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(361.24 KB 1920x1080 sakuna-of-rice-and-ruin-logo-pn.jpg)
(297.31 KB 1284x720 Sakuna-Of-Rice-and-Ruin.jpg)
Sakuna of Rice and Ruin Anonymous 11/10/2020 (Tue) 07:02:47 Id:03b2bb No. 148547
So loli goddess of rice game will be launched in 11 hours. anyone excited for it?
Been looking forward to this for a while. Looks like a breath of fresh air compared to the shit shoveled out this year.
I hope it's good.
I saw a 6/10 review stating that the farming is "too steep into micromanagment" and that "platforming is a hassle". I'm not too versed in journospeak so I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Please God let it be good I've been waiting around two years for the game.
>>148568 Sound like to me they're mad it has too much video game in the video game, but maybe the controls actually are jank.
>>148568 >platforming is a hassle the gameplay seem that was a bit on the cureizy side. so journalist are complaining about gamplay that may involve actually some skill into it. nothing outside the ordinary.
>>148568 So basically it's not yet another brain dead """metroidvania""" when it comes to the platforming/combat and it didn't dumb down the farming sim part like trannymal crossing/starmutt valley did, sounds like 9/10 GOTY material.
its too bad it got censored for the western release
This seems like it will be the most underrated game of this year. Could possibly be a top 10 game when you consider how much terrible crap and disappointing releases this year has produced. >>148568 You shouldn't trust journos to begin with. They complain about too many holes on a Xbox Series X when they were suppose to review the console they got for free. I'd expect they turn the negatives of this game as praise for the Demon's Souls remake when we know they couldn't beat it since they are the ones that keep being for an easy mode. I'd wait for an actual reviews from actual gamers playing it.
>>148659 Censored how?
>>148659 >censored had a quick search, found nothing
>>148664 >>148663 data is from a japanese twatter post, in an interview with the developer, he said the release was delayed so that some “cultural adjustments” could be made (paraphrasing, might not have used those exact words but they are to the same end)
>>148547 I hope it's good
>>148673 Then there's no way we'll ever know what was changed if it was changed mid-development. SJWs are now fucking the games before they even come out in Japan.
>>148685 Precisely.
>>148673 The only thing I can find on the dev talking about the localization is this; twitter.com/nal_ew/status/1322437853708578817 archive.is/3Srvz www.xseedgames.com/2020/10/30/sakuna-of-rice-and-ruin-localization-blog-2/ archive.is/wip/EY22y
>>148659 >>148673 You're so full of shit
>>148685 >SJWs are now fucking the games before they even come out in Japan. This sounds like some niggerpill tier shit
Looks very comfy. I hope its good.
So looking at some more reviews the rice farming is apparently very involved with season changes, tools, people and whatnot. I'm not sure how I feel about that but I'm lying if I say I don't want to give rice farming simulator a try. >>148720 >not wearing farming overalls >not wearing nothing but farming overalls What a poser
>>148547 When this releases someone please report back and tell us if you can nigger rig it to run in windows 7.
You can't out-rice the Chinese. Not that it's going to stop me from trying.
(317.09 KB 480x270 welcome.png)
>>148818 It runs fine on win7. English VA has effort put into it. Haven't played much though.
>>148720 White women in a nutshell.
I'm probably gonna get it butt how prevalent / involved is the rice farming part?
(596.21 KB 1000x1000 1520031079127.png)
Welp, either it needs the latest firmware to work or the nsp dump on switch-xci is bad. Hopefully it's just the dump since i don't want to update from 4.0.0 and i don't want to use emuNAND as i like to play dragon's dogma on my bed and the game has a glitch where the combat theme keeps playing until you swap zones/fast travel unless it's installed to the switch's internal memory.
>>149057 Honestly, I'd engage in this bit of self-reflection too, but it would be mostly to be thankful that I'm not that guy and to appreciate what I have instead of feeling guilty about it.
Wait is this pic related to the game? No idea where I got it from and just thought it was adorable
>>149140 You probably wouldn't take a selfie and feel the need to share it with everyone though, in the hopes that it will somehow ease your guilt through some vapid social media post.
>>148547 toughts so far >combat seems pretty polish definitely possible for curayzee gameplay, but need a bit of pratice to get into it. >looks pretty, characters seems will be likeable. >despise the fact i dont like sims games, the farming part doenst look so bad. disliked: <the 3D sections of the farming, the camera seems a bit "loose" for lack of a better term. <not a fan of the "hunger" system <combat lacks a dash/doge button (maybe it will be a unlocked skill in the future).
>>149420 Dash is just > > with no i frames. It can cancel though. What you want to try using more is r1 which has a ton of invul.
>>149431 Also forgot to add, there is a parry thats just hit toward when enemy strikes. Learned on accident.
>>149322 Is there still a guard / guard cancel like in FBF?
>>149431 >>149432 > r1 which has a ton of invul no kidding, just foight the first boss, that cloth of her let you move all over the place >Learned parry on accident same here. never was one to use much of parries thought (except in metal gear rising, but thats because that is the core mechanic of the game).
(2.49 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Couldn't you have made this thread 11 hours later? >>149094 Why would you play multiplats on anything but PC.
(3.40 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>have to farm 30 enemies in a cave where there's only 23 on your first run through just to unlock a new area rather than, say, explore and move beyond, in essense having to do the same starting area two times (not promising much in terms of how to deliver new content, with a focus on arbitrary restrictions and mindless grinding) >no sense of danger as you can instantaneously teleport out at any given moment >braindead AI >annoying ragtag of nobodies (am I supposed to know them?) and Paimon's VA as the main character >no ability to go with jap voices in the option menu >no 4k support >have to manually put down 50 patches of rice >default run speed is too low, you can do a simple dash by hitting the dpad twice but not sure if possible with control stick >long boring intro cutscene that tells me jackshit >two tutorial stages that teach the same thing >enemies are just damage-sponges during night-time, still the same enemies, AI, models, animation What can I say. I expected more. I'm all for resource management in real-time but this is like Animal Crossing, just very boring tedium. I love to see an empire rise up from nothingness. But I can't for the life of me see the appeal in this game. You're not allowed to do anything. Also the main song is already too repetitious for my taste, I put that shit on mute.
(738.80 KB 944x531 ClipboardImage.png)
>>149577 Ah I got a newer version of the game with 4k and jap audio now. So ignore those two points
>attack with Esc and Enter >no rebindable keys pc port is absolute shit, I've never something so retarded >inb4 just use a gamepad lmao NO, it's shit.
(107.88 KB 640x480 what the fresh hell is this.jpg)
>>149768 >attack with Esc and Enter
>>149768 Not sure if it's better than "Esc closes the whole game" that some PC jap games gave.
(83.31 KB 900x575 cheese grator.jpg)
>>149768 >PC port Nigger it's a doujin game initially made only for PC before Marvelous picked it up, what the fuck.
>play the combat because some anon say it might be cuhrayzee >fake air strings on-hit, any air hit makes you float with the enemy, only falls down when you're at the end of the string or you whiff the attack, this is half ok but to be expected with more modern games >assload huge hitstop on anything that's not light attacks >light > heavy, light light, heavy heavy, but can't really mix between them only 'staircase' into heavy if you want to >jump cancel-able or they jump for you launchers & big air helm breaker move, not bad but pretty generic so far >terrible forward + light attack that has huge fucking lag & moves you very forward ? what the fuck is this bullshit, always have to return my movement neutral >special moves with the frontal smash is really slow move but has a gimmick that almost brings it back in with knocking rocks at enemies >you can parry projectiles by swinging your hoe with a light attack, very nice >gimmicky yellow cum grapple move that doesn't even fucking get you close to the enemy (holy shit this sucks offensively), mostly a get out move since you can't block or have any bullshit invul moves, not bad but could be worse >you can dash with 646, what the actual fuck, dashing has a huge delay and must be jumped to be cancel the terrible lag or you just throw an attack >unlocking weapon stuff or progressing skills gets you slight boring rpg stat % increase looks like a boring cuhrayzee so far, didn't really like when the game falls into night. I might look into third strike parrying everything as i read some of the stuff the anons have posted, but i don't have high hopes for the game at this moment
Will the game be crappily dubbed? or there is a competent translation team behind the game?
>>149823 The guy who drew that image was one of the founders of e621.
>>150941 Now why would you know that?
>>150827 I agree with this sentiment. But would also like to add that the game does not have any memorable level design and that, the resources you get in stages are just arbitrary. Winter season looks nice. But I can't say the game does anything particularly well. The game doesn't even score you (on combat) so what's really even the point? The game doesn't have functional duck-ai either. The game won't be talked about in a month.
>>150874 It has the option of japanese VO
>>148720 I hate women
Anyone know how to get to this? Is there a double jump or something later on?
>>151184 hit the mushroom, it will throw you against the chest
>>151235 Sounds like dishonest game design
>>151235 Thanks. I tried that before but i couldn't get it to work. This time i hit the mushroom for a few minutes before it finally launched me. Not sure exactly why it refuses to launch me 99% of the time. The food system feels like I'm doing something wrong. Like there is more going on that i missed because your energy goes down so fast and as far as i can tell you can't eat in the field. Only by eating a meal and making it night. The combat can be pretty fun in training mode or with just a few enemy's but once you get more than 4 or 5 it gets very hectic and its hard or damn near impossible for me to keep track of whats going on and the enemy's like to gang rape you and get you in lockstun and gang rape your tight juicy cunny some more. Game is fun and has some definite charm but it also feels lacking. It seems like you will probably get a lot of OP unlocks down the road. I just finished year 2 and I've had quite a many unlocks so far. The rice fielding is a mix of neat and tedious. it already gave me the option to make one of the ningen do it but i feel like they will do a shit job and leave me with a subpar harvest and I've already got a few unlocks making it easier and faster.
>>151322 Forgot to mention this game has a weird bug about every 10 minutes maybe, the game will disconnect my xbone controller for a second or two go to m/kb then back to xbone. Sometimes it won't do the shuffling at all and others it feels like it does it every 5 minutes. Its gotten me killed a few times now.
>>151272 how? you see the birds been throw left and right by the mushrooms, how the hell would you think that using them to cross over a gap is misleading?
>>151322 Use your grapple to maneuver into better position so you don't get gang raped. Also use your special moves to smash enemies into each other and to keep them stunned. Also you can grapple enemies in the air that will give you heaps of air time and then you can smash the body down to clear out enemies below you.
(573.62 KB 810x900 Aho_Serval.png)
>>151352 Yea I'm aware of all that but once you get hit the punches just keep coming. You can't grapple from stunlock, can't use specials either. Maybe there's a better combo to use that I'm not aware of yet so far. For the most part i either mash light attack heavy attack, or do the heavy bounce into bat combo. Theres a lot of flexibility with the bounce bat combo and you can pretty much do an infinite combo loop with the grapple but when there are too many guys you can't even press a button because you get hit so much. It does seem to have a limit of how many hits can keep you in stunlock before you can remaneuver which is nice i guess. Then again I'm using the first upgrade gear you can make i could make copper or wood but I have 2 iron and I'd rather just get the rest of the iron i need and skip those two upgrades altogether. Probably stupid because it doesn't appear that you can use mats for anything else and it looks like iron is the best in the game or the rest is still not unlocked.
BRAVE FENCER SAKUNA Fun as fuck, I need to go to sleep but JUST ONE MORE DAY. My fucking rice have weeds on it, the fucking fertilizer needs micromanaging, etc. >>151348 because you have to purposely take damage. >>151322 >The combat can be pretty fun in training mode or with just a few enemy's but once you get more than 4 or 5 it gets very FUN Use the skill that launches enemies and watch the pins go down and 90% of them die and the rest be at 10% health.
>>151406 >Yea I'm aware of all that but once you get hit the punches just keep coming Maybe I am not on late game yet, but enemies don't seem to be able to juggle me. I never got hit more than once besides for being tossed into spikes.
>>148547 porn when?
>>151622 >if I exclam it's fun maybe I can convince myself I am having fun Nothing says fun like the realization of time passing. We get it dude, you have fun but you can't actually evaluate a video game.
some general tips >you can parry attacks in the middle of a combo string even when airborne or while recovering from the raiment grab movement >using raiment grab on an enemy after they are unbalanced will launch them towards your direction allowing you to continue your combo >you can make enemies unbalanced by parrying them, stringing light attacks or by launching them >frontal smash can be used to crash enemies into each other, the bigger the enemy the more crash damage others take >tidal wave can be used to launch anything that isn't a boss, even the deer enemies >you can deflect projectiles by attacking them >crafting every weapon and armor is a good idea to get their special abilities >you can cancel your recovery animations using the dash(double tap forward/backward), it also has iframes >rice harvest stat gains are really substantial early game so it can be a good idea to harvest your crop if you are being walled by something and can't do more than single digit damage >you can stack various natural healing food sources to get higher tier of the effect >the healing procs even if you are surrounded by enemies as long as you aren't attacking or taking damage(raiment grab is an attack but dash isn't)
>>151735 I cut the quote on purpose to explain that what happens when enemies cluster up is FUN rather than "hectic and its hard or damn near impossible for me to keep track of whats going on"
>>151753 >it's fun for I'm reminded it could be worse
>>151754 are you retarded? I am saying that it's fun to watch the pins fall when enemies cluster and you toss one onto all of the others and they all start tossing one onto another rather than "hectic and its hard or damn near impossible for me to keep track of whats going on" as was previously claimed. I don't think I can explain it any easier to understand.
>>151755 Are you denying to have defined having fun as being able to tell what's going on? Because it's not a question of whether or not you've stated either.
>>151761 I am able to tell what's going on though
>>151768 I accept your concession. Things are fun for you when you are reminded when they could be worse.
So how is the amount of rice farmed determined? The first harvest was from 50 seedlings in a single field. The second harvest was 100 seedlings in 5 whole fields, yet they yielded the exact same amount of 10 fucking rices that lasts for shit. How does it fucking works?
>>151872 There's different things you have to do at different seasons to get better yield. As you progress in the game Samurai guy will actually start teaching you how to farm. Also you want to progress as much as possible through the main game since it will unlock additional fields that your npc's farm.
>>151960 I already unlocked 5 whole fields. That's the thing, the second harvest was 100 sapplings in 5 fields, that's 10x more than the first one, but the yield was the same.
>>151980 Shit dude I don't know man, my yield has been going up exponentially since the first harvest. Have you been weeding and picking up the frogs/spiders/snails? Could be disease and pests fucking your yield.
>>151872 You're still in the tutorial, the extra fields won't become relevant until you're planting 400 or so seeds. By then you'll also get seed sorting and seasonal yields.
>>152030 >>152042 a yeah, just finished second harvest, and got the fields after I planted the second batch.
Is there pantsu shots?
(39.83 KB 281x258 FUCK YOU.jpg)
>>152217 Not a single one yet, I doubt there will be any. It's too cutesy to have any. Think of Saturday morning anime rather than shonen jump adaptation. >>152269 Not sure which boss you are talking about, but damn dude, try to get the skill that is a charged attack, it blows bosses the fuck out, no more following the niggers for a pittance of damage, just let them come and eat them alive. ESPECIALLY THE FUCKING DEER
Got it set up and configured on linux, runs pretty well, English voice acting isn't half bad and movement seemed pretty fluid, only done 10-20mins of testing. Is there a keybind to bring up a menu in game ?
>>152527 You can't bring up the menu in the starting tutorial.
>>148547 Anyone got a download link or torrent ?
(3.79 MB 854x480 snek 2.webm)
>>151777 Can't believe your trips went unchecked. Barbarous display. >>152580 Fitgirl you nigger. Has anyone let the filthy ningen try their hand at doing your farm work yet? Not sure if i want to let them do it.
>>152616 >Has anyone let the filthy ningen try their hand at doing your farm work yet? Not sure if i want to let them do it. No, it's not even about letting them do it, I'd let the big oaf do the planting all the time since he actually does better than I do. the issue is that if you let them, you get no fucking farming exp, which will probably unlock skills good enough that I will start not sucking at planting.=
>>152217 No pantsu only spats. Best angle i could get. Also a nice pic i took yesterday. >>152619 I briefly forgot about that. I was just planting my rice field on year 4 and unlocked planting 2 rice at the same time.It's a lot faster but also a little harder because where you plant them is different from the standard planting so you have to stand further back and its also not really centered gonna be a learning curve i had a bout 300 seeds left to pant and still don't have a good grasp on it. I also kept forgetting to wear my Sedge hat for that sweet 20% bonus EXP but i remembered this time.
heres another protip for you creating completely empty fertilizers is actually very useful. Just because you've harvested your crops doesn't mean you should stop fertilizing the soil. Just create an empty fertilizer and spread it in your field every 10 hours.
(10.26 MB 3840x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>recycled bosses >recycled enemies >3 enemies in total >enemies know how to craft a bow and arrow, and dynamite but not how to avoid walking into spikes, or to avoid their own dynamite >samey looking locations that have no flow to them, you could conjure these in a hot minute >final bossfight is easier than galaxy man >game released on the same day as 6 other games, yet this is the only one receiving a thread Where's my falconeer bros at? No wonder gaming is dead. The idiots with money rather spend it on artbooks for shitty games.
>>152627 You eventually lock 3x planting and 4x planting. 4x planting in particularly is way better, it feels more intuitive to me being able to move in a straight line.
Game is mostly shit. Should've expect it from trannime. Though it did have some nuggets of good gameplay. I'd say just go play cave story.
>>152658 I've been doing this but I can't tell that it does anything. I'm also not sure of how the different fertilizers work. Should you only be applying one at a time depending on the stage of growth? All 3? Should you be applying everyday? If you don't use the currency to boost it even at 100% boost for all 3 it does almost nothing to the chart. >>152824 Are you talking about this game? You can't be talking about this game because none of that is true at least not that I've seen so far. >The idiots with money rather spend it on artbooks for shitty games. Who said anything about paying for anything? >>152837 I didn't think it would stop at 2 I'm curious if 4 is even the max.
>>152987 Later you unlock more scrolls explaining stuff, fertilizer stuff. Somewhat at least, I have no idea if I want my rice to have 3 full bars fertilizer all year or not, but when I do I get 4 fully filled bad things in my rice status. Gonna check only ever having the stuff in specific stages
(241.05 KB 508x741 1605348263454.jpg)
(215.07 KB 1241x1730 1605363901935.jpg)
(2.09 MB 2551x3710 1605342450682.jpg)
>>152987 >I've been doing this but I can't tell that it does anything. I'm also not sure of how the different fertilizers work. Should you only be applying one at a time depending on the stage of growth? All 3? Should you be applying everyday? If you don't use the currency to boost it even at 100% boost for all 3 it does almost nothing to the chart. There's root, leaf and the other one which you use at the 3 different stages. Root for when you plant, leaf for when the shoots are coming up and the last one for when the grains start appearing. You can go ahead and do all 3 but that apparently wastes resources and using the specific ones gives the rice different bonuses or something.
>>152627 >No pantsu only spats. ロリのスパツもオk!
ProGamerTip™ the Retribution skill combined with the Life force skill so you will nearly always be at full health is killer and the Fighting Skill Swallow Slice is absolutely insane not only is it a huge amount of damage at higher levels you can do 2 follow ups(so far, I'm at proficiency 10) for free and you are invulnerable during the move and its also great for getting around the maps. I didn't notice until just a bit ago that leveling your Fighting skills you get major bonuses. I'm not sure how the bonuses work if they all stack or or just the active ones or just the last move that was used skills are activated. I want to say at the very least the ones you have equipped all stack because i have Boiling Rage and Fierce Furrow equipped and they both have reduce damage 26% on BR and 30% on FF for a total of 56% damage reduction and it definitely makes sense why even the boss i just beat, the gorge's monster in Radiant River Gorge who i only outleveled by a single level did not do even 20% of my health and i killed him in maybe a minute would have been 30 seconds or less but he has his undamageable phases thing. This set up is OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU
>>152824 Falconeer's out? Is it what I hoped to be(Ace combat with birds)?
(85.89 KB 950x661 2000_0_75_0_50_50.jpg)
I planted my first rice and the game said it was spaced too far apart, I've failed before I could ever succeed.
>>153241 same on the first time you do it better later
(235.51 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>152987 >none of it is true Literally all of it is true you insufferable delusional shithead. >>153234 I won't make any promises.
>>153243 You could have just created a Falconeer thread
>>152987 >I've been doing this but I can't tell that it does anything It adds 100 or so points to all 3 parameters You aren't limited to the graph for those parameters. Even when you've filled out the graph, the numbers will keep increasing.
>>152987 I got 8x planting at a time. It's pretty good but I'm finding it hard to plant far apart for stat gains. >>153241 Far spacing is actually better for stat gains so don't even worry about it. >>153231 The skill that gives you +damage on each enemy you kill is pretty broken because of how many enemies start filling the screen. I like using the raiment skill that launches you forward and smashes everything and you'll soon start bulldozing everything. >>153254 Just ignore him he's fucking cancer if he goes into another thread yelling at people not discussing the game he wants to discuss despite literally having the ability to create a thread.
So far i'm enjoying it, i like how much effort they put into the farming specifically. Really makes me think how much better harvest moon could have been if they advanced the franchise instead of making the same fucking game since the gba era. I do have a question about time though, years being 12 days leads me to believe i'm gonna end up with 50 years passing while everyone stays exactly the same. Are they just gonna explain that shit away with god dimension or am i just not suppose to think about it?
>>153303 Stuff happens in the story that you could use to hand wave it away I guess.
(4.69 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153254 That wasn't my point, merely an example. I don't think Falconeer particularly deserves a thread. Being called a liar however when I call out their shitty game I took my time to list some of my issues with I will call them an insufferable delusional shithead. And truly, if they're delusional and ignorant about the game they're playing, I can't think of any other reason than they're getting compensated for the matter. Why do people have to be so dishonest about video games. It bothers me. I'm not attacking them. I'm merely evaluating a video game. And everyone with even a bit of sense will thankfully see the truth.
(3.72 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
DUUUDE I get 1 or 2, but fucking 5? It's all True Strenght: Whatever Collector +
>>153322 That perfect spacing and alignment
(36.64 KB 471x395 overwhelmed by memes.jpg)
>>153241 I can't no longer look at any pictures from Vietnam war without "Fortunate son" starting to play in my head.
(100.09 KB 800x533 SOME FOLKS ARE BORN.png)
(3.70 MB 480x270 not sugoi.gif)
>>153241 Same happened to me on my first year but too close. You get a skill that shows you a grid for spacing after year 1 much easier. >>153302 >I got 8x planting Jesus Christ this game is gonna get crazy at end game. I just got 3x last night >The skill that gives you +damage on each enemy you kill is pretty broken Yup absolutely Curayzee. Haven't gotten that yet, looking forward to it immensely. >>153243 >>153308 Anon are you a fucking retard that doesn't know how to read? What part of "at least not that I've seen so far" do you not understand? I'm nowhere near endgame and I can't comment on recycled bosses or enemies yet i haven't seen any such thing and there are a lot more than 3 enemies and I still have a lot more game to play. Obviously can't comment on final boss cause i don't even know what it is let alone how hard it is and your dynamite, location, and bitching about other games not getting threads are shit. >>153322 >>153390 Very nice indeed. >>153396 Same.
>>153485 What do you mean?
>>153485 Don't worry about it. As far as I can tell even if you fuck up in one area it will basically end up giving you something beneficial in the end anyway. Except for diseases and pests you gotta keep on top of that shit.
>>153485 >>153512 I have a very basic understanding even after unlocking many scrolls and reading all of them. This game really needs an autist to make a youtube all encompassing rice guide. Its not very punishing thankfully, my rice has been diseased since day 1 and i don't know how to fix it but It's not really hurting in any meaningful way i can tell.
>>153526 Whats the disease? Bakinae? Thats because you didn't sort enough quality seeds.
>>153526 Diseases I'm pretty sure mostly fuck how much rice you get when you harvest.
>>153529 Bakinae and something else i can't recall. I just planted a new crop and coincidentally i sorted by max quality this time around. Something i don't understand about the rice quality stuff and variations is how does the stats effect your food or does it just boost your stats leaving food unaffected, because how would the game tell what rice is which so some of my stack of 200 something rice is high quality and some is poor but its all one stack so how does it know or does it even know. I've only made white rice so far but i unlocked trading with the capital and that has stacks for brown and mixed rice aswell so they all have their own stacks. I'm thinking the rice quality only affects your stats and the brown mixed rice affects food. Its very confusing. Also I'm not sure what quality vs quantity does while the game does tell you a little bit its hard to actually see and understand without direct comparisons.
>>153426 Then you haven't played the game. That's the point. You're a delusional shithead. Since you called me a liar on things you can find out about the game in the first 2 minutes of play.
(1.72 MB 1024x768 sakuna.webm)
>>153539 Yup i haven't played the game at all anon. Not sure where these 18 hours came from. Fuck off you retarded nigger faggot.
>>153536 If you sort your seeds you get less yield(and hence less max HP) and less number of rice crops. Diseases affect the final stat gains of your rice so once you're swimming in curatives, you can cure all diseases while maximizing yield. Food created from brown rice has more stat bonuses while white rice gives you more direct stat gains. Quality vs quantity is a trade off between yield and rice quantity and other stat gains.
>>153541 Now you're a bit on the lacking reading comprehension department. Being a delusional shithead means you can't play the game for your mind isn't on the game. So don't pull that crap and admit that you denied things you can find out about within 2 minutes of play either makes you a delusional shithead, or a liar.
I just noticed this thread and I think the game looks fun. Should I get it when it goes on sale or did you guys all pirate it? Is the game worth my time?
>>153542 Thanks. >>153546 Filtered for being a dumb stupid idiot and a liar.
>>153554 It's pretty fun and learning about rice farming and about how Japanese peasants lived is actually pretty interesting. Personally I gave it a pirate but I'll probably pick it up on sale.
(128.93 KB 500x280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153554 Do whatever you feel is right. All games are worth your time depending on what you get out of them. You can save money if you don't buy it though. Money to buy something else. Just an idea really. Saving money isn't everything. >>153541 Also holy shit. 20 hours in like 3 days? I spent 10 of those reading, and 5 of those working out. I played maybe an hour of Falconeer and another of Tetris Effect. You play them like it's your job yet still don't notice such blatant things as enemy AI or recycled assets. >>153560 You can keep being delusional my friend. But it's just sad that you cling to this defence.
(2.16 MB 500x280 ClipboardImage.gif)
>>153568 Can't even clipboard .gif files properly. Fuck technology.
So the verdict is this game fucking sucks despite the cute loli and great art?
>>153591 Depends on what you're looking for. If you want a decent action jrpg with farming/life sim element then you'll probably have a good time. If you want a hard core action platformer you'll probably be disappointed.
>>153591 its pretty good
>>153591 The farming is good and the platforming/combat is adequate. The characters are interesting, overall the game feels like something you might gave picked up for the GameCube back in the 2000's.
Well well well who would have known? Another good game to come out in 2020! I never even had this on my radar and yet its been such a pleasant surprise. I'll be sure to give this game a try when I get the time to!
(2.62 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153526 >>153529 >>153512 >>153494 NEVER EVER USE SALT. This shit fucks tens of thousands of crops later. Even if you 'detoxfy' your soil with moon stones, that shit will stay in your soil giving salt disease forever and ever. Doing a max sort and thin planting to see just how much it will improve. I am also always draining the water at nigh, I am not sure if this is a mechanic abuse or intended, but supposedly the rice dont grow if there is no water, so it is only growing when the sun is up when I do this. The Dehydration 'disease' will hit full mark in the middle of the summer, which is perfect. >>153529 >Bakinae? That's mold. Draining at night has been keeping it at bay. >>153542 >If you sort your seeds you get less yield(and hence less max HP) and less number of rice crops. Don't seem to be that way. The "Yield" and "Predicted Yield" seem to be fucking completely unrelated for some fucking reason. "Predicted Yield" seem to be how well you avoided diseases and fertilized the rice, while "Yield" is just giving MAX HP. >>153591 I am having loads of fun attempting to figure out the FUCKING RICE MECHANICS.
>>153672 Doing max sort and thin planting gives you considerable stat gains and I generally do this every time now since the amount of rice you get with 50 fields is still enough to buy shit i need. I haven't noticed the salt disease lingering I do use it sparingly but I always make sure to balance it out in the same fertilizer batch. I'm keen to try out draining my fields at night but I'm in the middle of autumn and I've just harvested so it'll be a while.
>>153672 >Salting your plants Isn't one of the first rules of agriculture never adding salt to your land?
(7.67 MB 640x360 Unexpected Battle!.mp4)
>>153759 Salt and water mixture is used as cheap plant-killer
(415.59 KB 1200x800 rock-samphire.jpg)
>>153759 Almost always but not 100% of the time.
Just finished it. It was pretty satisfying from start to finish, ended up with 29 hours or so and I feel like I could go back and grind up some materials a bit more to fuck around. Overall felt the game play loop of gathering materials / farming for better gear and buffs to be pretty good and the characters and setting to be charming.
(2.66 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.98 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.02 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.01 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.98 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153759 Green numbers, salt give many green numbers, you just... it's game and stuff... so who knows. Turns out yeah, it's a terrible idea, never do it. In pics, the result of the 'don't let rice get water at night'. There is this "Dried: Yes" on the barrens offshoot. Turns out the fucking 'dry in midsummer' is not in midsummer, but in the last offshoot stage. Who could have fucking guessed. Why the rice grows so fucking fast? It's like 6 out of 12 days for it to fully grow. >Did not watering it at night work? Who the fuck knows. Disease/pest in next post
>>153591 >>153554 Its a lot of fun you should play it. If i wasn't poor I would consider buying it. >>153759 Salting the earth is also well known tactic and phrase. Back in the day conquered land would sometimes be salted as a means to ruin the land.
(3.18 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.87 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>153803 Cloudy rice happened after harvest, gotta check what it is about, I remember reading about it. Might be the FUCKING RAIN DURING DRAINING EVEN AFTER PRAYING FOR SUN
>>153810 Jesus christ, how do you get hit by so much disease? I remember one crop being overgrown but never being hit by so much disease.
>>153813 Fuck if I know, it's not like I can give out a 100% full report of everything I do. Maybe show the kind of trash fertilizer I toss up now and then? Maybe rotten food also fucks your ground just like salt? It's always full of fucking bugs, the ducks can't do shit about it.
>>153672 >NEVER EVER USE SALT. This shit fucks tens of thousands of crops later You're supposed to use it in moderation. >I am also always draining the water at nigh, I am not sure if this is a mechanic abuse or intended, but supposedly the rice dont grow if there is no water Rice growth already slows down at night. You're supposed to fertilize at day when they can get the highest benefit of the fertilizers. >That's mold. Draining at night has been keeping it at bay. Bakinae only occurs during the sorting process >Don't seem to be that way. The "Yield" and "Predicted Yield" seem to be fucking completely unrelated for some fucking reason They are kind of related If you hit 999 predicted yield by doing no sorting, thickly planting and doing practically nothing else you will get like 500 points of Yield while every other stat gain will suffer. You don't even need to bother with disease or pest prevention in that case. >>153810 Cloudy rice happens if your rice remains in the drying phase for too long due to rain or whatever. Pecky Rice disease is from pests and Cracked rice is from exposure to winter.
>>153966 Also rice growth doesn't stop if there is no water. The whole "midsummer draining" is called that because your rice would be in third offshoots midsummer and thats when you have to drain it to maximize yield.
20 hours in and i just found out this game has dual audio, sakuna sounded oddly familiar so i looked her up and turns out she also voiced best girl, now i regret not buying the special edition when i had the chance. >https://t011.org/game/178019.html Apparently the game sold out everywhere, people in japan cannot find physical copies anywhere and it's #1 on switch's eshop, it's a shame takaki left marvelous because they're now worth like 30 times more, this definitely would have helped put senran kagura seven on the switch. Feels good to see good games succeed, hopefully edelweiss ports fairy bloom freesia to switch.
(1.22 MB 1064x587 ClipboardImage.png)
Can you actually make those? I think I never seem it.
>>154470 It's a game about rice, why would you be able to make donuts?
>>154447 You should have realized when you wanted to bully her mercilessly, that she was voiced by her.
>>153540 I already knew what the song would be before even clicking it.
>>153785 >rock-samphire You gonna cook that shit or what, Mr. Evans?
(160.24 KB 382x473 worst-waifu.png)
>>151729 >Chinese, Japanese, >Dirty knees, >Look at these: ( . Y . ) UwU
I got a few questions about fertilizer; 1. should I spread it during the winter preemptively before the spring? 2. should I only spread it after the effects wear off or can I just stack fertilizer on fertilizer if I get extra materials? 3. Using spoiled food for fertilizer makes the pesticides levels go into the negatives, is that a good thing?
>>154724 I generally spread as much fertilizer as possible to get the soil levels so they're max on everything before planting no idea if it helps or hinders. Generally more is better if you're trying to increase soil level, I believe. If you're adding a bunch of stat boosts to the fertilizer i believe it's better to only add that at the start of the day to maximize your gains. Getting negative pesticide level's means the bugs eating your crops is going to go up (that's bad). Generally you should try and level it off or get positive in those fields.
>>154731 >Getting negative pesticide level's means the bugs eating your crops is going to go up (that's bad). Fuck. now I don't want to use the metric ton of spoiled food
(115.47 KB 940x626 onigiri.jpg)
>>153540 thanks, very cool
>tried to follow the farming scroll of hardness >despise saying hardness, tthis method is suposed to rise taste (str), hardness (vit), and gusto <thats pretty good >plant my rice on first day on spring and follow the method, >seems to work >came summer >try to follow the method >in 1 or days rice got complete destoyed full of illness i think i fucked up bad, well the taste and hardness actually seemed to get a good improvement so maybe not so bad. but come one >spread kernel fertilizer until ears start to sprout. WTF does that mean? i think the spread of fertilizers is where i screwed up and also the > keep the shallow water seems that had spread the plague in my rice.
>>154724 >1. should I spread it during the winter preemptively before the spring? No idea, I know for sure that ripe rice stops getting buffs from fertilizers, so not having any rice at all probably is the same. 2. should I only spread it after the effects wear off or can I just stack fertilizer on fertilizer if I get extra materials? It will probably replace, but I never tested. That would make the 'instant fertilizer' item pretty dope. 3. Using spoiled food for fertilizer makes the pesticides levels go into the negatives, is that a good thing? It will make insects flood into your rice like it is made of lamps. It is probably harmless during the first few stages when you let the ducks into the paddy, since they eat bugs. Never tested, and the negatives seem to carry over even after the fertilizer is gone, they seem to stay around as hidden numbers.
>>154801 >spread kernel fertilizer until ears start to sprout. >WTF does that mean? I think the spread of fertilizers is where I screwed up and also the The rice have about 6~ stages of growth, supposedly you want root fertilizer on the first 3, kernel on the 4~5 and leaf on the 6th. The only indication of which stage the rice is in is the > keep the shallow water seems that had spread the plague in my rice. The fuck is even 'shallow'? is it 10%? 33%? 50%? I need to run down 3 years of just sitting around watching rice and checking all the extremes and then checking what happened out of doing that. (of course, loading back up) Talking about loading, if you kill a boss/clear a room, and load a game before the items/amber float into you, the loaded game will get them, so you can farm the same boss over and over similarly how you can do in Rune Factory 4. Except since you loaded, it's literally free. Remember to save right after loading though.
>>154857 >The only indication of which stage the rice is in is the indicatior in the main menu, so you have no idea when the stage will change. You can also go autistic and press Y near a rice to really look into it, gives no special information you can't get otherwise.
>>154447 I want to tenderly bully Satania
(753.61 KB 1200x885 Em80Ec3VEAAFy2b.jpg)
>>154883 I want to tenderly b*reed* Sakuna.
>>154724 >1. should I spread it during the winter preemptively before the spring? You should only use fertilizer that affects the soil parameters when no rice is planted on it. >2. should I only spread it after the effects wear off or can I just stack fertilizer on fertilizer if I get extra materials? Fertilizer gets replaced once you apply a new one so its a good idea to let the old one run out. Ideally you should be using the good fertilizer as the first thing in the morning because rice grows fastest in the morning. >3. Using spoiled food for fertilizer makes the pesticides levels go into the negatives, is that a good thing? No, those numbers represent protection against maladies. Negative values means your crops become more vulnerable. If you're just adding rotten food then counteract it with garlic.
>>154895 I hate that most Hentai RPGM games don't have minigames in them
>>154896 >You should only use fertilizer that affects the soil parameters when no rice is planted on it. What you mean by this? The game specifically states to add kernel and leaf fertilizer during specific stages of growth, meaning, while the rice is on the ground.
>>154958 The manure fertilizers(animal hoofs, leafs and shit) affect soil parameters and don't add to the attributes of rice so when the rice isn't planted you can use add 5 of each of them and dump loads of amber to cap out soil nutrients. That way you are free to use fertilizers depending on your growth method when the rice is planted without worrying about the soil nutrients running out.
>>155073 Ah, the 3 value triangle thing. The issue is, the rice never consumes it all for me, so I can easily just dump it a single time with a ton of amber and it will have it full forever. I think that maybe, having root fertilizer after the sprouting stage might hurt the rice with the 'overgrown' 'disease'. I also need to figure out if there is a difference between having 1 or 1000 of a fertilizer parameter
>>155080 >>155080 I haven't played the game but it might also be autistic enough to look at the ratio of things too. Eg filling each part of the triangle gives a 1:1:1 in the calculation, equivalent to putting 50u of each ingredient in or 1000u of each. Try varying the mix like 40:40:20 like actual soil fertilizers do
>>155086 Per stage dude, that's way too much autismo.
>>155080 Overgrowth happens when you don't do the midsummer draining. If you're doing a growth method that doesn't allow for it you can use the remedies to remove it.
I found a good rice guide video. Lots of good info in here but also some spoilers inconsequential I'd say shows some moves, homestead unlocks, and a character.since he's so late game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXKrfWCHUtU This games rice system is really fucking autistic, i bet Germans would have a ricefield day with just the rice part of the game. Something i hadn't thought of doing that was in the video is waiting and focusing solely on the rice. Doing this would make it much quicker to get through the whole year and a thought i had after learning this is you also don't need to eat if you're doing this. You can just forgo it entirely unless there is a starvation mechanic i missed but i assumed the characters were still eating breakfast and lunch they just didn't show it. How the hell would you get through the entire day without eating until dinner at night time? Absolutely crazy, you'd be malnutritioned and die.
>>155131 Watching a bit of it, it seems I basically just did the same balanced growth as him. Even though there's a lot of nuance to the farming I did find that you can just follow a basic formula for decent stat gains and yield and I would recommend it.
>>154857 >he fuck is even 'shallow'? is it 10%? 33%? 50%? acording to the result screen, up to 19% is considreing shallow, but then 23% seems to be "deep" only god knows what happned to the "midle"
>>155175 Might be different values for different stages
>>155141 I wouldn't recomend. That was him doing it at year 19 and he gained a pittance, meanwhile I did this at year 6 >>153803 It lack very important information about "Make super fertilizer every single day and put it in every morning", instead he actually only puts the fertilizer only. It is a nice guide to begin to start to understand this turbo autismo rice simulator, but is very very very far from "ULTIMATE" A Ultimate guide would probably need 5 hours and 100 spreadsheets
>>155242 Even though the game puts an emphasis on min maxing the rice farming I really don't think it's necessary. Like I said I did a mostly general approach to it and still got generous stat boosts every crop.
>>155246 And beat the game in year 50 right? btw, anyone already finished the game? the family is all dead right? That's what I got from the intro, and well, they don't age. If the god loli and other gods can die, then the 'you are eating and breathing lol, can't be dead' don't fucking fly
>>155250 13 years apparently. Also no you're wrong about the characters. You'll see.
Well i followed the video guide i posted and these were my results. I also used all the non spoiled food boosts i had which wasn't many. My aroma and stickiness is really lagging behind. Somehow despite constant farm baby sitting i got large damage from either pests or weeds i don't recall i briefly glanced over it. My crop was also dehydrated somehow maybe the summer drying was dry for a bit too long. >>155246 Yea i agree i don't think its necessary at all. I've been doing just fine casually tending my farm after i come back from a day killing and platforming.
>>155250 >And beat the game in year 50 right? I beat it at year 7
>>155478 dehydrated is good though, it's green. It probably depends on when you do it.
(136.59 KB 498x278 4kids.png)
>32 hours with no new posts D E A D G A M E D E A
>>157236 This isn't cuckchan you flaming faggot.
>>157239 It was an ironic bump, fight me
>>157244 Woah let's not get hasty. I'll just admit I'm wrong. How is the Switch port of this? I'm going to assume its shit like all switch ports but would love to be surprised.
(1.01 MB 1437x1140 8d51305895a1db85.png)
(563.89 KB 1006x786 fcb624303e847328.png)
>>157511 She should be roided up by the amount of rice you can plant with industrial farming.
(1.71 MB 1800x1200 85647265_p0.png)
(632.17 KB 1440x1217 1605907502208.png)
(407.45 KB 1500x2121 85729004_p0.jpg)
(1.01 MB 848x1200 85730875_p0.png)
(1.87 MB 1200x1600 85820113_p0.png)
Took a few days off from playing to catch up on some of Demos and Clovers Yakuza 7 VODS tried playing and watching but they both demand full attention so instead of half assing two things i full assed one. Glad to be playing again. Have some Sakunas.
(91.21 KB 800x600 Sukuna gosu kabuto.jpg)
(24.34 KB 600x450 sukuna_shinmyoumaru.jpg)
>>158336 I'm surprised that there hasn't been any crossover fanart between Sakuna and Sukuna yet.
>>158353 fund it
For the first time you do rice seed sorting, is there a cap off on how much you'll get for the first time? I stopped doing it when the amber floated to the top of the water but the completion bar only went to about 40% with only a 380 seed yield
>>158379 it has heavy diminishing returns. I haven't tried to 100% mud/salt but your yield starts going to down rapidly as you go past 50%
>>158420 You get around 180ish seeds if you go 100% Takes a lot less time to plant and you get more stats and 180 rice is still a fuckton, I'm probably gonna go back and forth between quality and quantity Just unlocked salt option and it doesn't use your salt which is nice.
>>158448 Yea by the end of the game I don't see much reason to actually go full quality although I spent a lot of time trying to make everything so I didn't want my yield to go down by too much.
How well does this run on ancient GPUs like the GTX 900 series?
(2.53 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.57 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.56 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Seed Sorting have immediate effect. All of these are Thickly, first is before sorting, second is 0% mud, then 50% then 100% mud. Interestingly, plenty of attributes increase even at 0% mud. Next post will be 'skip tile skip planting' for each of these 3 to check the yield.
(2.52 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.46 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.79 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
1: No Sorting (500 seeds) 2: 50% Sorting (416 seeds) 3: 100% Sorting (2xx seeds (forgot lol)) Gonna test the 'on tiling' fertilizer importance, to see if it's worth making a 100 max power fertilizer or any crap works. That is, tomorrow
>>158582 >>158571 Although I will test the fertilizer on each of them once, it seems you should NEVER EVER sort, as it will half your yield for no little to no fucking reason.
>>158592 Why is the rice-farming mechanic in this game so deep yet so terrible? Everything is so autistically detailed yet so arbitrary and wrong. Is this Japanese Feudalism Farming Simulator or an action RPG?
>>158556 Probably pretty good. The steam page has 750ti listed as the minimum specs and a 1060 as recommended. I'm using a 1080 and have a rock solid 144 frames with max everything. As far as i can tell there isn't a unlimited frame rate option to unlock it.
>>158636 For the same reason this game has two identical tutorial levels. Just a bad game with no qualms for good game design.
Ok so since i sorted with salt my crop was affected by salt damage and i didn't get anywhere near the projected harvest of 180. When i inspected the crops status it said nothing of salt damage so this was a surprise to me if it had shown up at least i could have unfucked it. Endgameish spoilers maybe helpful advice on it? Related to your harvest When you can go to Direhaze keep and actually see the castle and proceed with the story the volcano will bakaretsu after the boss and your current crop will be destroyed so only enter the castle after you harvest your crop and before replanting. Does anyone know what the Spirit Bough "Disintegrating Strike" does? It says it does 1.2x more damage to enemy's poise level. I don't know what that means. What the hell is a poise level.
Just after i posted i finally caught the screencap for the controller m/kb bug. Every 10 minutesish this message keeps popping up and my controller briefly disconnects even if i disconnect both my /kb it happens. It hasn't happened for just a few sessions but i can't for the life of me figure out why.
>>158901 >poise level i believe indicates how easy you can throw the enemy into the air. when i started the game in other to throw a pork enemy in the air i would need to hit it 2x with a strong attack and then up+strong attack. now i can throw them with weak attacks alone in the early stages.
>>158925 >>158911 >>158901 Salt Damage supposedly is 'ground too toxic'. I started getting that after using salt as a fertilizer, regardless of countering the toxicity with moon stones. One of the remedies (for removing excess) seem to have helped a ton to counter it. Poise seem to be some hidden value that determines how easy is to throw something, for instance, spinning top will not toss the enemy if his poise is still too high, that Bough would probably make the enemy fly after the 4th rather than 5th spinning top hit, for instance. The controller disconnecting happens to me too, I assumed my cable was fucked, but it still happens when using wireless, the game might have some issues.
(2.62 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.57 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.28 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.62 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.34 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
First Picture: Spring 3 after 'skipping' tiling with a 100 stat fertilizer. It seemed to do nothing at all. The starting state was third pic of >>158582 Second Picture: Same as above, but tiled to perfection (100% 10/10, my first 100% actually) Third Picture: The Diseases of the second picture. Fourth Picture: Used all my remedies on the fertilizer, and loads of spring and renowned water Fifth: The diseases of the third test
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.28 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.43 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.15 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>159286 First Picture: Perfect Tiling with empty fertilizer Second Picture: Diseases of first test Third Picture: Skip Tiling with empty fertilizer Fourth Picture: Diseases of second test
>>159286 >>159291 Conclusion: Fertilizing during tiling gives a moderate yield effect, how well you tile seem to not change shit though, neither what kind of fertilizer you use. I've attempted to keep water to 26% at all times to better test it. Will later repeat some tests at 100% water and then at 0% water to make the water a nonfactor. Unfortunately the sun amount is not possible to control
>>159211 Its definitely just the game I'm using wireless and no other game does this they all work flawlessly. I though it could be my USB hub because its been giving me some issues lately. Some times after waking my pc up from sleep my mouse or keyboard won't work and replugging won't work have to unplug the hub itself and wait 15ish seconds, sometimes i have to both wait the 15 seconds and press the buttons on the hub to turn off each specific usb port But as i said its only an issue with this game it doesn't happen in anything else. I'm hoping black Friday has a good deal on USB hubs because these things are fucking expensive 20+ dollars i forgot how expensive they were i bought mine in 2015 or 2016 its been a while. >>159286 Thanks for the testing anon, good job. Also Its crazy how high your yield is compared to mine when I'm 4 levels higher. Then again the last like 4 years i did quality thats gotta be a lot of lost yield.
>>159291 >>159293 perfect tilling prevents weed growth in early stages of rice growth
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.53 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.56 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.55 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
So uhhh... the first stage of rice... you want 66% water... yeah, way better stats., Fertilizer: Put 37~ across the board First pic (start state): At night, just planted. Second pic: Put Fertilizer, maintain 10% water, wait 24 hours Third pic: Put 100% water, wait 12, fertilizer (day), wait 12. Fourth pic: 50% water, wait 12, fert, wait 12 Fifth Pic: 75% water, wait 12, fert, wait 12 Night fertilizer does jack shit, never ever do it. Loads of fucking water, all the fucking time, but not 100% Might not work like that on the other stages.
>>159729 Alternatively, 100% at day and 0% at night gave me better aroma and worst aesthetic, about the same overall and much easier to do. 66% water day 0% water night is the same as 100%/0% it seems. I'd like people to double check my findings.
Fuck this castle man. Got stuck in a wall a few times and a enemy glitched out behind the 2d plane. Had to restart multiple times cause of this shit, very frustrating. Also just one year of going yield to the max got me caught up.
>>159729 Are you following the steps listed in the scrolls to maximize certain perimeters? You don't need to do all this experimentation, the game tells you what to do to minmax stats on rice. Around 35% average water depth is considered Deep depending on the stage of the rice.
>>159971 The scrolls seem to be completely wrong actually. The fact that 50~100% water made the rice absorb so much of my fertilizer means that the scroll techniques probably only give 20~30 of a stat if you do it perfectly, where making the rice absorb the 40~ all stat fertilize better just completely outweighs all techniques by a whole lot. It was the very first stage, flooding the paddy all the way, it goes completely against what the scrolls and the big nose guy tells you to do, but gave way better results by a lot.
(452.98 KB 1000x908 85820422_p0.png)
Was bugging me i knew i recognized the Jap VA for Sakuna but couldn't place it, she voiced Uzaki. Realized it earlier today imagining Sakuna saying senpai and then it clicked and looked it up to confirm.
>>160518 Her shirt should say sugoi pettan.
>>160591 >Her shirt
(467.08 KB 1151x734 1534533117445.png)
>>160518 >she voiced uzaki Nigga, she voiced best girl 2017.
(38.71 KB 235x127 ClipboardImage.png)
>>161470 I didn't know she voice Yoshiko.
>>161470 >>161479 No dumb baka's allowed.
(209.36 KB 320x180 thumbs up.gif)
>>161483 You're just tsun for yoshiko anon-kun.
(573.62 KB 810x900 Aho_Serval.png)
>>161470 I watched that show but Satania didn't really stand out to me much. Might give it a rewatch probably still have it downloaded. Looked and i do still have it downloaded I also gave the show a high rating i guess i did enjoy it i just only remember the lullaby's.. >>161479 Best girl indeed. I loved this show.
>>161470 I'm started rewatching Gabriel dropout cause of you and then i remembered we have our new in house streaming so i started messing around with testing out streaming it and streamed some Sakuna too. Got the settings a bit better but still needs some work. Frankly i don't know what the fuck I'm doing. https://watch.8ch.moe/view/414a8b74-78d5-44a5-8782-d7a143db0a2d/
Shit dude, I beat the game and got so satisfied with the ending that I don't really want to keep playing anymore...
>>154447 Marvelous is half in the pocket of China. You're an idiot if you think their profits are a good thing right now.
>>162809 The game is far, far, far from perfect. If it didn't have a loli protagonist then it would fall flat (like Sakuna's chest), and you muh dick niggers know it.
(1.41 MB 2480x3507 85885007_p1.jpg)
(1.24 MB 2480x3507 85885007_p2.jpg)
>>162814 But sakuna isn't even that cute yui's better, japan loves the game due to the ricing simulator, personally i played it because the combat is very similar to muramasa and since it never got ported anywhere and i no longer have a vita this is the closest i'll get to a pc port of said game.
>>163134 I thought everything meshed pretty well together, the gameplay loop is pretty fun and rewarding and overall I never felt like it was a super grind although some of those maze maps did make me get a little annoyed.
>>162814 I mean the loli is part of the charm but the game itself is alright. Nothing groundbreaking but its still fun the rice farming aspect and the combat/platforming are both nice. The combat is the best part about it. Its a lot of fun getting OP and and wrecking havoc. >>162282 I just beat the game too and kinda of feel the same way. The boss had a great design although it wasn't terribly difficult took a few trys because of the gimmick. Then again even with the most OP set up i could make it took a while to get his health down. I do kinda want to keep playing but the rice aspect feels more like a chore to me but I think I've got all the unlocks and could just make the ningen do it if i was super lazy. The dragonscale you get after you beat the boss has me curious about the gear you can craft with it and i want to see just how OP i can get. Kinta and Yui weren't able to make anything with it yet, i might need to upgrade the stuff i have. If i was a betting man i would say its used to upgrade the iron gear you upgrade the whole game not sure if the hat or garment would be upgraded with it but I sure hope so that would be cool. I'm also curious if you get all the stars collected from map completion if you unlock more stuff. I got a request from Kinta to get a soul stealing mask but Its not on any map i can get to know. Probably need to complete more to get it." >>163154 >although some of those maze maps did make me get a little annoyed. Agreed. Some of them are pretty damn big and take a few runs to get through. I still need to clear a few of them in 120 seconds for the missions but forgot how to get to the end.
>>163310 >I got a request from Kinta to get a soul stealing mask but Its not on any map i can get to know It's on one of the last maps with the recycled bosses if I remember correctly
>>163344 There is this one skill that makes you immune to knockdown and powers up when hit, it does tons of fucking damage, use it to smack down the deer boss. Fuck deers WORST FUCKING ENEMY I HATE FUCKING DEERS
(234.41 KB 800x1492 EO1RagelopeArt.webp)
>>163134 Muramasa's on the wii. And isn't Vita up to emulation level at this point? >>163351 You get used to it.
>>163597 >muramasa's on the wii With a shitty olddog-tier translation and with none of the dlc, the okoi and gonbe campaigns in particular are better than the main one with momohime and the other guy. And no, vita emulation hasn't even gone past "we can now boot the main screen without crashing" and there's no real incentive to getting a functional emulator since 90% of the catalog is either on pc or ps4, that and the vita is a very popular emulation machine so no one has an issue with dropping 100 burger coins for one.
>>163351 Deers are pretty big cunts, I usually try and wait for them to go for their hind kick move and then parry them since the timing is pretty easy to get for it.
>>163344 >>163351 Fuck the deerniggers indeed. When i get a parry off on those cocksuckers and combo them to death its oh so sweet justice. Although once you get the ninja slice move deers and everything else fall to my glorious Yanato hoe with steel folded over 1000 times instantly.
How to properly juggle enemies? I've restarted to see how early (yearwise) I can beat the game and am having issues killing the first boss on the second day, the strategy will be to crash enemies at it constantly, but it takes 40~60 crashes to kill it and I can only make 5~ mistakes before I die. I really close to kill it so I can just git gud, but I know for sure I will have massive issues to kill the deer boss while underleveled.
>>164081 just, like, snibedisnabxD your balls, anon it'll make your speedrunning more aerodynamic
Sakuna sells over 500,000. Unexpected but I think it was mostly from those who watched vtubers playing the game than an initial interest since I don't think I've seen the game advertised much.
(185.08 KB 1280x1024 k on deer.png)
>>163647 >Deers are pretty big cunts Oh fuck you made remember a /k/ story.
>stat poz cucking me out of farming more metal sand for ALL THE FUCKING SHIT I SUDDENLY UNOCKED >nightfall cucking me out of exploration and shitcollection I hate it, anon.
>>165179 I remember another deer story where they actually fucked the deer and the deer liked it and moved its hips to the dicking. Don't have the cap unfortunately.
>>165233 Grind the night only drops during nights, the shrine is amazing for it

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