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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Thread: Сука Блять Edition Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 22:47:14 Id:4b0602 No. 193137
GSC Game World just used IGN to release some new teaser footage of the game. Looks pretty nice although I wish I could see some actual gameplay other than just an in engine cutscene. Anyway do you think they'll fuck up the game or will it be as good if not almost as good as the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R games. Here's hoping for the best. >Favorite expansion >Favorite Mods >Favorite Vodka
(34.59 KB 852x682 Stalkan.png)
(4.02 MB 2672x1437 Stalkan roof.png)
(264.09 KB 1000x621 _s_t_a_l_k_e_r_.png)
(791.88 KB 1263x914 Stalkan Gondola.png)
(131.74 KB 434x640 STALKER laugh.jpg)
>>193137 >do you think they'll fuck up the game? <Xbox <Current Year + 5 <Open World meme <They're pandering to Twitter and Reddit over their own forums What the fuck do you think? Also, the art design looks generic as fuck outside the PDA. I can already see where this is going: >Objective arrows >Console UI >Console inventory system >Crafting system >Hitmarkers >Borderlands/Destiny tier loot and shoot gear down to color categorization >Shit A.I >Women I can't wait for it to come out so I can laugh at it while every normalnigger on the interwebz and outside of it pretends it's good because other people like it. >Favorite Expansion Call of Pripyat >Favorite mods -Autuumn Aurora 2 -STALKERsoup -Anomaly -Gunslinger -Lost Alpha >Favorite Vodka Nemiroff
(86.50 KB 960x540 FAQ.jpg)
>>193137 From their Facebook "FAQ" and it smells like normalfag bait
(12.04 KB 285x177 garfield.gif)
>>193182 >What about the story? >The game will feature an epic, non-linear story. Your choices will influence both short-term consequence and global outcomes. Huh where did I read that one before? I'm getting a Deja Vue, I think I read something similar about their Oblivion Lost page where actions "will have" massive impact.
(79.88 KB 766x960 1469846493076.jpg)
>>193182 >Is it open-world? >Yes. The zone in Stalker 2 is one of the biggest seamless open-worlds to date. Oh no.
>>193190 >>193221 >non-linear story >choices >open world Its genuinely fascinating how modern developers can take absolutely any game design feature and turn it into so much shit people do not want it even in a franchise that was built on those features. If only they could figure out the mechanism behind that and reverse it. We could potentially reach another galaxy with a decade.
(4.00 MB 3200x1442 stalker2_art_2_uhd.jpg)
(242.13 KB 363x282 agents.png)
>>193221 Well they already have expirience with that kind of level design with CoP. I can only hope they developed AI opponents that use the tactical potential. >>193182 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a mainstream series in the postsoviet sphere. They are hyping the norms because it is gonna be an essential part of the PR for our market. The average slav will take nothing less. For the same reason I'm not worried about the PC experience as much as other anons are, consoles aren't popular here. But they can go the "suck microcock" route to a money filled grave. >>193232 With the main writer taken by Corona-chan, the story might not be that great. Let's hope it doesn't break the atmosphere, at least.
(189.45 KB 680x379 stalker dance.gif)
>>193164 I doubt hitmarkers will be a thing. Know what I am expecting though? Tower-based gameplay, like in Ubisoft's cookie cutter games. Bandit camps as well. Basically I assume they'll follow the same formula that Watch Dogs, Far Cry, Breath of the Wild and every other mainstream open world game has followed for the past 7 years. Other things I'm expecting - Weapon mods (Closer to Fallout 4 than something actually cool like Payday 2) - Artifacts thrown around like candy, probably several within the first two hours - High-end gear becomes obtainable very quickly - Anomalies become little more than nuisances/invisible walls to halt premature progress - Removing all mystery surrounding the zone and fill it with shitty lore that probably retcons things Things I don't expect but wouldn't be surprised about - Mass Effect style dialogue system - Borderline magic - Completely removed/neutered faction system - Skyrim style side quests >>193182 lmao at that fifth point, they're effectively admitting the trailer is fake >>193221 >>193232 Oh, they're pandering hard to normalfags with this. Happens all the time, though. Take a game that's had a cult following for at least a decade, make a sequel, follow current gaming trends and market it exclusively to normalfags. Some examples I can think of off the top of my head are Fallout, Deus Ex and Thief. Devs keep doing this because it works really well, the aforementioned games were all big successes. The only time I can think of where this failed outright was Halo 5 but that's only because that was already a mainstream series. >>193249 Much of the "main writer's" work never actually made it into the game. He made early drafts for a entirely different game called Oblivion Lost which was scrapped and turned into SoC.
(72.71 KB 703x800 1599280766.924942-.jpg)
>>193256 >He made early drafts for a entirely different game called Oblivion Lost which was scrapped and turned into SoC Alright, glad to have one less thing to worry about. >expecting artifacts thrown around like candy, probably several within the first two hours I doubt they'd go back to SoC on that front. Anomalies were a good part of CoPs worldbuilding, with an even more open world I'd think they'd get even more creative if they want to pull off a non-bland feeling open world.
>>193256 >Some examples I can think of off the top of my head are Fallout, Deus Ex and Thief. Thief 4 seems like a bad example, as it seemed to sell badly as well as be a bad game.
All we can really hope for is that there will be enough modding tools to polish the game into a semi playable state. Fuck this gay earth
>>193283 >buying/pirating a shit 'cause "mods will fix it" Why not just buy/pirate a good game that doesn't require surgery to make it at least decent in the first place?
>>193232 >Its genuinely fascinating how modern developers can take absolutely any game design feature and turn it into so much shit people do not want it even in a franchise that was built on those features. Yeah its gimped from the start as soon they announced this game will become playable for console niggers, as consoles will always be under powered to do any decent stuff with it and by that I don't mean the graphic aspect. Shadow of Chernobyl was supposed to have a much more livid environment by its unique A-Life system but yet even that one got heavily nerfed, apparently A-Life was so good that it was capable of beating the game, however there isn't any video of it available as far as I'm aware and Oblivion Lost trailer well could be heavily scripted to make the trailer more fancier than it is. It's obvious that SoC A-Life is gimped that for example when you clean out the bandits at the Garbage and visit there again the next day it is almost filled with the same mobs, there was some tweak file available that changes some aspect of it which seems to be enough to make it more dynamic but I haven't tested that one. Modern game development is nothing but fucking disappointment one after another, it's shocking me that GSC seriously tries to sell graphics as one of its biggest strong point despite modern games even ironically look worse than Crysis despite there are numerous jokes about Crysis being made about its computer specification requirement.
>>193287 >thinking games will ever be good again Dumb joke aside, obviously mods don't fix a shit game, but sometimes you can make a decent concept at least passable. STALKER's longevity is built both on it's atmosphere and on it's modding community doing incredible work with a really weird game engine. Again, mods won't fix it, but that's why I also said a semi-playable state.
>>193290 >apparently A-Life was so good that it was capable of beating the game, however there isn't any video of it available as far as I'm aware Assuming that "capable of beating the game" is a sign of A-life being great, is it more likely that they created a system that was great and then had to tone it down, despite there being no real sign of this superb AI in their subsequent games, or is it more likely that they couldn't live up to their promises and had to cut things similar to the other things that they couldn't (for various reasons, I admit) get implemented in the final game, such as vehicles? Second, if their technology was that good, wouldn't it have paid them to spin it off and license it, since X-Ray was their own engine already?
>>193292 >but sometimes you can make a decent concept at least passable You DO realize that will make things worse, right? If people are willing to mod average (At BEST) games just so that they can make the game "better", that will signal to publishers and developers that they can put in even LESS effort than they already are into the games that they are making. Just consider the fact that the "LATEST" Mario and Zelda games are literally spruced-up ROMhack kits. It's why modding is one of the most cancerous aspects of PC gamers. They'll accept shit just as long as they can mod it.
>>193297 >despite there being no real sign of this superb AI in their subsequent games, or is it more likely that they couldn't live up to their promises and had to cut things similar to the other things that they couldn't (for various reasons, I admit) get implemented in the final game, such as vehicles? Right, from all the Stalker playthrough I have made I haven't noticed any advanced AI behavior that took me by surprise, well there was a few cases here and there where a single AI managed to kill me from behind the back but nothing anything advanced such as complex-ish squad/platoon level of movement or tactics being deployed. Yes sometimes the AI does form a squad and pits it against other stalkers or mutants but so from what I can observe is when they form a squad then its limited to "Move from A to B, when enemy encounter do action x" style of pattern. So most of the time it is fairly predictable movement. I might be wrong on some points so feel free to correct my mistakes. >such as vehicles? X-Ray upto 1.6 version still has all the base code for vehicles and its physics. If I recall correctly the reason for cutting of the vehicles was due to time constraint as their publisher decided that they stalled the development for too long already and that they should release the damn game already, so they did that and cut back on a lot of features and rebranded Oblivion Lost to Shadow of Chernobyl. Stalker SoC/OL is quite a interesting game just for its development point of view because funnily enough the original concept was not even meant to be in Ukraine but more a futuristic FPS style of game where time travel is being involved and very early builds of Oblivion Lost showcased ancient southern american ruins and some other map with a large valley and a bridge connecting to a tunnel before they made the switch. If I recall correctly during the 2nd switch they also had different ideas but I cannot recall anymore what it was I need to dig up one of the interviews for it again before they settled down with Chernobyl. >>193300 Fair point, the Fallout series such as the third one and beyond have a farily large modding community despite the custom Bethesda engine is from what I've read so far quite janky. Yet those modders put it up with this janky engine anyway and wasting countless men hours instead of wising up and reverse engineer that game to a better engine or better yet contributing to OpenMW for once so that it reaches 1.0 much faster, if only a fraction of those modders would contribute to OpenMW instead then it would have much faster development - obviously not linearly but the release would be more frequent as more people are testing things and reporting bugs. Yet those niggers don't do that for whatever mysterious reason and worse yet they are putting up with all the fucking jewish bullshit that Nexus site does where pay pigs gets better download speed and whatever the fuck other limitation they are imposing to free users/non registered users nowadays. Seriously fuck that jewish as fuck faggot site. Moddb host much more shit and yet they don't pull that "hurr you need a account to download faggot mod 69xxx at 128kb/s speed goy" shit.
>>193310 You sound like you know why Morrowind, Oblivion, FO3, and so on had a large modding community: that janky-ass engine made "modding" trivially easy to get started doing. Bethesda's engine was janky, but it was extremely easy for any kid who knew a little about computers to make an actual, working mod. Doing things like textures and models, of course, was harder, but the combination of large player bases and the simplicity of getting things into the game encouraged artfags who normally can't do the coding work of programming to get into modding. Just by weight of numbers, eventually some of those people got good at it and started to figure out how to do more complex things with the engines; eventually some people with more than meager coding skills showed up to script the complicated mods; eventually a handful of actually talented people created tools to extend Bethesda's tools. The MWSE guy (and OBSE, and FOSE, and SKSE) is effectively responsible for providing modders for those games with an enormously expanded toolkit so that we could eventually have technically complex mods--but that was just making the toolkit bigger. Those people making those mods were only developing skills at making mods specifically for those games in that engine--aside from learning how to make 3D models and textures, I mean. Most people who modded for Oblivion or Fallout 3 had skills that wouldn't really translate to anything outside of those specific games. They weren't learning some fundamental principles of programming, but rather how Bethesda scripting worked, how to use manufactured tools to put mods in the right order, how to work around toolkit limitations. That doesn't mean those people didn't do some incredibly autistic things within those engines, like developing actual standards for large-breasted bodies and external tools to make shit fit into those standards. But you couldn't necessarily assume that because a guy could use the CK and OBSE to make a mod that could do something that Oblivion, for instance, simply couldn't do--say, assign individual body models and skeletons to NPCs and then pick the correct version of armor to use with that model and skeleton so that breast sizes were correct and animations were right--that he'd be able to meaningfully contribute to OpenMW. There's no mystery. The modders, by and large, were just very good at working with a particular set of tools that was provided to them, and not at making their own tools. If you want to go a little psychoanalytical, which I think I can be excused for doing because, well, this is here, that same mindset is what led them to largely not care about the restrictions the Nexus put on them. These weren't people who were going to rebel and form their own modding sites after they'd gotten comfortable using the Nexus and finding their mods there and working with the tool Nexus gave them to manage their mods--by and large, I mean. Sure, you'd have that one guy who took his deviant porn mod and made a whole forum for it that you could only get into if he approved of you, and sure you'd have the loverslab folks who just wanted porn in their Oblivion and were forced to make a separate site for it when the Nexus kicked them out. But everyone knows porn motivates people to do things like that, and nothing stopped the Nexus users from using LL as well.
>>193336 > that janky-ass engine made "modding" trivially easy to get started doing. Bethesda's engine was janky, but it was extremely easy for any kid who knew a little about computers to make an actual, working mod. Doing things like textures and models, of course, was harder, but the combination of large player bases and the simplicity of getting things into the game encouraged artfags who normally can't do the coding work of programming to get into modding. Just by weight of numbers, eventually some of those people got good at it and started to figure out how to do more complex things with the engines; Well for me I was in a similar camp too where I was pretty much stuck with making lame mods for games, starting with Spring RTS I think it's probably nearly a decade by now, next to making a mod for Skulltag/Zandronum and ending up with Godot. I have to admit my current (game-) programming skill is still at very early stage but I often made the decision that I should try contributing to a open source engine instead first before using a game that utilizes proprietary engine. I initially decided to use Spring RTS because making shit models in Wings 3D is all I could do back then. My main reason for not developing things for proprietary engines is simple the fact it is essentially dealing with black boxes to find out how things works the way the are and I'm thinking a bit more ahead in the future as in "but what if I am familiar enough with programming so that I can actually start picking apart the source code to make some sense out of it in order to facilitate changes that conforms to the engine standard?", I know it is probably a bit more the idealism in me getting the better of it but it's probably for the best even if it means I would have to abandon more conformity, documentation and support if the need for it arises. >Those people making those mods were only developing skills at making mods specifically for those games in that engine--aside from learning how to make 3D models and textures, I mean. Most people who modded for Oblivion or Fallout 3 had skills that wouldn't really translate to anything outside of those specific games. They weren't learning some fundamental principles of programming, but rather how Bethesda scripting worked, how to use manufactured tools to put mods in the right order, how to work around toolkit limitations. They are still doing basic logical operation of mods development, even if its not just things like if (object.texture == "textures/outside/grass1.dds") object.texture = "textures/outside/rock3.dds it teaches them how a game handles (custom-) assets and what to do in order to change it, I admit I don't know exactly how constrained the mod development for Bethesda shit engine works but if it allows some kind of basic scripting then you already know basic programming concept such as if conditions, for loops, variable assignment. They already do changes of variables by assigning it a different model or different stats whatever, even if its not as shown as in a typical "programmer" way of doing things. Assuming OBSE, FOSE and SKSE allows scripting the same way Hexen has scripting (ACS) then well by that point they know some programming concept, which can be translated to other games. Well I don't really know the answer to this question either, I guess one part is that Bethesda is just in some kind of a weird unique position that it is now that it manages to black holes dozens of modders into its shit engine instead of seeking greener and more successfully pasture, which not many other games company can tell that except for Volvo I suppose. I can recall during the Orange Block days people over there often made fun that it's the "Engine fault" whenever a feature, a mod or what have you is not working properly. I don't know how self-aware those Bethesda modders are if they make the same fun or not. >There's no mystery. By that I mean why they don't mind it at all that Nexus treats free/unregistered users basically like shit, like second class citizens. > eventually some people with more than meager coding skills showed up to script the complicated mods; eventually a handful of actually talented people created tools to extend Bethesda's tools. T And exactly those people could do more meaningful and have more impactful changes if they contributed to OpenMW where those efforts is actually spend on bug fixes that holds up to future engine changes and making the engine more rigid unlike Bethesda where it requires tons of men power just to do shit like "community patches" to fix like what? Half of the bugs that Bethesda just couldn't be arsed to fix themselves like the fucking greedy lazy bastards they are. For me this has no base with rationality anymore but pure sheer ignorance or insanity. Why bother fixing FOR FREE of somebody else engine, of somebody else game where everything is a blackbox, it is propiertary and the company doesn't even do half arsed attempt to acknowledge all the men hours that is being invested to improve their train wreck? This is the mystery of what I don't understand of what is going on inside their mentality that enables them - to put in other words I would put it on par with battered housewife syndrome. And yes I do argue that even if a modder capacity is just changing models or textures he would be better off modding it for OpenMW instead for several reasons, if more newbies would flock to OpenMW then it gives OpenMW developers more motivation to flesh out their modding SDK to attract even the more experienced monkey wrenchers.
>>193182 >It's a unique blend of FPS, immersive sim, and horror with a really thick atmosphere I always got the impression that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was just Soviet bumpkin fanfiction. >S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 is one of the biggest seamless open-worlds to date <The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall: 63,000 square miles <the Lord of the Rings Online: 30,000 square miles <Guild Wars Nightfall: 15,000 square miles <Fuel: 5560 square miles <The Crew (2): 1900 square miles <REAL Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: 1,004 square miles <Final Fantasy XV: 700 square miles <Test Drive: Unlimited 2: 618 square miles <Asheron's Call: 500 square miles <Just Cause 2/3: 400 square miles <True Crimes: Streets of L.A.: 240 square miles <Burnout Paradise: 200 square miles <Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: 170 square miles <Xenoblade Chronicles X: 154 square miles <Black Desert Online: 154 square miles <Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising: 135 square miles <Arma 3: 104 square miles <Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey: 91 square miles <DayZ: 87 square miles <The Witcher 3: 84 square miles <World of Warcraft: 80 square miles <Final Fantasy XI: 70 square miles <The Zone: 56 square miles SO, the game should be absolutely flawless it's execution because they've had games of similar and larger sizes going ALL the way back to 1996, and under-powered hardware from 2000 and 2005. >The game will feature an epic, on-linear story. Your choices will influence both short-term consequences and global outcomes Wasn't the story of the first games basically that you wanted to kill someone and you didn't give one single damn about anything else that happened in the world? Why can't they just have something simple like that rather than some overarching narrative that no one honestly gives a shit about? Especially in a game where most of the memes are about strumming an acoustic guitar while singing Slavic folk tones around a camp fire, and shouting "Cheeki Breeki". >The trailer demonstrates the level of graphics and atmosphere we are aiming to achieve How about you just make the fucking game look appealing and leave it at that?!
I legit think Tarkov will be a better S.T.A.L.K.E.R game than S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
>>193424 Tarkov is a online shooter, though. It's closer to ARMA than STALKER. I'm baffled at how people constantly make this comparison.
>>193425 >It's an online shooter And yet the atmosphere and loot system go hand in hand with a S.T.A.L.K.E.R game, it actually feels like a natural improvement. >ARMA Tarkov is nothing like ARMA what the fuck are you smoking?
>>193426 >>193425 Forgot to add, the ballistics as well considering the penetration and bleeding statuses. I don't see that shit on Xboner hardware , on a gamepad, or normalniggers putting up with that. There's a reason, more hardcore survival games never took off on those locked down bricks.
>>193424 >Tarkov The Gun Austism is Fucking amazing >Reload by Chambering one bullet on the gun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY8x3q405tc >all Reload anims https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFd7t2wAzoI >Gun Customization https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQHKJb70o2A Bullets actually do something against cover especially higher caliber rounds. Main Issue is that IIRC they push back or scrap the "Singleplayer" Aspect of Tarkov and if your internet is shit then you're fucked although atmosphere is comfy(When not in a fire fight) and enjoyed the "Lifeless" City.
>>193429 Yeah, I hate Tarkovs focus on multiplayer only, but the devs are ruskie hook nosed jews. Also no monsters Still, Tarkov looks and feels like how a modern Stalkan game should play and feel: streamlined milsim autism. I don't believe for a second GSC will be able to have a good ballistics system on an Xbox, much less good A.I.
>>193436 >Out atmosphere or genre alone -Ones a multiplayer only deathmatch with Survival mechanics and the other is an FPS RPG with Survival mechanics. -Both have high degree of gun autism -Both have high degree of inventory autism -Both focus on immersion -Both have a ballistic system that feature armor/Calibre penetration values and a bleeding system -Both focus on slavs and slavland -Both have a progression system solely based on looting and purchasing new equipment Is this too hard too understand for a niggerbrain such as yourself? Should I make a drawing?
>>193441 >Briefcase Fuck those kikes I would have enjoyed the game without those pay to survive cases
(127.34 KB 384x422 1565388278788.png)
Speaking of progression, I hope you cunts are ready for XP bars and perks/skills.
>>193435 STALKER doesn't need to change into a milsim. We already have ARMA for that. >>193441 I'm not at all sold on STALKER having that much gun autism. They throw in some rare slavguns, a customization tree, and some real optics and suddenly it's a gun autism game like Receiver?
(223.96 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (20).jpg)
>>193445 >Penetration is based on the calibre and ammo type >Weapon degradation >Weapon variants >Weapon customization Do you understand what people mean by gun autism? >Mentioning ARMA again You have never played ARMA in your life you incredulous ignorant autist, stop mentioning a mil sim, nobody is making that argument you're just strawmanning like a fucking nigger. >>193447 >others a singleplayer game Wrong and Tarkov has tons of game mechanics directly inspired by S.T.A.L.K.E.R and it's mods. I'm mentioning game mechanics and you keep being stuck on genre. The gunplay, loot system, inventory system and survival mechanics in Tarkov are all a direct improvement from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. That's why I'm comparing the two you incredible stubborn autistic bastard, not because one is an instanced BR lite and the other is an open ended FPSRPG.
(3.69 MB 1280x720 TIME FOR LUNCH.mp4)
>>193426 >>193428 >>193435 >>193441 >>193444 >>193452 Dude holy shit, stop. You obviously came into this thread wanting to talk about Tarkov, make a thread for that instead.
>>193444 Get In the Zone™ today with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Zone Edition and receive a free XP pack and 5 skill points. Oh man I can't wait until something about the original game is flanderized like Rip and Tear was for Doom. >"HIS NAME IS STRELOK BUT THOSE WHO KNOW HIM CALL HIM... CHEEKI BREEKI" >queue dubstep farts combined with hardbass, soundtrack by Mick Gordon
>>193453 Stay dumb and mad I guess >>193456 Can't wait for Eceleb references as well
>/k/ autist spergs hard when people call compare his slav milsim to a burger milsim in a thread it's not even about I don't see how STALKER 2 is going to pull off the open world thing without radically changing aspects to the core gameplay. When Mirror's Edge tried to do the same thing it failed miserably. >>193456 Gaming hasn't really been like that for a good seven years nowe.
>>193444 >XP bars >perks >skills The addition of "RPG mechanics" to non-RPGs was such a colossal mistake. I don't fuck with S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but I've seen a shitload of shooters get "RPG mechanics" tacked onto them, as well as RPGs become hollow action games with "RPG mechanics". So fucking many of these are just taking a decent combat system and locking off all but the most basic components away into gated bullshit. Take Skyrim, for instance. The One-Handed perks in that game, minus the passive damage boosts, can do this: >10% chance of critical damage, up to a max of 20% chance of +50% critical damage >maces ignore 25% of armor, up to 75% >dual-wielding attacks are 20% faster, up to 35% >power attacks with any one-handed weapon cost 25% less stamina >power attack while sprinting does double critical damage >standing power attacks do 25% damage and a chance of decapitation >backwards power attacks have a 25% chance to paralyze the target >war axes cause bleeding damage The ones in italics are perks that easily could've been standard features, but aren't for some reason. There's at least one addition mechanic like this in every one of the 11 other perk trees. If these were all available from the start, I imagine the combat would actually be pretty good, but they're not, presumably to attempt to pad out progression. It's fucking bullshit and seems to ruin every fucking "RPG" it's in. Including this into S.T.A.L.K.E.R. will kill it in a way even a newfag like me can tell, who knows how shit it'll be for actual fans or even any fucking morons who'd actually play it if it comes out.
>>193463 You can thank CoD multiplayer for that, everything needs to have a progression system now, even Doom, or else the mouthbreaters that now populate this hobby won't have a reason to play the game. God forbid they don't have an unlockable shiny to look forward too!
(15.82 MB 640x360 A_walk_in_the_park.webm)
>>193465 >that pic
>>193465 >even doom >Pirated Eternal on release because of that no-drm executable bethesda had >Doom has a fucking battle pass now >It's nothing but retarded skins like a pony Doomguy xXxD00M PU$$Y SL@AY3RXxX and one where he's on fire It's so fucking stupid now.
>>193467 Not even the worse part, NuDoom still had influence from 80s/90s SciFi. Beth Eternal however is fucking capeshit
>>193465 I don't get why fags wanted progression on fucking weapons when Games like CS Source, Hell Let Loose, Old doom and many others without it are fine and just have fun on the game itself, Why the trivial bullshit
(134.49 KB 1853x818 Stalkan3.png)
I pretty much do just want STALKER ARMA. ARMA always felt kind of eery even before the zombie shits happened. The more milsim weapon juggling would make my asshole pucker during problems.
(248.41 KB 289x344 ClipboardImage.png)
There's an Operation Flashpoint expansion that makes me have STALKER feelings, being that you're a lone cunt taking on the Soviet Army more or less. The added bugfuck shit of Duty choppers over a ridge suddenly would be insanely rad.
>>193453 That anon says "modern stalker should be a milsim" and then says "stop mentioning milsim, nobody is making [the argument that it should be a milsim]." Either he or I is tired and can't read.
>>193510 I just want Stalker but a bit more polished(I don't think I've played a mod yet, vanilla only). Something that really bothered me is that the guns didn't feel particularly powerful to use until I got to sniper rifles. Just the way they felt, the way enemies didn't flinch and there wasn't much in the way of confirming a hit, I had hoped the guns would feel meatier in terms of sound and visuals. A game like Terminator Resistance is the level of polish I'd love from STALKER. It's not the most polished game but I liked sneaking around and fighting in that.
>>193492 >I don't get why fags wanted progression on fucking weapons when Games like CS Source, Hell Let Loose, Old doom and many others without it are fine and just have fun on the game itself, Why the trivial bullshit Constant dopamin trickling. For every trivial action you get a small reward. That reward may be insignificant, but it needs to be just enough to tickle the dopamine glands a little bit. Old games rewarded skill and practice, you might go for a long time without any actual success, but then when you did it, it made the success all the stronger. It's like the difference between constantly munching on snacks all day, and going without a meal all day but then having a proper meaty meal. The latter requires patience and discipline, but it is ultimately better for you.
(66.16 KB 637x358 waui.jpg)
>>193256 > Fallout, Deus Ex and Thief Thief was a hard belly flop that essentially killed the franchise. Deus Ex did the same expect it took two games for it to flop. Fallout is the only one that managed to squeeze out more than two entries with this method but that only really worked out because it effectively switched genres. Other examples of games that did this like Call of Juarez, Prince of Persia or even WoW have suffered fatal aneurysms because of this approach. They just do not like to openly admit to their mistakes and would rather pretend like it was just a "market anomaly" (that only coincidentally occurs 9/10 times). >>193292 >make a decent concept at least passable. Yes, but that would require the modders to actually recognize said concept and expand on it. In most cases however the community does not recognize that concept and in fact goes in the opposite direction from it. Stellaris is one that comes to mind. The game has around 19k mod on the steam workshop and you know what? Most are completely worthless. Not because they are small or poorly coded but because most do not address the actual problems the game suffers from. Instead they just doggedly insist on adding on top of an already shit foundation. The game suffers from being halfbaked on almost every front. For example corporations. Added in patch 2.2 they gave corporations the ability to open branch offices on planets of other empires from which both parties benefit. Problem is that they made this feature exclusive to only mega corporations and did not bother developing it beyond just having it in the game. So there is no haggling about taxation or regulation, there is real management of trade routes or even trading in general. On top of that since the feature is exclusive to mega corps there is no competition as not other empire type can build on the planets of other empires. Meaning that an otherwise interesting feature is essentially left to rot as a minor source of extra income for one empire type, because making other empire be able to do the same was probably too much work. No mods address this beside "Unofficial Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens" which is terribly bloated and only does it for hive minds. Or ship customization which has basically no reason to exist since there are no enemies or incentives to create ships with specific focuses and weaknesses. Everyone does mixed ships because there is no reason ever to forgo shields or use torpedoes instead of lasers. Or technology which is always progressing the same for everyone meaning that you cannot actually ever be unique in any technological sense in relation to other empires as you all ultimately reach the same technological level without even really trying. Or megastructures... or planetary management... or anomalies... or you get the point. Make no mistake the game has a lot of potential but the mod community simply fails to capitalize on that potential and instead opted to add more shitty ship components or adding in BS that literary takes 20 hours of raw game time to see. Its the only game where I genuinely had to start modding the mods to make them bearable because waiting for 2 real life hours for the first stage of my Dyson Sphere construction was just a bit too much for me.
>PC Yes >Xbox X/S FUCK, no! >>193530 Yeah, true that. No, weapon progression is NOT right for Stalker. Static weapons with varying degrees of degradation, rust and dirt is the way to go. However, objects such as muzzles, accessories and barrel lengths, I don't have a problem with. I mean, that's how we differntiate weapons in the real world, so why the fuck not? You don't have money for a new short barrel for your AK, gotta stick to using that standard one you found on a different AK. Unfortunately, I've never seen a game do this properly, not even stalker. The degradation is too fast, unless the guns were made of shit materials. Don't fucking get me started on how Fallout 3 and New Vegas handled it, just fucking don't. I can't believe I'm giving Fallout 4 a fucking pass on this, Jesus Christ save me Actually, since I'm a total noob with guns in real life, how much weight would a few accessories add if you carried them in your bag? Is it viable in a survival situation to change muzzles and scopes on your gun? Does it take a long time to change? I'm just wondering.
>>193542 >>193164 >>193137 old 8chan leaks that were accurate so far >Unreal 4 confirm >Xbox one series x console exclusive confirm >first trailer had in game graphics maybe confirm? >The zone expanded outside chernobyl >Neo Monolith faction that globally recruits by using the internet >N.E.W S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a sub culture spawn by deep web social networking sites >NATO vs Russia proxy wars expanded into the zone >new faction Weaponizing mutants
>>193554 >New Faction Weaponizing Mutants I'm betting 6 Gorrilion it be a lazy reskin of Ecologists, instead of researching them, they just go Wesker >Nato vs Russia weren't the Mercs in Prev stalker implied to be "Western PMCs" and didn't COP had and Ending where they raid Pripyat daily and continously Fuck nearby stalkers >Monolith Alive Double Niggers, The Monolith is dead already and most members are Vegetable. Unless They made Strider from COP ended up being the same man who "Resurrects" the faction even though he has nothing to do with it due to being brainwashed >New Stalker Sub Culture how can it have one when majority of said culture is closely guarded due to almost everyone are Criminals who have to hide their shady practices and I doubt Stalkers who "Quits" being one will become Reddit Fags
>>193460 >burger milsim Anon ArmA is made by Bohemia Interactive. They're also slavs. Squad is the only milsim made by burgers with a significant player base right now.
>>193510 ArmA is lacking due to the way it (doesn't) handle interiors. I've had a lot of fun with 1 and 2 but when it comes to urban fighting, forget it. The engine is janky as fuck when it comes to that. I would prefer a feel more like Red Orchestra. It has a good combination of realism, map design and streamlining. If they could somehow blow that up into an RPG adventure that would be amazing (not with arbitrarily increasing damage values, I mean the NPCs and dialogue). >>193513 That was an amazing campaign. I remember the first time I played it, shot the Soviet patrol and got in the truck and left, then realize I had completely fucked myself because I didn't loot all the soldiers and load their shit into the truck before leaving. The next mission takes place literally right after that, there is no magic scripted "here's a bunch of gear" between missions. Then I realized what kind of campaign this was going to be, an uphill battle against a much more organized and funded enemy where every bullet counts.
(425.09 KB 1680x1050 M4A1 Payday.jpg)
>>193510 >I want STALKER to not be STALKER >>193514 Then he tried to play it off cool and pretty quickly stopped posting. Some anons are really strange. >>193280 >>193538 Did Thief 4 flop? I remember hearing people like it. >Call of Juarez To be honest, The Cartel wasn't that different to the other games gameplay wise. I've played them all and it's that same brand of generic late 2000's/early 10's shooter with turret sections and the works. I think people hated it so much because it dropped the only thing that made CoJ interesting which was the setting. I remember Gunslinger being good, though. >>193542 Thankfully newer consoles don't seem anywhere near as hamstrung as older generations so I'm not worried about the game being technically held back, but I do worry how much they'll "streamline" the UI for consoles. Look at what happened to Deus Ex for example, the UI got absolutely butchered for console users. Everything from the HUD to the menus. I know it'll probably happen here as well but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. >Weapon mods FO4's mod system wasn't really even a mod system, it was build-a-gun. If STALKER had a weapon mod system as expansive as Payday 2 I think that would be really interesting, but I highly doubt it will. > how much weight would a few accessories add if you carried them in your bag? That really depends what you're carrying. They vary in size and weight quite dramatically, if it's something like an electronic sight it would be fine, but if it's a Salvo 12 suppressor you might as well have it installed. >Is it viable in a survival situation to change muzzles and scopes on your gun? Muzzles? Maybe. Scopes? Absolutely not, takes you a while to make sure you've sighted one correctly and you have to repeatedly fire the gun to figure it out. >Does it take a long time to change? Depends what you're talking about, a lot of attachments only need to be screwed in with a screwdriver or hex key.
>>193630 >burgers They're Canadian,they're fucking leafs. Ameritards have no taste >>193685 Stop replying to yourself
>>193685 >The Cartel wasn't that different to the other games gameplay wise. Cartel at worse has a bland setting. But the whole it’s the worse game ever is political bullshit from game journalists and YouTube e-celebs because the game had the Mexican cartel and black gang members as villains.
(7.25 MB 1280x720 stalker zoning out.webm)
>>193635 >interiors Yeah true, that would make close quarters stuff just annoying instead of tense. >>193685 I like the idea of the world elements of STALKER in ARMA, they'd pair well. Stop being gay about it, likely Freedomfag. accidentally'd something
>>193699 >Unironically posting that cancerous reddit cunt Fuckoff and stay fuckoff
>>193689 Bohemia Interactive is Czech. Are you feeling well? I thought us Ameritards were supposed to be bad at geography.
>>193804 Ah, you're referring to Squad. Same difference honestly. They even offered to take our illegals for us recently.
(283.44 KB 700x800 cirno silence.png)
>>193814 >Why does it matter? Because it's not a milsim made in the United States of America? Why would you get offended by this? >inb4 this is a copypasta
>>193603 Another Popular rumor that date back to the older 8chan leaks was Microsoft wants to do DLZ sets two other zones set outside of Ukraine. America setting three mile island DLC Japan Fukushima setting DLC
>>193164 >STALKERsoup Am I missing something or is this mod just completely shit at the start? Who thought it would be a good idea to start your mod off with a trial-and-error maze dream sequence that has aggro range issues which make it impossible to fight any of the monsters without aggroing everything in the level? I can't believe someone actually thought this would improve the game.
(401.50 KB 1600x1042 it was mark all along.jpg)
>>196168 OK, I realized that I didn't see a backpack floating underneath the heart of the poltergeist at the start. I assumed that was an idiot trap that I wasn't supposed to pick up due to the rads. Still not really an ideal start to the story.
>>196168 >>196187 >He thinks that's bad Oh boy, you're in for a treat
>>196191 It's not ideal. I don't enjoy "haunted house" style sequences in games that are just walking through a maze or hallway while "atmospheric stuff" happens. This was a step above a pure haunted house, but I was still wanting to start playing the meat of the game instead of this weird dream sequence with lots of vision filters. Also, the scripted teleport traps that are not real anomalies that you have any way of detecting, along with the one-way walls were very obnoxious. It's annoying because I like the way the combat has changed so far, and the outdoors looks a lot better with the day/night cycle, but I've even discovered another teleport trap in the wild near one of the stashes. I hope that's not a constantly recurring thing in this mod.
>>196173 >ANOTHER AMERICAN/JAPANESE CITY MY FAVORITE THAT'S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE But Fukushima and three mile island are literally not cities.
>>194568 Three Mile Island wasn't even on the same scale as those two. The Mayak releases, I think, affected more people. Irrelevantly, the nuclear disaster that always hit closest to home for me was SL-1, where one of the guys--operator or scientist I never remember--was standing atop the reactor when a steam explosion happened. A control rod impaled him through the body from crotch to clavicle. Not to denigrate the effects of radiation-induced cancer or straight up ARS on a person, but put that into your nuclear horrors video game and I guarantee skin will crawl. Sure, he probably didn't suffer much, if at all, because he was also on top of a radioactive steam explosion and probably died instantly, but still. Nuclear energy has some real horror story potential, like what happened to Daghlian or Slotin. The first guy died because he dropped a brick of metal onto a ball. The second guy died (a few others, too) because a screwdriver slipped, and the two hemispheres of that same ball touched each other for I think a half second or so. Stuff that can violently explode or produce dangerous, invisible, penetrating energies if you simply get too much of it too close to other stuff is literally the fabric of nightmares. Of course, it's nothing in the face of the right kinds of chemicals or microorganisms, since radiation is easy to detect compared to those things and radioactive materials aren't living things that grow if you give them food like the latter, but there's a lot more of it around. Too bad none of this is really able to be communicated all that well in a video game since it's largely just another way to die, which happens in video games all the time but is a unique experience for nearly all individuals in reality.
>>196983 >>196960 Three Mile Island was essentially a case of mass hysteria causing a small problem to balloon into a disaster. The malfunction wasn’t that bad, it’s just the mass public reaction was fueled by the recent release of a movie called “The China Syndrome” about a Nuclear Plant melting down. I’m sure there are some resident /fringe/fags who could make speculations about predictive programming, but that’s not my forte.
>>196987 The officials didn't do a very good job of communicating with the public from what I read, not that they ever have done when nuclear energy was involved. Given how badly run the average nuclear power plant seems to be today, judging from no real evidence, I'm amazed that we don't see these kind of stories being blown out of proportion by the media and exacerbated by bad management prime-time interviews every time some contractor dies of an unrelated heart attack on the job. The NRC provides a daily list of nuclear fuckups that anyone can go and read, and I'm amazed someone hasn't started a blog or some silly social media shit to try to capitalize on a free source of scary-nuclear-energy clickbait.
(360.22 KB 953x1624 Stalker troll.png)
I started playing shadow of chernobyl. I've had the game fpor years but only got to streloks hideout until now, I think im nearing the end. Are the guns in the game hitscan or not? because i swear sometimes while aiming down sights it feels like it isn't hitscan.
>>206626 >"Stalker troll" >It's a Killing Floor pic YOU GORMLESS TOSSER
>>206628 Fuck, it just hit me after I posted, I'm retarded.
>>206629 get trolled
>>206626 >Are the guns in the game hitscan or not? No, they're projectiles
>>206626 >>206632 Projectiles with physics no less.
>>206626 >>206632 >>206688 I mean the gauss rifle is hitscan, so i guess it's a mix of both.
>Take gun and shoot >It spawns a projectile >It takes only one frame for the projectile to completely travel in a straight line and hit the target >But it's not hitscan because it's a projectile Checkmate
>>206919 >It's not real because it's fast Please do sit in front of a firing line anytime. STALKER also has ricochet and bulletdrop you massive fucking tool
>>193515 I agree about weapon sounds. It really bugs me how games nearly always downplay just how fucking loud guns are; the huge clap of a rifle going off in an already-scary game like STALKER would be cataclysmic, in a good way. As far as "feel" goes I have to disagree; I felt that most weapons felt nice and punchy to use, outside of the shitty ones like the Makarov or whatever. Bullet impacts generally don't cause the target to fly around like in movies unless they're huge fucking rounds so I can suspend my disbelief while playing.
(894.52 KB 202x360 Mortar.webm)
>>194568 America could be decent in theory but both in practice and thematically it will be dogshit. Japan on the other hand would be guaranteed to be trash but at least aesthetic. >>206919 Believe it or not but bullets are fairly quick. And unless you are firing nothing but tracers, you generally won't see the bullets flying through the air.
Here's your S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 music bro I can't hear a fucking thing, what the fuck is this cluttered shitty soundscape, I can't even tell if it's ambient or not
>>228122 It actually sounds comfy, reminds me a bit of the theme of tristam village in diablo.
>>228192 Tristan village theme didn't have shit audio mixing on par with NINs Hurt though
>>228213 >shit audio I think youre missing the point anon, its supposed to sound like a distant, displaced song, not like something youre listening to in the radio.
(1.99 MB 480x360 Behelit.mp4)
>>228217 I know what they're going for, it's just shit audio mixing, the ambience should be considerably lower volume, not ear piercing and drowning out the active instruments.
>>193554 Frankly I don't believe leaks that don't give the most basic and jucy bit of detail: Who is the player character? >The zone expanded outside chernobyl Meh. The zone expanding has been a thing since at least the original game's ending. >N.E.W S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a sub culture spawn by deep web social networking sites The fuck? >NATO vs Russia proxy wars expanded into the zone Wasn't Freedom vs. Duty basically this already? If you threw in pair of PDAs with one confirming that NATO countries were directly giving Freedom guns and shit in exchange for artifacts and another confirming that Russia is backing Duty's attempts to contain the zone because it knows that if the zone expands it will soon reach Russia's border, absolutely nothing would change. >>194568 Didn't the books already have new zones? Problem with Three Mile Island is the disaster was contained with no casualties and isn't even linked to an increased rate of cancer and the island itself is tiny (hence the name) so you'd have to include a chunk of Pennsylvania. Problem with Fukashima is that it's way too recent (Even Hiroshima/Nagasaki is still touchy). Problem with both is that, if you pay attention, radiation is actually just a co-morbidity with the Zone, not its cause. The Zone was caused by scientists of dubious ethics conducting experiments in the zone because nobody would bother them in it. Three mile island might work, since it's safe, relatively isolated and any people spotted coming/going can be explained away as maintenance.
New anomaly update is out, is it worth updating?
>>228526 They fixed the PDA so it doesn't clog your whole screen, so just for that I'd say yes.
>>228213 The fucked up audio on Hurt is intentional, Trent was a professional studio engineer prior to and during NIN's formation so he absolutely understood what he was doing. He released a version called Hurt (Quiet version, clean) without it.
>>210545 Even if they wanted to make it realistic it would probably be a liability issue. Keep in mind there were multiple faggots who sued Apple because they liked listening to their ipods on max volume and got hearing damage.
>>228707 Someone in the entertainment industry has at some point has probably attempted to recreate actual gunshot pressures in air using consumer audio hardware. I wouldn't be surprised if the conclusion was that spectrally too much of a gunshot is outside of the frequency range that most audio hardware is able to generate, and so it's pointless to try to accurate reproduce gunshot sounds because they wouldn't feel right no matter how loud they were. An interested person could probably dig up a paper on it--maybe IEEE?
>>228543 Did it improve performance at all?
Since everyone expects them to screw up the gunplay, how would you handle the gunplay for a STALKER 2? Personally I'd extend the "hobo phase", since that's consistently the most fun and interesting part of the game. Start the player with bad weapons (double barrel shotguns, bolt action rifles, pistols), while giving bandits and super green rookies total trash (craft produced guns like lutys and slamfire shotguns, 22lrs, maybe even some black powder replicas) so looting them is of minimal value. From there slowly improve to getting outdated semi-autos till you get to modern guns. I'd give each gun the following status >precision (how much of a spread each shot has) >handling (how long it takes to stabilize aim when aiming) >recoil (how much each shot destabilizes aiming, exceptionally heavy recoil damage stamina.) >weight (in addition the obvious, lower weight increases effective handling and higher weight decreases effective recoil) >barrel length (modification of a cartridge's base damage) >capacity (as expected, but guns can be +1ed when appropriate) >fire rate (duh) >attachment points (until you get to higher end guns being able to add scopes/red dots/lights/lasers isn't standard and frequently needs modifications to apply) >cleanness (rather than weapons falling apart after just a few hundred rounds, they get dirty till they're cleaned. Cleaning can be done anywhere you can rest, but to get to 100% cleanness everything you need to be in a settlement) >tolerance (how well a weapon handles low cleaness) I'd make it so there's fewer weapon upgrade options, but they're all more substantial and appear on the gun. Cartridge should play a large part in gun performance with most calibers having >steel case (cheap, but malfunction prone, low accuracy, lower damage and much worse dirt.) <soviet calibers (9x18, 7.62x39, 7.62x54R) take lower penalties >ball (standard) >hollow points (worse against armor and barriers but much higher damage against flesh) >AP (better against barriers and armor, but lower damage) >match (hollow points with far better accuracy than standard) shotguns are the main exception and use the following (all poor against armor) >bird shot (cheap, but terrible damage insufficient for larger mutants and especially humans, high malfunction rates in autoloading shotguns) >wax slug (comparatively cheap single projectiles, but low accuracy however this provides sufficient damage to kill bigger targets at low cost, even higher malfunction rate in autoloading shotguns) >buckshot (standard load, not cheap) >slug (single powerful shot, but comparatively expensive) Armor would not be damage reduction, but instead stop all attacks below its threshold that hit the armored parts (encouraging aiming for non-center mass hits and making heavier limb armor a tradeoff) with more powerful attacks converted to stamina damage (rendering someone helpless if they're .
>>193705 >Reddit >Reddit >Reddit That's all you can think of faggot, nothing more nothing less.
>>229438 Yeah. A lot of the unused bloat was removed, reducing file size and the framerate is smoother, though I still get occasional stutters. Playing with boomsticks+sharpsticks, trader overhaul, grok's stash overhaul, JSRS sound overhaul, hollywood FX and particles. Only problem is that they somehow fucked up Psuedodogs. They now have the health of boars and are heat seeking missles of death that stay glued to your ass until one of you dies. Get a Beril from Spirit ASAP and carry around a sewing kit or glue tubes.
I got some craving for shotfuns, what is the best gun mod for gunplay? I just want shotguns that are deadly at close to mid range and rifles that are accurate over long range. I don't care about the game or extra mechanics, I just want fun shotguns regardless of everything else. I found a mod like that for CS once but it got nuked, none of the mods I could find fix the 60 degree shooting arc or the damage drop. >>193137 >xboxsex It's already shit. Console games are console games and PC games are PC games. A console game can be made for PC but a PC game can't be made for consoles, and STALKER is a PC game through and through. Best case a console sequel to a PC game is a good game but a shit sequel, regardless it won't be STALKER.
can u get married in s.t.a.l.k.e.r.?
>>242232 Only if you find the female bloodsucker.
>>242232 Only to the Zone. The Zone is jealous and does not allow other females.
(93.00 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (2).jpg)
>>242232 Yeah, pic related
>>232123 Anomaly still runs like hot shit on my toaster, but then again my RX480 has heating issues and my AMD CPU was a hasty low cost replacement for work related stuff, no improvements on my end. No doubt it's the CPU making it run like hot shit
>>229595 Also what calibers should be included? Vanilla STALKER had a strange lack of 7.62x39 and I hope STALKER 2 fixes that. Definitely should be in >12 gauge <it's shotgun food >.22lr <it's cheap, plentiful, accurate and decent range but pathetic power and stopped by any actual armor >9x19 <standard pistol food >9x18 <lower powered and worse range but more common, and eats steel case fine but rarely seen in modern guns >7.62x39 >higher damage than 5.56 but more curved trajectory (lower range) and less armor penetration while it generally has low accuracy, can eat steel case no problem >5.56 <good accuracy, light, but poor barrier penetration (to the point follige can be an issue) unless using penetrator rounds, which greatly reduce lethality and bring down its armor penetration a level >.308 >7.62x54R <both are higher range rifle cartridge Maybes >7.62 Tokarev <its higher effective range and AP ability makes it fairly distinct, but its only options are TT-33 and various old SMGs >.45 ACP <almost every common gun in it is also in 9x19, but it has its options and feels pretty distinct due to low capacity, high damage, better suppression and ability to eat steel case >5.45 <almost everything in it was also made in 7.62x39 and/or 5.56 and it has minimal differences compared to 5.56 >.50 BMG/12.7x108mm <stretches the idea of "man portable" with the lightest guns in this category being almost 20 pounds, but mutants and exoskeletons would warrant it >cap and ball <hard locked to lower tiers due to its antique nature, but very distinct and fun, plus the materials could plausibly be made into improvised grenades >.357 magnum <revolver is pretty distinct, as would be lever gun, but your options stop there
>>242348 14.5×114mm
>>242348 Forgot explosives. Both 40mm variants and RPG-7 food. Not really much gun variety for these though. 40mm NATO has options (standalone, underbarrel, bloop tube, and maybe China Lake) but the others only have one or two. I guess they have ammo variety (and what weapons they're attached to) to make up for it though. >>242351 I think that falls into the same issues .50 BMG and 12.7 do of being really heavy with only two guns
(8.65 MB 2560x2356 ClipboardImage.png)
(11.91 MB 4096x2571 ClipboardImage.png)
And I just found out how to give .357 a third gun: .357 variants of songbird have been found in the wild in Australia. It has been upgraded from the original .22lr design by using a metal pipe to reinforce the barrel. Since the Songbird requires a rimmed cartridge it seems natural. The reload method also would allow swapping calibers between .357 and .22lr during play, which is unique.
How I would do a STALKER arsenal (Autism inbound). Some guns with major upgrade options will appear already modded at higher tiers (marked with a +, more if staying power is particularly strong), generally for "modifications" done in large numbers or available on newer models from the factory. Rank is merely the minimum it shows up at, NPCs/stashs will often have stuff below it and fixed loot will always be there. Accessories >scopes come in 1-4, 2-7, 4-16, and 4x fixed power to create distinct types <all come in picatiny, some come in soviet rail >rifle red dot >pistol red dot >soviet rail adapter >pistol red dot >holographic rifle site (donut of death) >suppressor for 22lr, 5.56 (one way compatible with 22lr guns), 9x18, 9x19 (also used for .357 mag lever gun), and 30 cal (works on .308, 7.62x54R and 7.62x39) Bandit shit (stuff used to arm bandits so they can be threats in large numbers without giving the player anything of value as loot) >slamfire shotgun (12ga) <its a single shot shotgun with a long time to reload and a delay before firing where the crosshair moves somewhat >songbird (22lr, .357, black powder) <single shot pistol that can swap ammo types with the same button used to handle underbarrel grenade launchers, its lack of rifling means its range and accuracy is low, but at least reload is quick <.22lr out of this has the lowest damage of any gun in the game due to its poor seal and short barrel, black powder actually has the longest range of the three ammo choices since the round ball can't keyhole >luty (9x19)+ <jam-o-matic SMG with low capacity (single stack mag), poor handling, heavy for what it is, and the same low range/accuracy other improvised guns have <can be upgraded to have a rifled barrel, integral suppressor, better reliability and double stack mags but you may just be polishing a turd >obrez (7.62x54r) <inaccurate "pistol" with all the recoil >sawn off shotgun (12ga) <heavy scatter with recoil to match >cap and ball revolver (black powder) <only gun that is rifled and multi-shot in this tier, but its reload time is horrible >percussion rifle (black powder) <decent range and power, but horrible reload time >target rifle (.22lr) <high range and accuracy, but terrible power and low speed due to bolt action, can equip a scope so you might actually use this to poke mutants at a distance with cheap ammo Rookie shit >mosin (7.62x54r) <packs a punch and uses common ammo, but is inaccurate for a rifle (esp if using the common steel case machine gun rounds), and jams frequently for a bolt-action due to rim-lock >R700 (.308)+++ <accurate, packs a punch, and can mount a scope with no changes but unless upgraded ammo is fed one at a time instead of magazines <an upgraded R700 is actually the most accurate rifle in the game and will show up on more experienced stalkers, but the Zone's heavy foliage and urban jungle mean a dedicated sniper rifle rarely has the range to merit use over a DMR >double barrel shotgun <an improvement over slamfire in every way >lever gun (.357) <effectively an intermediate cartridge with the power and lack of recoil that implies, it can mount optics and a suppressor but is single load only >makarov <low damage, low capacity, no exceptional statistics, but it is semi-auto >target pistol (.22lr) <lowest damage of anything short of songbird, but has better capacity and accuracy than Makarov, good handling, and needs no upgrading to mount a suppressor >22 autoloader (.22lr) <better damage than pistol and can mount scopes+suppressors, but still a 22lr experienced >SKS (7.62x39) <semi-auto rifle in proper rifle cartridge, but it has low capacity, can be upgraded to use AK mags at cost of reliability >pump action shotgun (12ga) <what you'd expect >m79 (40mm NATO) <decent range grenade launcher, though proper explosive rounds are relatively rare at this level >uzi/MP5/Scorpion evo (9mm)+ <accurate, low recoil, light, select fire, but has low damage and range >wonder 9 (9mm)++ <high capacity and good handling, can be upgraded to mount pistol optic and suppressor >.357 revolver (.357) <only holds six rounds, but very good damage for a pistol, while it has high handling its recoil is rather high as well >Skorpion (9x18) <controllable and highly portable little machine pistol >improvised grenade (comes in frag and smoke) <unreliable with random fuse, but a huge tactical tool over no grenades at all Veteran >AKM (7.62x39)+ <better SKS except for slightly less damage and range due to shorter barrel, can mount Soviet rail based optics or picatiny with adapter >AR15 (5.56)++ <semi-auto only, but highly accurate, good range, minimal recoil and can mount any accessory desired, has plenty of room for upgrades which make it worthy of a master >G3/FAL (.308)+ <powerful, reliable semi-autos, easily upgraded to take modern optics but still have the punishing recoil/stamina damage of battle rifle and their accuracy is insufficient for DMR purposes >Saiga (12ga) <mag fed semi-auto shotgun, low reliability with birdshot or wax slugs >M16 (5.56, based on early model by default)++ <very light for a rifle in proper cartridge, but its light barrel causes exceptionally low accuracy during repeated fire and it needs upgrades to mount optics <shares upgrades with AR15 and the two are indistinguishable when heavily modded >dragunov (7.62x54r)+ <bottom end of proper DMR Expert >AR10 (.308)+ <accurate, lighter than other 308, and can mount anything with strong upgrade potential >m203 + GP-30 (40mm NATO and 40mm caseless) <they're underbarrel grenade launchers, their range is lower than the standalone, but they're quicker to use >PKM (7.62x54R) <a proper machine gun, but the weight of it and ammo tend to be prohibitive for solo stalkers >MG3 (.308) <like the above >RPG-7 (85mm grenades) <a direct hit will one shot almost anything in the zone short of rarely seen military vehicles and the strongest mutants, but it's heavy for being massive, massive overkill on anything else >12.7 single shot <a very powerful single shot, less powerful than 85mm but has much lighter ammo and is suitable for longer ranges Master >rotary grenade launcher (40mm NATO, 40mm caseless), <rapidly fire grenades >12.7 machine gun <only really man-portable for exoskeleton users >"Abominator" (12ga) <a unique variant of the saiga with a brown paint job, different grip, underbarrel grenade launcher, AR style stock, and a full pic rail that's select fire and can reliably feed all shell types That's 32 guns, plus 6 explosive launchers, compare to CoP's 31+variants+explosives. I wouldn't mind a large DLC that added .45 ACP, 7.62 Tokarev, and 5.45 as well as a bunch of random, redundant guns that barely differed in function (like various 5.56 rifles and 9x19mm pistols/SMG) if it was all made after the game launched
(28.09 MB 1280x720 Good hunting stalker.webm)
>try playing anomaly >waste money on artifact detector instead of SMG, figure artifacts to smg will be faster than the other way around >can't figure out how to PDA, just squint and try to figure out what's what >start the tutorial quest, maybe the mod has some new mechanics that will be explained >mission is killing some boars, just an easy tutorial mission >sneak a bit closer to boars with npc to get a good shoot >motherfucker just rushes in shooting trees and alerting everyone >then runs back with four boars chasing him >game lags at the worst times >die repeatedly due to the boar tag team stunlock, lag, and my Chinese keyboard not working properly >finally manage to power through and go back to the base >get shot in the back of the head because I accidentally shot him once when it lagged Why are these mods always like this.
(17.70 KB 240x280 coffee instant.png)
>>242712 Honestly, ammo variety of multiple manufacturers & condition, covered in Anomaly, would add even more options like optimizing ammo for match-grade work or for your particular weapon you enjoy using, AP ammo actually functioning as intended instead of a pure damage booster, shoot cheap/badly-reloaded shit & run the risk of misfires, squibs, etc. Shit why not throw in multiple firearms manufacturers as well like Sidorovich-tier PSA/Anderson/BCA ARs vs. Monolith-tier Noveske/LMT/Hodge ARs cause I really wanna see shitbox ARs in the hands of bandits who proclaim just as good.
(49.79 KB 758x848 anon worried.png)
I recently bought me shadow of chernobyl and am playing it for the first time, i was trying to sell some loot to sidorovich, he complained about it being crap and i died, is this an usual thing or did i hit a weird bug?
(39.26 KB 600x454 148422166724930711.jpg)
>>243000 You're one weak faggot I started with Merc
(40.08 KB 640x608 battletoad.jpg)
>>243043 But explain though.
(1.77 MB 1000x1076 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.29 MB 900x3860 ClipboardImage.png)
>>243011 STALKER is an FPS first of all, not some survival roguelite, it just has strong resource management elements. STALKER takes place in eastern European underground (remember it's "trespassers", "robbers" "killers"), not the US, and most guns are supposed to have come from the black market (which itself got them from stolen military supplies), not the endless variety of civilian sellers we have. I actually took this into account with my list: The lowest tiers are all "craft" produced guns of low quality, lightly regulated types that were presumably stolen, or the Makarov (which is very common in the underground arms trade in Eastern Europe from what I can find). For ammo I think all that's needed is the main types of ammo (ball, HP, AP, steel case). Steel case fufills the role of low quality ammo pretty well since it exemplifies the worst of low quality ammo (inaccurate, inconsistent, dirty, hell on non-Soviet non-.45 caliber guns) without actually naming any. The other problem with varying makers is you have to create completely fictional ones since no company is going to let you use their name to say they're low quality . That's another thing I accounted for with my list, since most guns are Soviet stuff with no associated trademarks, can be referred to by a military designation (which has case law saying it's free to use), or or otherwise effectively trademark free. The only things that aren't are the double barrel, the 22lrs, the revolver, AR15 and maybe pump action (Remington and Mossberg both have military designated variants, but the TOZ would be most appropriate), all of which are so highly generic they don't need to match a single real gun to look right (look at pics related to see the level of detail needed to ID which maker and it only covers the most common in the US) and, in the AR15's case, can just be called MSR. Weapon condition as a weapon's health that goes down till you repair it is a mechanic that has never, ever worked well in any game short of roguelikes and Fire Emblem (where it's a resource). At best it's just an excuse for busywork and not being able to sell things at a reasonable price, and at worst it decays so fast the guns seem like they're made of pot iron and tissue paper. The bit on selling guns could easily be included by vendors simply saying they've got no ideas where the guns you picked up off a corpse came from and offer reduced value for them.
Does progression difficulty change loot you get from NPCs in anomaly? I don't mind using a broken ak and a broken shootgun because I'm a poorfag, but NPC literally not carrying ammo or survival items is bullshit. I keep fucking bleeding to death after raiding a bandit outpost that's in my way because all these 8 fags have are guns and one slice of mutant meat. >>243038 >and i died Post screenshots, you're probably irradiated or bleeding.
>>244872 Generally ye, they raped the shit out of the loot and you'll always get some shitty fucking peas amounting to 1-5 to shoot with, and shitty guns dropped around 1-7% durability mark. Felt that was too gay and unrealistic and went to change it for my personal taste, progression be damned. As if the ultra inflated prices aren't jewish as fuck already.
>>244940 Can you share the files? I never fucked with config before and I'm scared to touch slav code.
>>242712 Some additions to my fantasy design doc Overall weapon length would actually matter as the game would not let you ready if you're too close to a wall/object/NPC. Rookie >TT-33 (7.62 Tokarev) <higher damage than the makarov and more effective against armor but ammo is much harder to come by than the gun <can not be stored with +1 and has a longer ready animation since the gun isn't safe otherwise >PPS (7.62 Tokarev) <full auto, OK power, and shreds lighter armor but as an open bolt SMG, it applies a slight random movement before firing actually starts <overall would actually be OK a tier above in effectiveness, but finding sufficient ammo in this cartridge to feed a full auto is hard Experienced >SA-80 (5.56)+ <heavy and very unreliable when even slightly dirty, but has power of 5.56 out of a 20 inch barrel with minimal recoil due to weight, has a (shitty) built in scope, and is nominally semi-auto <upgrades can replace the scope with pic mount and improve the reliability at the cost of even more weight >polymer pistol (9x19)++ <lighter weight than wonder 9, but worse handling and recoil >1911 (.45ACP)++ <very high handling (can be modded to go even higher) and better damage than either 9x19, but lower capacity >some open bolt .45 SMG (.45ACP) <PPS with more common ammo, better damage and very quiet when suppressed but less range and capacity Veteran >VZ-58 (7.62x39) <far more accurate than AK and lighter, but heats up and becomes unusable till it cools with just two mags of ammo and needs modification to add a soviet scope rail. >real grenades >Vector (.45ACP) >very low recoil SMG, still very effective suppressed >AK-74 (5.45) <AK but 5.45 Expert >one of those funky 5.45 bullpups >AN-94 (5.45) <got that nifty two shot burst function Armor and fatigues would be separated. Visibility depends on your camo matching environment. Thus you choose between specialist patterns that are of low value elsewhere, generalist patterns, uncamouflaged hazmat suits, and maybe even some mail to protect from mutants/electric anomalies at the cost of increasing damage from bullets. It would also be the source of artifact containers. Armor itself would not generally be repairable and expected to be replaced as its expended. Heavier stuff adds stamina penalties.
(15.08 MB 1280x720 Stalker VR.webm)
>>243038 >This faggot bled to death while shopping My fucking sides
>>245377 Stalker with actual VR would be great aside from walking.
>>244969 https://files.catbox.moe/6s9ivy.ltx Here you go, outfits and guns will now drop around 20-65% condition mark, ammos drop around 20-60 depending on the type. Put this in >gamedata\configs\items\settings >>245377 Kek.
Is there a way to make actions based on holding right click less sensitive to very small losses in holding? My old mouse has started experiencing issues where STALKER (and so far only STALKER) seems to think I'm very briefly letting go of my right mouse button when I'm not.
(2.89 MB 5120x720 smooth dude.png)
>>245377 >>245727 That isn't VR, that's a 360 degree FOV. You can tell because you can seamlessly loop the image back on itself. Some lunatics play Quake like this, I don't know how you wouldn't get sick.
(26.00 MB 3024x3780 ClipboardImage.png)
Where/what is the Rookie Village in the real world? >>193460 The old STALKER 2 concept was open world. I think STALKER isn't that far off from an open world. The main issue is the first game was focused on forcing the player to go through chokepoints with anaomolies. I wonder how much of the stuff from this era will be retained. I think the legal vs. illegal idea would work better now with the Ukraine's current plans for the zone. https://archive.vn/tSiJp
>>254259 Got new mouse because mine was ancient anyways. Now I've broken a quest. Apparently the key to get the rifle from the bandits is one use, so don't open the crate and walk away expecting to grab it on your return trip because it will be locked again and you'll have no key. I think I have a save before this but it's annoying to lose over an hour of play to that.
>>255039 (This is for Winds of Time)
https://archive.vn/wip/hsQG2 New info! Small bit of stuff, but still new info. >GSC wanted to make a sequel on the original X-Ray engine, but it is outdated. The developers sifted through other options for the actual engines but settled on the Unreal Engine. >GSC calls mod support a priority and will try to implement it already in the release version of the game. The modding community is very important for developers. Support for mods on Xbox is also being explored. >Bocharov promised that STALKER 2 on release will be much more stable. >The life simulation system A-life has become “more meticulous and more detailed.” All interactions between factions, monsters, NPCs will take place even while the player does not see it. “A-life 2.0 is a different level of performance. We’ll pay enough attention to it closer to release. It’s a wildly cool system that works really well and there will be something to show. “Bocharov gave an example of a fight between wild boars, the consequences of which the player can see. He did not disclose what would really work “at a new level”. >The open world of the Zone will offer a “non-linear storyline with a huge number of branches and different endings.” It is promised that the Zone will match the scale of history. The single-player mode is the main one in STALKER 2.
>>255177 I really want it to be good I really do, but goddamn I just know it won't be since the community at large is now reddit and they're making it for the Xboner. I'll be stuck in Anomaly forever I guess
>>255177 >Support for mods on Xbox is also being explored They will monetize the mods.
>>255179 Do the devs even speak English? I thought they were mostly on VK, not reddit
>>255185 >Do the devs even speak english? Hopefully not, it's sometimes hard to realize that plenty of countries still aren't as globohomoed and anglicanized as mine >VK Better than Reddit, but still pretty bad
What faction, suit and weapons do you fags usually pick when llaying Anomaly? Right now I'm on a default Ecologist Exosqueleton and I usually go for a Shotgun for the muties + Sniper to pick off the A.I from a safe distance. Fixed an USAS-12 and a SV98 and I'm just going to town on everything, working to get more rep to have the Barett 82 avaiable on the Mercenary shop, which is also homebase, also planning to fix a Freedom Exosqueleton as it has more carrying capacity. Found it and left it on fucking Darkscape of all places, fetching that shit is going to be pure tedium as it's nothing but walking so I've been delaying it. Probably ordering a W2000 from Nimble while grinding rep for the M82 and doing the Sin faction questline.
is he okay?
How do I get a better detector in Winds of Time? I've cleared a bunch of stuff, got a lot of money, upgraded my rifle and armor to max but haven't seen a detector besides the most basic one and that one for the Forester's quest that doesn't actually detect anything
>>255319 >Clear Sky I'd tell you but I never played it
>>193164 What's that? They're pandering to active community outreach locations instead of the dead, outdated forum software with a couple dozen active users that's gatekept by backstabbing boomer Tejas Stalker and Don Reba? You don't say. >muh art As if the original trilogy wasn't literally just "realism by 1999-2003 standards and 80s soviet architecture". You expect some cartoony shit? >>193290 SOC suffered from nobody knowing how the fuck how to implement multithreading in xray, even by COP and the myriad of "oben sores" meme engine edits people have made. <modern games even ironically look worse than Crysis I implore you to go back and play Crysis. No mods, no updates, no config tweaks. Just basic, vanilla settings. It blew two console generations out of the water in many ways, but it isn't as good looking as you think it is.
>>193538 >call of juarez The fuck are you talking about? The mainline series' story was entirely told in the 2006 entry and its 2009 prequel. The Cartel was released unfinished in 2011 alongside equally unfinished Dead Island by the same development team. Gunslinger was a western arcade game that only got the Call of Juarez label for brand recognition purposes. Not one part of this involves an IP going dormant for ages for a "modern hip reboot" to show up. The entire series was done and dusted in about 7 years. I swear, you faggots just make shit up to bitch about. >>230111 (checked) What do you expect? Original 8chan spent absurd amounts of time and effort thinking about and bitching about 4chan, 4chan spends absurd amounts of time and effort thinking and bitching about reddit and trannies, now nu8chan follows 4chan's lead. Were someone to make a "normalfag guide to nu-imageboards", it would have steps on how to refer to everything you don't personally like as "reddit" and "cuckchan", and everyone you don't personally agree with as a "jew", "kike", "shill", "redditor", "tranny", "chud", or "zoomer".
>>255213 Really my only preference is the western assault rifles since I have superior accuracy with them. Right now I got a exoskeleton so I can hold a M82 Barrett and can one shot any stalker no matter the suit across the entire map. Only real issue is that it is heavy as fuck and ammo costs a shit ton, but don't even need AP ammo to kill so it isn't too bad.
>>255682 >Cartel >not "modern hip reboot" Dude just because the time gap between games is not sufficiently long for your autistic standard does not change the mentality under which it was produced. In 2011 shooters that were not at least partially modern military shit were seen as antiquated relics and Cartel was entirely born of this exact mentality. In 2011 it was the hip modern remake of a (at the time seen as) old and busted franchise that needed modernization to compete. Which is why it dumped the western setting for a modern one and slanted its gameplay more towards call of duty(as that was popular at the time). Incidentally you yourself admitted that after Gunslinger(which as you yourself admitted is not even really a Call of Juarez game) the franchise was effectively put on ice and nothing new was done with it since. So the franchise was realistically done by 2011, 5 years after it started with Gunslinger being just a marketing swan song.
>>256035 >Replying to TORpedos Don't
>>256301 >disregarding posts because of IDs Kill yourself.
>>256002 >Really my only preference is the western assault rifles The only Western Rifle I touch is the G36
>>257071 >melty shit >not light and accurate m16
(2.64 MB 640x360 stalker blyat.mp4)
Is OpenXRAY still being worked on and/or stable? I'm interested in doing a CoP playthrough since I've only ever done SoC a million times and CS one and a half times.
(159.92 KB 1853x818 stalkermods5.png)
Posting this again, wonder if I have the latest of this.
>>270031 Man, this is really really really outdated. It does have a ton of great useful info though.
(134.55 KB 1422x872 Life in the zone.JPG)
(104.67 KB 632x405 just another stalker run.PNG)
(305.84 KB 652x563 Get out of here stalkers.png)
(720.25 KB 1200x4344 Stalker_372add_7174835.jpg)
(34.59 KB 852x682 Stalkan.png)
(158.06 KB 434x640 Stalker laughing nip.jpg)
(4.02 MB 2672x1437 Stalkan roof.png)
(736.88 KB 500x3000 Here's your controller bro.png)
>>270788 >All those extremely active but comfy S.T.A.L.K.E.R and E.Y.E threads on 8chan >All that OC in the generals and the draw thread I miss 8chan
(10.66 KB 255x202 ClipboardImage.png)
>>270777 I figured it might be, that was saved around 2018 and seems my most recent copy sorting by modified date. I'm just going with a plain copy of CoP with OpenXRay and the intro skip fix for now. I hope Pripyat Reclamation isn't required too and just similarly fixed with OpenXRay, I put in this Lua fix though beforehand anyway.
(318.43 KB 490x454 okustalkan.png)
>>270031 What about the game vanilla?
STALKER 2 has been announced to be a timed Xbox exclusive
(136.26 KB 724x331 stalker 2 never ever.png)
>>299792 >STALKER 2 has been announced to be a timed Xbox exclusive Wrong the devs said they just do not want to put it on Ps5 because reasons. They just do not want to deal with Sony at all. Its just Sony sites huffing cope gas.
(170.30 KB 526x514 stalkert.png)
>>299793 >read headlines for clickbait sites >didn't even bother doing any research Microsoft's own court documents show the game being an exclusive. "Announced" was the wrong word, it's more "forcibly shown due to legal shit".
>>299792 Who gives a shit? Console versions means the game is guaranteed trash. Unfortunately that's how it goes nowadays.
(54.67 KB 800x592 madness edit.jpg)
Start playing Stalker years ago: >bludgeon my way to Garbage, clear railway twice >hauling shit back to sell over and over cos weight limit >get ganked by cunts spawning in behind me >get sick of it >stop Avoid anything about it for ever cos I knew I'd go at it again at some point Start playing again recently >double weight limit cos I remembered getting "Do you want to travel to the next level" cucked last time >take my time >forgot it was FPS kept waiting for unnecessary RPG shit to appear >"Well ain't this cosy" >notice dog behaviour isn't just mindless attacks >mobs fighting each other >"Hmmph so the military are smart enough to guess their grunt I sniped and gear swiped came from the Loner camp and come to start shit, clever" >guns are pleasantly inaccurate, feels like more work has been put into them than most >"Holy shit I'm getting flanked?" >"Holy fuck he came up from behind and fugged me from out of nowhere, awesome!" >enjoy getting killed by AI that isn't totally shit >although they stack up like pic related for easy nuking >and fuck me do they respawn and try again >still some chokepoint bullshit getting attacked immediately upon entering a new area but I'll savescum if needs be >meet bloodsuckers for the first time, oh fun >meet Mr Controller, da FUG? Dodge him until I get a rocket launcher and go back for a dance >horrible little skinless critters >dogs get bolder if they've got some big cunts on side >reach Duty and finally get some decent gear >probably only gonna get even more meaty >think I've figured out the twist I like how it keeps throwing new unexpected shit at me and how a decent gun really turns the tide, dropping 7 bandits in about 12 seconds with tight bursts last night made me feel genuine relief that I could finally start whipping them back a bit, This and it's follow-ups are the last thing in my backlog and I'm finally hooked, only took me 15 years to get around to.
>>300516 STALKER is a great pleb filter, it just means you started playing better games before getting into it.
(14.34 KB 256x256 neu.png)
>I *had* figured out the twist >fucking torsos with faces on arms bounding about the place now >have some grenade launcher for yer dinner ya creepy bastards >got killed so hard my corpse was launched across the map into a new area checkpoint and I spawned in grey hell >killed a bandit so hard he glitched into a ceiling and spastically rattled like fucking mad across it Just got done with helping the doc in the bunker, I thought zombies would be a blessed relief from all the hectic assholes throwing themselves at me from across the street but of course it's zombies AND those assholes. I like how there's little respite unless you've lain waste to fucking everything or hid in a difficult to access corner or surrounded by your 'pals'. Every time I see blobs of yellow on the map I think 'Sweet neutrality!', the game does a good job of keeping you on your toes, though a few times have been bullshit where I barely know what direction I'm facing and 8 niggers automatically get the drop on me and start unloading while 2 pseudo dogs chew my ring out from behind. Still fun though, you fuck them up they fuck you up back, it's not pissed me off nearly as much as the first time. Other thoughts: The trees remind me of Wurm. I love a good dead end, too many games force every location to have purpose or some shit to fiddle with. Traders listen to too much Evanescence. Shooting the megaphone in Duty's base that's playing that same damn tune turns it into bombastic classical, that made me grin Controllers Psi attack is a cool effect, there should be more headfuckery enemy attacks in games, standard hack and slash has been done to death. Anomalies catching enemies is entertaining, especially when they're on your ass and you didn't realise. Considering the number of foes it throws at you, you'd think your inventory would be the size of a goddamn U-Haul.
(1.48 MB 1600x925 Anomaly Inventory.png)
>>300839 >Considering the number of foes it throws at you, you'd think your inventory would be the size of a goddamn U-Haul. You'll get there in due time
Has anyone ever finished the final part of SoC without fucking running out of ammo? Jesus Christ, can't even bring a shotty because I need the extra weight for ammo
>>300981 Just pick their weapons and ammo up
(208.75 KB 572x572 MCM-046-2.jpg)
>>300985 I want to keep my own guns tho
>>300990 Just get a side weapon with 5.56 and you're set faggot
>>300981 >>300990 Just use a mod that increases your carry capacity.
>>301022 Or give yourself infinite inventory space. Try it at least once, you'll find yourself enjoying games a lot more when you're not playing the numbers game with your weight limit.
>>300981 Here's a pro-tip, grab a gauss from a dead monolith and use it to headshot the exos. Also, just run when the Blowout hits, the military will tie up the Monolith. I got in CNPP with an exo so the carryweight is tremendous. Although, you're completely right in that the final level is complete bullshit and goes against everything the game was up to that point. It's a definite slog. >>300990 The game's pretty much over at that point, just go all in. >>325520 That's actually part of the fun of STALKER. How much you can loot shit before going back to sell it, and how do you handle random encounters along the way. I actually downgraded my gear just so i can carry less since having an exo made the game a breeze.

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