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Post objectively the best girls of their games Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 20:58:21 Id:2c82b6 No. 158365
I want to cum inside Naoto I want to lick Magilou's pits I want to eat Judith's ass I want to titfuck Vert These are the best girls of their games you can't tell me otherwise
(82.21 KB 600x862 Stealth suit.jpg)
(201.45 KB 785x1018 mileenas teddy.jpg)
Best mk titty ninja coming through. >>158369 I cant choose between stalth suit and dr. dala.
(3.60 MB 3445x6201 teags_expressions_transparent.png)
Sometimes it is hard to chose a best girl, but not in this game.
(327.72 KB 1920x1080 20170930154751_1.jpg)
(74.25 KB 736x1390 haydee.jpg)
Easy choice.
>>158386 Most of her porn is interracial or futa, terrible choice. Her actual model is awkward and her game is also really bad, like actually terrible. I'm surprised nobody talks about that.
>>158387 >playing the game Hard to do with only one hand I also went extra thicc in Saints Row games. Good times.
>>158387 The game is terrible so that is probably why. Some of the alternate skins were pretty good though.
(1.00 MB 2748x5000 Soul-calibur-4-ivy.jpg)
>nice outfits >fun weapon >big boobs >Big milf energy but in reality, she's a virgin Ivy his many spots for me. >>158386 That's because she's the only one in her own game, you tart. Haydee 2 pretty soon, by the way. It's supposed to come out this month. I think they got rid of the faceless model for some reason. At least we can still add outfits, so putting back the old Haydee should be possible. >>158387 >her game is also really bad, like actually terrible I had fun with it.
>>158394 Ivy hits* many spots FUG
>>158396 She's a virgin yes, but it's because she's a celibate because of her evil heritage. I don't know enough about soul calibur to make a best girl decision though.
>>158390 >>158391 >>158394 But what about the other thing I mentioned, how her actual model is weird? Most of the SFM models you see are actually fan made. Her tits look weird and her legs don't look like they connect to her body correctly. It's a really amateurish character design and I'm so surprised so many people took a liking to her. Well, not her, but fan redesigns. All of the art makes her look more cohesive than she really is.
>>158387 >Most of her porn is interracial Nobody cares about your shit nigger loving fetishes faggot.
(274.33 KB 360x360 Haydee.mp4)
>>158401 >I'm so surprised so many people took a liking to her. I think I know why.
(60.21 KB 650x841 Luna.jpg)
(267.12 KB 423x402 Someone get me out of here.PNG)
>>158401 >he says this while posting fanart of the NV stealth suit Stop posting homo
(475.16 KB 599x815 Cinnamon.png)
(400.18 KB 979x1247 solange.jpg)
(314.29 KB 1050x1200 agrias_oaks.jpg)
I haven't played Code of Princess yet but holy shit muh dick For a game I did play I guess Agrias from FFT
(944.37 KB 320x200 1417960086339.gif)
>>158403 >>158411 Did I insult your waifu or something?
(3.53 MB 1920x1080 Haydee Ride.webm)
(174.65 KB 250x707 ClipboardImage.png)
(482.46 KB 831x960 ClipboardImage.png)
(996.07 KB 877x1735 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.24 MB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)
And I'll also say Neptune > Vert
if its easy to choose best girls, you're playing shitty games
>>158425 She doesn't even have a personality, she's an ugly character model from a bad video game. That's not inherently bad but it's not "best girl" material
>>158436 >She doesn't even have a personality I know, she's perfect >she's an ugly character model from a bad video game She's a beautiful mass produced robot wife from a nice Tomb Raider clone game.
>>158425 >Having a character only known for her massive T&A and absolutely no lore attached to her that only porn animators and three people here remember as your waifu At least it's not an SJW character with an ugly face and shitty writing, I guess.
>>158439 This is a best girl thread. Not a waifu thread as hard as that might be to believe.
(9.98 MB 1920x1080 Haydee Ride.webm)
>>158442 You'll never ascend and understand the pleasures and ambitions of /clang/ >>158443 Fuckoff, it's videogames ok?
>>158443 But how can one believe his waifu isn't also best girl on her own game?
>>158447 Can't be best girl if she is the only girl. It's not awarded by default.
(106.49 KB 500x740 Ayasato.Mayoi.full.1062750.jpg)
>>158446 >You'll never ascend and understand the pleasures and ambitions of /clang/ Bitch, I'd let Haydee or 2B ride me like a bus, I just think Haydee's lore needs to be fleshed out just right before I consider running Marriage.exe.
>>158434 Who ever said it was easy?
>>158447 The only way I could think of is if the waifu exists outside of the game in question, i.e. if she originated in a prior game or if the game is an adaptation, and the portrayal of the waifu in the game is poor.
>>158470 Like a character in an anime getting the Netflix treatment?
>>158475 Precisely.
(324.34 KB 559x1141 Chie_Satonaka_render.png)
>Naoto You make me laugh, faggot.
(535.82 KB 1000x1004 hand full of fun bags.jpg)
>>158394 I love Ivy! I don't think her 4 outfit has been topped yet. She'd have to be naked to be just as outrageous as that one. Though, she still looks good fully clothed and classy looking. >>158415 I think in Code of Princess they make fun of her outfit but it's an actual joke and not "ugh" like a usual blue checkmark response.
(100.30 KB 510x439 EKlDQgBUUAAFNnW.jpeg-1.jpg)
Can't be beat
(52.14 KB 236x391 Black_White_Elesa.png)
(388.35 KB 856x1200 Black_2_White_2_Elesa.png)
Make way for best girl in Pokemon.
>>158490 >>158482 I like them both, but I am a sucker for short hair. Persona 1 and 2 had good tomboys as well.
posting the real best girl of persona 4
>>158506 I thought you were gonna post Teddy for a second Was gonna call you a fag
(952.51 KB 1000x563 Agrias 3d.png)
(520.68 KB 1617x910 agrias boss fight.jpg)
(290.59 KB 314x819 yukino.png)
(275.93 KB 270x489 yukino manga.png)
(297.45 KB 281x819 Eriko.png)
>>158415 Agrias is a bad girl by which i mean her boss fight shaved years off my life >>158499 Ironically Yukino is the one tomboy i am ambivalent to. Maybe its because she has so little story to go with. It just always revolves around her teachers. Eriko on the other hand, always felt like there was a hidden sadness behind that smile
>>158511 Yeah, I was sad Yukino got little to no character development even in the SQ route.
>>158511 Agrias is probably the second easiest fight in that raid. People still fuck up Thunder God mechanics even more than a year later.
>>158516 You would think that section would be her time to shine what with her actually being near said teacher. But nope. Even the manga doesnt do her justice. >>158517 Yeah but theres only four bosses. i consider Ultima easier then her. For me its >TGC >Agrias >Ultima >Mustadio
(104.52 KB 368x387 annemarie_grins.png)
(252.38 KB 1167x1650 EWowhFgX0AEIpON.jpg)
(193.73 KB 296x601 Roll_-_Rockman_Complete_Work.png)
(278.09 KB 1000x1200 1529028765.png)
This took longer than I intended to post because my autism demanded that I find a picture of Cream with a red dress.
(290.06 KB 340x600 harle.png)
>>158562 >not choosing the clown but her ugly original Shit taste detected
>>158562 You forget to mention that it took so long because you were only looking for an image of cream drawn by dagasi.
(148.29 KB 1920x1080 vivec.jpg)
best girl and boy simultaneously
(378.66 KB 1920x1080 card1_1080.jpg)
No contest
>>158740 >>158726 You know what's better than Vivec? Every boy Argonian
>>158740 Imagine not wanting to have muatra rearrange your insides and flood your bussy with a litter of unearthly monsters that tereorize the province for centuries.
(343.58 KB 1920x1080 ayoo.jpg)
(23.83 KB 176x513 Jill GCN Nemesis Costume.jpg)
Fight me Clairefags. >>158405 Based and birdpilled.
(118.31 KB 736x1104 BestBurd.jpg)
Best grill character comin' thru
>>159031 Beak nose is goofy, but she is cute. I just realized you spend the entirety of her dungeon carrying her around just like Ruto in Ocarina. of Time.
>>159031 That doujin where she lays an egg is cute.
>>158369 >When she desperately pumps your corpse with Stimpacks & Med-X to try to revive you.
>>159013 great taste
>no Tron Bonne Buncha fags, the lot of you.
>>159171 Wholesome lewds are the best. Capcom needs to rerelease the Legends games with an updated control scheme.
(69.14 KB 503x671 Raven Gravity Rush 2.png)
>>159175 Do you want them to get raped to death like everything else? The tank controls aren't even that difficult, since you have L1 and L2 to assist.
(12.50 KB 96x96 RoboLoli_upgrade_Face.png)
(106.09 KB 345x543 RoboLoli_upgraded.png)
Here is a dashing new contestant. Armed with nothing more than a campy story and being one of the most spaghetti code heavy tile in the game. It's in an early de-elopement nightmare - just like a real dame. Upgraded Robo-Loli From the makers of. And best known for.
Absolute waifu tier. The kind of girl you want to marry and have a big happy family with.
Naruko checks all the boxes. >Best hair >Best dressed >Best personality >Best character arc >Best weapon and fighting style >Honest avatar, not a catfish Naruko's a spunky character who completely stands out from the crowd in the best ways possible. As I played the game and a bunch of other characters revealed their weapons one by one including oversized guns, spears, bows and whatnot, I didn't expect anything that would really shock me by that point. But then here comes Naruko's weapon reveal, and it's a pair of UCAVs that can be individually controlled and self-destruct Her weapon is classed "Unknown", it's completely unlike anything else in the game and incredibly useful in combat. To my knowledge, none of the other 500-ish characters in the game has it, or it's at least quite rare. The oddity of it is never once brought up and questioned in the story. Speaking of story, she's an aspiring writer and her biggest character flaws are her crippling social media addiction and being a pathological plagiarist but she's trying to overcome them. Her deepest, darkest secret in her character arc is she used to be an internet troll and her dad is a liberal Also, she wears orange striped panties and flashes them every single time she divebombs an enemy with a headbutt as one of her normal attacks. Long story short, best girl.
Chie was better
Lots of good taste in this thread
>>158412 I preferred Coconut, but that might be because I owned a main coon when the first and second game came out. Cinnamon was excellent, too.
(686.41 KB 860x1200 77116757_p0_master1200.jpg)
(999.19 KB 900x1200 82248196_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>158498 No way jose. Let alone in Generation five.
>>165479 elesa 4 fag
(416.83 KB 565x800 001.png)
(76.93 KB 990x1150 1032304-1569321702_1.jpg)
(461.52 KB 826x1169 77251727_p0.jpg)
>>165479 You want more pics? Ok.
(257.44 KB 1681x1883 84809209_p0.jpg)
(479.54 KB 998x1200 84551787_p0_master1200.jpg)
(258.91 KB 756x1051 83987631_p0_master1200.jpg)
(368.51 KB 823x1200 85345673_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>165515 That's still not Cynthia.

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