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(1.97 MB 640x1158 ClipboardImage.png)
Opaque systems Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 01:16:27 Id:b960cb No. 114566
Hacking Breath of Fire has shown there's a ton of hidden stuff in it >equipping the gown, the seemingly best equipment at the point you can buy it, sets the encounter rate to 16x the norm >the silver bracelet and MystSF halve random encounter rates >skull, wolf and power hats increase damage you take, which is why the guy in the stone giant is so fucking hard >the forest west of Romero has stats boosters hidden on the floor on certain tiles >the castle where Ox's Wife was held has a hidden pair of clogs if you go all the way back to it after the cutscene warps you away and search a hidden tile on the docks >using the broken sword for the final boss adds a small easter egg in the ending What other games have ultra-hidden stuff like this that would never been found without hacking?
Undertale and Gaster
TF2's damage system is quite unclear. >all weapons have a set base damage >weapons do a different percentage of this damage depending how close or far away you are from an enemy >different weapons have different minimum and maximum damage percentages, e.g. the Scattergun's maximum damage is 175% of the base while the Shortstop's maximum is only 150% >Sniper Rifles will all do the same damage regardless of how far you are >crits are calculated depending on how well you're currently doing >certain weapons have different hitboxes, the Iron Bomber's hitbox radius is twice as big in radius as any other grenade launcher >melee weapons are significantly more likely to crit >crits are unaffected by range percentages, but mini-crits are, although their damage never goes below 135% of base >>114569 That's more of an ARG.
>>114566 Ten million things Pannenkoek and the rest of the ABC Crew have discovered in Mario 64.
>>114620 Is this stuff that can actually affect the game significantly, though, or just code memes that wouldn't ever come up in normal play--like that stupid "the game won't start without this unused file" non-story that was running around?
>>114637 He's found a few things like unreachable coins or goombas in Bowser 3 always spawn as triplets, but usually two of them are below the map so you dont see them
>>114637 He figured out how to beat Mario 64 while only jumping once. Of course that affects gameplay.
>>114566 >>equipping the gown, the seemingly best equipment at the point you can buy it, sets the encounter rate to 16x the norm FUCK I knew this game had an abnormally high encounter rate.
>>115428 Which jump? If its the pole in Bowser 2, he can wait 12 hours or whatever on the virtual console edition and do a 0xA run. TTC entrance seems to be the hardest, as is the bonus star with the wing cap cannons at the end
>>115472 Yeah but doesn't the Virtual Console version have other jumps that are required that aren't required on the Japanese version, which is the one usually used for runs due to having the fewest required A Presses.
He could also just press A. I mean he isn't losing shit by doing so.
>>115580 He's losing an A press.
>>115582 No, he's gaining them.
>>115586 There is only a finite number of times a button can be pressed before general wear and tear causes it to cease to function. Pannen is making sure that the world supply of N64 controllers, or at least their A Buttons, lasts as long as possible, so as many future generations as possible will be able to enjoy Mario 64.
>>115589 But the N64 controller is fucking terrible.
>>115599 Exactly. He doesn't need to save A Presses on Super Mario Bros, because the NES controller is much more durable.
>>115599 It's really not. N64 controller being bad or unwieldy is a bad meme that's gone on for far too long. With one exception. The N64's joystick is completely fucked or at least it will be after you use it for more than a few dozen hours.
>>115603 >not a bad controller >part of the controller self-destructs after a few dozen hours
We're getting a little distracted, anons. I know that Doom's engine has things like these, but they're mostly limitations of the engine rather than design choices. What I mean is, like, how wallrunning works, or the fact that in Doom 2 the door sound for the fast doors is messed up and plays twice. I can't really talk about them in any detail, though. Can anyone? Most if not all of them aren't the kind of deliberately obscure and illogical mechanical choices that the OP describes, though.
(227.62 KB 468x680 2013-03-14-564470.jpeg)
(314.25 KB 800x819 1351906969028.jpg)
(63.42 KB 500x606 1359947546209.jpg)
(358.36 KB 600x590 1374575741556.png)
Just remembered: Virtually everything about Saga Frontier. A lot of it is because the game is super unfinished, but the rest of the series isn't that much better. >>116409 That's just unintentional engine quirks instead of stuff the devs put in intentionally and never, ever alluded to.
>>116418 Yeah. The thread seemed headed in the mechanics-uncovered-by-source-inspection-or-hacking direction. More to the point, sorta, I think the developers of roguelike games since Nethack feel compelled to include these kinds of mechanics. Some of them are the cheeky detail things like getting a luck bonus if you start playing on a full moon day or even a soft hat preventing some damage from throwing a rock up and letting it hit you, and some of them are more like what the OP describes. I think devs think players expect the genre to be impenetrable or mechanically dense, and maybe that's why so many of those games include those kinds of details. It's pretty rare, though, to get egregious things like those examples up there, though. I don't exactly have any comprehensive lists to put here, though.
>>116431 Most of Nethack's really out there stuff is unimportant easter eggs or revealed in fortune cookies.
>>116431 For me a good RL has weird things happen as a consequence of attributes and their interactions. Things like striking enemies with a cockatrice corpse to petrify them because the do that on contact, or wild potion explosions because you slipped on wet stairs and took 10 points of falling damage which caused 2 potions to shatter and mix, causing an explosion which then destroyed all your other potions causing an even bigger explosion. Random stuff like that, that happens just often enough to be interesting but without getting in the way. I dont like overly detailed simulation RLs (eg CDDA or DF) because their minutiae tends to get in the way
(32.10 KB 450x449 bombed-gameboy.jpg)
>>115603 And yet, it's still more reliable than the Switch joysticks. Anyone else old enough to remember when Nintendo used to make hardware that could survive a direct missile strike and still work perfectly? Back on topic, I remember the original Final Fantasy IV had a whole shitload of secret passages where you could just walk into a wall and end up in an invisible corridor that would take you elsewhere in the dungeon, often to a secret chest or something. The American version dumbed this down by making them a different colour, so you could actually see them if you adjusted your TV. So that's LIKE one of these, except the hacking was done by the actual publisher.
>>115603 The N64 controller is garbage because you can only use 2/3 of the inputs at any given time. There was no reason to design it like that, when the Saturn 3D controller released like the same week and had it so you could reach all the inputs with only two hands.
(368.82 KB 308x500 ClipboardImage.png)
What's wrong with translucent systems?
>>115603 >N64 controller being bad or unwieldy is a bad meme that's gone on for far too long. Do you have three hands? I never grew up with the N64, so I can tell you as a person with a completely fresh slate that the controller is fucking horrible. As a person with small hands, it was physically uncomfortable to use. It's bigger than the PSP.
>>116718 They're not futuristic white or black and sleek. No fun allowed,everything has to be curved and sterile
>>116729 The N64 controller is very obviously trying to be the wiimote but before the technology was available. Doing the sides was like a SNES controller and doing the middle and right was like the wii pair
>>116748 Except as seen on every other controller since the Saturn 3D pad, they could have just put the d-pad and joystick on the same "prong" and let you actually use the whole controller at once. The three prong design was just stupid in every way.
In Robopon 2, rather than have an even stat curve 1-100 (excluding evolutions) like Pokemon, or only being able to get a few levels before the XP requirement becomes absurd like MegaTen's demons, each has a level it caps its stats at and only gains HP and MP. This would be fine if the game told you this in any normal way (like saying it leveled up and show all 0s for stat increases), but instead you have to go all the way back to an early area and speak to a specific NPC who will imply the stats were capped or not. Making matters worse is that you're often stuck in an area and can't backtrack until progressing the story, so you can't just go back and check. The second Robopon you get is also determined by the birthday you enter, being one of four possible results. That's not too bad though since these Robopon are only given out early, not exclusive to this event.
>>115599 Zoomer detected.

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