete barricades you will find a secret Croteam fubol match. They didn't use the big brain orange aliens to represent Croteam like in other games they just used a bunch of Serious Sams. If you score in either goal there is a Sam in the stands behind each goal that will throw an item as a reward.
(972.70 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_46_12_449.jpg)
(742.14 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_47_22_099.jpg)
(1.23 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_45_21_387.jpg)
(831.87 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_40_37_266.jpg)
(964.21 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_30_19_39_50_255.jpg)
You can kill all your dopplgangers. The score is functional, but it's just floating numbers. They didn't model a scoreboard to put behind it. The Sams are holding invisible guns so I guess they didn't want to bother posing their hands for this. I only scored enough to see if it went beyond "9" and it does. I'm not going to invest the time to see if it will do three digits.
(762.43 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_20_22_21_378.jpg)
(1020.46 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_20_22_54_008.jpg)
(802.42 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_20_22_57_388.jpg)
(1.67 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_20_23_32_825.jpg)
(1.21 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_16_53_11_535.jpg)
>>116368 Here are the secrets I mentioned in this post. I'm playing it on another machine so I hadn't moved the screenshots over yet.
>>118527 >>118529 Everytime you score a point, they drop items, this is just a dumb reference to Croteam's early start on making football games & their autism about football (just like in ss2 as well)
>>118529 >You can kill all your dopplgangers. At least they still got that bit right.
I guess most can agree the game is a big or at the very least a moderate letdown and kind of poopy. My question is, do you guys think the suckyness of this game is something that can be addressed in future patches/expansions/etc, or this game so bad at its core that it's forever doomed to mediocrity?
>>119898 I think it's pretty difficult to patch out fundamental design choices like the openness and the pacing of the levels.
>>120185 Not even an enemy placement remix? Do game developers re-do levels for patches or is that something that doesn't happen?
(530.17 KB 1920x1080 20201003113034_1.jpg)
(596.32 KB 1920x1080 20201003112809_1.jpg)
>>118529 Speaking of, found another easy map break there. Just jump over the fence from the bleachers. Now, you might be thinking, "it's one of the open maps, you can't really break out of those". Well, at this point, the game walls you in again like a traditional map. I tried, but as far as I could tell, there's no way back into the proper map after you break out. Physical and invisible walls block your way. I had to reload my save to get back in.
>>120198 I honestly don't think I've ever seen something like that. I guess the devs have in the past messed with placement and amount of enemies for difficulty level though.
>>120283 At the castle level I jumped a wall then slid down the mountain to an area where I thought I had broken out of the map. There were no pickups or spawns for so long I thought I was in an "unreachable" place, but after walking for a long ass time while encountering nothing I found a big open area with one of those portals that you have to press buttons and kill hordes to destroy, then you get some black hole gadgets. I've done one of those challenges before. I clearly didn't reach the area the way I was meant to, but the big area wasn't really blocked off from where I entered it. I wound up reloading a save and going the normal way because I saw ammo for a weapon I didn't have and sure enough it was in the portion of the area that I had skipped past. The direction I had gone bypassed the castle entirely, but also skipped getting the laser weapon. I did some wall jumping fuckery around the castle as well, winding up on the side of doors that I wasn't supposed to be on. Being near one of the doors even teleported me through to the other side of it.
(811.94 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_07_55_644.jpg)
(810.16 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_07_57_953.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_08_05_772.jpg)
(935.52 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_08_28_619.jpg)
(925.04 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_08_37_140.jpg)
In the castle there's a side mission to "Save the Princess" but when you get there she's gotten fat from being locked in the tower binge-eating junk food from the snack machine so Sam says he's too busy to bang her.
(794.21 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_17_58_55_473.jpg)
(726.06 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_17_59_03_473.jpg)
(776.66 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_17_59_33_430.jpg)
(1.22 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_18_00_53_204.jpg)
(1011.36 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_18_00_54_177.jpg)
I remember the enemies in previous games would occasionally be used for comedy bits, but here is a new instance of enemies doing non-enemy things where a Scorpion helps Sam get to the castle. Charlie says he doesn't worship Mental then Charlie and Sam chit chat a bit which is kinda awkward since Sam has slaughtered a million of these things and I don't remember these things ever being able to speak.
>>120198 BFE in Fusion only got some changes to the level design in terms of item placement, secrets, enemy behavior & weapon variables but that's about it I don't think they changed the levels physically. The biggest change would be HD versions of TFE & TSE, actually extending the original classic levels with new secrets and terrain but they were already re-creating the levels anyways
(566.14 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_04_15_900.jpg)
(555.15 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_04_23_438.jpg)
(626.93 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_06_10_241.jpg)
(685.52 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_06_46_423.jpg)
(655.47 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_02_19_02_58_296.jpg)
I like that we get a castle level because those are my favorite kind of level in older games like Unreal Tournament and SS-TSE, but they could have at least posed the suits of armor instead of placing them in a default A-Pose.
>>120887 What a disgusting ogre faced pig.
(14.31 KB 250x315 SHREK'D.jpg)
>>120903 Waiting for mods.
(40.42 KB 536x480 Sort of want.jpg)
>>120887 She don't look too bad from the neck down; shame about the rest, though.
>>120982 >not boning her over and over until she's pregnant and then leaving her It's like you want your genes to die out
>>121012 >literal nigger behavior
930f90's a nigger... LOOK HE'S A NIGGER
(45.40 KB 720x489 Dkakg33V4AAZ0s9.jpg)
>>121012 >Leave child fatherless. As you apes only seem to understand Dragon Ball here is an L in a visual language you understand. >Never understood why niggers like Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama fucking hates them.
>>121099 I want Android 18.
>>121115 but that's Android 16
>>121118 Do you think I care bitch I said Android 18 and you posted android 16. The answer is I still want an android and that's 18. eat shit
>>120887 >so Sam says he's too busy to bang her To be honest, this is the guy that earlier called berserk drugs better than a kiss from another, much thinner, woman, so I'm not sure he'd bang her even if she was still thin and pretty.
>>121157 In SS2 he canonically fucks an alien female so there's that.
(8.17 MB 1280x720 data or data.webm)
(4.51 MB 1280x720 audio logs in video games.webm)
First clip: They had the voice actress for Hellfire do two different readings of a line to pronounce the word "data" in two different ways. But then they left BOTH line readings in the game, either by mistake or because they couldn't decide which way they wanted "data" to be pronounced. Second clip: Lampooning the use of audio logs in video games within an audio log in a video game because "haha, it's meta". I met the complaint guy from these audio logs later in the game, but he didn't join up with me.
(614.11 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_31_55_732.jpg)
(661.68 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_34_23_862.jpg)
(618.49 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_36_37_296.jpg)
(474.04 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_39_32_992.jpg)
After you get off the snowmobile in the arctic area there are big open areas that are easy to escape on the edge. So I went out into the cold mountains beyond the map's boundaries to see how far it went. I went far out and looked back at the waypoint to gauge the distance I had traveled. It just kept going and going with mountains as far as I could see.
(321.35 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_40_02_408.jpg)
(279.99 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_40_11_265.jpg)
(259.20 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_41_25_175.jpg)
(228.84 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_44_27_279.jpg)
When I got about 5500M from the waypoint It got dark. The surface wasn't lit as brightly any more. Eventually, the top of the sky box stopped rendering and became a grayish brown void. I thought I could see a coastline in the distance. Maybe if I kept going I could drop off into an ocean.
(241.23 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_45_13_905.jpg)
(287.02 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_46_25_997.jpg)
(329.85 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_46_47_206.jpg)
(340.81 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_46_57_748.jpg)
(323.10 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_49_53_060.jpg)
The reality was that what I thought was a coastline was just non-rendered geometry. So I approached the edge of this non-rendered geometry. Bear in mind that the surface geometry still has trees, rocks, pebbles and crevasses all the way out here, well off the map. I figured that I could walk off the non-rendered geometry and fall through the map. I figured that would just teleport me back if I could just fall off the map. However, when I walked out onto the non-rendered geometry it suddenly appeared. More mountains spawned in. Endless miles of mountains that continued for god knows how far. I went onward a little more until I was too tired to continue. The mountains seem to be endless. I looked back one last time at how far I had traveled and then reloaded my save. The endless mountains had bested my patience.
(644.34 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_15_03_32_055.jpg)
(354.64 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_15_14_58_895.jpg)
(652.86 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_15_15_56_269.jpg)
(580.22 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_15_50_42_067.jpg)
(623.96 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_15_52_20_535.jpg)
I liked the arctic areas. The oil rig was neat. Inside it was kinda spooky with good atmosphere, but without the obnoxious flashlight tag shit they did in BFE. In SS4 there are no shitty flashlight sections.
(848.07 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_02_57_773.jpg)
(705.41 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_03_15_930.jpg)
(1.21 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_07_26_197.jpg)
(1.32 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_31_13_954.jpg)
(1.50 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_51_28_654.jpg)
This rocky place with the snow and pine trees has a comfy aesthetic. The only shortcoming is the "evening" color filter. They did this shit in BFE toward the end where they think since the game is nearing the end we need a fucking color filter to make it look more cinematic or some shit. In BFE the color filter they used toward the end was far far worse. It was overpowering. By comparison this one isn't as bad, but I could still do without it.
(784.60 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_17_42_11_855.jpg)
(784.60 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_17_42_11_855.jpg)
(613.00 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_17_42_28_710.jpg)
(880.61 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_17_42_59_758.jpg)
(426.94 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_17_53_20_626.jpg)
At the end I finally get to see the "legion system" again, but like others have said it's just a gimmick. There are certainly lots of enemies to kill, but any time you're in these massive battles you're supposed to be pursuing a goal and ignoring the enemies because they're just gonna keep coming without end. You can't possibly kill them all so they're practically interactive scenery. There was one point when I was fighting Ugh Zan where I got bounced up into space. It was a glitch, but it was neat. One thing I disliked about the arctic is that when I went there all my shit vanished from inventory. I had so many gadgets saved up over the course of the game so I could use them in the bigger end battles, but they all just vanished. Many of the gadgets I hadn't even tried using at all so I still don't know what they do.
>>121722 Sounds like you fell for the ol' "save all my elixirs until the end" trap.
(123.59 KB 255x256 ClipboardImage.png)
I mean, I had a lot of fun, isn't that why I play video games?
>>121749 It's not his fault, though. It's just poor design. A lot of these gadgets, like the black hole, are exceedingly rare, and taking them away from the player at certain points, along with the rest of the inventory, makes their rarity a moot point. I think I only found the tactical nuke twice over the course of the game. If you'll make rare items like this, don't take them away from the player arbitrarily.
(891.10 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_13_13_48_648.jpg)
(765.46 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_13_13_42_322.jpg)
(642.32 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_13_15_05_123.jpg)
>>121749 Yeah, I've been had. I should have assumed that my stuff would be taken away at some point since that has happened in previous games, but I didn't really know how long this game was nor exactly when the inventory clear would happen. I used a few though. The healing shots were all over the place, the slow time thing was kinda neat, the rage serum was whatever, the drone just reminded me of those really annoying enemies that buzz around in the air except it assists you. I shot at it initially thinking it was one of those fuckers. The hidden drone gadgets are often easy to spot, but hard to reach. Like this one had me hopping onto some small bits sticking out of a building and the leap to the AC unit was nearly impossible since there are window shutters between the lamp and the AC unit that would push you away from the building making you fail the jump so you had to go to the very edge of the lamp to avoid them and even then it wasn't easy to jump high enough to reach the AC unit. >>121765 I got a bunch of the black hole things by doing those side missions with the portals. Never used them. I also found two mini nukes, never used them. I'm most disappointed that I just don't know what a lot of things even do because I was saving them up and not using them. I never used the decoys either and there was another gadget I forget what it even was. Switching gadgets was hard to do during a firefight whereas switching weapons was piss easy. The weapon wheel even slows the game down if you use that, but gadgets cycle with Z. If you equip a gadget and then scroll the mouse wheel it just goes back into cycling weapons instead of cycling gadgets.
(742.59 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_13_02_20_908.jpg)
(1.36 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_13_04_04_658.jpg)
(1.40 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_13_03_21_474.jpg)
(1.07 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_28_17_16_50_222.jpg)
(1.15 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_29_19_02_28_674.jpg)
I noticed this bit of architecture floating instead of being attached to anything. I thought maybe I could jump onto it but it has no collision. There's a time gadget up here btw. I saw missing and broken geometry a few times.
>>121771 The decoys are excellent against kamikazes since they will just run towards it and explode, often causing a chain reaction. It's immensely satisfying. I will agree though that the gadgets themselves feel tacked on, just like the skill system.
(1.40 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_28_11_00_31_957.jpg)
(661.25 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_19_28_21_571.jpg)
(1.61 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_27_20_27_17_712.jpg)
(1.18 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_09_29_18_54_24_312.jpg)
(958.95 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_16_21_06_354.jpg)
These flying enemies were annoying, but they go down pretty easy and are satisfying to hit. The processed just run at you and melee like Gnaars, but i guess they're creepier since they're repurposed humans for Mental's army. They act like the "fast zombies" in any other franchise. Kleers are still faggots, but with dual wield sb shotguns you can obliterate them instantly and you don't have to wait for a reload animation like the db shotgun has. The improved the sb shotgun with grenades and dual wielding making the db kinda obsolete. I guess you could dual wield and left-right alternate shooting the db shotgun to avoid the reloading animation a bit, but the sb was so improved I didn't use the db much, Harpies are no longer topless. Kinda gay. The hammer fags are annoying until you have a weapon that can kill them without having to shoot them in the back. I dunno why they made them so fucking fast though. Kamekazes had a feature in BFE where they'd create a cloud of dust and smoke when they explode so you can't see the other enemies behind them through the cloud. They do the same in SS4 but the health bars that are on by default make it easy to see enemies through the clouds of smoke and dust anyways. You should switch the health bars off if you liked that feature. The perk that lets you ride a Syrian Werebull is underwhelming since they don't have much health. If you want to go gunning down a bunch of enemies while riding a Syrian Werebull like in the SS4 trailer it's not gonna happen because the Werebull you are riding will be killed quickly by other enemies. There don't even have be many enemies for this to happen. I couldn't get into first person or dual wield while riding a Syrian Werebull. The trailer was either terrible false advertising or they nerfed this feature significantly shortly before launch.
>>121787 One good thing about the skill system that I didn't notice until later on is you can remove skills and redeem the points in different skills whenever.. I liked dual wielding, fast reload, more melee attacks (but those really didn't need to be locked anyways, you had them all in BFE), less splash damage so I don't harm myself as much with the rocket launcher like a retard when enemies rush up too close to me. I didn't use the mixed weapons perk, I tried the melee object perk but it didn't seem to work. I couldn't seem to find anything that I could just pick up and use as a melee weapon. Maybe the perk has to be enabled from the start of the level? Didn't use Run and Gun perk since you can't run backwards and this series is infamous for holding Left Click and the S key so like what's the point of being able to fire while sprinting when you can only sprint forward?
>>121807 >but those really didn't need to be locked anyways, you had them all in BFE That's what bothered me. A lot of these skills had no reason to be locked in the first place. Maybe dual wielding heavy weapons, especially since dual miniguns is absolutely broken, but why is 'reload while sprinting' an unlockable skill? It feels so artificial, as if they had no idea how to give the player a proper sense of progression, so they made certain abilities unlockable. As others said, the skill points aren't even locked behind secrets; you just stumble upon them as you play. Shamefully, even NuDoom put skill points hidden in secret areas. Honestly, the more I look at this game, the more baffled I am. BFE may have been shit, but it was a complete game. 4, on the other hand, feels like a beta, with a mishmash of ideas that are so half-baked, it feels like someone's first attempt at making a game. But Croteam has been around for 20+ years. Even putting it in Early Access would have at least been an honest way of saying they couldn't finish the game in time, so they'll let people have a sneak peak for $10. But it's baffling that they actually want you to think this is a complete game. Everything is so half-baked. Just about the only thing in this game that actually feels complete is the gore, which is actually really satisfying. Everything else feels like a Serious Sam mod for some game made with standard engine assets, or even some tech demo made by a few college undergrads. That's not even going into the godawful performance, where somehow, your framerate tanks when you're just looking into empty space. It's just so baffling how it took them so long to make this game and it still feels like it started development just a few months ago. Maybe it's about time Croteam was bought by EA so they can make niggerball games till the heat death of the universe, because they don't have it in them anymore.
(1.48 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_14_38_14_701.jpg)
(1.45 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_14_38_22_986.jpg)
(1.21 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_14_38_31_619.jpg)
(1.47 MB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_14_38_42_186.jpg)
(467.18 KB 2560x1440 Sam4_2020_10_05_14_56_18_595.jpg)
>>121790 I forgot to mention I like the new vampire enemy. Their movement is not too challenging to follow. They're not too annoying to fight and I like their design aesthetic and their sound effects. Also, they nerfed the sorceress so she doesn't mind fuck you anymore. She just throws shit and teleports around after you shoot her. Not nearly as annoying to fight as in BFE. >>121825 > it's baffling that they actually want you to think this is a complete game Serious Sam 4 had 15 chapters. It didn't feel short. Even if there are things to dislike and a lack of polish in places there is enough content to call it a complete game. If you think SS4 is worthy of being called early access you haven't truly experienced enough early access titles to gauge the severity of what early access means. Perhaps the performance complaints have merit, but my PC is high end so I played at 1440p 120Hz and didn't experience any drops whatsoever. I can't speak to those complaints until I install the game on a lesser system where it could struggle. The removal of split-screen co-op makes more sense if people were having performance issues since split screen would most certainly exacerbate those issues. I wish the split-screen feature was still in the game though. Not only because I want to use it for local co-op, but also because the game does not stress my system enough so maybe split screen could reveal where the performance issues are. Anyways, at worst you could call this game BFE+gimmicks, but even that is unfair because they actually made the levels to be Serious Sam levels rather than repurposing assets from a failed military shooter. I disliked the flashlight levels in BFE so not having any in SS4 is great. I'm disappointed they didn't go back to their roots when it comes to the level and item layouts. I noticed more items placed around in later levels, however there was still a lot of unused space to be found. The secrets (there's some, but there's not anything major like secret branching paths as far as I've seen). They tried to do some silly stuff and it's super corny as usual, but they also tried to do serious, dramatic and analytical stuff that often doesn't fit very well. Like trying to make Sam Stone "emote" just doesn't work. He's not well suited to that. Luckily, you can just skip the cutscenes. Unluckily, you can't skip out-of-cutscene dialogue between characters. The character facial animations are better, Sam especially in his teeth-clenched mouth movements, but a lot of characters get this "crazy eyes" effect in their facial animations because they look too far downward creating too large of a gap of sclera above the iris. This works for Carter because he's supposed to be a conspiracy nut stereotype, so him having crazy eyes looks almost intentional. The new guy Kenny, a sort of comic relief rookie, another action movie stereotype. Eh, he was fine. He didn't annoy me that much. I dislike Hellfire's hair style in every game. Father Mikhail aesthetically reminds me a bit of Daniel Vavra. Rodriguez' introduction was kinda cringey. His character is that he is the asshole, but I don't think he comes off as a lovable one since he's tryharding a bit too much, but maybe he wasn't meant to have any redeeming qualities and he's just meant to be a cunt. We see Quinn. Quinn has an office lady aesthetic with a tight skirt and heels. I'd bang Quinn over Hellfire. Hellfire just seems like a barfly bitch, the tough gal stereotype. There's a quote in the loading screen in which Quinn claims she had a dream, in her dream the action hero gang are all rowdy children and she's the mother who has to take care of them. At the end of the game they all gather around a campfire and Quinn brings them beer.
>>122060 My issue with all these characters is that I just had no reason to care for them. You know which ones will probably be dead by the end due to them not being in BFE, and the rest die in BFE anyway. Hell, "Rodriguez" dies in the first level of BFE, off-screen. And none of them really have the kind of charm to make me care about them. I did enjoy some of the loading screen quotes, but most of the ones I chuckled at were about Sam or from Sam.
>>122060 >They tried to do some silly stuff and it's super corny as usual, but they also tried to do serious, dramatic and analytical stuff that often doesn't fit very well. Like trying to make Sam Stone "emote" just doesn't work. I wonder if this is a result of their success with The Talos Principle where hiring other, non-insane, people to write a story actually paid off. Problem is that while that game was pretty good it was an entirely different genre and a serious story or really any named friendly NPC has no place in Serious Sam.
(2.90 MB 2000x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Lord Achriman speeches remind me of the black pill niggers I always see around here
>>123019 I don't like him, as a villain. He has no personality, his arguments make no goddamn sense, and he does nothing but preach them. He's all about how humanity is doomed and should just give up, but he provides no incentives as to why they should do so. He never mentions what benefit would come from just giving up. He's not recruiting people to server Mental. He's not promising some simple, happy life as human cattle or anything. He's not like Breen, saying they can achieve greater things by loyally serving him. If he speaks the truth, then they're fucked either way, and if he isn't right, then they only have a chance if they fight. All he really says is "give up because I'm telling you to."
>>123019 >>123127 I see it more as a bitter truth whenever he speaks about Sam personally, the fact that he can't always save his friends is true. I lost my shoe, huh?
>>123019 Sam succeeds and kills all these niggers so he's a fag
Finally finished up with the game. The third act being one short level and the final level was a bit disappointing, and the final level itself lacked any sort of climatic feeling that even BFE's final level managed to achieve. The return of the Corridor of Death theme was nice, but the level didn't really feel like it deserved it. The final boss was also pretty lame. However long they spent creating the legion system was not worth what they ultimately used it for.
I really liked the mecha part, I hope their next game is a mecha game instead of SS or a puzzle game.
>>124845 While I share your desire for good mech games, were the mechanics just FPS mechanics dolled up to look like a mech game? I'd be frustrated as hell if they did get into that genre and it turned out to be generic FPS game play but in a robot.
>>122493 It's not just a matter of whether it fits since I wouldn't say Talos' writing was a success in every regard. It felt a bit pretentious and overly dramatic in many parts, even in a heavily philosofical context. The DLC was much better since it took itself a lot less seriously The writers are good for sure but they do need some direction in order to get the best outta them.
>>125260 >It's not just a matter of whether it fits since I wouldn't say Talos' writing was a success in every regard. It felt a bit pretentious and overly dramatic in many parts, even in a heavily philosofical context. I'd mostly agree with that though I liked that for once it seemed to be on the side of actual civilisation and not just pointless nihilism pretending to be deep. The philosophical elements are held back by needing to be accessible and compatible with being a game though. >The DLC was much better since it took itself a lot less seriously I still haven't gotten around to the DLC yet but I hear it's also got better puzzles.
>>125304 >The philosophical elements are held back by needing to be accessible and compatible with being a game though. Which elements specifically? One thing that annoyed me is that the conversation with the "devil" from the computers limits your answers and forces you to say something contradictory in the long run; I really felt that at that times none of the options were even close to what I really wanted to answer. If they really made it so that the "devil" can never lose the argument, then that's lame. If they made it so that you can win but you have to follow one specific string of answers then that's also lame since I really feel like the argument could've been taken into an entire different direction many times. But it was a very interesting idea in concept, I'll give you that. I've never seen a game attempt this before. Definitely kudos for that.
>>125158 No the mech mechanics were quite different to the rest of the game, which is why I'm so surprised it was a short little one-off.
Looks like Croteam is no longer an independent studio and now 100% Devolver's bitch. They just got bought out by them. https://devolverdigital.com/propaganda/croteam-and-devolver-got-hitched
>>132022 That's probably because this game sold terribly. At least they didn't get bought by a terrible publisher, I've never heard anything bad about Devolver from devs who've worked with them.
>>130646 >No the mech mechanics were quite different to the rest of the game Not really. It still controlled like an FPS, you just had a dash and a dedicated grenade button.
Killing the big metal snek CTD'd me.
>>113486 I fucking knew it, the second I saw those first bits I thought "This is Talos Principle with guns" the brickwork stands out hard.

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