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(314.42 KB 960x540 ELmTQedXkAAZJuD.jpg)
Terraria Thread: I will never build cool shit edition Anonymous 12/08/2020 (Tue) 09:15:22 Id:afed0d No. 171732
You didn't go back to Minecraft, did you nigger? We're not done here. To get started: >Favorite OST Either Underground Ice or Underground Hallow >Favorite Biome Ocean >Favorite Mount Cute Fishron >Favorite Pet Wisp >Favorite Wings Empress Wings >Favorite Weapon Used the Death Sickle a lot even though it's nowhere near the strongest, it came in handy when I first got it and it looks cool >Favorite Boss Fight Duke Fishron Any more questions need to be covered?
(3.48 KB 600x128 party-time-is-over.png)
I wish Terraria wasn't fucking dead.
Also are we going to have a server for around Christmas?
>>171737 Re:Logic is probably planning to make Terraria 2 and it'll have the same graphic style that Spelunky 2 had If not then I guess we just have nothing but mods to play until the game is completely dead
(21.87 KB 250x196 child is deeply upset.jpg)
>>171741 >and it'll have the same graphic style that Spelunky 2 had
(382.39 KB 1152x768 unfinished fishing pond.png)
(1.02 MB 1384x955 81732456_p0.png)
(771.52 KB 1024x1564 81656030_p0.png)
(373.04 KB 1023x1015 85449379_p0.jpg)
(6.32 MB 3600x4461 82040405_p0.jpg)
Has tmodloader been updated yet? >Any more questions need to be covered? Which NPC (Town or otherwise) would you fuck?
>>171749 Dryad can get it hard
(666.83 KB 800x669 mechanic.png)
>>171750 Mechanic's my choice. The overalls she wears make my cock harder than the wrench she lugs around.
>STILL no mod loader for 1.4 What in the fuck
>>171749 Accept no substitutes. On a related note, am I just not looking hard enough or is there no princess stuff yet? I know she's still relatively new but still. I have a thing for princesses
(1.61 MB 1360x1280 85004013_p0.png)
>>171756 >On a related note, am I just not looking hard enough or is there no princess stuff yet? I know she's still relatively new but still. I haven't unlocked it yet but on the wiki it says >All other town NPCs (not including Santa Claus or town pets) are present, meaning that she can only spawn after defeating Plantera. No wonder the zoologist has more fanart. Shes more rarer to get than the tax collector >spoiler Same,who doesnt love ohime.
(141.05 KB 1000x750 blood moon.jpg)
I'm playing on master mode for the worthy. I also decided to try for all banners as well. I never beat the twins on normal. I cant beat Skeletron or Queen Bee right now. I hate myself
>>171811 Do you have a good size arena for the boss fights? On master mode I would fight those bosses with a gun. The minishark would probably be the best option to go with at that point. Try to get a shark tooth necklace during a blood moon for added DPS on the minishark. Use a musket ball to combine it with cursed flame or ichor to make their bullets. Then once in early hard-mode you can try and combine the minishark with its needed items to make the megashark which is a good early hard-mode gun until you find something better.
Don't get why anyone would want to play the game in it's current state when you realise that the developers hate player creativity. >>171754 It's amazing how in every other release of terraria tmod updated within a month or even a few weeks but once they got the abilty to not have to update so urgently it's taking them years.
(519.59 KB 640x640 8xr_pdLaIvVte_Ft.mp4)
When the fuck is the current version going to be compatable with tmodloader? Its been 9 months now. >>171737 >Terraria >Dead It isn't a fucking MMO type of game anon, it isn't meant to be played for stupid long periods of time like how you could do with minecraft. Terraria isn't even unpopular its the 17th highest selling game in history with over 30.3 MILLION sales. But for some strange reason everyone who doesn't already have Terraria doesn't even know it exists for some strange reason. >>171811 It's possible dude, you're just not autistic enough. >>171850 >the developers hate player creativity <when they added an entirely separate gamemode exclusively for buildfags Why would you lie to yourself like this? If not what do you even mean by that?
>>171853 >If not what do you even mean by that? tortch luck
>>171859 You must be low functioning autistic, mildly retarded or must live under a rock. Relogic, (Red), removed the negative torch luck and made it so you can only have good luck. Also due to the initial backlash he got he added a miniboss/event thing the torch god which gives you the ability to place any biome torches in their respective biome automatically no matter which torch you have (I think). He listens to his community and torch luck doesn't even badly affect the game anymore, the good torch luck (along with the other luck enhacing features) are so effective it made me find 2 biome keys in like 5-10 minutes of grinding when before it would have probably taken HOURS. I said I think because I never played Terraria in so long because I've been waiting to do a modded 1.4 playthrough but tmodloader won't update for it.
>>171867 His inital stance and reply on the subject of tortch luck being "your not playing the game right" still exists within many other parts in the game. It's deeply festered. Some examples: >moved meteorite to post boss >made fishing useless >nerfed stormbow >removed throwing (making desert even more pointless) >somehow fucked up summoner even more >grinding rare drops no longer yield as good as it used to overall dps nerfs across the board >fucked up early game balance overall >never actually addressed interesting items being irrelevent quickly >most items still lack good upgrade path >master mode is just bulletsponge mode. no real difficulty was added compared to expert's introduction. Above all else, any form of player tinkering or figuring anything interesting about the mechanics of the game is rewarded with a fucking nerf. The devs really enjoy removing/nerfing anything fun in the game since it doesn't align with thier mentality of how to play the game. They only care about their inner circlejerk cult on terrira fourms/reddit/discuck who are willing suck up all their seamen over every little change. The game is probably alright for anyone who has had literally no prior knowledge as to how the game functions, but for anyone who has any sort of knowledge the game turns into an uphill battle as every change fucks with your playthough for no reason to the point where it's just not fun. Theres no good effort to reward like in previous updates where if you went out of your way to create some sort of build you got rewarded for the effort, now it's just follow the wiki's guide 100% and win the game no experimentation allowed.
>>171853 ><when they added an entirely separate gamemode exclusively for buildfags journey isn't really a creative mode for buildfags. It's a baby difficulty mode for journalists. It pales in comparison to anything that has existed from tmodloader since the very start of modding.
>>171885 >>171890 Jesus fucking christ dude, theres nothing wrong with having proper progression and balancing stupidly strong weapons/exploits in a videogame. Play the game however you'd like but god damn those are some shitty and sometimes downright wrong opinions.
>>171896 alright sure, lets go with that angle.. why move meteorite to post boss then? at that point where meteorite is optainable i can just as easily goto hell and get hellstone armor, which is literally better in all circumstances. All that "balance" did was make an item completely obsolute, just like bone armor, literally why would anyone go through all that effort for something that is mroe trash then the fucking robes.
>>171896 >theres nothing wrong with having proper progression and balancing stupidly strong weapons/exploits in a videogame. There is when it degregates the enjoyabilty of the very game. What if quake suddenly decided rocket jumping was no no exploit? the game would be trash.
>>171896 additionally, if it's a singleplayer game, why punish people who have pre knowledge and are experimenting on multiple playthroughs? You want every playthough to be the same linear shit? fuck you faggot.
>>171899 >>171901 >>171904 Why the fuck are you replying to the same post 3 times. Chill the fuck out you autist.
>>171905 not an arguement
(205.96 KB 1168x816 Capture 2020-05-28 23_03_57.png)
(328.59 KB 2048x624 Capture 2020-12-08 11_01_52.png)
(560.04 KB 2000x640 Capture 2020-12-08 11_03_09.png)
(674.46 KB 2176x784 Capture 2020-05-28 22_39_53.png)
(836.65 KB 2960x1728 Capture 2020-05-28 22_38_15.png)
I'll post a few images from my most recent playthrough, I think I'll have to start a new one again soon though. >>171811 In my playthrough, I generally neglected to max out my DPS in favor of more survivability. If you haven't already, try reforging your accessories to warding. Don't forget to stack as many buffs as you can from potions, and you can also grab a Bast Statue from the underground desert. You can also put down a campfire and a pool of honey for some extra health regen. For Skeletron, I would make a long bridge out of platforms, and then use your fastest boots to run directly away from him. At either end of the bridge, set up some stairs so you can jump over him and then run back the opposite direction. The Cthulhu shield is really helpful here since it lets you change direction on a dime. Once you get the mechanic, you can wire up heart statues to produce a heart every few seconds, which is a great improvement to an arena. >>171885 I don't think most of those changes are for the worse. >moved meteorite to post boss I agree with this change, because you were able to obtain meteorite armor + the space gun as soon as you found bombs. This allowed you to skip a significant chunk of the early game progression of collecting ore for weapons and armor. By blocking the player from obtaining it early, it forces them to try different gear instead of just rushing meteorites. >made fishing useless I'm not quite sure what aspect of fishing is being referred to here. Fishing is highly important on Expert/Master for the variety of alchemy reagents. Endurance potions, wrath potions, ammo reservation potions, etc. are all extremely useful and can only be crafted with fish. On top of that, there are a lot of very useful items, including the demon conch (free teleports to the underworld), a variety of weapons (the crystal serpent, for example, is a very good early-hardmode weapon), and of course the fishing tools (reaver shark, sawtooth shark, etc.). The reaver shark was nerfed, but like the meteorite gear, this is in favor of encouraging player experimentation. The reaver shark would normally allow you to skip not only the pickaxe upgrades until hardmode, but also allows you to skip straight to hellfire gear. What's the point of having other gear in the game if the player can just ignore all of it and jump straight to the end of pre-hardmode? >nerfed stormbow I think this was primarily to address its effectiveness against the Destroyer. Prior to the nerf, it was a 30 second boss fight without any buffs (normal mode). Even with the nerf, you can kill the boss in about a minute and a half on Master using the bow. >removed throwing It was folded in with ranged, which means it also benefits from the same armor and potion buffs that ranged can benefit from. As for the desert, it is now a source of early game ranged armor (the fossil set). You can also get the very helpful Ancient Chisel, which increases your mining speed, and the Bast Statue, which buffs your defense and is a very useful addition to any arena. Plus, the Magic Conch is a free ocean teleport. >Somehow fucked up summoner even more The summoner got an overall buff with the addition of whips, but I don't think they were buffed nearly as much as they should have been. They don't have the DPS to compete with magic users, and their overall defense is far worse. If the whips had better crowd control, or if the summoner sets provided more mobility, then I think the summoner would be a bit more viable overall. But as they currently are, they feel far too squishy without enough damage to compensate. Also, one of their best weapons, the Terraprisma, is locked behind a particularly tough boss fight, (Empress of Light during the day). No other class has to go through a similar challenge to get their best weapon, except maybe melee for Zenith. Checking the patch notes on the wiki, most of the summoning items got buffed slightly, but I haven't tried them out yet. >grinding rare drops no longer yield as good as it used to overall dps nerfs across the board >fucked up early game balance overall I can understand this being controversial, although you'd have to more specific about what items feel like they got undeserved nerfs or inappropriate buffs. I know a lot of items got reworked, like Magic Missile, which can be for better or worse. In some cases, it's important to reduce the effectiveness of a particular weapon so that players feel compelled to experiment with different weapon and equipment sets. If you give the player access to very powerful weapons, then they might not feel like they should explore their other options. To be clear, I don't necessarily agree with a lot of the changes. There have been a number of other changes since 1.4.0, and I have not kept up with what has been buffed/nerfed/reworked. https://terraria.gamepedia.com/1.4.1#Balance_Changes https://terraria.gamepedia.com/ There's a lot to keep track of here, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of these changes made things worse. >never actually addressed interesting items being irrelevent quickly How quickly an item becomes irrelevant is mostly dependent on how fast the player is progressing through the game. I certainly agree that it's disappointing to use a cool weapon, like the Medusa Head, but be unable to find any sort of upgrade for it later on. Most weapons tend to have some upgraded version later down the line, like Magic Missile is eventually replaced by the Rainbow Rod. But for weapons with unique attacks, you don't have the opportunity to upgrade those. It could be interesting to have some sort of system that upgrades specific items by directly increasing their stats. For example, you could take the Medusa Head, but instead of using the Blizzard Staff for its improved area damage, you would "masterwork" the Medusa Head into a weapon with comparable stats. Then you could still use the Medusa Head's unique attack without losing combat effectiveness. >most items still lack a good upgrade path <See above This is definitely true. I would very much like it if they implemented some sort of upgrade system for the items that don't have upgraded versions later on. >master mode is just bulletsponge mode, no real difficulty was added compared to expert's introduction This is also true. Giving enemies and bosses additional attack patterns would definitely make the experience more interesting overall. As it currently is, you are mostly just taking what you learned in Expert Mode and pushing it to the limit. I can understand why the devs neglected to do add much more to it. Most casual players will never even touch Expert, let alone Master. Many of them might just stay on Journey. This means that they would be adding new content and balancing that content for a relatively small portion of the player base.
>>171976 > The Cthulhu shield is really helpful here since it lets you change direction on a dime. This is something that absolutely cannot be understated. Extra survivability is nice, and in master mode going the full nine yards with warding reforges and heart lanterns/campfires/bast statues is a must. However, there's this one piece of advice I heard... somewhere, that you should focus more on not taking damage than mitigating the hit. So basically mobility is king, and the shield of cthulu is fucking invaluable in that regard. Shit you not, I personally continues to use is up to the hardmode dungeon when it can be replaced with the master ninja gear. Generally, this extends to items and accessories that lets you move farther and faster in any direction you need to dodge at any given moment. Also, on the master mode thing, I remember it was made very clear beforehand that it was gonna be what it turned out to be, mostly just stat increases in a mode for people who think expert mode just isn't enough.
>>171841 Mate I had to get molten shit to beat eater of worlds, I'm so far away from hard mode still >>171976 The dungeon is holding a lot of goodies for me, including the last piece I need for the cell phone I think. Might have to world hop to get water walkers for boot upgrades but I dont know if thats in the spirit of it (I can fish it up so no big deal). I tried icy floors for speed but parka zombies spawned. I have railway but the issue is that even when i run away at the start, his hand tends to hit and slow me and then I can't get away. Featherfall potions helped a ton though.
>>171853 >It isn't a fucking MMO type of game anon, it isn't meant to be played for stupid long periods of time like how you could do with minecraft. I've kind of played it out over the past 10 or so years. 1.4 didn't really add any meaningfully new content to encourage me to replay it and I just don't like the modding scene for Terraria. They seem to miss the point of the game for me. I was already kind of burnt out with Terraria before 1.4 ever released and I was incredibly disappointing with the directionless nature of 1.4. There's not really anything left for me in Terraria other than possibly multiplayer.
I barely play this game, but I somewhat enjoy it when I do. Eye of Cthulu still kicks my ass, though,
>>171976 >"This means that they would be adding new content and balancing that content for a relatively small portion of the player base." >implying this is a bad thing
(2.54 MB 2336x1920 8k4hgns4auo41.png)
(397.39 KB 1920x1080 82ed42fda5cc2532f08503a58b688e85.jpg)
(528.77 KB 1920x1236 Castle-IMG.jpg)
You know if Re:Logic is really done with all content now I think the least they can do is add the exclusive stuff that was on old-gen console and 3DS to the newer consoles and PC. I mean I wouldn't be mad if Journey's End was the last thing we got but it just seems weird to keep that exclusive stuff on systems that a fraction of people play on. There's exclusive vanity items, some pets, a few weapons, and even some bosses to them.
>>172227 Dude if you kept up with all of the new things they were adding, all of the minor things, graphical overhauls, new music, items and events or what not maybe you would have wanted to play again. Playing Journeys End was like playing Terraria was like playing Terraia for the first time all over again for me, everything just felt so fresh. >>172247 >I barely play this game >Eye of Cthulu still kicks my ass Yeah I see that. >>171976 Anon, that guy just wants the ability to skip HUGE portions of the game and not experince the whole thing how you are supposed to because hes lazy, thats all just one big ass excuse for the guy.
>>172551 > that guy just wants the ability to skip HUGE portions of the game and not experince the whole thing Nothing wrong with that. Its an alternate playstyle for people already used to terraria. Being able to skip certain earlygame content and do it later is what makes 1.3 so enjoyable.I had so much fun doing naked runs in hell with only a reavershark trying to mine hellstone on Expert. Now in 1.4 you're railroaded to go look for crimson/demonic and then look for hellstone
>>172569 >Nothing wrong with that. There's everything fucking wrong with that, why the fuck are you even playing the game if you actively want ways to play less of it?
>>172572 What he said does make sense though, people should play at whatever pace they'd like, but Terraria now is more like a typical game with a more typical forced progression. If people played the game a shitload of times and just want to skip a huge portion of it to get to their favorite parts then thats a completely reasonable thing to do.
>>172551 >Dude if you kept up with all of the new things they were adding, all of the minor things, graphical overhauls, new music, items and events or what not maybe you would have wanted to play again. I've kept up with them it's just that there wasn't anything there to really pull my interest. I can't give a shit about golf or Journey mode. Master mode is only useful for multiplayer servers to prevent everyone rushing Moonlord in 6 hours otherwise it's just Try Hard Mode 2: Try Hard With a Vengeance especially after they nerfed the one good thing that is unique to Master. Whips are the complete opposite of how I play summoner so they're completely useless to me sadly. The two new bosses were nice but we needed more and not additional bosses but alternate bosses and an alternate set of biomes, weapons, etc as well. The new mini biomes other than the graveyard one were largely a disappointment. Especially the ocean tunnel. What the fuck were they thinking with that? Why bother adding code to a game whose code base is supposedly at the breaking point for such a pile of nothing? They completely dickered the balance of the underground desert so much that, despite the handfuls of new items that it provides, it's not worth going there any more. I also really wish they'd added at least one more class or subclass of some sort because I've played melee, ranged, mage, and summoner to death by this point. Especially summoner. This doesn't even get into all the concepts and feature that have been half implemented over the years and now there's not a snowball's chance in them getting completed because development is completely done. 1.4 has just left a very bittersweet taste in my mouth.
>>172575 True, but I can't understand the idea that it's good that you can skip whole chunks of gameplay.
>>172587 After hundreds to thousands of hours (I have 999.8 hours in the game) you're bound to get sick of the repeated grind eventually and would want to enjoy a more, uh, streamlined? experience.
(74.22 KB 435x691 henry.png)
>>172572 After you've made your dozenth or two dozenth full playthrough of a game you like to be able to mix things up. Whether it be speed runs or challenge runs or just skipping the part of the that falls flat for you. Like early hardmode for example. Worst part of the game and they never did fix it. They did however "fix" allowing you to speed past it by saving up fishing crates.
>>172609 That's a lot different than "skipping huge parts of the game", 'cause you've already played it.
(7.00 KB 1279x80 IT FUCKING HURTS.png)
>>172613 The thing is that most new players wouldn't have known how to skip stuff and even if they did they might not have been able to pull it off. Where as more experienced players could pull it off. Now everyone has to thread the same keyholes regardless. Which would have been OK if they had implemented one or two alternate keyhole paths. Instead they programmed a babe mode and a minigame that I'm guessing 90% of the player base won't really bother with.
>>172613 Exactly as >>172616 said. New players won't even know that you CAN mostly skip the earlygame grind by fishing in the ocean to get the reavershark during 1.3. You actually have to be experienced with terraria mechanics to just go straight into hell to get hellstone. Also with fishing you're not playing the cavern golden chest roulette for accessories and hope not to get another regen band instead playing with the crate drops rng. Of course, "skipping huge chunks of pre-hardmode" is a hyperbole. You still need to go spelunking for underground items(particularly in the jungle), beat bosses, Show the ♂dungeon master♂ whos the boss of this world.
>>172639 I only fished for the angler quests and I'm not sure how to abuse it
>>172642 If you're talking about angler quests you can do multiple angler quests in a single day if you >catch the quest fish >put it in a chest or piggy bank <this will make you be able to catch more quest fish >catch some more quest fish before the day is over >give the fish to the angler >go into the world with different characters >take the quest fish and turn them into the angler for a different reward >They also count towards the finishing 200 fishing quests achievement I used 5 spare characters from "Fish 1-Fish 5" to get the achievement and fish finder 5x faster than a player normally would be able to. You can also dupe any item in the game at any version of the game by takings things repeatedly from backups of your world with your same character. You can dupe any amounts of money or rare and boss spawn items you'd want to. Its a shame I only found that out after I beat 1.4 and my friend spilled the beans to me.
>>172639 The funny thing is that you still can skip most of prehardmode now despite how they tried to hard gate it in 1.4. If you're good enough. Just head to the jungle and poke monsters until you can make jungle armor then/or fight the queen bee for beenades and other bee shit. Then as long as you have enough mana stars (which is trivial), potions (takes a little effort but also trivial) and movement accessories (probably find all of those on the way to and in the jungle) you can fight the WoF without dealing with any of the forced progression. Once hardmode starts hellstone is bombable so you don't have to worry about the new pickaxe autism either. So for a Terraria veteran they've just encouraged them to ship even more of the progression than they did before and for a Terraria newbie nothing has changed from before other than that they've dictated a more narrow experience for them. I wouldn't be so critical of many of the 1.4 design decisions if there was a possibility of a 1.5 for them to mull over and fix/complete them.
>>172683 >The funny thing is that you still can skip most of prehardmode now despite how they tried to hard gate it in 1.4. If you're good enough. Just head to the jungle and poke monsters until you can make jungle armor then/or fight the queen bee for beenades and other bee shit watch them nerf this.
(113.05 KB 1024x648 Diy7ACYU0AA-ybu.jpg)
>>172702 >watch them nerf this. As far as I know they're 100% done with any development including balance changes. It's really not that surprising that they went the way that they did with 1.4 if you consider all the adjustments they did to hardmode form the time 1.2 released till 1.3 released. They did all sorts of things to enforce their specific critical path when it came to boss progression, crafting the drax, hardmode jungle/dungeon, biome keys and chests, etc. I just had hoped that they weren't going to mess with prehardmode the same way. I really hope that Red gets this "right way to play" autism out of his system befort he makes Terraria 2 or what ever because otherwise I'm afraid it won't be nearly as enjoyable as Terraria was for all these years.
(127.80 KB 736x648 1468958457476-3.jpg)
(32.03 KB 336x432 n6wbYnn by Oleg34518.png)
Well at least everyone should post comfy snowy or festive builds that you've made/other people have made. I've never yet made one myself but I like snow globe builds.
(85.45 KB 1280x720 Otherworld.jpg)
>>171741 >>171748 I haven't found a source for this anywhere. The closest thing we have to any kind of T2 screenshot would be Otherworld, but that was cancelled.
What happened with Otherworld again? The devs they outsourced sat on their hands for 2 years?
>>181029 Yeah pretty much, they barely got anything done besides produce music and a bunch of art. Re-Logic cut ties and handed it over to another dev, but after a few months realized how little work was actually done. They cut their losses and scrapped the whole thing at that point, remarking what little existed of the game wasn't even good. You can actually listen to the whole soundtrack, they put it in the 1.4 update under a very specific seed as an Easter Egg https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=SkXy4tFUzVg
>>181012 You know I never really was sold on the art style of Otherworld. I just really want some new Terraria content.
(36.96 KB 264x190 Ocram_animated.gif)
>>172547 The only thing I'd really want from the 3DS and console versions is Ocram. Can't you get a mod for these, anyway? >>181910 I personally really didn't like it, either. I'm somewhat glad it was cancelled Re-Logic are making Terraria 2 now. Or have been making it for about eight years, it started in 2012.
>>172547 The console content mostly sucks and there are mods for all of the good stuff anyway. As the other anon said the only really good thing about those versions was that unique boss they had.
Something I remembered because of the Overworld conversation. A few months ago Red said he'll release the source code if 100,000 people sign a petition. It's made decent progress since then, currently at about 81k signatures. If any of you give a shit you can sign it you don't have to use your real name just don't spam it with fake emails https://www.change.org/p/relogic-get-relogic-to-open-source-terraria-otherworld?
When did they finally buff drills by the way? Was kind of retarded how they were worthless if you had literally any food source available
>>184126 Yeah, drills are faster again, unless you have a full pickaxe loadout. Red decided to balance them by giving them a shorter range as opposed to pickaxes. I think that's a fair compromise.
This is actually the desk of one of Terraria's devs from Israel
>>171732 I wish to buyfag terraria, whats the best platform to buy it on? Steam or GOG?
>>186340 IIRC it's marginally easier to play with other friends on steam since they added that new steam multiplayer in, but if you know how to put together a server or your friend does it shouldn't matter. I don't know that there isn't "crossplatform" multiplayer.
>>186406 This better than Minecraft?
>>186486 It's a very different kind of game, it's closer to an open world metroidvania.
>>186489 Interesting. I do like Metroidvanias. Hollow Knight imo was good.
(9.97 MB 640x416 DG speedup.gif)
(6.67 MB 452x316 Ogre.gif)
>>186492 It's pretty fun, just note some of the later bosses get absolutely insane.
(238.34 KB 500x281 1542899954.gif)
>>186527 >using the dungeon guardian as an example of a boss
(24.54 KB 400x402 index.jpg)
>>171853 If you watch that vid and your first association is Terraria and not Lemmings you are a complete pleb
>>186611 I was just posting two random gifs I had of the game, both happened to be enemies and one was coincidentally a boss.
Remember when Starbound was on Kickstarter and everybody acted like it was going to be the "Terraria kiler"? When half of every Terraria thread was just a Starbound hype general? "Dude Terraria is done for! Terraria is over!" Then Starbound finally released and all of a sudden all those fanboys went real quiet? I still want an collective public apology for that, that was some of the most embarrassing shit I've ever seen on /v/ and it made these threads hard to use for weeks. >>171749 >last pic There's already a Queen Slime, why R63 it? Unless this image is years old. Wasn't he originally a semi-secret boss before Slime Rain was added? I vaguely remember the only way you could fight him was to make his summoning item, which requires carrying an item you'll probably never craft along side having a bunch of gel while also being near an alter. Unless you looked it up on the wiki, it's unlikely you'd ever discover he existed. >>186527 Who the hell fights an Ogre with a spear? By that point in the game you should have way better weapons >>171850 >>171859 Negative torch luck was disabled months ago dude Judging by your later posts you really just seem butthurt over something >>171976 Here's a tip dude, you can slant the blocks inside a house as well. I'm noticing a lot of your inner ceilings aren't slanted. Breddy gud builds though, better than the commieblocks I make. >The reaver shark was nerfed, but like the meteorite gear, this is in favor of encouraging player experimentation. The reaver shark would normally allow you to skip not only the pickaxe upgrades until hardmode, but also allows you to skip straight to hellfire gear. What's the point of having other gear in the game if the player can just ignore all of it and jump straight to the end of pre-hardmode? 100% this, I saw a few people complaining that the Reaver was nerfed, but it allowed people to skip the entire first quarter of the game in a few minutes. It still allows you to skip almost all of the really early "hobo" phase when you're slowly progressing from one pickaxe to another so it still has a good use. Surprisingly most people seemed fine with the nerf and a lot of posts I saw about it either said they didn't know it existed at all or never used it because of how hard it broke early game balance. >The summoner got an overall buff with the addition of whips, but I don't think they were buffed nearly as much as they should have been Summoner is a meme, it wasn't even a real class at first until people acted like it was and Re-Logic added more summoning-specific items. Summons were intended act as support for magic players. Besides Old One's Army, the game wasn't built around it at all. >>172547 Most of the old exclusive stuff were sub par enemy and weapon reskins that were poorly balanced and often made the game frustrating. The bosses were cool but I'm pretty sure you can get mods for them.
>>190338 I liked Starbound during its beta when it was a slower paced terraria with survival mechanics. Tiy really was a giant faggot for ruining starbound by turning it into another ancient evil awakens storyline and removing most of the races lore. >There's already a Queen Slime, why R63 it? Unless this image is years old. Anon, Queen Slime was recently added
(306.00 KB 816x1200 Capture 2015-08-02 07_32_20.png)
>>171749 >>190338 >>191655 >tfw no Princess Slime
>>191655 The fundamental problem with early access (or even playable alphas) is that games actually do go through huge upheavals during early versions. If you expose that process to players, you generate expectations that you might not be able to fulfill, and you sort of put the onus on yourself to take player feedback into account during a time when, really, the developer's goals and vision are probably the most coherent thing about a game. It's generally good practice to listen to your fans, and the idea of early access is that it's logical that getting that feedback earlier on should always produce a better game, but what we see instead is that a significant number of players get left with bad impressions of the game, whether because it's so underdeveloped (which is their own fault for expecting too much out of too early a part of the development process), because it doesn't eventually live up to the promises (which is the fault of the developers for overpromising, or nobody's fault because individuals may have gotten ideas about the direction the game would go that the game was never intended to go in) or because fundamental changes are made that are a normal part of game development but which certain players (and possibly significant numbers of players) don't like. Ignoring how many games never really make it out of EA, I don't know of many developers who've said the feedback they get during EA was critical to keeping the game from being shit or for driving sales/playerbase, and I see games come out of EA and get called underwhelming or "not living up to what I expected," and I very rarely hear of games that get surges of paying players AFTER a long period of EA/open playable beta any more. I think it's pretty clear that the EA model is very attractive to amateur and indie devs because it gets them money earlier in the process, but it's not very clear that it ends up producing games that are as well-received by the fans as the traditional process. There's a big difference between a retrospective "here's how Game X looked early on in its development" that nearly never leaves people saying "that would've been a better game" and the prospective comments that are all over the place saying "this EA game ended up being worse/different/less fun/not worth it/released unfinished."
>>191989 >There's a big difference between a retrospective "here's how Game X looked early on in its development" that nearly never leaves people saying "that would've been a better game" and the prospective comments that are all over the place saying "this EA game ended up being worse/different/less fun/not worth it/released unfinished." That's even a problem with games that change considerably after their "final" release. Consider Terraria 1.4 which caused some discontentment among the player base or as a better example Minecraft's development cycle which has fractured the player base all to shit over the years.
>>192004 Yes. Really, the meme of "games making major changes while people are actively playing them" is the fundamental issue here. That's encouraged by the continuous-development mentality that both deveopers and players have gotten themselves into in the last few decades. It sort of hinges on what "finished" and "released" even mean nowadays. An awful lot of players seem to expect a game to get major updates and changes as they are playing it no matter if it's a multiplayer game, an EA game, or whatever. That could be DLC, or new characters in a fighting game or class-FPS, or new game modes, or whatever. Things like new maps were always important to an FPS, but usually it was the community who developed that stuff, not the game developers. But a new map doesn't always mean new game mechanics to go with it, and new game mechanics can easily mean changes to old mechanics, too. Anyhow, it's just saying something everyone recognizes. Players are more receptive to, and really almost expect games--especially multiplayer ones, and not just MMOs any more--to undergo fundamental changes while they are being actively played. It's just going to happen that some players will be put off by certain changes. You'll have instances of Starbounds where large portions of the game's players are put off by seismic changes relatively early in the game's development, and you'll have Minecrafts and Dwarf Fortresses that almost make a joke about never actually being "finished" but that are so big that they feel they can afford to shed players with major changes between releases. I guess it's just a fundamental part of the way modern game development works. Even AAA games with traditional development processes are more open than they were in the past, because marketing has kind of jimmied that process open to the public in the hopes of garnering mindshare and hype. But at the same time that exposes the developers and publishers to backlash that, frankly, the marketers probably see as perfectly acceptable in the there-is-no-bad-press sense. They, after all, want to make the most money off the game, and don't care a whit if the game is in any sense objectively good as a game. If they think a change that is demanded on social media and gets made has increased the number of sales they'll make without delaying development enough to offset the bottom line, then it's a good change no matter what it entails or how much it affects the game itself. Games are art in the sense that they take some kind of creative vision and passion to be well made, or in the sense that having that vision can help make a mediocre game good and a good game great.
(17.53 KB 512x512 Pretty In Pink.png)
>>191656 Would that just be a giant pinky?
>>192004 Didn't 1.4 only annoy people because of the new, almost entirely unexplained luck mechanic?
I tried Terraria more than a few times but I never managed to stick around for more than about an hour. I'm sure I'm retarded and can't figure the game out. What should I look out for to make the game actually fun as a completely clueless beginner? I mean without resorting to watching faggot streamers of course.
>>203332 What part do you usually stop at?
>>203325 That was part of it. More broadly it was that it introduced a lot (arguably unnecessary) balance changes to prehardmode without really adding new content to balance it. Among those are changes that made prehardmode progression much more linear. Also the UG desert's progression was screw ed all to hell. The biggest issue was that they made those changes at the complete end of development which means that they couldn't be smoothed over or rebalanced later. All of what I just wrote may seem terrible but it not as drastic as it sounds, but it does sort of leave a funny "aftertaste" for those of us that have been playing for 8 or 9 years. >>203332 What is it that you seem to have trouble with?
(1.77 MB 1934x1728 7nzsxz03sj161.png)
>>203369 I've come to disagree with this sentiment about the prehardmode changes after really thinking about them as a whole. The main couple things that they "balanced" (nerfed or gated i guess) are the reaver shark and meteors. Now, reaver shark can't mine hellstone so you actually need a corrupt/crimson pick, and meteors spawn after killing the evil biome boss instead of breaking orbs/hearts. The reaver shark should be obvious why they decided to nerf that, it lets you skip straight to mining hellstone with just a little fishing. If you wanna skip to hellstone anyway you pretty much still can. You don't even need to completely kill the eater of worlds or brain of cthulu, they're both designed in such a way that they drop shadow scales/tissue samples during the fight. As for meteors, well there's a couple factors there. I saw somewhere the devs said they wanted the meteor strike chance you'd normally get on orbs/hearts on the bosses, so you can't run out of orbs/hearts in a world and be stuck without a way to bring more meteors down easily. This still locks meteors behind killing the evil biome boss, but then they changed the desert's place in progression. Now there's a bunch of items down there in the chests, and you can get an early game ranger armor without needing the corrupt/crimson pickaxe or anything.
>>203369 >balance changes to prehardmode without really adding new content to balance it yes and no, it wasn't just pre-hardmode that got shafted. even hardmode got fucked (broken hero swords being made post plantra comes to mind) there are many small changes across the entire game and they all add up overtime.
(884.00 B 54x54 The_Horseman's_Blade.png)
>>203477 Amusingly they didn't touch the most powerful weapon in the game.
(16.57 KB 320x301 20210111_02h34m25s_grim.png)
(2.27 MB 665x440 First_Fractal_(demo).gif)
>>203490 > I think they're still used to used to craft a toilet, but that's it. They should have made an entire set of terra furniture that each peice takes a single Broken Hero Sword each. Also the Zenith is complete trash especially compared to the First Fractal.
>>203493 Oh, I misread the crafting versions on the Wiki and thought Terra's crafting table was for old-gen consoles. That said, the Terra Blade isn't massively better than True Night's Edge. They do comparable damage, they main benefit is how much faster Terra is I'm a Ranger so I don't touch melee >>203496 First Fractal was never added, though. You can barely even call it a sword, it works more like magic.
(3.61 MB 800x370 Zenith_(demo).gif)
>>203501 >You can barely even call it a sword, it works more like magic. Have you seen the fucking Zenith?
>>203506 To be honest I forgot how it even worked, I really don't like melee. I suppose the same goes for it.
(465.33 KB 341x371 Blizzard_Staff_(demo).gif)
(1.24 MB 252x190 Star_Wrath_(demo).gif)
>>203515 at this point every melee weapon is actual just a variation on magic or range.
>>203506 They really dropped the ball hard when naming it. They really should have called it Journey's End instead.
>>203332 What trouble were you having, anon? >>204162 That wasn't really his point.
>>203325 I still have no idea what the fuck Red was thinking with that. The things that effected luck were seemingly completely random, like what torch you're using, if there's a gnome nearby or if you've touched a ladybug in the last few minutes.
>>203528 I mean that was kind of inevitable, you either go flails or things like the night's edge. Melee is perpetually disadvantaged by range, and your only options are either glass cannon that shit, or fudge it.
>>219851 Biome torches should burn brighter in the right biome, and it's stupid all you get is slightly better fishing/loot drops.
>>219952 Mid-game, at least outside of expert mode, you can be a melee tank. With melee focused armor you can get to the point where enemies only do 1 damage. They could have doubled-down on that by making defensive-oriented weaponry. Something as simple as "while wielding this weapon, +40 def", to go along with the already higher defense melee armor sets. That way you get ranged glass cannons and melee tanks.
>>223514 Or for fun they could have made a melee weapon that launches the player. Not like there aren't already a million ways to fly so one more wouldn't be game-breaking if it were a post-hardmode weapon. Think of a lance that you point in the direction you want to go, press attack, and fire yourself in a ballistic arc, damaging enemies along your path. Maybe even give it a special kind of extended iframe against any enemy you damage with it, allowing you to pass through unharmed if you hit them first.
>>219952 you used to be able to go all in with the Fetid Baghnakhs before the nerf.
(280.70 KB 589x767 spinks.png)
Terraria's Stadia port just got cancelled as if anybody was going to play it
>>231891 It takes a lot to get Red publicly pissed off. All these social media companies are pretty much speedrunning 0% good will with the public. Can you imagine burning through a decade(s) of cultural cache in only a couple of years simply because some of your users had the unmitigated gall to have their own opinions?
>>231934 Heres an opinion: 1.4 balance changes are shit
>>232308 That would be trivial to fix if the tmodloader people would get off their fucking asses and update to 1.4 already.
(252.08 KB 826x465 American Kirby.jpg)
>>231891 Google probably thinks Terraria is not woke enough and its female models are too sexualized.
>>232308 >1.4 balance changes are shit Yeah they kind of are. Of course the worst thing they did was nerf the boat in 1.4.1.
>>233055 Yeah, i can't believe they actually removed the Apache from the game.
(1.55 MB 1920x1125 1613087522843.png)
(2.59 MB 1920x1920 1613087557939.png)
Oh what fresh hell is this?
>>244943 Pewds is actually pretty based and redpilled
>>244943 This isn't anything new, Terraria has a ton of merch like this.
>>244943 I dislike his stuff but he is based and redpilled but understand his stuff is aimed at children not our age group. Pewdiepie is basically current year Mr Rogers and to have the world's no 1 children's entertainer hold conservative views is a very good thing. Not going to shit on the guy and obviously the Terraria devs are going to jump at the chance to colab with him.
>>244943 >>245013 I think its great they're willing to do this in spite of the leftoid collective still being eternally butthurt that he said nigger that one time. These fuckos on the official forum thread trying to raise shit are getting moderator warnings too.
>>245029 Re-Logic does not seem to take shit from anyone but do not go calling them based as they seem very centrist. They do not like the libtards but they most like will not like /v/ users either. I will still support their product though as they are not cucks.
>Re-Logic cancelled their Stadia port because Google was fucking around and not getting back to them >publicly told their rep that Google was "a liability to work with" when they was groveling to get them back >now they're doing a collab with the most visible anti-PC figure on the internet Bless Spinks, I didn't expect him to be so based

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