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(480.70 KB 541x640 2275989-box_eye.png)
Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 16:06:15 Id:2b1896 No. 205604
I am about to get into this game. Should I try and mod the translation so that it makes more sense or should I just play with the original version to be more confused and piece the story together? Also any advice on how to build my character and such?
>>205604 Game is dogshit, play something else
The rough translation is part of the charm, OP. Make sure to invest into your cyber legs. >>205612 is an idiot, don't listen to him.
(191.63 KB 1280x768 Party Mask.jpg)
>>205604 The only advice Ive got for you is to roll 3 metastreums at character creation until everything is in the positive. Also this is a horde shooter, dont be confused about its genre. >>205612 Looks whos legs are broken.
>should I just play with the original version to be more confused and piece the story together? Yes, you can't appreciate E.Y.E if you are not absolutely confused. >Also any advice on how to build my character and such? Whatever build you do, don't forget your legs.
go into the options and reduce the spawn rate before starting. otherwise, anywhere past the tutorial level, enemies will constantly respawn and come at you, they can even respawn right behind your back which is fucking stupid but thats how this shit game works. when you turn the infinite respawn off its actually pretty decent. its not fun to be playing good and die because some bullshit enemy respawned behind you. also has a bunch of DOOM references when you go to Mars late in the game.
(155.27 KB 560x403 utter jian.png)
>Anon is considering modding eye so it makes more sense.
(61.17 KB 242x364 1430648617368.png)
>>205612 I smell a Jian.
(243.66 KB 599x450 absolutely.jpg)
>>205604 >should I mod the translation so it makes more sense
(14.22 MB 640x480 legs.webm)
>>205815 >image was already posted I deserve bully
(115.77 KB 1200x892 legs.jpg)
>>205823 Its all part of the time loop anon. Your legs are OK.
(240.68 KB 1070x868 1447315425347-0.png)
(448.37 KB 920x1896 1447315425347-1.png)
(224.84 KB 1586x826 1447315425348-3.png)
(419.41 KB 1224x964 1447315425348-4.png)
(647.70 KB 1213x1055 1447315425348-2.png)
>>205604 >Also any advice on how to build my character and such? Investing in legs is always good, as is having a revolver as a backup and to dispatch stronger enemies. I think that medium armor is disappointing, and you are better off either going full tank or a super-fast glass cannon. In the beginning, tank mode with a minigun is probably best, as you are not too fast until you upgrade your legs, and enemies can overwhelm you. Heavy armor gives you a much, much better odds of surviving a surprise attack. Miniguns are big enough to use as shields too, for even more suitability when learning ropes. Have some guides, since some stuff are not explained too well in the game. Do not worry about weapons and most stats too much unless you are into meta-gaming or do not want to spend time testing out everything for yourself. Just keep in mind that stats are pretty easy to build up, and "worst" weapons are still very viable and fun. Most of them play pretty different too.
>>205604 >trying to play eurojank without the bank Literally go fuck yourself pleb
>>205612 friendly reminder that "Jian" directly translates to 'supreme genius' and that's why fags get mad when you out them for their terminal shit taste
>>206742 >Supreme genius Thats what your mom called me last night Anon.
(54.67 KB 557x281 E.Y.E.PNG)
>>206742 >>205612 Supreme Genius? More like Supreme Gentleman. You've been at it for 6 years now, time to let go.
>>205604 >Should I try and mod the translation so that it makes more sense Absolutely not >Also any advice on how to build my character and such? Listen to >>205627 and it won't take very long. I wouldn't worry too much about stats like karma, mental balance, critical hitI'm not sure this stat actually does anything, or suprahuman reflex so if those are yellow/red you'll probably be fine. Focus on stats that you'd intuitively think would help you just run around and shoot dudes. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of level-ups to invest in cool magic powers and hacking and such. Maybe invest a bit in hacking early on too I guess if you want to control the cute little floating drones early and hack ATM machines to get some extra brouzouf. As far as mods, you might want the one that removes the fisheye effect from scopes. https://www.moddb.com/games/eye/addons/fisheye-remover Check the screenshot and see if it's something you'd like. Other than that play vanilla, if you feel the need to grind money/xp/briefcases play one of the non-story maps from that dude at HQ.
>>205612 I'm sorry about your legs.
The supressed sniper rifle and the Damocles are the best weapons in the game and the only ones you'll need unless you're going against attack helicopters.
I just want to post more EYE images, don't mind me
>>205604 Translation doesn't really make the story any clearer, but it takes away a lot of the charm. No reason to play with it. And remember that this isn't like Deus Ex, this is a game where you kill hordes. Prepare accordingly.
(37.24 KB 416x352 Pic_depezador.png)
(125.93 KB 732x732 444.png)
>>207212 Wrong
(138.98 KB 426x276 Musky laugh.png)
>>207212 >The supressed sniper rifle and the Damocles are the best weapons in the game
How do I fix the aspect ratio? The options menu won't listen. I managed the resolution, but the aspect is stuck at 4:3.
>>207941 You can try and deny the truth, but that doesn't change the facts. They're the best weapons in the game.
(66.95 KB 800x530 hammer.jpg)
>>208061 Aren't you forgetting something?
I feel like anon is actually a bear and is conveniently not mentioning the bear killer because it fucked up his friends or something.
>>209098 That takes too long to get. The Damocles is available from the start making it much more useful.
(79.81 KB 1004x672 Fastest legs.jpg)
>>209121 If you can't be bothered to play the videogame then just get someone else's save file. Or just open up a sermons map and pick it up for free. But then ask yourself, does it matter how efficient the weapon you are using is if you can kill everything with ease even using the betty boom?
(1.23 MB 1282x721 Awaken my Dora.png)
(141.07 KB 900x675 Kill yourself budgie.jpg)
There is a kind of genius in a video game (one that actually gets made, that is) whose entire design philosophy is "throw it in." 64 player co-op? Who the hell wanted that? Nobody, but it sounds like a good idea, so throw it in. The Blade Runner gun buffed to be powerful enough that it can kill helicopters? Throw it in. Blocking bullets with your sword or your minigun? Throw it in. People like research and RPG stats: throw them in. Wait, don't we need a plot? Sure, here's one: throw it in. Hey, I like werewolves, can we have werewolves as enemies? Sure, throw it in. Let's make the two factions cyber-knights and cyber-chinese/japanese. Sure, in it goes. People like hacking in cybergames, so let's have a hacking minigame even if it doesn't mesh with anything else. But at the same time, this could have been exactly the kind of game that died of huffing its own farts, which has since the late 20th century been number one killer of french people. But it goes completely to the other extreme to the point where you can't even parody it, because it's a parody of itself without being lol randum or openly self-deprecating. By not attempting to be the slightest bit cultured or having any redeeming values, the game becomes a thing that, if games could be art, would be art. If Yoko Taro wasn't a hack, he would've had that play written about this game.
>>209697 Right but it's not just "oh well just throw it in". Quite a few games are ruined by that type of mentality from people thinking they can simply mix and match anything they want. It's done in a manner in which it does not interfere with anything else in a way that is obstructive while at the same time the shit added is actually fun. You are not forced to block bullets against certain enemies over others, nor are you forced to kill enemies with or without a sword. You are not forced to deal with the RPG stats, you can very nicely go through the entire game without having invested any points into anything. Exception goes to hacking preventing you from progressing if you get one too many head trauma fatal wounds or if you're just shit at hacking. But other than that, you are not forced to go for PSI powers, you are not forced to pick up any weapons over the default melee weapon, you are not forced to invest in any implants, you are not forced to do research.
>OH SUGOI SUGOI What did the feds mean by this?
>>209722 "Throw it in" usually implies that the thing being thrown in is there for the sake of being there, not for being a Doom Eternal-type thing that the game is built around. The fact that so many of the options in the game are there despite being either not very useful or obviously not carefully balanced against other options is, in my mind, actually a good thing for a game like this. I mentioned Doom Eternal because that game was so obviously designed to be played in just one way: use this gun against this enemy types of things. EYE is almost the opposite of that. Options and alternatives are just thrown at you, and there's so many of them that although some may be clearly better than others, you can usually mix in enough variety that it's fun to try things rather than shuffle off to the "obviously right" way of doing things. They managed to achieve a kind of no-balance balance. Even if there are guns or playstyles that are objectively better than others, you can usually find a way to get along with the suboptimal ones. There aren't a lot of modern games (if you still call EYE modern) where it's enjoyable to screw around once you've found a build/playstyle that you're comfortable using, because pretty often you're strongly discouraged from screwing around by, say, RPG elements. But like you said, the RPG elements are present in EYE, but aren't so dominant that your build quality determines whether you can both advance through the game and have fun doing it. I really don't know how else to describe it. Rather than careful balance, which sounds like a good thing but might not always be, they erred on the side of being flexible and letting players try things. I think every mission has that weapon closet thing accessible the entire mission, so that you can pretty much always back off and try something else. Lots of developers say that's their objective when they make a game, but somehow it pretty often doesn't work out that way. I don't know if that was Streum On doing a good job, or if they just lucked into it, or if I'm full of shit and the game's just simple enough to get through no matter how you set yourself up.

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