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(65.75 KB 512x512 secret1.jpg)
(52.86 KB 512x512 secret2.jpg)
Rayman Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 13:32:19 Id:5f28eb No. 115703
You like rayman /v/? i like rayman, I recently played through rayman 3 and loved it, especially the snow level. One thing I didn't notice as a child playing this game is how good the hoodoo sorcerers theme is. A part of me really does wish rayman 4 was a thing but I dont trust Modern ubisoft with doing anything. I haven't even bought a ubisoft game since 2011. >Favourite game in the series? >Favourite ost? >did you get scared by the knaaren as a child? >You think we will ever see rayman 4?
Rayman 2 was my childhood game and still one of my fav platformers, though I have to admit that Rayman 3 just has overall far better gameplay in every single aspect. Origins and Legends were alright but also pretty disappointing all things considered. It's just not the same as what 2 and 3 were. I wished for another 3D platformer.
>>115722 I always get to Menhir Hills or On Top of the World or so and stop playing
>>115703 >You like rayman /v/? Everybody Loves Rayman.
>>115703 >You think we will ever see rayman 4? Do we even want one with modern ubisoft and after Michel left? Maybe if other studio made one? I thought Origins and Legends were alright though. Plus hot fairies and barbarian.
>>115954 Considering what modern Ubisoft is like, not in a million years.
>>115956 Yeah, their latest showcase showed just how bad it's become, completely irredeemable.
They need to make another one. Fuck those Rabbids that took over. Will they make it and will it be good? Doubtful.
(2.01 MB 2000x2000 Betilla.png)
(453.75 KB 2000x2000 betilla2.png)
(188.23 KB 1522x1693 betilla3.jpeg)
(84.54 KB 800x1200 raymang oranges2.jpg)
(5.25 MB 1486x5215 raymang oranges3.png)
>>115954 >Do we even want one with modern ubisoft and after Michel left? well as I said in the op no I dont trust modern ubisoft with rayman, I mean they turned the first attempt at rayman 4 into rayman raving rabbids and its only gotten worse since then. >betilla I was wondering how long until the thigh fairy was posted.
>>116091 I was more into the tanned jungle fairy with the bodypaint.
(326.97 KB 1920x1080 rayman sluts see your penis.jpg)
>>116094 Based on looks alone I like the russian looking blonde snow fairy. I haven't actually played Origins though.
(136.45 KB 903x960 MC.gif)
>>115703 Those floating arms always remind me of something
>>116194 She's Swedish, actually, going by her accent.
>>116205 I still love madness. >>116214 Nämen fyfan, to be honest I just looked at the fur trimmed hat and dress and thought she was Russian due to that.
Anyone else play through Redemption? I highly enjoyed it, and I appreciated the fact that you actually fight Mr Dark at the end.
I never gave Rayman a chance until playing Origins a few months ago. I always thought it looked stupid and had ugly, dumb character design. I gotta admit,Origins was a lot of fun though. Should I bother with any of the others?
>>116625 Legends is more of the same, Rayman 2 is a 3D platformer collectathon typical of its era, and the original is pretty comfy, somewhat slower platformer that has a hellish difficulty later
(170.47 KB 457x700 betilla 2.jpg)
>>116625 Maybe its the nostlagia talking but I think rayman 3 still holds up 17 years later. the only thing I would recommend is a controller and getting the pc controller fix. https://raymanpc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23430
I've been meaning to reply 2, haven't since it was bundled with one of my parents' computers as a wee dork. I might be remembering poorly but it seemed like it played fine on PC.
>>116714 I heard the dreamcast version is the best version of 2. I only played the playstation version at a friends house as a little kid so I wouldn't know for certain. Kinda surprised they haven't ported the "HD" version that they put on the XBLA and PSN.
Does anyone have that PC remake of the first game?
>>116722 Just search for Rayman Redemption. Ubisoft has surprisingly not taken it down, yet.
>>116714 >>116721 PC version is the n64 version with some improvements. The gog release works fine on modern PCs, as far as I'm aware. PS1 is usually regarded as one of the worst versions, due to a lot of cut content, though it does have one exclusive boss. DC has a bunch of enhancements over the original, and Ancel himself has considered it the best release. The ps2 version, title Rayman Revolution, adds a bunch of stuff, including a large, freely explorable hub world and full voice work, but the changes aren't necessarily for everyone, and it runs at 30 fps instead of the 60 fps of the DC version.
(954.86 KB 1300x1930 966024_simmsyboy_barbara.png)
(771.23 KB 1295x2000 966111_simmsyboy_betilla.png)
(899.50 KB 1326x2000 966586_simmsyboy_holly-luya.png)
(942.83 KB 1629x2000 967345_simmsyboy_edith-up.png)
(1.04 MB 1444x2000 968320_simmsyboy_anetta-fish.png)
I want somebody to tell me if my idea is stupid or not but I really want a rayman RPG. something like supermario RPG but you're cruising around some mixture of rayman 1 2 and 3s world fighting enemies from all the games, you got the robo pirates from 2. the hoodlums from rayman 3 and those green safari dudes in rayman 1. battle system would be perfect for him too since you just hold a to charge your attack but if you hold too long it flies up into the air and lands on his head dealing 1 damage. not to mention all the companions you could have, betilla, globox, Ly, that viking girl from the new game. I think it would be great anyway.
>>120225 That voluptuous haired barbarian can sit on my dick anytime.
(146.64 KB 480x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>116205 >>116238 Speaking of which and at the risk of derailing the thread, guess what came out yesterday? https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/767526
(84.84 KB 1242x1394 1242623753566755647764.jpeg)
>>120225 booba
(1.05 MB 728x1218 rayman god.png)
>>120225 While Rayman definitely has the cast for one, I'm not sure how well they could flesh out the world to be a good setting for an rpg.
>>120289 thats why i wanted it to be a mixture of all three games, so you can take the areas that are and kinda just sew them together. I do find it a bit strange that rayman doesn't have a "proper" setting, I know its a platformer but mario has like the mushrrom kingdom with peach as the princess and even sonic has green hill zone with all the woodland critters and shit.
(87.25 KB 894x894 edith_by_blue_ten-d4vvqtm.jpg)
(7.09 MB 3100x3100 edith_up_2.png)
(3.40 MB 2480x3507 for_me_7_by_blmbo_ddwcpdn.png)
>>120298 I mean, it kinda does. There's lore there and everything, we just don't have much of the geography. That seems to change every game, but that might also be the point, given it's a literal dream world.
>>121057 Wait its was all a dream? that is pretty lame man. I wasn't expecting tolkien levels of worldbuilding but just saying its all a dream still makes me mad.
daily reminder that ubisoft cancelled rayman 4 because the executives thought they would make more money if they turned the franchise into a minigame collection for normalfags, specifically aimed at the ones owning the wii
Whats the best version of Rayman 2?
>>121269 >69 nice. also see >>116840 Dreamcast all the way baybee. >>121264 rabbids were like minions before the minions were even a thing. why do people like those fucking things? The worst part is that it might actually have made more money too. They were popular enough to get a tv-show and stuff.
>>121262 It's all a dream in the sense that the TES universe is a dream. The entire world is the result of Polokus'/Bubble Dreamer's dreams made reality. Some monsters and villains, like the darktoons/antitoons are the result of his nightmares. >>121269 Scroll up, we already discussed that.
>>121274 man I want a short stacked girlfriend like her
(290.96 KB 650x1062 comic536.png)
>>121274 >The worst part is that it might actually have made more money too. They were popular enough to get a tv-show and stuff. I don't really think rabbids are that popular. I think Ubisoft just wants them to be popular, or at least some exec at Ubisoft does. They think they're sitting on a pile of gold, but I have never seen nor heard a favorable opinion on rabbids, of the few times I see someone even acknowledge them. I don't believe the rabbids-centric games did all that well, considering how quick they died out, and the Mario crossover game only did well because its fucking Mario. All I ever hear about that game from people is how they wish the rabbids weren't really a part of it. Hell, the game forces you to have at least one rabbid in your squad, from what I understand, which tells me the devs didn't really have faith people would pick them, otherwise. Hell, I didn't even know they had a TV show until you mentioned it, and it seems to be primarily French-targeted. I bet someone at Ubisoft has been fuming for years over the popularity of minions for doing what rabbids tried to do but actually succeeding at it.
>>121606 The difference is that the minions aren't autistic retards and look vaguely human.
In the origins of the shats those movies with that one guy with a nose that could poke your eye out it isn't memorable that's why I forgot the name the minions were and or used to be humans the guy has a ray and casually made minions all the time. This got retconned because it's a bit evil and messed up to do that to people against their will. **of course everyone forgets about this fucking hell*
>>121606 The Rabbids essentially killed Rayman for a while, that's why people hate them, that and they're annoying proto-minions as you pointed out.
>>121606 >mario + rabbids kingdom battle Reminder.
>>122711 >zelda is a part of PETA. Absolutely disgusting.
>>122711 >>122737 >Zelda is part of PETA AND she's clean shaven Lack of attention to detail on the part of the artist.
>>122752 >>122737 >Zelda You both aren't paying attention
>>122752 Why would Zelda be hairy?
Rayman Redeption is some good shit OP.

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