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(2.04 MB 1679x942 FFXIV announcement.PNG)
(36.09 KB 737x341 timezones.PNG)
FFXIV Thread Anonymous 02/05/2021 (Fri) 01:47:35 Id:8a5f56 No. 228640
New thread since there's an announcement regarding the game which is 99% gonna be an expansion which is pretty major plus the old thread hasn't been bumped in a while. The announcement is gonna be tomorrow and there may also be news of the next major patch. Any predictions for the expansion? Perhaps we go to Garlemald? Sharlayan? The Moon? As for jobs maybe we'll get a Beastmaster or Chemist?
I'm hoping for beastmaster anon. I just want to tame and be comfy
>>228656 I actually just remembered something. Remember how in the 5.3 dungeon The Hero's Gauntlet where there's a bunch of job enemies appearing from different worlds. Some specific enemies were called Ink Mages which could be Chemist and the last boss of that dungeon was a Berserker, which was a job in other FF's. Those very well could've been hinting the new jobs.
>>228660 Knowing how they handled the other expansions and hints it could be possible. I just hope this expansion doesn't ruin ffxiv for me. Being comfy in a free company is the best
>>228660 Isn't ink mage just summoner though? Plus I have a feeling Beastmaster will be a limited job like BLU.
>>228698 Well they were casting summoner actions but I still think there were a reference, otherwise I don't see why they couldn't have just been called summoners. I was thinking the same thing about a Beastmaster class. Like we'd have to go around the map fighting monsters to tame them then we'd be able to summon them in battle and each monster has their own actions you can control just like you would summoner egis.
>>228709 True. I thought the same thing when doing that dungeon but someone told me it was just summoners. I still want them to make harder dungeons or even just non corridor ones like all of them are.
>>228732 Shit I want harder 24-mans. Like savage raid level of difficulty. But of course make them optional like how savage is already optional to normal 8-man raids. We'll probably never see this happen but one can hope.
>>228735 The new Bozjan savage dungeon (48 man) is kicking peoples ass so all hope is not lost. I hear the final boss is between EX and Savage difficulty but with 48 people.
Apparently the name of the expansion is gonna be called "Forspoken"
>>229466 Lame but I guess all the expansion names have been like that.
>>229640 Curious if we're gonna even get a new playable race, or perhaps we get male Viera's and female Hrothgar's if they can make sense out of it in the lore.
Fucking cool as fuck trailer Name of expansion is Endwalker coming Fall 2021, most likely same release date as previous expansions which if I remember was around July.
(1.27 MB 1599x934 Endwalker.PNG)
(2.14 MB 1679x936 moon.PNG)
(1.99 MB 1676x935 moon2.PNG)
(3.57 MB 1666x937 alisaie.PNG)
(3.56 MB 1688x935 alphinaud.PNG)
We're going to the fucking moon. And Alphinaud is using some Gundam looking turret technology.
>>229738 >Main Character class is paladin As paladin main i dont know how to feel. It's not joy ill tell you that much. Also Alphinaud gets fin funnels, So there's either a new class or thats a new skill Sad hes giving up his carbuncles >>229757 Thats fin funnels you pleb
Two new jobs confirmed, healer and melee DPS.
(550.60 KB 1187x614 sage.PNG)
Healer job is called Sage
(341.87 KB 549x480 sage.png)
>>229762 >sage My nu mou didnt have that. Hell Tellah didnt have that
>>229764 >sage Why are they using a bunch of dildos?
>>229767 Hrothgar dick isn't big enough for Viera
>>229738 >retooling Astrologian to be a pure healer instead of barrier healer Wonder how they'll feel about that since a good many i know prefer being shield healers >>229767 Because they're after the gundam fans
Wonder what the next job would be. It's supposed to be a melee DPS but what type of weapon would be used that hasn't been used already for melee? Maybe a whip or a flail? It's gonna be revealed in May at a fan fest.
(71.24 KB 1280x720 clearly not a char clone.jpg)
(338.35 KB 960x540 clearly not a colony drop.png)
>No comment on the Gundam Funnels >completely original I should have known this was coming when they put so many red comets in this game
(761.46 KB 1187x614 expansions.PNG)
The retards in the youtube chat think Yoshida's saying this is the last expansion.
>Ending Zodiark Hydaelyn story Thats good all stories have an ending. Dont want to be like comics and continue till you have nothing worthwhile left to tell
>>229738 >Evangelion and the moon Moon is clearly ancient spaceship calling it now
>Fandaniel not last boss Well then its clearly Zenos Fucking Zenos, friends don't kill each other you dick.
(1.47 MB 1183x607 endwalker story.PNG)
(1.19 MB 1184x607 endwalker story2.PNG)
The moon sounds cool but how would that even look most of the time? It's all just grey. Would there probably see futuristic looking colonies on the moon? And what kind of enemies would be on the moon?
>Level 90 cap this expansion >Radz at han >Near-Eastern city-state, as it is on the island of Thavnair across the Jade Sea >Small town as big as eulmore
>>229794 see >>229788 Probably going to take place inside
(865.76 KB 1188x658 revel cap.PNG)
(1.68 MB 1184x608 new area.PNG)
(1.38 MB 1175x614 new area2.PNG)
(1.87 MB 1179x609 radzathan.PNG)
(1.76 MB 1182x609 thavnair.PNG)
Actually maybe the moon isn't the area of the entire expansion. Maybe it'll be the last zone of the expansion like The Tempest was.
>>229799 They're probaly going to be Empire and Dalmasca with all the hinting
(1.12 MB 1175x608 garlemald.PNG)
oh shit nigger
(1.01 MB 1183x602 garlemald2.PNG)
(1.15 MB 1177x611 Matanga.PNG)
(1.39 MB 1185x653 Elephants.PNG)
New beast tribes
Nu mous are hero get that namazu out of here >Matanga Looks like Romancing saga elephant
(1.80 MB 1183x660 Anima.PNG)
We getting FF10 in here
(482.86 KB 650x365 anima.png)
Oh fuck it FFX Aeon primals Starring Anima
(1.58 MB 1182x608 Dungeon.PNG)
(1.51 MB 1185x608 Dungeon2.PNG)
(1.42 MB 1182x612 Dungeon3.PNG)
>>229809 If we got FFX Bahamut that'd be sick
(632.56 KB 1183x660 Lahabrea.PNG)
Lahabrea coming back for the 8-man raid!? It's called Pandemonium
>>229811 >FFX Bahamut that'd be sick I like the way you think but with Bahamut so integral to story i dont see him coming back like that except in flash backs >>229813 I fucking knew he was going to come back and people called me crazy With how Elidbus and Emet was hinting about him
call me when we get some Yukes in this shit.
>New Raid >Eorzea Lore Is it Nym? people have been talking about how undeveloped it is even with Scholar
>>229814 Well we did get Lunar Bahamut in 5.4. Maybe we'll get Lunar versions of other primals, and that'd be kinda like the dark Aeons in FFX.
(219.09 KB 540x486 sad loli 4.png)
>>229813 Doesn't he coming back fuck up with what happened in HW? i'm still on 5.2 so i dunno if something happened after that >mfw my sub is ending on the end of march and i don't have either money to buy the exp or more sub time
(1.22 MB 1185x608 Estinien trust companion.PNG)
>>229821 They could probably say his aether was trapped inside Nidhogg's eye which was transferred to Shinryu then released and his soul possessed a body or some shit like that.
>>229819 >and that'd be kinda like the dark Aeons in FFX. That would have been interesting idea like eden but now dark primals of HW and Stormblood Primals. >>229821 Not at all its stated in Eden that all life ultimately reincarnates. And since Lahabrea was never sundered he's probably coming back in in his full unsundered form. I swear i think he's Elidbus' father >more sub time If theres a new welcome back campaign id welcome u back.
Blitzball possibly gonna be in gold saucer
(1.90 MB 1191x601 Island sanctuary.PNG)
New type of content. Sounds like Harvest Moon the way they're describing it.
>>229825 No one wants blitzball lol >FF Island Sanctuary >Slow living >raising animals >cultivating land Harvest Moon x Final fantasy Oh god i never knew i wanted this
>>229764 what's the point if they gutted the uniqueness from all the classes so that they all play exactly the same way anyhow.
(1.18 MB 1190x609 ishgard housing.PNG)
Finally >>229830 Yea I skipped getting the celestial weapon in blitzball because I didn't like it
>>229831 Honestly what im afraid of, and what they're saying hasnt alleviated my fears
>>229831 that's true, i remember starting to level up some others classes just to find out they all play exactly the same. Most of it is just flair.
>>229832 >In 6.1 Well now i dont have to save my money >skipped getting the celestial weapon in blitzball because I didn't like it Man that mini game just wasnt fun
(1.53 MB 1185x649 battle system update.PNG)
Here we go
>>229838 Monk was already ruined for me. Nothing they do matters.
So they have to downscale the damage calculations because it can cause problems
>>229840 Didnt they get buffed?
>>229842 Playstyle was changed
>>229847 I played monk in storm blood but not at all in shadowbringer. I know monks being unable happy with it and thats why they got buffed. Did something else happen
>>229849 >>229847 Didn't they just removed greased lightning and changed some numbers?
>>229850 They removed grease lightning? But thats their gimmick. Thats like removing Dragoon jump
>New rules will make Undersized parties more difficult Well fuck now farming is going suck even more.
(326.69 KB 1186x606 no more belts.PNG)
>>229855 Yea that's gonna suck. I understand the change but now I guess people have to go back to forming parties for old content even in unsynced.
>>229857 >Removing Belts Tell that to their concept artists
(626.42 KB 1179x651 more slots.PNG)
>>229857 Are they finally firing Nomura from SE?
Last half was really boring FFXIV for PS5 for open beta Also patch 5.5 in April 13 2021 Damn thats a long wait
>>229869 There's still a Live Letter for 5.5 later tonight. Also >no new races
>>229870 >no new races That we know of? or are they not going to create any.
>>229873 It wasn't announced tonight and it seems like they're done announcing things for the game. Unless we get an announcement for new races at fan fest in May.
>>229874 Live letter at 1am EST but that's just going to be info on next patch.
>>229874 I remember they didnt reveal viera for a year but since this is coming in the fall you might be right
(701.08 KB 1181x610 fan fest mount.PNG)
(1.12 MB 1184x611 whale.PNG)
Holy shit an eight person mount.
(1.18 MB 1183x612 yoshitaka amano art.PNG)
Prease rook forward to it
>>229885 FFIV Lunar Whale I chuckled >>229889 >zodiark clearly evil chaos face im dissapointed
Here's the teaser trailer for Endwalker Music sounds nice as always with FFXIV
Also I probably won't be awake to update the thread with the 5.5 Live Letter stuff so anyone else could do that if they want, if not I'll update it tomorrow.
>>229910 >paladin capes It took me a while but are we getting capes worth a damn?
>>229920 I could've sworn there was a PLD set in HW that had a cape. Problem with capes is any race that has tails the tail with clip through the cape and it looks stupid.
>>229927 >Problem with capes is any race that has tails the tail with clip through the cape and it looks stupid. Thats why i said capes worth a damn. Miqotes and au ra look terrible But to be fair i always hated Au ra males
(772.28 KB 953x502 cape hood.PNG)
>>229935 Oh and notice that cape in the trailer looked like it had a hood attached to it. Would be nice if we get that combination and we could choose to have to hood over our head.
>>229941 i've wanted mask and hoods for awhile. Sadly we only ever get the Ancient style masks instead of the ascian version
Ultimate delayed till 6.1. Didnt save any screenshots but they showed the mount for collecting all the dragons (mecha dragon).
>>229910 >End of an Era after 10 years >Paladin finally gets to shine >Sage reveal Well, can't wait till what they'll reveal in 6.1 after this. And better not be some Calamity Event bullshit to mark the end and beginning.
(499.76 KB 1920x1080 dungeon.jpg)
(362.89 KB 1920x1080 trial.jpg)
(195.97 KB 1920x1080 Raid.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1280x720 reward mount.png)
Patch 5.5 coming in two parts for the story April 13th release date for part 1 and End of May part 2 New Dungeon Paglth'an, Trust compatible New Trial Finale of the Sorrow of Werlyt storyline. Final weapon is Diamond New Alliance Raid: Yorha: Dark Apocalypse Chapter 3 Bozjan new story added and adjustments for Castrum and Relics Harder crafting; simplified gathering Ishgard restoration new story and custom delivery Triple triad getting adjustment for 4 stars and a special reward if you collect em all. New Mount for those who completed Shadowbringer mount farms
(78.57 KB 960x748 nz1j0qjb5tf61.jpg)
Just realized if Garlemald's all fucked up in 6.0 then we might get a Garlemald restoration sometime after it releases. Some people seem to think Zenos has a scythe for his new weapon which could be the new melee DPS.
>>230390 Dont know if i agree with em. Zenos had a katana but he wasn't a samurai
The expansion looks cool but is this game still just as boring to play as it was back when I tried it in 2016 or 2017? Does it only get actually good once you're in the endgame content like what that one anon told me? If so then I probably wont even bother with the free trail again either.
>>230406 How far did you get and what level were you? If you were still in A realm Reborn then its no wonder it was boring
>>230406 If the last time you played it was the free trial and at that time the free trial only allowed you to get to 30 then it's no wonder it was boring to you. Pretty much the only side content you could've done was PVP and Palace of the Dead and some Gold Saucer minigames. I can try and list off all the content you could and could've done if you were subbed and higher level. >PVP >Palace of the Dead/Heaven on High >Gold Saucer >Treasure Hunting >Beast Tribes >The Hunt >Hildibrand Questline >Relic Weapons >Job Levelling >Delivery Moogle >Trials >8-man and 24-man raids >Wonderous Tails >Blue Mage levelling >Eureka >Bozjan Southern Front Specifically you can do stuff like collect mounts, glam, make gil, achievement awards and maybe some other stuff I forgot to list off. Truthfully I only do like half of the stuff I listed because I don't have time for the others or they just don't interest me, but that's different for others. If you're someone who cares about stories in games then I would definitely suggest you play this. It's one of the reasons I sub every major patch. Other than that just look up some of the stuff I listed off and see if any of it interests you.
>>230397 To be fair they said he was the new melee class at the event but wouldn't reveal what that class is.
>>230819 >they said he was the new melee class Well nevermind then, its clearly necromancer
>>230430 >>230493 It was the 14 day free trial and I don't remember how far I got because that was YEARS ago but I know it wasnt far at all. I started out in that desert city I think. I was expecting the game to kinda be like FFXII but it played more like WOW and I got sick of punching shit and being a yes man doing quests for people pretty damn quickly. I'm more of an ARPG kinda guy anyways. I also tried playing FFXI and jesus fucking christ that was the most boring game I ever played in my life. Maybe if I tried FFXIV today maybe it would be different. I got a better PC now too and my brain has developed some more as I got older. Maybe the game won't feel like one huge waste of time this time around?
>>230907 >14 day free trial Yeah you werent't even tipping your toes into the game. Other anon was right you couldn't even get up to a level 30, and thats usually when things get slightly better. Level 50 is actually where gameplay stops being handicapped. New Free Trial gives you an expansion and lets you play to level 60. >got sick of punching shit and being a yes man doing quests for people pretty damn quickly. Not going to lie thats not going to change.
>>230907 They heavily revamped the ARR questline and took out a lot of the annoying fetch and "talk to X" quests. Like for example, when I first played the game ARR took like 15 days to finish and I was on for a couple of hours each day. And I wasn't even doing all the side-content plus I was skipping non-voiced cutscenes. From the videos I've seen comparing the old questline to new, they buffed the EXP gain a fuckton. To where you can complete all of ARR in a week tops. Also an added bonus is you can now fly in ARR so you can get around zones faster. Getting to the first expansion Heavensward is where everything picks up. Now is probably the best time to play and catch up since we're getting a new expansion in about 5 months and the next patch for the current expansion is in April. But still I'd suggest looking up some of the content for the game plus gameplay of some jobs and see if you want to play it or not. In my opinion it's the most worthwhile MMO to get into at the moment. Who knows maybe we can start up another 8chan FC like there was one before.
i palyed the free trial last year dropped the game after you save Minfilia and co. from Molchat Doma
>>230988 you were halfway from completing ARR
>>230928 I raced to the end and logged almost exactly 7 days of playtime. Pretty much just did MSQ, although I spent a little time on side stuff as well. That's 7 days of playtime, not realtime. Quite the investment. I was also skipping every cutscene possible. I watched them for maybe the first 10-15 levels and then realized the story is shit like all FF games. Somehow the bulk of people playing the game defend it and shit on people who skip it, though. Oh well. I'm not gonna go back and watch 50+ hours of cutscenes now. The story is incomprehensible anyways. I'm not sure how it works out now, but the best way to level was daily dungeons. Playing as many as you have available was a quick way to guarantee 1-2 levels per day, since it scaled. Sucked because the MSQ roulette was shit and had unskippable cutscenes. Maybe now it's more worth your time to plug away at the questline instead of doing the dailies, though. I might get back into this game. Friends have been discussing it. I got to max level but didn't really do endgame content. If there's a guild I'd join.
>>231066 >Somehow the bulk of people playing the game defend it >The story is incomprehensible anyways. Kinda of have to since it foreshadows alot of whats going to happen in future expansions but that honestly means nothing if the foundation one starts with is unenjoyable. >best way to level was daily dungeons Thats still how it is. >Sucked because the MSQ roulette was shit and had unskippable cutscenes And that still hasn't fucking changed, its a nightmare every other week depending on your team. More importantly you should always join the exp boosted servers for the quick leveling up. You can level two classes with minimum fuss now.
(82.58 KB 1000x1000 huh I dont getit.jpg)
>>231066 well of course the plot isn't going to make any sense if you skip most of it. Its not even that hard to understand, only problem I can think of is remembering all the minor side characters that pop-up. The hell did you get confused by?
>>231066 We don't even have to be in the same FC. We're probably all on different servers anyways and I wouldn't want to pay to transfer. If anyone here is on the Crystal DC we could run content together through cross-world party finder or even use world visit and do some treasure maps.
>>231237 They are planning on doing data travel like world travel but who knows what that means since they were very vague at what you could do with friends.
>>231368 I know but that's still a while away. Anyways I've been on Balmung so if anyone else is on there I guess we can run some content together or something. I know the server has its reputation for degeneracy but I moved here from a dead server before cross-world party finder was a thing and I wanted a populated server with fast queues. Plus a lot of the degenerates just stick around in Ul'Dah. Or if we're on the same data center we could just start up cross-world parties and queue for stuff.
(89.74 KB 1206x804 potato1.jpg)
(165.08 KB 1206x804 potato2.jpg)
(2.40 MB 1600x900 lalagobbos.webm)
(433.90 KB 1200x1046 kyuut.jpg)
Lalafell pride world wide.
(183.46 KB 403x351 not cute.png)
>>247240 >4th pic You know those things eat lalafells right?
>>247240 (((Lalafells))
any of you faggots actually want to play? im on jenova server, aether database and need new people to do whatever with.
(45.90 KB 276x183 ClipboardImage.png)
>>251027 Sure, buy me a copy.
>>251027 I would but I'm on Crystal datacenter
>>251027 >>251041 I am also in crystal >>251030 Anon theres a free trial with an expansion, you can play for 30 days all the way to level 60.
>>251027 I'm on Aether as well and play this game way too much. Post your name here and I'll add you.
>>251183 if only i knew what terrible shit i would encounter in crystal.
>>251114 Me and you might be on the same server Balmung?
>>251200 No Mateus But it doesn't mean as much now that everyone can travel to other places.
>>251183 Mereas Garlynd
(1.33 MB 1264x710 ffxiv diamond weapon.png)
(2.10 MB 1264x710 diamond weapon 2.png)
(1.74 MB 1263x710 DW3.png)
New diamond weapon trial for 5.5
(1.20 MB 1101x732 diamond dick.PNG)
>>273327 I just hope it has new phase 1 music and not the usual Big Fat Taco one.
>>273360 >Not liking big fat taco Its making a comeback for sure >>273333 Quads confirmed
>>273364 Hey don't get me wrong I like it as much as the next guy but it's lazy at this point. I think the only difference from Phase 1 Emerald was water dripping sound effects during it.
>>273435 Im always up for new music. But considering they just released a music video and it was a best seller I dont see it happening
New Trailer up
>>275944 A whole ass Live Letter too. Maybe someone else can give the rundown, I'm too tired. When even is the release date for the patch?
>>275944 Damn the new Bozja area looks as bland as the old one. Nier raid looks great but that's no shock.
>>275965 see >>230375 April 13, 2021 patch date and Ps5 release date But we know the names now of the trials and raids now Cloud Deck for Diamond Weapon. Yorha Chapter 3: The Tower at Paradigms Breach New Custom Delivery Client is Count Charlemend de Durendaire Also Unreal trial will be swapped from Titan to Leviathan Triple Triad will now possible allow 4 star cards? Im not sure don't speak moon Manderville gold saucer has new rewards coming Ishgard hold 12 Fete's (Fates) every 2 hours and then takes a break every for two days before restarting Patch 5.55 is the continuation of Bozja: Save the Queen Also New Ultimate is Knights Round >>273435 Diamond Weapon confirmed to use an arrangement of Big Fat Taco. But its not like the usual ones focusing more on the end of ultima's theme rather then the beginning.
New Nier raid is pretty fun. I enjoy the way it can wipe out the entire alliance raid but that will go away once everyone isn't new to it anymore. We used 3 healer lb 3s in my first clear of it. Havent done the new EX trial but after clearing TEA earlier this month I feel like the draught of content is going to hit quick as I don't see much reason to reclear the raid or trail since the Eden gear is better anyways.
>>284133 Is it strange that half the fun for me is the wiping.
(29.29 KB 900x441 161578745.jpg)
is there anything good happening in the story in the latest patch? i dont really like playing the game, but shadowbringers has been great story wise.
(1.31 MB 1317x741 Alphinaud sure is manly.png)
>>284163 Its scion heavy Esteinien and Dragons mixed in Arevald and Fordola are investigating the towers You've got about 2 hrs of story
(14.08 MB 1715x2000 1616585.png)
>>284177 cringe. till next patch
>>284158 No its one of the best parts unless you are trying to get the new hair style.
(221.41 KB 640x360 2_nukes_wasn't_enough.webm)
>site flat out refuses to let me create an account in my IP range Centralized live services need to be abolished and the jews that created them need to be shot.
>>284366 Honestly im quite amazed sometimes how fucking incompetent sqaure enix is at making a functioning store. >months ago >mog station refuses to let me renew my subscription >have to go to the squenix store to buy 60 days game cards >it works but is really annoying to have to go through. >the GB version is 5 dollars cheaper for some reason. >tried it recently >checkout refuses to load >no matter what store (GB, EU or US) it refuses to load. >try to log out and in again >every time I log out it just refreshes the page and logs me in. >eventually just give up and try the mogstation again >Hallelujah it fucking works when I use my phones bank id to verify. All that shit just to subscribe. its amazing this game is as popular as it is when the company is so determined to not let you pay for it. At this point the only reason I would stop playing the game is square straight up refusing to let me pay for it.
(2.00 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_14042021_040608_417.png)
You know before the trailer dropped I was wondering what happened to her, I figured the writers had just forgotten about her but i guess not.
>>284222 I wish raids were kept difficult, now its too easy. >>284366 >>284662 Making an account was definitely harder then some of the bosses in this game >You know before the trailer dropped I was wondering what happened to her, I figured the writers had just forgotten about her but i guess not. If you complete summoner storyline, you meet with her again. Arevald clearly has a crush on her.
Garlemald STOLEN. Thousands of mindslaves building a pyramid might be spooky to witness but still. The empire was our kill. It's FFXV all over again.
>>276057 >Manderville gold saucer has new rewards coming Hope they add more mounts, really liked the Turtle and the Kolossus Korpokkur. Wonder if they will add anything new to Jonathas in Gridania
>three nights in a row of retards on savages I seriously need a static, but between full time college and a full time job I am so limited. >e9 Savage >call a specific spot for tiles mechanic >know this fight like the back of my hand >actual mechanic comes around >retard redmage stands on my spot >had to adjust but missed cloud because of it >wipe >say in chat without specifically calling him out that you need to know your position, would of been nice to knowif I was fake melee >some random "Hey RDM, you OK?" >"ok" >do tiles again and reconfirm spot >he does it again, but this time kills two other people >leave almost immediately Jesus Christ, its so obvious when you get that pubbie who is use to a static. Had it happen to me again in the second run, except the lallaphel fixed their positioning. Another thing, if you dare tell someone to fix something in this game they almost always take it as a personal insult. Ive been called toxic for telling a returning player that they don't have to turn on and off their tank stance anymore. It just blows my fucking mind. I know 90% of these fucks are WoW refugees to.
Anyone interested in getting anons together on this game? An anon on sleepychan said their FC on Exodus is still active.
>>298824 >just got all my characters leveled to 80 >now find out exodus has a fc Also isn't retardera also using exodus? >>298708 >Hope they add more mounts, really liked the Turtle You'd be the only one, the spinning made people nauseous apparently >>298696 Feels bad we fight them when they're a t their peak but basically after their capital has become a shithole >>298820 > they don't have to turn on and off their tank stance anymore Don't you still have to do that for savages? Unless you want tanks to dickwave each other
>>298824 If you can join from different worlds sure, I am in Excalibur
>>298837 >Don't you still have to do that for savages? Unless you want tanks to dickwave each other Generally they do to share stacks, but I failed to mention that this was a level 30 dungeon. I assummed the returning player was playing before the tank rework.
>>298837 That's why I was hesitant about Exodus. I've heard bad stories about that place but I'd figure if we just stuck to ourselves there wouldn't be a problem. >>298844 Pretty sure Exodus and Excalibur are both on primal so you can world visit each other.
>>298849 Turns out retardera is in ultros, i seem to half remember some bad lolcow event in exodus though. >>298845 Thats not that bad i had a stone vigil where a tank clearly bought a level up and didnt use tank stance, single attacked every mob, and the monk had to take over tanking. It was funny but only cause we won.
>>298862 >fc leader >Antifa I get its a shitpost I hope, but kinda weak.
Have some screenshots
>>298862 Part of me wants to wait till endwalker and everyone new and old gets a fresh start. But starting here would be the best place to start the climb just before endwalker Then the idea of mounts, lvls, and finished side quests being reset demoralizes me. I’ll still do it >>298888 Quads confirm antifa is a weak shitpost
>>298888 Looking at more of the members it really does look like a degenerate ERP guild. Also >56 members There's no way even half that are from /v/ >>298910 I haven't even resubbed for 5.5 yet. Gonna wait till 5.55 drops with the new Bozjan content. But yeah about Endwalker, they're basically resetting the damage numbers so if you want to go back and do unsynced shit for mounts it's best to do it now because even they said that content is gonna be more difficult once Endwalker drops. I still haven't gotten the Rathalos mount which I want badly.
>>298926 What server are on? I am putting off farming the dragons till Endwalker since the stat squish won't effect those at least. The dogs and Rathalos are pretty easy though just use PF and make a farm party.
>>298926 Thano God theyre scaling back the damage. The scaling always felt very off to me. Such a massive power gap between 70 and 80 its rediculous.
>>298929 I'm not on primal I haven't even cleared the dog primal fights. I just need one more bird and it's Sephirot's. There's also some other mounts I've been eyeing like the Alexander savage ones.
>>298926 >There's no way even half that are from /v/ they are. we've been around since the 4cuck exodus
>>298953 How many are on actively nowadays?
>>298926 >I haven't even resubbed for 5.5 yet. Gonna wait till 5.55 Same
>>298956 i havent played in a while, but the fc and linkshell has probably at least 10+ people online.
>>299165 >calling me disgusting >When she's the one changing mid battle
>>298899 Garudass still the best in the game after all these years? That ass has been in game since even before ARR launched.
>>299305 ye because of the pic two posts above
(89.20 KB 528x396 1451157099287-1.png)
(88.30 KB 470x347 Garuda_FFXIV_Art_3.jpg)
(32.84 KB 341x513 datass pen.jpg)
(1.59 MB 1350x1770 heat.png)
>>299305 Of course Garuda is still the best. Always will be!
>>284872 She's in the summoner level 80 story quest, also has an entire chapter written about her in the FFXIV main site
>>284872 >>299357 I am probably they few dudes who would dick her.Probably angry in bed
(119.26 KB 720x405 arenvald.jpg)
>>299411 you're not But she's probaly going to end up with
(4.31 MB 3129x4000 must of been wild lmao.png)
>>299414 There's better anyways.
>>299467 I agree *i have a sneaking suspicion WoL and the scions will disappear after the end of the next expansion**
>>298940 I'm not on Primal either but if you want to get the Alexander mounts they are very easy to farm since raid caps are guaranteed drops per run.
>>299467 >must of Go back to school, retard.
I wonder if I should try this game.
>>299583 Theres no reason not to, well except for how boring the first arc is.
>>299414 I wonder if she let Zenos give her his BGD
>>299583 If you have time to waste it has a decent story and fun campaign but if you plan to do endgame content find a static because Party Finder will drain your soul until you are a pile of ash.
>>299716 perhaps the same can be said of all end game mmo
(695.76 KB 682x423 32617845.870000005_Miqo knee.png)
(3.05 MB 2560x1440 ffxiv_05022021_012451_591.png)
(616.90 KB 735x712 johnny bravo.png)
(2.53 MB 2560x1440 ffxiv_01022021_115756_635.png)
(78.14 KB 500x950 1438493269555.jpg)
(594.95 KB 1600x900 1425932589193.jpg)
(508.39 KB 1426x800 enkidu beach body ready.png)
(81.72 KB 1000x857 FFLTnS_Garuda_God_Artwork.jpg)
Bumping with Best girl.
>>306666 satan quads for garuda they fit
>>306666 i feel like she's a bit overdesigned, like the rest of the game. look at the design of 11's garuda. in fact it feels like they took 11's Siren and made her 14's garuda.
>>306833 To be honest i didn't play much of FFXI, Every time I try I just kinda lose interest. I have heard about their summoners getting the whole garuda which i am slightly jealous of.
>>306878 summoner in 11 can summon carbuncle, ramuh, shiva, ifrit, titan, garuda, leviathan, fenrir, diablos, and in later expansions odin, alexander, cait sith, atomos and siren. on top of being able to summon all 8 basic elementals provided you can obtain the scroll to learn each individual summoning spell, although they're weaker and mostly used to siphon MP from for a quick charge.
(10.84 KB 200x150 Garuda-Egi.jpg)
>>306890 I was mostly talking about how XIV summoners only get a egi while XI get the full model. I would show you what I mean but searching for "FFXI garuda" just gives you ff xiv garuda. What happened to Egi-glamours btw?
>>306914 You get carbuncle glamours for your egi's thats it.
>>306925 Surprised they haven't added. Too be completely honest, Summoner doesn't really FEEL like a summoner. Pets are sorta just there, and two out of the only three are viable in most circumstances. Was very disappointing once I reached 80 with it.
Oh shit the digital fan festival is about to happen There's gonna be more stuff about Endwalker
>>307611 there was a relatively recent interview in which they said that they held off on adding more egi-glamours as they want to change how summoner works. I think they have been saying that for years, but it sounds like it is going to be drastically different in endwalker.
(246.47 KB 1122x590 Reaper.png)
new job is reaper
That was the best video game trailer I have ever seen in my life I think it even topped Shadowbringers
(2.06 MB 1882x1060 reaper1.png)
(1.26 MB 1887x1063 reaper2.png)
uses the same gear as dragoon conceptually seems be similar to something like a warlock.as in there is some sort of pact with voidsent.
(1.74 MB 1892x978 endOfTheArc.png)
(2.91 MB 1890x1066 blahblah.png)
(3.29 MB 1890x1072 OldShar.png)
This is the the end of the arc and it will end in 6.0 not 6.1 or after. The game will not end and will start a new arc We will be going to the end. new hub is Old Sharlayan
(1.83 MB 1889x1069 credits.png)
(1022.45 KB 1892x1062 moreCredits.png)
(3.47 MB 1890x1065 labyrinthos.png)
(3.06 MB 1892x1068 Thavnair.png)
(3.96 MB 1890x1066 unknownAreaTeaser.png)
OLD Sharlayan was intended to be a starting city but was cut so it feels important to the devs that they can finally get to it. Trusts are continuing in endwalker. We get the meet one more of the first brood looks like we will be meeting the twins dad. About the same amount of new areas as in previous expansions. Labyrinthos is actually underground with an artificial sun and sky. We finally get to go to Thavnair. looks Indian influenced with maybe a little Arab Got a teaser of some unknown place >>309897 meant that we will be going to the moon Old Sharlayan was compared to Crystarium so we will probably get another end game hub like we have had before.
(1.99 MB 1882x1067 Garl.png)
(2.89 MB 1888x1074 moon.png)
(2.54 MB 1887x962 MagusSisters.png)
(1.46 MB 1891x1058 namingway.png)
We are going to garlemeld The moon had a very similar bgm to Amaurot Magus Sisters are comming moon rabbits beast tribe
>>309907 >FFIV content fuck you, i've been out for a year and want to stay out
(1.25 MB 1884x1065 recap.png)
(1.41 MB 1883x1060 recap2.png)
(1.13 MB 1903x1061 8man.png)
(3.72 MB 1893x1054 sanctuary.png)
(802.07 KB 1894x1067 youAreNotSafe.png)
some recap from the pervious showcase ishgard housing. available for viewing at 6.0 but no buying until 6.1 supposedly working to improve the housing crisis.
(3.95 MB 1891x1067 AlliaceRaidTeaser.png)
(2.13 MB 1891x1063 CollectorsEdition.png)
(1.46 MB 1887x1065 inGameItems.png)
dungeons please look forward to it Alliance raid is an original which will explore the 12 No physicals disks
They added the Lunar Whale mount on the optional items store right now and it's on sale
>Male Viera
if they dont add playable Yukes, Mogs or Dwarfs iam not touching it
November 23 is the release date
(5.44 KB 270x344 vieraed.png)
>>309897 Didn't Sharlayan get nuked? what ever happened to that plot point? >>309906 I am very excited to see thavnair, its already established as Final fantasy india (spices come from there). >>309894 its so fucking edgy and I love it. >>309921 > Dwarfs Lalafells are already in the game.
>>309921 >dwarfs Just be a Lalafell haha. >>309918 >35 dollars for a damn mount Yeah no way. I really do think they charge too much for many items in the mog station. Especially for a subscription based game. Friend of mine has a theory that at some point you will likely confront Hydaelyn her being a primal and all. You already fought a mini version of her, and based on the Sion's tone I feel it might be heading in that direction. Now where will they go with that I have no clue. My friend predicted that you where the reincarnation of the Ascian who summoned her. Was right on the money.
New class seems interesting, its not necromancy but I'll still take it. >>309919 Think they're feet look just a strange? >>309915 Not too excited for dungeons. They're all kinda boring too be honest with some exceptions. Would be nice to see a overhaul on how mobs worked.
(572.91 KB 781x455 dwarves.png)
>>309921 dwarves ingame are called lalafells >>310061 >Didn't Sharlayan get nuked It was only one of the islands, The Isle of Val >>309915 The only reason you'd buy the preorder is to avoid the eventual ddos at launch date >>310089 >Think their feet look just a strange? Perhaps the same can be said for all Viera >>310088 > point you will likely confront Hydaelyn pic related implies she's definitely ingame, Woman all the way at the top with the ascian mask >last spoiler text (you) didn't summon her WoL refused to help either side
>>310124 You sure? I could of sworn your WoL's ascian sacrificed themselves to bring her to life
>>310127 nope wol refused to take part give me a sec and ill find the pics
>>310133 This is what I thought it all pointed to, while Elidibus was your opposite. He was originally to be the big sacrifice to Zodiark
(1.92 MB 1317x741 venat.png)
(1.12 MB 1317x741 defector.png)
>>310127 Pic related are talking about a defector later revealed to be WoL ascian who couldn't condone the summoning of Zodiark or the civil war
>>310143 Couldn't the defector be Fandaniel? He isn't fond of either side. Or at least, a sundered reincarnations? I would find it weird Hydaelyn would choose someone who was neutral as their champion
(64.16 KB 1317x741 Azem.png)
>>310133 Elidibus was the big sacrifice but the original choice was Gaia this changed after Mitron threw a fit that he wouldn't let them sacrifice her even thought she was the most compatible. From the reading materials Elidibus was the little brother of the Convocation and often worked with the WoL to subvert the Convocation's plans. And this is shown in the msq when he subconsciously seeks you out for advice on how to proceed. >>310151 He isn't, the msq and Hythlodaeus tell you the defector was a good friend of Emet, and special crystal was created just for him, the same crystal you use to call Emet for help.
>>310161 Very interesting. Amazing how much details I missed despite being invested in the story. And I wouldn't want my waifu to be sacrificed either, despite her having 90% of her brain power in her lips
(904.41 KB 1317x741 Hydaelns voice.png)
(1.14 MB 1317x741 shadow pain.png)
(1.26 MB 1317x741 Elibdus plan.png)
>>310167 > I would find it weird Hydaelyn would choose someone who was Hydaelyn doesn't have the luxury of the choice, shes broadcasting 24/7 hoping to get the awakened sundered souls onto her side Elidbus proved this on The First when she hijacked her recruiting to create more warriors of light then she could handle to weaken her and strengthen himself
>>310169 Hmm I knew he hijacked her powers, thought he used the tower to help him do so. Didn't think she was actively podcasting due to her weakened state.
(1.73 MB 1317x741 minions.png)
>>310178 He was doing it before he hijacked the tower, remember he got those Two Crystanium guards to quit. At time everyone thought he was trying to weaken the infrastructure of the city.
>>310182 But she was already weakened, how would she be able to broadcast or power 24/7? She can't even intervene to help the WoL anymore. Although at this point, she maybe deliberately avoiding it since you're now aware she is a primal. Hell Urianger points this out.
>>310187 Because the broadcast is only her repeating certain phrases, hardly life threatening compared to the other miracles she's performed. She's not empowering the warriors of light you have to be empowered to hear her, and since the first voice you hear is hers, you naturally assume she gave you the power, and since she gives you vague hints about saving the world, you naturally assume she's good.
>>310189 I am almost certain she is the one that is able to gift the echo to hear her in the first place. Maybe I am overthinking.
>>310190 She's not she's lying thats why the ascians hate her. The ascian's are the ones empowering everyone, with each shard they destroy the remaining souls are fused together, as the souls fuse they become closer and closer to the ascians of old, and thus recover more and more power. The echo is one of them. Hydaelyn steps in and recruits them before the ascians can find them, turning newly awakened against them. In their eyes she's still perpetrating the civil war That is why Urianger is surprised because the implication that Eldibus gives is pretty damning
>>310194 Oh damn, this just made the story 10x more interesting. Even my friend who is way more autistic about the story is intrigued.
(115.61 KB 643x161 Speaker Lahabrea.png)
(2.29 MB 1920x1080 Convocation Speaker.png)
(2.17 MB 1920x1080 unknown female member.png)
(1.05 MB 1317x741 Pisces and Sagittarius.png)
(32.12 KB 859x443 FF12 Espers.png)
>>310203 The real theory being floated around is about Lahabrea Mainly that he was married to Igeyorhm, and there is just enough evidence to imply that Elidbus was their child This would explain why a man of learning (hinted in the Akademia anyder dungeon) like Lahabrea devolved into a lunatic willing to sacrifice everyone The evidence being how close he was to Igeyorhm, note that Gaia and Mitron were lovers who fused souls just like how Lahabrea and Igeyorhm fused their souls. Indicating an extreme closeness. The second piece of evidence is how close Elidbus was to both Lahabrea and Igeyorhm note the echo you get when you delve into his mind is with two ascians, one is called the Convocation Speaker and the other is Convocation member The Convocation Speaker can only be Lahabrea as that was his title. The second convocation member has a feminine voice but also praises Elidbus like one would a excellent stutdent or child The last piece of evidence is when Elidbus is defeated note that of all ascians seen so far his true form is the smallest, he's possibly even smaller then you, and ascians who talk to you all imply you're about as big as a child in their eyes. But most interesting is the crystals he picks up of all the Convocation Stones you give him, the two he chooses to pick up are Pisces and Sagittarius. Constellations that are noted in FF12 to belong to Lahabrea and Igeyorhm respectively. Congratulations (you) were beating the shit out of a child who only wanted his mommy, daddy, and friends
>>310194 Reposting because spoilers fucked up. But a friend made this counter argument. I would tell him to come here and post it himself, but after the original 8chan died he is no longer interested in doing so. The Ascians empowered no one. If the world's did overlap and the Ascians won then all current life would be destroyed by it's fusing. I'm pretty sure I remember Hades himself saying such. He wouldn't be guilty of murder because in his eyes none of the victims of a rejoining are truly alive. A little unrelated but Also they already fucked up on one world so the dream world the Ascians desired to return to was already an impossibility. Up until just recently it was implied that the world could be restored.
They likely also hoped that a revived Zodiark would be able to recover that world.
(1.69 MB 1317x741 Remember.png)
(1.24 MB 1317x741 half lives don't mean shit.png)
(1.25 MB 1317x741 a complete existence.png)
(1.41 MB 1317x741 no point in hiding it.png)
(1.99 MB 1317x741 in sacrifice.png)
>Spoiler text The Ascians are empowering people, Remember Emet's remark that you as native of the source can only gain if the people of the first died. Hades said if the Ascians won all life that have nothing to do with Ascians would be sacrificed to bring back their brothers and sisters, effectively if you're not an Ascian you don't deserve to live. And that includes a great many new souls like Alphinaud and Alisae Thats how the civil war started, a good portion of people were tired of sacrificing and wanted to respectively bow out and leave the new world to the new inhabitants The Convocation refused because, they didn't want everything they ever built to disappear I have alot more pics to find stay tuned
>>310220 But didn't they have to sacrifice to bring Hydaelyn alive? Or are we talking about the neutral group? If there was even one.
(1.53 MB 1317x741 The world was once one.png)
(1.73 MB 1317x741 Hydaelyn won.png)
(1.40 MB 1317x741 Consequences of victory.png)
>>310221 Yes they did sacrifice to create Hydaelyn, but not all primals are equal. Hydaelyn was specifically crafted to defeat Zodiark, the problem was the unintended consequences of that defeat
(1.89 MB 1317x741 Hydaelyns damning power.png)
(1.62 MB 1317x741 ur example Ryn.png)
(1.43 MB 1317x741 Divided by 2.png)
(1.65 MB 1317x741 ur example the ffxiv world.png)
(1.97 MB 1317x741 divided by 14.png)
>>310225 going back to what we said here >>310216, Ascians not empowering. The pic below is Emet explaining that if Hydaelyn ever punched Ryn she would be divided in 2, she'd look the same but she would be weaker and stupider by half. In order for Hydaelyn to defeat Zodiark she effectively divided all inhabitants and him 14 fucking times. Effectively turning a race of fairly intelligent life into imbeciles and immortals into mortals. So its really not so much the ascians empowering but them forcibly fusing souls together and hoping that the Ascians who were divided would get their power back and they did this 8 times.
>>310216 I think your friend is right the Ascians don't exactly empower anyone in that they awaken them in that they just awaken their memories. I'm pretty sure Gia Ascian mentions this at one point in a cutscene **they can't or don't manually merge individuals or else every Ascian would be unsundered. Mitron mentions that he was so hard to get to that they would just awaken another shard of his and leave him to rot. for the last point they don't need all the shards just a majority to get Zodiark back and have him do the heavy lifting. So Fandaniel is basically just moving the schedule up before it was "safe" but still possible for shits and giggles
(1.85 MB 1317x741 13th.png)
(1.66 MB 1317x741 divided people.png)
>>310216 yes the 13th was turned into a void because Igeyorhm jumped the gun, my guess was that a 13/14 of an ascian brother was still better for them then a 1/14 of a person. They were probaly hoping to fix that particular problem down the road with Zodiark's full backing Note that Emet even implies he isn't guilty of murder because you can't kill 1/14th of a person.
>>310236 >>310238 >>310243 >>310248 >>310225 Thanks for all this, now I want to play more then anything. Sadly life gets in the way.
>>310262 Lore awakens my autism >>310243 Fandaniel is probably doing it for pure shits and giggles
>Fandaniel is probably doing it for pure shits and giggles Would be pretty funny that everyone has these theories about him, but he really is just doing this for fun. I am sure some people would whine about that.
>>310409 or maybe hm being a kefka expy means that he's and not zenos will devour Zodiark
(14.08 MB 1715x2000 1616585.png)
has anything good happened since the elidibus arc? the gameplay and filler between story progression really filters me.
>>310484 basically just stuff that is setting up endwalker all of garlmald was tempered some beast tribes have joined in the Eorzean alliance some random Ascian wants to restart the end of days We had the final bit of Eden and Nier but I did not think that they were that good though mechanically the final Nier place was fun. if you have not played since around 5.3 I would just wait until 5.55 so that you can see the entire lead up to the expansion and the whole resistance/save the queen storyline.
>>310488 tempered by whom? hydaelyn?
>>310559 it is a little complicated but Zenos and Fendaniel artificially tempered them to themselves
>>310593 fug :DD
Didn't they say a Live Letter was later on tonight or am I wrong?
>>310602 Second part in about 3 hours yes
>>310603 It's been almost a month since 5.5 and it's around the time 4.55 gets released. Think maybe they'll announce that coming out this Tuesday? If not it has to be next Tuesday.
>>310604 my bad i mean 3 hours 45 min >Think maybe they'll announce that coming out this Tuesday? If not it has to be next Tuesday. They said the end of May in the one of their previous live letters so it think its next tuesday.
Rive Retter soon
>5.55 release date May 25th
(3.00 MB 1882x990 schedule.png)
When did Toshio learn how to speak English?
>>310704 it doesnt hurt as bad but it still hurts
(75.92 KB 1029x677 Soken.jpg)
I can't believe this guy wrote music while he was in a hospital going through cancer.
(6.99 MB 2560x1440 ffxiv_dx11_8TsoGn1pDx.png)
how do i get out lads
>>311184 What did you do to end up in jail?
(81.61 KB 457x105 ffxiv_dx11_asr8znl5qG.png)
(22.50 KB 414x22 ffxiv_dx11_z5eIZn3UYl.png)
(90.57 KB 458x119 ffxiv_dx11_HX9MpVdTLv.png)
(57.03 KB 460x67 ffxiv_dx11_YmJkVeGpyj.png)
>>311201 i assume this
>>310716 >car event is back Finally. Been jealous anytime I see someone with it.
(16.91 KB 480x336 1619718791298.jpg)
(36.20 KB 465x45 ffxiv_dx11_AR0kZcJfvJ.png)
(18.43 KB 406x25 ffxiv_dx11_DrS1IUCGVR.png)
afterwards i got kicked from nn and got quite a few whispers on my heroic acts
>>311206 Say you misgendered her, and thought you were engaging in erp and it went wrong somewhere. Feelings were hurt all around. Imagine thinking you were getting with a guy, and then she turned out to be a girl. She was homophobic
I'm gonna fanta into a bunny boy t. catboy
(7.26 MB 2560x1440 ffxiv_dx11_KA8RKakX5u.png)
(119.27 KB 753x111 ffxiv_dx11_8TmDKic43o.png)
(6.67 MB 2560x1440 ffxiv_dx11_158rvPPAOe.png)
niggers banned me
>>311184 actual server or a priate server?
>>311338 retail servers
>>311246 Is this an alt account or were you looking to suicide your character?
>>311361 no i was just sperging at some retard tranny. the ban is only for a minimum of 3 days, but they didnt say for how long
>>311364 I remember a couple of years ago I said nigger in shout chat in a busy Limsa and nothing happened. I wonder if I actually did get reported for it but never warned.
>>311246 Should have doubled down with how retarded trans right has become you might have confused em enough
>>311821 lalas are for impregnating
>>311824 Krile sure, none of em do it for me.
>>311821 That's a pretty good edit.
(269.60 KB 366x360 phases_of_trans.webm)
>>311209 >>311206 It's ok, the problem will correct itself. They're in phase 2.
(463.44 KB 972x798 viergin_walk.png)
that walk animation
>>229806 >matanga Matanga dijo la changa!
Mained SAM all throughout SB and ShB Think I'm finally gonna change classes and role Reaper when it comes out Also what are the initials for Reaper gonna be? >REA?
>>312142 I'm thinking it will be RPR
Sorry anon, but these FF games are way better.
>>312235 X gets way more shit than it deserves
(55.74 KB 685x800 chill.jpg)
>>312235 >You tried to post bait. >But did not realize taken on its own and if you ignore the plot holes Lightning Returns is a fucking good game. An attempt was made. I will give you that.
(380.53 KB 1920x1265 Punta_Cana.jpg)
>FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC I only just learned today that that phrase is an anagram of "Succession of Witches" and "Love"
>End of The Sorrow of Werlyt storyline
>>312235 I agree, Lighting should be featured in this expansion as a new Sion as the cool new Reaper class!
(50.17 KB 390x399 Skelpoke.jpg)
So am I the only one who thinks Puppet's Bunker is a more difficult raid than Paradigm's Breach? Like in Paradigm's Breach if you're lazy and don't want to pay attention to mechanics you can literally just follow other players. In Puppet's Bunker it felt like you had to be quicker on your feet to avoid getting hit even if you were just following others.
>>312908 >>312808 i dont get it
(57.93 KB 623x613 the last one left.jpg)
(57.92 KB 400x400 sad weeaboo.png)
>>312817 >Im the only one left
>>313029 you still have daddy gaius
>>313034 I hope they have him return in Endwalker in a significant MSQ role. Also they never really gave us a scene with him reminiscing with Nero did they? I forget.
>>313039 >I hope they have him return in Endwalker in a significant MSQ role We're going to Garlemald, we'd probably need a guide > reminiscing with Nero did they They did not
>>313034 >I have a headcanon that my character is tsandre towards him, wants his BGC. Single dads just get her going yeah know?
>>313310 >not salivating for emet instead
>>313310 Just sounds like you're a massive faggot to be honest.
(175.42 KB 1536x1024 65365c2220081614b5e543e653fed1ac.jpg)
>>313311 He dead >>313312 Nah, just autistic character building.
(4.07 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_20052021_163513_571.png)
(4.07 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_20052021_163528_341.png)
(4.17 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_20052021_164126_104.png)
(4.36 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_20052021_174628_191.png)
Kentaro Miura is gone and dark knights from all over my server has decided to hold a vigil to mourn. The lines stretched from the immortal flames all the way to the adventurers guild. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKGNXdFe6ds Video of someone walking through the vigil.
>>313818 wish males could use the female DK pose
>>313844 I didn't even know they couldn't until just now. Could have sworn I saw a male Au'ra do the pose years ago but i guess not.
>>313845 Now you know, and now that you know you'll realize its an itch you can never quite scratch.
>>313818 >video's creator probably couldn't add Guts' theme to it without youtube throwing a hissy fit about copyright bullshit
>>313869 There is another video made slightly earlier that was placed in youtube kids. god knows why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HWe-LiW6m4&t=38s
(1.01 MB 900x850 E12L36LUcAkrmil.png)
Is pic related accurate and if so how does the level cap thing work? Once you reach it you no longer level or once you reach it you can't play anymore? Is it worth playing if I will most likely never buy the game because having to pay every single month to play something you already paid for is the most retarded fucking thing I've ever heard of. I assume private servers still aren't a thing.
(218.47 KB 657x1000 1469922326134-3.jpg)
>>314442 Onceyou reach 60 you just cant level anymore, you can still just swap class and level a second one to 60 and everything available to players level 60 and below is still there you just cant go any further. I know there is at least one free to play venezuelan who leveled all the classes to level 50 (back when that was the free to play cap) and got all the primal mounts.
>>314442 Yes it is. >Is it worth playing if I will most likely never buy the game Yes, mind you the base game is a bit rough, possibly the weakest part of the game. But once you get to Heavensward expansion. From there, its a giant leap uphill. They took alot of the flaws with Relm Reborn and ironed them out. Better dungeons , story, and boss fights (Trials). This is from 50 to 60. From here alot classes really pick up in terms of abilites. Stormblood is a bit on the weaker side storywise, but the dungeons and trials are even better. Good chunk of those trials are fighting previous FF series bosses. Alot of classes get better from there. Past that trial, you're missing out on the (mostly) best expansion yet. Best story out them all, really ties things together. Not to mention, my favorite trials are all here. Its about to end, with a new one later this year. Classes feel really complete at this point til the next expansion. Criticisms I have is the normal dungeons and trials are lacking in terms of diffculty. Great if you go through them with other new players. Mobs are all pretty similar in how they behave, they're just in the way. Wish they where more unique, maybe more special abilites. Somethings are a bit annoying to grind, but not the worst. Ive already mentioned the base game issues. >because having to pay every single month to play something you already paid for is the most retarded fucking thing I've ever heard of Datacenters cost money to run, helps with the costant develeopement costs to. I don't agree with it otherwise, not to mention compared to other MMOs, you only need to by the latest expansion, which is 40$. Correct me if I am wrong. But if you don't normally like MMOs, you may not like it. Isn't guenteed but just a warning. I would just do the free trial and come up with your own opinion.
>>314450 Forgot to mention, there is hard content in the game . This is the bread and butter for me, some are pretty difficult and very satisfying once you beat them generally.
>>314442 yes its accurate, 1-50 is basically babby's first mmo, it sets the foundation of how to play the game which some faggots ignore to buy level skips and then end up in a party that has to carry them through hell. 51-60 but mostly is where the game finds its sweet spot not just in game play but in story. >>314450 >Criticisms I have is the normal dungeons and trials are lacking in terms of diffculty. You always hear that, and yet these same people will never run an extreme with you, also where were these people for the raids? Raids used to be funner because it was at exactly the right difficulty.
Man think of all the good glamour that can be used for Reaper
>>314477 ill play it but im not nearly as hyped as everyone else >good glamour dragoon gear
>>314451 Also if you can find a group that does old content minimum ilvl no echo you can do all the old content and still have it be challenging without item syncing you. I cleared all of coils and omega that way and it was a blast. Working on Alexander now.
>>314628 > I cleared all of coils and omega that way and it was a blast. Working on Alexander now. Mad Man Good on you
>>314472 >You always hear that, and yet these same people will never run an extreme with you, also where were these people for the raids? Raids used to be funner because it was at exactly the right difficulty. Hopefully with them scaling down damage, this will fix that issue a bit. My group will actually do earlier raids sync if you ask, but its rare we ever do it. I think I did Leviathan, Titan, and Thunder Daddy extremes syncd before unreal. Sadly my group has died a bit. >>314628 Hard nowadays, finding people who's scedules match up to you is hard enough. But alot of the WoW fags that are migrating are effy on the harder content.
>>314628 What server? Exodus?
>>314649 Aether. There is an entire community that just runs old content under "fellowships" or whatever it's called on there. As someone who missed out on a bunch of old end game content it's great to be able to be in statics that do that.
>>314644 >Hopefully with them scaling down damage Honestly didn't think of it like that, i hope it will. i've been craving that sweet spot for a while now
Am I the only one here on Crystal?
>>314859 >Am I the only one here on Crystal? No im on crystal but im not subbed
>>314859 Good chunk of anons here are in Excalibur.
>>314442 it's an incredibly generous trial that is basically the same as getting 2 jrpgs for free, the only real downsides are >no bank >no mount (quest requires pvp which you can't do) >no guilds >no trading or ah access >restricted chat options so you are a little closed out of the social part of the experience, granted xiv is far more singleplayer than most mmos so that might not even be a downside depending on who you are
Reminder to grind your triple triad card collection because of the mystery reward we're supposed to be getting if you get all triple triad cards.
>>315035 thats never happening, triple triad requires too much autism
>>315025 Can't start parties either but if a sub starts one and hands it over you are good to go
(154.96 KB 300x323 smug senran.png)
>>315035 >get all the cards >the ultimate reward is another card.
>>315036 There's no way I'm gonna grind them all out either. I'm curious what the reward is gonna be. It's most likely a mount but I wonder what specifically.
>>315039 see >>315038 They've all been cards so far i have no reason to believe otherwise
>>315041 It better be the fucking Exodia equivalent of all TT cards then
(30.64 KB 104x128 Haurchefant.png)
(24.71 KB 104x128 Vidofnir.png)
(9.01 KB 104x128 Heavensward Thancred.png)
(28.47 KB 104x128 Midgardsormr_card1.png)
(33.40 KB 104x128 Vaan_card1.png)
>>315043 it never is
>>315056 There's not a TT card of G'raha Tia is there? If not it might be one of him.
>>315058 Now you're thinking like a triple triader There is not a card about him or the crystal exarch so its between them :^)
>>315035 If the reward ends up being the Cruise Chaser mount I might just have an aneurism.
(777.67 KB 520x360 Db_GUsJ5xxP8V14z.mp4)
>>315066 Yeah I forgot that was datamined by some Japs If it's not the TT achievement award it has to be PvP related, maybe Feast or Rival Wings
>>315068 >>315066 You better not jinx this like that anon jinxed Miura's death
>>315070 That anon was me
>>315072 REEEEEEEE
>>315068 I really hope it's not PVP related. Maybe the new Bozja area? Please????
>>315068 Fuck that, I wanted this dude as a a mount since I first did the fight. Suffering awaits.
>>315280 I didnt know i wanted it until i saw that vid >>315114 Thatd be interesting
>>314450 you ahve to complete the 3 Crystal tower Raids to get to Heavensward. Been playing for a month on a "prefered" server. Got Ninja, Monk and BlackMage and all the craft/gather classes to over lvl 50. Fucking hate those raids
>>315318 pepperidge farm remembers when you didn't have to complete the crystal tower raids for heavensward or shadowbringers > Fucking hate those raids Those are the easy ones, shit starts getting real in 60 and funner in 70 then nightmarish in 80
any anons interested in consolidating onto one server and making an FC?
>>315072 can you jinx me into getting a tomboy gf please? also try to jinx togashi into getting off hiatus and finally continuing HxH
>>315025 >no mount No? I got the chocobo at lvl 30, grinded another mount from the casino, and got another from Jonathas in Gridania (for achievement points) You can also participate and get ones from events.
>>315341 Which server? I don't want to transfer off mine unless I know the one we'd go to is populated and anons would be online often.
>>315341 im of the other anons opinion >>315485 You can just create a new character. Hopefully we can grab some new anons and show em the ropes as we get ready for endwalker together.
>>315555 Nice quads, but where? I'd say Exaclibur but you know.
>>315610 I actually will consider it. Excalibur is a standard world so that means it's somewhat populated. Is there a preexisting FC one of you anons have on the server or would we make a new one? I checked on the lodestone and I wouldn't have to change my name if I transfer there which is good. Can we get a confirmation on how many anons are up to playing together? Reply to this post if so.
>>315610 >>315615 im down for anything.
What ever happeend to those "limited jobs" they were planning some time ago? Blue Mage was the only one to ever "happen"
>>315855 I remember they said eventually Blue Mage will be caught up in the level cap with the other jobs and become an actual job. So I guess whenever that happens they'll work on the next limited job.
>>315615 Quite a few, some who don't even go in chans anymore are in my FC, which in itself isnt ran by anons, but autistic spics. They're friendly enough though.
>>315855 They are probably going to add more one day, I heard beastmaster was going to be one of them.
>>315857 With how op it can be, i don't see that happening
>>315615 It should be much easier organizing things when cross data center travel is added. I think they said it's coming pre 6.0. You can't cross world FC or anything but we could still party up and do content.
(93.30 KB 640x147 patch 5.58.png)
>>316085 it'll need some level of coordination to pull that off and get everyone into the same party. So if tomorrow is patch 5.5 then probaly june? i dont l know im guessing
>>315875 There's no normalnigger trannies in your FC is there? I'm weary about joining an FC not ran by an anon from /v/ because they might've let in members who are reddit faggots. >>316085 It'd be better to organize before Endwalker because they're reducing damage numbers in 6.0. So before that it'd be easier to run unsynced content and help each other get stuff like mounts or whatever.
Patch notes are out. Don't have screencaps but the triple triad award is a literally card as a mount. Still hoping the Cruise Chaser isn't PVP...
>>316423 It could be a Gold Saucer reward as well. Remember the Make it Rain campaign is coming up so it could be a 3 million MGP mount.
Fuck my resistance rank is 13 and I think the patch notes are saying I have to be 15 to go to Zadnor.
>>316423 >triple triad award is a literally card as a mount Thats chuckle worthy. Wonder whats on the face side of the card
So Zadnor is pretty cool. They brought back some Eureka bosses with added mechanics. The new relic glow kinda looks like shit to be honest. All weapons have the same glow effect. It sucks they stopped designing them differently after Heavensward. Hell the Heavensward relics still look better.
>>316822 Hows the new patch
>>316824 There were some cool moments in the MSQ cutscenes. Besides that as I've already said Zadnor is nice. It feels better in terms of how it looks and the CE fights compared to Bozja. I don't think anyone's gotten to the instanced dungeon in the zone yet. Also Zadnor gives out a fuck ton of mettle for ranking up, way more than Bozja does.
(2.53 MB 1920x1080 ffxiv_25052021_143413_334.png)
>>316824 Only played the story but its quite nice, has a quest battle which was fun if a bit easy (only died once because I wasn't paying attention). its setting up the new expansion and us going to sharlayan and its doing a good job of that. still no idea how were going to the moon but it hints towards that too.
>>316829 >>316832 Worth a resub?
>>316833 If you care about the resistance content then yeah I'd say it's worth a resub. Next patch is around June/July. Though I would resub once the Make it Rain campaign comes sometime in June because you never know if that Cruise Chaser mount might actually be an MGP reward and it'd be the best time to grind MGP.
>>316835 >If you care about the resistance content I do kinda care but i think ill wait till june
>>316098 >There's no normalnigger trannies in your FC is there? As far as I know no, and even if so we would still make fun of them publicly. Even if the fc leader didnt like it, we are generally valued. Hell there is a anon who has said nigger quite a few times in the chat who got temp banned for calling someone a fag in msq, still in. I wont push my luck, but even if I was banned not the end of the world.
>>315485 >>315555 >>315610 >>315615 im currently on exodus, so same data center as excalibur. i definitely have a leaning towards exodus as some orignal anons are there in the original fc
I'm only going to reinstall this game to mess with mods. Don't see myself getting past free trial content if I manage to make it that far.
Anyone have any tips for playing RDM? currently level 51 and doing palace of the dead for relic shit. I dont really feel like a hybrid melee/caster class i just feel like a caster, is that normal?
>>321825 yes, youre just a caster only after several rotations can you actually use your melee dps, and using it carrys a risk of death if you arent careful. >>316968 wish i knew this before creating and maxing an account on crystal
(30.08 KB 128x128 milk.png)
I don't know if there's an FFXIV conspiracy/lore iceberge out there, but I'd like to propose a modest theory. Night Milk, simply, does not exist. It is in no way dissimilar to typical yak's milk, and is trick invented by the rootless Merchants' Guild purely for profit. DO NOT BUY NIGHT MILK. Buy regular buffalo milk for 1/20th the price. Ignore the merchants and their schemes.
>>328844 but i buy NightMilk to support the poor Sagahin outcasts
anyone notice a tick in players that don't know mechanics?
>>328892 Yes and they're always Miqote players.
>>328893 I've seen some roe. But everywhere feels a bit more crowded. That endwalker trailer seems to have a drawn a new crowd.
>>328899 i though it was the extended Free-trial
>finally get to the end of ARR >last dungeon is so utterly fucked by powercreep you don't even get to fight the boss feelsbad how the fuck do i find a minimum il group for old content or any group for old content
>>328910 Been noticing alot of sprouts i can't even remember a time where there was this many honestly.
>>329139 A huge WoW streamer (asmongold) has been watching FFXIV content for a while now and just said he is going to play it live. i dunno which server he is going to choose, but brace yourselves for more WoW refugees
>>332440 I used to watch the guy, what the fuck happened he loves WoW. >i dunno which server he is going to choose, but brace yourselves for more WoW refugees i think i might be safe since i chose the rp servers by mistake sucks for everyone else though.
(75.66 KB 3090x806 Wow subs keep tumbling down.png)
>>334818 >what the fuck happened he loves WoW. Lots of people used to love WoW and yet most of them aren't playing the game anymore. Blizzard has changed for the worse in every way. I dont know where the graph gets the BFA numbers from but I cant imagine the actual numbers are anything above 4 million.
>>334847 All i know were my friends disliked Warlords of Draenor were ok with legion and despised Battle for azertoh. Wasnt this expansion supposed to hint at Arthas coming back? Also friends ran to Classic and Burning crusade.
>>334818 >what the fuck happened he loves WoW. it seems that it's been 7 months without any updates for the latest exp, and microtransactions on the classic servers, people are getting tired of blizzard bullshit.
>>334847 >>334859 >>335680 WoD shit the bed, Legion had content but also shit the bed with terrible gearing systems. Then BFA shit the bed worse than any other expansion, and Shadowlands also shit the bed but not as bad as BFA. WoW previously could handle a mediocre expansion followed by a shit one, then back to mediocre, but it's had multiple terrible expansions and Shadowlands was the straw that broke the camels back and people are leaving the game en masse to the point where MMO's that were at launch complete jokes like ESO are now wildly popular and successful because they simply took those years to actually develop their game and are now competitive with what WoW had to offer. The fact that a game with such an unbelievably awful starting experience like FFXIV is gaining so much ground is hilarious and very telling on the state of WoW. FFXIV could not possibly have a shittier method of account creation, install client, and game client. Yet it's still managing to push forward based on god knows what, tranny weeb factor I guess. It's the least accessible game because of jap incompetence.
>>332440 Literal cancer streamer jesus christ That mouth agape braindead reaction channel guy? WoW refugees is fine, it's asmongold fans that really are an unwelcome addition
>>335822 Yes, it's that guy. The man whose hairline is disappearing faster than WoW subscribers.
>>335680 >7 months New record >people are getting tired of blizzard bullshit I've been tire of blizzard since Diablo3. Can't believe heroes of the storm, overwatch 1 and 2, warcraft 3 reforged wasn't enough to wake some people up >>335718 >>335822 hopefully the weeb factor keeps them out of it.
>>335920 >New record Doubt it, wasn't the end of MoP like a 14 month content drought? But MoP had the benefit of the most in depth class design of any expansion and some of the best raids. It was before the squishing and culling of everything you built over the last 4 expansions only to serve it back to later as future expansion features.
>>329028 If you are on Aether check the fellowship thing. Theres a group dedicated to only doing old content min ilvl no echo.
>>335926 MoP was like a year if i remember correctly. But i meant new record for the first patch of the expansion

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