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(79.61 KB 600x404 one_fallout_man.jpg)
Isometric RPGs Anonymous 01/13/2021 (Wed) 22:22:06 Id:e283ac No. 205884
Alright /v/ I'm needing some good Isometric RPGs recs currently I'm feeling some RPGs like fallout 1&2 or something esoteric or just surprise me.
(1.17 MB 800x552 ClipboardImage.png)
Shadowrun, it's really good. I haven't played the Genesis game which is completely different.
(168.19 KB 1033x679 my nigger.jpg)
XCOM is bretty good. I played the remake recently and enjoyed it a lot surprisingly but the original's good too. Saiyuki: Journey West is a jap TRPG I'd recommend, it plays from the isometric view, its a bit obscure but enjoyable.
>>205892 >someone else played journey west Holy shit
>>205892 >>205907 I've had Saiyuki since '01. It's one of those hidden gems that I don't see recommended enough.
>>205892 >Saiyuki: Journey West is a jap TRPG I'd recommend, it plays from the isometric view, its a bit obscure but enjoyable. I've never heard of this game till today.
>>205922 Its quite a good game anon Sprites are bursting with personality and charm Music is quite good, visual effects are varied, flashy and stunning You get lots of tools in the form of powerful bilities (for example one of your first party members gets the ability to teleport very early on) , items and something called "were-forms" where your party members can transform Combat system has solid levels of depth with elevation, flanking, backstabs, criticals, cover, status effects and elemental effectiveness all playing relevant roles Its pretty challenging as well, especially if you like to keep all party members alive during each map, the difficulty often spikes when you think you've got a grasp on things, ensuring its difficult to steamroll Dialogue is charming and punchy, story is a romp with nice levels of tension, fun, light-hearted when it needs to be A bit classic but unique in its presentation, and the terrain is varied and beautiful with lots of locales and monster types
(82.97 KB 412x441 200 percent rad.jpg)
>>205892 Loved the old school X-Com UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown, and Apocalypse. Not a huge fan of TFTD though...
Tactics Ogre Luminous Arc (heard 1 was shit, but 2 was good)
(982.51 KB 1024x768 ClipboardImage.png)
Debate me: Japs can't do Isometric RPGs correctly and as a result they all suck - the West still holds the title for best RPGsv
>>205938 > the effects They last way to long. They are fun for a bit but eventually you will shut them off.
How the fuck do I get a controller to work with this.
>>205986 I enjoyed the variety of them to not have turned them off yet, but that is understandable anon I do have to admit they can be slow at times but for me it's worth it
(27.41 KB 500x375 3019[1].jpg)
(29.60 KB 500x375 3008[1].jpg)
(35.06 KB 500x375 3018[1].jpg)
Septerra Core is Monolith and Valkyrie Studios's love letter to JRPGs, meeting somewhere between Baldur's Gate and Final Fantasy. Fantastic plot and setting GOG has a version that should work on modern PCs, otherwise you'd be struggling with making QuickTime 4 work
(15.50 KB 320x320 jogurt.gif)
since this is an anything goes thread, play shining force the 2nd has better qol gameplay, but the first has the best characters/story
>>206144 I've been interested in playing Shining Force for awhile. How does it compare to Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Disgaea?
(202.14 KB 368x496 ClipboardImage.png)
Did anyone have a chance to try Kingmaker? I have been interested, since there are not many games where you get niche classes like Druids for example, and the end game of becoming a high ranking official actually opens up a whole new land management mechanic. On top of it, the game's RPG systems appear to be less boiled down than other tRPG to cRPG games. That's intriguing too, since I always wanted to play a proper tabletop RPG, and Kingmaker is the closest thing to it. On the other hand it is Pathfinder, but a lot of bullshit can be fixed using mods.
>>206174 i played shining force first and when i tried to get into the other games, it didn't work. fire emblem iirc is the most similar but it was missing the charm compared to sf1. shining force especially 2 has more of an adventure feel to it
>>206115 That female's face is both creepy and pretty Fascinating
(384.90 KB 369x446 Arcanum.png)
>>205884 >some RPGs like fallout 1&2 Play these. Arcanum is a flawed masterpiece. It has some of the highest highs and lowest lows you will ever see in an RPG. Lionheart isn't great but it's good enough to scratch that itch.
(33.07 KB 611x565 Don't_trust_gnomes.png)
>>206232 >Arcanum
What did you anons think about Pillars of Eternity? I enjoyed the first game, but haven't yet played the sequel. For some reason, I remember not like the mother or whatever her name was, but I enjoyed all the other characters to some extent. >>206184 Alright. I'll check em' out.
>>206177 Kingmaker is surprisingly solid, and has some of the best post-launch support I've ever seen (which is very fortunate because it was a fucking mess at launch) based on what's often considered one of the best adventure paths (surpassed by Skull & Shackles and Reign of Winter in my opinion) kingdom management actually opens up as early as chapter 2 and can be disabled in the options menu if you're having trouble keeping up with it the mechanics, while not a strict 1:1 with the tabletop are sufficiently accurate that your build works as expected and it does enforce several things that are frequently looked over or handwaved in IRL play. Initiative tracking matters and you will only take actions on your ticks, as compared to Baldur's Gate which resets the round timer for a character when they move poz is very light but not completely avoidable: for fag content it's Regongar flirting and fugging, for pure forbidden love you have Octavia, the tiefling twins in DLC, and one that's a total spoiler. There are also NPC lesbian couples, but I can't recall any male gay couples balancing this are a couple of characters who will only engage in hetero romance, breaking the hearts of twittertards who desperately was to lez out with Valeria all characters that are available for homo romance are also available for hetero, which opens up a 3-way romance with Regongar and Octavia for either gender recommended mods: Bag of Tricks - if nothing else, this mod. Lets you tweak the shit out of a bunch of things in the game from always passing specific skill checks to always rolling with advantage (5e) to unlocking the camera rotation Turn-Based Combat - no longer necessary as recent versions of the game have a turn-based mode built in. I don't quite like the official version's implementation as much as I liked the mod, but the devs did work with the mod author to make it happen >>206174 Shining Force is entry level TRPG but very fun, with a unique feel to its world
>>206261 addendum: Kingmaker uses the Consolidated Skills system introduced in PF Unchained. Don't think they're watering anything down just because they don't have the full skill array
>>206326 thanks for the link anon, I wasn't actually sure if the game would work
(88.41 KB 983x673 Glad to be alive.jpg)
I'm getting some top tier recs and it'll be good to have good games to play since my commie gov put us into lockdown.
I think there was a Tenchi Muyo iso-rpg for the SNES and, YuYu Hakusho Iso-rpg for the GBA, and a Bleach iso-rpg for the DS
>>206387 >Tenchi Muyo iso-rpg for the SNES turn-based tactics RPG. Translated by LNF forever ago, but more recently retranslated by borderline http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1379/ yeah I know rhdn is a bunch of cucks, shut up
>>206261 The story is immediately predictable and the king of the 'biggest settlement' (an empty town) is a raging fag too. >always rolling with advantage (5e) Disgusting.
>>206400 >disgusting never said I used it, just remarking that the scripting covers a wide variety of effects you can also turn on advantage for the enemy instead if you want the challenge
>>205980 See >>205976 Get fucked >>206144 >>206184 SF2 is the most piss easy of the classic SF games. You'll lose count of how many time the enemy does stupid shit, like mages hitting you with a staff instead of casting any offensive magic. >>206174 Like >>206261 said, it's entry level, but it's a good entry point into tactical RPGs. 2 is an ok entry point, but definitely play the first. Then play the SF3 trilogy if you crave more, especially now that all 3 parts are translated.
final fantasy tactics advance is a lot of fun, even if the story is sorta janky stupid.
>>206577 Because Returns, Dragonfall and Hong Kong are janky pieces of shit that are not fun to play and are terribly written, including fan-campaigns.
(183.58 KB 640x480 CNCTS_Kane.jpg)
>>206177 >>206261 Honestly, I've tried, but Kingmaker is one of the worst games I've played in a long, good while. Arbitrary time limits that become apparent only once they lock you into a you're fucked route. Nebulous classes with major overlap in skills and gameplay with some being only take a level for some gimmick and forget all about it otherwise. I'd say NWN2 and Storm of Zehir did everything better, including the whole kingdom management aspect. >>206589 I haven't tried any fan campaigns but the OC is solid enough. Some cancer, definitely, but all around decent merc sim with combat starting alright to becoming excellent fun when you chrome up, drug up, and start having free reloads, razorwire tentacles, flame throwers, assault chainshotguns or vehicle grade cannons.
(439.68 KB 1266x688 watch the ceiling.png)
>OP asks for Fallout-style isometric RPGs >nobody recommended UnderRail
>>206627 I've just started the game any tips?
>>206747 uninstall, honestly it's nothing like fallout. if you like the atmosphere and characters of f1, you get none of that in underrail it takes the worst parts of fallout knowing how to minmax, knowing the metagame and turned it into a game
>>206747 Don't try to minmax or the game might be literally impossible to beat depending on the difficulty you picked. For a first playthrough? I think guns and/or melee is a good start. Psi is fun but it's a bit more complex. By god don't try to go for everything at once because you do not have the skillpoints for it. Crafting is actually useful, and a lot of seemingly useless items like metal sheets are actually quite important if you care about crafting. Don't carry them around everywhere but it's not a bad idea to store a few things somewhere to get it back later. Don't be afraid to savescum in prior to combat, or to use buff items or powerful weapons in what feel like minor fights. UnderRail can be pretty brutal, hording onto stuff for later use will only make fights way more frustrating. If you have a single grenade that would take out the three random bandits that you've died at the last five times, just use it. Don't be obsessed with carrying every single gun to sell it or having a huge stash of shit to give to vendors, you'll be spending way too much time on it and you also don't need all that money. It's fine to do earlier in the game, though. I did this on my first playthrough and I realised how much time I wasted.
>>206747 don't play on the higher difficulties unless you have turbo autism and enjoy constant cock and ball torture >>206753 >minmaxing in underrail I can see why you didn't like it, you must have been underpowered at everything
>>206760 >I can see why you didn't like it, you must have been underpowered at everything you may be right, i only tried it twice a couple of years ago and just could not get into it. it felt really "gamey" to me <faggot i know
>>206753 >knowing how to minmax An optimized character does the exact OPPOSITE of minmax; specialization. A character built literally solely to throw grenades and survive their blasts would probably have an easier time than some jack of all trades who doesn't have a single skill beyond 65
>>206764 i might not have been clear, i'm saying that underrail essentially forces you to minmax, whereas, ideally you don't need to be that autistic in similar games
>>206177 It's better than it was before because they added a surprisingly good turn based system that is true to the rules and has a good interface. I thought it would be tacked on shit but seems like they put some real effort into it. If you want to play it, be prepared for really fucking annoying party members though. You can generate your own but it costs unreasonably large amounts of money (the game rationalizes it as you hiring mercs from out of country) because the devs are just that asspained that you don't want to play with their gnome and halfling wanking over their fucking liberal arts college education constantly. On top of that anyone who isn't a story companion is a shit advisor for your kingdoms council when it becomes available (they get an automatic penalty for no reason). You can fix this with mods however. Mechanically it isn't bad, just be prepared for cringeworthy character arcs.
>>206772 Oh yeah and there's also the occasional completely out of place quest or event that leaves you wondering if this person on the writing team gave a shit about context at all. Like the part with the troll children.
>>206769 That's crap. You can dip into PSI only for a single discipline or even for just a couple of spells, block area to buy some time or to funnel them etc. The same applies to mix and matching different types of weapons. Max pistols are great but a revolver build can also benefit massively from stealth attacks and some well placed mechanics shenanigans. >>206772 Or just play with the respec mod?
>>206624 >Nebulous classes with major overlap in skills and gameplay with some being only take a level for some gimmick and forget all about it otherwise. In fairness that's a problem with Pathfinder, not Kingmaker. They did a good job preserving the tabletop rules as written which is both a good and bad thing. Pathfinder has assloads of stupid redundant classes because Paizo is retarded. Most of them are quite usable, but you'll still be left wondering why many of them exist at all.
>>206776 How does respeccing address the issue of needing 5 other party members that aren't annoying?
>>206764 How's minmaxing not specialization? You literally take minimal in certain areas to specialize, ie, maximize others. And I know for a fact that a character that has some in rifles, is capable of sniping from stealth and has a panic button psi to buy some space will outperform a full on rambo machinegunner nine times out of ten. Unless of course ammo is not an issue and you're in a minimal space with no room to maneouver. >>206779 Well, if they're that annoying play some summoning pets gimmick
>>206781 >play some summoning pets gimmick I get the feeling you never played Icewind Dale or similar games where you gen the whole party. Sure you could go with fewer members to challenge yourself, but its fun to make your own party with your own ideas of how they interact with each other sometimes. For example an alchemist and bruiser duo where the bruiser gets infusions from the alchemist to become super strong. If you want that in PF, then you have to either put up with both Amiri and Gnome John Oliver or make your character fill that role and still put up with one of them anyway unless you gen your own characters.
(165.57 KB 210x330 2.png)
>>206785 >never played Icewind Dale or similar games >has over 2GB worth of custom portraits You'd be surprised. IWD:HOW in particular has some amazing solo sorc builds that have summoning, among other things, galore. I never had a party in NWN either
>>206789 Party mechanics in NWN were shit bordering on nonexistent so that's far more reasonable.
>>206792 What's stopping you from having an abys sorc with a pet class, or a monster tactician? You can still flood the screen with fairly strong trash.
>>206795 Not wanting to play that class all the time? I don't get how thats so hard to comprehend. I like having fleshed out characters because I come from a background of playing tabletop.
>>206799 Try PoE2 or divinity os 2 then. At least in that you can swap around or respec almost at will.
>>206801 I beat DOS2. I haven't gone near Pillars of Equity since I tried to play the first one twice and got bored shortly after you got the castle both times. Something about it is just not compelling and the wordy purple prose doesn't help. Unless your CRPG has some amazing tactical combat I'm probably going to get bored if I'm skipping half the dialogue.
>>206778 >Pathfinder has assloads of stupid redundant classes because Paizo is retarded. more the pf players that wanted to bring over their 3.5 pet classes or in general where whining for the same amount of (shit) content 3.5 had. even these days you have some tards unironically saying "X is worse than Y because it has less content" - ofc you fucking nigger, if you're that butthurt about your metafagging splatbuild just port that shit yourself so your GM can tell you to fuck off.
>>206807 It goes beyond 3.5e attachment though. Paizos brilliant idea for an entire new book of core classes that you can generate at level 1 was literally "let's take 2 of the existing core classes and mash them together." No further thought or reasoning at all. They even made a cleric/fighter class, as if cleric/fighter wasn't good enough or meshed well enough already and as if paladin didn't exist and is far more interesting fluff wise. They're a creative black hole that has no hope of shitting out anything interesting or original at this point.
>>206778 >Pathfinder has assloads of stupid redundant classes because Paizo is retarded. Most of them are quite usable, but you'll still be left wondering why many of them exist at all. I know, right? Why do they even bother making non-spellcasting classes? It's completely pointless unless you want to play a challenge game or something. They're like those classes you unlock in RPGs that are completely useless compared to everything else, for the player who wants to show off how big his balls are.
>>206805 PoE2 is alright in both combat and story. Fairly fun, fast paced and satisfying. Never was into all that samoa/hawaian vibe
>>206820 You're joking (I hope) but martial classes were always frustrating in how they were implemented. I don't get the mind over matter fetishists who say "lol its just a sword whatcanyado". Have you never read a single Greek or Norse myth, read a manga or watched an anime? A real fighter should be the guy tearing a pelt from a lion with his bare hands, catching the boulders chucked by Frost Giants and so on. But for some reason it was decided a long time ago that "even though most of you are supernatural and special, these guys have to be mundane but are allegedly the same tier of power." I can see the appeal of a "Batman" style class but that was and will always be Rogue, the slot was taken already.
>>206857 Name me a single crpg where it's not easier and often stronger to play a straight up melee, heavily armored rapetrain. No need to combo like a caster, little to no need to buff since you're already strong as fuck and usually no need to position like a ranged would. Just pick a target, or abuse some aoe, spin, cleave mechanic and push their shit in. You only need to understand what's good gear, where to get it, and to recognize and pop the rare but almost always overpowered buff the class has. Berserker kit in BG2 for example or always critical, reduced AP cost build in FO2.
>>206892 >Name me a single crpg where it's not easier and often stronger to play a straight up melee, heavily armored rapetrain Divine Divinity, melee is the objectively the worst option when you can rain shit fire down on any living creature.
>>206892 I chuckled
>>206892 Virtually any D&D game will see your ass annihilated in several fights if you don't at least take some Cleric levels to supplement with buffs or the game is littered with defensive magic items like Sash of Shimmering. Since you said heavily armored your best option is typically Paladin because they get good saves and immunities, but that's basically it. Fighter is a fucking worthless solo class and always has been. It's the same for almost any game that has a similar mechanic like "magic resistance" or whatever. Either way, the magic items feel more like a crutch than anything because you're so reliant on them even if they're sufficient. >Berserker That's the exception rather than the rule and notably, AD&D was ironically more balanced than later editions because mages were extremely lucky not to die at lower levels and fighters literally became landed lords with an army as a part of their class progression. Barbarians were massively nerfed in 3rd and onwards, losing all their good immunities they had while raging.
>>206892 Arcarum with a Charisma build, let's you skip a lot of story encounters, let's you have the maximum amount of 5 followers so you don't even have to fight anything yourself, and you can convince the end boss to commit suicide, because you are that charismatic.
>>206902 Which one? The original game was beyond broken if you took the warrior with his spin, good weapon like the slayer from the first catacomb quest and you'd reign for a good long while. OS2 is a bit different since you're encouraged to mix and match skills but pure melee build gives you so much flexibility, healing and plain damage. >>206910 The only time I took cleric seriously is BG/BG2 era games is where shit like ranger/cleric or thief cleric allow for some amazing cheese. >the exception Alright. How about kensai? True, you should add some monk or gish levels but it's hardly a spell slinger build. And how about that broken as all fuck archer? Fighter is objectively the easiest class to play with in those games. Thief can do some amazing backstabs, mage can pull shit that would make your head spin. All true. But fighter dual weapon grandmaster is bloody excellent. You're quite literally swamped with excellent weaponry and armor from the get-go, there's a ton of potion or quick items to just give you that edge until you run away with it and starting as a dorf or orc gives you the maximum STR score or amazing stunty saves, respectably. And then you give him immunity from almost all of the tools enemies have to put him out of action. Yeah. Mind you, the question was which was easier not which is stronger if you know what you're doing. >>206915 I mostly liked the high charisma for it's quests and brothel freebies. But that game is hardly hard. Ogres into vorpal bunnies, flying decapitator taking out entire encounters in one-two attacks...
>>206927 >Which one? D-Divine Divinity? There's only one game in the series called that. The OS games are very different and came out years later.
(149.00 KB 1280x720 hdhy563yer.jpg)
>>206934 >i am strong >as a man should be Great game, that.
>>206978 I'm curious anon, have you actually played DD? You seem unfamiliar with it. Mage is OP to the point of absurdity. There's a spell called Meteor Strike, I think it's the very first attack spell you get. It has virtually no cooldown or limited range so you can spam it as fast as you want. You can also pause the game to briefly queue imputs, leading to ridiculous spurts of 6+ attacks per second. Then there's a freeze spell you can also get, which doesn't slow down enemies like in most games but freezes an enemy solid for several seconds. Through strategic pausing you can take on entire groups of 10+ enemies with some of the very basic starter spells without ever getting hit. But wait, there's more! Because these spells are also upgradable, so they can do even more damage. I've beaten DD several times without ever using anything other than Freeze + Meteor Strike and never paying attention to my equipment.
>>206985 Maybe he roleplays as a warrior because he's a literal meathead IRL
(276.69 KB 1236x927 RANCE ATTACK.jpg)
>>206985 Sure, it's good. I never said it's not. But remember that warrior teleport strike around creating shockwaves on land. >pause the game to briefly queue imputs, leading to ridiculous spurts of 6+ attacks per second. That works on warrior as well. Que up those spins Now add heavily upgraded, gemmed up weapons that also freeze etc But let's be fair, it's a game where everyone can become OP as hell. I had gear that helped me reflect several times the damage they inflicted and that helped me heal for said damage. I could've literally stand and wait for them to die from retribution. I also took random furniture and props from all over the world and made a base of sorts in the abandoned abbey. Good times. >>206986 Can't a man that can take pleasure in his large, hard and stiff weapon?
>>206927 Your original question was "is there a single CRPG where melee build doesn't allow you to face roll easily" not "is melee build easy in Baldur's Gate 1 and 2." None of that shit you mentioned exists in any 3rd edition game (both because the devs seemed to be lazier and because 3rd edition was newer and gay) they're all ruthlessly trash towards martial unless you get buffs to supplement, like NWN for example with the notable exception of monk at later levels, otherwise you're spamming knockdown and hoping that someone doesn't provoke a saving throw on you again. Virtually every build in NWN for melee has a cheesy level of paladin as a requirement to alleviate this problem. New players aren't going to understand that kind of retarded meta. Hordes of the Underdark assaults you with this bullshit straight from the get go due to it being an epic campaign. This isn't really an issue with the games themselves and more an issue with 3rd edition.
>>206892 I guess another example would be Might and Magic IV, V and VI(these are the only ones I played so far) and probably others as well in the series. Almost all recommended team builds you find online recommend having only spellcasters or just one warrior at most. I am not even sure if it's possible to finish the games with a pure warrior team(no paladins), but I do know it's possible to finish with a pure wizard or cleric teams as they have some OP spells, like reducing the enemy's HP into half(including bosses) which can be stacked, or just doing insane elemental damage. In these games warrior have no skills, no abilities, they can just equip heavier armor and have tons of HP, while the mage does all the damage, late game at least, early game the warrior is better.
>>206994 >but martial classes were always frustrating in how they were implemented >Name me a single crpg where it's not easier and often stronger to play a straight up melee, heavily armored rapetrain. I focused more on the fighter/warrior classes are easier because they're simpler to learn in response to muh warrior is frustrating. IWD is third edition and only the thief got shaft in that one, fighters are still more than alright with their high HP growth, great suitability on low levels where AC still matters and solid to hit bonus and extra attack gain. Shit like having a ton of feats as opposed to every other class only makes them even better. Massive critical ranges on some of those exotic weaponry, combat maneuvers to shut down casters and such. And you can't tell me it gets easier to clear trash than having your cleave passively fire off. NWN 1/2 is 3.5 and 4 and warriors are hardly something to sneeze at. Especially if you go prestige weapon master with some broken shit like kukri or scythe if the module allows for it. Now, if you find spell slinging and staff twirling fun: good Just different strokes for different folks. I'll admit though that some games have extremely frustrating experience for your classic warrior types. Leveling a warrior in WoW for example was the stuff of ulcers. >>206999 Nice digits but a black knight is nothing to sneeze at in those either. Weapon and armor grandmasteries, armsman, repair... I agree though, having some casters or at least ranged specialists is highly favored in those games.
I always thought that fighters were more single target focused and sustainable. Wizards are more powerful but fragile
>>207005 >Shit like having a ton of feats as opposed to every other class only makes them even better. But this is ironically a huge burden because of how shittily 3rd is designed. Remember this is the edition that was designed around intentionally putting trap options into the game because they thought it would work just like the intentionally shitty cards they put in Magic the Gathering. The result is a ton of trap feats that you should never choose ever, under any circumstances. Toughness, for example, is a fucking awful choice for any d10 hit die class (or Barbarian), but if you're new to the game or D&D in general you would think it's a good choice because you're a warrior who wants to be in the fray, right? And I haven't even mentioned the stupid skill feats or save-boosting feats. The result is that you need to choose your feats quite carefully, as opposed to a wizard who can learn whatever spell he gets his grubby nerd fingers on and can use rods and wands. He gets tons of options for free just because he's a fucking neckbeard. >NWN is 3.5 and 4 What? You're thinking of Neverwinter, the shitty not-MMO lobby dungeon crawler, that's the only game I know of that was licensed with 4e (and even then the interpretation was "artistic" to say the least). NWN1 was 3rd and 2 was 3.5e. Not having an incapacitated state is a dead giveaway, you die at 0 HP. >Now, if you find spell slinging and staff twirling fun: good Just different strokes for different folks. I'll admit though that some games have extremely frustrating experience for your classic warrior types. Leveling a warrior in WoW for example was the stuff of ulcers. I have no particular bias towards any one class or archetype. I've played RPGs since I was a preteen and I've played virtually every character type there is to play, I play whatever strokes my fancy at that particular moment. In the grand scheme of things, martials usually get the short end of the stick, making it a bittersweet experience to play them.
>>207010 >the shitty not-MMO lobby dungeon crawler You might be right there. I know IWD was licensed last minute with a different edition that caused some bastardized gameplay as in BG2's ToB prestige abilities and levels. >trap picks Alright, sure. But you can make the same bad choice with any class in dnd games. Especially those that are waaay to liberal with porting the rules. Oh, look I'll pick a naga for my favored enemy and yet there's not a naga to be seen anywhere. I'll take this razzle dazzle spell without knowing it's a complete waste of my mage/wizard free pick as I can find it in every common loot pool or in every shop or even better it's useless against anything with more than a few dice worth of HP, ie everything post early level. Now imagine wasting a few spell slots for a sorc that can't learn new spells outside of leveling. But it's hard to go wrong with everything labled longsword and have a couple of them in hand at any given time. Personally I've always loved the philosophy behind the old Quest for Glory games. Each of the archetypes can solve the problem in their own way. A magic user usually has some spell like trigger the mechanism from afar or levitate above, the thief has to apply weird and unusual tools scavenged along the way while sneaking and or lockpicking while the warrior usually bullrushes the challenge head on.
>>206989 >I also took random furniture and props from all over the world and made a base of sorts in the abandoned abbey. I'm a sucker for this type of Ultima-like interaction with the game world. You can even combine two types of hay to make a hay bed to slep in. The bed has no weight, so you can keep it in your inventory for the remainder of the game. But if you put it down you cannot pick it back up again, you have to make a new bed. Just use it from inside your inventory. There is also a regular bed with zero weight in the game, you can just pick it up and carry it around as well
>>207027 >But you can make the same bad choice with any class in dnd games That's what I was just talking about. Other classes, like Wizard, don't have this problem because you can learn spells infinitely. You can't make a wrong spell choice because you can just learn more spells. Free picks are basically meaningless in light of this unless you're a sorcerer. Clerics and I think Druids, I forget, literally get all spells available, all the time. In fact I'd argue Cleric is the easiest class in the game for a new player, due to the spells available in combination with being able to use decent weapons and heavy armor. Even if you don't understand how the spells work in combat, you can fuck around until you do. On the other hand, if you make a bad feat choice, you're fucked for that entire character's life. Even though fighters get bonus feats out of the ass, if you don't know how to pick the right ones, you'll still fuck yourself. In combat, fighter is simple, but it demands much more meta knowledge from the player to prevent yourself from making mistakes.
(307.47 KB 471x567 Jesus what the hell.PNG)
>>205884 You would absolutely love UnderRail
>>207037 >Wizards don't have this problem Not entirely true. I distinctly remember not finding a summon familiar, fire-seed or summon nishru scrolls well into finishing the underdark segment on one of my gish experiments. I know what you're saying but if you're impulsive and don't know what's what, you're going to run into that same problem with any class. But yeah, divine casters get all domain spells in BG era games from the get go. Ranger/cleric have all cleric and all druid spells. Plus dual wield three points from the start iirc. and crom faeyr plus flail of ages while under iron skins and lobbing insect spells makes for a mean combo
(721.20 KB 456x648 laughing wizard.webm)
Guys, you're all missing the fucking point anyway. Fighters are lame and gay, while wizards kick ass, break reality, and piss off GMs before they have a big bowl of cereal with succubus titty milk. Fighters are the random NPCs who get cut down by real player characters with big boy class features.
>UnderRail has made me it's whore and shattered me as a man I fucking love this game and I'm extreamly happy it was rec'd to me as it's what I was looking for to scratch my Fallout 1&2 itch.
>>207193 >wizards kick ass, break reality, and piss off GMs before they have a big bowl of cereal with succubus titty milk this is shockingly accurate to one of my players
(57.95 KB 1200x630 dy4745rut.jpg)
>>207193 >>207285 It's a real shame there's no grand wizard prestige class in DnD
>>207291 well there was the Red Wizard prc, meant to represent a Red Wizard of Thay
>>206747 Pick one weapon class and focus on it, pumping its primary base attribute and related skill to max any chance you get. ARs are the most straightforward and noob-friendly, plus they have a good synergy with heavy armor due to STR requirement. You will need to specialize, but unless you're playing some gimmick build on Dominating the game is forgiving enough to let you make mistakes and waste some feat slots. Oddity is the intended XP system, Classic is for when you know where all the oddities are and want to skip digging through trash for them. Depot A is the first true test of your character, and if you can get through you should be able to complete the game. Otherwise it's a good idea to restart and apply your newfound knowledge of game mechanics to build a better character. The game is balanced around the player using everything in his arsenal to win, so feel free to use any cheese tactics you can come up with - you will need them.
>>207718 What's up with Depot A? Or is that better to get surprised by it? Im just starting the crawler roundup quest, doing a stealthy character, but I'm thinking of going melee or thrown because I dont think pickpocketing and low social or psi will be useful
>>207828 It's rather tough, it's very cramp so little shenanigans with run away and reengage and you have enough progression in game to see whether you fucked up somewhere in your character masterplan. I assume, at least, that's what's he thinking.
>>207828 Its a main quest dungeon thats harder than almost everything else you'll face at that point and it generally tells you whether your build works or not although I have managed to make a build that got past this part and then I had to quit at mid game.
>>207718 >>208707 This sounds rough.
>>207828 It's an early game main quest dungeon that has a major difficulty spike, plus most enemies deal acid damage. What does your build look like?
>>208795 It is, but if you can't get through Depot A, then the rest of the game isn't going to get better. Especially when you start running into cave niggers and caver nigger stalkers.
>>208818 I've found a few of them by going north. It didnt end well. >>208817 Level 4, max throwing, stealth and traps. Got some crafting and a bunch of subterfuge skills. No dodge or evasion since my plan was to set up traps and meme enemies aggressively or avoid combat altogether Also, is there a way to heal without hypos? I've just been trying to avoid damage since theyre a consumable. Need a source of metal for bear traps too.
>>208895 Bandages and doctors. There's an armor type that heals as well, but I never found it useful
>>208895 Pure throwing run is possible, but you really need a primary weapon. You'll probably need to restart. What do your base attributes look like?
>>209113 I'm curious, how would you go about a melee build? Ideally if you can sell me on the idea of taking crafting of any kind since I never seem to have enough skill points for that.
>>209240 >>209240 Crafting seems to be based around making stuff better than what you can buy or scavenge. Some feats reduce penalties or improve quality even more. Melee (spears) seemed like it had some technical stuff so you could probably do status effects or raw damage.
>>209257 I barely played with the expansion content. I had some success with a kamikaze fire sledge-hammerer way back but I keep going back to my patented snipe from stealth, upgrade from heavy pistols to DMRs and antimaterials and if something actually survives my alpha strike, or if they got to bring friends I bug out while they need to deal with mines, caltrops and psy walls.
>>205886 >I haven't played the Genesis game which is completely different. I played both and like both very much.
(24.65 KB 466x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>209113 Here's where I'm at
(379.00 KB 1290x829 ClipboardImage.png)
>Run past the knife guy, drop a quickened beartrap beside him, and stand beside the crossbow raider, then fling a grenade and finish them off with knives Perfect, except the old man aggroes because of the trap next to him and he just runs around until I kill him or get wrecked by the raiders in the next room.
>>209240 I haven't played melee builds myself, but for good melee you need mobility and survivability, as it depends on positioning a lot. There are a lot of different way to approach it - from an almost immobile hammerer in heavy armor that just lets the enemies come to him to a knife-wielding stealthfag to a lightning fast puncher with high DEX. >>209444 You could probably pivot into stealthy knifer since you have a lot of agility and decent dexterity and you already invested in stealth. Drop every base attribute point you get into DEX and max out your melee. You'll definitely need some feats to boost your damage - get Expose Weakness ASAP and some make sure you have some mechanics and electronics to craft yourself a good weapon. As long as you're playing on Normal you should be fine, I think. And a word of advice - in Junkyard you're gonna meet a shady guy who will offer you some suspicious but well-paying jobs. Take his offer and do all of them - this will unlock a lot of stuff later down the line, and the cash will come in very handy.
>>209698 I assume beartraps dont scale well into the late game. I just got into the quest to go to Junkyard. How far into the game is Depot A roughly? 15%? I just had some fun memeing on the raider camp north of the GHS Warehouse block or whatever where you open the vault, the one across the bridge and is a dead end. Basically I set up 3 bear traps to kill the patroller without a fight, then set up another 4 traps to and got to orange stealth and lured the other 4 guys over. Three of them got snared, whipped a grenade and three knives at the survivors, and did it all in one turn so they couldn't call for help. For the boss I just abused corners and quick set traps. Shame the area had nothong of value, just 1 xp
>>206261 Playing as a rogue is fucked since enemies will just break your stealth whenever they want. Scouting while stealthed is also worthless since encounters will just take control away from you and make you walk right into the middle of groups of enemies like a retard. If you have a healer who can raise the dead, he can't do anything when an NPC dies in front of you. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is shit.
>>209724 >I assume beartraps dont scale well into the late game. Bear traps remain great throughout the game, but their main use is to root enemies rather than deal straight damage - unless you cover them in some high-level poison and/or use gas grenades. You'll get your hands on some good chemical blob traps later down the line. In short, traps are very useful even with minimal or no investment, but you can't rely solely on them to get you through every single encounter. >How far into the game is Depot A roughly? 15%? It's at the end of Junkyard, so I'd wager about 20%. The game opens up significantly after this with almost every major settlement available for visiting. I recommend going to Hathor first, they have some relatively easy quests for a character just out of Junkyard - provided you have some way to punch through armor that is.
>>209728 Other bullshit: you get access to multiple craftsmen. You cannot tell them "make me a +3 flaming estoc" or "make me mithril chainmail" because apparently you being a rich adventurer and lord of the land they live in isn't enough influence to ask them to make shit.
(120.75 KB 821x624 4e_fighters.png)
>>206809 so they mixed to classes? that's nothing compared to the shit you saw in 3.x, not to mention all the 3rd party stuff. not to defend paizo, but when your whole schtick is catering to the people that want more 3.x, releasing dumb shit is just what your customers expect and demand, and like I said "more content" (not quality) was and still is an actual criteria for some people. > I can see the appeal of a "Batman" style class but that was and will always be Rogue, the slot was taken already. https://www.dndtools.net/classes/vigilante/ (official btw). >>206820 >I know, right? Why do they even bother making non-spellcasting classes? ironically PF1 fixed some of that, 3.x was far worse in that regard, because that shit was in there by design https://4thmaster.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/ivory-tower-game-design/ 4e fixed the gap even more (by turning martials into casters, kinda), the grogs didn't like it leaving behind tons of 3e material among other stuff (tbf they always complain anyway) and wotc was going full retard (although current wotc beats even that) at the time, including "pay us if you want to release 4e stuff, oh and you can't do any more 3e stuff". so you didn't even have a lot 3rd party stuff either, which could've fixed at least the content part. in return paizo fucked them hard for that by releasing pathfinder to the point they had to shit out 5e.
>>209827 >a 4e faggot actually appears Go back to playing WoW, nigger.
>>209827 >defending 4e I bet you like Age of Sigmar too, dontcha faggot?
>>209827 Dragonborns had such a fantastic list of racial feats in 4e. The ones that modified their breath attack were always my favourite. Dual element, larger aoe, additional effects dependant on element, etc. Hell, you could even get wings! 5e's way of doing feats is so fucking shit, and you don't even get anything cool for it.
Depot A isn't so bad, but it's huge. I can't keep track of everything. It's a fucking maze of aboveground shit, and then 2-3 screens of underground base. Are there multiple Armadillo boards, or just one? I don't necessarily need the location spoiled, but if I'm supposed to kill a group of mutants to get it, I'm out of traps and don't want to grind through a difficult fight at the moment.
(596.92 KB 721x714 MUH3e_1.png)
(358.27 KB 625x898 MUH3e_2.jpg)
>>209858 >>209876 see, that's what I like about 4e, it's mere mention brings out all the memespouting retards from reddit >I bet you like Age of Sigmar too, dontcha faggot? I don't play gw shit, but from I heard 2e is an actually pretty solid ruleset all things considered. also seems to sell a lot, so stay mad I guess
>>210660 2e is rather unforgiving, arbitrary and somewhat obtuse. THAC0 being the most immediately obvious, the target number being on the enemy rather than the user; subtracting a negative AC always feels weird, even though the math is identical in both systems. Saving throws are more plentiful, have a priority, and are more varied (the variance is nice), having to consider the source of the effect rather than the effect itself is strange. A lot of things in 3e got streamlined to use a d20 check, which is better in most cases, and worse in others. I quite like the class system in Pathfinder; you have few restrictions and each class has a dozen archetypes that let you make the sort of character you want. Most adventures just turn into combat grinders or skill checks to advance the plot, rather boring. For some reason, 2e captures my imagination more. The monster manual is amazing, every monster has a listed ecology and society if applicable, which implies how and why an eg Gelatinous Cube would be in a dungeon. 3e and later gives you a brief physical description and a chunk of stats and that's it. I like both systems for different reasons but generally prefer 2e
>>210420 There's only one board and it's in the northwestern zone. You can just try sneaking past the mutants.
>>210660 4e is a bad roleplaying game, a bad combat game, and a bad character building game. There is nothing redeemable about its execution, only some of its ideas. 4e imploded for a reason and no amount of revisionism will ever change the truth.
>>210725 So I've put every point into locks and have a +5 from the better picks and I have maybe 75 now. The only place I haven't entered was Wyatts house, the place has L95 to get in. I ended up checking the wiki and I'm not sure how you're supposed to skill up that high by the time you get there - otherwise it looks like some mutants hold the key near the start of the depot. I legit mapped everything fully and spent 4+ hours on multiple trips trying to find it, one fight against a mutant and 5 dogs, I used a ton of shit only to find them respawned an hour later, and sneaking past needed me to F9 like 30 times. I ended up grinding some Siphoners to get the last bit of XP to push my locks to 75, only to get access to Wyatts yard and get cockblocked and I think this scaled enemies up to have more perception because sneaking also got harder. Then I found a keycard that... also opened the front yard from another direction. Real frustrating area, just due to the layout
>>206588 >decide to play it one day >beginning of game >>that's sexism! >nope game
(54.32 KB 499x333 parrot.jpg)
>>206379 >allllll the way onto x imageboard >out of context someone brings 'it' up
>>211032 >letting cultural marxism fuck up a game because they've overused a word that used to have meaning a long time ago Come the fuck on, anon.
>>211098 It's a dumb reason to drop a game.
>>210847 >It's in the barrel outside his house, not in his yard Oh lordy, I looted that fucking barrel twice on separate attempts and never saw the fucking board. I bet if I checked an old save (which I don't have now), it would've been in my inventory the entire time. Fuck sakes. Anyways, my character seems to be solid. I've found much love with poison, at first using traps and knives to bully big targets, but then finding out a round of caltrops can apply all five stacks at once if things work out favorably. Toss in some traps and molotovs and shit gets wrecked. Robots pls go

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