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(202.83 KB 476x372 Throt.png)
Warhammer Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 18:44:43 Id:95915f No. 156785
The new dlc for total warhammer 2 was released and as everyone predicted its throt versus the twins. Personally I was hoping for grimm burloksson against throt but this works too I guess. I think it looks alright, dont care much for the elves but the skaven are getting a rat ogre with the brain of a norscan so thats pretty funny.
>>156785 >released I am a fucking retard, It was revealed not released.
>>156785 I was expecting them to do something about te wood elves and beastmen, so the skaven showing up was a surprise.
>>156785 >another fat bald bastard dlc AW YEAH
>Another Skaven DLC >Meanwhile Beastmen are still completely broken ffs, it's Vampire Counts all over again. At least the lizard boys didn't get shafted.
>>156795 Would you shaft a lizard boy?
>>156817 Is that even a question?
>>156795 Wasn't the plan for them to update the woodies and the beastmen before Wawa III? This is one down, so next update after this one will most likely be for the bleating bastards.
>>156821 I mean I did put in a question mark so
Total War is shit.
(793.05 KB 501x764 Saurus.png)
>>156817 >>156821 >>156867 Fucking degenerates >>156893 Everything post Medieval 2 with the exception of Shogun 2 and Warhammer is indeed shit.
(174.59 KB 1200x674 drycha.jpg)
Also FLC lord is drycha. Hope you like tree tits.
>>156785 Have they released a DLC where Age of Sigmar isn't a thing anymore?
(40.80 KB 460x460 lizardman castes.jpg)
>>156906 Fuck no, wawa isnt shit, its really fun even if not as complex. But yes, do not lewd the lizards you degenerates. >>158358 GW is releasing a 30k sort of deal with the old world if thats what you asking.
>>158358 No, but Age of Sigmar was received so badly and Total Warhammer did so well that they're bringing back Fantasy tabletop and expanding the factions, official Kislev army has been confirmed for some time. And they're pretty much confirmed to be in Total War Warhammer 3. I just really hope they all 4 factions of Chaos Divided in that.
>>158366 I hope total wawa 3 is set in the east and we get kislev, ogres, chaos dorfs, cathay and nippon.
(346.15 KB 1684x815 woodls.jpg)
>>158373 >kislev >chaos dwarfs Practically guaranteed, Especially since they're adding some of the darklands in the next patch. >Ogres Probable, Would be really weird to not have them. >cathay and nippon I am going to be honest I have no hope for these guys ever being added unless they just re-use three kingdoms and shogun 2 assets. >>158358 sort of? they're giving you an option to turn off the chaos invasion so you can pretend the end times never happened and by extension AoS. you can also make it 4 times as large if you're into that shit.
>>158393 >unless they just re-use three kingdoms and shogun 2 assets. I know they'll be added due to that fact alone If the Vampire Coast and Norsca exist those will too.
>>158393 >they just re-use three kingdoms and shogun 2 assets. Id take that, they did good with the vampire pirates even though they were barely a mention, if they can build on fantasy china and japan, id take it.
>>158413 All they have to do is mix up the assets, make 5 or so original units and they have a full roaster.
(12.69 KB 552x310 book_of_grudges.jpg)
(277.01 KB 340x489 Irondrakes.png)
>>158358 They've announced a sigmar game, have fun.
>>158997 Do you play as the Ground Marines Stormcast Eternals?
>>159025 No idea but probably. It's called Storm Ground, is a turn based affair and it's being made by Gasket Games. >Who're Gasket Games? I have no fucking idea. They've seemingly made no other games.
>>159029 >Storm Ground >Storm I'll take that as yes, since "stom" is the key Sigmarine word just like "blood" and "slaughter are the keywords for Khorne.
(30.82 KB 500x468 milady.jpg)
>>156785 What version of Shogun 2 nerfed the nanban ships? Is there a mod or way to un-nerf it?
(93.34 KB 256x256 Mousillon.png)
What factions do you guys wish was playable in Mortal Empires? I want Mousillon as a Vampire Counts/Bretonnia hybrid faction.
>>163478 Any of the southern realms (estalia, tilea, araby).
>>163478 Cathay and Nippon
>>163478 A non shit version of Chaos Warriors to play as the invading force.
(278.71 KB 1427x2791 nordland.jpg)
>>163478 Mallobaude leading mousillon would be sweet. Its brettonia but with Chaos, gunpowder and vampires on the side. I also really want Amazons but the snu-snu will never happen. Also can I post about my shitty OC faction I have been thinking about? One day brettonia was invaded by norscans, but the knights managed to surround the norscans. However in the distance they see even more ships heading towards the shore. Noticing the new norscans are from a different tribe the baron goes to the surrounded norscans to make them a deal. Help us fight the other norscans and well pay you. Enraged that another tribe is coming to take their shit the warchief agrees and the northmen and bretons team up to fight the other norscans. After this, the norscans decided to stay, renouncing their dark gods for the lady. the king hearing of northmen being allowed to settle in his land goes to purge the filth until the baron comes to convince him that the rumours were absolutely un-true. These aren't norscans they're just nordlanders coming to help us fight, "some peasant must have misheard us milord". he even dressed them up to look like Imperials. All of that backstory is how i want to justify a faction with norscan infantry and breton knights with the occasional Axe Knight. It will be like Normandy in our world but William the conqueror is way taller than the other french men. I also think having a norscan become a grail knight would be funny but also terrifying in universe.
(128.04 KB 1000x1000 Slaanesh Daemon.jpg)
>>164383 That's a nice cutie you have there, would be shame if something happened to her
(1.84 MB 1920x1080 1590260120083.png)
>>164393 I swear, if there were any good Slaanesh models and a codex, I'd build an EC army right the fuck now, and design it so they're as discomforting and shocking as possible. Instead, GW is backing away from Slaanesh and replacing him everywhere they can because they want Warhammer to be family-friendly.
(366.58 KB 640x848 bully gays.mp4)
>>164400 Yeah, it's pure fucking faggotry, can't expect much from the Eternal Anglo though? >Horrifiying depictions of violence? <A OK >Anything even slightly sexual <OH LORD WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The fuck is up with that?
(45.47 KB 800x800 snek.webp)
>>164409 >>164400 But guys they just released new slaanesh models! For Age of Simgmar :^)
>>164409 This will always be a false equivalence
(382.51 KB 1478x912 Lizardboys.jpg)
I think what surprised me the most in 2015 is that they didn't go the ASSFAGGOTS modern Blizzshit Pixar look. When it was announced I thought for sure they were going down that route, especially since they had for years tried to get into that market with Free2Play after F2Play game, why I gave Dawn of War 3 leniency since it was also published by Sega. This is how you do cartoonish fantasy, this is the fantasy genre I remember, not this Blizzard inspired low effort cancer with low poly models, smooth everything surfaces on everything and no textures that dominates the market thanks to the cancer that was WOW.
>>164884 Well, GW did give them the actual fantasy models, atleast 1 of every single model ever produced.
>>164884 >>164960 See this shit? This is the kind of shit I'm talking about. >>164429 Back to /cow/
>>164972 Here's a better one, that res doesn't make justice to how shitty this looks.
>>164972 >>164978 Whats that? A mobile version of total wawa?
(74.79 KB 1280x720 twb.jpg)
>>164991 you remember total war battles? well they got netease (the chinks making diablo immortal) to make another one of those but with warhammer characters. I personally would just ignore it, its mobile garbage for the chinese. Balthasar gelt also has green eyes for some reason and that annoys me.
>>164997 >>165008 I didnt know this existed, but alas, it can do no harm seeing how sucessfull wawa is on its own without retarded shit.

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