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(1.40 MB 1456x2348 1567802366935_2.png)
(179.05 KB 871x1280 Dana_Original.jpg)
NIHON FALCOM THREAD: Dana Edition Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 19:46:11 Id:cc3d1c No. 12412
The Zero no Kiseki fan translation will be released on March 14th! >Latest News -The next Trails game "Hajimari no Kiseki" will take place in Crossbell and Erebonia again. You can experience the story of the game from three perspectives. Two of them are Lloyd and Rean, the third is a masked guy who for now is referred to as "The Hermit". >Fan-translations >Trails from Zero is almost finished and will be released on March 14th. The patch also includes quality of life improvements, like XSEEDs official releases did. >Trails to Azure was leaked. There are a few typos and every once in a while there's an awkward line or two but all in all it's a solid translation. https://www.romhacking.net/translations/3679/. Flame's edit of the translation is also out officially now. It's a better worded script at the cost of pretty much breaking the voice mod. Both are available packaged with torrents if you care to look for them. >Everything else in the works seems to be MIA. >Undubs Mega of every undub: https://mega.nz/#F!k5ZjwTCD!A4Uyb67OpQQ_qCoB-zvx0g Merge the JP voices and Dummy files into one folder and dump that folder into the voice folder. >Falcom pastebin (download links for scans, Falcom Magazine volumes, soundtracks and more) pastebin.com/G2mswYCt Ys: 9 never ever
>>12412 I was wondering what happened to the Falcom threads. I was finally getting into Falcom games after replaying Ys1&2 and I wanted to ask a couple questions. I recently finished Oath in Felghana and I plan on playing Ys 6 and TitS soon. Is there anything I should know about before starting any of those games? >Trails from Zero is almost finished and will be released on March 14th. The patch also includes quality of life improvements, like XSEEDs official releases did. That news is quite old. In fact, this entire OP is outdated. How is the Zero translation?
>>12458 >In fact, this entire OP is outdated I stole it from the 8kun archive since I wanted a thread please don't bully
>>12458 > Is there anything I should know about before starting any of those games? Not really, personal advice is to use a controller if you're playing on pc - it made the experience more enjoyable for me. I played TiTs and zero/ao no kiseki on my vita through adrenaline (except for TiTs the third chapter I did on pc). I had no problems with it and im more comfortable playing on it anyways. From what I've heard the pc has much better graphics/fps and looks a lot cleaner overall. >How is the Zero translation? I havent played through the new translation completely but from what I've seen so far its not bad - a couple of gay memes every now and then which detract from the experience but whatever.
>>12412 Fan translations are infected by pozzed trannies. Why would you even care at this point?
>>12412 A few other news items that should be noted: >Trails of Cold Steel IV has been confirmed for English release this fall for PS4. PC and Switch to follow early next year. If you've played CS3 you more or less know what you're getting. >Trails of Cold Steel III was released on PC. With a pleasantly surprising move, NISA gave the port to Durante's company rather then botch their way through themselves. The result is a high quality port and thus a very easy way to play the game from the internet zero dollar store without giving NISA money. >Hajimari no Kiseki will be out in late August in Japan (a little earlier than normal for Falcom). The game will supposedly have 50 playable characters and will have chapters devoted to side characters like Arios. Whether it uses "doors" like 3rd is still unkown. It will use save data from both CS4 and the recently released and soon to be released Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki Kai ports. Rean's chosen love interest from CS4 will carry over, so no forced Alisa, which is nice. Seems like Elie will be canon for Lloyd, though. Can't win them all I guess. >>12458 > Is there anything I should know about before starting any of those games? Talk to NPCs. One of the best things about Trails is how alive the world feels because almost all the NPCs are very well characterized. Many have their own side plots and hat happen as you do quests. >How is the Zero translation? Pretty good. A few cringy memes that will age like milk. I'd still say it's preferable to the only barely coherent leaked translation. For the quality of life improvements alone, if nothing else.
>>12650 >Trails of Cold Steel III was released on PC. With a pleasantly surprising move, NISA gave the port to Durante's company rather then botch their way through themselves. The result is a high quality port and thus a very easy way to play the game from the internet zero dollar store without giving NISA money. That's the most intelligent thing i've seen NISA doing in a while. Still not giving then any money until they clean the swamp their localization group is.
(335.04 KB 1870x1592 Nisa_fuck_up2.jpg)
>>12650 >NISA gave the port to Durante's company rather then botch their way through themselves. Glad to hear it. At least the game's in a playable state at launch this time, unlike Ys 8. Speaking of Ys 8, I heard that Durante took over that as well; he even added an experimental co-op mode. Nice to see that PC's the way to go again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Jdkl1omLmA >>12652 >Still not giving then any money until they clean the swamp their localization group is. Doubt that'll happen, they've been shit since the PS2 era. Ys 8 is the SECOND game that the NISA CEO had to apologize for.
>>12650 oh wow, not having Alisa forced on everyone is fucking great. >>12652 Yep still aint' giving money to a company that actively shits on the original creators intentions unless they reform.
(840.73 KB 1047x1330 1542442276816.jpg)
Anyone know where to nab the old 90s Windows version of Ys I&II with the MIDI soundtrack? The usual places either give me no results or the new versions with digital music, and at that point I'd rather play the PSP version. >>12460 WEW
Remember to use the fan-translation for CS3 drive.google.com/file/d/1myxZq4UKXcVUx_wh69jkUbZvzOsAnYUW/view
I forgot the password, it's: CS3
>>12708 Is the fan translation just Kitsune's translation stitched onto NISA's? Because if so you won't cut any of the cringe, you'll just be replacing decently translated scenes with worse translated ones, since the stuff Kitsune didn't translate is where the cringe is, not in the critical path.
>>12754 I'm talking about this one https://archive.fo/s2Rrk made by some guys called Dion93 and Denyal. I can't vouch for the level of cringe in this version, I have yet to play CS3.
>>12756 Okay looking at this, this guy barely changed anything and the stuff he did change is highly autistic, like changing "Duvalie the Swift" to "Godspeed Duvalie." All this will do is confuse you if you're coming to the game from the last ones. He even says he's only changing the things that trigger his autism. This mod is pointless and is not a retranslation.
>>12762 He didn't even remove the Baby Got Back reference.
(1.21 MB 1650x1020 EZCIURIUMAADcAd.jpeg)
(319.05 KB 679x419 EZClhdVU0AEp2Jd.png)
Erika back in Hajimari. Machias and Dudley finally hang out.
>>14541 I guess they'll have to actually animate her autistic rage.
(5.83 MB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)
Look at Falcom actually having some decent animation for once.
>>15207 Does the game rely on a knowledge of the plot of the rest of the series to actually enjoy? uguu cute lolis have peaked my interest
>>15998 Trails is probably one of the most continuity heavy series in gaming. In fact, that's a big part of the appeal. Hajimari in particular will be an epilogue to the Crossbell and Erebonia arcs while setting up the Calvard arc. Trails has some high tier lolis, though, for sure. And cakes. Trails has something for everyone when it comes to animu girls.
>>15998 Personally I started with Cold steel and went back and played them in order of what english releases there were. I felt like I didn't lose that much by playing cold steel first but you are better off going back and playing them in order. >>12650 Now that I think about it, I wonder how the game will handle Rean's choice if it isn't one of the more obvious romantic ends, like Juna.
>>16112 >Now that I think about it, I wonder how the game will handle Rean's choice if it isn't one of the more obvious romantic ends, like Juna. I'm also curious about this. I can imagine the REEing if the Altina one gets more serious. Still sad there's no Duvalie, though.
Hajimari will also feature vr dates with Trails girls apparently too.
>>21737 Does this mean I can hold hands with Aurelia?
(2.46 MB 1340x768 h2cg2tl6gp251.png)
>>21764 Hopefully. Also Falcom added Juna and Towa to the Kai version of Ao no Kiseki.
>>22207 Towa's a giant in Chibi form.
http://archive.is/EYXNa >Editing for Ys vs. Trails in the Sky Reaches 100% >V Sector would like to announce that we have officially hit 100% on our first editing pass for scenario and non-scenario text! All five of the main stories have been fully edited by both Livi and Sly, Davio has finished editing the non-scenario text, and LT has made significant progress on the game’s graphics! Slowly but surely, it all has been coming together. Anyway, we intend to follow C Sector’s example with our project. That includes, of course, a full second editing pass and extensive testing of the game before release. (Though, rest easy when we say that this process should have a shorter turnaround than Trails from Zero’s testing phase.) The second pass should take a fraction of the time it took to complete the first pass because of the relatively small script. The added time spent on polishing everything should also help streamline the testing process, since testers will not have to spend as much time catching menial errors. Simply put: The team would like to spend more time with this project before we are ready to release, but we are confident that the wait will be worth it. Looks like the Ys vs. Trails in the Sky fan-translation is almost finished. Anyone here excited? Seems to be a fun spin-off game with characters from Ys and Trails in the Sky/Zero.
>>23284 oh neat! I've always wanted to play it.
Just beat cold steel 3, man a shit ton happens in the end. I'm really enjoying the story of the Erebonia characters and it's really satisfying to be able to fight on even terms with the ridiculously powerful enemies. It almost feels like the Erebonian Arc is the final arc for everything that's going on and I'm wondering where it's going to go for the Calvard arc. Rean is also a really nice as an MC, but that might be because the final games are seemingly more epic than the other arcs' since his end point he's gone from being a scrub to becoming extremely strong. Will be interesting what MC they decide to go with for Calvard.
Geofront just confirmed that not only are they working on Azure, but editing's 75% done. https://geofront.esterior.net/2020/06/10/from-zero-to-azure-announcing-trails-to-azure/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=papo3O2D-H0
(2.11 MB 2048x2152 1591844715068.png)
Marrying Duvalie!
(517.94 KB 1210x658 1592696944052.png)
(215.03 KB 1266x688 1592697182915.png)
(502.72 KB 1266x685 1592697305305.png)
(202.86 KB 1264x686 1592647808238.jpg)
(247.07 KB 660x623 1592698163511.gif)
>>23284 Was it any good?
>>42414 These are incredible. The 'salt' and Estelle choking the fishing guy are killing me. >>42422 hasn't been released yet but from what i've seen the gameplay and music looks solid. Geofront is pretty reliable so I'm expecting some good things. >>12650 >Seems like Elie will be canon for Lloyd, though. Damn that sucks. Another loss for team Noel.
(380.06 KB 1280x720 crossbell-15.jpg)
>>42502 >Another loss for team Noel. At least her butt still looks good in Hajimari
>>42708 Falcom really nail that animu booty.
Ys IX got announced for a 2021 western release for PS4, Switch, and PC. Sadly, NISA's doing the localization again. https://invidio.us/watch?v=0BwGdUjAqxk
>>26186 I didn't like Rean at first but I really started to grow on him with CS3. The "student becomes the teacher" bit is really interesting and makes me want a JRPG in a school setting where you play as the Teacher. >>42502 >Noel >Not Rixia
(139.07 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (2).jpg)
>>44802 On the plus side, Durante is doing the PC version from word GI. Just cross your fingers they get one of the ex-xseed freelancers to do the script. Also CS4 for a definite date: October 27th. >>44820 Rixia's ass looks great too, don't worry.
(18.32 KB 295x159 _20200624_145607.JPG)
>Schera looking at wedding dresses with Empress Priscilla These doors are gonna be great
>>44974 It's a shame pc version won't be till next year where I shall pirate it because fuck Nisa.
(204.84 KB 820x181 harem_protagonist.png)
>>44974 >There are other girls with ass A win for humanity but a loss for team noel yet again.
(16.02 MB 640x360 videoplayback.mp4)
New Hajimari trailer. It's wild to see a Falcom game with actual animation, even if some of the old canned Ines are still there from time to time. Also this looks wild. This game looks way more varied and interesting than 3rd, even though it is kind of a 3rd spiritual sequel.
>>46787 I know it's kind of already past that point with cold steel and what not, but the new characters seem a little bit too animu i dunno. Like compared to the older characters they seem a little bit over designed.
(178.40 KB 1000x1000 1593093078195.jpg)
>>46828 Lapis is literally just a Rosenberg Doll. I guess the heterochromia is a bit weeby. Swin and Nadia most just look like they're dressed a bit too casual to be assassins. C is just Lelouch, but then again so was original C. And, let's be honest, Trails has always been pretty animu.
>>46787 Based on those Gralsritter ships, looks like Kevin is going to show up at one point.
>>47287 Possibly. Though I can't discount the possibility you might just see his ship and not him.
(267.49 KB 1280x720 1593314553717.jpg)
(73.39 KB 988x580 Ys8-switch1.jpg)
(52.90 KB 1003x596 Ys8-switch2.jpg)
(74.49 KB 972x592 Ys8-switch3.jpg)
So the Switch port of CS3 got released. Is the port shit like Ys 8?
>>53720 Graphics are less sharp. The native 720p makes certain text blurry while docked. Framerate is 30fps but stable. It uses the PC save system which is better than PS4's shitty saving. In shorts, all of it's problems are because of the Switch's limitations itself.
How far are they going to take the Agate-Tita relationship? It's just a running gag right? They're not really going to have them end up together right?
(132.31 KB 1280x587 _20200706_144639.JPG)
>>55267 They start teasing it really heavily in CS4.
>>55267 He's gonna give her the heavy blade into her tight orbal gear.
I'm having a hard time deciding which is the best waifu. I've been picking Emma for every Cold Steel game but seeing Towa delicious hips has me confused.
>>60887 Pretty much every girl is a best girl, except for Alisa.
(207.08 KB 1920x1080 1594685982531.jpg)
(111.63 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (4).jpg)
(273.21 KB 324x401 1593940455700.png)
(74.95 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (3).jpg)
>>60887 Towa's romance route in CS4 is pretty cute, but so is Emma's. Then again, they're all pretty great. I don't hate Alisa the way I used to, but she's still my least favorite.
>>61317 She's not as bad by virtue of them finally getting around to giving her a point in the story but at the same time I roll my eyes every time they basically force her romance. I think it's just a pet peeve but if you're giving the player an option don't force a "canon" choice on the player that makes you feel like you're playing the non canon route.
(162.53 KB 1440x720 1593968354659.jpg)
>>61379 Oh I fully agree with that. CS3 was very annoying with that and she got extreme special treatment. But CS4 pulled back (though she still gets some and frankly there's at least one thing in the ending that should have been changed to work like it did in CS2) and makes a much more even showing. Given Kondo said Hajimari reads the save I hope it gets taken even further there. Pic: unrelated lolibabba pantsu.
(786.97 KB 2560x1440 Alfin a slut.jpg)
Just started CS2. I laughed my ass off at Rean's "low self-esteem" being his primary combat weakness on the CS2 tier list, but holy fucking shit this self-deprecation is intense. Every other conversation he's telling some random schmuck in his hometown how he's a shitty brother, or son, or classmate or person in general. Motherfucker you lost one fight. One. While piloting a vehicle that you didn't even know was a vehicle 30 minutes ago. Get the fuck over yourself and fuck your damn sister already. Also, I can't believe it took me this long to realize that the reason why Alfin acts like such a little slut all the time is because she's Oliver's sister. Of course she would turn out like that.
>>61392 >turbo mode Indeed
(242.99 KB 1541x639 DRemB-oWsAANP4q.jpg_large)
>>61392 Oh man you haven't seen anything yet. Cold Steel is all about the destruction of Rean's Smile and Optimism. Until the very end at least
(318.00 KB 545x800 Rean and Towa OTP.jpg)
>>60887 Towa was always the best girl. If you didn't realize it at the start, then you don't deserve her.
(966.54 KB 1920x1080 KloeSwimming.jpg)
>CS2 >Conclusion of every chapter >Oh no, this guy's really tough. Guess I have to stop holding back. >No, Rean! Don't stop holding back! Think of your family, and how much you've trained in order to be able to hold back this much! The years of shitposting is pretty accurate, I see.
(386.18 KB 1073x251 FieCS2.png)
>>69724 Then you fight with a robot, yes. CS3 also has a bit of a formula though it's broken more in later chapters. CS4 is a bit better about that.
(851.29 KB 2560x1440 Tsundere Jusis.jpg)
>>69755 This game is the most naive fucking bullshit. They keep talking about "being neutral", yet every single action they've taken has directly opposed the Noble Alliance. They have not been exposed to a single imperial who has had any conflict with the party or their actions whatsoever. This is blatantly NOT neutrality. This is a sham.
(244.80 KB 910x188 MilliumNWord.png)
>>73461 To be honest, I dislike the "neutral" term used and I'm not sure if it's the fault of the translation or the original script. In reality they want to be outside of the command structure of the Imperial Army are focus on their own goals, which more relate to Thors stuff specifically. That's really all it means.
(954.48 KB 2560x1440 Fish burgers.jpg)
(146.82 KB 1280x720 Zenbu da.jpg)
(1.12 MB 2560x1440 Tea with Bleublanc.jpg)
>>73465 I was thinking that could have been what they meant, but it sounds so fucking stupid with the way they translated it. Also, this segment just made all the dumb bullshit up to now worth it. I've always loved it when game let you sit down and have a pleasant, friendly chat with your antagonist, and CS II gives you an entire chapter of just that back to back to back. It really humanizes them and puts things into perspective. Except for McBurn. I fucking hate everything about McBurn so much that its rolled back onto itself and made me love him ironically. Everything about his design, and his personality, and the dumb shit he says, and his explanations about how he's strong just "because" and there's no real reason for it. Holy fuck, he's the worst and its amazing.
(371.34 KB 1024x1024 Duvalie.jpg)
(446.66 KB 325x400 McBurnAllOfMe.gif)
>>73612 Oh man you haven't even scratched the surface with McBurn. Your attitude is pretty much how everyone feels.He's an edgelord but generally pretty entertaining. Also, yeah the Pantagruel section is great.
>tfw keep thinking the newer Ys games after SEVEN are objectively worse than the older ones >still 100% each and every single one like a battered wife Why can't I stop? I did so when I stopped like Cold Steel.
>>73671 These franchises lure you in and get you addicted to them like a drug. They make you think of all the good times you had with the earlier games and make you want to see it through to the end even though you know there is never going to be an end to them as long as they keep making money. I'm still shackled to the Trails series even though it stopped being good after the Crossbell arc which was almost a decade ago. I don't like the games that much anymore but I can't stop. I know I'm going to hate Cold Steel 4 even more than I hated 3 but I have to play it anyway. I even pre-ordered the fucking thing.
>>73693 That's the thing, I didn't like CS1 so I stopped the Legend of Heroes games then and there. I didn't like Celceta and most of Dana so why can't I stop playing them?
(130.22 KB 430x241 KurtJust.jpg)
(106.58 KB 359x205 MilliumSwimsuit.jpg)
(118.89 KB 427x239 BananaBoat.jpg)
(140.03 KB 452x254 AltinaSelfie.jpg)
JUST fuck Kurt's shit up. Also various beach things and Altina in VR mode.
>>73998 This is from cs4 right? I guess milium recovered from being a sword pretty quickly I already knew so yea.
(1.06 MB 1672x1000 MilliumLewd1.png)
>>74006 Hajimari, actually. Though some of those swimsuits were DLC in CS4. But yeah, Millium has a spare body she gets at the very end of CS4. She spends most of the game dead and the rest as a ghost.
>>74008 Oh I saw those swimsuits at one point before so I just thought they were in cs4.
(311.99 KB 1280x720 AlfinSwimsuit.jpg)
(312.36 KB 1920x1080 Shizuku.jpg)
(82.15 KB 489x845 Shizuku1.jpg)
(306.12 KB 1920x1080 Fran.jpg)
(10.10 MB 640x360 HajimariOP.mp4)
>>74006 Apparently Falcom has given up trying to have anime OPs and is just using the CG assets. Not the first company I've seen do this. It works well enough. It's honestly less embarrassing than CS4's OP. Also to that one anon who used to post in these threads, Shizuku is back.
(101.90 KB 530x281 Rean crying.png)
>>74596 NO NO NO It's not fucking fair, Reanbros! Why does Lloyd get to be the one to open his eyes and stand in the middle? Why does Nu-C get to both open and end the OP? This is a travesty. It was HIS TURN. I demand a reshoot!
(540.21 KB 1229x648 LloydDead.png)
>>74633 Well Lloyd jobs to Rufus. They had to give him some shine.
(181.06 KB 1920x1080 RixiaWedding.jpg)
>>53720 how embarrassing
(226.10 KB 1920x1080 KeASwimHajimari.jpg)
(229.40 KB 1280x720 TioKimono.jpg)
(180.42 KB 1280x720 ElieKimono.jpg)
(236.96 KB 1920x1080 ReanSamurai.jpg)
>>79129 Gomenasai, my name is Rean-Sama,
(3.51 MB 640x360 SSSBreakIn.mp4)
(2.25 MB 640x360 LLoydrandyBump.mp4)
(22.66 KB 750x307 Epstein.jpg)
(760.00 KB 2560x1440 Otto no.jpg)
Bros....This can't be happening.....They got him. My mouth is dry. My eyes are burning.
(191.08 KB 1280x720 RixiaIllyaMolest.png)
(210.43 KB 1280x720 EstelleJoshuaIceCream.png)
(150.15 KB 1280x720 JunaCoat.png)
(320.07 KB 1920x1080 DieterHajimari1.jpg)
(259.20 KB 1920x1080 LechterGuns.jpg)
>>88986 Fun fact: Otta is still the only civilian Trails character who has ever died. Neither Sky nor Crossbell ever did this. I get he wasn't even an important enough character to have a unique model, but even still no other Trails game ever did it.
CS3 chapter 1 spoiler: Just got to Hamel, hit pretty hard, and the music made it hit harder.
(365.12 KB 439x567 TitaBath.png)
Just a heads up to...anyone who uses this thread (which is mostly just me I guess) Hajimari streams will probably start soon. Like probably tomorrow. I will probably post stuff in there about it. I'll spoiler tag it. >>90089 CS3 has some good shit in it, and yeah that's some of it right there.
(993.51 KB 1096x581 RufusLloyd.png)
The absolute state of Crossbell
(587.23 KB 2048x1152 AureliaJK1.jpg)
JK Aurelia
Brandish the Dark Revenant 2 when?
>>91061 Yes please, but where is the abs?
I'm halfway through chapter 4 of CS3, but am I supposed to hate Osborne? So far it seems like he's done literally nothing wrong and reminds me a lot of Oberstein from LOTGH.
Really hope the rumors about the next Trails game not being turnbased are false.
(1.58 MB 1077x826 HajiCast1.png)
Christ the party poor for the final dungeon is 40 characters, and there are still playable characters that aren't in that. >>91668 A lot of people seem to be taking it as fact. I am also not happy with this news if it turns out to be true. Like Kondo is trying to play Follow the Leader with FF7R.
>>91671 Yeah I don't take it as fact unless I see it action or the developer comes out and says "no turn based." I just don't understand why people hate turn based or random battles. Guess I'm an oldfag.
(924.88 KB 584x957 RandyMirielleRIng.png)
The ending of Hajimari was wild. I don't really want to say too much because there's still a lot lost in translation. I haven't seen almost any of the "doors" since the chinaman stream everyone was watching just blitzed the critical path, but there's some fun looking stuff. Kondo lied about Elie being canon, by the way. Lloyd remains a harem protag and he gets moments with all of the girls. This one thing from the credits was pretty cute, though.
(182.05 KB 831x1024 Count Otto von Bismarck.jpg)
>>91663 >reminds me a lot of Oberstein from LOTGH. That's because they're both based on Otto von Bismarck. Osborne's "Blood and Iron Chancellor" nickname comes from Bismarck's famous blood and iron speech. >Not by speeches and votes of the majority are the great questions of the time decided — that was the error of 1848 and 1849 — but by iron and blood.
(14.13 MB 1280x720 LauraVR.webm)
(218.08 KB 1079x1539 EaMwwI2XYAEJ0Lr.jpg)
(118.51 KB 1080x1039 EU3lg-MXYAElOAG.jpg)
(33.73 KB 786x334 umsue1vuzr031.jpg)
>>93113 Laura cute as always. Did we ever get any information about her mother? >>91801 We got information from Kondo this week about the changes in the Battle system.That there will be action elements and more real-time nature and that its a type of battle "never before seen". Guess we will have to wait.
(110.19 KB 1280x720 LauraCave.jpg)
(1.43 MB 1226x813 LauraKiss.png)
>>94472 >Did we ever get any information about her mother? I think CS4 has a throwaway line giving her the typical "she died when I was young of illness" thing. She wasn't important. No idea why they took so long to bring that up. It should have been in CS1. >We got information from Kondo this week about the changes in the Battle system. Information from Kondo is honestly always suspect. He outright lied about things in Hajimari. He lied about "C" to try and make the twist of who he was seem less obvious, he lied about Elie and Lloyd's relationship being canonized. He lied about Kevin showing up (unless you count a five second look at his Merkebah and Estelle going 'look, it's Kevin and Ries!'" So I would take any quote from him with a massive grain of salt. It could be as simple as instituting timed hits given his track record.
(8.23 MB 1280x720 AgateTitaHajimari.webm)
(180.50 KB 1280x768 C7IeqiwVAAAIwoe.jpg)
(1.63 MB 1280x719 fd573618.png)
(1.94 MB 1280x719 9f0e345a.png)
(146.63 KB 809x1024 8L1B.jpg)
>>96790 I wonder if we will finally meet Yun Ka-fai in the Calvard arc, or if the MC will be using a cold steel katana.
>>95099 Why is she in her pantsu?
(307.06 KB 1662x931 MusseNoSkirt.jpg)
(1.66 MB 1280x719 EliseNoSkirt1.png)
(1.74 MB 1280x719 ObahanButt.png)
(1.66 MB 1280x719 EmmaPanties.png)
(557.39 KB 2569x1435 SharonAss.jpg)
>>107009 Ys 9 is out next February. Not sure if if the PC release is simultaneous or not. At the very least it will be a good port this time because Durante is doing it. >>106989 Well they made a design for him in art now and he specifically says he's trying to find out why the East is becoming a desert in his letter to Rean, so probably. >>106993 A nip uses the PC version to shrink skits to microscopic to show off the pantsu.
>>107094 St. Astraia girls have nice school issued panties.
(7.27 MB 1280x720 RixiaVR.webm)
I played Xanadu Next after dismissing it for a long time due to the point and click nature and shitty graphics and loading time. It turns out, I absolutely love that game. What are some other Falcom ARPGs that hold up?
>>119408 Have you played Brandish the Dark Revenant?
(459.71 KB 1280x720 Mcburn.jpg)
>>118322 Is this from the update? How overpowered did they make Mcburn?
(496.23 KB 702x395 AzureDemi.png)
(567.67 KB 1613x851 CalvardProtag1.png)
(144.75 KB 1617x898 RenneTitaComputer.jpg)
(1.35 MB 1920x1080 OsbroDoor.png)
(70.18 KB 750x401 CalvardVillain.jpg)
>>119439 Pretty damn strong. The final boss of the True Reverie Corridor is the Azure Demiourgos again. There's another episode giving more closure with Osbro, one with Ash coming to terms with himself, one with Makarov proposing to Mary, and more Calvard hints, Thankfully the predictions of it being a prequel were bunk. It takes place one year later in 1108. Too early to tell who the MC will be yet, but it's either the the red haired guy on the holographic image that came with Hajimari, or it's the a-rank bracer girl (she apparently feels her promotion to a-rank was political rather than deserved) who's name might be Elaine (hard to tell with katakana sometimes). Rean fights what looks like some of the villains of the arc in one of the previews (a woman cuts his tachi in half and proclaims herself to be Yun Kai Fai's true disciple) and Renne apparently will have a big part.
>>119415 Nope, but I will give it a go. Thanks for the recommendation.
(131.63 KB 1280x720 RixiaBack.jpg)
(207.60 KB 506x226 RixiaBiggest.png)
So I'm curious, if anyone's played both, how does the Trials of Mana remake compare to the party Ys game? Also, did I end up ruining Ys Seven/Dana for myself by playing on Hard? Nothing really felt inherently difficult, it's just that everyone had too much health and dealt too much damage.
The boss fights are the only fun parts of the post-bump combat Ys games.
(390.81 KB 467x414 IllyaGrope.png)
(981.14 KB 1280x720 IllyaPoke.webm)
So are Estelle and Joshua incest? >>132768 I'd say that's valid for Oath in Felghana, but I like all of Origin.
>chain spam the dodge button >chain spam the parry button >watch an owl fly by in slow-motion because you dodged its attack but the developers didn't code in a fail-safe where it only goes into bullet time if you can actually hit the boss I've discussed these games to death. I miss the isometric sprites. These modern games are for coomers.
(152.13 KB 550x352 JoshuaEstelle.jpg)
>>133570 >So are Estelle and Joshua incest? >Not blood realted >Moved in together when they were 11 It's about the least taboo form of "incest" you can get and it really barely counts. If Estelle didn't try to brotherzone Joshua for the first half of FC probably almost no one would complain.
>>133584 Look man, no one's saying otherwise but I do want a better version of the Ys Party games. They keep adding fun stuff like character specific movement options but the issue is that doesn't really solve the fundamental problems of the combat systems. Seriously fuck flash move and flash guard
>>133601 The party aspect doesn't add anything. It's just 2 braindead AIs doing nothing of use. I'm still going to play 8 Mobile and 9 but I'm not going to like it.
(256.68 KB 325x473 6545678uhg.png)
>>133604 >I'm still going to play 8 Mobile and 9 but I'm not going to like it.
>>133584 >These modern games are for coomers. Hit the fucking nail on the head. <inb4 coomers gert butthurt at our posts >>133604 > I'm still going to play 8 Mobile and 9 but I'm not going to like it. 9 is widely considered dogshit by older fans, don't bother. They actually had to shut down Amazon Japan reviews because of all the negative ratings it got,
(278.18 KB 481x519 AltinaFailures.png)
>>133703 >>133584 I'm not butthurt at the post, but I am a little disgusted by the halfchan terminology. At least you didn't post the wojack with it and tell people to "cope."
So should I play the rest of the Cold Steel games? I didn't like CS1, but then again I didn't like Sky FC either.
>>134298 I think CS1 is my least favorite one in the series, CS2 is better. Play the rest of them. >I didn't like Sky FC How?
>>134310 It started off really slow. I liked it more once we got to Olivier but in terms of gameplay I felt like I wasn't thinking at all. I recall SC/3rd had more emphasis on buffs and strategy too.
>>134312 FC is the least interesting game of the franchise, but you can appreciate the "stage" it sets up as you play through the other games. SC is a major improvement, and everything it sets up in terms of the storyline is the real draw of the series.
>>134423 I mean, yeah. I don't think I could have appreciated Estelle's arc, or have even gotten into SC were it not for FC and that twist at the end.
>>134423 >FC is the least interesting game of the franchise I don't know about that. It's slow moving but it's also very comfy.
(156.58 KB 322x353 Dewvalie.png)
>>134298 FC and CS1 are very similar in that both are primarily setip. The only difference is CS1 is even longer than FC. But if you liked where the Sky arc went after FC, I think you'll appreciate how CS goes from after it's first game too.
>>134453 Alright, thanks anon. Do I jump into the crossbell games before CS2? I read there's a major spoiler for crossbell in the ending in one of the CS games, but I can't remember which. How are the translations, by the way?
(238.84 KB 424x320 LloydBased.png)
>>134456 I think that would be a good idea. Crossbell stuff starts becoming REALLY important in CS3, but even the end of CS2 has some stuff that will work way better if you'be played Crossbell, and unlike me, you actually have the ability to play them in English before CS2.
>>134456 As the other anon suggested you should play the Crossbell games before CS2. Ideally they should have been played before CS1 as they already tie together some events. Those games are also really great in general, I played both back to back when the fan patches were still very crude. Personally they are my favorite part of the series, but I think they are a must play if you give a shit about the story.
(12.81 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>134456 Don't forget to also watch the Musical version.
(131.58 KB 270x263 [concern intensifies] (2).png)
>>134530 >musicals based off video games
(169.49 KB 234x244 reandance.webm)
>>134535 Exactly
(740.05 KB 866x900 ReanLost.png)
(283.81 KB 557x420 ReanMusical.png)
(51.77 KB 578x578 GaiusMusical.jpg)
>>134530 >>134535 >>134547 It was good for some memes.
>>134535 Pretty sure Nier has some side content in the form of a musical as well.
>>134554 Nier Automata's musical is actually fucking canon. CS's is just a retelling mostly for comedy.
>>134555 >Nier Automata's musical is actually fucking canon bullshit
>>134530 Fuck me, I've forgotten who blonde twintails was but I remember I fucking hated her. I also remember silver haired petite gal and blue haired tall one. Am I going to have to replay CS1, or can I float by with only remembering that Rean's sister wanted to jump his bones and that there was a mecha at the end?
>>134610 It's true. It's A2's backstory. >>134611 You'll probably remember enough when you start 2, I think. There might be a text recap in CS2's menu now that I think about it.
(26.21 KB 739x316 CS4ReviewLol.png)
People already salty about the romance options. https://archive.vn/lUfxb
>>134891 He basically friendzone's the lot of them though? It's open for interpretation sure but at most their relationship would continue after he stops being their teacher, what the fuck does he mean by "wrong"?
(176.33 KB 1614x832 MusseKiss.jpg)
>>134917 It depends. With Musee he basically says "your cock teasing has made it really hard to control myself" and more or less seems to imply fucking will begin soon after graduation. With Juna he mostly seems confused but Juna basically says she'll prove she's serious after graduation. With Altina he basically says he's going to keep treating her like he has been but when she's grown up a little she can ask again and they'll see what happens. With Alfin he's basically ready to make it official right there, but feels her position as Crown Princess and his fucked up history would make it a bit difficult until things calm down. With Elise he seems confused that they could have that type of relationship and gives kind of a non-committal "I guess I'll think about it" which is enough to make Elise throw away her previous conviction to move on and jump right back in the harem pool.
>>134938 They all sound pretty well done to me. The only questionable one would be Altina even then the age difference isn't huge, sounds like the reviewer is just trying to virtue signal against those filthy nips.
>>134947 >The only questionable one would be Altina even then the age difference isn't huge Considering that Jusis and Millium is all but a confirmed relationship at this point it means even less, to say nothing of Tita and Agate who are 12 years apart and are shipped by just about everyone in-universe.
>>134891 I'm glad none of these reviewers were around for the 3rd because I really doubt it would have been their pleasure
(492.82 KB 627x620 RiesMyPleasure.png)
(56.03 KB 986x627 ReanRenne.jpg)
>>135013 Star Door 15, to my knowledge, has never caused a single sperg out. It's handled very tastefully, even if it's raw. Even the SJWs have never complained about it as far as I've seen. They tend to act like pre-CS games could do no wrong while CS is garbage designed to appeal to the fanserivce crowd. And while it's true the fanservice quantity has increased, I'd say that's mostly due to the jump to 3D. If the ybeach segment in Ao is any indication they would have done it long ago.
>>135019 I act like ALL of falcom's pre-CS games are worse mainly because I'm annoyed Brandish and Xanadu don't get love. CS having a different quartz system and a high school setting were a bit annoying to me but I didn't mind CS at all. I kind of liked it. I KNOW post Origin Ys is inferior though.
>>135019 That could be because they never saw Star Door 15. Getting to it is the hardest part of the game and is entirely optional. Those types tend to avoid challenges like that.
>>135062 Was there any requirement to reaching it besides getting to that point in the game?
(1.56 MB 462x318 NadiaN.webm)
>>135190 Nah, you just have to go down there. >>135062 Star Door 15 is pretty well known. I doubt this is the case.
(517.94 KB 1210x658 1592696944052.png)
>>135019 >They tend to act like pre-CS games could do no wrong while CS is garbage designed to appeal to the fanserivce crowd. But they're right, CS is trash. Not necessarily fanservic-y but certainly aimed at mainstream waifu crowd.
So I've decided to wait on crossbell since >I'll probably be replaying CS1 anyways >I've read somewhere there will be PC ports with import saves allowed for Hajimari My question is, does Estelle return in any of the CS games?
>>135207 Yep, she's in 4.
>>135662 >>135670 Meant for.
Someone made a Falcom documentary. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=JIcbJn-RylQ
No surprises here https://archive.is/NBzV8 >It pains me to say this, especially after NISA's valiant effort on Trails of Cold Steel III, but the current state of Cold Steel IV's translation is a mess. Some of the issues I ran into included, but were by no means limited to, the following: Text overflows, misspellings, missing punctuation, incorrect line breaks (whether at the beginning or end of a textbox), incredibly stilted dialog, outright translation errors (such as Sieg from Trails in the Sky referred to as "Zeke"), and much, much more. I reached out to NISA, and they told me that a patch was planned, but they offered no timeline for it - I don't know if it will be ready for launch, and even if it was, I can only judge the game that I've been given and the experience that I've had. I want to stress that I don't necessarily blame NISA for this all - although there are plenty of issues with the game's translation, it's still at least clear that they didn't just phone it in. Rather, they (or maybe even Falcom) probably didn't have enough time for another editing pass. Speaking from personal experience - I wouldn't be surprised if their workflow had been adversely impacted by COVID-19, and although I wish the game had instead been delayed (much like Cold Steel III had!), I am also cognizant that there may well have been other factors that impacted that decision. It sucks, and I'm sure that the translation will eventually be up to par with Cold Steel III... but it wasn't when I played the game, and there's no telling when it will.
(1.95 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>133960 That's not quite the same. I use the term in its most honest of meanings, not as a stock-phrase to be uttered in place of a downvote. I'm here simply voicing my own opinion, not to dismiss someone else's without clear argumentation. As for the term itself, an alternative such as Porn-obsessed doesn't have quite the same ring to it, because it implies some sort of higher degree of standard. I, too, wish modern Ys games didn't have to rely on casuals (without said standard) and could be good games on their own. So there's no need for infighting.
>decide to look up some uncommentated playthroughs of SC because there were a few fights and music I wanted to remember >recall estelle's great arc, the plotpoints with Renne, the pillar of salt scene and Graham, and that music >remember how fun the gameplay was with positioning and buffs >itching to play Zero but I gotta have those save imports Fuck. I'll admit, Kiseki was the one and only turn based JRPG games I've played to completion. How do others compare? I do vaguely recall playing one of the PS2 Wild Arms games and not really enjoying it, it had a hex grid with like 5(could have been more, I do remember some hexes had colored borders which gave your attacks an attribute) spaces to move on. >>137057 I hope at some point the party games get better. I've mentioned this a lot of times but I really liked the Dana-only dungeons in the flashbacks, where you played one character with different forms/weapons, each sharing the same skills but having different variations on them, different movement speed stats, defense stats and a different attack moveset, while also bringing some element for puzzle solving. I really liked that part of Lacrimosa and I wish they'd make a Ys game, or hell even just a game with that mindset. I'm still a battered wife and will still be playing Ys 9 when it comes out, but I really wish I'd feel anything than "it was fun, but it could be much better" feeling I got with the past three Ys games.
About to start Ys memories of celceta on the vita. I tried playing it last year in PC but I had kept crashing and its performance sucked. Plus, it felt like a mobile game rather than a PC one, so Im hoping its good.
>>135895 That was pretty good.
So here's a question, about the later ColdSteel games. Does Renne ever start a robot fight with Tita's orbal gear, or Rean's whatever it was called?
>>137349 And here's the answer: Play Azure.
>>136190 I hope to god the fan translators have either the same opinion, or read this. Someone get this to them ASAP so we won't have to deal with a NISA/mostly NISA translation.
>>137371 NISA will probably patch it so it goes from garbage to slightly less garbage just enough that translators won't be bothered to correct their mess.
(592.25 KB 498x890 AltinaPleasant.png)
>>137430 >>137371 >>136190 I've been watching Youtube videos and it seems about on par with CS3, to be honest. It's not as good as XSeed, but it's not as bad as that review makes it seem. You shouldn't go and buy it, obviously, but if you like the series, pirating it in a few months when the PC version comes out would probably be worth it. It should be noted that writer of that review is a massive cuck. Just look into him if you don;t believe me. His biggest problems with Cold Steel are for SJWeeb reasons.
What are your favorite OSTs?
(3.42 MB 640x360 HajimariElaine.mp4)
>>137873 Honestly I have favorites on all of them. Some say the latter half of the Cold Steel games are a downgrade, but I still found plenty of tracks I liked on both. However, if Elaine's interlude in Hajimari is representative of the ost style for Calvard, I think it's going to be fucking great.
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>>138687 Erika stop posting, you're drunk.
(144.75 KB 1617x898 RenneTitaComputer.jpg)
(9.07 KB 651x123 TitaAgateGoOut.png)
>>138687 One year after Hajimari, Erika confirmed in her own personal hell.
(1.01 MB 1617x898 round_of_seven_proxies.png)
>>138819 If nothing else, I am never going not going to find hilarious how everything went from industrial revolution style airshipland to actually being able to shitpost in universe.
>>138393 I wonder how many party members we will have by the end of that arc.
I just started Cold Steel IV. I really like how you start off by playing as Estelle, Joshua, Lloyd and Ellie. I have no idea how people who don't emulate or pirate, and therefore haven't played the Crossbell duology, are supposed to know what's going on but that's the price you pay for not getting on the pirate ship.
Okay, fuck the save imports. Where do I download Zero/Ao? >>138819 >Renne gets asked on a date >Asks her date to hold her hand >"It would be my pleasure" >The next day Pater Mater shows up with a baseball bat
>>139026 The translated PC versions are nyaa.si and nyaa.pantsu.cat and the translated PSP versions are on a lot of rom sites. You can find them by just typing "Zero/Ao no Kiseki translated ISO" into your search engine of choice. I think I downloaded mine from CD Romance.
>>139061 Thank you, anon.
(598.79 KB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Already I'm amazed how this PSP game has a feature very few other games have but everything should have.
Which Nihon Falcom game has the most tiddies?
(10.47 MB 1280x720 SaraVR.webm)
>>139608 Probably Hajimari. The most characters, costumes and even a vr mode to ogle the girls in bathing suits. See attached and also here: >>118322 >>93113
>>139611 Is there a VR event with Aurelia?
>>139613 this is a good question.
Does Zero/Ao have the same bullshit like SC where totally random stuff contributes to your overall score? >>139608 Brandish the dark revenant
(2.73 MB 1832x1080 AureliaKneel.png)
>>139614 >>139613 Sadly no. It's the 11 girls Rean can final bond with, and the four main members of Lloyd's harem. >>139617 >Does Zero/Ao have the same bullshit like SC where totally random stuff contributes to your overall score? Yes. If you're autistic about it, you should look up a max dp guide.
Was I wrong to play on Hard for Zero? Boss battles are fun and all, but normal battles are dragging out, even with a 2/3 level advantage and a stun/ambush.
(578.51 KB 778x1038 TioCalm.jpg)
>>140254 Harder modes in Crossbell more or less make physical attacks and crafts moot. It becomes artspam no kiseki. It's one of my problems with the games. Cold Steel may be way more exploitable, but at least the exploits are more fun than just everyone casting spark dyne over and over and over again.
>>140367 After caving in on Yin and hexediting the save file difficulty, I can agree. This isn't a complete pushover and there's still some thought on my part so it's fine by me.
(19.53 MB 1280x720 Laura.mp4)
>>140367 >Cold Steel may be way more exploitable Hey now, Laura works just as intended.
>>140489 Oh god I completely forgot that CS introduces a new orbment system. I didn't mind it, to be honest. Yeah it limits you a lot, but it's not something I particularly miss.
>this festival chapter This is one of the most fun chapters I've had in a kiseki game. Here's a question, do I get to see Renne's meeting with Joshua/Estelle or will there be a time skip and Joshua gets a fourth sister?
(378.30 KB 1366x768 Laura unleashed.jpg)
(2.17 MB 1280x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
What the fuck is this shit?
>>141059 Bad localization
>>141060 This is the fan translation(at least I think so, this is the PC version)
>>141062 I heard one of the fan-translators who did a lot of work couldn't resist putting in a few of his lame "memespeak" like that and the rest of the team tolerated it because of the heavy lifting he put in overall
>>141044 >do I get to see Renne's meeting with Joshua/Estelle Yes. Joshua and Estelle adopting Renne without Renne meeting her real parents face to face even once is my biggest problem with the Crossbell arc. If they had been able to see her just once and give Estelle and Joshua their blessing I would be fine with it.
>Missed 2 dp Fuck, please don't tell me I need all DP to get to the max rank.
(307.63 KB 858x246 whyitbecomeslikethis.png)
>>141059 >>141059 >>141060 >>141062 >>141064 I actually know the specific autist who added this line. He's a dumbass who's obsessed with hating every Singa track on the OSTs. Luckily his entries are few and far between. It's still better than the near incoherent original localization.
(346.45 KB 1280x720 Crossbell.jpg)
Work in progress. I'm shit at Krita so don't expect much but I'll try and do my best. Any comments? Priority >Hair/Eye colors >Tio's outfit(Fuck me if I know how I'm going to do the cat ears though >Elie's outfit
>>141904 Can't you just a high res picture of tio, cut out the ears and then warp and shape them to fit?
>>141927 Probably. I'm considering whether or not Lloyd should be the one upfront instead of the person with glasses in the back though. I'll also probably replace the analyze text with the graphic used for Battle Scope too.
Just finished Zero. Considering how there wasn't a big reveal at the end, I'm thinking Ao's ending is going to be some serious shit. Although I wonder where the Gralsritter was in all of this, considering the nature of the final boss.
Also, would Ys vs Kiseki alternative saga whatever be worth playing?
>>143677 >I'm thinking Ao's ending is going to be some serious shit. You know it. >Although I wonder where the Gralsritter was in all of this Guess you have to jump straight into Ao to find out.
>>143679 Nah, I'm waiting on the geo-front translation because I'm not going to ruin this with some shit tier machine translated thing. Besides I have other vidya I wanted to play before Zero took over all of my free time. Dear God please let Ys 9 be good
>>143681 The translation isn't that bad. There are just a few fuck ups every once in awhile. Lines like >>141310 are very rare.
>>143681 From what I remember the Ao translation was a bit better than the pre-geofront Zero translation.
>>141310 Which tracks did Singa do?
>>143681 The Ao translation is way better than the Geofront one. It will basically feel like standard anime subtitles.
>>144297 Fuck I mean better than the Zero one.
Something been grating at me since Zero's ending. How did they fit Pater Mater on the air ship? Actually, are the thirteen factories a part of Ouroborus or not?
>>145685 >How did they fit Pater Mater on the air ship? Guess he flew behind it. >Actually, are the thirteen factories a part of Ouroborus or not? Yes, the thirteen factories is the Ouroborus R&D department.
>>145727 So did Joerge Meister(Is that his name) write off Renne from the society? It's been a few years since I've played The 3rd and I can't really remember the dialog of the ouroborus folks when encountering them with Renne. Is lloyd an insanely powerful character in gameplay compared to Estelle and Joshua? Maybe it's because I put more attention into his orbments, used more buffs and knew where to use what crafts than I did in FC but I felt like Lloyd could solo entire fights on his own if need be and was doing most of the work during the bossfights
>>145734 Ouroborus gives its enforcers a lot of freedom, so I assume they let her do what she wants until it becomes detrimental to their plans. Kind of like a certain enforcer from Cold Steel. I assume it's because of gameplay and mechanic changes. After replaying a bit of FC a while back after I completed CS2, it's almost ridiculous how weak everything is when you can only target one thing at a time.
The Thirteen Factories are not part of Ouroboros. They are much bigger and older than Ouroboros is. The connection between them is, that the head of the Thirteen Factories, F. Novartis, is one of the Anguis, so technically Ouroboros has a lot of control over them. Joerg Rosenberg loathes Novartis due to his lack of ethics, especially for the experiments he did on Renne. It wouldn't make sense for him to want Renne to stay an Enforcer. During Zero Renne is on a temporary leave from Ouroboros, which becomes permanent later, just like Joshuas.
>>145746 Honestly that sort of shit is why I feel the grandmaster of Ourboros might be Aidios or some god-tier creature if they don't care about the loss of super strong assassin, super powerful loli and her bot, and super strong bladelord.
>>145786 It's all according to keikaku.
>>145786 Ao spoiler: Pater Mater gets destroyed.
>>145897 Why did I read that
(126.78 KB 300x463 ClipboardImage.png)
>>145897 Father Mother is in this? That's a fucked up crossover.
>>141081 I can see where you're coming from, but at the same time the hayworths have been through a lot, imagine thinking you, through greed, got your daughter killed and decided to redeem yourselves by living better, only to be told that, actually your daughter is alive and has gone through hell, is kind of crazy the way she's currently heading, has probably killed a shitton of people, has a massive fighting robot. I mean really do you think anyone could have redeemed/"tamed" Joshua if they weren't Cassius Bright
>>146761 Yeah, but despite all of that they surely would have liked to see Renne and know that she's safe and sound. Also, it's heavily implied that they know she's still alive in the scene at the SSS building where Renne is hiding from them in the closet, after she saves Colin. They even tell Lloyd that they want see the "violet haired girl" who saved their son.
Here's an odd question, do the remaining CS games(I've played 1 so far) get better with the 3D models? I found it odd how everyone seemed to share the same face structure and body type. Basically will I get to see Laura with some abs or not >>146852 But it's not like violet hair would be rare in the Trails world.
(142.63 KB 888x1080 Aurelia.jpg)
>>146875 It's been awhile since I played Zero but I think violet hair is actually a rarity in the Trails world. IIRC the Hayworths are stunned when Colin tells them that the girl who saved him had hair the same color as Harold's and jump to the conclusion that it's Renne.
(1.25 MB 960x960 Aurelia pathetic.png)
(1.13 MB 1626x1024 ReanDEATH.jpg)
>>146875 CS 3 and 4 have better models. Perhaps not the best ever, but still a big improvement.
So is Calvard's arc next or is there still something with Hajimari/they're jumping to Reimferia or whatever the fuck it was called?
>>147680 Calvard is next. Hajimari even has teasers for it.
>stumbled upon Unfathomed Force >can't stop listening to it Fuck me Geofront better hurry up with that Ao translation.
(277.44 KB 442x486 Obahan.png)
>>147955 It's pretty fucking great when it gets used in CS3.
(58.00 KB 700x586 Walter.png)
Something's bothering me greatly This guy Why the fuck didn't they kill this guy? Zin knocked him unconscious and then they all left him sleeping. WHY?
(739.46 KB 3840x2160 Protags.jpg)
>>148522 Trails characters are shonen protagonists. They don't kill anyone on purpose. The only time I can think of a Trails main character actively killing a villain is Rean in Cold Steel 4, and that's big asterisk as Ishmelga is not at all human and more of a monster. If you want it bad enough I guess you could say Kevin in Sky, but that was before he was an MC and got character development. I doubt Falcom would ever have him kill anyone like he did with Weissman post 3rd. I mean, it's so bad in Crossbell that Lloyd actively mourns that Joachim, the leader of a evil demon cult that performed human sacrifice and ran a pedophile ring for blackmail and funds, died because he OD'd on demon juice and they couldn't save him. Lloyd also expressed relief when it turns out his brother's murderer isn't dead. Suffice it to say, Trails is not a series where you get hard boiled characters. You get optimistic shonen anime characters. If that bothers you, Trails will probably annoy you.
>>148558 I know, I just thought they'd do something to this martial arts god who was part of the four people who managed to take on a castle and needed four bracers wailing on him simultaneously to take down. Take him into custody or break his arm or something. Not give him more reason to get stronger and fuck things up later in the calvard arc >That image Loewe's a protagonist?
(665.24 KB 3840x2160 ReanMusseFired.jpg)
>>148572 That's Rean. He's in perma-ogre mode in CS4. Normally he has dark hair. As for Walter, man the enemies only keep getting stronger from here on out.
(447.81 KB 1280x720 'Special' Support Section.jpg)
>>141904 I really tried and that's what makes this worse.
https://nichegamer.com/2020/11/12/nihon-falcom-to-release-new-trails-game-in-2021-to-celebrate-companys-40th-anniversary/ https://archive.fo/AadhT >As we celebrate our 40th anniversary next year, we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing the latest title in our completely new “Trails” series. >Several titles are scheduled to be released for home consoles, including The “Trails” series, which won the “Japan Game Awards Award”, “Japan Game Awards Future Division”, “Famitsu Award”, “PlayStation Award User’s Choice”, and “Japan Game Awards”. >It is one of Falcom’s flagship titles, which has won many awards, including the “Choice Award”, and has sold over 5 million copies in total. >Falcom’s game content is being distributed worldwide to Japan, North America, Europe and Asia through a variety of game consoles and smart phones. >We will continue to develop our IP content into mobile phone apps and other applications and actively use our IP content, while continuing to develop “Trails” and “Ys”. Start of the Calvard arc or something else?
>>151606 Probably calvard. I'm amazed how quickly they pump out the games.
(320.66 KB 1920x1080 AshStudentBody.jpg)
>>151606 >>151615 Calvard. It's had the most promotion so far. Reminder that Hajimari was made a b-team, so another team has been working on the next mainline Trails game since 2018.
I finally decided to look up some ys 9 footage to see whether or not I'd play it. When did Adol grow a ponytail?
>>152638 That's his "monstrum" form. All the party members in Ys 9 are normal villagers that take on a special form when they get shot by Aprillis.
(311.72 KB 672x777 feels great.png)
>>151606 >the legend of heroes games never really clicked with me >hate the party system Ys adopted >Tokyo Xanadu was the most sterile jrpg I've played in years making wary of them touching any other IP >Toshihiro Kondo still giving NIS/NISA the best damn rimjob they ever got All I wanted was another game with Zwei/Nayuta's mechanics and a Dinosaur Resurrect rerelease but I don't want to get cursed.
>>152665 >Adol's monstrum form is him looking manly Come on falcom I don't like the babyface he has going for him ever since MoC.
(179.93 KB 338x1073 AdolAmerican.jpg)
(315.92 KB 850x1200 AdolAmerican1.jpeg)
>>153232 It's probably a reaction to American Adol being something of a joke to Falcom.
So how badly did NISA ruin Trails of Cold Steel anyways? I gave up on even starting the franchise when they got Ys 8, but at this point it's not like i got much else to play. Also with how bad XSeed got it looks like this companies translations were fucked either way. >>153236 >they adopted Adols Donte form That's actually pretty funny.
(532.68 KB 1920x1080 AshView.jpg)
>>153307 >So how badly did NISA ruin Trails of Cold Steel anyways? Considering I was expecting a full on trainwreck it's not that bad. It doesn't really get memey and for the most part it feels pretty similar to the first two CS games, if a bit more stiffly translated in some parts. They didn't 4kidz it up or anything. Ys 8 got a re-translation that is also serviceable. No memes or anything like that and it doesn't feel like it was machine translated anymore. Durante does all the PC ports for Trails and they even gave Ys 8 back to him and he fixed it. I'd say it's worth a pirate, though CS4 won't be out on PC until some time next year. I wouldn't encourage it with a sale, but I think piracy is worth your time if you like the series.
>>153307 I can't speak for CS4, since I haven't played it and can only go on this dubious review >>136190 but CS3 is fine. Except for one completely unimportant NPC that uses the word "dewd", which I'm fairly sure is a NISA memesubs from Disgaea. Also this >>153310
>>153307 The only problem I've had with it so far is that the text spilled out of the boxes a few times when talking to some NPCs.
>>153312 Yeah I’ve noticed this a few times too. It’s nit super bad and it only happens with out of the way npcs, but it’s still sloppy. You’d find typos and stuff with XSeed too, but it’s a bit more common here.
Do any choices Like best girl, Fie carry over from Cold Steel 1 to Cold Steel 2 or is it just items like before? I don't know if I should replay the game or not.
>>154155 The choice barely matters. Rean will remember it like once. The characters have unique dialogue when you reunite if you picked them, but the dialogue plays if you qualified for the event even if you didn’t do it, so typically a bunch of characters will act like you did. Nothing carries over from CS2 to CS3 at all and once again very little does from 3 to 4.
>>154245 Right. What about NG+? I remember seeing some thumbnail claiming one of the Colesteel games require playing the previous one's NG+ to get something but I didn't click on that video.
>>154252 CS2 indeed has a subplot you can only see if you play the game on ng+. You have to get all the black records. This will let you learn something important about some characters in the game. CS3 assumes you did this, so I’d recommend getting a ng+ save for that purpose.
>>154398 I see, thank you anon.
>>154398 >CS3 assumes you did this No wonder I didn't remember that exchange when those quick flashbacks popped up.
This is probably a tall order, but does anyone have all the party member dialogues with Cassius Bright/Loewe in The 3rd? I don't have the game installed and I doubt I'd have the patience to replay it up to that point.
(920.53 KB 2560x1080 2020.11.16-22.01.jpg)
>>153310 >>153311 Overall the translation is only slightly worse than XSeeds, but there are some problems. The most famous one is the scene about Junas cooking skills. One of the translators boasted on twitter about sneaking a Baby Got Back reference past the editors (https://trailsinthedatabase.com/game-scripts?game_id=8&p=1&q=big%20boats). The same npc also has a Trump reference added into one of his lines (https://trailsinthedatabase.com/game-scripts?game_id=8&p=1&q=self-made). Also keep in mind, that the XSeed translations of the Cold Steel games is not as good as their Trails translations as they were done by different teams. They added jokes into the Old School House Investigation quests descriptions, which it totally out of character for principal Vandyck. Olivert is supposed to act a bit more dignified towards Erebonians, but in the translation they added a joke about him pulling a snake out of his pants at parties into one of his Monster Extermination request and during the school festival he offers to strip naked and join them on stage, when actually he just offered to join them on stage.
>>155673 >and during the school festival he offers to strip naked and join them on stage, Sounds like they mistook Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen as the canon characterization.
(2.89 MB 1850x2319 Lowe3rd.jpg)
>>155673 For the record, the "baby got back" reference was added by one of the XSeed translators that NISA brought on, not even NISA's own people. Also, the Sky team and the CS team for the XSeed translations was more or less the same. Those lines you speak of weren't even dialogue, but just the quest descriptions, and honestly I thought the Olivert one was both funny and in-charactrer, I view those like the chest messages in the Sky games and I don't mind the localizers putting some stuff there. >>155588 I have Lowe's. I used to have one of these for Cassius too but I have no idea where it is now.
(71.41 KB 700x1060 dyke.jpg)
Hey guys, I'm a lesbian! I'm a lesbian! I'm a lesbian! Did I mention that I'm a lesbian? Well I am! I'm a lesbian you guys! Isn't that great? I'm a lesbian! Look, I know this is a serious, life-threatening situation but I feel the need to draw attention to the fact that I love to mash my hole against other holes. Because I'm a lesbian! I'M A FUCKING LESBIAN I'm a lesbian because I was molested as a child I just love pussy! No, I'm not the Angelica autist. She's just a terribly written character. I am convinced that she's some dev's self insert and he just changed the gender so the character wouldn't look like as much of creep. That's not exactly unheard of in the Japanese vidya industry.
>>155706 I've only played CS1 but she felt like a much worse Olivier in FC/SC. Mainly because everyone shut down Olivier quickly and he was the butt of many jokes, when no one does shit to Angelica.
>>155690 >Even fucking Loewe's shipping Tita and Agate I can't wait for an ouroborus angius/enforcer to be all over Tita and then get his ass kicked by Erika or Dan, probably
>>155707 Just wait until CS3 and 4 when she, as an adult, starts going after underage girls including Tita and Renne and no one except the talking cat calls her out for it. There's one point where Towa literally says "That's our Angie!" like in a cheesy sitcom.
>>155712 What bothers me is that Olivier was genuinely funny, and had a great voice. All angelica did in CS1 was fluster emma/alisa and talk about her daddy issues which sucks because god damnit I want to use the martial artist in my party. Say, Hajimari is supposed to be like The 3rd, right? Do you get to play as Garcia Rossi?
>>155712 That’s because none of them actually think she’s gay. They think she just acts gay while liking guys. Towa is seemingly positive Angelica likes George. So they laugh because they’re pretty certain she’d never actually do anything. >>155720 >Say, Hajimari is supposed to be like The 3rd, right? Do you get to play as Garcia Rossi He’s in it, but not playable.
(9.71 KB 598x93 Azure.png)
Trails of Azure Geofront's second editing pass is at 50% >>155773 >actually think she’s gay. They think she just acts gay while liking guys. Towa is seemingly positive Angelica likes George. I find that hard to believe to be honest. >He’s in it, but not playable. Shit.
>>155773 Can you imagine the shitstorm that would erupt if she actually did turn straight and marry George in the end?
>>155802 Angelica is already unpopular with the pc crowd, since they think she emphasizes the notion that homos are predators. The fact the game implies she might be faking is just another reason to dislike her.
>>155802 Honestly I can't imagine shitstorm and Falcom ever being mentioned in the same sentence(unless it involves a NISA port). Not many people make a big deal about Tita/Agate or Paradise.
Also there's something I've just remembered and I don't think I've asked this while playing the game. Was the balancing in the 3rd fucked? Richard seemingly getting at least 4 turns in before enemies, Tita's insane damage with orbal gear, were those two in particular just fucked or was everyone buffed to insanity to show how much they've grown or something?
took the last few days to get ys origins and oath in felghana out of my backlog after seeing this tread. neat games but i have to ask, why does Adol keep abandoning all his best gear when setting off for a new adventure? does the dude's diet consist of pebbles and soap?
(324.66 KB 938x256 AgateCumming.png)
(1.03 MB 1000x2576 3rdTier.png)
>>155953 >Not many people make a big deal about Tita/Agate Oh people grumble about that one, but Falcom is too niche to make that big a thing about it, and the games have pretty much solidified it as canon so much most people have just been brow-beaten into accepting it. Same with Jusis and Millium, though that's a much smaller gap. >>155987 >Also there's something I've just remembered and I don't think I've asked this while playing the game. Was the balancing in the 3rd fucked? No Trails game has good balance. It's just different things are broken each time. Richard's speed in 3rd is an outright meme and he's widely considered one of the best party members ever.
>>156162 >2nd pic I still haven't played 3rd, is it true that the two best girls are the two worst? If so, fuck.
>>156340 Josette is indeed bad. Estelle is, like the picture says, average, which means she gets outshined in a game with such a large playable roster.
>>156162 That image forgot something when it comes to Schera. Great new dress >>156459 It doesn't quite matter because Richard alone or Renne alone or Tita alone is enough to carry a team, and then you have Kevin usually in your team at all times. Estelle did feel average though, how couldn't she when everyone has insane buffs and items.
(242.38 KB 1920x1080 ViviFlag.jpg)
God I wish.
>>157271 It's funny how there are so many options but we always want more. If only they could take the recruit everyone from watch dogs and make it waifu anyone but also not shit.
(216.61 KB 1920x1080 DuvalieReason.jpg)
>>157282 Well Hajimari more or less confirms the series is going to leave Rean and Lloyd are permanent harem guys who the girls orbit around. In truth, Fie's content in CS4 is great. If there's actually a character I'd complain got shafted, it would be Duvalie, wo gets lots of teasing and bonding events but still isn't a romance,
>>157292 I kind of wonder what it will be like if they keep going with the harem protagonist route. By the end of Calvard you would have 3 protagonists with a whole bunch of girls after them. I really don't seem them not having a harem protagonist though since it's basically a staple now.
(567.67 KB 1613x851 Elaine.png)
>>157299 We'll see. Calvard will be the test. If Elaine is the protag I wonder how they'll handle it. Will they still do bonding events and just make it an otome game? Or will it have bonding events but the romance is set in the plot? Maybe Elaine isn't the protag but one of the harem girls. Honestly, we might find out next month.
>>157299 3 protagonists?
>>157304 Lloyd, Rean and his hypothetical Calvard protag is what I think he was going for when he said three there.
>>157303 What is the breakdown of the demographics who actually play these games? I can't imagine there would be a large amount of females to justify making essentially an otome game.
>>157308 No requirement that the Calvard protag has to be a guy, right? If it's a gal then she'll probably be a nicely shaped leggy tomboy because of all the kicks she'll be doing, right?. Fuck calvard man, ouroboros game when? >>157309 >What is the breakdown of the demographics who actually play these games? No offense to any of you but I really have no desire to know who else plays the games.
>>157312 If you read my message carefully it was posed as a hypothetical.
>>157309 I say otome game mostly as a joke, As much as people talk up the harem aspects of these games it's a pretty small part overall. >>157312 If it's a girl Elaine will almost certain be her and she;s a sword girl, not a leggy tomboy, sadly.
>>157463 I don't know who elaine is but I've decided I'm going to replay CS1 because I'm not going to go onto Hajimari/4 while barely remembering shit.
>>157469 >I don't know who elaine is The answer is just a couple of posts above, but here is the same answer but with her song included instead >>138393
>>157487 >>157469 Here's a bit more information if you're curious: https://kiseki.fandom.com/wiki/Elaine_Auclair
(93.77 KB 1024x576 Loss of a hero.jpg)
>>12412 What does BSO stand for?
Finally finished all four Cold Steel games. I enjoyed exploring the world and talking to the NPCs, like in all Trails games (although only the second halves of 2 and 4 really let you explore the world), figuring out different ways to break the combat system was fun and the politics of Erebonia were interesting but overall the whole arc was mediocre at best. It didn't have the same magic that made the Liberl and Crossbell games special. The games were very repetitive with most of the chapters following the exact same formula. Even 3 and 4 just felt like retreads of 1 and 2 but with even worse writing. Speaking of writing, the characters were uninteresting and the plot just kept getting more and more retarded that I didn't even care about what was happening by the end. I hated almost everything the games added to the series' lore. However the mechs were a fun idea but they felt very underutilized. The worst thing about the arc, though, was how long they dragged it out. They did not need four 80+ hour games to tell this story. The whole thing gives me FFXIII vibes. I'm so sick of Lightning Rean Schwarzer and Class VII. /blogpost
(75.25 KB 512x384 Dela.png)
Are we ever getting a new Brandish?
>>164835 You will never bully her again
>>164835 I hate to sound like this, but asking "will we ever get a new (old series X with no real entries for a decade)" is called a monkey's paw wish because you probably won't want the game that you would get. Even if it's not ruined by bad, modern ideas, it'd take a lot of skill and love (and that from people probably not involved with the series originally) to make it feel like a good new entry to the series. This sort of question should always be mentally if not explicitly qualified "are we ever getting a new X that won't be shit" to prevent people like me from making posts like this.
(78.06 KB 640x480 video game wishing device.jpg)
>>164835 The localization team works with the developer to make sure there are no differences between the Japanese and western releases.
>>164843 I want to bully her again. >>165182 I don't care. I just want Umbra in high definition Dark Revenant styled games. >>165373 Fuck you and your monkey's paw.
Is Tokyo Xanadu any good?
(3.90 MB 1920x3240 TXCthulu.png)
(366.49 KB 1920x1080 TXLoc6.jpg)
(223.50 KB 1920x1080 TXLoc12.jpg)
(331.94 KB 1920x1080 TXLoc5.jpg)
>>170835 Okay game, terrible localization. Even NISA does a better job with Falcom games than Aksys did.
>>170935 Is there a re-translation of that shit? >Okay game I guess I won't even bother then.
>>171195 Falcom games are several novels worth of text each. A retranslation would take substantial time and autism and I doubt anyone cares enough about TX to do it:
>>170835 Imagine if Trails of Cold Steel took place entirely in Tokyo and had combat like the newer Ys games. For better or worse, that's what Tokyo Xanadu is. Some of the boss fights are pretty fun.
>>170935 >fukkleducks every time
>>170935 i refuse to believe this is real.
>>170935 Jesus Fuck, what an embarrassing job. This shit ought to get you blacklisted in a healthy localization sub-industry.
>>170935 What is the original supposed to say?
>>172041 (ファックダックル。。。)えと。。。
Here's something I found to be hilariously stupid but also sort of a semi-spoiler for CS3 in chapter 3. >George Nome. >G. Nome. >Gnome. Son of a bitch.
(745.73 KB 1280x662 GeorgeGun.png)
>>173002 Oh people were calling that years before it happened. He actually explains it in story: he was just a retard who didn't know what to call himself so he took the G off since his first name started with G.
(436.62 KB 1200x1086 Zero_no_Kiseki_OST_Cover.jpg)
Elie has a great ass on the Zero OST cover
I just finished CS3, I would put it on par with CS1 but with less memorable music. I also can't believe Rean ruined Christmas, and the tragedies lost a bit of its impact because I have been spoiled from a character selection screen from CS4, so that's on me. Talk about an abrupt ending as well, not even TitS FC was this bad, but back then I didn't have to wait to play the sequel.
(14.12 MB 640x360 ChristmasInJuly.webm)
>>177042 >ruined Christmas Christmas in July, I suppose.
(185.14 KB 1200x1920 70892032_p3.jpg)
I want CS4 on PC right now!
>>179336 Me too, and it doesn't help when I hear Altina's voice actress in other roles.
>>179762 >pic Minase and Touyama are both top tier.
New Trails game: Kuro no Kiseki https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki-announced >set in Calvard >self contained >mostly new characters >smaller party >real time combat Discuss.
>>181031 >The Trails of Cold Steel games had a large number of allies, but Kuro no Kiseki will not have as many due to the protagonist’s line of work. >Instead, there will be more enemies. >There will not be 50 playable characters. Good. >Commands are input in real-time instead of pausing. >You will also have the option to switch to command-style battles. Let's see how this will play out, or it might turn into Ys combat. >“Alignment Flame” is a system in which, depending on your playstyle, your character’s alignment as “Lawful,” “Gray,” and “Chaotic” will change, influencing your status as well as the story. But there will not be any situation where an event does not occur due to your specific alignment. Like Ace Combat 0? Hopefully we'll get a translation, after Hajimari that is.
>>181031 It sounds more like atb than straight up real time. And Trails arcs always start with mostly new characters. It takes a game or two before the older cast starts leaking in. Odd that Elaine doesn’t seem to be one of the MCs. Blue coat guy is her “childhood friend” though. Red haired guy was teased in a hajimari art thing. Some people are guessing blond girl is Agnes from the Shunshine Agnes books, which would make her kinda like Emma.
>>181031 >real time combat I really don't like this. The way they describe it makes it sound like Final Fantasy XII. Also aren't the immigrants who have come to Calvard from the east supposed to be like the Chinese and not Middle Eastern?
>>181057 I think that’s gematsu being retarded.
(60.09 KB 690x387 34567uzhgf.jpg)
(272.94 KB 1000x1414 4567ujhg.jpg)
(161.68 KB 1079x608 567uhbv.jpg)
>>181031 >real time combat >Falcom is not considering anything that requires any sort of input skills. ok
>>181120 >Second image So is stands going to be the new divine knights?
>>181057 It better not be anything like final fantasy, that shit is awful. I gave 15 a go the other day just because I was bored and my god it is awful.
(1.40 MB 1521x2048 84210177_p6.jpg)
>>181031 >The game engine is brand-new. >There are no Combat Links or Brave Orders. But there is a new system in place that is said to be quite amazing. Very interesting. I imagine the combat will be much as it were in the previous two Ys titles, but refined and reworked somehow. I'm trying not to think about how long it will take to get even any indication of a PC port.
>>181373 > I imagine the combat will be much as it were in the previous two Ys titles, but refined and reworked somehow. Why do people keep ignoring this? >>181120 >Falcom is not considering anything that requires any sort of input skills. This is not full real time. It will have some kind of real time elements, but it's not going to be an action game.
>>181650 Two be fair the previous Ys titles also didn't require any sort of input skills.
(189.47 KB 800x1131 KURO03.jpg)
https://nichegamer.com/2020/12/18/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-dawn-announced-launches-2021-in-japan/ https://archive.fo/eDEIr Some more details about Kuro. >As stated in the press release and as Famitsu reports (translation: DeepL, adjusted) the game is part of the series’ 40th Anniversary, and developed in a new engine. It is also described as the “second half” of the series. >The game takes place in the Republic of Calvard in the year 1208, where the multi-ethnic nation is under an economic boom thanks to post-war reparations. Though it is not without problems, as parts of the capital city has issues with immigration and bold political reforms from the new president. >The story focuses on one young man acting as a “Spriggan.” This is essentially a fixer- someone who can solve the issues of detectives, negotiators, and bounty hunters in a discreet and “behind-the-scenes” manner. >This can involving helping police, dealing with affairs of individuals who need discretion, or even certain requests from criminals. As the man works for the Arc Ride Resolution Office, a strange request from a prestigious school girl ends up shaking the whole nation. >The battles have been changed from the AT (Action Time) battles of prior games. The press release describes them as “A speedy battle system that seamlessly transitions from action-based field battles to command-based turn battles, combined with the unique elements of the 6th generation tactical orbament ‘Xipha’, will be used in the ‘Trails’ series’ original evolutionary and developmental battle system.” >Further original elements include the Topic System, which that allows players to create advantageous situations and bargain as they act as a Spriggan thanks to information they have obtained. There is also the Alignment Frame, allowing players to change their attributes between Law, Gray, and Chaos based on playstyle. This alters statuses, battles, opposing forces, and how the story plays out. >More information was revealed in the latest physical issue of Weekly Famitsu. RPGSite reports the Republic of Calvard is situated on the Zemuria continent, east of Erebonian Empire, Crossbell State, and the Liberl Kingdom. The Xipha Orbament is also said to have different features to the western Arcus. >An example of the Topic System was also given. Players could find out a store has a sale next week, and depending on how a conversation goes with the shop keeper, could get the sale early. The Alignment Frame is altered depending on choices made during events; such as sending a criminal to the Bracer Guild or not. >However, these are not fluctuating statistics at odds with one another. RPGSite report “these parameters simply go up and can also be brought over to a new playthrough.” These stats can also carry over into New Game+. How exactly this will work when characters and the story react differently depending on these stats was not revealed. >Famitsu also reportedly interviewed Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo. Therein he promised the game would not have an excessive character roster (compared to The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki‘s 50 characters). This was due to it being the first game in a new “saga.” >An estimated 90% of the characters will be new, with the remainder being those that have appeared in prior Trails of games and related to Calvard. The content on offer is also promised to be “not inferior” to any Trails of Cold Steel title, though the story will be concluded within that single game. >Dual Shockers reports Calvard has an oriental atmosphere (mixing Asian and Eastern European cultures), while the issues with immigration have stemmed from dragon veins- also known as Septium vein. These mines of magical gems have begun to run dry, causing territories to migrate, and anti-migration sentiments to rise. >Kondo also reportedly revealed the game was one of two that were developed when The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV was finished. Further, development of the engine began in earnest once Ys IX: Monstrum Nox had finished. >The main cast include the unnamed Spriggan, the oldest protagonist in the series so far and someone more morally gray than prior protagonists. Due to his job, the player will also have more enemies than allies. >Battles were elaborated on more. The fights play out in the world, rather than a separate battle screen. The Field Attack has now become a new command you use in battle. Players will also be able to switch between a turn-based battle system (for in-depth control), and one with “action elements.” >In either case, the player does not control characters moving around during battle, and battles will be faster overall. Kondo also stated the terrain’s geography will have an affect on battles. Tactical Link and the Brave Order are two of the mechanics that the Xipha has replaced with new ones. >While a platform had not been confirmed at this stage, Kondo reportedly stated he would like for the game to be not only on PlayStation 4, but others as well. He reportedly stated it may be best to focus on the platform with the most demand first, though overseas fans have high demands for various platforms. >The new engine was also developed before the team had access to PlayStation 5 information. However, they are now making (in Dual Shocker’s words) “concrete progress.” While the press release states the game will launch in 2021, Kondo reportedly stated it would be closer to the end of 2021. >Finally, Kondo stated the team would like to host a special event for the series’ 40th anniversary, but it was difficult due to the pandemic and quarantine orders. As such, the team is also preparing other celebrations and merchandise. More information will be revealed by March 9th, 2021 (the anniversary day).
>>184073 >NicheGamer Have they gotten better since that plagiarism issue?
(36.01 KB 343x467 tgvfde567.jpg)
>>184073 >while the issues with immigration have stemmed from dragon veins- also known as Septium vein. These mines of magical gems have begun to run dry, causing territories to migrate, and anti-migration sentiments to rise. I doubt that Falcom is able to handle such a thematic.
>>184073 Thank you for posting. I'm really curious to hear more of the new gameplay system and Calvard. >>184162 I thought what was touched on during the Crossbell games worked, but we'll see.
>>184073 >Falcom still has no idea that PC exists Oh joy, another two years of waiting until a port?
(221.28 KB 1080x1080 Kuro Protag1.jpg)
(1.84 MB 1920x2200 Kuro Protag2.png)
New Protagonists pictures.
>>185443 Nice, but did you add that pizza box?
(184.64 KB 1920x2200 098766zuk.jpg)
>>185449 caught it,here is the original
(2.09 MB 1921x2200 Nazrin no Kiseki.png)
They're not particularly distinct designs and are most reminiscent of Rean and Alisa or Loyd and Elie. >>185456 Cheeky.
(37.36 KB 1025x333 ZinImmigrants.jpg)
>>184162 Calvard having immigration problems has been in the lore since Sky. This isn't new or some attempt to be relevant. In Ao terrorists against immigration tried to kill President Rocksmith at the trade conference, working with the ILF trying to kill Osborne. CS3 and 4 revealed the reason so many immigrants are pouring into Calvard is because the East is becoming a desert and no one is sure why. Rocksmith also lost re-election to the anti-immigration party, lead by Gramhart, who showed up a bit in Hajimari he even broke into the Celestial Globe to talk to the Grand Master and basically made a deal for her to stay out of his way.
>>185443 >not a gi-wearing tomboy Come on Falcom.
>>181042 If you're in a hurry to play, you can expect a fan translation to be up a month or so after release, as was the case with Hajimari. A fast Switch release (or PC, but that's a long shot) would be great in this scenario, with how hackable the console is somebody could make a solid English patch, and not just the overlay that's used on the PS4 with Hajimari.
>>187350 I'm not in such a hurry I would buy a bloodborne box for Hajimari. If it ever came to that, I would probably just watch a playthrough instead, and try to bear with the fag speaking over the gameplay.
>>187492 February night on YouTube plays through the overlay versions with no commentary, if you wanted to see Hajimari now.
>>187582 I'll keep that in mind if Falcom for some reason decides to not translate Hajimari.
>>188254 God damn Lloyd is such a fucking faggot not using brave rush on Elie and then tiger charging her until KeA has a new sibling.
>>188257 I’m a Tio man, myself. The only reason to pick Elie is for her body and if that’s your reason then Rixia has her beat in every category.
(130.30 KB 1000x858 65151914_p7.jpg)
(439.33 KB 576x800 65151914_p9.jpg)
(155.09 KB 1283x1094 70971137_p7.jpg)
(772.62 KB 1200x750 82693655_p0.jpg)
(1.58 MB 2500x2500 82585064_p0.png)
>>188263 My nigger.
(140.70 KB 1054x746 74649627_p12.jpg)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all!
>Cold Steel Fuck this, can I just skip to Hajimari or the Calvard game? I can't stand the story.
>>204769 I don't know what to tell you man, I imagine Hajimari and the Calvard games are going to be more of the same, what exactly don't you like about cold steel because a lot of that shit is going to be present in the later games.
>>204769 Do what any rational man would do and pretend that Ao no Kiseki is the last game in the series by ignoring Lloyd's epilogue at the end about Eribonia invading.
>>204769 >Hajimari >After skipping Cold Steel Anon that’s fucking retarded. Hajimari is literally a Cold Steel and Crossbell epilogue. Hajimari’s plot is a direct consequence of what happens in CS4. It will be meaningless without playing it. Cold Steel also had massive implications for the world at large. Your best bet is to wait for Calvard, I guess. The first game will probably be fairly self contained. But it will just bite you in the ass later, like not playing Crossbell before Cold Steel.
>>204769 Gameplay-wise, Hajimari is better than any Cold Steel game. Might not be a bad game to play in a vacuum. Interestingly it will also get (Asian) PC and Switch ports before Kuro releases.
>>205107 Does CS1 at least get better later(chapter 2)/CS get better after 1?
>>205461 It was a while ago since I played CS1 and 2, but lets see if my memory still works. >Does CS1 at least get better later(chapter 2) A little bit, every chapter follows the same structure though. But at least it get more interesting as things go on, and the music for some parts in the later game is pretty good. >CS get better after 1? I think CS2 is much better than 1, because 1 introduced all the characters and locations, so it doesn't waste any time reintroducing you to it and it also (Act 2) stops being linear, so you can freely explore the eastern part of Erebonia at your leisure. The music overall is also better than 1. >CS3 Similar to CS1 in its linearity and structure. I think the plot and setting is a bit more interesting than 1 though. >CS4 Haven't played it yet, but I assume it follows a similar structure as CS2. Besides, I think you will have completed all the CS games by the time Kuro rolls around anyway.
>>205461 >Does CS1 at least get better later(chapter 2)/CS get better after 1? Yes. Like FC it’s a slow paced world building game until it pops off at the end. CS2 is paced entirely differently. CS3 is more like CS1 but with a smaller, better developed cast and with the plot moving way faster and with more density. CS4 is CS2 on steroids.
>>205643 >>205484 I guess I could try it again. I'm being a bit harsh on it because while Lloyd was a harem protagonist he also was interesting and the butt of a few jokes as well.
>>205686 I actually think Lloyd is worse than Rean because of the simple fact that Rean has a character arc and Lloyd does not. Rean’s character arc isn’t great since he gets kicked in the dick at the end of each game, undoing it and he goes through the same development each time, but at least he does change as a character. Hajimari has a nice coda to it too. Lloyd is just always the same guy.
(5.43 MB 2560x1440 6_June_2560x1440_16x9.png)
>>205831 Lloyd is a man of integrity, like me.
>>205831 I liked rean more as the games went by. It's really nice to see Rean the teacher and then see him grow into the role and also his swordsmanship.
Switch release for CS4 on April 9th, but no PC date yet. I'm guessing the PC version will release during summer or autumn. It wouldn't surprise me if the game is so broken they can't give a date yet.
>>206616 Not likely. Durante handles NISA PC ports now. CS4 is in need of another patch though. There’s still a lot of sloppy stuff in there, like text going outside of boxes in some npc conversations or whatnot.
(438.61 KB 480x480 Crying.gif)
>>206616 >but no PC date yet I really, really hope that it's no later than May.
I plan on getting into the Trails series starting from the TitS trilogy soon and I'm trying to download the voice mods from MEGA, but it recommends I download a desktop app since Palemoon has "an insufficient buffer" for large files. Should I do it?
>>210241 The voices are weird and unnecessary, I think you should play without them tbh Mega always wants you to download files from Chrome for whatever reason if you want to avoid installing an app, but Chrome is its own cancer
>>206788 >Durante does this and that Fuck off nigger, you're always way too easy to give NISA the benefit of the doubt when they put out damage control PR They said the exact same shit about Ys VIII and it ended up a disaster that people bought and suffered rightl for
I wonder if Adol will ever use anything besides swords and magic. They could skimp on the party character designs and just have the "party" be Adol switching to a new weapon, that would be kind of neat.
>>210241 If you bought the game through steam, it's important to remember that an update broke the EVO voice mod for TitS. I think there is some sort of work around, but I couldn't get it to work.
(175.95 KB 1000x1094 65151914_p6.jpg)
(573.25 KB 700x940 65151914_p3.jpg)
(432.95 KB 800x1131 65151914_p1.jpg)
(362.95 KB 819x1200 70988685_p8.jpg)
(1.47 MB 1378x2039 70390273_p4.jpg)
>>210320 I think anon means to say that Durante is on the job,[/moe] rather than [moe]NISA has the benifit of doubt; because Durante is on the job. Surely no one here is actually giving NISA money or excusing their wrongdoing, but is instead hopeful for a somewhat competent porting. CSIII could have run better, but it could run, and Durante may have been the reason why it did. Ys VIII is another matter.
>>210320 Anon his company does the fucking ports now. And, for your information, they gave Ys 8 back to him and he fixed all their broken shit and he even rigged up a co-op mode for the game. This has been true since last year. Fuck, I think it might be talked about in this thread.

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