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(166.23 KB 1536x864 Lucasfilm Games.jpg)
(7.96 KB 490x391 High Republic White Board.jpg)
(96.62 KB 771x1000 Leo X Is Gay.jpg)
(108.90 KB 773x1000 No, it's suppose to be a guy.jpg)
After killing LucasArts, Disney starts LucasFilm Games Anonymous 01/12/2021 (Tue) 00:35:36 Id:fa257e No. 204061
https://archive.is/ZmAyr It's like what they did with the Expanded Universe and cherry picked its corpse and shat out the High Republic. Basically acting like a publishing arm working with studios but putting the Lucasfilm Games brand on it. If they were going to do this, they should've just revived LucasArts since they kept the name. There hasn't been anything good associated with LucasFilms after Disney acquired it. Also, didn't they quit being involved in games because they said it was too much work? I thought that was the reason they dropped Disney Infinity (Skylanders ripoff) and let EA work on the Star Wars license for them. Disney is just a weird company based on their business decisions. They over payed for FOX just to get X-Men in the MCU. They're turning the MCU woke when it has killed their comics division. They thanked a Chinese concentration camp to make a terrible live action Mulan that even the Chinese don't like. They keep upcharging the theme parks post pandemic when they have cut the benefits that make it an experience so it's not worth it and is pricing out the average customer. They "feel bad" about letting go of their theme park staff but don't contribute to the food pantry and give their CEOs millions in bonuses. They've fractured the Star Wars fanbase with TLJ and are now trying to get them back with the Mandalorian and still their employees attack the fans. And just now, Chapek, the current CEO of Disney, is calling the Capitol Protest "“Inexcusable Assault on America’s Most Revered Institution”. https://archive.vn/thhk6 If this works like the EA Originals, they might have some good stuff coming out for Star Wars. Though, I have a sneaking suspicion that they are using this to bolster the LucasFilm Games brand so they can eventually make an in-house game studio after using the other studios to carry them toward that goal.
(2.21 MB 460x258 netflix on history.mp4)
It's probably just mobileshit EA faggots exclusivity contract only ends in two years and they've expressed interest in continuing the relationship. But considering how both these locust companies have handled the IPs they own they might now renew the contract due to bad blood between both. Disney for fucking up as hard as they did with the later movies and how it's handling everything since then and EA for fucking up Battlefront 2 so bad even government officials banned their shit. We'll have to see in 2023, but by then I was hopeful that the USA, or at least it's government would be a smoldering fucking crater.
(142.80 KB 233x217 Double Taiwan.png)
>>204078 Oh yeah, EA also has barely released anything outside 2 or so mobileshit games, both NuFront games, that Respawn mediocre Jedishit and the ASSFAGGOTS inspired pozzfest that is Squadrons. 4 games and 2 mobileshits in 7 years, and all but 3 did ok with one of them being such a massive fucking fuckup that they almost lost their whales. We'll have to see, I'm not interested regardless, I stopped buying Electronic Sharts games before they shoveled California globohomo HIV positive cum into their games and I'm sure as hell not touching anything with their brand now. I loathe of what they plan to do with C&C considering the C&C/Red Alert Remaster was a moderate success.
>>204084 >that Respawn mediocre Jedishit Please don't remind me that the leftovers of the people who made Titanfall 2 had carte blanche on a Star Wars game, and they made a shitty fucking Sekiro clone instead of Republic Commando 2.
(291.51 KB 650x650 Apex OC.png)
>>204163 Tons of people left after Titanfall 2 and many were freelancers, many of which will be replaced by inhouse EA trash. And considering the art/character design since then it's pretty obvious that that's what happened. Respawn has been dead since the day Zampella sold out to EA Sharts.
(4.20 MB 720x405 TIE Fighter.webm)
>>204084 Remind me again what they did in Squadrons, I heard it was a remaster or something of Rouge Squadron
(85.10 KB 354x480 1333504194746.jpg)
>fat Jedi What, does his force pull power come from things falling into orbit around him?
>>204294 No, it comes from midicloreans. Haven't you seen Episode 1?
>>204297 ACKHUALY medicloreans are just attracted to the Force, and are a tool to measure how much Force power an individual has, they are not what gives someone the Force. Haven't you seen Episode 1?
>>204299 No because it's capeshit
Reminder that theres a civil war in lucasfilm right now between the people that did the mandalorian and the leftists, and both the leftists and journos are super mad that the mandalorian made luke a hero again.
>>204188 >please don't remind me that the leftovers of the people who made Titanfall 2 had carte blanche on a Star Wars game, and they made a shitty fucking Sekiro clone instead of Republic Commando 2. titanfall 2 was already shit, dunno what you expected >>204285 >I heard it was a remaster or something of Rouge Squadron it's the full game version of the psvr exclusive eafront dlc. rogue mission was actually pretty good for what it was, mainly due to being designed by criterion. so people of course wanted more of it or at least a eafront 2 version, but otoh they knew if ea ever does it they were gonna fuck it up. qed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsUuuxdz5tw
(120.22 KB 811x530 Invitation.jpeg)
Oh yeah I can't wait for a bunch of below average to mediocre games that try and capitalize of fanservice(we're finally going to see the followup to republic commando and I'm sure it'll be the most disgusting CLAP YOU SEALS shit to exist) and overall still completely fail to live up to Raven's jedi knight games because expecting something to live up to another thing made a decade ago is too much. >midicloreans More like muh-dick cloreans
>>204333 They're also pissed off that Gina Carano is in it. She said some things on Twitter that were not acceptable. >>204341 >I heard it was a remaster or something of Rouge Squadron Haha, you thought Disney and EA putting their heads together would result in sensible decisions like that? I like TIE Fighter, don't get me wrong, but from a business perspective it's stupid to revive it and then push it as a fucking e-sport. The retards missed what made TIE Fighter, Freespace and other games in that genre fun. It was the single player mission design and gameplay/narrative interaction, not purely the space dogfighting aspect of it.
>>204347 I'm not convinced you even need to turn it into an esport for it to be viable. I'm sure plenty of people still want to play something like Rogue Squadron(if Squadron 42 was anything to go by, but then again there's no telling what's going on in the minds of star citizen fans) and Ace Combat's a relatively popular series, just ape that shit but in space.
>>204294 >>204297 >>204299 No you fools, hir power comes from Diversity! Read the board.
(142.87 KB 1080x809 starwars tattoo porg.jpg)
(599.58 KB 605x815 star wars PORG™.png)
(52.35 KB 653x477 oh no that sucks.jpg)
>>204061 >Mandalorian >there only success is one of the most massively pirated things presently
>starwars <no single main character <not pro-war. honestly these 2 things make me think its going to be shit even more than the "diversity" part. I am not saying it is pro-war mind you but trying to insert some anti-war message in a series all about space combat and space samurai is fucking retarded. Imagine making a doom game and the ending is just doomguy going "violence is never the answer", it would be funny but also really stupid.
>>204460 Why are some anons so fucking autistic about this shit, I will never understand.
>>204424 >not pro-war When they mean not pro-war, they mean they'll never show the empire in a good/neutral light. When it's DIVERSITY rebels killing people it's ok.
>>204424 >pro-war wat
>>204465 Keep in mind there was a new character introduced in the sequel trilogy with the idea that he lost faith in the empire on his first mission after having his friend die in his arms. And then a few minutes later he's breaking out the same man who killed his friend and is quipping, making jokes and whooping at mowing down his fellow stormtroopers in a tie fighter.
(35.35 KB 346x346 JJ.jpg)
>>204482 BRAVO JAR JAR
(123.16 KB 336x422 question.jpg)
>>204061 Why did George Lucas sell Lucasfilm to Disney? Wasn't Star Wars fine when Clone Wars was airing on Cartoon Network?
>>204488 He was almost 70 at the time wanted to be done with Star Wars. He later said he regrets it.
>>204489 Although I dislike the prequels, at least they had some soul, some vision behind them. A very slight vision, but still, something. The new ones are just fucking depressing.
>>204488 Because he needed to fund his daughters mma career.
>>204498 Lucas is the type of autist you want controlling his own IP, right down to being impossible to work with. But yeah, he lost his touch later on, especially when he started shitting out a bunch of remasters. Design by committee will always be shitty.
>>204061 Disney is shit and everything with their involvement is automatically shit.
>>204480 >Why are they word filters now? It's like I'm on fucking trannypol. Because Mark is a faggot kike that gets butthurt for being of inferior genetics and is always reminded of that when he reads National---------Socialism. also, a soon to be burned alive kike in the upcoming civil war, that he still thinks that is a LARP, until it isn't. >>204488 He was always an idiot., Star Wars, when tolerable, was done so by people he hired. Not by him. He is the most famous case of someone believing in his own lies. When reality showed him that he was untalented, he realized that for the first time in his life, and as with all untalented hacks, he acte like a coward and got all butthurt about it, instead of trying to improve himself. He simply sold the brand associated with his fake "accomplishments" out of pure disappointment for realizing how he never had any talent. And even then, the idiot now regrets it, because he is forever a retard who can never make good decisions in his life. It was always someone else who did. When left alone, he always chose to ruin himself.
>>204488 Because after years of having people yell at him that he raped their childhood with the prequels, that those were the worst, most soulless movies ever made, that put visual effects over story, and the greatest example of a cashgrabs, he had to show them how bad things could really get, that those people on RLM didn't know shit about movies, and now after years of Disney Star Wars, people are begging him to return, they are apologizing for what they said, and some are starting to consider the prequels as masterpieces of cinema. All he had to do was to sell his children to the white slavers for 4 billion dollars. Also Lucasfilms, wasn't doing all that great, besides the Clone Wars cartoon, they didn't have plans for any new movies or shows, and Lucas was worried that he would have to fire all of his workers, but if Disney were to buy the studio, then all those people would keep their jobs.
Daily reminder that Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle will never come back.
>>204544 I didn't know they'd left
(38.48 KB 587x264 dune-original-game.jpg)
>>204061 I'm glad Disney bought Star Wars because it made me realize how shit Star Wars was.I got so sick of seeing Star Wars that I watched Dune instead, just to see something different, and it blows Star Wars out of the water. The Dune boardgame alone is better than every Star Wars video game ever made.
(52.93 KB 604x611 dudebrush.png)
>>204544 I still hope for a decent guybrush installment
>>204283 Squadrons is a simpler X-Wing/TIE Fighter that could have been kinda cool if they hadn't decided to go with the ASSFAGGOTS design and have it be an assymetrical 5v5 dogfight. I tried it at a friend's and while it's got a cool concept - it's only playable in first-person, you can turn off the HUD and simply read your cockpit instruments, they added the B-Wing and the TIE Defender recently - such a low playercount means that it's going to die pretty quick because who wants to only dogfight against four other people. The flight model is also really fucking weird and seems to switch between "planes in space" and Newtonian at the drop of a hat.
>>204544 Oh no dear anon, they will come back. And you'll wish they never did.
>>204588 Wasn't Guybrush back as a Telltale game? I know there was a first chapter but I'm not sure they did more. >>204598 I'm more or less neutral about Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, but I loved Full Throttle. I wish it gets lost in time like other favourite things of mine like Jade of Coccoon, The Galaxy Rangers and even Final Fight.
(1.00 MB 1159x1246 starwarssquadrons.png)
>>204594 >>204350 >paid "competitive" multiplayer that shit was dead in the water from the start. the smart thing would've been to make it a (coop) grinder with optional pvp for the retards, trying to sell a multiplayer only title in this day and age is fucking retarded, especially for a niche genre like space sims - star wars IP or not. doesn't help that star wars is utter shit now thanks to disney and ea is a vaccum of good game design and writing. it's even more retarded when you consider that all they had to do is re-use the starfighter assault from both eafronts and attach a sensible progression, but no, gotta sell cheaply made assfaggots in space with microtransactions to the suits, because that worked so great in the past. >>204522 the prequels are still shit, comparing a stuck log to literal diarrhea that makes your anus bleed like the sequels doesn't absolve any of them.
>>204681 >people who never got braces Why, I don't understand. Shit, I only had a mild overbite and my parents forced me to get that rod-and-crown assembly in my mouth. That shit was not comfortable.
>>204681 >>204684 These people have never left their bubble, it's fucking pathetic.
(226.39 KB 605x526 Mitch.PNG)
>>204691 Forgot pic
>>204559 >I'm glad Disney bought Star Wars because it made me realize how shit Star Wars was. This. >I watched Dune instead The books, the movies, and anything related to it are full of feminism, so, automatically shit.
>>204684 depends where you live and how much your parents are willing (and able) to spend. even in my 1st world yurocuck country with socialist healthcare it's several thousand bucks, probably even more now.
>>204695 >Dune is feminism Pea-brained. There are themes of masculinity and femininity and the different strengths of each. It's not feminist to say women exercise power through language and emotions while men use mathematics and engineering; it's common sense.
>>204684 Retainers fuck up your immune system, I don't know why the fuck people would want chronic heavy metal poisoning in their fucking mouth.
>>204825 Sounds like bullshit, I've had a retainer since I was small and my immune system is much better than most people I've ever met. COVID symptoms didn't even last a day for me and I almost never get seasonal illnesses. Also just because you had braces doesn't mean you need to use a retainer. That guy nearly has snaggletooth, he could do with a couple years of braces.
>>204824 >women exercise power Feminist wishful thinking.
>>204845 He's saying that women manipulate men into doing shit for them. That's absolutely true and you know it.
>>204845 >I'll just ignore that cunt, she can't do anything <dies of poison a week later You sound like a Chinese emperor. Women have some amount of power as long as we feel the need to reproduce by putting babies in them. To ignore that is literally hazardous to your health.
>>204845 My mistake, I didn't notice the tor ID the first time.
I still have my copy of Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader for the Gamecube. No need to buy any of this nu Star Wars shit.
>>204061 >star wars <3 >not pro-war I'm sorry, what? I believe it's in the name of the fucking series.
>>204061 When the fuck do we get Empire at War 2? I just want more and more ships on Space Warfare while Land battles need improvement. I'm Hoping they allow Atmospheric ships during Land Battles ala Supreme Commander/Total Annihilation
(183.52 KB 1248x496 Eclipse.jpg)
>>205152 Funnily enough Petroglyph is still around and did an ok job with C&C Remaster. Too bad everything else they've done since Universe at War has been mediocre to shit. So yeah, there's actually a possibility of it happening considering thread related and the fact that Petroglyph now as a business relation with EA, just don't expect it to be any good though, or PC exclusive. You're probably better off with mods for Empire at War, Sins of a Solar Empire and Homeworld.
(88.16 KB 528x384 98243985723423423564.jpg)
>tfw I'll never get to play Amy Hennig's Star Wars game
>>205347 >TFW Amy Hennig was forced out of the industry, Druckmann took over the entire fucking company she used to work at and is protected from all harm by his journo butt buddies >Her SW game gets canned in the design phase for Fallen Order >No sign of her anywhere now
>>205347 >>205354 She’s been doing some virtual lectures since the C-Virus Outbreak, and she’s tight lipped on this project she keeps hinting on working on. My only wish that she should stop fucking talking with the same shitheads who were complacent in allowing that kike to steal all of her credit.
>>205364 She's probably too close with a lot of them, and generally agrees with their ideology so it probably gives her a few blind spots in that regard. I think her and Avelone are very similar in a lot of regards.
>>205381 If Avellone doesn’t learn shit after getting memory hole’d from Dying Light 2 and Vampire Portland, then he deserves this shit, but then again he was in this same panel as Zoe Quinn and Leigh Alexander who he fucking knew were leeching off his reputation to make a name put of themselves. Also, someone share the game night Jedi Knight Academy webs.
>>204404 I think it's impossible not to get super fucking depressed a bit angry at the world whenever I see photos like that.
>>205388 How does this make you feel?
(29.67 KB 480x513 God_this_makes_me_upset.jpg)
>>205388 Look on the bright side anon at least they're announcing that they're not breeding, the world is better off without their genetic droppings shitting up the place. Blue hair is bad enough but the eyebrows are truly concerning. >>204404 Christ what a soulless pair of cretins, the fucking tattoos jesus 5 minutes later its time to regret hard, they're the perfect embodiment of NuWars and that garbage-nothing-mascot they're as shit at being humans as porgs are at being SW characters.
>>205415 What's extra fucked up is how cynical porg's are. They're a stupid engineered mascot, these imbeciles got tattoos the equivalent of getting tattoos of ewoks or jar jar binks.
>>205391 How does anyone with any sense of presentation fire up a camera with a big blotchy thing on their face and send it out to the world? Never mind willingly transmitting all that self masturbatory blubbering at nothing. Why aren't spods like this being bullied into atoms before this is allowed to happen? I'm just imaging how thoroughly stomach churning the next generation of this stripe of faggot is gonna be, they'll probably automatically advertise ancillary products without even being prompted or paid just so they can play-shill like their Kiketube idols. I pity my nephew growing up in this ugly weak world.
>>205420 It gets better. If I remember correctly in the preamble before the fake overreaction the dude says he's on some vacation with his family and he went back to the hotel room just to film that.
>>205416 I don't get how anyone could actually claim to have liked them, they did nothing, served no purpose were entirely GCI and utterly forgettable. I can only presume those freaks look at those empty husks and see themselves looking back.
>>205422 Imagine filming yourself, watching it back and you look like *that*. I know I sure as hell wouldn't have posted it on a goddamn worldwide network I'd have broken the camera and hid under a rock the rest of my days but then perhaps I'm expecting too much awareness of what looks good on-screen from him if he's able to blub over the very worst of the nuwars.
(1.22 MB 1200x776 porgcuck.png)
>>205415 >>205388 >they don't know >>205416 binks or ewoks don't even come close to fucking porgs, those things were mainly made to CONSOOM, while lucas at least envisioned to former as entertainment for kids.
(888.53 KB 1816x852 starwars.png)
>>205434 >lucasfilmstory group So he's in charge with whats canon?
(261.68 KB 755x877 Matt-Martin-twitter.jpg)
>>205450 funny that you mention canon...
>>205450 >White Supremacist Organization >When Palpy of all People gave Niggers, Asians, Whites and others equal opportunity in his Empire as long as they have the power to keep it and not get backstabbed by subordinates and remain loyal to him What in the Goddamn
(1.08 MB 1524x666 star_wars_novel.png)
>>205454 >Its all fake so make up whatever you want. The new shit may as well be fanfiction.
>>205347 >>205354 It would be a mediocre TPS, not a big loss. >>205434 >These were the people bullying you in highschool
Star wars was always overrated. And no, that's not 'contrarianism'. Most popular things aren't as good as they're made out to be, star wars was no exception.
>>205434 Ehh makes sense, it doesn't matter any more, they've filled it with so much shit and worthless cretins it's not worth even being upset about, nothing they make now matters. As far as I'm concerned the wrapping up of the Yuuzhan Vong in the EU was the end of Star Wars, all the nushit can go burn. >>205450 >that pic Fucking typical. No it isn't. It certainly human centric but there's exceptions and he just tacked 'white' on to get more social media points.
Fuck them. All of them. They can parade a corpse and call it Star Wars, or LucasArts or whatever. The Force Unleashed 2 is better than ANYTHING these faggots will come up with. Ever. I have no mouth and I must scream.
>>205454 So basically he's publicly announcing he's not bothering to do his job and just letting whatever happen. He seems to be superfluous to requirements then.
>>205487 >Star wars was always overrated So was Halo, and even I get sad over how badly creative works get fucked once corporate suits do whatever the fuck they want.
>>205493 >The Force Unleashed 2 is better than ANYTHING these faggots will come up with. I played the Force Unleashed 1 for a while but it was a technical disaster. Completely linear levels with cinematic gameplay that ran at a cinematic framerate. How does 2 compare to it?
(267.00 KB 493x823 wendig_canon.png)
(509.62 KB 1205x683 ohboy.png)
>>205487 star wars was good if you take it as background and tell whatever story you want to tell, just look at republic commando, KOTOR, jedi kinght etc. it only turns to shit when it goes back to constant MUH SKYWALKERS wank, which disney promptly doubled-down on right after they bought it. >>205494 >So basically he's publicly announcing he's not bothering to do his job and just letting whatever happen. He seems to be superfluous to requirements then. it's the same company that let chuck wendig shit out 3 books which are canon, till he sperged so hard on twitter even they couldn't take it and canned his sorry ass. I've never seen a more incompetent bunch of tards than the lucasfilm story group. literally all they had to do, their one single job was to plan shit out and keep it consistent. now after 5 years nuwars lore is a bigger shitshow then the old EU was in almost 40. let that sink in, a bunch of independent writers and some dudes at old lucasfilm could do that on the side what 10+ women and tards like martin/hidalgo couldn't. hidalgo likes to jerks himself off being the "loremaster" but can't even the shit he writes himself straight without contradictions. it's kinda impressive really.
(52.79 KB 616x631 Ubisoft.jpg)
(3.94 MB 540x360 WiC intro.webm)
>Instead of getting a top tier RTS/RTT in the Star Wars Universe by Massive we're getting a shitty Ubisoft Open World game by NuMassive >Along with an already confirmed shitty Ubisoft Open world game in the Avatar universe by NuMassive Outside chinkshits, of all the AAAshit companies this is the one I want dead the most
>>205514 That logo triggers my adove Indesign user spirit. Not going to say graphic designer because I'm more into video and just learned graphic design stuff as a complementary skill.
>>205517 >just learned graphic design stuff Probably some decades ago, because minimalism aka "let's make efforts as low and cheap as possible" is pushed everyone in that area due to low performing mobileshit and web 2.0, soon to be 3.0.
>>205518 So not only are we getting Youngbloods 2.0, we're getting The Division: Star Wars edition. Great.
>>205507 It was rushed, and story makes no sense. I've heard that it's supposed to be a trilogy, but then mouse took over. It was mediocre. BUT STILL.
(380.65 KB 640x360 Anon and his waifu.mp4)
>>205523 TFO2 had this scene though
>>205514 >this is the one I want dead the most never gonna happen. ubishit is subsidized by government. but I forgot which one.
>>205525 Yes. It was bad, BUT IT WAS GOOD FOR ME
(864.10 KB 1278x676 SUICIDE IS IN ORDER.PNG)
(72.61 KB 869x812 Ubishart.PNG)
>>205523 Imagine, as a creative studio, going from WiC to second hand support cattle at Asscreed. I'm glad the majority of devs at Massive are gone >>205525 I miss edgelords in videogames >>205526 Both Canadian and French, mostly because they created a ton of jobs in game development area, but if you think that will save them you haven't been watching the news or their financial reports. https://archive.is/eWtRH
>>205531 >but if you think that will save them you haven't been watching the news or their financial reports. It would be nice if they die as a studio. Nicer if they die as people too. Hopefully they won't make another splinter cell game. With some sheboon replacing Sam Fisher. I'm also mad at massive for them not making Ground Control 3. Fucking faggots.
(5.07 MB 1280x720 game_awards.mp4)
>>205535 >I'm also mad at massive for them not making Ground Control 3 That would be impossible for them, that was all on Ubishart Sierra bought Massive at around the same time WiC came out and soon after they went bankrup with Ubisoft buying Massive and all their IPs. Massive finished up Soviet Assault that was still in development and after they weren't able to finish up console ports of the game imagine playing WiC on a fucking gamepad Ubisoft they shoveled them to assist in Asscreed and that was that until they made The Division. I absolutely loathe AAAshit and everything they represent for 10 years.
>>205546 Was Soviet Assault always meant to be 5 missions or is that the amount of missions they managed to finish?
>>205535 >Hopefully they won't make another splinter cell game. With some sheboon replacing Sam Fisher. they already got burned in that regard with blacklist (which was fine imo, just bungled because they were retarded and wanted it to be a soft reboot), since then they actually brought back ironside. but you don't have to worry, stealth games don't sell, so at best you'll get crossover stuff like the breakpoint DLC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP_TJhIAv0U >I'm also mad at massive for them not making Ground Control 3. Fucking faggots. >GC3 >from numassive of all people that's the same shit like "diablo 4 and battlefield 6 will be good again, they definitely learned their lesson!!"
(7.14 KB 256x196 apu thinking.png)
Did EA's contract expire?
>>205559 not for another two years I think
>>205549 Probably always like that considering it was supposed to be a console release with extra content that was not only extremely poorly handled by Ubishit but also cancelled last hour ala Battlefield 1943 PC.
>>205559 Contract terms are very fluid so they're probably able to announce this as long as they don't release anything until 2023. I'm just surprised it happened at all, I was expecting some mobileshit and Yidsney to extend the EA exclusivity deal and that was that, but they proved me wrong. Too bad they'll still be garbage EA probably only did it for the movies anyway, and got a big loss out of the deal thankfully.
>>205553 >from numassive of all people No, I mean back then. After the second game.
(12.43 MB 202x360 star wars ruined.webm)
>>205617 Someone needs to console this girl. Her world was shattered that moment in the cinema.
>>205523 Glad to know i wasnt the only one who disliked it. Always in the back of mind i kept thinking how OP he was. Even Palpatine, Vader, Yoda weren't capable of half his shit.
(19.68 KB 203x188 ruined.png)
>>205617 R U I N E D R U I N E D
>>205347 I can't believe that she got screwed of by (((Druckmann))), who claims himself to be a feminist. >>205391 I've seen celebrities like Terry Crews that reacted to this pathetic faggot on some TV channel, and they (un-ironically) were ecstatic on how he reacted to the Star Wars trailer. It makes me both sad and angry that they cater to these types of people. >>205487 Despite that Halo was the most casualized FPS games during its time, it had a nice presentation when CE was around. It got worse when Halo 2 came by that felt like a B-rated Hollywood movie and the campaign was awful.
>>205587 fair enough. although we did get word in conflict instead, so it wasn't all bad. >>205637 wonder what she thought about epIX
(91.07 KB 1000x600 tidus laugh.jpg)
>>205617 She aint wrong. They did ruin it.
>>205485 >It would be a mediocre TPS, not a big loss. But with amy's writing.
(5.12 MB 1071x528 TOR user is a faggot.webm)
>>205526 >muh it won't happen. It will. Governments will fall too.
Fuck me, they're gonna make Asscreed mechanics on Star Wars https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/ubisoft-is-working-on-open-world-star-wars-game
>>205617 >"I hate Kathleen Kennedy" Boy do I know that feel. She is perhaps a smidgeon OTT though.
>>205617 Imagine how it would've been to be in the same theater with her probably doing that mid-movie. That would've probably made seeing that rash worthwhile.
>>204824 You're talking to the /pol/ tornigger who spams this board with trash and gets protected by mods. Don't expect intelligence.
>>206477 I think that was for TLJ as well, imagine how hard she broke when she saw IX, even I was shouting 'bullshit' at the screen every 5 mins.
>>204640 >Wasn't Guybrush back as a Telltale game? yes but they weren't that good
>>206246 Kennedy fills nu-Star-Wars with obnoxious women thinking thats what women want to watch when in fact women can not stand other women and want to watch men being heroic. That girl was denied her heroic boomer Luke her rage and upset was absolutely justified.
>>205617 >Girl is extremely upset over something she cares deeply about >Family just laughs at her and makes fun of her >And also films it to post online so their friends can laugh at her too This video just makes me sad. Even if it's a fairly trivial thing to be so emotional over she deserves better from them. This kind of shit is why so many autists end up depressed and suicidal, people just don't take them seriously and instead treat them as a source of entertainment. Why are normalfags so cruel, even to their own children?
(794.54 KB 1280x720 EoGFdZiVgAE_Pxg.jpg)
>>209643 To get big number in their social media posts from their fellow masses of normalfags in order to inflate their egos and get that BIG rush of dopamine right after.
>>209643 >Why are normalfags so cruel Human society favors and rewards sociopaths behavior
>>206499 Videogames are politics. Also: "muh tornigger" = found the buttmad fed.
>>209653 Get used to videogames being always politics.
(1.16 MB 640x360 nig strong arm fight.webm)
>>209643 Making fun of different people has been a staple since the dawn of man.
>>205460 I forgot about the Star Wars novel written by a brapfag. >>209643 >Why are normalfags so cruel, even to their own children? 100 years of media and academia breaking down traditional familial bonds to destabilize the nation all because a strong familial unit (i.e. in-group) makes certain (((people))) very nervous because they wake up every morning utterly convinced that everyone who isn't part of their Ivory Tower clique wants to initiate another Shoah.
(99.81 KB 440x498 [Glass Him].jpg)
>>209651 >Videogames are politics. No they're not, you fucking retard. Videogames can cross over into political territory but they're not political in themselves. Off yourself like the other subversive faggots who push this nonsense.
>>209643 To be fair, if you're that emotional over soulless trash meant to fleece you out of money and subvert you with an agenda, you deserve to be mocked. Doubly so because it was Last Jedi she was upset about when people who aren't retards knew Star Wars died with Force Awakens.
(2.94 MB 800x708 bolter.gif)
>>209752 I'd probably cry, too, if Warhammer 40,000 got a film adaptation and it was filled with SJW shit out the ass, terribly directed, and was loved en masse by normalfags all around. I'd be more angry than sad, I admit, but I probably would shed a few tears.
>>209782 Soon enough they'll dig it up. And then you'll enjoy yourself when there's a mary sue psyker in the spotlight and it's solely fighting chaos, but Slaanesh is either never present or depicted as misunderstood by those bigoted imperials.
(60.82 KB 504x582 warhammer c.JPG)
(77.20 KB 1136x456 warhammer artists.JPG)
(179.71 KB 1000x877 warhammer.jpg)
(929.83 KB 2550x3300 warhammer you will not be.jpg)
>>209782 >Warhammer 40,000 got a film adaptation and it was filled with SJW shit out the ass Never say never.
>>209789 Didn't they backpedal when they were called out of their bullshit?
>>209790 Keep in mind they had a tie-in comic with Marvel so I'll not be surprised if they want an MCU type film franchise.
>>209791 The thing is noone would even mind female space marines as they keep asking, is just the politics that are disgusted.
>>209793 It really depends on the female space marine, and even then I'm self conscious enough to know that the only reason I would accept a fem-marine is big amazons with large T&A. And you could say Catachans already fill that niche.
>>209793 >noone would even mind female space marines as they keep asking Yes, 'they' would. Nobody wants female space marines, it goes against the established lore. Why would you want a physically inferior woman to be part of your soldier force, anyways? Females have SoB and they should be happy with that.
>>209790 >>209789 Random friendly reminder we live in a world where furry tabletop games like an iron claw and TMNT and other strangeness are far less pozzed than D&D and magic the gathering. Hell Hasbro is so cancerous to tabletop gaming they threaten to Sue power rangers for making fan RPGs and trading card games. Yet they still allow Bronies to make and profit from my little pony sex toys and blowup dolls. While cracking down on power rangers and transformers fans at the same time.
>>209798 D&D became a joke and every tabletop rpg is fate levels of complexity. The only game now with some sort of enjoyment and complexity is Savage Worlds.
>>209801 What about Infinity? I haven't played in two years but I remember it was really fun.
>>209798 >Yet they still allow Bronies to make and profit from my little pony sex toys and blowup dolls. Didn’t those Hasbro leaks hint they are taxing Bronies under the table and making a profit from the brony tax? Also, those same leaks confirm MLP gen 5 dropping the girl show marketing, and Hasbro order gen 5 applejack to drop the cowgirl archetype to have a pony with a personality of black urban girl because county folks voted trump.
>>209802 Well, Infinity is for mega autistic furries. Don't feel attracted by the factions nor the characters.
>>209804 >Furries Am I missing something?
>>209805 Alien werewolves for one of the factions.
>>209685 I have no arms but I must nig
>>209806 That's like saying AT43 is for furries because it had a Space Gorilla Astronaut faction
>>209813 At least gorillas are our cousins. I'm just poking some fun, I don't care much about infinity besides not liking the factions and the miniatures.
>>209782 See, Warhammer has little risk of this precisely because 40k is more popular and normalfags would view Warhammer movies as generic fantasy not worth watching that GW would sooner make a franchise out of it than anything else.
>>209816 Some designs are great, my issue is that many blend together between factions and look like gookshit at times.
(45.88 KB 1080x1350 psyker female.jpeg)
>>209790 Yeah, their mail service collapsed and they fired a bunch of black library authors after it. >>209788 Its sad because id actually be ok with a cute psyker girl having grimmdark adventures. >>209793 Female space marines would be lore rape and the implication that someone was somehow better than the emperor at making space marines since he never managed to make that work out (the lunars tried until they got astartes'd).
>>209871 I'm sure they'll justify it by claiming the "mother" of the primarchs(I forget her name) created female primarchs eventually, or even the emperor himself had them created in super sekrit using some technique that's another upgrade to the space marines that isn't primaris.
>>209873 They went out of their way to point out that the emperor didnt kill her but left her locked up in a secret palace in terra and guarded by the fucking custodes of all people, to make sure she was never relevant again.
>>209875 But has the emperor accounted for his long lost sister who also was the product of shamans committing soul fusion, except she's 5 times as clever as he is?
>>206164 Doesn’t EA still have the license though?
>>209898 Until 2023, depending on the contract terms this should be fine as long as nobody releases anything until then.
>>209873 >>209871 They could just say they were a hidden foundation or some shit like that. Besides is not the first retcon that happened in the lore. I actually want female space marines because I like female casters or crazy orc shamans in my armies.
>>209909 Also, not sure if the space marine sterilization is because of the gene seed or because of brainwashing and castration. Not that they would make baby space marines, but humans much more compatible with the geneseed.
>>209912 The two things actually. Space marines are sterile because they arent meant to replace humanity but to be a warrior caste to be disposed of eventually like the thunder warriors. They are also super autistic and dont even think about sex, like that one time a naked space marine was talking to an inquisitor and he didnt understand why she was all flustered and avoiding eye contact.
>>209916 >like that one time a naked space marine was talking to an inquisitor and he didnt understand why she was all flustered and avoiding eye contact. Which book was that? I vaguely remember reading that and it was maybe a grey knight.
(263.47 KB 1000x1000 warhammer 40kart.jpg)
>>209918 Couldnt find it but i did find a quote from the emperor's gift. >On more than one occasion I’d stood with her and her warband in the communal showers after training, blind and numb to any sensation of desire, watching her wash her hair and listening to her speak of serving in the sweltering jungles of Voroxis, killing heretics who spilled from a downed rogue trader vessel. Bizarrely, the Khatan had declared, upon seeing me wash myself, that my ascension to knighthood was ‘a great shame’. Captain Castor had explained the meaning to me several months later, though I still didn’t see the humour in it. Conclusion, astartes are autistic as fuck, that explains all the bullshit they cause when dealing with normal humans in a non-violent manner.
>>209926 I mean like you said they are basically a disposable warrior caste so that makes sense. Speaking of 40k, whatever happened to Dakka Squadron and whatever Streum On was working on 40k related?
>>209928 Deathwing? They released and expanded, fixed version but thats about it.
(1.39 MB 1697x1440 the_realest.png)
>>209918 probably different sources, from what I remember the process of turning into a proper space marine is so extensive (and allegedly purges all the unnecessary shit like balls and stuff) that in the end a you couldn't even call a space marine male or female. they just use males since the have better prerequisites >b-but males and females are equal! even if we go with that in the end a female spacemarine would still be stuck in it's armor devoid of any female characteristics, basically "bald dudette in power armor". so the whole spiel doesn't make much sense, but logic was never part of the equation. "you have dudes? then you have females too!1!". not to mention it completely ignores bolter bitches (which, in their defense, had to eat shit from a lot of authors. ironically that would probably happen with femmarines too).
(116.31 KB 425x415 Balls.png)
>>209929 I read there was another 40k project they were making. >>209930 >like the balls You're telling me Spice Marines don't have BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS OF STEEL?
(53.54 KB 1024x492 Focus and Streum.jpg)
>>209928 >Dakka Squadron Mobileshit and was supposed to have a port late 2020 but either got pushed back or cancelled >>209935 >>209930 >Streum On They're still working on it, should be Inquisition related.
>>209945 >To have a port A PC and console port
>>209945 >mobileshit Fuck.
>>209945 I guess we'll never have Git Row. I just want to play as an ork who starts like a small grunt and becomes the biggest boss.
>>209789 I've heard that the Kidhammer books aren't as bad as they look on the surface.
>>209875 I think that got retconned because I read that she was forgiven by Big E and allowed to live out her days somewhere on Terra.
>>209935 Space Marines are very thoroughly enhanced and given cool upgrades and shit to the basic human genome that they can barely be called human themselves, ironically. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Gene-Seed This has all of the implants they get.
>>209935 >You're telling me Spice Marines don't have BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS OF STEEL? I remember a hilarious discussion, that without it where does the testosterone come from? if space marines lack testosterone, does that make them oversized soibois (well, traitor legions exists, so there's some proof at least). some of the new magic organs probably cover that, but still. >>209954 >I've heard that the Kidhammer books aren't as bad as they look on the surface. think they turn grimdark: kiddie edition pretty quick. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_Adventures
>>209930 Space Marines don't get their balls cut off, I mean, maybe a chapter like the black templars where they really don't want you focusing on anything but killing in the name of the Emprah, seeing as their are books where we have female inquisitors blushing at a grey knight's halberd (so to speak) we know they at least have cocks. I also swear there's a Space Wolf novel where one of the characters talks about having illegitimate kids back on Fenris that he visits in between crusades. Tl;dr: space marines are hypno indoctrinated to disregard sexual thoughts, but they aren't eunuchs.
>>209650 >>209646 That is because the over emotional freaks are defective beings. Society prospers by mocking and trumping over the defective. Not by helping or embracing them.
>>210227 <"the strong are superior to the weak" You'd cry like a bitch if it was your turn to get lynched for being a weak faggot, Tornigger. Not to mention that it's unlikely that society would necessarily exist if they applied this retarded and overly simple thinking.
>>209950 With enough creativity you could imagine an Ace Combat game is actually a bunch of Ork flyboyz fighting. >OI 'EAN LOUIZ, DOSE GITS 'AVE GORK INSIGNIAS
(122.22 KB 1500x750 hp_40k.jpg)
>>210031 it's never really talked about because there isn't really any reason to, so will probably never get a definitive answer, but it does make sense >novels considering the quality of the BL and other 40k fiction, and not even gw being able to keep their canon straight, I'd take that with a huge grain of salt. even if we go with the space wolf having a kid, it could be from before his implantation. because think about this: space marine's genes get all fucked up, so you probably don't even wanna know what they impregnate women with, and if a normal female could even handle it (the daemonculaba suggests otherwise). there would be also no need for the whole gene-seed thing when over time space marines could simple turn all of humanity into marines just by fucking a lot. you also don't see a lot of chaos marine rapetrains to replenish their numbers instead of starting all kinds of shenaningans like the daemonculaba. also, fought for thought: if a space marine keeps all their organs intact, and they get mutated by the warp, does that mean a chaos space marine is possible female or just trans?
>>210327 t. weakling crybaby buttmad about some dumb cunt being rightfully mocked for being weak-minded.
>>210687 Even Slanesh rejects your faggotry, heretic.
>>210716 <y-y-you're weak Again, you'll cry like a bitch if it was your turn at the gallows.
>>209898 >>209900 >depending on the contract terms this should be fine as long as nobody releases anything until then Knowing disney. Nu Lucas arts will make the few new EA Star Wars look like postal 2 from the wokeness
>>209803 >they are taxing Bronies under the table and making a profit from the brony tax? Is the brony tax even legal under copyright law? That sounds retarded enough to be something Hasbro would do.
>>210730 Why are you even talking to him? I thought anons would know better at this point than to start an argument with TORpedos.

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