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(6.63 MB 854x480 movie480_vp9.webm)
(93.42 KB 791x477 ClipboardImage.png)
(31.71 KB 393x296 ClipboardImage.png)
Binding of Isaac Anonymous 03/06/2021 (Sat) 15:43:54 Id:52a008 No. 253920
I've started playing Binding of Isaac again for the first time in years, and it appears there's going to be a new expansion soon, to include the Antibirth content and much more, called Repentance. Did Edmund McShillun ever fix his mistakes with Afterbirth+? Stone fatties were fucking terrible, the new final boss was lazy as shit, and portals spawing stone fatties was horrible. I regret ever giving the faggot money, and vaguely recall distateful things about his person outside of making this game. If stone fatties are still in this new expansion, it won't even be worth pirating. The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth cheat sheet lists a couple items as bugged. Is this the case for the latest version of the mod, or is the cheet sheet out of date? The wiki also lists both of these items as unused, but it lists the psy fly as unused as well, while the cheet sheet does not. Antibirth is no longer being supported by the modders and the last blog post was in December 2017, promising an update. The modders are currently working on a new "final" official expansion to BoI.
Last I check, Antibirth was put on hold because of repentance going official. >Did all the annoying shit with Afterbirth+ get fixed Stone Fatties/Portals I've heard Portals replacing spawns was SIGNIFICANTLY nerfed for floors below Womb, and additionally there have been tweaks to the per floor spawn table.
>>253920 I haven't played in years but I think stone fatties can't hurt you which makes them not a problem. They can bodyblock you at worst.
>>253920 >the new final boss was lazy as shit Delirium? It was fine, actually I enjoyed the fight. What don't you like it about it? >stone fatties They are not really that hard to avoid. The one that was a pain in the ass was The Bloat specially in greed mode.
>>254051 >but I think stone fatties can't hurt you which makes them not a problem. They can bodyblock you at worst. On their own they're nothing, but combined with another enemy, they constantly push you around, block your shots, and push you into shit. Sometimes they're easy, sometimes not. But the absolute worst thing about them was when they spawn a ton of stone fatties from portals, making it nigh impossible shoot at anything without piercing. >>254220 >Delirium? It was fine, actually I enjoyed the fight. What don't you like it about it? You don't find recycling the old bosses and adding zero new animations to be incredibly lazy for a new "final" boss? It's been a while, but I don't think there was any animation even for it teleporting. It was lazy as fuck. >Bloat I recall him being easy. Haven't fought him again yet. Can't you just constantly bait him into ineffectively using lasers over and over, just like Monstro 2.0?
I tried to play the Binding of Issac once and I remember absolutely hating it
>>254260 Because of RNGesus or other reasons?
>>254260 Same, I tried to play it because of normalniggers on the internet screaming "d00d its literally just like Zelda," only to find a janky roguelite twinstick shooter trash that looked and played like a low effort flash game. That was the original version of the game and not any of the revisions. Actually, I'm pretty sure the first version literally was a flash game.
>>254266 >Actually, I'm pretty sure the first version literally was a flash game. It was. The Zeldo comparison is just because of the room shapes. That's all it shares with it, other than references.
>>254265 It's hard to explain, I really didn't like how it played. The movement felt awful and so did the combat. From what I remember, the projectiles were extremely slow and there was a weird inertia to moving. I only played it for two hours or so mind you, so if there's anything else I wouldn't know.
>>254271 Projectile speed is a stat, which can be raised with the items you find. The inertia to moving is normal, but it's an understandable reason to dislike the game when compared to many other twin stick shooters with sharper starting and stopping movements. Movement speed is also a stat that can be raised. Stats can also be lowered if you get shit items.
>>254253 >You don't find recycling the old bosses and adding zero new animations to be incredibly lazy for a new "final" boss? That's the point. Dellirium is supposed to be Isaac's final thought before death, have you ever heard the "my life is passing through my eyes"? That's exactly what going on there. I didn't like it either during my first run, didn't think it fit into BoI lore at all but after watching the ending cinematic it all made sense. Plus the boss music kickass >even for it teleporting Yeah, that was cheap. I can't recall how many times that fucker killed me by teleporting right in front on me >I recall him being easy The problem are the lassers. It took me a while to understand how they work. I mentioned the greed mode because sometimes happens that there's a bloat out of your sight and you are running from a Chub or a Gemini, accidentally passing in front of his sight and getting hit. I
>>254267 Some minor consequences of the room layout, too, like bombing walls to find secrets. It's been so long since I played it, though, I forget if you actually do that or not. It's incredible what happens to the human mind when it gets old.
Tired of this game and how many times they re-released it. It was one of those games where you either get bad RNG and the run turns into an unbearably slow slog or you get good RNG and you snowball everything and destroy the game. I'm also kind of a big fan of 100%ing games and TBOI is an absolute bitch to do that in, since you need to repetitively do the exact same shit with every character numerous times. Spelunky HD is the only roguelike I've truly enjoyed.
>>254539 >roguelike Roguelite.
>>254539 My real problem with 100% Issac is that I felt like I had to go back and do it again once I'd already done it but a new expansion was released. I got around that by not giving a shit about the new content, which worked out pretty well for me. Sure, I played the game a ton even with characters whose gimmicks I hated, but since I'm pretty bad at games in general it was clearly just a matter of getting the right steamroller combination going.
>uninstall Wrath of the Lamb expansion and the even shittier newer update >golden god unlocks for no reason when starting the game >the whole game feels far less cancerous now Has there ever been a good expansion to the binding of isaac games?
>>254646 Antibirth
>>254529 >It's been so long since I played it, though, I forget if you actually do that or not. Yes you do. Every floor has two secret rooms. One secret and one super secret. Secret is usally surrounded by as many other rooms with normally accessible walls as possible, and super secret is only adjacent to one room, never a special room, and often near the boss room. >>254646 >>254708
>>254539 >It was one of those games where you either get bad RNG and the run turns into an unbearably slow slog or you get good RNG and you snowball everything and destroy the game. I feel the item pools might need readjusting in some cases, and there needs to be more synergies with low level items.
>>254760 I think there are WAY too many useless items that just give one heart, or just adds range like the Mom items. Those tend to constantly clog up my runs' item pools and ruins the game for me. Whereas, if you find a Brimstone, you win.
>Game updates >Still has major bugs it had since 2014 I just want the fucking speed to stop changing. The issue appears to be caused by physics being tied to an unlocked framerate, causing the game to speed up at random. Looking it up, people keep saying to enable v-sync, and possibly turn on triple buffering, and it's not fixing shit.
>>255045 Nevermind, it was the opposite. Vsync needed to be disabled.
>>254539 >>254795 I would say it's more like to know how the different power-ups work together. You can get Tech 2 or Brimstone but if you take the piss then you are fucked up, even you can take a power-up that can override your other effects making you useless. The first game depended far more on RNG. >>254795 >useless items that just give one heart, or just adds range like the Mom items If you are playing as Isaac then the range is not really a problem but If you are playing as Azazel you need that range as soon as possible.
(25.08 MB 1280x720 Binding of Isaac review LQ.webm)
(740.77 KB 326x326 mildy_perturbed_sponge.mp4)
Now the fucking game is lagging to hell, even though it was working perfectly two days ago.
>>257261 That's one of the main problems of the game - Even though it could (and technically should) run on low-end computers, it lags like hell because of how badly optimized and coded it is.
>>257422 But my computer isn't low end, it's mid-tier. I was actually having issues with it running too fast not long before this. Now it lags out heavily even in the menus. I've tried fiddling with the settings and making sure it's using the right graphics card to no avail. Next step is to try fully uninstalling and reinstalling it.
(147.38 KB 500x410 Rage 3.png)
>reinstall game >Game runs fine again >Play a single run >Go back to main menu >Game lags out again MCMILLEN
>>255214 Range doesn't work with Azazel like that, you should know that (unless some mod fixes it). Your brimstone range is static.
>>261277 I could have sworn it got slightly longer the more ranged items I got. Probably just my brain playing tricks on me.
>>261284 I think there's a few items that do increase the range, but it's not based on the range stat
There is one thing that never seems to stop being satisfying, and that's getting an item combination that completely breaks the game. >prize bombs >sack head >D20 >double charge I ended up getting such a broken combination of items that I ended up on the void level and cleared every room in seconds because I had gotten so many range up and tears up pills, and just kept rerolling items for more golden chests because why not? I ended up with the host hat, mega bombs, fart bombs, and all I had to do is just hold down the fire key to spam a stream of bombs that wiped mega satan and that other boss. I probably could have dried up the entire item pool if I hadn't used a blank rune that lost me my D20 after I picked up monstro's tooth by accident (rerolled pedestal items).
>>265797 That's the lottery aspect of Isaac (and the larger genre of heavily randomized multi-run games) in a nutshell. You keep playing because every once in a while you get a ridiculous power combo, have a lot of fun breaking the game with no effort, and very likely you don't actually ruin the game for yourself when it happens because next time around you're the Keeper and get health items and then Lemon Mishap. It's a little bit like what keeps gacha players playing, except that no money is involved and it's the gameplay that you're rolling for. My favorite runs were always the ones where I got some combo that let me have a screen length's worth of followers tagging along. Even if a lot of them were useless, it was a nice visual indication that the run was probably a little broken.
>Let's do a daily run! >I wonder what it will be this time. >Oh cool it's the Lost with D4, I haven't unlocked the Lost yet because it's fucking RNG bullshit >Also I have literally never seen D4 on any runs. >survive until I get to the treasure room <oh fuck it's charm tears >reroll >get stats up & shuffled and charm tears turns into sissy spider >time to go get fucked by the boss on the first level >room just before it had mulliboom and it was a narrow corridor that I couldn't get past it because I was too fucking slow >die to mulliboom Fuck you edmund, you killed me as the lost with the thing I need to fucking start unlocking the lost.
>>258360 >>261229 The problem clearly isn't the install, it very rarely is for any game, either your machine is doing something else in the background while you're playing or the game itself is given to lag spikes, likely only the dev is fixing that. Outside chance it's using all your resources in which case sic BES process limiter on it and knock it down by 2%.
(122.39 KB 222x367 more disappointed.png)
(10.66 KB 150x171 34897447.jpg)
>removed double steam sale shops again >nerfed shops >nerfed maw of the void, guppy, book of the dead, cracked crown, dark bum and other once in a blue moon fun items and synergies >nerfed the fucking lost >nerfed devil deals >buffed soymilk >added rooms and puzzles that force you to take damage <yeah I just needed to balance my single player game New final boss is cool and a good challenge and the new music is alright But this nigger can't make a dlc without fucking His game up.
>all characters now have alternate versions >separate post it notes for said characters God dammit I thought the 500+ hours of content was bullshit.
>Keyboard has ghosting problems >Can't move diagonal down-right and shoot at the same time Started over, but managed to clear heart with Ludo+Brim, that was easy. I can't stand controllers and I can't seem to rebind keys. What do?
The new boss is destroying me. Any tips? I feel like I just need a good run to skip phases faster.
>>275831 Which one? I just beat nu-Mom and I'm about to try the other route.
>>275833 Nu-Mom. I only got there 3 times now but the last time I got there I had a horrid build and died on the ball she hurls.
>>275866 I've only done it once so far. Haven't played much. Definitely use Azazel first if you aren't already. He's the easiest. https://invidious.himiko.cloud/watch?v=4zJX3ptkuOI Phase one seems to have two dangerous attacks. A knife throw from one hand with a long windup animation. (0:04) Going to the other side's corner seems moderately safe but you might get caught sometimes. The other is a tracking attack where you have to move up a bit when it starts following you to dodge it. (0:35) The person in the video moves like a crazy person, you shouldn't have to dodge nearly that much. Next phase starts with her puking brimstone down at you. (1:04) First attack in the second phase has clear beams of light as indication. (1:09) If you avoid the light lines, you'll be fine. Second attack (1:32) just run somewhere else to avoid the suck, then move again to evade the spit. You can go behind her or whatever. Spinning shit (1:41) is in my opinion the hardest attack of the entire fight. There's no choice, you're going to have to get as far away as possible and just dodge it. I can't think of a way to cheat it outside of having the right items which is RNG. Try and stay as far away as reasonably possible in case she starts up that attack and try not to get cornered. Circle around the side if you have to in order to get out of the corner. The charge thing that happens after that is whatever. It has an indication at the wall she's coming out of but I never catch it and usually get hit by it. I don't know if she always charges the right first or just where you're standing. Anyway, it's two charges and then a center AoE. (2:29) I guess one indication is that she goes up and off the screen first, I'll have to watch for that. And that's basically it I think?
>>275907 Oh ok I'll try with Azazel. Do you know if it's possible to get the Home area completed and the alternate character in one go or do I have to beat Home first?
>>276021 You can get the alt character on your first attempt. The chest is available before the fight.
>>276076 Cleared it by using Azazel with the devil room item that's a 3 charge temporary brimstone and it worked really well. Thanks for the tips.
There's way too much shit to keep track of, the alternate floors and paths, and things like how new Mother is considered the end of a run, but then there's also Cathedral/Sheol into Chest and that sort of thing. Or the new area Home and Dogma and the Beast. That seems contrived to reach, but also it gets confusing with runs ending after random paths, it's dumb
>>276149 That's feature creep for you, as it applies to the perpetual-updates modern video game development scheme. Things have to be made intricate to appease the most vocal social media/Steam voices (usually the most dedicated players) so that middle managers can show their bosses evidence that they're doing what the players want, which should result in more sales. It happens in non-commercial games too, though, especially ones that are fighting to keep their current user base rather than trying to attract new players or appeal to the ones who don't spend as much time with the game as the longest runners. The gamers who've stuck with a game the longest are the ones who've already done everything, and if the base game's mechanics aren't engaging enough then they need new experiences to keep from getting bored and quitting. That's sort of like what's happening with SS13. I mean, it's not inherently wrong to want to keep your most persistent players happy, but it's easy to lose perspective chasing what the vocal minority wants or what the dev team thinks is what they want.
>>274622 >this nigger can't make a dlc without fucking His game up. I fucking called it >>255277
I'm having fun. The biggest problem with the DLC isn't so much the bosses or the item changes, but rather the floors. The level design is decent, with flight being even more overpowered than usual, but the monsters kinda suck. They aren't very fun and don't feel totally fair, even if they aren't that hard. Remember how gay the bone throwing skeletons felt before the update? That's how like half the new enemies feel now. Especially the vampires that shield things. Like yeah, you can get past them all and it's not too "difficult" per se but it isn't very fun. I can't wait to do the completion marks because then I won't have to do these floors again. The traditional path to the real final boss is smoother.
>>276341 >don't feel totally fair You mean like ragman, the bloat, and the adversary? Fuck ragman, that boss is so out of place and to get him on the first floor is ridiculous, to make it worse he always seems to be the first boss for characters with only 1 point in damage. And just fuck the bloat and the adversary entirely.
>>276381 Adversary isnt that bad, you just stand diagonally from him and you can avoid his brimstone. You dont have to move unless he makes spiders
(244.71 KB 400x200 565756654764567.gif)
>>276334 >not wanting to be a part of mcniggers 15 dollar club means you are bad >you'd rather play the free mod with no changes to the base game? but mcnigger needs that money
>>276388 Yeah unless you've got curse of darkness or the fucker makes it dark and then I can't fucking see where he is. I wonder if I'd actually be able to see it better if I just hook up a crt again.
I've never fully understood the appeal to games where whether or not you do well is almost entirely dependent on forces out of your control
>>276341 Yeah I feel the same way after getting the true ending. But it could also be because I am so used to those enemies patterns that they don't bother me anymore and these new ones just need to be learned. Fuck those whip guys the most though, jesus christ. I really like the true final boss and getting Alternate characters isn't too bad as long as you have a way to get out of Depths 2 boss room early since finding a trinket to place in an item room just comes naturally. Does anyone know if you can do the regular route but skip the first floor of the new zones and still get the knife? I feel like that would make things more manageable having to only do 3 new stages instead of 6.
>>276452 It's so people who aren't good at games can feel like they're good sometimes because occasionally they'll get good RNG.
(1.86 MB 2287x2382 best_girl.png)
(27.65 KB 134x165 Cut_Boss_Maid_in_the_Mist.png)
(14.23 KB 128x138 Cut_Boss_Raglich.png)
(13.71 KB 129x119 Cut_Boss_Clutch.png)
(6.29 KB 187x27 ColoredDestructibles.png)
This DLC is such a fucking joke. Why Big Bonies no longer shoot giant bones that explode on impact? Where are Black Knights, Vessels, Corpse Eaters, Carrion Riders, Lunatics, Necromancers, Exorcists, Nightwatches, Screamers, Strifers, Swappers, Coils, Stillborns, Dumplings, Skinlings, Scabs, Fissures, Blind and Echo Bats from Antibirth? Why the Mausoleum no longer is segmented into two areas? Where's the puzzle area in Mausoleum/Gehenna and why did the third knife piece got removed? Why The Witness/Mother no longer has laser/brimstone attacks and why the fuck is the room where you fight her so fucking small? Why did the Maid in the Mist got replaced with Min-Min? Why didn't they finally add half black hearts and colored destructibles into the game? And who in the fuck thought that it's a good idea to make the game less fun by nerfing stuff in a fucking PvE game? I appreciate all the cool new pickups, beggars, machines, items, alt floors, bosses and alt characters, bad items being slightly buffed, and Maggie's new hair but I just really can't understand all of this cut content and lazy and boring changes that they've made. At least best girl is finally in the game.
>>278894 This doesnt have antibirth content you imbecile
(423.53 KB 850x890 Minigirl bottle opener.png)
(379.92 KB 1920x636 Antibirth homepage.png)
>>278894 Now that I think about it, Edmund and Nicalis cut some of the content and changed it because they were salty about their own audience creating a better DLC/expansion than them or they're just seriously that incompetent. >>279454 >This doesnt have antibirth content you imbecile What did you meant by this? Repentance was made literally just to integrate Antibirth content into the game as official content. If Antibirth didn't happen, I doubt that we would have gotten anything decent after the clusterfuck that Afterbirth+ was. Pic related was taken from Antibirth's website just now.
Holy fuck I hate the gimmick of the twins characters.
>>279898 The tainted version is just one of them but is constantly chased by a dashing spirit every room
>>279898 I'm not even touching them until I do every other character. Unless there is some gimmick I'm missing they seem like pure cancer and not fun.
>>279929 They are pure cancer and not fun.
They're probably the last thing you unlock so I think they're supposed to be the hard mode character.
>>279929 They would be more fair and challenging if you could somehow control both at a time, like Meepo from DotA
>>279790 Not canon - if this were the case then how come the soundtrack isn’t good like Antibirth’s was? please tel me theres a way to change it
>>279968 More like obnoxious mode. Yeah it's difficult but what does it matter if it's also annoying?
>>279977 True, it isn't very fun to me but no doubt it's harder.
>>279974 Mudeth is making a Mod for his OST apparently nicalis tried to steal the rights to the entire album and he wasn't having any of that
>>279986 I hope there’s a way to incorporate the mod without needing to give up the ability to unlock achievements and stuff. In-game achievements, of course.
Everything I hear about Nicalis is shitty but the only information I can find about it comes from retarded places like Kotaku. At the very least they're probably assholes and try to jew everyone.
>>279991 If the standards from AB+ still apply, sound/graphic mods shouldn't disable achievements. Only items.
>>279992 I want to know why Isaac gets a free pass on having scat everywhere, toilet humor, and diapers, and if any other game did it, they'd get blacklisted from /v/
>>280006 Because you're supposed to find it revolting you dipshit
>>280006 1. Because it's a good game (the RNG being the only gripe, McMillan's jewry aside) 2. Because the toilet humor is not fetishistic and is supposed to be a trait of Isaac's own humor and storytelling (he's a little kid)
>>280025 >Isaac's own humor and storytelling Isaac isn't the one telling the story, though. It's his dad, which was confirmed in one of the endings and Edmund himself
>>280029 But Isaac is the one making the drawings all over the game (the game start screens, for instance) where poop and so on appear. Isaac liked to draw, and we can see that as his life went to shit the things he drew got more morbid and that's probably when the self-hate and scatology crept in. But I guess the shit might've been present all the long because kids are dumb and like toilet humor.
>>280305 I think the scat content is just par for the course for McMillan, a lot of his older work showcases disgusting bodily fluids alongside other edgy shit (for the 2000's, anyway)
Greed mode always feels like pure RNG to me. You get around a hundred coins and if the right things don't spawn then you get shit on by the boss, which takes like 10 minutes to kill. It's worse than Hush or Delirium by miles, I swear. And then you get to do the whole thing over again because you never found half price items, the right devil deals or the right dice/duping/breaking items.
>>280372 I usually end a greed run if I don't have anything good by the end of the 2nd floor.
>>253920 >webm 3D Isaac looks like a funko crap
>>280372 >>280382 Okay, I played greed mode again and I think they nerfed the shit out of phase 2. Phase 1 takes an eternity to kill, but 2 has probably a third the HP or something. It's easy now. Just gotta tough it out for phase 1 and you win.
>>279898 Fuck me I just tried the Jacob and Esau challenge where everything is doubled (doubled enemies, bosses, tears etc) and they are by far the worst fucking characters in the game. I thought The Lost was bad but holy fucking shit. The fact that both characters have seperate item pools, seperate stats and health but control simultaneously is absolutely pants on head retarded. If one dies they both die. What a fun fucking mechanic. Yet these fuckers expect me to get all the completion marks with the twins? Fuck. You.
>>281845 I honestly could not imagine any other way of winning as them against bullet hell bosses like Delirium or the blue baby bosses without some form of shielding. Your best bet is getting lucky with your drops and becoming an insta-killing machine.
>>281845 B-side Lost has the Holy Mantle taken away.
(50.57 KB 540x540 1608316700332.jpg)
>>281902 Just don't get hit? Also the B side Lost has the best item pool in the game since it removes all the things worthless to him.
>>281949 >Just don't get hit? That works for every character.
(261.25 KB 551x491 32872.png)
>>281949 >>281903 >just get good at the rng dlc you spent 15 dollars on >>>/cuckchan/
I just bought the DLC for the sole reason that it's somewhat more convenient than pirating. Get fucked, internet thieves. :^)
>>282249 >supporting a developer you like by rewarding their hard work is somehow a bad thing
Man you guys suck shit, I unlocked Godhead when Isaac came out on vita which meant no holy mantle, not even spectral shot. Stop sucking shit and git gud
>>282702 So you got lucky with your runs and didn't get useless health up or range up or shot speed up items? Good for you. Meanwhile the non-faggots with bad luck such as myself will be over here.
(16.75 KB 300x305 supermanhmm.jpg)
>>253920 >Binding of Isaac I have chronic suicidal clinical depression. Am I correct in assuming that playing this is probably not a good idea for me?
>>282782 Only if you care about the story like a fag.
>>282782 Only if you have a bad relationship with your parents or were bullied as a kid
>>282784 The story is like something a melodramatic angsty teenager would come up with, or a 30+ year old liberal fatass.
>>282782 if you think having bad runs several times in a row might fuck you up mentally then don't to it.
>>282769 <Y-You just got lucky Get good fag
>>281184 I had thought that Phase 2 didn't have the special damage scaling armor--that thing that that makes Hush take forever to kill almost irrespective of your ability to deal damage. But if the wiki is right, he does still have it, he just has about 70% as much HP. Maybe that was changed in a patch, but I don't know.
>>283139 Do a Lost playthrough all the way at least until you reach It Lives while only taking objectively shit items. Record it and post it here if you're such a badass.
(264.20 KB 600x506 43asd8ressdw475.png)
>>283139 >cuckchan nigger complaining about fags not paying for McMillans 15 dollar club >get good fag
I'm glad that at least BOI fans can laugh at Super Meat Boy Forever.
>>282785 >Only if you have a bad relationship with your parents or were bullied as a kid As opposed to every single other anon?
I really doubt Binding of Isaac is going to awaken anything in you unless you're really, seriously at the border of killing yourself anyway. It's not even remotely edgy, it just looks weird. You won't realistically feel any different than you would playing Zelda, emotionally. Oh, and about Greedier mode. Either the superarmor is turned off or something is weird. I did another run, this time with Bethany with Mom's Knife, and the first form took probably 100 launches to kill and the second form about 4. I'm not sure if this is a bug but phase 2 was hard nerfed somehow to the point of being irrelevant.
(176.77 KB 500x460 Ow_the_Edge.png)
>>282782 BOI's plot and theme is really just standard edgelord shit wrapped up in a gross aesthetic. If you're really concerned then you could play Spelunky instead.

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