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(232.99 KB 299x569 It_is_a_good_pain.png)
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(6.01 KB 1024x154 ClipboardImage.png)
RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress Anonymous 02/11/2021 (Thu) 22:56:15 Id:6d9fd7 No. 234876
Been playing the fuck out of RimWorld the last week for the first time. Pretty addicting so far even if I suck at it, and I wanted to see what mods people were using or even just what gameplay style you had going for ideas of things to try out. I have some collection of Vanilla Expanded mods and a medieval mod, but I'm curious what shit other anons suggest running. Please post pics of your colonies too, as I want to see how badly my own stack up. Also I've been wanting to get into Dwarf Fortress, but I have yet to dive into that because a friend of mine warned me that it was really tough to get into. Any advice for a first time player? I've recently been watching a bunch of videos on it and it doesn't seem as bad as my friend made it out to be, but maybe I'm missing something.
I had my fun with both of them and moved on. DF suffers from a clunky UI, and having to tap numpad6 47 times to select a tile, then tap it another 14 times to select another tile gets old after so many hours of time. It's faithful enough to using roguelike displays, so I guess it's cool that he doesn't have a mouse implemented(?) but it's to the detriment of interacting with the game properly. It also oversimulates events. I don't give two fucks that in the Year 207, the King Urist McSledgehammer lost his 4th row middle tooth and it threw off his combat balance causing the elves to win a significant amount of territory. The history is "rich and detailed" but when you can generate a new world at any time, it loses any relevance. Also gay relationships. And every new feature slows the FPS down even more. Even on a small fort, 200 fps feels painfully slow and it only gets worse from there. And you have to have forced migration. Rimworld does a better job at mods, effects, etc etc, but the core gameplay loop gets boring after some time. DF has the advantage of being 3D so you can make some pretty neat stuff, whereas Rimworld is just a bunch of rectangles that may or may not have rooves or turrets. Likewise, after you have walls and a food supply, you've effectively "won" the game, though at least RW has random events like those robot pods that drop in and try to kill you, and some mission/exploration objectives that you send colonists to do. I think RW is slightly better overall, but I really would regret playing either one again. RW also has a better sex mod, you can capture prisoners and make them animal breeders, for example
DF gets very boring very fast for me. A lot of the depth it actually an illusion from the text-based nature.
(1.15 MB 1024x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>234895 >like those robot pods that drop in and try to kill you I just had one of those. They set up shop next to my fort and started spawning more of them. >called in an ally to help deal with it and used incredibly inaccurate catapults to soften them up from far away >sadly Randy decided at this time to send hordes of tribal sappers at me from all sides and my slow fire muskets/rifles are getting swarmed by melee niggers >the four allies got murdered instantly, then the enemy busted down my walls where they shattered one of my colonist's spines (which I have no idea how to fix and they are now a cripple) >out of nowhere a trade convoy shows up and murders everything with bombs inside my base and sets my mostly wooden fort on fire >survive but the map is still burning and shows no signs of stopping >a heat wave has now started and temps are giving my all my colonists heatstrokes At least Randy gave me some free pugs after turning my map into an actual hellscape. >>234910 Care to explain a bit more? I'm curious as to what you mean.
(858.95 KB 1920x1040 Shit's pretty fucked.png)
(154.64 KB 1578x814 Adachi was right.png)
(444.76 KB 1920x1040 Shit's even more fucked.png)
(213.69 KB 825x952 2020-05-21_001654.png)
>>234945 >At least Randy gave me some free pugs after turning my map into an actual hellscape. Randy can actually be pretty laid back and chill at times, to the point of even becoming somewhat boring. But then - all of a sudden - he does shit like wanting to tweak with the air quality just a pinch, since breathing regular air wasn't as exciting, then slaps on a fucking heatwave right on top of that, and if that wasn't enough, there should be some volcanic winter too for some odd reason. Must've really wanted me to hit the trifecta.
>>235329 nice cuckime faces you doulbehomo
>>234910 The depth in DF is very real, to the point where it is detrimental to the game. For performance reasons and because Toady didn't seem to want to give enough of a fuck to make a good UI for the game. I've played this game for hundreds of hours (not recently) and since the military overhaul, every time I want to play again I have to relearn how the military system works and I want to kill myself. Everything else was bearable for me and I've memorized it, but the military screen, holy shit. Also, if the performance tanking as you approach 200 population doesn't make you want to quit, then the fucking terrible job interface will. The job/dwarf listing interface is so fucking bad that a fan made 3rd party app which is literally a fucking spreadsheet is considered a necessary improvement. Other than that, the world generation is quite good and each civilization has its own AI that you can ally or trade or go to war with, but you may also consider adventure mode which is a more traditional roguelike mode.
>>235335 I should warn you not to look at the catalog then.
>>235339 Ultimately, what Toady seems to want is to create a story generator, with the frills like Adventure mode layered on top either as experiments or to keep his players interested. Even fortress mode is probably secondary in his mind to his world generator. Although I guess if that were true he'd work harder on making Legends mode useful. But perhaps he doesn't care if anyone can actually read the stories that his game creates. He might just be that autistic.
>>235370 It would be quite useful as a story generator, as someone who has played many tabletop RPGs and having talked to GMs more hardworking than myself. But the stories are not output in a usable format, it is stuck in this roguelike/civ sim structure.
>>235375 There are third-party tools that make the Legends a little more readable. Irrelevantly, I thought about another sort of basic issue with the game. Toady also builds in all this capacity for modding and expansion, and then the community doesn't do anything with it. The entire Necromancer/zombie mechanic was implemented just to show off how the generic "syndrome" system can be used to, for instance, create a wizard who turns other things into animated zombies. And then the community makes pony mods. The reason I brought that up is that I was thinking that, as a story generator, the game is really good at making different stories about dwarves, elves, humans, kobolds, and monsters in a DF-like world, but not much else. But that's just because a person would have to implement his own races or animals or mechanics with their own traits and try to see how they interacted with each other, and nobody really seems to have done that on the scale that I guess Toady imagined when he made the engine, if not the game, flexible. That's probably one reason he's never worked on the UI either to simplify or even to unify it: he doesn't care about DF as a game, or he cares more about putting his time into the basic engine and what it can do rather than making it more usable. It reminds me a bit of the old NWN game that really tried to push hard the "create and host and DM your own campaigns in our engine" thing, to the point where the actual singleplayer campaign was bland and just sort of there so that there was something to single play. But then nobody used it for its multiplayer hosting features and it just became a game with a bland campaign. Most or all of the actual content in the game is just there to show off or implement the basics of some system, but has this really flexible capacity for being expanded. Except nobody including Toady is testing how extensible it actually is by generating content for it. I always assumed that Toady was relying on the community to fill his game with stuff for all that it has twenty-thirty types of stone many of which are redundant; perhaps the basic implementations he's introduced keep the community busy enough that there's not much demand for expansion among the people who can tolerate the clunky UI.
>>235380 >he never got in the NWN MP scene when it was popular You missed out. I'm sorry.
Pretty much a required mod. Been doing a modded run in a glacier biome (sea ice but with more water). Its been comfy even though the difficulty is a custom Losing is Fun
DF drastically changed between version 0.34.11 and the .40+ versions. Long story short: play 0.34.11 (with utilities). The FPS drop and tediousness of the .40+ versions lower the game's fun factor. Make sure to use Dwarf Therapist and DFhack, both mandatory utilities.
>>234945 >Care to explain a bit more? I'm curious as to what you mean. I can comment on this, both games have an amazing example that explains this very well: the Hospital. DF has this amazingly complicated body sytem with nerves and layers of fat and individual toes and the like that can all be individually affected in combat with things like a Dwarf getting a bolt going through his skull and rendering him retarded. But how do you solve health issues in DF? You mark an area as an hospital with basic furniture, ensure you have 4 different casual items supplied, assign a few dwarves to it and that's it. At that point, your involvement with the game ceases. All the injuries that can happen will be entirely random, the supplies used are on a needed basis and automatically, there's really nothing to do after the initial setup in a purely passive system. Meanwhile, look at Rimworld. The body is not as detailed, but it has enough detail that you have a variety of injuries affecting different capabilities in your pawns. You have different types of medicine, each harder to get but with better results, you have operations that you can do at will and plenty of decisions to make. Do you keep them in bed to heal faster or do you need them to work, even injured? Do you hope they can build immunity to some disease or do you amputate the relevant limb instead? Do you take organs from prisioners so you can replace your colonists? Do you have the mood to overcome the penalties? There's a lot more going there with health creating tense situations that demand your input instead of being yet another system that happens in the background of everything else. Same goes for the Military Screen. You can go to some autistic detail with schedules, uniforms, weapons, training regimes, etc. But in the end, all the tactics you can use is to select a squad and X a location for them to go there and decide on their own what to do. Meanwhile Rimworld becomes a RTT, positioning everyone individually in different positions to use cover and weapon ranges, with easier micro for more variety of options. Note that I am not saying Rimworld is inherently better than Dwarf Fortress. The thing is, RW actually knows what it wants to be while Dwarf Fortress just knows what it wants to show you. As a result, RW is better at being RW than DF is at being DF. Hilariously, the Job Menu that Rimworld has would be amazingly usefull in DF (since it's basically Dwarf Therapist in game) while Rimworld wouldn't suffer as much from having the individual job selection that DF has since there's less actors to control.
>>236339 >medicine Same shit, except in RW you stockpile some penoxycyline and regular meds and you're set for life. Neither are remotely unobtainable for a colony capable of raising money with cash crops like drugs or a dedicated furniture/tailor fag >variety of injuries I hope you enjoy your 50+ scars that add nothing of value to the game. As a cherry on top almost no apparel covers feet or fingers. >Rimworld becomes a RTT Have we played the same game? People still cheese a hallway with traps and have a block of assault rifles or SMGs behind it with maybe a dedicated sniper or two to aggro enemies from a distance.
Finally they released a mod that limits the number of raiding mobs spawned in maps. Finally I can play the game without freezing.
>>236415 >Same shit, except for all the differences No shit. You're just missing out the initial phase where you rely on Herbal Medicine only and have to buy everything else and the phase where you can produce normal medicine but glitterworld medicine is still a good commodity to buy. Meanwhile DF has every product needed something you can easily produce at all times in your fortress and used automatically because it's what's required. You don't get decide to use lower quality medicine on a Dwarf to save up for someone else. You're also missing out all the cybernetic implants and bionics you can install, as if that's not a major part of the medical system too. >I hope you enjoy your 50+ scars that add nothing of value to the game. Compared to DF, where you have far more things that can be lost in combat? Scars and worse just aren't as much of a problem in DF because you see less combat there than in RW. >Have we played the same game? Clearly we haven't. Last I checked there's sappers and mortars that force you out of your bunker into the open and every quest that requires traveling means you're gonna be playing an actual RTT, not Bunker Simulator. >>236488 Of all the problems Rimworld has, this would be the biggest one, especially when the game calculates raid points based on active pawns, giving no fucks if an active pawn is actually an elderly badly wounded pacifist. There was a mod that tweaked that calculation to something more bearable too.
>>236554 Yeah, but makes escalation very slow. It's the time escalation one, right?
>>236554 But why glitterworld medicine for vanilla operations unless you're trying to stack a few extra % on super value implants or something? Penoxycyline - you can administer, and a fairly decent doc will patch up someone all the same with herbals. >Compared to DF I would ask where this shitty meme came from but unfortunately I know already how that failed map maker dev latched on, and used DF to promote a game that frankly has jack shit to do with said autism sim. Back on topic though, back when I played DF, and it was awhile: I didn't give a shit. Someone died? Big fucking whoop. Scrape the gear from said bearded corpse and run some other pumper or miller thru my wooden spear training hall until he's superman 2.0. In Rimworld I rarely had more than ten people, and that's asking for trouble already considering how the raid rating is setup. Like you, yourself already pointed out. Also, the player, in theory at least, cares more about less people than say a fort of several hundred blops. >sappers and mortars Sappers still prefer to dig directly into your base and will as such go into side corridors like everyone else. Mortars are a joke. Three pirate mortars? Whoop-whoop. You can setup a counter battery of 10+ with incendiary ammo or even cheaper use those dedicated snipers to make all their group charge your base. >>236564 I assume he's talking about the one that recalculates the base wealth/threat point system. I'd personally recommend the prison labor mod as they technically don't count as pawns but still pull their weight.
>>236696 I had to remove it because it was in conflict with many of my other mods and they weren't working anyway. I might have to check if any of the new mods I installed have some conflict too.
(56.13 KB 1424x358 a42f62eb54c6bec2a86e525.png)
>>236698 Said list and some light core file tweaks work quite well with 1.2.2719 rev708. Proper load order is a must though.
>>236702 I prefer keeping prisoners for the animal farm anyway. It's a shame there is no random animal mutation anymore in the pawnmorpher, it was fun to turn people into elder dragons having the monster hunter mod too.
(181.19 KB 825x1839 03.jpg)
>>236743 I did try a necromancer run with the magic and classes or however it's called mod, and I did have a cult run where female captives were given slave outfits, lactating and other such fun implants, and had both nutritional and sexual uses within the colony. I must admit though I never tried changing someone into a dragon. What's the implication on haberdashery? Human skin value and stats are nerfed to shit in 1.2.
(1.12 MB 1038x634 ClipboardImage.png)
My last base before a murder blob of mech bs landed in the middle of it and killed everyone. My poor medieval fucks didn't hold up too well to a spam of minigun dicks protected by a wave of the scythe robots and I was too lazy to have them retreat and start over somewhere else so I chose honorable death by combat. I need a new suggestion for a new game. Thinking of doing a tribal cannibal beast master run if I can't think of anything else. >>235857 >ara Didn't know I needed such a thing until now. Also how do ice bases work? Lack of trees and animals + freezing to death has to be hard to manage. >>236749 >magic mod for rimworld I had no idea such a thing existed. Will have to look into that later.
>>239201 >Also how do ice bases work? Demand for constant power generation for everything to even work and lack of food are main issues in arctic biomes. >Will have to look into that later. It's called Rimworld of Magic. Just don't run too many mods with it.
>>239244 (digits) >Rimworld of Magic What is the balance like in it? The videos I watched made magic look incredibly OP.
>>239308 >Rimworld of Magic Yeah, that's it. And some of the skills are OP as fuck, just bear in mind that the mod also adds non-magic classes like assassin, ranger, sharpshooter etc. So you can have a literally naked guy with 90% temporary dodge and or damage reduction, someone using Judge Dredd double whammy like attack with target seeking minigun rounds, guaranteed headshot with sniper rifles, bows that fire like a balista and pierce multiple targets and so on. It rather makes all the psycasts a joke.
>>239663 Are any of the class add on mods worth it? I saw a few of them when I was looking it up. Also tested it with my 140 mods and didn't see any new surge of crashes/errors so that is nice. Had more issues getting Prison Labor to stop nuking my game.
>>241755 >Are any of the class add on mods worth it? Class Expansion Pack was alright. >Had more issues getting Prison Labor to stop nuking my game. That mod is even more broken than Android Tiers.
>>241755 Rimworld of Magic is pretty great but, again, OP as all fuck. Either only your colonists use new abilities and then it's a cakewalk, they spawn a classfag too early for you to have anything that counters them and it's bad times or you both have established, high level classfags and it's vietnam with critical headshots and fireballs flying over elementals, whirlwinds, psionic battering rams and undead minions. >>241790 I can relate. Now imagine trying to plan your modlist and base design to account for comfort sex slaves, sacrifices and industrial cotton picking. When it does work though, it's amazing.
>>239201 >Also how do ice bases work? Lack of trees and animals + freezing to death has to be hard to manage. It is if you're not doing cannibalism for food and trade materials. But after starting your hydroponics it becomes waiting for a bulk goods trader to buy more stone blocks and wood. Anything else is just relying on chemfuel for power gen
I've noticed most people suggest doing a killbox design for your defense, but that looks kind of boring. Anyone got some creative ideas for dealing with raids?
>>255012 Make an all-female colony, this forces psychic ships to always target men, wake the ship up with a mortar or a careful rifle shot then watch the next few raids that spawn from that direction get shredded by the mechs. Defoliator ships can also be used if they're not too close to your crops (their radius caps out at 100). Make a shield belted "combat engineer" (can even be a pacifist) and have her install and repair turrets in a raid's path to stall basically forever while the rest of your squad gets target practice with bolt-actions. Play tribal and rush psycasters at the anima tree, if you don't get the good ones on level-up, shop around at settlements. Invisibility, Berserk [Pulse], Neuroquake and possibly others can carry max difficulty runs. Make a trapped entranceway that can rout most raids by itself (try 2-wide with sandbags and traps alternating in a zigzag pattern, 1-wide would catch wild animals, wasting traps). If you're using traps install a trap safety mod because the colonists' retarded AI will eventually path into them no matter what. Install some mods that allow healing scars and restoring body parts for a reasonable cost (scar removal plus, craftable healer mech serum, edit cost in xml to taste) and man fight the raiders. Install the reusable aircraft mod and do some bombing runs. By the way, traditional killboxes suck in plain vanilla. They expose your colonists to return fire, leading to permanent injuries more often than you'd like.
>>235960 Turning off temperature for every goddamn little thing made for a significant FPS increase last time I played got to about 15 and I was on 430 dorfs.
>>235960 I take it that's pre-tranny, what was the last iteration that wasn't pandering to genderfags?
(74.54 KB 908x597 ClipboardImage.png)
I've also got a question about ranged weapons in rimworld. For example, I've got a weapon with 15 range, but a long range acc of 90% at 40+cells according to the info page. How does this work exactly? >>255029 >Make an all-female colony >this forces psychic ships to always target men Is the reverse of this also true? >Install some mods that allow healing scars and restoring body parts for a reasonable cost (scar removal plus, craftable healer mech serum, edit cost in xml to taste) and man fight the raiders I was just getting annoyed at how often my melee guys end up as cripples, but I never thought to find a mod for healing that shit. Will have to do so now. >aircraft bombing runs I clearly need more mods. >traditional killboxes suck in plain vanilla Well shit, now I'm glad I didn't make one. >tribal and rush psycasters at the anima tree How do you do that? Just meditate at the tree or something? I'll have to look it up later.
Rimjobworld is an ESSENTIAL mod
>>255074 >psychic ships My understanding is that it always targets the least represented sex, but I've only tested with all-female colonies. >range See wiki for a detailed discussion. Remember that weapon accuracy is applied per tile that the bullet travels, so a difference between 95% and 99% (e.g. excellent vs masterwork quality on a bolt-action rifle) can be massive. https://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Weapons#Ranged_Weapons >anima tree Yes, tribals can start using it on day one, no strings attached.
>>255316 Yeah, if you want to fuck dogs
>>255065 40d is the last major version that has 3D, pre military overhaul and no taverns or fruit trees or anything. There was a couple other big changes after 40d
(565.16 KB 1022x611 stop being degenerate.png)
(1005.31 KB 1380x706 2021-02-08_184411.png)
>>255316 Actually haven't tried Rimjobworld yet. Is all the rape and fucking only situated to your recreational needs or will it just keep interfering with your current work priorities?
>>263026 >Is all the rape and fucking only situated to your recreational needs or will it just keep interfering with your current work priorities? RJW uses a sex need meter to determine how likely your pawns will have sex. Do note they need to be couples to have actual sex. Most of the time, pawns just end up masturbating before waking up or during break times this also affects npcs, which they will most of the time masturbate on the edge of the map. Your pawns could also hook up for some casual sex or you can set one of your attractive pawns to become your colonies cock carousel and suck heh visiting guests for their silver. You need to designate a prisoner or your masochist pawn as a comfort pawn to actually be raped or they need a rapist trait for that. Best part is that you can disable rape or adjust the settings so they rape more often and all the degenerate shit if you wish so it can be like your favourite vanilla hentai mangoes. You can also disable the rjw pregnancy system and use another mod for it. Its also largely compatible with a large variety of race mods. Make sure to turn off std's and nympho wandering and raids if you value your colony.Those raids are brutal because i keep getting it at earlygame and nymphs cant do any work except having sex
(328.37 KB 800x608 average rimworld settler.png)
I just wish the base game had more body shapes for pawns. If I ever see a human fridge or bowlingball in my lineup they're either getting gutted or replaced.
>>263026 >cook meals >better jack off >go cook meals >oh I'm thirsty >go cook meals >might as well rape that space elf >motherfucker go cook meals >i think i'll gaze at the stars >starved to death I love all the little expansion mods that add shitting, bathing, raping and what-not but they WILL impact your already lazy as fuck pawns.
Has anyone played Amazing Cultivation Simulator? Is there anything it adds to the rimworld experience that makes it a better game?
>>267894 >rice nigger sim: autism intensifies edition I didn't know I wanted this.
(3.97 KB 333x32 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.71 KB 183x17 ClipboardImage.png)
>>267480 Even without mods slowing them down, those fucks are just retarded sometimes. I have a ton of tables and chairs all around my colony because the idiots won't bother going to the dining room I made them half the time. Even then I still get that shitty mood hit for ate without table when they decide that instead of using that table and chair 10 feet away from them, they are going to eat right where they are and then bitch about it.
(154.83 KB 1178x439 Dwarf fort.PNG)
(697.71 KB 2022x9691 Dwarf fortress average fortress.png)
(340.61 KB 750x2880 hardness in games.png)
>>267960 forgot
>>267894 >Has anyone played Amazing Cultivation Simulator? Yes. >Is there anything it adds to the rimworld experience that makes it a better game? A lot of Wuxia autism and crazy shit to do.
speaking of Dwarf Fortress, Any Recommended mods or Graphic Tiles for newcomers? Never tried it before and want to play it but can't handle its default tiles
Wasn't Toady making a steam version with graphics?
>>270348 Still no release date. Also, get it on Itch instead of Steam when it does release.
>>270324 Just get lazy newb pack. >>270348 Yes, but it will take a long time to be released.
(116.17 KB 666x396 zBdgddF.png)
(123.66 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(14.76 KB 448x240 DFG13.png)
>>270324 Phoebus and Ironhand are my two favorites since they keep a more retro display style fitting the game. Mayday is good too if you want easier visualization of stuff, and there are always more detailed ones aside from those. That said I still adhere to ascii supremacy, considering tilesets can really bog the game down on larger forts.
>>270900 >tilesets bog the game down Have you quantified this? They should make zero difference because the default graphics are still drawn from a texture that just so happens to resemble text
>>271047 Huh, yeah after searching that issue looks like I was mistaken. Guess after years of having dwarf therapist and a bunch of mods on top of a big fort I just figured that was part of it.
>>271081 The game being mostly single-threaded is, I always understood, what contributes most to slowness as a fort gets huge. There's a lot that needs to be done in a big fort, to the point, I guess, that doing it all with one processor becomes actually difficult.
>>235380 >The entire Necromancer/zombie mechanic was implemented just to show off how the generic "syndrome" system can be used to, for instance, create a wizard who turns other things into animated zombies. And then the community makes pony mods I made a mod which got rolled into at least 2 larger mods, it was just a giant pain in the ass to maintain and the syndrome system is so fucking limited that I had to constantly push what was even possible and use glitches to get anything creative to work. I quit modding DF for that exact reason, and that adventure mode AI was broken for literal years.
>>270429 >>270900 alright and thanks for the suggestions anons.
(9.25 KB 236x423 ENGAGE ME IN BATTLE.jpg)
Downloaded today. Been trying to start with naked brutality because I like hurting. Want to create a lesbo female raiden cyborg that genocides across the land Any tips aside from killing myself?.
>>271449 If you've not played before I heavily recommend starting with a larger group. Even with just a few pawns simple projects can take a while to actually complete.
>>271449 >that genocides across the land >any tips? Get a pack animal to carry your stuff around the map if you want to go full nomad. Also consider getting a buddy to heal + support your main colonist's genocidal adventures since solo colonists can have trouble doing everything that needs to be done especially when they get injured or crippled.
>>271449 Have tough, brawler, jogger and bloodlust. Nimble, quick sleeper, transhumanist and cannibal are also highly beneficial. Rapist from the RJW with hero settings on is also great fun. Modify the scenario so you start as tribal and can learn a whole lot more psycasts. High levels in melee and animals with decent levels in medicine, construction and craft are advised. You need to be able to self-heal and have a stable of attack/hauling huskies or foxes to draw fire or literally pull their weight. Learn to draw enemies into single tile wide corridors with sharp turns so you can cut them one by one with preferably a persona monosword.
>>271100 See, that's the problem. Toady makes what is supposed to be a flexible, generic, and powerful system, and it isn't. With enough feedback and developer time spent fixing that, perhaps it could be expanded enough to be useful. But since the community doesn't engage on that level, Toady just goes on adding features to the base game. I feel like over time he's quietly decided to keep pretending the game is being built with flexibility mind while only really caring about stories about dwarves and elves. Or maybe I'm full of shit since I can't read his mind. >>271449 I never realized Rimworld had actual gameplay outside of DF-like colony building.
(428.42 KB 1155x647 LISTEN HERE.png)
>naked brutality >manage to set up basic survival >randy gives a member that is literally incapable of doing anything besides shooting and research so i stick her in the backroom to research all day, ironically really useful >randy give me drug addicted pothead that has a passion for growing plants >all going well aside from a few tantrums >plague lmao >also a single naked guy with a shank >run over I don't even know how to feel.
(1.26 MB 1200x1800 01.png)
>>271968 >Anon plays the Naked Brutality start and survives randy's gifts of plague. >Meanwhile my runs constantly end with a random heatwave or plague T-thanks randy
>>272498 I think I'm fucked on this run. Winter is upon me and clothing production is going as slw as fuck. On top of that I can't make AC because mining components results in frostbite. I am truly fucked. Wut do?
(170.10 KB 350x389 Playboy mouse ara.png)
>>272680 What biome? If enough trees, make sure to stack as much wood as possible for campfires and for building makeshift shacks near or attached to digging sites to seek safer temperatures. And if enough wildlife, make a few crafting spots and kill just about enough for their hides to make everyone tribal wear and fur coats. If tundra, you're pretty fucked unless you get to stone cutting early, maybe. Snap Out, Allow Tools and Pick Up And Haul, may come in handy for getting things done much quicker and for mitigating sudden chimp outs. Tried a naked run in a boreal forest once and things would've went much smoother had I not been so desperate for a companion, that I capture the nearest pawn I see and set up all the necessary accommodations to imprison them, only for them to go berserk and beat me half to death where I bleed out in the freezing cold until game over. Requires all the RNG luck in the world to go at it alone anyway. Looking for some rabbit ears for my full-time hauler lady, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, any decent apparel mods out there?
(408.45 KB 1077x857 ClipboardImage.png)
>>272791 >clothing mods I'm honestly getting tempted just to make my own. Just downloaded pic related though so that should be fun once I tech up enough for it. Where did you get the playboy outfit btw? I have next to zero attractive looking clothing options.
(265.31 KB 1920x1058 1.jpg)
(180.07 KB 1134x961 2.jpg)
(242.70 KB 1920x1058 3.jpg)
(188.09 KB 1132x958 4.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1370x1315 5.jpg)
Anyone else here running the save our ship mod that has a project they're working on and would like to share? Been playing this save based on a pair of natural born twins for quite awhile now and I'm pretty proud of how its turning out even though I can't deny the amount of savescumming it took to make it possible. I admire the people who can just let RNG and the lack of hindsight decide the fate of their saves but I could never help trying to go for the best possible outcome I can achieve rather than throw away a save based on a fluke. I would have never gotten these two from birth to mid twenties if I let a momentary lapse in judgement dictate their death and the end of a run thats been going for hundreds of hours now.
>>272680 >winter >making an AC Go for campfires in an enclosed space assuming you have enough wood and maybe deconstruct your electric benches to get components for a heater. In the meantime you can wait for traders or just take the risk and visit a friendly faction base to buy some clothes. Also cloth has terrible stats for making clothes. >>272791 >any decent apparel mods out there? Well there's rimmu nation clothing for your /k/ommando fantasies, vanilla expanded apparel, apperello 2 and my favourite Fashionrimsta. That's the big 4 people usually go for. Anything else is from different series apparels >>273176 >Save our ship mod I need to do a run of that sometime. In the meantime, playing on a glacier map sure is slow but its gonna be on the long term and fun
(94.07 KB 722x811 pawnmorpher.png)
>>272791 >Looking for some rabbit ears for my full-time hauler lady You could try the pawnmorpher mod, at the start all you have are injections that turn them full furry and eventually transform into the animal entirely if you don't have a stabilizer but further down the research tree you get the ability to select for specific parts. I've been working on building an army of human megaspider hybrids using any brawler I come across and just keep them in cryptosleep until theres a tribal base that needs raiding.
(907.44 KB 1385x1487 VoiceRoid Apparel catalogue.jpg)
(1.03 MB 1342x570 playboy bunny ara.png)
(87.90 KB 543x512 Huntin' tomboy.png)
>>272680 Forgot fur coats and hats can only be crafted with Fashionrimsta. >>273167 >Jin-Roh Kerberos Panzer Cop Armor Actually been looking for other full body armor mods for some variety, since all there is to look at is the same old marine armor. From VoiceRoid Apparel Complete, it's the Kotonoha Aoi outfit when worn on female build. Found them on niconico's custom content and blog sites, works really well with Appearance Clothes. Using 1.0 right now, ver.1.0-1.1 had some compatibility issues with Facial Stuff and Allow Tools. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1De9vNz7JUWxk9cvISMd4QeV8LbWr_kw1/view >>273187 Thanks for the recommendations, rimmu nation's pretty snazzy. Was in severe need of hats, kinda retarded always seeing the same winter hats worn especially during summer. >>273398 >further down the research tree you get the ability to select for specific parts Like Genetic rim but with pawns. I like the idea of having select animal parts to choose from with augmented abilities, like Kuro Momotaro from one of my shonen-shit, Japanese animes. But this had some bad interaction with my current mod setup so pretty certain I'll only be able to use it after disabling quite a few. Actually I just lazily took the textures from this and another mod, resized and merged them down in gimp and overwrote my original earpiece file.
(11.52 MB 1920x1080 remove kebab.mp4)
I think I just found my favorite mod.
(864.55 KB 890x787 remove pirates.png)
(1.41 MB 1266x822 traders.png)
>try to spare as many hostile colonist relatives as possible to prevent serious mood drops >successfully capture grandfather of 2 sister colonists so managed to not completely wipe out whole family >clean him up real nice and prepare his relaunch back into the world >transport him to security force faction expecting he'll receive his obligatory baptism into cybernetics >comes back as guest >forgoes all body augmentations and is now wearing a dress Dunno what kind of hippy dippy, prog shit they're running back at that outfit now, but at least they haven't completely snuffed the dirty old man out of him. >>276343 >Because when did gun free zones ever stop the pirates from firing into your colony? I'll have to check out more from this modder, really brings out a whole new life from NPCs. Probably be installing Rimmu-Nation Weapons next.
(59.30 KB 549x480 william_penn.jpg)
>>234876 >"Nika and Blue want to fuck, so make them a bed to fuck in, faggot" No, fuck them. They can make one themselves, the lazy cunts. Better yet... "New rule for the colony! anyone who wishes a double bed must now consummate their marriage in front of everyone in the town hall before they can have a small double mattress with boxspring!"
(5.88 MB 1280x720 kang_and_his_white_queen.mp4)
>>280411 Careful what you wish for
(18.90 KB 300x300 fearless leader.jpg)
>>280416 I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate you.
(129.60 KB 700x652 wild extra thicc.png)
(56.95 KB 549x543 My new fat wife.png)
>>280411 Just throw some slapdash bed at them, wood only takes seconds to build. On the bright side when pawns desire to room with each other, that could free up some extra space to make another rec or HVAC room. And once they break it off, then they can go fuck themselves.
(1.07 MB 953x540 We_got_what_traders_crave.png)
>5+ minutes of tense battle with colonists who likely should have died avoiding death somehow >trader shows up right after and lets me sell everything I just picked off the dead fags >game crashes >every retry of this battle now ends with two or more colonists getting murdered Fucking hell I hate this. On another note, how do you fags make your money in this? I've been selling a fuck ton of Alpaca wool this run because I accidentally started an Alpaca farm. Also started looking into beer making since I had a vanilla expanded mod for it and have yet to dick around with it.
(175.63 KB 1920x1018 Unexpected colony defence.jpg)
I really love mech clusters sometimes. They just become a no mans land for raiders and other undesirables here in the arctic >>281710 Rollo's being an absolute madlad >>282386 >how do you fags make your money in this? Use your crafters to turn the alpaca wool into clothing, they sell more than the raw material. You can also grow psychoid leaf to make crack and joints with smokeleaf plus brewing alcohol. Also weapon selling was nerfed completely even if your colony made them and never used them.
>>282397 >Use your crafters to turn the alpaca wool into clothing Is any particular clothing item better to sell than others? >weapon selling was nerfed completely even if your colony made them and never used them Guess I will just keep scrapping the shit I find then.
>>282404 >Is any particular clothing item better to sell than others? If its vanilla usually a bowler hat is good for the price to material ratio. Otherwise, i think you can view the basic info including price for the item craft with the "i" info icon in the bill tab
I heard there is a colonist pop cap where if you cross it, the story tellers will start trying to end you more than usual. Anyone got the numbers required for that? Or is that bs?
>>284134 Essentially the more colonists you have, the more the game wants them dead. It's real.
(12.00 KB 852x304 ClipboardImage.png)
>>284145 Shit, after looking it up, I'm right near the critical limit according to this post I found. I should have went with Randy as he clearly doesn't give a fuck with his cap at 50 compared to the other's at 18.
>>284150 >randy tops out at 50 Ah, so that would explain every single thing that has happened in the last several in-game months, since my colony has at least 75 people and another 20 or so in cryostasis waiting for me to fill up my escape ship. Maybe I should get that sucker sent off…
(111.57 KB 752x189 ClipboardImage.png)
My colonist got both her legs blown off by some mech dicks that landed a ship with mortars on my base, so I replaced her legs with the bionic legs. I just noticed she has been not wearing boots/armor so I tried to equip some plate boots and noticed this message. Are there bionic feet required or something? Have I been torturing my colonist by having her running around on stubs?
>>285859 You can't wear boots/gloves with bionic body parts.
(2.63 MB 1920x1040 Kill Me2.png)
(120.23 KB 1577x699 Just a prank bro.png)
>>285859 Could be because equipment like gloves and boots gloves are modded so the game won't recognize them unless they're worn on flesh. There's an additional mod that addresses just that though, Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts. >Have I been torturing my colonist by having her running around on stubs? Nah, but had you been forcing her to gimp around on peg legs, simply allowing her to get dissected by the mechs would've been more merciful..
>>285908 That seems dumb. Why would bionic legs stop you from wearing shoes? >>285929 >Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to check it out. Also I feel bad for Bumper. Some colonists really just get fucked by RNG
(189.91 KB 640x400 ClipboardImage.png)
(21.17 KB 644x101 ClipboardImage.png)
(4.23 MB 653x9960 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone with performance issues try this fucking mod out (RocketMan Performance Mod). I went from some lag and crashing once every 30mins with 150-ish mods to not crashing at all with minimal slowdown when 3 traders showed up all at once. Also if anyone is desperate for more mods to try out, they released a pretty huge Mass Effect mod for Rimworld.
>>282386 making money is a bad idea the more money you have the stronger the raiders come for you
>>316134 >>316135 More like trying to get the perfect no damage outcome is going to make the next raid harder. I doubt making money actually raises overall wealth in the colony compared to a random trade caravan dying on the map or the leftovers from a siege raid
>>317040 >trying to get the perfect no damage outcome is going to make the next raid harder Do injuries count or is it only when they get downed or killed?
>>317040 >>316135 Fuck, I hate when games do that. It makes sense but if you know how to circumvent it most encounters just become a chore to deal with. Neo Scavenger did the same sort of thing (more valuable items = more enemy attention) and it was just annoying.
>>317053 iirc downed/killed colonists count more towards the point system though it gets autistic and tedious trying to abuse the system. Then again playing randy random just makes it more fun because time is less of a factor. >>317057 Time is actually a bigger factor in raid calculation compared to total wealth and population. In the first 1.5 years ingame it might be worth to keep your colony wealth and colonists count low but after that raids get bigger and mechanoids start frequently attacking.
(277.78 KB 1920x1018 Thanks Mech cluster.jpg)
(144.19 KB 480x480 aaa.mp4)
(446.61 KB 1920x1018 Mess of a glacier base.jpg)
I didn't need the top part of the map anyways. A run on glacier sure goes very long compared to normal biome
(12.93 KB 409x561 ClipboardImage.png)
>>317234 >I didn't need the top part of the map anyways Those mechs are pretty cool sometimes. I always like having them pop up in unused corners of the map. Either they weaken/take out raids or they hit traders. Regardless of who decides to show up, I get the free loot when they go.
(2.11 MB 1423x936 Early morning infestation.png)
The nerve of these little bastards, tunneling into the base, penetrating every defensive barrier and ruining the gardens. Arachnids appear to be more and more spot on with every infestation, wouldn't be surprised if they'll just start spawning under bedrooms next. Now feels like Cassy's finally found her favorite mod to bury my base with. >>317234 Guess best to leave well enough alone, until some unfortunate poor slobs stumble onto your map. But what do you do about the condition causers?
>>323622 >Arachnid Hives Is there a starship troopers mod? >But what do you do about the condition causers? Unless its something dangerous to the colony like psychic emitters, i just ignore it. Not like i have a reason to go out into the ice fields anyways. Otherwise pull all of the defending mechs into my defenses and after that try to pick off the buildings from a safe point from all the turrets. Not pictured is there also a fog generator on the worldmap that i didnt bother to clean up
>>323622 >infestation The regular ones make my dwarf fortress style mountain base games fucking hell sometimes. This game really does not want you doing that. >arachnid tunnels That is both pretty cool and probably intensely annoying. >>323693 >Is there a starship troopers mod? A quick search says there is.
>>323969 >This game really does not want you doing that. Which really does makes sense. The amount of protection you get from raids and sieges is pretty good with mountains. Only thing i dont like about infestations is how absurd it gets with spawning hives during late game
>>317234 You don't know what a long run is until you've decided to play the game like its the sims and have a run spanning decades and multiple generations.
(208.45 KB 637x358 STA.png)
(452.41 KB 635x790 Whats for dinner.png)
(2.03 MB 1703x1008 2021-02-08_180308.png)
(251.10 KB 1584x998 starship troopers.png)
>>323693 Is there a starship troopers mod? Yeah, but seems only for 1.0. Not very well balanced though as it treats attacks as "incidents" rather than raids, actually had to clip a few events due to the frequent overlap with base game and other mod events as well as for redundancy reasons. Still a lot of fun. >a fog generator on the worldmap that i didnt bother to clean up Yeah, like the ones that fuck with your electric. Unless you come with pawns that have some crazy minCT stats, just from dealing with outages during cold snaps, there's always going to be those few pawns who just aren't happy campers.
(36.92 KB 456x533 min comfortable.png)
(331.44 KB 466x607 stupid.png)
>60.8F Shit, I'm retarded. Only ever noticing the gear enhanced value, never realized all pawns had exactly the same base value until after I highlighted it. Which actually feels pretty lame now, always thought some pawns were a little more special than others.
>>324926 Some trait mods adds temperature adjustment like cold/hot lover, could be worth looking into. Would fuck stupid brains out until shes actually stupid
(807.41 KB 572x990 All it takes to woo a tomboy.png)
(816.19 KB 1294x886 Tomboy stash quest.png)
>>324996 >cold/hot lover My woman hating scientist somehow conquered the tomyboy farmer, now just need some madman to take on the tsundere gimp. Ye, was checking out Temperature Tolerant a bit but seems to have stopped at Alpha 18, though some are claiming that it's still compatible even with Royalty. Did Install two alien race mods awhile back and just noticed that they come with higher base stats in some areas. Been playing with the Ratkins and Rabbis using Faction Discovery for a while and finally captured a couple of rabbis. Today just saw that they have slightly higher base speed and mental/psychic thresholds than humans, now to just hunt for some rats. That raider truly lived up to her namesake too, being the first to die after breaking away from her group at super speed only to commit suicide on my line of fire, shame she ended up warg food.
>>325250 Dont the rabbis require moon crack or something. Been a long time since i touched that race. Ratkins are always a welcome sight
>>325250 >2nd spoiler I've noticed that when it comes to raiders I want, they always make sure to suicide themselves before I can get the right colonist in position to safely KO the idiots. Hell there was one occasion where they even managed to TK each other on the edge of the map, because a mad squirrel ran into a pile of retards armed with grenades.
>>325480 >fuck, squirrel! >toss the fucking nades!
(2.24 KB 128x128 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325590 Maybe they thought it was like the monty python rabbit? Anyway, it was especially dumb since I had that magic mod that adds custom mage/fighter classes that randomly spawn in for raiders. >One was a grenadier class or something similar if I remember right and just bombed the ever loving fuck out of the area where they spawned >Luckily the squirrel somehow managed to survive thanks to their grenades only having the power to TK >around 10 dead/downed retards now >2 surviving idiots surround the squirrel >each toss one grenade at the squirrel >looks like they are playing catch with grenades as the squirrel runs to grenadier fag >both get killed by the other's grenade and the squirrel sadly dies a warriors death I buried the squirrel in my cemetery next to my old colonists.
>>325683 Interaction between different mods is the coolest shit in the game. I remember having the Children and Pregnancy and the Vampire mods among many others and after a pair of colonists had a kid, Uncle Vlad would stop by every night and talk about creepy shit with the kid because he was the only one awake and had Nursing tasks enabled. It's a shame that mod fucks up merchant caravans so much since it's statistically very likely that at least one of the merchants is a vampire if you enable that and he will be shot by his peers when dawn comes. The way blood works there makes prisoners valuable and the blood economy quite a chalenge to maintain especially if you abuse the powers. It's kinda what the tabletop feels like somewhat due to the management side of the game. Really wish VtM was turned into a proper sandbox game already. I'm still trying to get my ultimate combination: a Nosferatu Sith Lord that worships Cthullu.
>>325708 >I checked the mod settings (it offers an option for stopping new pregnancies when you hit a certain colony size) and mine is set to "never stop," Maybe it has to do with the population control with the Storyteller? I always get a mod to increase that since base game expects you to do all the chores with less than 10 people. >If a pregnant woman jumps in one, the MedPod thinks it's a tumor and erases the pregnancy hediff entirely. Fucking based.
>>325715 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1658712035 Try this one. I used another that went through all the story tellers and created version of them with double the population before but this one is far more flexible and compatible. It simply changes the limits of the current story teller you're using so remenber to configure it after you're already playing. Says you can crank it up to a minimum of 100 colonists, so go nuts.
>>325696 Nigger, what? There's VTM mods for Rimworld now? I haven't played Rimworld in 2-3 years, how crazy is the modding scene now?
>>325736 It has been quite wild for a long time. Did you think people still played this for so long just for the vanilla gameplay? Just look for Jecrel's mods for a lot of neat content to fuck up your game and that's just the starters. The VtM in particular is pretty great. Everyone has a blood bar in their Needs, including animals. Robots get Coolant instead which acts the same. The rules are essentially the tabletop, everyone has 7 points, they regenerate a single one daily, this affects Blood Circulation in the Vanilla game, vampires naturally lose a point every day. This works wonders in Rimworld because every power you use is an extra point you're gonna have to feed today from someone else so you better have spares. On the upside, some discipline powers are amazing and after every fight you don't have corpses, you have a buffet. There's also another for the Werewolves which is fucking broken as fuck since Werewolves are some really OP shit that will fuck you up. Hope you don't get a Mestis or whatever that fucked up race is. There's also Star Wars heavily inspired in the Jedi Academy with most of those powers and lightsabers as well. You have Call of Cthullu to create cults and worship Elder Gods, make (human) sacrifices, kill non-believers and protect your colony with fish people. Then you also have plenty of other games with content there. There's Warhammer both medieval and 40K, there's LotR, there's even SS13. Try these with mods that change the world into a sort of 4X, centered around exploring and conquering new lands with dynamic factions that do the same. Oh and there's also Saferimworld which is just the SFW version of Rimjobworld so it can be in the Steam worshop. It's essentially the same thing but replaces sex with hand-holding and related euphemisms.
(521.10 KB 1706x1626 ClipboardImage.png)
(32.96 KB 640x360 ClipboardImage.png)
>>325696 >Interaction between different mods is the coolest shit in the game Yeah it is pretty cool. How are the Cthullu + cult mods. I was tempted to try them, but I have been nervous about adding more mods after I finally fixed most of the crashing I had before. >>325708 >So even if I got the damn thing working again, I would have to watch these whores like a fucking hawk There is a mod for adding locks to doors that you can use to keep people/animals away from rooms until you let them in. Maybe that might help?
>>325747 completely changes up the game, can be very interesting combined with medieval storyteller but it fits just as well with regular technology. your characters can either read/write/perform pass-time activities to keep sanity up, or give in and start worshiping the old ones, requiring you to construct places of worship, letting you sacrifices animals/people for rewards, etc.
>>325375 Planetarium, it's kind of a pain in the ass since if they don't get their fix within about a week, they'll just walk around like dazed junkies until they collapse. Until you have a refinery method and set drug schedules, there's no worries. Plus there's the chance of a temporary performance boost from doping and a pretty high mood buff when consuming in tea form so it works out. >>325708 >If a pregnant woman jumps in one, the MedPod thinks it's a tumor and erases the pregnancy hediff entirely >deep down in hell Justice Ginsburging intensifies
>>255476 But for example it restricts adamantite to mountains only, and certain things like deep chasms to them too.
Is there any way to prevent dicks from drop podding right on top of my buildings? Or maybe a mod to shoot the fuckers down as they drop?
>>332297 Try some mods, which add more kinds of roofs.
>>332297 >Is there any way to prevent dicks from drop podding right on top of my buildings? Besides mods that nerf pirates from using spacer tech like drop pods. Not really >maybe a mod to shoot the fuckers down as they drop? Theres the Rimatomics mod that adds nuclear power and defenses take advantage of all that power gen and it also features an AA gun that stops drop pods from landing in your base and forces them to drop on the map edge.
>>332424 Oh yeah, i forgot that there a roof mod that stops droppods called Raise the roof
(38.81 KB 512x512 ClipboardImage.png)
>Cold Snap Well that's annoying. >Volcanic Winter follows within minutes Well that is extra annoying. >Ice Age is right up next so all 3 are stacking Well fuck you too game. >>332424 >>332420 >>332426 Thanks. Will look into those.
(1.27 MB 1005x775 ClipboardImage.png)
>>332523 >map is now devoid of growing plants and covered in snow >move all my farms indoors >get crop blights several times (because fuck you) but eventually stabilize >Old farm area is slowly being salvaged for materials and the walls now have some gaps >notice the entire map's animals now flood my base for the stocks of hay I had blobbed up in feeders >thanks to my ridiculous stockpiles of hay, I no longer need to leave the safety of my base to hunt as all animals just come to this one area of the map for food I thought I was going to completely hate having everything freeze over, so this is an unexpected bonus.
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