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(144.17 KB 1280x720 Judge Bergan.jpg)
Best voice acting in vidya? Anonymous 02/23/2021 (Tue) 09:56:43 Id:2e4660 No. 244944
This topic doesn't get talked about often. What's a game that has voice acting you were impressed with? For me it's Final Fantasy XII. I really can't say anything bad about the voice acting in it. I mean Vaan sounds like a fag but he looks like a fag too so it fits. Cid, Balthier, Gabranth, Bergan, and Reddas are some of my favorite voices but the rest are good as well. For clarification I'm talking about English voices.
>>244944 I'm enjoying a lot the voice acting in Dragon Quest VIII, probably because they only added a handful of cockney accents on the more downtrodden characters. Jessica, Yangus and Trod make me enjoy the game much more than I oughta. Other than that, I really fucking love the monotone Postal Dude's voice from 2.
(18.61 KB 220x220 soul reaver.jfif)
FFXII did have a god-tier translation. The VAs were good too. I find the best VO work in English is when the casting director hires stage actors instead of voice actors. And if you want to talk god-tier voice acting, you have to mention Legacy of Kain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWM_Vqh8qAg Personally though I prefer when the characters don't deliver fully voiced lines. When the characters are given soundbytes that play to match the mood of their current text box, such as a laugh or a giggle or a sigh or an angry grunt, that does much more for me than fully voiced lines.
(4.59 MB 1920x1080 Todd Howard, Voice Acting.mp4)
The Mystery of the Druids has surprisingly decent voice acting.
gotta give credit to Kingdom Hearts; having Disney's own VAs as well as getting back the major star talent like James Woods for Hades made the whole thing feel authentic and they treated it as seriously as if it were a major movie release https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDo1N5q2RAA
I like Yggdra Union, or the early Hitman games. https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=tOi-hh1baYQ
Early Blizzard games, WC2, Starcraft 1, a bit of diablo 1 all have great voice acting, starcraft 1 being my favorite of the bunch A decent amount of JRPGs have very good japanese-side voice acting. Idea factory games are great for that. Dbz budokai 1 was surprisingly good, a shame most of the people involved lost most of their skill, and are leftist scum without a good bone in their bodies. James bond nightfire was good as well. Valkyria Chronicles 1 had a good dub. Atlus games in general tend to have very good dubs.
(148.71 KB 1937x1148 ichiban.jpg)
The acting, voice acting and facial expressions of Ichi at the end of Yakuza 7 was one of the best performances I've ever seen, maybe THE best I've ever seen in a vidya, period. Shit brought my emotionless autistic self to the verge of tears. >>244944 This is one of my favorite scenes in the game and also the downright most spoiler heavy one too, but it also has the best voice acting in my opinion. Its when the occuria make their appearances and lay out their motivations, in a kinda medieval, poemlike kind of way of speaking. They are the kind of "villians" where you can see that they aren't entirely bad, what they are doing actually makes sense and you really can't see them as evil, just kinda a bunch of dicks really. Their goals may have in fact been more just than the protagonists in the end who knows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndMZVhDg2DE
Xenoblade Chronicles 1 has a great dub, mainly because most of the VAs had experience in theater and/or TV shows (in this case, several old BBC programs).
(92.62 KB 636x900 1613036404370.jpg)
>>245170 I was thinking about posting it, so you saved me the trouble of bringing it up. This game's voicework gives me more respect for the British than they deserve. That, and a good handful of the English cast can be found in various other games with Brit voices, the biggest example off the top of my head being FFXIV, there's a quite large number of shared voice actors between the two games. 2's dub could've used a good deal more time to work out some kinks, mostly with Rex's yelling, but it at least gets the job done. Not quite as good as 1's, but it's still good enough for me to keep it on English.
>>245179 >>245170 Same can be said of Dark Souls. A lot of the VAs featured in them are veterans of theater and Bongland radio and telly.
(93.91 KB 496x600 OP.jpg)
>>244944 >Dubs and a correct post by op Damn! Also, DMC3. It probably helped that Reuben and Dan also did mocap as well for some scenes and immersed themselved into the roles but it came out perfectly. Probably the best voice acting bar none for action games with the minimal amount of cutscenes. >>244951 This is the most accurate post on this topic as far as the english-language voice acting is concerned. Nothing will probably surpass those games. Tony Jay's voice still gives me shivers >>245111 (Checked) Yakuza games have surprisingly good voice acting after 4. 7 was just the height of that long journey. >>245170 >>245179 If only the script wasn't so botched, fucked and retarded because some people thought it was funny to make it "sound" british but also sprinkled countless memes in the dialogue as well. It's not necessarily how I imagined these characters would talk like in english or how they'd sound but every time one of those lads pours his heart in a scene trying to make it work, the script makes me want to tear my ears off, especially because I know what the origina's suppossed to say and convey.
(249.61 KB 620x634 1612764931215.png)
(1.27 MB 1280x720 1612391291501.png)
>>245247 They're British because the game was localized by Nintendo of Europe. And you know the one European country that primarily speaks English? Hint; it's the place for which the goddamn language is named. Remember how people raised a stink about 1 being in English but not released stateside? Because NoE already did the heavy lifting, but you had to deal with imports and regionlocking to actually play the goddamn game. They sound British because they ARE, you fucking hikikomori.
(23.78 KB 600x315 nia with bat.jpg)
(1.28 MB 1102x1741 nia.png)
(143.97 KB 1280x720 Based Nia.jpg)
>>245179 >XBC2 I want Nia to swear at me.
(48.29 KB 640x480 Now it's Reyn Time.webm)
(68.34 KB 854x480 MAN, WHAT A BUNCH'A JOKERS.webm)
>>245247 I don't recall any memes from XC1 aside from Reyn's quotes and Shulk's "I'm really feeling it!"
>>245278 >the game was localized by Nintendo of Europe. Then how the fuck do they make dialogue so wooden? Matter of fact, didn't the brits who voiced it have anything to say about it? They came out sounding like nonces at critical points due to the script. To compare, OP gave FFXII as an example and it's that kind of script that fits for an all-british cast, their dialogue came naturally. >>245288 Reyn was the obvious onethough he's surprisingly the least offensive one, somehow but I remember Shulk doing some british tv references at one point as humour, that took me out a bit. The obnoxious ones are the Noppons that were localized as utter retards with nonsensical speech and every now and then some random Noppon would throw something like >I hope the Titan-pon doesn't fire his laser-pon at out village, mehmeh And I wanted to snap the fucking disc in half.
(251.41 KB 1280x720 1610778331057.jpg)
>>245296 >Xenoblade 1 dialogue >wooden Nigger, did we play the same goddamn game? Are you not mistaking some of the more awkwardly voiced parts of 2 for the entirety of 1? As far as I can tell, the few VAs who have said much about either one, seems the worse time was had in 2, since they didn't see what scenes they were voicing, and 1's cast was filled in on the story as they did their lines. As for the British TV references, I wouldn't know what you're talking about, as I'm not a bong myself. What on earth did he seemingly reference?
>>245296 >To compare, OP gave FFXII as an example and it's that kind of script that fits for an all-british cast, their dialogue came naturally. XII was done by burgers reading from a script written by someone who thinks what olde English sounds like
>>244944 The voice acting of Kreia in KOTOR 2.
>>245310 I'm not talking about that, many mistake the first few hours especialy for what I'm trying to say. I'm talking about when the characters venture out and find the parrotfucks and the Nopons, suddenly everyone starts spouting wooden shit every so often, as if they can't believe the script. It's one thing to fumble weird sci-fi terminology, it's another to sound like you can't believe what's written down and you just say it because that's what the director says. As for the memes, Shulk was snarking it up with some Rowan Atkinson lines and if anyone knows about brit telly, shows like the Big Blue Line or the BlackAdder series, have Atkinson generally be sarcastic and rather colourful with his insults, close to how Monty Pythons did sarcastic comedy. The thing is, these kind of lines are a bit too specific. Someone on gfaqs back in the day said they had some Doctor Who references but I wouldn't know since I never saw the old nor the newer(at the time) series. And since it was gamefaqs circa 2011 when I read that...dunno if I can believe that, especially when Doc Who already had a fuckton of history and the new series was already some years old by the time the localization came out. As for Xeno2, don't even get me started, that was pure fucking cancer and the localization just fucked shit up to horribly, at such an amazing degree, that Hikari / Mythra getting some naughty nylons or some bitch getting her lesbo fantasies cut out from dialogue is the least of it. Speaking of Monty Python, I was surprised I never encountered any joke or reference to them in 2. INB4 someones mentions it actually happened by some NPC in bumfuck nowhere, in a dialogue chain where they referenced the bong version of the Office or someshit >>245350 If you see the credits, it was done by something like 3 nips, one burger-nip, Alexander O. Smith and two bongs. Comparetively, Xeno2 had a full team of bongs and it came out sounding like cancer.
(91.78 KB 1920x1080 参れ、隻狼.jpg)
(252.08 KB 826x465 American Kirby.jpg)
>>245368 Sorry you guys had your chance with Xenoblade X and you messed it up. Get fucked.
>>245368 >If you see the credits, it was done by something like 3 nips, one burger-nip, Alexander O. Smith and two bongs. I was referring to the voices, which were mostly Americans https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0388944/
(111.10 KB 1491x786 EsSzDdsXcAEVTU5.jpg)
>>245368 So he references British TV by vaguely seeming like Rowan Atkinson when he makes a snarky remark? You could get to the Moon with a reach like that, pal. As for the other thing, the bird people seem less lively than previously encountered peoples, but I wouldn't say they're quite "wooden". A lot of the changes in 2's localization do not bother me because it still carries on the meaning of the original by and large. Name meanings still mostly retain what the Jap names communicate. The four guardian spirits had their names changed to other similar creatures of myth, and in the case of Azurda, it's just a contraction of Seiryuu's English title of "Azure Dragon". "Hana" just means "flower" in Jap, so in English she borrows her name from a type of flower. Really, the heart-to-heart dialogue got the worst of it, but "blushy-crushy" bothers me for every reason other than the fact that it's "moe" in moonrune. 2 just needed more time for the voice lines so that Rex doesn't sound like a faulty Formula 1 car.
(73.56 KB 227x256 fw.png)
Does Deadrising 1 count? It had Frank West. He covered wars you know. >>245296 >>I hope the Titan-pon doesn't fire his laser-pon at out village, mehmeh >And I wanted to snap the fucking disc in half. If you think that's bad, the characters in Etrian Mystery Dungeon also spout memes. They had a character legit say something along the lines of, "i have these feels. Do you feeeeeeeel my feels?"
>>244951 >>245094 >>245247 I know since the abomination that was Nosgoth we'll probably never see another LoK but goddamn I'd give anything to at least see it remastered. Hopefully no monkey paw shit.
(79.41 KB 512x1167 ff6_REtardMAKE.jpg)
(2.64 MB 1968x1818 Time Jannies.png)
>>245374 Not american anyway. I'd rather hear the original voices as intended and by that I mean even the cheesy RE dubs and such Yes, I also played Gothic 1 in with the german voice pack because I'm masochistic >>245375 Sorry, I was refering to the localization, not the VA-ing. >>245385 Not in his style, the exact same remarks, they're way too specific. Something like : >Reyn says some stupid shit that is way out there like "If I had to guess, I'd say the Monado can separate even the souls of people" <And my guess is a brain from body seperation, when you touched it. > Name meanings still mostly retain what the Jap names communicate. Oh you don't wanna go there with how despite the names being localized, a lot of things went way over the viewer's heads because the localizers missed the script's original intent. The fucking "Blushy-Crushy" made nearly caused me to choke my buddy when he was playing it. >>245389 I'm so sorry anon. At least those smaller titles I got to enjoy them in nip-only, without friends pestering me so I was spared the grim details. >>245399 It's for the best anon, it's better for LoK to just rest its weary bones. Hopefully the only thing in the foreseeable future is some brave anon making the controls for some of the games a bit more smooth via fanpatch. >Hopefully no monkey paw shit. It's nu-SE, it's all about monkey paws thes days.
>>245409 >pic 1 Took me forever to realize those were ghosts, I thought it was a big splash of water.
>>245409 What version of ff6 is that and why?
>>245434 It's a meme making fun of the arbiters of fate from FF7 Remake you dummy.
(353.35 KB 1273x1575 EsdwwzvU4AEDqh0.jpg)
>>245409 2's h2hs aren't as good as 1's, but I do have some problems of my own with 1's more missable ones that are admittedly separate from the translation itself. But I use the same begrudging excuse for both; it's optional. All in all it's far from the worst localization I've seen, better than many would claim, but still leaves a few things to be desired, no doubt.
(59.22 KB 600x300 you're dead haha.jpg)
>>245399 >since Nosgoth >forgetting about Legacy of Kain: Fuck you, vampire
>>245807 That was cancelled anyway anon, so things were kinda safe until you remember that Nosgoth was originally THAT LoK's multiplayer mode
(4.90 MB 480x360 September Song by Tony Jay.mp4)
>>245247 >Tony Jay
>>245247 > It probably helped that Reuben and Dan also did mocap as well for some scenes and immersed themselved into the roles but it came out perfectly. Daily reminder that reuben, dan and johnny were all power rangers aswell. >>245399 Imagine a world were THQ nordic bought the rights to LoK.
(55.64 KB 640x477 RL Dante.jpg)
>>246093 I know anon, they were part of my childhood Reuben doubly since he was also in a cameo in Beetleborgs because Saban fucked up and used old japanese footage that had Reuben in it Fuck it, too lazy to even dl the vid : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mnj2mmpk2A
>>246112 > 2005 was 16 years ago no...
>>246148 >>246112 >2005 is old enough to have sex with Nice
(8.04 MB 540x360 Emperor's Speech.mp4)
>>244944 Maybe not the best, but the speech that was written up for Mengsk's character seemed spot on with how he would move forward with consolidating his Dominion after genociding a planet.
>nobody mentioned Joshua Graham

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