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/GSG/ Grand Strategy Games Anonymous 10/20/2020 (Tue) 17:34:09 Id:853bc9 No. 131376
Any Anons from old 8/gsg/ around? I figured that with CKIII released playable, HOI IV having its first Genocide option and Emperor of the Fading Suns being released on GOG, we can revive this threads. So what are you currently >conqueran, annexan, vassalizan or colonizan? Did you figure out the perfect Borders for your country yet? How is your mod project coming along (i know you have an autistic idea that no mod fulfills)? And what about the eternal question: Is it better to have a big landmass country or having all the juicy world provinces in an dispersed empire only connected via Sea lanes? I will probably start with a new campaign of Darkest Hour soon. I usually get in the mood for this once or twice a year. Planing to use EoD mod for maximum Reichslarp (Mp4 related). Problem is i get pretty autistic for this. I have to make adjustments/changes in the files so that my perfect alternate history scenario is achievable, which is usually a pretty big task. War-games and 4X are also welcome here.
Im currently playing the new order mod for HoI4 >but HoI4 is shit! Yes, but the mods are fun.
I've missed you guys, and this thread. Deus Vult!
(53.87 KB 156x209 himmler.png)
>>131384 I thought TWR is the new hot shit for the Germany Won A, Even leaving the Tranny TNO Devs aside. Also my Autism can not handle the SS Burgundy shit. If a mod has these as official timeline its an drop for me. Maybe as an Easter egg it would be tolerable. >>131388 Its been too long..
>>131404 Whats so wrong about the burgundry SS? I mostly enjoy playing as the USA and avoid being nuked while slowly chipping at japan and germany's sphere, trying to get the iberian union to not collapse and playing as a random russian city state to enjoy slavic hijinks.
>>131427 Because there was literally no planing for this. It was only mentioned by Himmler to his Masseur. Also why would Germany construct such Fantasy states?. All states that they created were based on ethnicity (created: Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, planned late in the war: Ukraine, White Ruthenia, Russia ). Maybe Himmler liked the idea but there is no real reason for this to happen. Keep in mind that the views of the German leadership changed drastically during the war. And even in an victory in the east it would have been bitterly fought, with many volunteers from across Europe (one of the main reason for the change). In Short: Early war the SS favored the centralized Germanic Reich, late war they favored some kind of European confederation. So in case of victory the leadership will have to take this into consideration, keep in mind the huge influence the SS had at the end of the war.
>>131441 Te explanation in game is that as time went by, the SS and hitler grew apart, with hitler siding more with the army and other sectors of the state, eventually this led to upset and factionalism, with the more moderate side winning at the end, so the SS and himmler get sent there as a sort of appeasing/exile with them not being outright punished but kept away of the things going on in the inner reich.
(219.91 KB 700x1348 nmkloiuzu890po.jpg)
>>131460 Yeah they have to come up with some story i guess... >the SS and hitler grew apart unreasonable since Hitler always favored the SS. They were created and trained to be the elite (Waffen SS was just one part) of Germany and were the closest to represent his ideals and fought for it. >with hitler siding more with the army as stated above i dont find this plausible he gave ever more power to the SS in our Timeline. >eventually this led to upset and factionalism, with the more moderate side winning at the end, This i also dont like since the main issue was always unity of the state (Volksgemeinschaft) which was praised even after the war. And a war generally gets people closer together. >so the SS and himmler get sent there as a sort of appeasing/exile with them not being outright punished but kept away of the things going on in the inner reich. Appeasing possible traiters... Yeah the person who wrote this had no idea of the mindset of these and had no idea what the SS was in general Maybe i look to deep into this but for me this makes no sense.
>>131470 Anon, we have seen examples of this exact thing happening before, with favoured, close groups falling out of favor and others gaining influence, you also have to take into account that the game doesnt start in 1945, it starts in 1962 and germany has been resting on its laurels for a while now, they also made enemies out of the southern europeans.
>>131471 Maybe you are right. As this is just an What if Scenario and could have happened. And at the end most is just speculation. Sure alliances can fall apart but they could also stay intact and so on. It is just boring that every mod uses these or similar stories i guess. If you have fun then that is good. I was not planing on shiting on your mod choice.
(291.95 KB 1000x952 boss of this hellgate.jpg)
>>131486 If everything kept going perfectly allright for germany forever while everyone gets fucked it wouldnt be any fun for people playing germany and wouldnt leave openings for other countries.
(131.10 KB 1362x407 TNO trouble.png)
(2.58 MB 2880x2478 Fraternetie en rebelion.png)
>>131487 >Germany not having a coup ten years after WW2 is an perfect run for them All shitposting aside, i have no issue with the possibility, but with the plausibility that they follow up with. Do you really see no issue with giving traitors their own state after an attempted coup? >Himmler, my friend, guess you betrayed me and tried to overthrow me in a coup de tat >anyways here's your own personal empire to do as you wish, no hard feelings bro If they want to keep the coup than they should make it happen in the playable timeline in my opinion.
I miss the posts making fun of dumbass deutschblob wehrboo cumskins.
(1.76 MB 1596x672 ClipboardImage.png)
If anyone is interested you can currently grab EU2 for free from gog. Might be a good opportunity to check out or relive the beginning.
>>131849 Oh they didnt try a coup, this was all palace intrigue, or well, the equivalent in super germania.
(42.05 KB 546x321 ClipboardImage.png)
(98.87 KB 564x793 ClipboardImage.png)
>>132004 >Oh they didnt try a coup Are you shitposting? Their wiki tells otherwise: >SS units would strike the much stronger Wehrmacht from the rear while they were busy in Russia, and destroy their forces then, the SS would march on Berlin and seize control of the country, throwing out Hitler. They also mention fighting did happen between the two groups when the Army did the preemptive strike
>>132023 Then i was just mistaken, my bad anon.
>No Ck3 stories Im not even surprised
>>131936 I just grabbed EU2 and I've never touched any other EU. Any tips before going in?
>>132971 EU2 is pretty outdated but here you see the beginning and how Paradox created its original (autistic) fanbase. >quality of life lacking space bar to pause takes time to get used to. Also need to change game speed in the system menu rather then in the ui itself .Building upgrade and tech, while arguably better then eu4, have very little to no viewability. e.g. you build a provincial governor upgrade to your mayor office, and it "increases production income", but doesnt tell you how much. not sure if building the building will payoff in 1 year or 1000, makes the strategy element of the game murky when your decisions cant be informed easily. in general, hovering over things to see their effects is nowhere near as useful as in the more modern games, though it still exists for some elements. >diplomacy has n alliance grouping system, you can only join into a single shared alliance group, and then you cant join other groups or have other groups join you. makes things very static diplomatically, but in the long run if you build up a nice alliance block it can work out well. apart from this is near identical to later games. >army no reinforcement in this game, so if you take damage you need to raise new units, and merge as needed. attrition is a bitch, there were times where the enemy had a fort with 20k men and the province supply was only 10k, so the attrition ticks wiped my army below the required 1:1 ratio for siege progression near instantly.I guess it adds more depth to defense in a way. >expansion no way to manually make casus belli, either come through historically scripted events or generalised events. means it is very hard and slow to blob, even with provinces being massive. >slides best part of the game and near identical to eu3. technology is controlled by investment sliders, so you can pump money into a certain field as needed, predicting your future needs. means you can literally give 0 shits about naval tech and gameplay as a landlocked country if you so desire, and spend it all on new guns. sliders are also used for the national spirits(i forgot in game term), basically a set of ~8 sliders that you can slowly change over time. e.g. you might want to pump serfdom early for the stability and cheap peasant infantry, then switch to wage labour later for production bonuses. very slow, can only take one option every 5 or so years, but thats fine because its long term strategy which is what the game is all about.
Man did they ever shit the bed with HOI4. I'm still in shock as to how literally every single update has actively made the game worse, with the exception of the Resistance one - their fix to the "spend all your manpower to suppress revolution" problem was legitimately elegant and good. Everything else has hurt the game though and I can't decide if I'm impressed at how absolute their failure was or infuriated that they took an idea they they clearly already understood and shit all over it.
(66.16 KB 637x358 waui.jpg)
>>133076 Not shocked in the least. This is pretty much exactly the same as what they did with Stellaris. Somehow each update causes the game to have less content. <used to have 3 different methods of FTL => removed all but one to stop battles being just about fleets chasing each other and instantly leaping into enemy territory >but also nerfed/removed military stations so now there is no way to fortify choke points or even your own planets, so the combat is still 90% fleets chasing each other(but now more boring because everyone is using the same ftl method) <used to have the ability to assassinate faction leaders to cripple unwanted factions >removed and replaced with nothing, so now you can play as a xenophobic slaver whose population is somehow almost entirely xenophilic and against slavery(and there is nothing you can do about it) <used to be able to declare war whenever and go full genocide from the start >removed and replaced with a gay casus belli system that straight up blocks you from effectively waging war unless you play as a literal space plague And so much more. But the best part is the cucked community that will straight up refuse to even bitch about any problems the game has because that would be "toxic".
>>133145 Stellaris has been reworked how many times now? I guess you can give it to them that they just refuse to abandon it. Same with Imperator where they make an complete rework and remove the mana and so on. >>133076 >With how well HoI IV sold you can hardly blame them to go this route. HoI III was well criticized for its micromanagement. With HOI4 they streamlined everything and added more and more automation. And somehow they broke into the mainstream.
>>133494 >HoI4 added more and more automation My biggest beef with HoI4's updates have nothing to do with the automation. It's the fucking fuel system that drives me the most up the wall. >Hey let's add a system to stop players from fielding unbreakable stacks of heavy tanks <All this does is make the weaker, smaller countries even weaker because they can't field anything at all, which renders the fuel system completely meaningless in the first place >Hey let's make it so fuel is extremely hard to get and is extremely important, which means that certain countries are much more important to either woo to your side diplomatically or invade and conquer <Except players are still going to invade whoever the fuck they want, and if they can't get to the oil-rich countries they're just going to have to spend time developing synthetic refineries, taking precious time they could be using to shore up their defenses or get their shipyards really rolling >hey let's make a system where training your armies costs whatever supply that army needs, including fuel for aircraft, tanks or ships <and let's also let players use the XP they accrue this way to fast-research doctrinal tech, which virtually guarantees that by the time the USA or Russia join WW2 they're like a decade ahead of everyone else in all doctrines It's just a shitty, no-fun-allowed gatekeeping mechanic that slows everything down for exactly one reason: balancing it for the stupid fucking competitive PVP multiplayer that nobody I have ever met has played. We already need to keep infrastructure and supply in mind while waging war and this just adds another layer on top of something that already is at best a speedbump. I fucking hate it so much
>>133500 >All this does is make the weaker, smaller countries even weaker because they can't field anything at all, which renders the fuel system completely meaningless in the first place But this is kind of realistic. Tanks and motorized formations could only be fielded by the Great Powers in substantial numbers. >Except players are still going to invade whoever the fuck they want, and if they can't get to the oil-rich countries they're just going to have to spend time developing synthetic refineries, taking precious time they could be using to shore up their defenses or get their shipyards really rolling Agree, there are too few repercussions for waging war. I generally like the idea to build up an stockpile before you go to war. And if it runs out and you cant get more you are stuck with an largely unmotorized Army(which happens to the Axis). Synthetic should only be able to dampen this effect. Not make up your whole supply. Problem is there is not much variety, because the oilfields are set in stone which makes every strategy the same. But the importance of Oil should be a major factor for this timeline. >and let's also let players use the XP they accrue this way to fast-research doctrinal tech, which virtually guarantees that by the time the USA or Russia join WW2 they're like a decade ahead of everyone else in all doctrines Yeah that is bullshit. Hopefully they will find a new system for this. Not sure what your are getting at. Basis for HOI was always to prepare for war, make your goals and try to achieve them. This means chose your allies, technology, Army and so on. I think that smaller countries do have to rely on the bigger ones for this. Do you really complain about keeping track of infrastructure, supplies and Tech?
>>133513 >Tanks and motorized formations could only be fielded by the Great Powers in substantial numbers. There is already a mechanic in place for this and it is factory number. Bulgaria cannot have as many factories as the Third Reich, which means fuel notwithstanding they are not as big a threat as the Great Powers. This is a perfect example of what I'm saying: Fuel is simply another number you need to look after. I have absolutely zero problem with infrastructure and supply because I think it's actually a pretty elegant system, and it's really fun to see, while conquering Africa, for example, the difference between 1 infrastructure per province and 5 or 6 with some naval ports. It makes sense. It's already something we need to keep in mind. Why put something else on top of it?
>>133516 Because Fuel was such an important Factor during the war. There is a large difference between being able to build a tank and keep it running. If you remember, one of the largest critic points was the lack of a fuel system in early HOI4. Keep in mind that during the war entire operations were planed and conducted to acquire fuel sources. So it definitely makes sense to to have this as an restrictive mechanic. The way that they implemented can be argued, but to keep it out entirely? If you don't want fuel as a deciding factor, why not pick up one of the WWI mods then
I'm not stupid. I understand that fuel was critical in the real war and I get all that, I understand that several objectives and several real-world battles you and I know intimately happened specifically to secure or deny fuel and only fuel. I simply don't understand or respect the way that they shoehorned in another arbitrary resource after the game was already out in an effort to do... what? It is very easy to look at supply maps or infrastructure and realize that fuel probably falls under "supply". Splitting it off into its own thing was a dumb move from the outset, and you're right in that their implementation of same was definitely poorly done.
>>133528 Ok seems like we have different viewpoints here. To be honest i would like an even deeper system for Infrastructure and supply. I would like to be able to manually create convoys do help with supply near the coast and be able to change the route. I would like to be able to create supply depots for further supply along a chain system. If they would add real railroad systems, that would be great. That they keep adding things to their games is kind of their stick. At least they somewhat listen to their community
(59.18 KB 330x312 330px-List_of_Ethos.png)
>>133494 >Stellaris has been reworked how many times now? Three times if you only count major reworks, Although calling it a rework is very generous, its more like a downgrade. First was the FTL "rework" where they removed all FTL options except hyperlanes. Second was planetary management "rework" that literally boils down to more micromanagement for less effect. Third was their diplomacy "rework" which only added one button to make other like you more(and a couple of federation perks but even that is half-assed to a point on being non-functional). Otherwise you have small reworks to archeology, sectors, space fauna and so on. The problem is that all of these reworks are half-asses and unfinished. So for example they reworked federations to have extra perks for having high cohesion, but to have high cohesion you need to have compatible ethics between members. Problem is that there is no actual way for you to actively affect the ethics of other empires, even if they are part of your federation(ok, you can hope for a random even that says that X empire is now more of your ethic but that rarely if ever changes the actual ethic). Meaning that your ability to form a functional federation is not based around your skill or empire configuration but on what ethics the RNG gives to other empires. Same applies to almost every rework PDX attempted with Stellaris. They start with something resembling a good idea but then they release a half-assed version of that idea and proceed to never do anything with it. So now the game a hodgepodge of half mechanics and ideas that never really connect to form something functional. Worst part is that not even modders can fix it. Every update somehow fucks with the internal of the game and so mods that worked one patch may not work in the next(even if that patch was only a "balance" patch). So the workshop is currently filled with great mods that simply do not work because nobody has time to rework them to work with the current version of the game.
>>133552 that sounds like a nightmare
>>133552 >>133145 It's even worse than that. When they did the FTL rework, the AI couldn't handle it when it came down to warfare. There was a year+ period where the AI was basically unable to effectively wage offensive or defensive wars past the first 20-30 years of the game. For the uninitiated, full games usually last for over 200 years, with 300+ years being very common. The planetary rework similarly fucked with the AI's ability to manage its economy and population. The AI would start with a fuckhuge amount of cheat resources, and as soon as these resources would dry out, the AI empires would just collapse, usually after 30-40 years. Which meant that if you managed to survive early AI aggression early on, you won the game by default. 50 years in, every AI in the galaxy checked as Pathetic to you. The game was somewhat playable with that one mod (Gladius?), but each update fucked everything up, and it took a while for the mod to function properly. The only good thing the updates did was to make fortresses good if you invested into them. Played a game as a Xenophobic Isolationist, and had a fallen empire neighbor. Their only path into my territory was through a starlane with a system containing one of those stats that negates shields. So I elected a dictator that gives fortress bonus, built the fortress with full armour/hull penetration weapons, fully upgraded it, and had 2-3 fortress repeatable techs when the fallen empire woke up. It inevitably declared war on me, it inevitably sent a fleet to attack me, said fleet went and fought my fortress. And said fleet was almost wiped out by the fortress. And as cool as that was, still didn't make up for how awful Marauders are. Oh space bandits are being assholes, let's go wipe them out. Ok, they're out of ships and now my fleet is wiping out the last of their space habitats. Oh no, the Great Khan decided to spawn in the system where all of my fleets are. Him and his extra fleets are the equivalent of two awakened empires' worth of fleets. In the year 2275. My fleets are locked in combat. I can't retreat. Game over, tee-hee. Fuck Stellaris.
(49.77 KB 645x250 Capture.PNG)
>>133613 The real nightmare is the community. Trust me I have never seen a more cucked and retarded community than what I saw with Stellaris. For over a year after the release of 2.2 there was not a single week where a new thread complaining about low performance would not pop up. The complains came from all ends of the hardware spectrum, everyone from core i3 to core i7 users were experiencing terrible lag and hitching in later game. Yet the the dipshit community would still pretend for over a year that this is a non-issue made up by a bunch of haters. Haters sometimes so advanced that they setup their fake account almost a decade ahead just to hate on Stellaris. The fun part was that almost every single one that argued they had no "performance issues" later admitted that they were either playing extremely short games with friends or used some bizzaro setup that was specific to them(like playing on the smallest galaxy with everyone being a pacifist or some other BS). Then PDX admitted the game runs like dogshit because a popular youtuber called them out and suddenly its a real issue and not just a troll with hynix cpu. In some cases people on the forums will openly explain how the the game is busted but without actually realizing its busted. Like in the post in the picture the dumbass admits that the AI is not measuring its loses based on how many ships it lost from the number of ships it had but from a number of ships it could have(so from its potential naval cap instead of actual naval size). Admitting that someone in PDX fucked up because that means you can destroy the enemies whole navy but still be seen as a loser because the AI lost 20 ships from a 150 naval cap and you lost 3 from a cap of 20, so technically you lost more. Somehow the tards on the forums still argued that this is working as intended and not a huge fuck up. Or the AI being unable to do shit on its own as >>133647 described. Until recently the idiots on forums were arguing that Stellaris would need a self learning AI because apparently building a mine when you are low on minerals is too much of high IQ move for a game from 2016. And now they switched over to telling people to just "roleplay" as another empire. Meaning that now those cucks recommend that you simply play as inefficiently as possible and try to pretend you are a diplomatic empire in a game where there is literally no diplomacy and no real trade mechanics to speak of. And if you call them out they lock the thread. At this point the community is directly preventing the game from improving because it downplays literally every single problem in it, even bugs the devs admitted are bugs somehow get the pass with this community.
>>133757 Jesus, any more horror stories from the cucks? mother fucks would glady stagnate the game for status quo and circlejerks
>>131384 TNO is great so long as you ignore the devs as much as humanly possible. Also, Samara and Komi are the best unifiers and you can't prove me otherwise. >>131404 Burgundy is fun, burning Iberia to the ground in particular is a real treat. As for Himmler's little hellhole, TL;DR after repeated disasters he became disillusioned with Hitler and decided to coup him but it failed, despite this he was allowed to have his own country to contain his autism in order to avoid a full fledged civil war. >>133500 >>133513 The sheer volume of XP you get from training is insane if you have a large enough navy/airforce. I do notice that the Axis still usually have the advantage when it comes to land doctrine though, attaches and lend lease to the Spanish Civil War and Second Sino-Japanese War do wonders for you. Also, does anyone else notice that every time they add a new mechanic is seems like its aimed at nerfing the Axis, but they keep getting stronger anyways?
>>135006 >TNO is great so long as you ignore the devs as much as humanly possible. I always ignore devs or any kind of personalities attached to mods anon, i just want to have fun. >Samara and Komi are the best unifiers and you can't prove me otherwise. Taboritsky unification or the democrats? And i prefer the black omsk to komi, a bunch of russian kriegsmen is fun, zhukov is also ok.
>>135039 What's great about Komi is that it can go any direction you want, my only complaint about it is that you sometimes get gangbanged by the West Russian Revolutionary Front, ROA, and Aryan Brotherhood all at the same time. Omsk is cool too, one of the top contenders for best writing among the warlords up there with Amur and Taboritsky, but dealing with shit like Batov's insurgency is a pain in the ass. >>133757 What the hell? Are any of the other paradox communities this retarded?
>>135265 I think the closest you'll get to that is Red World, where the Soviets won the cold war and the USA broke up in to a dozen states and some want to re-unify the country.
(324.24 KB 1920x1080 Millenuim Dawn.jpg)
(284.21 KB 1728x1080 Kaiserreich ACW2.jpg)
>>135265 There are already options like in Kaisereich and i think Millenium Dawn
(119.83 KB 1068x1719 PDX_XENO.png)
>>134971 Plenty. One that I can no longer find is the problem is Xeno-compatibility. Which is a perk that allows your aliens to breed with aliens of other species, creating hybrids with various benefits and attributes. The problem was that the whole thing was entirely randomized and had no cap. So it would often produce bizzare fucking half-breed between humans and sentient tomatoes(which are a thing in Stellaris) or literal mushrooms and birdsso immersion breaking as fuck. Which would be fine if the game engine could handle it because any empire that took that perk would inevitably start spamming new species variants almost early and the more species a empire had the worse it got. The UI could literally take a solid half a minute to open because of all the sub-species the ai would create this way. The game would lag like crazy because now on top of processing thousands upon thousands of pops it had process them entirely individually because each their own uniquely fucked up traits. Basically it was the definition of a bug where an event that is meant to happen once or twice was triggering over and over again to a point where the engine could not keep up. These types of bugs are actually very common in Stellaris, just so you know. What was the response you could see on the forums? Well basically biology does not matter bigot and muh larp. Yes, this was quite literally the extend of arguments the cucked community had. Basically they were arguing that the game should remain dysfunctional so they can live out their "love knows no biology" fantasy. The end result? Xeno-compatibility is still broken and still lags your game but now after over a year PDX gave the player the option to turn in off.
>>135314 Also a common argument was "lol just play xenophobe" as if not letting other species into your empire would stop other empires from spamming those sub-species.
(129.71 KB 649x511 ethics.png)
(129.81 KB 640x335 Stellaris_1.PNG)
(61.51 KB 646x146 Stellaris_2.PNG)
(244.58 KB 647x827 Stellaris_3.PNG)
>>135314 Another one that I can remember is when some guy revealed on the forums that PDX openly lied about fixing ethic attraction. Basically he created a situation where he had all the modifiers lined up to focus on spiritualist and xenophile attraction(which were in line with his starting ethics). The problem was that the game still created a strong authoritarian faction in his empire that based on what the UI was telling him should not exist or be extremely tiny. Just so you know factions are kind of a problem in Stellaris because if you do not meet their demands(no matter how asinine they may be) the pops that belong to those factions will become unhappy and reduce production or destabilize whole planets, in extreme cases start rebellions. Problem is that the game offers you no real way to remove or create factions directly, so the only thing you can rely on is a vague indicator of ethics attraction. And this dude proved that even that number is useless because the game still ignored it and generated whatever factions(which destabilize his empire). He also showed how his pops do not bother to actually switch their ethics based on attraction. Essentially he proved that the whole system is bugged because factions and ethics are not actually governed or affected by attraction whatsoever and that the game is just showing numbers that have nothing to do with how the game handles these mechanics. So you know again the very definition of a bug. The communities response. >you just dont understand the mechanics >just because the numbers in the UI are just rough estimations not real values >the game does not work that way >pfff you just trolling And many other non-rebuttals because apparently having the game be a buggy mess is this communities ideal. This time however PDX fixed nothing and this particular feature does not work to this very day.
(25.59 KB 400x462 disdain_for_plebs.jpg)
>>135324 >Steam cucks defending bad development practices and giving sensical people shit for explaining how shit the devs are Like fucking clockwork with this shit. They were the first of many instances that got me blackpilled on this industry.
>>135324 I actually ran a similar experiment when the colossus expansion was released. Had a Spiritualist empire with every government attraction modifier possible, maximum Spiritualist happiness and attraction possible, and I went around nuking my planets with the God Ray colossus, which turns every pop into a Spiritualist and destroys filthy robots. Results? I couldn't send the God Ray to cycle between my planets quickly enough to keep the majority of my population as Spiritualists. And for every bug Stellaris has, it also has a major balance issue. The balance between ethics is awful. Spiritualist was hot garbage last time I played, even if you didn't factor in robots. Egalitarian and Authoritarian provide minuscule percent based bonus you accrue during the game. You'll generally have 150% bonus to output by mid game, and hitting 250% isn't uncommon by the late game. Even on day 1, it isn't difficult to get 50% output. And these two factions give a meager 10% bonus. Spiritualists are a god damn joke. Xenophobe and Militarist are super strong, and Xenophile/Pacifist are ok. Same goes with civics and species traits. Ship design is a fucking joke, with missiles/fighters still being 100% worthless in single player except for that one patch where torpedo corvettes were broken OP, and with kinetic weapons having god awful targeting and being hot garbage compared to lasers. Then there's the difficulty settings, which basically dictate for how long you have to wait until the AI runs out of its cheat bonus resources. Or the "scaling difficulty" option, which is supposed to make the AI get stronger over time. But the AI starts out so pathetically weak that the game is trivial, even if you start on highest difficulty.
(356.63 KB 312x312 Psionics_tfw.webm)
>>135831 >Stellaris >balance Funny that you mention that because devs really like to play the "balance card" with their dev notes and patch notes, yet half of what the game offers is straight up hot garbage. Spiritualists are especially awful not just because of their meager bonuses but because their preferred ascension path is psionics. Which seem powerful on paper as they give you a fairly potent trait and access to some psionic tech, buffs and occasionally an avatar. But for some asinine reason its all tied to RNG roulette of a system called the SHROUD. So you might get your psionic shields on the first go or on your third or one hundredth or just straight up never ever(which is the most common case). Even the proper relic that lets you roll more often it can take hours between getting the ascention perk and it actually doing anything for you(besides adding 10% to your ships fire rate). Meanwhile machine empires are straight up shitting resources out like its taco bell night every night every night after the 2 hour mark, but apparently that is perfectly balanced.
>>135777 Its not exclusive to steam. This is a general problem the whole community has, doesn't matter if its on steam or on PDX forums. Although I am pretty sure some of posters are paid Paradox shills as they always show up in a matter of minutes under every thread and quite literally always derail threads and dismiss anything even vaguely negative towards the game.
>>135883 True, but I've had the retarded idea of hanging around various Steam forums for different games, they're all fairly similar in their reflexive defense of that game's dev.
>>136687 PR company employees or self-replicating retards? I mean PR employees are all contractors, most of the big companies hire them now.
>>135777 >>135883 You should never go to any official or unofficial dedicated forum to ask about the quality or complain about any game. Always use a more general forum, otherwise you get pretty much nothing but shills and cultists.
>>132953 I'd start playing if I didn't have less control over my court than I had in CK2. Mayors were fickle about marriage before, but CK3 outright refuses to let me arrange marriages for them. I'm just waiting for a fix on that before I start playing.
>>137313 >I'd start playing if I didn't have less control over my court than I had in CK2 Thats what i was implying. Almost Everything not just the court system is a step down from ck2. Just feels unfun. In Ck2 it feels like every character you play as is unique. Ck4 characters just feel like the continuation of the previous character i dont know if that makes sense or not i cant explain it
>>137313 CK3 is prone to extreme bordergore the likes of which I have not seen before. I regretted taking over the Kingdom of England as Iceland. I played it via the gaem pass, but stopped when the price for that went up to $10 per month.
>>137432 That's the consequence of them removing ships because they were too retarded to program an AI that could use ships. So now you've got armies cruising all over the world for a handful of gold. Swedish Pakistan? Why the fuck not? Denmark already owns Spain after all. Paradox is gone. They've had two failed releases in a row, that Rome game, where you had the argument it was just some B team, and CK3, which, as the sequel to their best selling game, definitely got the deluxe treatment. CK3 is actually the very best 2020 Paradox can produce.
(159.31 KB 800x450 There's_Three_Actually_Banner.jpg)
>>137456 Three failed launches. Their launch of Stellaris patch 2.0 (which is essentially an entirely different game to 1.0 version) was nothing more than a pure fuck up. They removed a crap ton of features, replaced them with nothing, brought back previously fixed bugs, caused the game chug like a motherfucker and they broke the AI so much that it is currently barely able to drive its ships towards your borders, nevermind maintaining a economy or even faking diplomacy. The only thing keeping the game afloat is the sheer denial of PDX slaves.
(33.56 KB 813x674 ClipboardImage.png)
>>137456 In what way was Crusader Kings 3 a failed release? It sold very well, had good ratings and the game mechanics were functional at launch. There is no comparison to the Imperator Disaster. >Paradox is gone That is just wishful thinking. They also still have their trump card Victoria 3. Maybe thats why they hold it back?
>>136816 Yes, true but the thing about Stellaris is that the community actively works towards making the game worse. Say what you want about Blizzard and its coomsumers but even they have a limit that the devs simply do no cross. You wont exactly find people on Blizz forums screaming for more RNG progression systems, more grind or defending objectively proven bugs. They may sometimes want things that are not best for the game but they are not actively covering for the developers blatant incompetence. Meanwhile Stellaris community has spent almost 2 years in denial about the game running like, is in denial to this day about the broken AI and will attack anyone that tries to claim otherwise, even if that means straight up lying about how the game is played. If Blizzdrones are cucks then Stellaris community is composed of Ubercucks, so cucked that even the idea of taking some initiative disgusts them.
>>131376 Would a Rule the Waves question go here or no? Either way, did Admiralanon ever make the leap over? I miss those simple times of incessantly backseat shilling pocket battleships and destroyer leaders+large torpedo boats as everyone collectively screamed over exactly how jingoistic we ought to be.
>>137903 >Victoria 3 Do you really think Johan and the Poz patrol will risk releasing a game about Colonialism in the current year?
(11.39 MB 2729x3851 ClipboardImage.png)
>>138671 What question do you have? >>138694 I think ts very likely. Vicky 3 is memed by the community for a long time now. So the announcement would stir up hype without problem. Meaning they have an easy time for promotion and selling. Did they find ways to poz it? very likely. Will it be watered down with lots of mana? most probably. But its easy Money and Paradox loves Money. As i recall they still have one or two unannounced projects. Maybe its one of them.
>>139068 No, I apologize, that WAS the question, I was worried that formatting might be confusing. 'Can I ask this here? No? Too bad, is AdmiralAnon in the building?' I suppose if I were to have another question it'd be, 'are memey aviation cruisers workable in Rule the Waves 2?' Because that's the next angle of hackery I was thinking down, especially if I knuckle down and play the game myself rather than communally. Instead of torpedo tubes on CLs, have single-engine torpedo bomber facilities. Probably seaplane rather than deck plane, just because those facilities are easier to design around as I understand. Maybe go full HSwMS Gotland and give it minelayer capabilities, have a nasty all-in-one light raider/heavy screen/escort and battleline above-weight-puncher from the reliably & safely delivered air torpedoes.
Is anon edits anon still here? If not, anyone has a link for his vicky 2 mod?
(686.30 KB 2880x1440 1602886745074.jpg)
>>145682 Not that Anon, but here is the pastebin with the download links: >https://pastebin.com/VZumvXiR >>140726 Would this not face the same problems as to fast carriers? I.e. that you to steam into the wind to launch and recover aircraft and do so at full, meaning if the wind is blowing from the direction of the opposing fleet, your are driving straight into the guns of the enemy and If the wind is blowing the other way your carriers are quickly leaving the operational area? On a side node for pirate anons: the Russians have cracked v1.23 of RtW2
>>145747 Probably, but I have something of a fixation on gimmicky ships with some form of up-punching. You know, pocket battleships and that kind of thing. I find the notion of trading tubes for floatplanes with torps an interesting idea. The little research I'd done seems to suggest this isn't possible ingame, though. Non-seaplane carriers/tenders get floatplane scouts, with constrained catapult numbers. Seaplane carriers can get better catapult ratios and still carry some armament, but I'm not sure if seaplanes can even carry torpedoes at all regardless. They can carry bombs, and do a poor job as level bombers. That leads one towards a flat deck raider-carrier, ala a lighter Graf Zeppelin. Essentially the US flight deck cruiser concept minus actually centerlined turrets. Would it be viable? Maybe. Cruiser subs would be a nice thing to see. In their abstract statline, make 'em better shipping hunter thanks to heavy, fully enclosed gun turrets doing a better job than deck guns and stretching torpedo supplies thereby; better chance to survive in ASW situations for displacement & firepower, though not too much so; nasty warship hunters, on the abstract assumption that they're packing very generous torpedo complements ala the Surcouf. Didn't know about the flank torpedo launchers until now, that's nifty!
>modern day GSG not made by Paracocks Is there hope? https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Rg9HZ5Q4uAY
>>138694 If they do, they'll likely go the AoEIII "Definitive Edition" route.
Anyone still interested in Imperator? From the latest Dev diary: >no more standing armies (mostly) >armies are levied from intergrated pops >In addition to not producing income while levied, a pop that is part of a levy is exempt from migration, assimilation, conversion, and starvation. Perhaps most importantly, when a unit dies, so may it's associated pop! >units raised depends on culture and pop type Also they totally got rid of Mana. Seems like Johan abandoning this project is paying off.
>>148178 >no standing armies Werent legions precisely standing armies after the marian reforms?
>>148187 Yes and this is also how they will be in the game: >As hinted before, the permanent army is not gone completely, but as in history it will only enter the scene gradually - and only for Monarchies and Republics. It will see its return in the form of a feature we call Legions, permanent armies of the kind that the Roman Legion system developed into after the Punic wars and brought into the Imperial era.
>>137456 >CK3 is actually the very best 2020 Paradox can produce. For Paradox, it was actually a very solid release. The game is in better shape than CK2 was on release (I know not many people remember it, but it was pretty bad. Constant rebel whackamole and fuck all to do, not to mention the restrictions on what you could play as). Overall much better than shit like Imperator, which released as a trainwreck and got shat on even by normalfags.
>>148198 Weren't there standing armies elsewhere before the legions though?
>>148721 Only example which comes to mind would be Sparta or maybe the immortals of Persia. But i am no expert of this time frame. Considering the logistics and costs of an standing army it would have to be an sizable empire. So Maybe Egypt or the Seleucid? But i think the idea of a professional Soldier (As in no other profession besides) was indeed a roman invention. Anyway they have not revealed the details yet so we have to see how they implement this.
>>148725 A standing army didn't become feasible until the iron age, apparently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCzReeVWVfo&feature=youtu.be
>>148727 Very interesting. According to wiki the next states who had a standing army were Sparta and Macedonia under Phillip II. Then Rome under Augustus. All of this were states that depended on Warfare. With Assyria and Rome as the extreme cases as they relied on Expansion plus they were in their time the dominant superpower. So it seems that a standing Army was indeed an exception for this time.
>>148725 Before there were no true standing armies per se, though youd have small standing forces like the sacred band of thebes, or Warrior casted in case of Sparta.
>>148731 It is safe to assume that every king (and maybe even the citystates) have an Royal guard of varying sizes. But would this be sizable enough to count as an army? I would define army as capable of doing military operations (defensive or offensive) without significant strengthening from Levies. This would fit the countries described in my previous post >>148729
>>148736 I wouldnt really call royal guards a standing force, they were for sure elite and on a constant payroll, but they didnt have the numbers to actually conduct operations, apart from the fact that they were supposed to constantly were around the king. On the other hand there were stuff like city guards, that while well trained and equiped, were also the garrison, police force and firemen of cities. So yeah, this time paradox isnt being retarded if you have the option to eventually modify your country to have a standing army.
So did anyone of you guys played CK3 already? My friend pirated it and is having some problems with it. I have no idea if the game just fucking sucks or if he's doing something wrong, but it seems as if the AI is piling on to him completely either by constantly shitting on him with random death events or by allying themselves just to fuck them over. Did anyone else experience that? He is currently attempting to play as Greater Poland. He played CK2 and didn't have issues like that.
>>157761 It could be some interesting form and copy protection (in one of the Escape Velocity games, you were guaranteed to eventually be attacked by an unbeatable bounty hunter if your game wasn't activated) but knowing Paradox I assume it's just them "balancing" the game for the nonexistent PvP scene. Also, since it's Paradox, I bet you anything that improved AI will be available in a future DLC (sounds like a joke, but there was an EUIV DLC called "Common Sense" which cost money that literally existed just to un-fuck vassal/colony AI)
>>157762 Might be, also it seems that his levies just keep disappearing for no fucking reson when he declares war. I've found no info about the subject.
>>157784 I also think I heard that in CK3 you can't have any armies levied before you wage war. I don't know, I haven't played it myself, but I feel like the original had that in it.
>>157787 No, in ck2 you couldnt declare war with your levies raised. You could, homever, have your retinue and mercs deployed, you could rush wars with the byzantines with the 3500 strong varangian and whatever retinue you had quickly destroying enemy stacks while their organization was low.
>>157787 That's not it though, he told me he has around 2000 levies in the bar, without actually raising them and the moment he declares war and raises his levies, it is just cut in half for seemingly no reason.
How does anyone get into this genre, every game is ridiculously complicated and requires you to memorize a million mechanics
>>169821 Step 1 - be autistic Step 2 - ??? Step 3 - enjoy gsg no seriously, you need dedication and commitment for the long run this isn't plug and play
>>169821 Watch a hundred let’s plays until you feel confident enough for monkey see, monkey do. Autism helps.
>>169821 Are we talking about grand strategy or fighting games?
>>169821 The basics are generally easy to learn. With this you can play around with a strong Faction. Most will come naturally since you will feel the need to know why things are this way and what it changes. For example: You lost a battle, you learn that the enemy has higher morale, so you look for something that increases your Morale. There may be different ways but for your situation there might be only 1 or 2 things possible. Then you know this for the next time and so on.
How's the combat in HOI4? I don't really want to play it but I'm reaching the limit of how much gameplay I can squeeze out of Darkest Hour, and 3 always seemed too static. Do you have to use the automation system or can you micromanage your armies?
>>169821 not really The steps to enjoyment are relatively simple and with a little imagination can be fun. >>157761 Its not fun, They added some and removed just as much. The things they added give no enjoyment and in fact break the game >constantly shitting on him with random death events or by allying themselves just to fuck them over Seems about right, in my case they attack before you get your economy rolling. >>157795 In Ck3 you can teleport armies across the map instead.
(2.63 MB 1603x932 OOBEast.png)
>>171019 Not really good. You are not supposed to manage a theater like in DH (with Troop movement and Operations) but instead more on a macro Level of the entire country. Just look at the Air/Naval System. As i recall you get massive penalties for the combat ability of your troops if you don't use the automation system. Just use the game as a more macro simulator. Or try to get into HoI3 if you want a more autistic DH. Otherwise try out some of the other franchises.
(3.17 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Having a blast with the CK3 character creator.
(164.54 KB 800x800 habsburg autism retard.jpg)
>>145682 Kinda late to the party, but here's the link: https://github.com/Benisman1488/Anon-s-Historical-Bloat-Mod/ Haven't stopped development, also switched to github because it's more practical . Also haven't checked what new boards have been added to the webring, hence my late arrival And if anyone cares, the CK2 mod has been discontinued until I'm interested in the game once more (I'm not touching CK3, at least not until all the DLC's have been released.) Last thing I worked on was a complete overhaul of the Caucasian Paganism, with relics and stuff like that.
(8.13 MB 822x750 dorfs.gif)
>>204244 Fuck yeah glad to see you didn't get coofed to deth.
>>171039 >In Ck3 you can teleport armies across the map instead. Do you mean it takes a lot less time than it used to to move troops around? They aren't teleporting, but they are going at warp speed in comparison to CK2.
(9.94 KB 285x287 eyeglow.jpg)
>>204325 >He fell for the chink flu meme I grow stronger with each passing day.
>>204438 Magic transport ships appear for a handful of coins, leading to Norwegian Pakistan.
>>204244 >I'm not touching CK3, at least not until all the DLC's have been released Is there even any announcement with what they are planning with it next? Last i checked it fell behind EU4 again after the initial Hype because the retards didn't do anything with it for months.
>>204244 Good to have you back buddy, your mod is the only thing that keeps bringing me back to vicky 2.
>>205497 The way I see it, that shit is just another Imperator Rome. >>205737 thx y-you too
>>204438 >Do you mean it takes a lot less time than it used to to move troops around No i mean you set up a rally point and you're basically teleporting across the map. For example you play sweden, you conquer york. you set york as your rally point and now your army are all raised in york for your raiding needs. Have a rebellion in sweden? disband your army and then set the way point near the rebellion then raise them up and put them down. >>205878 >The way I see it, that shit is just another Imperator Rome. Whatever it is its really not fun.
>>205915 >Whatever it is its really not fun. Just like Imperator
My hope is that they use Imperator to figure out certain mechanics. It will be interesting to see how the game works after the rework. It will be the first NuParadox game without Mana
(2.58 MB 1920x1080 2021_02_05_1.png)
Figured I'd share this crusader kings save I've been having fun with somewhere at least. Was getting tired of the family management treadmill so I found an immortality mod and created a coven of immortal witch lolis. No easy feat under a catholic ruler thats for sure, not only would they execute any of them that got exposed but its impossible to make women vassals so making them my ward to turn them into a witch and finessing them into inheriting their fathers title was the only way I found around that. The very first one I made immortal got unlanded in a war and proceeded to walk the earth picking up every malady known to man, by the end she was a possessed lunatic thats maimed disfigured and blind with one leg that flagellates herself. Imagining a brain rotted blind immortal mutilating themselves just to experience something made me put a murder scheme on her just to put her out of her misery. For anyone thats feeling like the game is becoming stale I'd highly recommend getting that immortality mod and doing a playthrough with it to shake things up, though having rulers snowballing forever does eliminate a lot of the challenge so you might want to make some yourself by imposing your own limits in some way. One of the limits I imposed was only using sterile immortality so my rulers wouldn't end up like brood mothers flooding the world with kids forever. An immortal brood mother playthrough where you limit yourself to only gaining land through inheritance does sound fun as well though.
>>229629 Have you masturbated to any of them yet?
>>229772 Let's all give a gush for them
>>229775 I'm...having a hard time deciding.
>>229772 Tempted to see what the outcome of converting them to adamites would be. Maybe someone at allthefallen is working on making proper models for them or some lewd poses for the fullscreen barbershop mod.
(398.31 KB 1397x804 Untitled.jpg)
>>229781 Turns out in vanilla adamites just wear nightgowns until their physical age is 16 but coincidentally just a few days ago someone at allthefallen posted a mod to fix that. But since they're just scaled down versions of the adult models weight distribution is all fucked up so they have to be spooky skeletons to look right, from the neck down at least. Theres definitely coomer potential here but its not there yet until someone works on the models. Heres the one you rolled for as an example.
>>230057 Wow, they're corpse-like. Fascinating.
>>230109 Thats what happens when you lower their weight, you can see it in number 8 who already had the malnourished trait along with drunkard which makes the eyes look even more sunken and corpse-like. Almost all the rest of them ended up with the reveler trait for some reason including the one you rolled for so their weight goes up from attending feasts. But clearly they were only concerned with that weight being properly shown in the face since you technically aren't supposed to see what their bodies look like anyway. Still I'm really impressed with how varied characters end up looking. I was half expecting a sims scenario where the random generation was extremely cookie cutter with a bad case of same face and it surprised me with how unique they all turn out.
>>230057 Gaunt loli is best.
(138.76 KB 472x798 Untitled.jpg)
>>230137 Thats not very body positive of you, real pedos like curves, only dogs go for bones. Seems like some of them are better able to handle lower weight without going full eugenia cooney mode like number 7 here so you don't need to put a bag over her head if you aren't into skeletons. Now if only there was someone to rig up some poses so we can make a scene where the pope is being pleasured by his harem of lolis. I didn't know I wanted a medieval version of the studio in illusion games but now that I do I think I'll look into how difficult it would be to make some poses myself.
>>230183 Well godspeed to you.
(109.99 KB 482x509 dracula and baby alucard.png)
>>229629 You sound like some non-vampiric dracula, with being sterile and having a covenant of children of the night and all, pretty cool. Also, that redhead tomboy in the middle is best! post more pictures of her being smug.
(1.36 MB 1616x1034 2021_02_06_11.png)
>>230310 Interesting story with her, she was actually the second born sister and I didn't initially plan to induct her at all but I found out with the first sister that even if you convert their culture and religion by making them your ward they still won't accept an offer of vassalage if they're a queen. Seeing as I didn't want to go to war with a now fellow witch I decided to just keep them close and so I made her younger sister a witch as well just in case. Well sure enough after only being alive 60 years the older sister got severely wounded in battle and died and when the younger sister took over she was having to fight wars on all sides. By the time she had lost enough land to no longer be a queen and accept a vassalage offer she had fought enough battles to be scarred and maimed herself. Weirdly enough though shes one of the few that didn't end up a reveler, I'm thinking all the other witches might be a bad influence on any new wards I raise within my own borders. Not much I can do about it now though, just have to deal with having an empire full of party animals.
(20.13 KB 225x225 alucard is interested.jpg)
>>230326 I like this deep lore of inmortal shadow ruler anon and his covenant of deranged witch lolis
>>230332 And the most deranged of them are also the most ambitious which unfortunately leads to them being the target of too many murder schemes that are eventually successful. One in particular was taking so much territory from other witches and outside empires and getting so powerful that they were beginning to scare even me a little so I was actually kind of relieved when they got "mysteriously disappeared" and I was able to split up their claims between multiple new witches. I guess maybe its just natural selection thats leading the surviving witches to be the content ones that are happy to merrymake in their castles rather than dominate the world. Probably for the best that the world domination be left to me but I do miss looking over and seeing yet another kingdom under my control thanks to a greedy witch that could never have enough.
(27.22 KB 283x356 1467693225733.jpg)
>>230340 >I can't control my deranged loli witch queens despite ruling the world Call the Japs, they probably can make some funny shit out of this.
>>230342 It was like she knew how much I disliked witches infighting and would start wars with other witches just so I would tell her to stop and she could get a hook on me. Vassals like that are a double edged sword in any playthrough but here they just grow and grow unimpeded until they start to out compete even their ruler unless they too are constantly working to grow bigger. Oh and ruling the world is just an end goal I haven't reached yet, I'm currently working to push back the byzantine empire since they're also growing a bit too big for my liking. Both 1 and 9 were daughters of byzantine rulers I conquered, I think thats how they ended up with those earrings.
(1.61 MB 280x296 puke.gif)
>>229629 Why do they all look retarded? Inbreeding?
>>230572 Everyone in CK3 looks retarded after the first generation of characters.
>>230572 Well attractiveness wasn't exactly on my priority list for who I inducted, its hard enough to find a girl whos in a position to inherit a title at all let alone be choosy over whether or not shes a 10/10. >>230573 Don't you think you're being a bit hyperbolic? Its not like its supposed to be a bug-eyed waifu game, most characters are realistically average looking while still being unique. I honestly prefer that to a japanese game where they make one perfect anime girl and then copy and paste it over and over again with different hair and eye colors and call it a varied cast of characters.
(2.29 MB 1920x1080 hre.png)
R8 my le ebin le 1st reich gross Germonies reddit :DDDDDDDD
So i gave in and got me imperator rome after the update since it feels like an actual GSG now, how retarded am i? >>244071 2/10 no grossbohemiums also kebab.
>>244203 Buying Paradox should be avoided. The update however is really good. Probably the best GSG now (maybe minus Eu4). Feels more like Hoi2/Vicky2 than the nu-paradox stuff. Hopefully the Community will latch on this so that they keep going in this direction. >>244071 >No Lebensraum >Doesn't own flandrian coast >Owns Jutland but not Danish Isles or rest of scandinavia >Doesn't own a mediterranian Port / Istria >Balkan not in sphere >Ottomans still hold territory in Europe Do you even know how to Grossgermanium? >Falling for the colonial meme
(30.45 KB 657x527 apu supreme.jpg)
>>245027 I'll have you know I have every balkan nation speared as well as the ottomans and I only accept German derived people's and czechs in my reich.
(158.11 KB 3441x985 Untitled1.png)
They're making an expansion to RtW2.
(898.78 KB 670x437 wafelmipeel01.png)
>>245329 >Not going Pan-Germanic
>>244203 >>245027 Buying most games should be avoided since many devs and publishers are trash, but Paradox are far from the worst. If nothing else they score points for their strict anti-DRM policy (if not piratan, always get the GOG versions, the Steam ones are theoretically DRM-free but feisty in practice). If some mod you want is only on Steam Workshop, use downloader sites/tools to grab it. One can argue that Paradox games are privacy nightmares but you should always, always block single-player games with a firewall, Paradox or otherwise. A simple rule in Windows' built-in firewall is all it takes.
>>246138 Doesen't their Nu-launcher prevent you from using Mods? You have to circumvent it to start the game, so you can not activate them their. Small Mods can be added to the Game files directly but bigger ones like Anbennar don't seem to work
(119.14 KB 247x312 Saki-chan_question.png)
>Darkest Hour TRP 1.04 >nuke Washington D.C. as Germoney >nothing happens >unlock hydrogen bombs, nuke Jew York >partisan activity across the US shoots to 100% What did they mean by this?
>>246808 I think you know what to do.
(71.62 KB 900x744 chef dirlewanger.jpg)
>>246811 Sounds like a wild ride for the partisans.
(2.35 MB 1500x2036 jesus loves this.jpg)
https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/crusader-kings-3-dev-diary-49-a-cold-embrace.1458798/ https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/crusader-kings-3-dev-diary-50-poetry-to-my-ears.1460062/ >adding dynamically generated poetry and seasonal attrition instead of any of the cut DLC content or modding scripts from CK2 Guess they didn't learn their lesson from Imperator.
>>251508 I guess they didn't see any reason to changes their plan for CK3. Unlike Imperator it sold well and was well received by the Community. That being said the Imperator rework was universally very well received. We will have to see how this will affect their planing for the other games in the future.
>>251508 Yes, but at the same time poetry was also pretty important for nobility so i like them adding It.
(465.31 KB 3060x1348 ClipboardImage.png)
>>245794 >USA Just remembered like 80% of USA has germany ancestry.
>>251745 Not only is that not 80% of the map, but most of those counties barely have anybody living in them. I think people forget just how rural large portions of the US is The entirety of North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas and Nebraska combined has less people than Los Angeles County.
>>251795 On the other hand, no one living in California is human, so the numbers drop a bit.
>>251795 >most of those counties barely have anybody living in them And yet people are still easily duped by maps showing huge portions of the country painted some color, as if land votes.
So can anybody explain to me what happened with the TNO mod for hoi4? Last time i played It was when they updated omsk/russian black league and all was fine, and now apparently a literal transexual took over, started banning all russians and some reddit fags are "cleaning" the mod?
I've been out of the loop for a while, how are Imperator after the updates and EUIV Emperor? Still unpolished broken shit or are they finally playable?
>>253151 Imperator is pretty neat now actually, although right now they are fixing the levy system since its not working as intended (its using the majority of the pops in a region as template for the armies you raise instead of proportion based on ethnicty like the devs wanted to), theres also some problems with the AI and commerce, also, cartheginian navy doomstacks not being as aggresive as they should to keep the romans out of africa.
>>252498 Don't bother with TNO. From what i remember the devs got pissed that the playerbase were criticizing their ebin Fascist dystopia. They even kicked out their Japan dev because he was criticizing how Japan was displayed. They also banned the Israel flag because people were spamming it in their discord ironically. Also the mod itself is boring. It follows the same Kaiserreich Formular as all other alternative history mod. You get huge negative modifiers at the beginning and have to follow the retarded Focus tree while doing nothing. Every country has the same boring Civil wars and it plays more like a visual novel as its railroaded as fuck. Of course the Main game is also at fault. I don't understand why nobody comes up with a scenario as interesting and playable as the real world WW2. Remember when mods were passion projects? Now it seems like the mod itself is just an afterthought. I would suggest you leave Hoi4 behind and play Darkest hour instead. It has actually good mods and the Main game mechanics are much better.
What's the best genocide simulator for Victoria II these days? HPM and HFM are dead. Is anon's submod still alive?
(113.12 KB 868x774 churkistan.jpg)
>>256566 See >>204244 Haven't had much time for bugfixing or anything at all. Last thing I did almost a month ago was planning a second overhaul for Central Asia, placing everything else on the back burner. Been doing my own research and consulting the intricate and really fucking autistic cultures and customs of Central Asia just to get a basic grasp of what the fuck am I getting myself into, seriously; there's gonna be like 5 new cultures for this shithole just to represent among other things a solely-administrative caste in Afghanistan, Iranic and Turko-Mongol nomads and the last Pagans in the area. The other planned overhauls are the Greater Caucasus (basically recycled about 30 provinces from random shitters like Siberia and the Canadian Arctic for the whole thing) coming after Central Asia, the Balkans, Pannonia and Anatolia (Mainly province reshaping as to make it more accurate for the time period but also compliant with the post Balkan Wars borders and a “Marmara International Zone” around the Bosporus, I’ll leave that to your imagination), the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia and Somalia, with a small chunk of Kenya, again, lots of province reshaping and also Semien might make a comeback, just for fun.), Arabia (Which is really needed IMO, and should probably include it with the Horn of Africa) then it's finally Tibet, Tarim, Dzungaria and Mongolia after all that shit. At the very end of the back burner is a rough sketch of some minor province reshaping and proposed provinces in South Africa. Again, this is just planning. I’ve already drawn the province sketches, but I really DO need to find about 100-150 to recycle or just cut corners altogether. Also I’m trying to find a way to solve the stupid craftsmen bug the one where ALL the craftsmen in a province turn into the culture of the first pop getting promoted to craftsmen, highly cheesable and you end up with horrible shit like Ashkenazi pops with Orthodox Christian religion when the AI accidentally does it. while also fixing whatever bugs I can come across. And for the second time, I have no idea when I’m gonna start modding shit again as I don’t really have the will nor the time to do so. PD: Oh yeah I was also dabbling in some brainstorming for the addition of new poptypes, namely the factory slaves from PDM (So you can get a FULLY industrialized Dixie without abolishing slavery), Tribals and Nomads (who will basically be the shittiest pops available and really set back uncivs, and semi-uncivs alike... yeah I'm looking at you, Iran and the ottoroaches.) and severely restricting the capability of uncivs and semi-uncivs to amass standing armies and in its stead, relying more in "levies" a la ck2 by bullshitting the mobilization mechanics. TL;DR: Got a ton of shit to do and no time nor motivation and no team.
>>253297 Yeah but i like it though, the setting is cool and i like the crazy bullshit going on everywhere. >>258093 Anon, how do You Even research all this glorius autism?
>>258197 Falling down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and sometimes first hand accounts from people who have lived or been to the places I'm researching, other times secondary sources from people who got relatives in/from said places, but that's mostly for the geography and culture of an area. Also I pirated a shitton old atlases.
How do you guys get into this genre? I tried Europa 3 and I had no idea what I was doing, tried to establish some trade using merchants but have no idea if sending merchants to the market actually did anything.
>>258269 >and I had no idea what I was doing I've been modding and playing vicky2 since 2017 and I still have no idea what I'm doing most of the time. The only sensible answer here would be git gud, unironically. Guess you could watch some tutorials on youtube like almost everyone's done at one point.
>>258269 Play the tutorial first. Read the wiki on topics that have interest in. Start with a big Country like France and form an alliance with another big one. Then go step by step. Dont be afraid to lose battles or wars. Pause often and check the situation. Figure out what you want to do next with your country and how to achieve it.
(40.15 KB 284x399 Cordog.jpg)
CK3 got its first (((flavor pack))), it adds some Old Gods stuff and shieldmaidens because having an 11% of a character being a sexual deviant isn't current year enough
(105.43 KB 249x250 chinesemystery.png)
>>245794 >Balts are Germanic uh...ok
>>261701 i noticed no real noticeable changes besides music. Of course i havent played ck3 in a year so that might have something to do with it >>261880 Where do you think the prussians came from? :^)
CK III Good along with HOI IV or Avoid anything that Paradox shat out?
>>262227 CK III is good and perfectly playable. It may have less features than CK II but that is normal for a new Paradox game. Give it a try. HoI IV is aah playable? It depends if you can find enjoyment in their new front line system system, arguably the largest part in HOI. I prefer to control my spearheads directly to encircle the enemy, so i was never a fan of the new system. Other game mechanics are pretty good, like the Production and arguably the naval system. Keep in mind that you need the expansions for best experience. Pirate it and give it a try. If you don't like the Combat in IV , check out HoI3 HoI2 or darkest hour >>261880 Keep in Mind that the Baltics were for a long time controlled by Scandinavians (Danish, Swedes) and Germans(Livonian Order) and were at least somewhat colonized. And Cities like Riga even had a German Majority until 1918
>>262400 thanks anon and how poz is CK III? I heard anons said there are some diversity bullshit going on both mods and in-game
(91.40 KB 1507x572 Screenshot 2021-03-17 181602.png)
(93.74 KB 1487x656 Screenshot 2021-03-17 181525.png)
>My design-philosophy is "believable worlds", and I much prefer making games like HoI3 and Victoria 2, which are games on top of simulation mechanics. EU4 philosophy was to have some sort of central limitation mechanic which became known as Mana, and that was just too succesful. >The problem is that there is so many underlying mechanics in eu4 that any new systems that we add, adds enormously to complexity for performance, AI and new users. A button is easier to handle for all those things. At least he knows. I wonder how much of the old Autist he still has in him. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/eu4-leviathan-development-diary-3rd-of-march-2021.1460059/?prdxDevPosts=1 >>262463 Some people are complaining about the Gender Equality i.e. that women can have the same titles and skills as men. I think there was also a bug that would lead to many daughter lading to most of the world being ruled by woman. Not sure if this is still the case though.
>>262463 I remember in release there was a bug and all couples would be unfaithfull 9/10 times unless your wife/husband was in love or they were just straight up chaste, so there was a lot of cucking.
>>262481 >>262474 thanks anon about the info I might get it maybe on christmas but is there more poz though, Like the game suddenly give Europeans Black and maybe asians too along with Strong Independent Feminiggers?
>>264865 Can't think of anything. But you should never buy a Paradox game unless you have played it before. CKIII was free to play last week so hopefully you checked it out? If not pirate it and try it out for an afternoon or so and see for yourself if you like it. These games are cracked almost instantly after release so can always play the latest version for free
>>267348 will do anon, gonna try and see if they're worth and god help me if Future Content add POZ and WE WUZ KANGZ
>>267351 Fuck Steam. If you're considering buying see if it can be bought and downloaded directly from Paradox like some of their other games.
(708.11 KB 886x369 New Supply system.png)
(2.44 MB 1206x758 Railway Network.png)
(1.96 MB 976x755 234rtg.png)
(2.25 MB 1053x845 w3456zu.png)
Looks like Johan is lurking in this thread. Next HOI4 expansion will rework the supply system and add Railways + shippable rivers (used for supply). If they only would rework the retarded front line system.. Related Dev Diary: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/hoi4-dev-diary-early-look-at-at-supply-and-the-coming-year.1466076/
(71.76 KB 616x353 capsule_616x353.jpg)
Well bros, Is there any chance this is gonna be a good dlc? Or are they gonna fuck it up somehow.
>>282771 My money is on it being somewhat mediocre and slightly underwhelming compared to what I'd like to expect, but I'll still fork out the 20 quid and play it.
>>282771 >Stellaris >Good anything No.
(316.29 KB 725x800 BB.png)
>>282786 Adding to what you said, I can't believe how much stuff Paradox is allowed to get away with. If or when EA release a game in a bare bones state, then release piecemeal DLC and expansions, they get burned at the stakes. But when Paradox does it, they don't get nearly enough criticism.
>>282771 I'm giving it an extra month before I bother to even try it. Let them patch out all the shit it will break and to let mods catch up. >>282779 >being somewhat mediocre and slightly underwhelming compared to what I'd like to expect Same thoughts here. >but I'll still fork out the 20 quid and play it Anon just pirate it, that is what I did for all the dlc when I play with a friend of mine online.
>>282793 Not a GSCfag, just noticed your post while scrolling. I notice companies that do jewish shit in niche genre's tend to escape getting shit on more than their AAA conterparts in mainstream genres. I imagine much of this has to do with desperation to find decent shit in said genre. Correct, me if i'm wrong but isn't the grand strategy genre dominated by paradox and fireaxis with most other grand strategy being comparatively smaller in scope?
>>282814 >isn't the grand strategy genre dominated by paradox and fireaxis with most other grand strategy being comparatively smaller in scope? Yes. It happens with few other genres (4X and sports) as well, but it still doesn't make eating shit right.
>>282836 oh I agree, I just asked to sait my curiosity
(15.77 KB 237x358 IMG-20210325-WA0013.jpg)
>trying hoi4 after getting bored yet again of cuck2 >pick a small country as I'm used on ck2 to learn the tropes >go with Greece because what could go wrong >building fairly fine, planning attacks, going neutral to not have to deal with the big 3 at war >neutrals have to wait for basically WW2 to start actually grab some land >waiting.mp4 >any country I plan against either gets protected by a major or as soon as i declare war they jump on any faction that will accept them >well fuck this >savescum and go 1488 >wage war on Yugoslavia while pastaniggers are raping it so I can grab some land >nope they just puppet it all and my whooping 23%of war score means shitall >savescum and be a champion for democracy >gets DP by Italy and turkroach >savescum.txt >go gommie >romania bongs and Yugoslavia dindu my ass >manage to stay netural and in axis faction but peace deal can only be done at the end of the war so can't squash and grab then keep fighting the remaining countries >any frontline is either getting destroyed or is a staring eye contest unless I arrive and wiggle myself in >peace arrive even tho I'm 40%of war score ok done against smaller countries but still major just fucks anyone out of the deal >navy is so messed up on what units I need that I only pump out subs and patrol my Coast >Aviation is ok but at my peak I have 2k planes while Bulgaria has like 20k >basically no manpower even after getting enroll by requirement. So I'm running 24 beaten up division in 1952 Sooooo how do I actually gitgud at this game? How the fuck my MP gets just destroyed even tho I'm having 1/10 of loss then my enemies? Why the peace deals are so fucking shit and what's the point of justifying a war if you don't get the region you claimed afterwards? Why any other country out of Europe, North America or far east Asia has a terrible standardized focus tree? Why picking any country in South america is just like setting yourself on observatory mode?
>>285980 >Sooooo how do I actually gitgud at this game? I recommend to skip the bullshit and just play previous one.
>>282771 If previous experience is anything to go by then its a 20$ DLC that has about 5$ worth of content. I still remember the hype for Federations DLC, how it going to overhaul diplomacy and check it out now you can build "real" federations and galactic community and blablabla... In the end what it did is that it added one useless ship type and two windows for you to click on every hour or so to pretend that you are doing "politics". Basically it was a whole lot of hype to add precisely fuckall to the game, that is when it was not actively detracting from it.
>>285980 Mod the shit out of it especially the one that gives player control over peace conference and stop AI from join faction outside of focus tree, anon. Or just play something else, preferably better game. >any country I plan against either gets protected by a major There's a thing called justify-baiting. Just go around justifying some random countries in bump fuck nowhere and canceling it as soon as all the major AIs salivating at the the thought of ramming your unprotected arse through guarantee. Then go for your real target freely cuz AI ran out of mana to protect them (or doing anything else, really). >How the fuck my MP gets just destroyed even tho I'm having 1/10 of loss then my enemies It's encirclement. If you get encircled, your whole army get wiped instantly instead of just running away and eating up manpower to recover like usual. On a slightly related note, this game follows Castro Jr's school of retard thinking: if you get killed by the enemies, you win aka you got a whole lot more warscore than the guy who just wiping out armies and suffers a lot less casualties.
(42.04 KB 739x904 3rtzhj.jpg)
>>285980 >any frontline is either getting destroyed or is a staring eye contest unless I arrive and wiggle myself in The A.I doesn't attack when it has now chance of winning. Which results in static fronts until one side has superiority i.e your tank army. >peace arrive even tho I'm 40%of war score ok done against smaller countries but still major just fucks anyone out of the deal Peace conference is broken. Do what everyone else is doing and use console commands for necessary changes >navy is so messed up on what units I need that I only pump out subs and patrol my Coast Navy is a huge planning thing. If you don't want to use it and don't want to read into it scrap it and use Air Force instead. At least use subs for convoy raids. >basically no manpower even after getting enroll by requirement. So I'm running 24 beaten up division in 1952 When you have the last conscription law you have basically 50% of your country's population in your Manpower pool. There is no more. You get only full manpower from your Core provinces. You get some small percentage from occupied and non core (which can be increased slightly) but its not meant to bolster your Army significantly also use Field hospitals in your Divisions. If your Army is running dry, disband Navy units, if its not enough disband Air units, still not enough disband Army units you don't need (anti partisan forces), still need more: take out regiments from your Division template. All this was done in the real world too. Still not enough? Congrats you just Paraguayed your country. >How the fuck my MP gets just destroyed even tho I'm having 1/10 of loss then my enemies? What is your Division template? Do you follow the Meta? You can also just make meme divisions which are basically undamagable for normal units. >Why the peace deals are so fucking shit and what's the point of justifying a war if you don't get the region you claimed afterwards? See above, use console commands >Why any other country out of Europe, North America or far east Asia has a terrible standardized focus tree? Focus trees are cancer, but what country would you like to play? >Why picking any country in South america is just like setting yourself on observatory mode? Monroe Doctrine unironically. Nobody wants to awaken the giant prematurely.
>>137903 >In what way was Crusader Kings 3 a failed release? You should be killed for your stupidity. >It sold very well WOW NUMBER GO UP. >had good ratings WOW GAME MEDIA SAY THING SO I BELIEVE THEM BECAUSE THEY SAY SO. >and the game mechanics were functional at launch Glowing praise, really. Since the word ‘functional’ is entirely undefined. CK3 is a hollow shell of what CK2 was, and they’re going to sell you all of 2’s functionality AGAIN as DLC. and also add the whole of China and Japan (and probably fucking Indonesia) as DLC. In this FEUDAL EUROPEAN simulator game. The fucking world map is EXPLICITLY TORN where China fits in. They’re not even trying to hide what’s coming.
>>286371 Why would you enter a thread only to reply to an 6 Month old Post? >You should be killed for your stupidity. Nice Argument you got here. >WOW NUMBER GO UP. I guess you don't know but Paradox is a Company which exist to made Money. They don't hide the fact that they make games that sell well. >>262474 >WOW GAME MEDIA SAY THING SO I BELIEVE THEM BECAUSE THEY SAY SO. What about what the Community says retard? >Since the word ‘functional’ is entirely undefined Functionality as in the game actually runs and the implemented features work. You clearly have no idea about previous launches. >CK3 is a hollow shell of what CK2 was, and they’re going to sell you all of 2’s functionality AGAIN as DLC You are using the word functionality wrong. What you mean is features. This is their policy since HoI2 and is criticized ever since. As long as the community buys it, they will continue. >add the whole of China and Japan (and probably fucking Indonesia) as DLC. In this FEUDAL EUROPEAN simulator game Its clear that they expanded the Game out of Europe. China was a long time rumor even in CKII. And the Muslims were active in Indonesia. >They’re not even trying to hide what’s coming. No, because everybody knows. Its not new. Because of retards like you this board can't have any meaningful discussion. You don't like CKII? fine but what do you not like? What part does not work? As usual the only thing discussed here is the politics around the game. I doubt you even play these games.
(932.85 KB 1323x525 foot.png)
(949.54 KB 1359x529 med-lig.png)
>>285983 Before it came out i played both hoi3 did 50ish hours but then got back to cuckking and Victoria 2 but never enjoyed it as much didn't care as much about colonizing >>286245 But doing the baiting I run out of mana too since the cost and time of justifying spikes up massively... or I missed the part where they then refund my political power? Oh I know about the encirclement, infact I've been using it against them when I could, most of my wiggling in the front line is getting 3-4 division of 20width against one of theirs on a 80 width region.... still I kill 1m of my enemy and get 100k death myself and still have no MP >>286311 >AI doesn't attack Well fuck, whats the point of going to war if they don't attack then? any mod that fix this shitty staring contest? >console command peace conference Do I just annexall or there is a command that gives me more VP so I can pick whatever region I need? tried occupationpaint but it doesnt actually give me the land, only that i can manage it for some other country >navy and air force Yeah I guess I will pick kiwiland or another island nation and learn the tropes of navy in another game saw in an old gsg thread that you should do 5 screen for every heavy you have, 10 subs for any heavy and dd same as sub...but it might be out of date info since war prior MtG as said in the post above I've been spamming sub and convoy raiding or patrolling where critical >field hospitals and disband Yeah all my units had hospitals to save up some mp on battle ticks, I might reduce my regiment for Military policing the conquered regions and hope it works But fuck, Greece starts with the service by requirement law and is already at 125k manpower. So don't have much I can scrap from the cores >what's your division template, do you follow the meta No idea what's the meta(installed the game 6 days ago) I basically have 4 division, one footsoldiers to carry the fight, one light tank to rush encirclement,one medium tanks to fight their tanks and one for garrison.... template setup is pic related(have logistic instead of maintenance cause im currently trying again as iran so to be away from the rapeing) >what country you would like to play? any minor or secondary major cause i like going from nothing to superpower..tried portugal but is suicide, greece ive posted the result, any scandinavian is just waiting to either get gobble up by ivan or heinz, in asia ive tried mongolia and some southeast i dont rememeber*sumatra maybe?**, if i can learn to play i want to try canada/mexico/hungary/australia >monroe doctrine well shit, so south america will never be playable unless burgers get a civil war or are too busy to care. i would love to pick hue or white argentina to make a latin faction
>>286390 forgot to add, the medium tank template has tank specialization with artillery or tank buster ready to go if i fight countries like russia or germany
>>286390 >Well fuck, whats the point of going to war if they don't attack then? any mod that fix this shitty staring contest? I think this is intended. There were always phases in which the front was rather quiet. You shouldn't attack when you dont have the strength. Use this time to resupply and plan the next offensive. >Do I just annexall or there is a command that gives me more VP so I can pick whatever region I need? tried occupationpaint but it doesnt actually give me the land, only that i can manage it for some other country No you use "tdebug" to get the id of the state and then use "setowner [country tag] [state id]" to change the stateowner. Use "add_core <state_id>" if you want it to be a core. All commands are in the official wiki >But fuck, Greece starts with the service by requirement law and is already at 125k manpower. So don't have much I can scrap from the cores Its Greece, its not a big power. >No idea what's the meta(installed the game 6 days ago) I basically have 4 division, one footsoldiers to carry the fight, one light tank to rush encirclement,one medium tanks to fight their tanks and one for garrison.... template setup is pic related(have logistic instead of maintenance cause im currently trying again as iran so to be away from the rapeing) I believe current Meta is that big division (combat with 40) are better. Your Divisions are pretty juicy. Makes me wonder if Greece can properly supply them? Are you running out of Equipment during the battles? >i like going from nothing to superpower Portugal, Scandinaivia and greece are not even secondary powers and have the big one next door. Maybe try Belgium (I think there is a decision in which you can get all of Congos Manpower) Netherlands (good potential) Italy, Spain, Australia Canada (Pretty safe location). Its pretty hard to go without the 3 big alliances. So better choose one who can help you out as you learn the game. >Navy Yeah it has changed. But you only really need a navy if you are a big power. > i would love to pick hue or white argentina to make a latin faction Its possible of course. But you have to prepare to face America as they will intervene in every war. Better get good allies who can help you and build up.
>>286417 >it was intended Yeah but it's a stand still till I either find a hole to wiggle or always the enemy push forward and grab a fuckload of land.... my faction never actually do jack. It stays on the border and mostly defend >console command Well thats good, will then fix some of the orrendous peace deal I've got screw with >Greece is not a big power Yeah but mid conscription law and only 125k feels like bullshit MP, fuck I think Ireland has more since starts with volunteers only >meta and supplies Well fuck, I barely can work out with 20 I imagine that if I try the meta I will end up with only 12 division of beaten up soldiers. Actually not that many shortage, going neutral, dem or gommie got me well set up that if I place 6 parallel order for a division it gets done immediately but then the MP lackin slows me to never get those units. If I go 1488 instead the war always catch me in some way and I end up with a lack of tanks and have to wait for the reinforce or old riflestoo slow on updating >countries Belgium and Netherlands really? Fuck I wanted to avoid them especially cause is a german damocle sword to not go 1488.... and even then only if I get in his faction or I still get swallowed up might give it a try and hope for the best. Spain with the revolution starting immediately i don't know how to set it up properly but will figure it out, Canada is basically a slave to UK first and if I get the national focus to get out of the commonwealth I become a slave for US or not grabbing shit I see there is a focus for an alliance with Mexico and trying to squash burgersland... is it actually possible or just a meme focus? Will try aussie and learn navy to fuck some nips up >Latin power Yeah I remember in hoi3 I just grow tall and waited for burger to get in ww2 but then again, somehow still manage to land some shit and annoy us. will see if with the spies I can cause some civil war effectively removing the guarantees therefor giving me some room to expand or at the very least make puppets
>>131376 Just posting this for some background music for while playing
What's the most cursed country you could possibly make up in grand strategy? >>285980 Paradrop on the VPs and get a stronger country to protect you by joining their faction and building forts on your most defensible tile while the AI grinds itself into your guns
(190.86 KB 838x1098 71190441_p0_20210416160356.png)
>>286739 >What's the most cursed country you could possibly make up in grand strategy? <Franco-British Union <Monarchy America <Ottoman Italy <Germany without autism
>>286739 Greater Israel ?
>>286390 >i would love to pick hue or white argentina to make a latin faction I remember in HoI2 there was a scenario wich was basically a south american theater of ww2, with brazil joining the allies and argentina the axis. >>286739 >What's the most cursed country you could possibly make up in grand strategy? Any form of lotharingia.
>>286458 >meta spezz marine https://pastebin.com/s7GJ8dMm >set state owner and coring by hand Get the toolpack mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2027563068
>>258093 Just released a new update, it's mostly focused on bugfixing and quality of life stuff, had to do it before attempting any new overhauls. https://github.com/Benisman1488/Anon-s-Historical-Bloat-Mod/
Anyone has the old 8ch mega archive with the mods and games?
>Stellaris v3.0.1 "Dick" (c04b) Wait, is this legal for Parajew to name an update like that in CY+X?
>>290521 It's fitting, considering that it's the patch that gimped large empires, delivered with the DLC that gave content for large empires.
>>290647 what happened i heard it involved something with populations
>>290652 Population growth now gets gimped if the population of your entire empire gets too large. So building tall is the only valid strategy now, because otherwise you have a hundred planets with two people on them. Or, I suppose, feeding vassals and then gobbling them up when they're nice and plump. It really leads to the whole thing feeling extremely artificial, not like a living world, because somehow your capital being a HongKong style hellhole makes the one family of settlers on a frontier world not want to breed.
>>290705 That's retarded.
>>290760 No, this is the cuckchan gsg archive.
>>290705 That sounds stupid as hell
>>290705 Does Paradox even play test their games anymore? Every game launch, and every expansion they've released in the passed few years, has been broken. I understand a few bugs in games, things are going to slip through, especially for big games like this, but this is ridiculous. This isn't unit graphics having a seizure or text displaying wrong, this is core mechanics not working.
>>290497 Well I found the links, looks like they were removed which sucks, the archive had mods that are no longer available anywhere, like putinmod,
>>290444 >404'd Damn
>>295063 Use gitgud instead.
(233.29 KB 460x215 ClipboardImage.png)
I heard this was pretty bad, just like everything else Paradox releases.
>>296967 They had to release a full page of hotfixes a day after which including something seems to be the actual AI for the shit they add in the new DLC.
>>296967 Lets see >you can develop a province for 0 cost >you can have a ruler with thousands of Monarchpoints >you can have up to 5 manufactures in a province >you can have 0 (unlimited) government capacity >you can instant convert >you can have government reform level in the thousands in one month Granted theese are exploits but maybe they shouldn't have sacked their QA department
(533.02 KB 968x484 ClipboardImage.png)
get fucked, parajews
(315.50 KB 934x158 ClipboardImage.png)
Finally finished a full vanilla game of Stellaris with a friend. Looking into doing a modded run before we give it a rest a while. Any essential or strongly recommended mods out that anyone can suggest? >>297776 God damn.
>>300610 Gigastructural Engineering or Forgotten Queens. Gigastructural for building silly huge mega structures looking at your Alderson Disk and Forgotten Queens for a hive mind run.
>>300621 I always build/repair those ringworld sections but never actually use it. Feel like it's just going to cluster the outliner with bazillion of new "planets" and it'd be annoying to navigate it. Why didn't they have an option to merge all the sections into a single entity after you completed them.
>>301614 well apparently its nerfed to shit so it doesn't even matter anymore
>>296967 It was so bad that the Ming died on the first day, for going over government capacity breaks AI nations because they release vassals to lower it. Nothing in Oceania makes any historical sense, with Abbos able to evolve to human status and invent gunpowder and cannons before Europe. Zoroastrians were turned into Coptic ripoffs and left blatantly unfinished. New formable nations have no national ideas. Concentrating development is extremely overpowered. There are too few monuments, and they are completely overpowered. The game apparently crashed before 1520 almost assuredly. This is what they get for firing their QA team.
>>302628 > The game apparently crashed before 1520 reached 1550 before the crash. cant do anything after i hit that date. Nothing you can do to stop the crash

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