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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)
Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id:a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
>>212686 Again anon, I really cannot say it here at this time at least. I'll say its one of the lewd boards (probably one of the less degenerate ones imo), but there's a specific reason why I can't, its not related to anyone currently in this thread, but its a personal/social risk to me
(17.30 KB 104x186 Mark.png)
>>212553 >I just wanna get my finger on the pulse of if we should fuck with things so to speak Oh boy, Mark is going to do a thing!
>>212688 >personal/social risk to me >on an anonymous imageboard You're either really identifiable or you're too cheap to buy a VPN.
>>212529 GG is fine. Once in a while something wildly off topic comes along but when it does it gets called out and requested for deletion. Leave it be, if it ain't broke don't fix it. At most, I would suggest bringing back 4am/ blog/venting threads. That should help. As of now its mostly going in GG and Friday threads but just Friday isn't enough and it takes more effort to post of you don't want to go through all the "what'cha doings"
>>212529 I occasionally posted in the GG threads, until around last September when the US elections started. The same thing for me 4 years ago too, but that's beside the point. There has always been a balance between the politics and off-topic posting, but lately the general discussion has raised to uncomfortable levels. I think being more harsh on the "Keep it to vidya" - with corruption, censorship, vidya, anime and art as the guiding lines for what is off and on topic. Lately, the off-topicness is understandable but going back to the main points of GG is not a bad thing. An example of the topic that should not be in the GG thread are the elections - this is perfect for /pol/, as neither of the guiding lines are present in this case. The topic is extremely relevant and needs its discussion, but not the GG thread. Starting to enforce a slightly harsher moderation is what would probably work best, with regular feedback in mind. Delete posts that are either ABSOLUTELY off-topic and see what works from there. Not only this, but posts trying to derail should be removed too, just as the posts seriously going into discussion with them.
>>212765 Additionally, the spam is really going at it lately. Some strong moderation for those ones please.
>>212529 The thread is fine as it is. There really isn't a whole lot of /b/ content there, and separating the culture war from politics is a bitch. Hell, with Biden taking more active steps to ensure compliance with the party line, it's outright inseparable. You can't really say politics isn't culture war if politicians are picking culture war sides to support and actively policing along those lines - remember drawing pepe gets investigated as a hatecrime now.
>>212617 >>212619 Ah fuck, most of the large companies and corporations shilling for BLM this year escaped me. As did the last email campaign to Nihon Falcom over NISA's faggotry. That does certainly complicate thingsl I can only imagine what things would have been like if LeagueForGamers had taken off before ResetERA did following NeoGAF's implosion or what else companies would have done had Trump certifiably won on Election Night instead. >>212618 There is Trajan and Hometown being listed in the current threads' OP but there's barely any buzz surrounding them. Operation Rainfall was said to have been successful to some degree at least, so if anything jumpstarting those wouldn't be a bad place to begin pushing back against SJW/marxist influence in gaming. I've had a couple things I've been meaning to suggest shortly after the election craziness had died down, then both the virus and the outcome if that little show really made things turn on their head. What happened to /pol/ after kamfy and 8chan as a whole after Tarrant and co were really heavy blows. I'd say that in the future would be to find and consolidate any anti-leftist minds and voices, especially those displaced after the 8chan shutdown and get them on reliable and alternative online platforms. More anons specifically will be needed to repopulate boards like /pol/, /8diamonds/, /pdfs/, etc. Create (or even hijack) information repositories and online wikis like infogalactic and another site that I've had my eye on when it launched relatively recently. There's quite a lot to be done and anything worth a damn won't be easy, worse yet, won't be cheap either-especially with the mass deplatforming going on if certain parties are really, really dedicated. Still, for all my gripes about Acid, him and Codexx maintaining this site is a good first step. If only the other sites in the webring were bigger, healthier, and more cooperative like in 8chan's golden days.
>>212529 It's all so mind numbing and I want everyone involved in this office politics tier faggotry to be suffocated with a pillow.
(98.47 KB 702x800 life_advice.jpg)
About all I'd really suggest is outright threshing posts that have no archive, usually ends up some tornigger posting shit from 2 years ago with barely any relevance to the thread. If it isn't fresh and some nigger presents it as fresh just fucking wipe their shady lazy fucking post history.
>>212529 Off topic posts are fine unless they become a shit flinging contest, which in the end has the same effect as spam. If the only options are banning of off topic posting altogether or leaving it the way it is tho, you should leave it as it is. For instance, poster 1 posts gaming news about how (((they))) pozzed another game with globohomo/trans/whatever propaganda. That's fine. Poster 2 then mentions different examples in other non vidya related parts of society. Also fine. Poster 3 starts engaging in arguments about what counts as pozzed in vidya in his opinon. Fine too. Poster 4 argues that poster 3 is parts of the problem for not including something, or including something in that list. That's where I'd start consider moderation. If you moderate any sooner you're going to cripple GG threads, since they've always been part political shit flinging. Well, not always, but ever since GG stopped being a big thing anymore.
(686.41 KB 1120x588 Samina.PNG)
>>212658 >that pic Not surprising coming from Samina.But GG hasn't really done much aside from archiving for years now.
>>212529 Either officialize it as the off topic thread and let whatever happens there happen. Or discuss with the comunity a HARD LINE on what is 'on topic' and what is not and autistically enforce it. Any half measures is worse than the alternative
>>212611 >can you read what I posted before anon? I did, it's a bunch of fucking nonsense that I already pointed out.
>>212529 Ban the red-text fag that keeps direct linking jewtubers.
>>212765 >>212529 I think the political stuff might get better after all the election stuff is over and individual OT political posts are OK but some of it probably could just be moved to /pol/, but only political discussion that doesn't even touch on gaming/animu/tech/entertainment. Possible exceptions would be important breaking news of some kind that practically begs for discussion. Generally I think you and the rest of the team tend to do a pretty good job of moderating the GG thread. The main problem is off topic discussion but actual intentional derails, mostly by niggerpill but also by others who have their single issue wonk that they just cannot stop going on about.
>>212663 because there's enough content for a thread but not a whole board?
(486.60 KB 639x1152 mark_transparent.png)
>>213143 /v/ is a fucking dead board and this whole fucking site is dead, all that is left is the ni/GG/er general. Hey Mark I know you are fucking here so why not actually making sense of what I say instead of banning me for the 8th fucking time even when I did nothing wrong. The ni/GG/er thread is kept up and continues to be kept up because its basically marks number-one circle jerk where his 5 little fanboys along with him under 2-3 vpns go and jerke each other off. The thread has high activity because its the only active thread on the site but even so its not enough to make /v/ not appear to be a zombie-board running on fumes so mark inflates his pph and userbase even though no anon in the webring fucking buys it. No one actually believes this board is alive and no one actually likes you mark. No one will stop hating you but if you want anons to hate you less than you should kill the ni/GG/er thread because #gamergoyim is a dead fucking movement, its been dead for over half a decade. Gaymergoyim died because it went from /pol/ and /v/ doxxxing journo faggots and ruining their lifes to muh ethics in video games journalism, it should have never evolved into a movement filled with obnoxious e-celebs but of course you wish you could have become one of those e-celebs don't you mark. Just except it, #gaymergoyim is dead, and fucking move on with your life already cakekike, maybe stop jerking off to cp.
(34.86 KB 526x350 d1.jpg)
>>213167 >dolphinpedo is still this mad
>>213170 At least back in the anon.cafe /r9k/ days he produced OC. Now it's just kind of pathetic watching him regurgitate the sentiments of julay and /tv/ like some autistic little kid following around what he perceives to be the cool kids. All that ddosing, all that reporting, all that time and energy invested into trying to be an imageboard super villain and this is what he amounted to, a retarded lapdog for an IRC cabal of e-celeb obsessed teenagers. Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting too old for imageboards when I realize I'm interacting with literal children.
>>213167 >Just except it Are you a nigger? English is my second language and even I don't fuck up like this.
>>213223 Its a tornigger, what did you expect
>>213229 Probably or just underage, either way as >>213186 said, this is getting tiresome. Feels like there's little place left on the internet for folk like me. Blatantly underage and/pr teenage-style posting should be banned on sight. These retards who think that they are cartoon supervillains le-epic trolling 8chan should fuck off already. I don't see this problem nearly as much on other smaller IBs. Mark and Acid are retard magnets.
Start handing out 2 hour bans for anyone that responds to niggerpill or obvious bait. You just solved 99% of shit-posts with that one policy.
(1.06 MB 720x412 DRL.gif)
>>213167 >torpedo
>>213284 That may not work 'cause you can just evade bans.
>>213288 It will work on those who are too retarded to ban evade, which likely make up the majority of those who respond to bait. Those that can easily ban evade will still be slightly inconvenienced. Every time retards are raiding or niggerpill is sperging out I'm more annoyed by the dozens of posts talking about how he's sperging out or actively responding to /tv/ goon raids than the bait posts themselves.
Don't just delete posts responding to bait you stupid kike. Delete the posts that acknowledge the bait and give niggers posts to respond to and latch onto.
>>212529 Keep the GG threads as a mixture of /pol/, /v/ and /b/ The people complaining are not actual users or probably shill who after killing OG8chan don't want people to talk about that shit anymore. A genuine poster who wants to talk about vidya can go in any other thread or even make one himself, why going to the GG one and bitch about not being strictly about vidya? What do you want to talk about in a GG thread in 2021!? Fucking Anita!? Or Zoe Quinn and "depression quest"?
>>213481 >The people complaining are not actual users or probably shill who after killing OG8chan don't want people to talk about that shit anymore. You're a dumbass. >What do you want to talk about in a GG thread in 2021!? Fuckery in the industry. If you think the threads are fine, then whatever, but this argument is fucking retarded. Just fuck off to /pol/ if your argument is <b-b-but there's nothing else to talk about .
>>212658 >That Pic How's that thieving commie faggot doing?
(93.57 KB 1920x934 1611182937351.png)
(383.68 KB 3565x295 1611186773862.jpg)
I know this is off-topic but I found this so funny I wanted to share it anyway. Qtards are not taking the inauguration well.
>>213608 Oh, and if you don't understand the relevance of the first image, they nuked the entire board and locked thread creation. Dozens of pages of threads, gone. I honestly think the Q movement ended today.
(610.92 KB 1344x2634 1611184118318.png)
>>213616 I like this Pillow guy. Wouldn't like him in charge here, but its nice to see someone make a argument as good as that.
>>213613 They archived most of their old threads and are back at it now.
>>213639 He's likely here already, at least I hope he is.
>>213481 >What do you want to talk about in a GG thread in 2021!? Journalism, SJW in greater gaming, anime, "geek culture", or tech, localization, minor culture war & /pol/ discussions that doesn't take up the entire thread. There's still plenty of these news constantly coming out. Instead it's been getting more and more droned out by blogposters, lewd posters, bait, and election/american politics. To make it clear, I don't really want the GG threads moderated because Mark is frankly terrible at moderating and more often makes problems worse instead of better, and there are many bad actors and D&C agents that want to moderate GG threads for their own agenda but they have been shit on 8chan.moe for a while. The balance of /v/, /b/ and /pol/ was far better back on 8ch/8kun. But nowadays that balance has gone completely out of wack.
>>213639 >>213673 I have a suspicion who he might be.
>>25719 why are there ip blocks towards certain countries?
>>214034 Russian faggots would snitch about this site for hosting lolishit in the past and fucked with the hosting services here, so they blocked Russian IPs as a safeguard. Dunno abouyt any others though.
(1.17 MB 2589x1067 censorship.jpg)
I wonder why my hitman censorship thread was deleted?
>>214034 Russian IPs are banned because the Russian government tried to ban 8moe's former registrar/CDN/anti-DDoS (I don't remember which one) company from the entire country if they refused to make Acid delete /delicious/ and /tot/ and ban loli/shota porn from the site. A lot of shit happened and 8moe's clearnet domains went offline for some days, but in the end Acid moved to another company (CloudFlare, which is big enough to tell Russia to fuck off), recovered the domains and struck a deal with the hosting company in order to be able to have the loli/shota boards in peace (the deal was to block direct links on these boards and other parts of the site so it becomes harder for niggerfaggots to snitch the content with others). Kraut IPs are banned because they have a similar record of bullying companies for hosting loli porn, even if said companies aren't subjected to their gay laws (just like Russia). Israeli IPs are banned because there was a chance that the faggot who snitched the site with the Russians was a literal kike. Some Tor end nodes are banned because some faggot used to spam CP everywhere, but I think the ban was lifted.
>>214383 Does 8moe really used cloudflare?
>>214317 Please respond I just want to know what I did wrong.
>>214317 >>214394 Mark and co delete whatever they feel like.
>>214317 What was the OP? If it was extremely short, ie "ITT: censorship in Hitman" or something like that, it probably got deleted for rule 7.
>>214393 Yep. Funny how it ended up being less retarded than the "pro-free speech" options.
>>214395 >>214399 Got deleted because he was a turbo sperg >>214401 People turned against Cloudflare because they dropped the original 8chan, but can you blame them? I wouldn't want to be associated with the pigfarmer either.
>>214426 >I deleted it because he was gay lol Get a job already and free us from your incompetent reign.
>>214034 This. I want to ban all of Russia from my timeline. t.EdSnow
(649.58 KB 4108x2124 cow autist doodles.png)
>/cow/ spergs still assblasted >Even as we're creeping closer to the one year anniversary of the death of julay What the hell is wrong with these retards >>213167 How does it feel knowing that you got trolled by a fat kike, a 2hu loving autist and some literally who that avatarfagged as pikachu once? You will never get back at them, and You're making look acid and his nigger fetish look tame in comparison with your insane posts >>213608 Wasn't there a Q drop just now, how trump has supposedly taken over the military and is ruling as some sort of a shadow president or something?
>>214393 Yeah but we set the site up to make it strictly optional. We can dump CF at any moment or they can cuck out whenever they want. We just figure their shit is free so why not add an extra layer.
>>214662 /cow/ and /japan/ are birds of a feather, the webring would be better off without either fagging shit up. They introduce drama where there is no need for it, and tengu is trying to expand his reach and influence on every webring imageboard at the moment. The dolphinnigger is also really deserving of a knoose.
>>214864 You are part of the problem, faggot. Nobody gives a shit about webring drama here.
>>214870 Then why did Acid join 8ch to the webring? He asked for it.
I never see Julay-related drama outside of this thread. I have to wonder if they themselves do it
>>214662 >image Is Dolphin one of those spergs? >Wasn't there a Q drop just now, how trump has supposedly taken over the military and is ruling as some sort of a shadow president or something? No idea, but Q is probably just Jim at this stage and I imagine he's desperately clinging onto the userbase. 8kun is done if they leave.
>>214880 Julay drama doesn't even show up in GG threads anymore thankfully, so it at least it seems properly contained here.
>>214034 >>214383 not from russia yet i still can't access the site
>>214383 >Israeli IPs are banned because there was a chance that the faggot who snitched the site with the Russians was a literal kike. your BO is a literal kike yet i can't access this shithole of a site from my country lmao i'm probably the only from this country who is even aware about all the drama that there was a year ago and still kept with it
>>215117 >literal israeli kike kvetching about being blacklisted Get fucked rat.
>>215124 careful now gentile don't bite the hand of your master
>>215171 Solve yourself, yid.
>>215171 I'm not getting anywhere near your shit smeared hand kike. You can bite a bullet along with your entire species faggot.
>>214034 >>214383 I didn't even know we implemented IP blocks. When did this happen?
>>215234 When the Russian government got us booted off our old CDN, as far as I'm aware. Blocking Russia (which has crazy strict loli laws), Germany for same and Israel because fuck Israel was I believe part of the deal with our new one, but this is all just hazy memory and hearsay
Yo retard, you need to get a vol who's active at around this exact time (4:00 AM EST). I'm noticing that Niggerpill has been striking fairly often at this hour -- he's probably aware your stupid kike ass is asleep so his spam can last longer.
(45.90 KB 700x684 75107501.jpg)
>>215390 It's pretty amusing how all the nigger can do is lash out at random and spout bullshit that has nothing to do with the posts he's replying to.
>>215390 There's CP on the fucking catalogue right now. This site seriously needs some fucking mods for this time or its not going to survive this shit.
>>215529 You'd think there'd be at least one bod around, especially at times like this when assholes are clearly trying to get people/sites purged.
(29.97 KB 680x558 screaming.jpg)
>>215543 >>215390 Yeah Acid needs to have round the clock global vols and /v/ by itself needs round the clock vols all its own.
(18.44 KB 229x300 s-l300.jpg)
>check the webring after 6 months >8chan /v/ at 94 PPH IT'S ALIVE!
>>216505 We have a meta thread nigger.
>>216505 Surprisingly /v/ has seemingly only gained users. I remember we were at around 120 users at one point, we're currently at 310. We've almost tripled in size and I'm not sure how, I don't know where our new users are coming from.
>>216668 Maybe the 8kunt explosion finally helped! yeah right lmao
To the nigger who just spammed >WHY ARE YOU BANNING ENTIRE COUNTRIES Learn how to use a VPN you dumb nigger, most of the conventional one's for normalfags haven't even been banned here yet cause autists like you are too retarded to use them. I'm surprised you could even use TOR.
Just a reminder that the faggot spamming the board with butthurt, all-caps threads is a literal Israeli kike who is mad that Israel is IP banned from this site. Reminder that Germany, Russia and Israel are IP banned from this site because their loli laws disallow our content. Reminder that the JIDF are rat faggots.
>>216677 >>216682 I'm not fond of the geoblocking myself, but I understand why it's in place.
>>216682 He's able to post via TOR, I'm not even sure why he's mad.
>>216684 Maybe it's a speed thing? who the fuck knows
>>216683 If they people in those countries couldn't legally access the site anyways then you're doing them a favor by forcing better opsec onto them by making them use tor or a VPN. In this case of Israel they should be blacklisted on the basis of crimes against humanity regardless of their faux countries laws. >>216686 Your kvetching gives me unrivaled pleasure kike. Soon we'll see your lands carpet bombed out of fucking existence and wipe your race off the face of the earth.
(11.32 KB 200x256 200px-American_McGee.jpg)
>>216690 I don't even know what that means. Is that what passes for offense in your desecrated desert you unholy gremlin? You sound like a fucking sand nigger.
>>216694 you think you're brave?
Why does the captcha keep getting tripped?
>>216717 Guess they decided to strengthen captcha due to niggerpills at this time of night.
A global needs to clean up /b/.
>>217021 >faggots being faggots in the drawthread Not that unusual. It even feels like a pasta
is there something like 4chanX for lynx sites? Image hover don't even work
>my post asking about if retarded posts are normal or D&C was deleted Something's starting to fucking stink, I'm sure of it.
>>217062 Yeah it's called write your own custom JS nigger. Image hover is retarded bloat anyways.
>>217065 >proper access to images on a fucking imageboard is bloat Don't you have something better to do with your saturday you living piece of shit
>>217066 >proper access to images Image hover is not proper anything. It makes unnecessary calls to the server when you randomly hover over shit you didn't even want to see. Either way if you bitch at codexx on /site/ he'll fix it. This site actually has active developers so you don't need to depend on some retarded addon to add and fix your retarded bloated features. I wish it was never implemented just so cuckchan subhumans like you got annoyed and fucked off though.
>>217072 <b-b-bloat Advocating that features get removed is fucking retarded.
>>217078 I never advocated for a feature to be removed you illiterate monkey. Figures cuckchan retards aren't capable of basic reading comprehension.
>>217081 >I never advocated for a feature to be removed you illiterate monkey. True, but image hover is hardly bloat.
>>216505 More than half of the PPH here comes from GG + meta threads, but yeah, that's nice.
(201.60 KB 745x554 1604604166409.png)
How does one make custom CSS?
>>217111 Intradasting, now I wonder how I can apply an external font to my board
>>217111 Thanks
>>217107 Right click > Inspect element (or whatever is named in Chromeme browsers) >Style Editor > find Yotsuba_b.css > save > edit the shit out of it (use the element inspector to know the name of every element) > paste your shit on the CSS field of your local settings or upload the .css file in your board settings (if you're a BO) >>217117 Only online fonts work as far I know. You can't use fonts uploaded on >>>/res/ yet.
>>217103 The board growth seems to be exclusively located in that fucking thread, as well. I really wish it was pushed to its own board. I really don't like the fact so many open Twitter crossposters are here.
>>217136 > I really wish it was pushed to its own board. The site's too small for that to be worth doing.
>>217161 Not true at all, it would have a PPH in the double digits. For an imageboard as small as us that's fairly decent.
>>217117 >>217127 Fonts can be converted to Base64 and embedded in CSS. Alternatively, it can be hosted on the site itself by making a request on >>>/site/ with a download link included. >>217062 Please file a bug report on >>>/site/ which includes your browser version and an exact description of the problem and how to reproduce. If you can provide an image or video of the problem in action, that would also help.
(82.48 KB 1239x758 TheJewStrikesAgain2.PNG)
(41.56 KB 1237x356 TheJewStrikesAgain3.PNG)
>pics related were deleted Mark, you best have a good fucking explanation for this, and it better not be "muh derail" like the fucking last time; just like then, these were very much on-topic and were talking about things related to the OP.
>>217107 Are you the BO of >>/vapor/ ?
>>217712 No. I'm just a curious anon who wants to experiment with making custom CSS and thinking of how to make them resemble classic Mac OS and Windows XP
>>217710 >why did my schizo shit get deleted who knows
>>217712 That would be me >>217722 Shit anon, I too want to make my board look like classic macOS. California is one kickass font.
(60.55 KB 245x289 ClipboardImage.png)
Why is the Microsoft thread getting anchored so soon?
>>217736 >California Or was it called Chicago? >it was https://fontsarena.com/chicago-flf-by-susan-kare-robin-casady/
(16.66 KB 512x384 wm7-kotoeri1.gif)
(41.63 KB 726x519 sqlabPX.png)
(174.90 KB 1024x768 bootrom-01-jpg.847821.jpeg)
>>217741 My concern with the classic Mac OS theme is that as far as I know Chicago doesn't have japanese characters.
>>217732 >criticism and insults are schizo shit <this is a Tornigger saying this
hey cakekike, was this guy >>217828 really a mod? Some anon's(myself included) thought it was rather odd behaviour for a mod to do and we can't find evidence to support his claims. >>217859 >>217883 >>217993
(2.93 MB 406x412 /v/ for vidya.webm)
>>218008 Nope, just gave him a 3 day as well for impersonating vol staff.
(2.85 MB 1197x992 High_Chaplain_Erebus.png)
>>218029 >for impersonating vol staff Sorry, which rule is this? Just for archival sake - I know you wouldn't ban someone for a made up reason. Or maybe this falls under the blanket rule 8?
>>218047 I think banning a guy for impersonating moderators is one of the more reasonalbe things for the cakekike to ban someone for even if it's isn't a hard rule. The guy was most definitely a shill/faggot trying to start shit since he made claims that users were mass reporting a guy for having an unpopular opinion(that didn't show up in the board logs) and implied that anon's get banned solely for disagreeing with the /v/ hive mind or upsetting the status quo(in the sense that if you dislike x game or like x game the mods will ban you for that alone).
>>218060 *if it isn't
>>218060 >>218061 I understand your concern, but it is quite a slippery slope if new rules are made up on the fly and people are getting banned for them. Either add "mod impersonation" as a rule here or don't ban for it - simple as.
>>218070 >>218070 The only place acting as a mod should be done is ITT. Ergo it was offtopic, thus spam
>>218070 Ok, but the guy was spreading disinfo with clear malicious intent. I see your point and agree, but it seems like this response would be more deserved for a genuine cakekike fuck up. "pick you battles" as they say.
>>218070 >slippery slope >on cake/v/ in current year >>218047 > I know you wouldn't ban someone for a made up reason At first I thought this was a joke but now I can't tell if you're being serious.
>>218047 it could fall under "shitting up the thread', because he was doing exactly that.
(1.42 MB 4032x3024 Mark is fat pt1.jpg)
when is 8moe birthday anyways?
>>218112 July, I think
>>218112 Officially, we're still celebrating in October. >>218124 Late April.
>>218126 Oh shit, that early?
>>218127 yeah, crazy isn't it.
>>218126 >still larping as if this place is "true" 8chan 8chan was a shit heap and latching onto that brand was the silliest thing you faggots did. No one but you three retards actually identify with the 8chan name. I don't know if you noticed but literally no one even here refers to this site as 8chan for a reason.
(123.97 KB 680x759 1437744775744.jpg)
>218135 It's more 8chan than (((8kun))) will ever be, faggot.
>>218140 8kun being a complete and utter failure doesn't make latching onto the 8chan brand any less retarded.
>>218143 Doesn't matter, that's what we are now.
(61.88 KB 1536x478 Screenshot_2020-04-20 My chan.png)
(47.52 KB 439x322 8chmelogofinal.png)
(24.40 KB 357x565 8chan issues.png)
(339.93 KB 714x634 8moe tan transparent.png)
(108.16 KB 997x823 opening day.png)
>>218112 >>218124 I put in the ticket to buy the server on the 14th of April, which took a couple days to get set up. The Alpha version launched on April 19th as a blank Lynxchan site after a couple failed tests. The logos and default banner were created on 4-23, the same day Epik cucked us out of the .me domain. It looks like the site went into live beta for posting in the early AM of 4-25, as 8chan.moe. If we base it off the site going online for the very first time with Lynxchan running and its own domain, its April 19th. If we base it off when anons were publicly invited to the site with logos and all that, the birthday would be April 25th. Here's some historical images.
How can image boards get more users? Is recruiting from 4chan the only option?
>>218144 You're 8moe or more commonly referred to as blacked.moe. The site was branded something that was universally used to describe something else. So now any time someone mentions this site elsewhere any passive lurkers will have no fucking clue what they're talking about. Naming this site 8chan was retarded from just about every angle and there's no getting around that. It's done the place no favors in terms of brand recognition and only served to confuse people. >>218146 >Is recruiting from 4chan the only option? It's not an option at all and the fact you even think that's on the table should make you consider suicide. You don't recruit for imageboards. Generally it's an absolutely fucking terrible idea to advertise imageboards. There are ways to do it that don't attract cancer but if you have to ask how or where then you aren't the kind of person that can do it without fucking up. The guy who writes the digdeeper posts namedrops the webring and this site. Those kinds of namedrops on those kinds of sites are acceptable because they're honest and addressing the kind of audience that would conform well to the cultural standards of this site and the webring in general. Bringing the sites existence to the attention of small focused forums and communities and slow organic growth is how you create activity and quality at the same time. And going about that is not simple and very prone to causing issues.
(65.11 KB 1793x184 8chan host options by anon.png)
(23.35 KB 780x354 Fatchan down 4-29-2020.png)
(4.66 MB 1910x11593 Fatchan v last day.jpg)
(242.40 KB 1909x723 testcap.png)
(115.91 KB 1890x295 Acid on 8chanmoe creation.png)
A few more. It looks like Fatchan kicked the bucket on 4-29 which surprises me. I thought it was quite a bit longer than that, at least a couple three weeks.
(21.93 KB 565x404 jesus fucking christ.jpg)
>>218146 4chan is too far gone to even consider anon. That place became a cancerous and downright radioactive amalgamation of tumblr/twitter/reddit. The 4chan from 2014 and before has long since been dead and its never coming back. We HAVE been getting more users somehow and I have no fucking clue how that happened but I'm fine with that. I just wish that /b/ wasn't still dead now.
>>218145 >8moe tan Remilia Scarlet?
(7.79 KB 1088x64 ClipboardImage.png)
>>218150 Should I?
>>218178 Buy 8.moe and then I'll be impressed.
>>218150 >Naming this site 8chan was retarded from just about every angle and there's no getting around that Why? It was founded by the original 8/v/ and you can make a board...also, there are many, many other chans where you can't make your own board
>>218180 It's already taken otherwise I would.
>>218183 >chans These are the kind of people that think calling this place 8chan was a good idea.
>>218183 >chans Go back to where you came from. >>218190 >claiming one retarded newfag speaks for everyone else Go with him.
>>218146 Our user count has been climbing fine on its own, though.
>>218183 >making another dead board on a dead site wooooowie, such a thing!
>>218146 Find a community that is struggling hard (mods wanting to control the community, loss of main home for X motive, topic being banned for random motives, group splitting over drama, etc) a d offer 8moe as a refugee or even a new permanent home. That's how 8chan became popular in first place. Offer people something that other sites lack. See the loli/shota boards for example: they tend to rank high on the board list because almost no other imageboard has something like them.
(1.55 MB 640x360 1413854535511.webm)
>>218146 >Is recruiting from 4chan the only option? No, 4cuck is filled with legit, easily diagnosed retards, normalfags, and shills. I cannot be overstated how fucking stupid the average 4cuck user has gotten in the last 5 years.
(714.79 KB 824x824 may 26th.png)
>>218146 I have seen a strangely large amount of people shill 8chan.moe on iFunny. No idea if those shitposters ended up here or not
>>218432 >iFunny Why are you even there? fuck you
(119.35 KB 800x1132 DM8hlSsUEAAg4hG.jpg large.jpg)
>>218432 >iFunny
(229.43 KB 563x843 Shadman.jpg)
>>218433 iFunny is actually based
>>218786 Based on what?
>>218792 deez nutz
>>218761 His art is so goddamn unappealing, I don't understand his popularity. >>218786 >>218792 >>218841 Wow, it's like I'm actually on reddit!
>>218792 Based on my opinion
>>218853 His popularity is from the fact that he's "edgy" and has shock value
Where is everyone?
>>219059 A less power-tripping-mod-heavy /v/ imageboard
Someone needs to clean up /loli/.
Is there a mildly populated book/literature board on the webring? Searching by name/tags is a crapshoot.
>>219197 >A less power-tripping-mod-heavy /v/ imageboard So nowhere, then. Unless that kike did something especially retarded that I didn't know about.
I'm the bo of /biz/, the loli feet board. Lmao get cucked moneyfags.
>>220599 The only reason anyone even wants money is to spend it on loli feet, so really this makes sense.
>>219197 WHERE
>>220587 >>220645 Check the webring list.
>>220714 Damn. And here I was thinking you were gonna share some super secret active board.
>>220765 If activity and PPH is all you care about then I actually do have some super secret place you can go to, and never come back from. https://4channel.org
>>217741 If we were to go by the classic Mac OS up to around 8 then it does use Chicago. My idea was more of using OS 9 as a custom CSS (The previous Mac uis would still be fun to do, they should in theory be just as easy as the Win95 theme). Since it doesn't use Chicago, it instead uses Charcoal. Thankfully someone made a similar looking font called Virtue scootergraphics.com/virtue/
>>220942 >Humanity DRINK DRAGON MEMBER What did Steve Jobs mean by this?
>>220714 >zzz/v/ >"less power-tripping-mod-heavy" >GG threads there are fucking dead, likely because the mods are too autistic about the off-topic rule Okay, fag.
>>221066 Having well defined rules doesn't mean the mods are more "power trippy". z/v/ is significantly stricter in terms of what is allowed to be posted, but it's also significantly more consistent in what is allowed to be posted. And the mods are accountable to their deletions and bans with consistent and well documented mod logs that actually have publicly visible reasons for each moderation action ranging from moving posts to just about anything else you can think of. The problem with mark isn't that he deletes off-topic content, it's that he only deletes things he doesn't like then calls them off-topic or spam when they aren't while allowing everything he does like to slide regardless of how ridiculously off-topic it might be. None of this is new and none of this is ever going to change.
>>221066 >GG threads there are fucking dead, You say that like it's a bad thing
>>221071 This is all correct, but the kike's shit moderation is a double-edged sword. The negatives are what you pointed out, but the positives are that more organic discussion can be held without strict and consistent moderation, which is tolerable due to the small population of these imageboards. If the kike was actually good at it, this would be on purpose and would make off-topic posts less and less accepted as the site's population grows and more and more people are using the other boards more often. If whoever's in charge of zzz/v/ intentionally does that, then I'd definitely cross-post there at least. >>221072 See what I said above, the short version is that the dead GG threads is maybe partially why the entire board is a fucking ghost town in comparison.
>>221075 >but the positives are that more organic discussion can be held without strict and consistent moderation, which is tolerable due to the small population of these imageboards. Except you can't talk about less strict shit either. You get to talk about off-topic shit as long as Mark doesn't take personal offense to it. If he just ran a ultra lax unbiased board there would be no criticism. The problem is literally never too much or too little moderation on any board ever, it's when moderation is unclear and inconsistent. >If the kike was actually good at it, this would be on purpose and would make off-topic posts less and less accepted as the site's population grows and more and more people are using the other boards more often. Adjusting your moderation to scale would require an extreme amount of faith from your userbase, something cakekike has literally none of. It's better to just have clear and well defined rules and hold yourself accountable to them instead of changing them based on which way the winds blowing as Mark has done.
>>221083 That is all true, unfortunately. A damn shame too, since I actually like Acid as an admin. If only people went to zzz/v/ or someone ran the Jew out and someone competent became BO. It'd probably help with cross-posting too, if both /v/s were owned by people who weren't dumbasses.
>>221096 Acid's a fucking faggot, but more good choice is always better yes.
>>221071 >>221083 >>221096 I constantly hear about all the shit Mark supposedly deletes, but I never see it happen. The only things I ever noticed deleted are that one TORfag's posts, obvious political derailing and porn dumps. What threads does this happen in?
>>221101 Various ones, the one about Vicarious Visions being a good example if you can notice the remnants in it.
>>221102 Was that the thread with the one guy sperging for several days about the design of a character, saying it was "SJW leftist subversion"? Because that falls into one of the categories I mentioned.
>>221101 Is this you requesting me to go through my entire folder of Mark spergouts?
>>221104 If it's him deleting posts, sure. If it's him having an autism fit in a GG/meta thread, I'm not really interested.
>>221103 >"What are some examples of Mark being a fuckwit and deleting shit?" >"here's one" <"T-T-That one doesn't count and was obviously political derailing" Get off the ID, kike.
(55.84 KB 509x507 CHIM.jpg)
>>221111 What? Oh god you are that guy aren't you?
Actually wait, his posts are all still there. What did Mark delete, then? I can't tell.
>>221114 There was an entire other conversation that had the same guy and another anon, but it got deleted because "muh derail", everything from the furfaggotry posts onwards were posts after this first conversation was purged. It was about the same topic by the way, so it ended up doing fuck-all for him to purge it (especially since he kept the post that started the argument in the first place).
>>221114 I want Acid to give mods the ability to delete and then bring back posts at will so that they can induce schizophrenia in the userbase more so than is already here purely for shits and giggles.
>>221117 Again, I can kind of understand sperglords getting toasted. I have more of a problem with the fact he kept all the later posts after deciding to delete the earlier ones. Maybe the mods felt anons wanted to discuss it or something, I don't know. >>221116 >>221118 >>221119 I think you've induced schizophrenia in yourself, anon
>>221130 No, not yet, I just used the opportunity to correct a fuck ton of spelling errors in my original post.
>>221130 >Again, I can kind of understand sperglords getting toasted. <it's fine that he deleted those posts because "they were spergy" >"being spergy" isn't against the rules >it was on-topic, or at least related to the topic by degrees of association Again, either you're Mark or just fucktarded if you're looking at this obvious example of Mark being a faggot and making shit excuses for it.
(56.91 KB 1488x178 Goldenrod is Mark theory.png)
Was there any good reason to have kept deleting this post?
>>220822 8chan had like 3k active users on /v/ alone pre nuke guess everyone went back to 4v
>>221210 And the board is still as retarded as ever.
(137.31 KB 350x350 only the dead.png)
>>220822 >wanting more than 5 active threads on a board means i'd prefer cuckchannel >wanting more than 1 post per hour to indicate an active thread means i'd prefer cuckchannel >wanting some decent fucking bos means i'd rather prefer cuckchannel You stupid nigger.
>>221283 >wanting more than 5 active threads on a board means i'd prefer cuckchannel >wanting more than 1 post per hour to indicate an active thread means i'd prefer cuckchannel Yes. 4chan was best when most boards were far slower than this. >wanting some decent fucking bos means i'd rather prefer cuckchannel >The only good "bos" or janitors or mods are the ones that do nothing. Again, 4chan was best when literal botspam ran rampant. At least then the few good posts were very good, and all thew casuals and newfags would just leave.
(833.18 KB 1400x1400 smash thread.png)
>>221143 >was there any good reason to have repeatedly deleted a meta post that was then reposted 10+ times, by someone evading bans, outside of a meta thread?
>>221210 >8chan had like 3k active users on /v/ alone pre nuke Not really, it was more like 800-900. Unless you mean way back before Christchurch, but even then it averaged around 1500. 8/v/ didn't regularly have 3k users since 2016. Combine 8kunt/v/, zzz/v/ and our /v/ and there are around 400 regular users across them, still only about half of what we had less than a year ago. I think people forget we were declining in users for years before the 8moe exodus. PPH was suffering massively long before we came here. >>221283 I always say people need to get the fuck out of the meta and GG threads and actually post in the vidya threads. Mindless shitposting can be fun, but you shouldn't do it every day constantly. The excuse is always "muh off-topic", but why the fuck does /v/ need an off-topic thread? We literally have /b/, post there instead. This isn't a forum.
>>221434 8chan was bleeding users ever since hoihoi fucked up performance, infinity next, the boomer /pol/ invasion, site sold to dataminers, and /pol/ got ousted by porchmonkey. Mark making /v/ difficult to post in with his banning sprees did not help.
>>221454 At least 8moe seems to be slowly increasing in users since the initial drop, probably because the site is far more stable than 8chan ever was and Mark having relatively calmed down over the years.
>>221466 Did he though? I still see the occasional complaints about Mark.
>>221751 No he didn't, at all. He is still a cum-guzzling spastic. Ignore that faggot.
>>221755 I'll guzzle your cum faggot.
(103.43 KB 423x287 ClipboardImage.png)
>>221759 Oh hai mark
>>221751 He has. It hasn't changed that he's still a fucking terrible moderator, but he was infinitely worse during 8chan's peak. Keep in mind the only reason he can't get away with the rampant censorship and FUD he did back then now is because all his goons and retarded followers started to wise up to his bullshit during the transition between vch - 8kun - fatchan - blacked.moe. After that debacle I've rarely seen basically anyone actually defend Mark like they used to. And thank god for that, the kind of batshit insane dogmatic lackeys he had going around defending his honor was some of the weirdest shit I've ever seen. Back in the day if Mark did something as stupid as calling the /vg/ BO a "cunt" in a game night thread scraped from /vg/ board dozens of goons would come out defending him and hyping him up and raving about how /vg/ is a shit board with shills everywhere or some stupid shit. Now everyone just absolutely disgustings and tells him to fuck off. The point being the only thing that has actually changed is what Anons are willing to tolerate, and Mark has shifted accordingly. He's still the same fucking retard, but he knows he can't get away with what he used to so he's calmed down.
>>221768 >absolutely disgustings <word filtering cr inge Yes let's just word filter anything normalfags say because it's not like these words could ever have legitimate use cases in literature or anything. Fucking stupid kike.
>>221771 He even filters "national-socialist" (without the hyphen) into Nazi, the fucking pussy. Frankly, I'm not even sure what the fuck kind of legitimate usecase there is for changing people's posts through filters, it sounds tailor made for dumbfucks like Mark to use like this.
>Irwin Shaw — 'I absolutely disgusting when critics say I'm a master of the popular novel. What's an unpopular novel?'
Mark is a giant fag and all, but it's really c­ringe that you na­tional soc­ialists can't bypass the filter.
Mark, Acid, when are we getting in-line quotes and images on hover? i really miss those two features.
(4.77 MB 200x200 markjewsh.webm)
(6.99 MB 426x240 mark17.mp4)
>>221768 Vids related happened way after 8chan died, dude. He's still just as bad. He was tolerable during the early days of 8chan, I'll admit. He even got cool people in like pre-pozz dingaling. He's a shadow of that nowadays.
(25.04 KB 180x178 1428533282418-1.jpg)
>>221805 >taking jewish word as fact
>>221805 Every time I see that video of mark admitting the samefagging it's overshadowed by my memory of how fucking retarded the people in that gayscord call were the entire stream. They somehow made mark look good by comparison just by acting like such fucking try hard faggots. Mark is still a complete retard and should fuck off and let someone more competent run this place, but the /tv/ and julay faggots are completely intolerable teenage discord goons.
>>221805 >citing Josh for anything
>>221805 Thanks for reminding me that Josh blames Mark for the complete failure of 9chan. Is a fun story that shouldn't be forgotten.
>>222228 >9chan I still need to scavenge the share board for anything I didn't grab when I first lurked there. They had good shit, if nothing else.
>>213616 Archive?
>>222228 >>222235 Didn't he try to setup a new imageboard after old 8kun fell apart, only for it to go down like three days later? Josh got really, really lucky with Kiwifarms, that's it. He's not smart or a good site owner.
>>221797 >images on hover This is available. Click the Settings gear in the topbar, navigate to the Other tab, and select Hover Images. In-Line quotes is a work in progress. There's a working prototype but it's very unpolished. I'm hoping it will make 2.6.
>>222301 Probably, but I think 9chan lasted a few months, either I'm wrong or that was another imageboard he made that died. 9chan's still up, albeit barren in users.
(64.38 KB 200x200 1478130973-0.png)
(97.27 KB 1366x768 1479349598-1.png)
(138.11 KB 640x944 1484420914-0.png)
>>222646 There was also 16chan and Nextchan. Both were failures.
>>222304 Well shit, last i looked there hover images wasn't an option, but it still not working for me, is this a firefox thing?
(697.90 KB 555x666 evul animu grill.gif)
>>222228 Free market at work
(89.23 KB 514x308 ClipboardImage.png)
(457.98 KB 512x768 todd rape.png)
>>222888 >Todd
>>222712 Weird, it was working a month or two ago. Should be fixed now.
>>222888 I made a third thread for you
>>222712 Clicking on an image and then clicking it again makes hovering work for that image, dunno why it doesn't do that in the first place though.
(75.57 KB 267x514 456818.jpeg)
>>222301 >Didn't he try to setup a new imageboard after old 8kun fell apart, only for it to go down like three days later? Is a complex story of failure after failure until nothing was left: >8kun implodes over the ban on lolis and everyone are looking for a new home >Josh uses this as an excuse to finish Infinity Never and as a way to vacation from an increasingly more political Kiwifarms >site finally goes goes up >it's fast, looks good and has nice features >however, there's a retarded rule where boards with 3 or less characters can only be made by him >it also has a complex rule about loli/shota porn being only allowed in designated boards and nowhere else because he was scared that the authorities/autists that have been trying to take him down could use it against him >3 days later it loses its domain >it goes up and down for days while trying to find a stable domain >finally the site gets a stable domain >time to rev up the shills! >spams threads about 9chan on 4/pol/ of all places >site is immediately filled with shit posters that got banned from 4chan >/b/ and /bestpol/ quickly became the most (and sometimes only) active boards because of this (there also was /videogames/, but it never became as popular as the other two) >every post was exactly what you could expect from 4chan rejects >and on top of that a group of legit pedophile namefags addicted to drama moved there for some reason and spent months spamming /b/ with all kind of shit, including CP and DDoS attacks >8chan/8kun regulars didn't move there because the webring had most of the boards active at the moment of the migration >also because Josh and Kiwifarms >Kiwiniggers didn't use the site because anonymity made being an attention whore difficult >everyone else were repelled by the constant spam, pedoposting, cuckchannery and DDoS attacks >after months of dealing with that shit 24/7 Josh says "fuck it", cries about 9chan's horrible userbase on Kiwifarms, and shuts down the IB for a couple of days before giving it to Endchan's staff >first thing Endchan staff does is to ban loli/shota altogether, and delete the dead as fuck designated loli/shota boards >they also crack down on the pedo spam quicker, but the damage was already done >entire site is a wasteland like Endchan >4/pol/fags left when the site went down because they thought it was "compromised" and because their bans on 4chan expired >most of the pedo cabal left because spamming without receiving a visible reaction was boring >the remaining users left due to the constant spam and downtimes because one of the pedofags DDoS'ed the site for weeks And nothing of value was lost. There's another story about 9chan that involves Mark, but I don't remember exactly when it happened. Anyways: >Josh is about to release 9chan to the public (or just released it, I don't remember) >he decides to talk to Mark >tries to convince Mark to have a /v/ on 9chan in order to trigger a mass migration from 8kun because he knows how everyone follow Mark to wherever he goes >Mark puts two conditions: 1) the board must be named /v/ and nothing else, and 2) it must allow loli/shota porn >Josh says no to the 2nd condition and tries to convince Mark to just use the designated loli/shota boards >Mark refuses and leaves for Acid, who at the time still was working in creating 8moe >Josh moves to plan B and shills the site on 4chan And the rest is history. Is funny how Josh missed the opportunity to have a known established userbase for his hatred of loli porn, only to get invaded by legit mentally ill pedo spammers some time later.
(56.76 KB 397x393 1331747182645.jpg)
>>223411 >mark fought for our right to post loli wow was mark based for once? on the topic of josh, he's become such a retarded faggot, constantly whining and seeing pedos in everything. i dont even understand whats his obsession with them, does he expect some girl to like him for hating pedos? after his little speech about wanting a family he sure isn't putting any effort into it. certainly not gonna get a gf while running from your myriad of lawsuits and hoping from one balkan country to another every 6 months because no country wants you and your baggage
>>224542 >mark fought for our right to post loli I doubt he did, he just gave Acid shekels to be able to launch this site, Acid would be the one who designed this place to not be retarded in its global rules; you could give Mark some credit for not making anti-loli rules for this board in particular, as well as giving Acid the necessary money in the first place, but that's about it from what I know.
>>224548 He also revealed Jim's intention to ban loli porn from 8kun before Ron confirmed it, getting fired from his work as /newsplus/ curator and shill in the process. I can't believe Jim actually paid Mark $2000 just to post in a dead board, WTF
>>223411 Well if there's one thing that Josh knows how to do it's fail massively.
>>224568 Imagine making like $500 a week to post shit articles in a dead board and still have the gall to ask for more cash.
>>224568 Because Mark is a fucking asset, you tool.
>>224542 Josh would like you to forget his past as a prolific masturbator to gay cp.
(63.54 KB 736x490 disgust.jpg)
>>224713 >Mark >asset The only good he's done for this imageboard that I know of was give Acid money to run the site, other than that he's an active detriment to the board and ought to be shoah'd the moment someone demonstrates their ability to be a better BO (and as a source of shekels, if Acid still needs some). In fact, at best Mark is the standard investor shitbag who's only tolerated by the team he's investing in is because he gives them the money to make something at all; he's the Anon's Personal EA, nothing more or less.
>>224731 He's probably talking about the time a fed showed up at his doorstep due to the shootings in 2019, and he talked to them about the situation instead of yelling and screaming at them to go away, or brandishing a firearm.
(722.52 KB 1246x1488 shitposter_number_one.png)
>>225996 fuck off cunt
(97.21 KB 1354x449 Mac OS 9 theme idea.png)
I borrowed the Windows 95 CSS as a proof of concept for the MacOS 9 theme. I've never learned to make a CSS before and it's obviously unfinished so I don't know the capability of mimicking the GUI. The Chicago-inspired font, Virtue, makes everything look bold.
(781.15 KB 1403x2048 464711114486.png)
(961.18 KB 2048x1504 890627013167.png)
>>223411 >>tries to convince Mark to have a /v/ on 9chan
Successfully posting on /b/ leads to a 404
(3.59 KB 432x128 baste.png)
(7.57 MB 360x360 September.mp4)
I didn't see anybody mention this, but we recently hit 8moe's millionth post.
>>233615 Would be nice if it was actual discussion.
(1.47 MB 640x360 satanlaugh.webm)
>>232609 >he started saying, and I quote "/v/'s users are loyal to me" like repeatedly The best part about that quote is that most people here would scoff at that repulsive arrogant behavior, yet at the same time prove it true by doing most of their activity on Markike's board and sometimes outright refusing to use the other webring /v/s. It's pottery.
>>233683 I'm unsure what you mean by that. >>233786 Also it's fucking Josh, he could easily be lying. He's probably the only person in the imageboard world I'd trust even less than Hotwheels.
(1.09 MB 1394x8739 Mark_wants_v_1.png)
(432.50 KB 921x2973 Mark_wants_v_2.png)
(1.13 MB 677x9099 Mark_wants_v_3.png)
>>233796 There are other chatlogs leaked at the fall of 8kun where Mark expresses the same arrogance about being rightful ruler of the 8/v/ claim. Here's the set of chatlogs that caused Mark to go nuclear on PLW and fatchan and delete the /v/s he made there because people were making fun of him.
>>233798 >Here's the set of chatlogs that caused Mark to go nuclear Let me include this one with Jimbo too for good measure.
>>233798 >>233799 >Discord drama >walls of posts >censored names Anon I'm going to be honest I'm not reading any of this Do something better with your time, obscure imageboard drama is not worth the effort
(1.09 MB 643x820 ClipboardImage.png)
>>233798 TLDR, I'm not wading through those scrolls of autism. I didn't say Mark wasn't a sperg, just that Josh isn't exactly trustworthy. Please pay attention to the context of the conversation, it was about 9chan.
>>233803 Weren't you in the threads at PLW and fatchan when Mark went apeshit because of those logs? He went full delete everything mode then deleted the boards entirely. Then he tried becoming a let's player to cool off from the spergout. Funny shit. In any case, just remember this unstable egomaniac sperg that uses Discord and took money from Jim to shill the trash fire that was 8kunt is the one who owns this board. Food for thought, anonymous. >>233811 And I was saying "but it's from Josh, it's not trustworthy" doesn't stand up when Mark has said the same shit before from other sources.
>>233814 Nobody gives a shit you goon.
>>233796 Its all GG posting really. >>233817 I give a shit but I remember all of this because I was there. Watching mark sperg after jim removed him from board ownership was pretty funny. Also for all the tldrfags if this was about anyone else you could be chomping at the bit to get more.
>>233615 I added up all the posts from the 8moe boards on the board log and the result was less than 650k. Also the abandoned boards /wooo/ and /bane/ combined have 293k posts (more than /v/), some of which were imported from other imageboards, but most of which aren't even here and are just purely inflated numbers.
>>233862 Fuck you, /bane/ isn't abandoned. I still post there.
(234.43 KB 868x1228 Asuka expert neko.jpg)
>>233419 Tested and can't replicate. What OS/Browser/Version/VPN/Dragon Dildo you on?
>>233971 >concern trolling Nothing I said was a concern trolling you mong. I'm so sick of this faggot userbase
Why is niggerpill such an effective tactic? Why do people keep falling for it?
>>234123 It isn't, The phrase ad nauseum comes to mind. You repeat something enough times and people get sick of it.
>>233844 >Its all GG posting really. Anon, what the hell are you talking about? All of /v/ doesn't even make up a fourth of that number, let alone GG I think you've really poorly misunderstood my original post. It's 1,000,000 posts across the entire site, not /v/.
>>234138 >It's 1,000,000 posts across the entire site Does it countthe webring and 8chan.moe? I just did the math and this site only has like 641766 posts not 1 million.
>>234149 There are hidden boards. There's also a bunch for controversial content like shotacon. I don't know if they're enough to make up the difference, but that number has to come from somewhere.
>>234149 It's just on this site. It's the sum of the max post IDs of every board.
>>234123 >Why is niggerpill such an effective tactic? Why do people keep falling for it? Why can't you understand the Streisand Effect? Why can't you change your strategy?
>>234123 >mark detractors = niggerpill Truly infallible retardation.
>>234434 >deleted heh
>>234155 Why would you need to hide a shotacon board when the toddlercon board is public? That's retarded.
>>234471 Neither is, they're just only accessible from the site or the board list, which is also retarded itself but whatever. The toddlercon board is the best board on the site, by the way.
>>234457 >everyone I dont agree with is x Why do I expect more from markchan?
>>234595 >markchan but this is 8chan anon.
>>234723 no its blacked.moe
>User kazu deleted the following posts: 181933/225649, 181933/225715, 207943/225988, 207943/226956, 207943/230748, 207943/230914, 136075/227913, 198669/234009, 232532/232709, 232532/232792, 232532/233477, 231419/234294, 231419/234469, 231419/234482, 225415/233951, 225415/233967, 225415/234006, 225415/234281, 225415/234509, 225415/234513, 225415/234710, 25719/226330, 25719/233971, 25719/234457, 227687/228820, 225029/226153, 224341/230350, 224272/229452, 224272/232800 from board /v/. Teach your retarded mods not to delete by IP and turn random threads into swiss cheese like you used to. Mass post deletions affect more than just the intended user, they literally make entire threads unreadable and unusable when applied without caution. Not that you need this explained to you as even you seem to have learned this. So pass the lesson that took 5 years for you to learn onto your gay nu-mods.
>>234752 Nobody likes TORfags, you only show up to bitch and moan
>>235018 God forbid someone meta post in the meta thread
(76.37 KB 1535x487 ClipboardImage.png)
Why was >>235089 deleted? One of your faggot vols doing "delete by IP" again?
>>235198 No vols, I personally deleted all my posts because I'm drunk and shitting up the place.
>>235210 Well stop you're turning threads into swiss cheese
(2.01 MB 1227x3349 the great gap guffaw.png)
>>234725 >blacked.moe actually goes to blacked.com
>>235242 What even the fuck is blacked.com
>>235410 KiKe-Nigger pronographic Dysgenic CUckholdry propaghanda.
>>234725 >blacked TM* (registered to goldmankikeratz) >+ moe Does not compute
>>235411 Sounds extremely inferior to gamered.com
Tell me what happened to zzz, you fucking cakeniggers. I know you have your greasy fingers in this pie.
>>235437 Probably just some proxy taken down. It'll most likely be up in a few hours I'd figure.
>>235018 You know he's right.
>>235437 >>235439 >Trying to determine the reason we're down. The proxy provider only accepts monero, and monero is SLOW. Payment was submitted ~2 days ago but as of this post I'm technically ~6 hours overdue. That's a rather draconian timeframe to pull the plug and normally they'd simply block http traffic. I cant even ssh in right now so it may be another one of their mysterious outages. I should have set up a second tiny proxy as it is, will be working on that today. The app server is still up ad running so nothing has been lost. The appserver is also always paid for at least 2 months in advance. https://freespeechextremist.com/Sturgeonfish I wasn't aware monero transactions were especially slow.
>>235437 >something happens to your site >so you run over here and claim it's our fucking fault like a nigger
>>235499 >implying Mark doesn't have a track record of shitting up alternatives to his shit board
>>235437 What the fuck would 8moe even do? I'm just bummed the gamenight will probably be put on hold.
>>235523 We can have gamenights without them honestly.
>>235524 >we can have gamenights without them
(12.46 KB 300x330 1420891468062.jpg)
>>235524 >8moe >gamenights
(348.29 KB 1524x636 whining.png)
>>235499 Ziggers are eternally asshurt that people decided to use boards other than their own. A lot of their meta threads are whining about other IB.
(921.96 KB 640x960 laughinggirlbg.png)
>>235551 >screencapping your own shitty bait from months ago
>>235551 >cuck cuck cuck >zooger booger nooger nigger migger zoom zoom >ALL CAPS
(24.00 KB 409x350 Myrtle.jpg)
>>235554 wait, time out, nigger isn't an -oomer word.
>>235499 >>235551 He was joking you dingus. Not everyone on sleepychan is a terminally assblasted faggot, some of us just like to talk about video games.
>>235588 You have to go back
>>235589 >markchan user gatekeeping anyone else
(8.04 KB 220x308 ClipboardImage.png)
And look where that's brought us. :^)
>>235608 Stop acting like you have any standards when you come to this piece of shit site.
>>235609 If this site is so shit then why do you crawl your ass back here everytime your shitty fed honeypot goes down?
>>235617 Says the right one. And 8cucked.moe shouldn't be on the webring. It has no point of being here.
>>235628 >Jednä ᚛ᚃᚆᚐᚈ᚜ ᚛ᚐᚏᚓ ᚗᚑᚒ ᚔᚋᚚᚂᚗᚔᚍ ᚈᚆᚐᚈ ᚔᚋ ᚈᚆᚔᚄ᚜ >>235609
>>235632 >wining internet arguments lol The site going down and everyone knowing where to go proves it have value however 8moe not linking back to any other boards is kinda bullshit but whatever. I post on both anyway and neither is really better, both just have their own brand of faggots. z has the "board defenders" who sperg out if a thread doesn't meet their standards yet seem to have nothing to say outside those threads, very organic. 8moe has the twitter brains where if you have a "wrong opinion" you are clearly a bad actor and are filed into one of the many wrong people categories. I shitpost and bitch but I'm just glad there is somewhere to go because halfchan is awful. But what the fuck do I know, I was banned for posting marks butthole the other day.
(16.24 KB 240x240 1529248959021-3.jpg)
Cake kike you fucking nigger why the fuck did you deleted my post from the draw thread?
>>235758 it was me, your post was removed because of rule 8. dumbass
>>235760 >I deleted it because of the "I don't like your post" rule, idiot Well that clears things up
(30.95 KB 620x660 masketta man.jpg)
>>235760 >one post >= excessive/deliberate shitpost to derail a thread Are you fucking daft? Lay down your spiced cake already.
>>235760 Wow Mark you did a really good job with your hotpocket recruits this time
>>235822 If you shills can't handle quality posting standards here then please go to zzzchan/v/ or /geimu/ and stay there where you shitposters belong. Your post histories reek of cancer.
>>235836 *slam*
>>235836 Did you just use shills as a slur? Holy shit kill yourself.
People in this thread are always arguing
>>235836 >abusing mod powers to check post histories like a Redditor You really have no place on this board, much less moderating it. Unironically kill yourself.
>>235991 >>235836 Actually I just saw the (1) so there's a possibility that this guy is just some shitposter pretending to be a mod. I'm going to go with that until I see some confirmation because this is pretty bad even by Mark standard.
the captcha on zchan is fucking impossible.
(169.41 KB 896x296 ClipboardImage.png)
>>236876 Their site is hideous, also look at the kind of faggot shit threads they make. Can you believe this??? The nerve
>>236876 >he can't solve the captcha Laugh at this nerd
>>236876 >Can't solve the captcha How are things on Julay?
(202.87 KB 728x924 absolute_state_of_cow.png)
All me.
>>235551 >>235588 Can't we just be friends? What the fuck is the point of this cross-imageboard shitflinging? We have all escaped from the same shithole of 8kun, most people here probably check both boards from time to time. What is the point of yelling at each other everytime. We used to shitpost on the same site you know.
(498.12 KB 702x401 captcha chimp.png)
>>236938 >going from one shithole with censorship to another shithole with censorship is anything to be complacent about Lo- (banned)
Stop shitflinging between the websites, please. Drama is gay and it gives you prostate cancer. >>236876 >>236884 You're never gonna make it
>>236938 Literally a handful of autists who do the same shit on Z. I even bother to updated scraped gamenights with info from the z thread when I see them happen.
>>235497 The main difference between here and zzz is that the admins here actually can do their jobs well, unlike that guy, it seems.
(143.98 KB 443x382 1369179072217.png)
What is happening? Did cuckchan piss people off again?
I noticed Anthony Burch's main account was banned on Twitter. Anybody know why? I can't find anything about it. He's since retreated to an alt.
(88.76 KB 252x255 1498448145.png)
>>240743 Who gives a shit and why ask the meta thread?
(198.31 KB 485x456 wide ginger.png)
>>240745 >Who gives a shit Me, that should be obvious >why ask the meta thread? Because I refuse to use the GG thread and asking the QTDDTOT thread will probably lead to half the thread being "thank god I'm not Anthony Burch memes" Anon, if you most of your posts can be random bullshit, I can at least ask an actual question.
>>240743 He was retweeting a bunch of hardcore commie propaganda about "taking down the capitalist class" or some such shit iirc, and generally being very hostile to people He's gotten considerably more radical over the last few years
>>240753 >He's gotten considerably more radical over the last few years Haven't we all?
(12.73 KB 333x187 what.jpg)
>>240753 >He was retweeting a bunch of hardcore commie propaganda about "taking down the capitalist class" Yet now works for a dev team owned by Sony, arguably Japan's most evil big corporation. I swear that retard lives in a fantasy land and has no idea what his reality actually is.
>>240784 >arguably Japan's >implying Sony is still a Japanese company
>>240836 Very cute little girl
(60.54 KB 500x500 crusader_puts_his_beer_down.jpg)
(199.36 KB 554x603 1467930351317.jpg)
Unrelated, but some sources told me that /qresearch/ is shitting the bed due to a mix of 8kun's servers running like dogshit, volunteers quitting their job because of the shit performance and bugs, and restless spam attacks that probably will get worse due to a lack of mods. Apparently yesterday the spam got so bad that the site was put in maintenance mode in order to remove it from the board. Why I'm telling you this completely unrelated shit? Because I'm enjoying their despair and know that some of you will like to see the fire rise and consume them too. Also because there's the small chance that they decide to move elsewhere, which includes this site in the worst case.
>>240852 If they so much as think of coming here we will scare them away. I have been personally spamming their board from time to time, it's hilarious to see their reactions.
(101.20 KB 1698x228 t546456456.jpg)
(2.68 MB 384x216 1612731865907.gif)
>>240852 > THANQ
>>240852 In the case of Qniggers migrating here we must ready our loli folders and perform a coordinated and indefinite loli attack on their board until they delete it and fuck off.
>>240859 I'm way ahead of you there >>>/qresearch/. I encourage anons to create and own any and all Qnigger related board URIs before they do and lock said boards
(1.56 MB 2522x6430 qresearch spam.jpg)
(1.26 MB 2478x7845 qresearch spam 2.jpg)
>>240858 I didn't bother to check the board until now, and shit looks pretty bad.
>>240864 >2nd pic >no communication with anyone >random things done by gvols Reminds me of /pol/ before that 8chan died. The spam is shit tier though.
>>240772 >Haven't we all? Have we? I don't fucking know anymore man... >>240828 65% of the world are arguably retards. You wanna try and convience retards about what's true or *technically* true?If so, you have much more patience than me >>240852 For fuck's sake anon, don't be jinxing it.
(281.53 KB 446x471 architecture.png)
(1.96 MB 480x320 1c0.gif)
(523.59 KB 1280x720 glowers.png)
Meta metapost about the webring: anon.cafe will nuke /fascist/ in 30 days for glowing too bright: https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/23337.html (https://archive.is/xxidY) (example of glownigger behavior: https://archive.is/wxOBC#q19587) And no, they don't want to move here, in part because they think Mark owns the site.
>>241521 Forgot to link their meta thread: https://anon.cafe/fascist/res/15492.html
>>240836 >sanpaku eyes She's getting ready to stab a motherfucker isn't she?
(15.01 KB 480x319 Laughing Cena.jpg)
>>241521 >for glowing too bright They are deleting it for no reason.
(435.87 KB 1203x1607 negev.jpg)
>>225996 .-- .... -.-- / -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / -... . - .-. .- -.-- / -.-- --- ..- .-. / --- .-- -. / -.- .. -. -.. ..--..
(31.17 KB 480x360 why.jpg)
>>235836 >Pretending to be a hotpocket Why? Seriously Why? That is like pretending to be an AIDS victim, someone suffering from terminal cancer or a Mortal Kombat fan. >Gets banned by an actual hotpocket. My fucking sides.
(4.90 MB 480x270 muhanthem.webm)
So, I've been away.. for awhile. And is this all that's left? I'm not talking shit about this board or promoting any other, just what happened? Just can someone humor me and spoonfeed me? I really don't give a toss about the politics or anything other than mostly fond memories of active and usually quality vidya discussion. And forgive my naivety but I'm rather hoping it wasn't lost to zeitgeist.
>>243451 Your thread was merged
>>243454 I've noticed. Not sure what else to say. >>243453 Commercial mining since early-mid 2019 if you believe it. Good pay, shit internet in the field. I've posted once in awhile but haven't really paid much attention, and then it simply disappeared. I've literally stumbled on this place just the other day.
>>243457 Welcome back faggot.
>>243451 >cloudflare >vch bunker time >8chan comes back as 8kun, we have to leave because mark is being paid by jim to post on /news/ and feels an obligation to bring everyone back. He came clean when Hotwheels threatened to spill the beans >jim bans loli >mark spills logs and spaghetti >everyone splits into alt IBs with the eventual top of the piles being here and zzzchan. There was other drama too but I only know the vague details.
>>243465 >zzzchan >top
is there a reason we cant have unix timestamps as the image file names? i hate the shit ones we've had since forever
>>243517 >Not somehow making the joke and connecting to ZZTop <Not doing it zZZTopchan Come on, have the shitposts gotten so lazy these days?
>>243517 I don't know what to tell you bro, zzz has the only other active /v/. Hell every game night is scrapped from there. One could make the argument that outside CERTAIN threads 8moe doesn't have as big a pph as advertised but its whatever.
(13.67 MB 720x480 webring.mp4)
>>243451 God fucking dammit here we go again. I should have saved a copypasta for this question. Let me see if my memory doesn't fail me. >CloudFlare pulls the plug on 8chan because of some murican shooting false flag bullshit >Mark hastily sets up a bunker called vch for 8/v/ to move before shit hits the fan >8chan goes down, most anons move to vch, others move to Julay.world/v/, the /cow/ bunker, to avoid the kike >some time passes and 8chan administration reveals they won't come back under the same name and will instead rename the site to 8kun >some weird ass marketing towards Qboomers is seen and it becomes clear the type of user the site will be dedicated to >8kun finally goes up, Mark is desperately shilling for it, most anons are skeptical, many stay in vch until the end before Mark pulls the plug on it, some move to Julay >8kun started with no content and had this stupid scheme where they migrated/imported requested 8chan boards and it took absolutely fucking forever >8kun/v/ slowly becomes the most active /v/ >some time passes >Mark notices loli boards from 8chan aren't being migrated >Mark finally grows suspicious of the site, pulls some strings with his buddies to set up a backup site in case things go wrong >Mark questions administration on why they aren't allowing loli boards >BAM! Mark gets fucking removed from BO because Codemonkey caught wind he was planning to migrate the userbase elsewhere. Everyone laughs for a while. >Codemonkey looks for some schmuck to be the new BO, meanwhile he "checks with his lawyer" on whether he'll allow loli >surprise surprise loli is gonna be treated as actual CP and yield permabans regardless of board >8/v/ implodes, community is outraged, several volunteers quit on the spot >Mark creates a /v/ board on a site called fatchan and rallies users there >meta thread on fatchan is full of people making fun of him, and also chatlog leaks, some leaked by Mark himself to prove his case against Jim >leaked information reveal Jim was paying Mark $2000 a month to shill for 8kun, to global hotpocket and to manage the /newsplus/ board no one cares about >Jim wanted /v/ to be profitable and had Mark try to shill for vidya merchandise, since 8kun had a merch store for Qboomers, and it ended up in Mark embarrassing himself by suggesting gondola merch >also some shit about a THQ marketing deal, I don't fucking know >Jim was paying for vch hosting, which explains why Mark wanted to shut it down so fast after 8kun dropped >Mark goes nuclear, deletes the fatchan meta thread and deletes the entire board soon after >Mark creates /v/ board on site called ProLikeWoah >the exact same thing happens, meta thread is full of people bullying him and posting the leaked information, he goes nuclear, deletes the thread then the board >Mark announces he has to "cool off" and goes silent, it's later revealed he tried to become a fucking letsplayer <THE SENGOKU PERIOD OF BOARDS BEGINS >two different anons remake the /v/s on fatchan and PLW, the sites Mark went to and left >fatchan board gets posted on 8kun, users are eager to move and it becomes the most active /v/ for a period of time, with PLW in second place >some of the freshest vidya posting happen during this time >Mark comes back from hiatus with his new site (you are here) made by him and Acidman, almost no one wants to use it because fatchan is so good and fresh >mysterious powerful jew sends letters to imageboard service providers trying to link the communities to the shooting that happened >Tom, fatchan admin, says he's no longer willing to host fatchan because the letter made his hosting provider give him trouble >fatchan shuts down >Mark's board gains traction the only way it could have, by the opponents dying off >fat/v/ BO starts new board on a site called Zchan >fresh vidya posting and OC is made again >at some point julay.world implodes and dies because of having compromised administration comprised of drama-thirsty /cow/fags >Zchan admin up and quits for whatever reason, site gets shut down >8moe/v/ becomes most popular board >also no one is still using 8kun/v/ at this point, it's irrelevant >fat/v/ BO and his trusty cohort decide they need to stop using random imageboards with admins they don't know and start their own site >thus sleepychan is born I think that's it. What was once just 8chan/v/ is now divided between 8moe, sleepychan and PLW. 8moe is mostly used by gamergays and mundane users sleepychan is mostly used by the more dedicated wing of anons, they are the driving force of gamenights PLW is sorta kinda like sleepychan but less active and lazier Of course, the other 8chan boards all had their own trials and tribulations with bunkers, but that's too much information.
(8.36 KB 222x208 1542044526209.jpg)
>>243517 zzzchan is a tsundere power bottom who teases and insults you while jerking you off but gets mad if you try to do the same, while 8moe is a shy submissive top who is easily bullied by everyone else but is too insecure to take action. >>243537 Because SHA256 is much better to prevent having 2 files with the same system filename.
(267.96 KB 871x626 stop gay.png)
(24.97 KB 663x382 inconceivable_disgust.jpg)
>>243565 Stop saying gay shit or I will fuck you in the ass
(658.29 KB 400x224 throwing_out_fags.mp4)
>>243564 Where does smug vg come into all of this? It's part of the webring too. It's like PLW in that it's slow, but it definitely gets used. Of course, it's joined at the hip to it's autistic sister board /a/, but they don't share anything in common except the dumb autojanny afaik. >>243565 What the fuck, lad?
>>243585 I don't know much about smug/vg/, I guess it appeared at around the same time as fatchan and PLW, when everyone was looking for the next /v/ to migrate to.
>>243585 The only boards on smug anyone uses besides /a/ are /tg/ and /monster/Which are both slow as balls, which is sad because they were some of my favorites back on 8chan
>>243564 PLW is about on par with sleepy/v/ in terms of activity, sleepy/v/ PPH is kept afloat by the 2 or 3 dedicated anons in the fullderp and vintage story threads, and the rest are spread about individual non-general threads. PLW's RTS thread is the most active but the non-general spread is wider.
>>243585 >Where does smug vg come into all of this? Minding their own business and banning meta drama outside of the meta board as usual.
(149.93 KB 1024x576 EV201BD.jpg)
>>243564 >gondola merch I'm beyond words. Thanks for the spoon.
>>243564 some corrections if I may add them >Jim was paying for vch hosting He wasn't paying for vch hosting, I foolishly trusted him to keep his end of the bargain by bringing 8chan back, additionally I only had a few months for funding vch and it would die eventually within a few months. >also some shit about a THQ marketing deal, I don't fucking know Never happened >Mark goes nuclear, deletes the fatchan meta thread and deletes the entire board soon after Yeah, I was told by the board to do so after the disastrous meta thread on fatchan, and honestly I needed a week off to do so. >Mark creates /v/ board on site called ProLikeWoah ProLikeWoah happened before fatchan, and the reason that was removed was because loleron didn't want a /v/ board so I respected his wishes and went with Acid instead >Mark announces he has to "cool off" and goes silent, it's later revealed he tried to become a fucking letsplayer Considering that I lost my job, my source of income, and potentially food on my table. I needed to get a cool head and wanted to try some different things in the interim, additionally people always told me to become a vtuber, I figured I'd try my hand at something different like that. I was eventually talked out of it, but still. >some of the freshest vidya posting happen during this time >Mark comes back from hiatus with his new site (you are here) made by him and Acidman, almost no one wants to use it because fatchan is so good and fresh fatchan was only around for two weeks, besides when we first launched the site most people didn't know we existed.
>>243635 >gondola plush would prefer small plastic gondolas with articulated legs
>>243653 Nigger you live for free in the jew house. Would they not feed you? I remember you saying all the would buy is stuff right from Israel because they thought it was the most kosher.
>>243564 i recall PLW losing many users after somebody doxxed the owner or something like that.
>>243451 >mark deleted >>243453 What the hell
>>243653 >fatchan was only around for two weeks, besides when we first launched the site most people didn't know we existed. Everyone knew it existed and chose to use fatchan instead.
>>243672 Fatchan came at a time when the only /v/ alternatives were julay/v/, smug/vg/, and 8kun/v/. Obviously fatchan/v/ was the best option given those choices.
>>243694 Fatchan was running when this board was running. This board was dead during that entire period until fatchan went down. Acid even got banned from fat/v/ for shilling this board on fat/v/. Fat/v/ is where anons chose to stay, there is no amount of autistic revisionism that can dispute this. You can say that cake/v/ "won" on the merit of being on a more stable site with less flaky administration. But no one willingly chose to use cake/v/ because they preferred Mark as a BO.
(1.71 MB 1920x1040 r u gay.webm)
>>243699 Fatchan also had a sticky advertising it on 8kun and a week advance of migration. No one wanted to move from fatchan because fatchan worked and was already established as the go to successor of 8kun. The problem is that Tom didn't have the precautions in place for a userbase like /pol/, which is why Voxility ultimately killed fatchan.
>>243839 >3dpd You deserve nothing.
>>243869 THREE DEE PIG DISGUSTING Also you are a halfchan faggot lamo
>>243869 >>243869 Hello Mr Newfag, I see you have been able to discover how to redtext, as most newfags do because now they no longer need to remember to put red text in it's own line and instead just use it willy nilly. However you should know that if you won't be discussing breasts from fictional video game characters, you want one of the thousand and one other porn boards available in the board listing you absolute nigger. Sincerely, Anon
(217.95 KB 501x583 another hentai crop.png)
>>243918 >SEETHE COPE INCEL DILATE TRANNY BOOMER ZOOMER CUCKIME Chuck FEED AND SEED YOU WILL NEVER BE A REAL WOMAN SOYJAK PEPE CRINGE BASED BASED BASED CRINGE BASED Are you that same faggot from a couple of days ago who avidly tries acting like a completely retarded cuckchanner on purpose? I'm glad to see you've dropped the emotes but you still need to be more subtle otherwise no one will take you seriously.
>>243585 >Where does smug vg come into all of this? It has hoihoi in it and thus tolerated almost exclusively only by smug/a/ users. Dead as fuck as a result.
>>234099 It was Waterfox but the problem has been fixed in the last few days
>>244134 Wasn't Waterfox bought by an advertising company? What was that about?
Mark your new volunteers are shit and you should feel like shit for bringing them on. And you're still shit at your job, too. Just quit being a piece of shit, please.
(603.92 KB 896x792 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244261 What's the matter?
(35.00 KB 450x450 cat hug.jpg)
>>244263 Volunteer Anon do not ask that for the love of fuck no. You are not ready for the tsunami of asshurt that might becoming your way.
>>244263 You are a fucking faggot. Also everyone you ban is two clicks from evading. t. evaded the other day after posting marks butthole.
>>244263 Mark should stop eating cakes so much.
(36.68 KB 283x315 TOP AIDS.jpg)
(127.12 KB 1894x906 vidyadunk.png)
So /dunk/ on tvch has a vidya general now? DON'T MIND IF I DO!
(156.89 KB 966x895 vidyadunk2.png)
>>244517 OH NO!
>>244517 >>244518 And why should we care about any of this?
>>244532 I don't know, just finding tvch's attempts at trying to branch out in topic funny, since it all just reverts back into the same /cow/ schizoposting. Same thing happened to their new /x/ board. Just hoping /meta/ would find it funny too.
(147.87 KB 322x527 1591504953357.png)
>>244533 >schizo Hi, go be a glownigger over on 4chan please
>>244546 >(1) from ID You know what I mean, unrelated spam like niggerpill. I'm all for /x/ related content but it's just all wojak and inter-board drama.
>>244546 >outing yourself as /cow/ trash
>>244548 >t. never visited /truth/
>>244595 The first post there was waifufaggotry probably posted by Gayhole, even before the BO made his sticky. Nice try /cow/.
>>243653 talk to acid and remove the geoblocks and don't be a bunch of fags i really need a place to discuss vidya with normal people
>>244382 Imagine making work for yourself because you can't not act like a nigger.
(62.86 KB 600x652 Asuka apple nom.jpeg)
>>244923 The geoblocking saves us a lot of headaches and gives us an all-clear from the hosts for the kind of content we carry. Without them there might not BE a site. What country are you from? We only block 3.
Why does this thread always get filled with attempts at shitflinging? Can the [archive] button on the catalog be moved somewhere else? I keep accidentally pressing it when I mean to hit Refresh
(45.90 KB 700x684 75107501.jpg)
>>244935 My money is on the butthurt (((Israeli))) from awhile back.
>>245160 Because everyone here is fucking retarded except for me.
What happened to the video game essays thread? It only had a few posts now its gone
>>245299 Kazu deleted it
>>245334 Probably was some shitposter that got reported and got all their posts deleted, I don't recall directly deleting such a thread. Sorry.
(574.16 KB 766x528 Anthony - Ren and Stimpy.png)
>>245338 >deleting by IP After years cakekike finally learns not to do this then hires mods that end up doing it anyways.
(67.57 KB 320x240 ClipboardImage.png)
(547.41 KB 1920x1080 where do you think we are.jpg)
>>245338 >Deleting shitposts >Deleting by IP You having to be shitposting this can not be real.
>>245342 >>245340 The status quo on Mark’s boards have always been to walk on eggshells or get banned. Even in meta threads you will get banned for meta and other bullshit reasons.
>>245408 That's not true at all and you know it.
>>245428 It used to be very true. These days he's much less retarded, but that seems to be mostly a consequence of having a tenth of the userbase so if he banned like he used to there would be no one left to post. Mark very clearly did not change his moderation style out of a legitimate concession that his previous style was wrong.
(61.24 KB 788x368 sonic wants to die.jpg)
>>245408 Anon these new "volunteers" are deleting shitposts and threads about games they do not like. They are absolute faggots. You want a Kenshi, Splatoon or Autismcraft thread tough shit anon faggots will delete it or accidently delete it because the Anon posted a Hitler shitpost in another thread. Well done Mark you hired absolute morons.
>>245447 When has a fucking Kenshi or Splatoon general ever been deleted? Fucking faggot, stop making up shit.
(721.05 KB 726x577 wrong.png)
>>245458 Anon there was a Splatoon 3 thread up just after it was announced. Try and find it now in the catalog. Go on have a fucking look. I'll wait. They most likely deleted it because they thought it was loli.
>>245465 You mean that one low effort cuckchan tier thread?
>>245472 So just like every Splatoon thread ever posted then Anon. You just proved my point and made yourself out as a liar. Well done dipshit and lets be real it was nuked because the volunteers are cucks that think its loli. Calling it now any game that has characters like that from Dragon's Dogma threads to fucking Wario Ware threads will get nuked because ON NO TINY GIRLS. What the hotpocket should have done and what Mark sometimes time does is change the original post. You understand now or are you a complete faggot that likes to white night hotpockets?
>>245479 >>245472 >>245465 >>245458 >>245447 That thread was merged with the QTDDTOT because the OP was a low effort cuckchan thread. lurk more before posting.
>>245484 actually it might've been the direct thread. I'll double check later
>>243564 Literally never heard of sleepychan until this post.
>>245486 Doesn't help that blacked.moe's webring/board listing is complete shit so no one ever gets exposed to the webring boards. I don't know why they don't just have a webring button like anon.cafe.
>>245485 Pretty sure it was because of the direct thread.
>>245484 >>245485 >>245495 >Hotpockets does not know what they did. Fantastic. See all the criticism your getting your just proven it right. You are the ones that need to lurk more.
>>245495 yeah, I think it was. We're trying to merge the bad threads with the QTDDTOT thread rather than outright deleting them since that's basically what it's made for. We'll stop it if the thread gets angry with us, but it's something that I feel will help the board going forward.
>>245497 I can't keep track of every little thing I did during the past week (((Anon))). Regardless check the QTDDTOT thread if you think a thread was deleted.
>>245484 >low-effort Nigger it was a recent happening, for such events which essentially amount to a notable announcement thread, there shouldn't have been any problems There's a clear difference between a usual cuckchan thread and a thread that is essentially a reaction to an event.
>>245518 >a thread that is essentially a reaction to an event. which is why I hopefully merged it in the direct thread >>245509 I'll take a look later
>>245518 The standards for a thread here are >no essay? delete, it's surely low effort shit instead of editing the OP themselves or merely banning w/o deleting the poster. Pathetic moderation, and I hope the retards who keep flocking around gamergate leave sooner rather than later.
>>245520 The vidya essay thread was deleted by Kazu following a report. I don't recall having a shitposter, and single user reports shouldn't be IP range deleted. It wasn't merged to qtddtt thread. If you think the OP was low effort cuckchan trash, it might be because it didn't have copy-paste OP from some other imageboard thread with long ass title and colorful formatting. That was a discussion thread, not a 'ask question and reply' thread, not another general ideas thread. I will be making another one.
(22.35 KB 605x427 the one.JPG)
(772.82 KB 600x843 hockpocket confirmed fag.png)
>>245708 Wait the vidya essay thread also got deleted? How many threads has this Kazu faggot nuked for no good reason?
(331.27 KB 457x427 Wonder Red.png)
>>245799 Cake kike start looking into this shit asap. Overmoderation isn't necessary on a place like this.
>>246168 Yeah, can't have over moderation on a mark board. lol
>>236747 >Mark got demoted Wait, what the fuck happened here?
>>246366 From what you've quoted he's just saying codexx convinced him that people do in fact despise him for legitimate reasons and he should chill out and stop being such a fucking attentionwhore.
>>245799 It got bumplocked: >>245715
(10.04 MB 1280x720 Welcome to The Mark Show.mp4)
>>243564 >>243653 >tried to become a fucking letsplayer I forgot about that, what a wild day that was. I think Mark deleted the video in shame after only a matter of hours.
>>246517 Just a broken man
>>245862 YOU WERE RIGHT!!! I AM A JEW >>244935 pls notice
>>246366 Mark is still BO, you dipshit. He's just saying he's stopped capcoding because he's finally figured out it pisses everyone off when he does it for no good Goddamned reason, which is every time he does it
>162 PPH Did something happen?
>>247529 Shitposting the Playstation Direct event
>>247529 I fear that the site might have been shared elsewhere.
>>247595 Wouldn't have named the bunker 8chan™ if they didn't want the infamy and recognition that comes with the name.
(275.15 KB 500x550 eh?.gif)
Kazu, why did you ban me and delete most of my unrelated posts?
>>247693 What did you post? Are you the MK Ultra Girls thread fag crossposter? https://8chan.moe/.global/logs/v/2021-02-26.html I deleted that thread because it was a reddit crosspost.
>>247693 I just checked, you were banned almost two weeks ago for gore spam. Why complain about i tnow?
(370.16 KB 500x465 mmmmm.gif)
>>247768 >>247756 Visit /v/ today and I see my posts missing. You put down "goreposting" and delete more posts than videos uploaded. Was that on purpose?
>>247768 >banned almost two weeks ago for gore But baby fucking is fine? >>246586 Or is it an ironic joke?
>>247814 >But baby fucking is fine? Tot is implicit Aryan culture
>>247816 This.
>>247816 >>247816 Wouldn't that make marxisitic anti-capitalism Vaush based an redpilled?
>>247840 No, no it would not.
>>247812 These new mods seem to be deleting by IP like retards and turning threads into swiss cheese like cakekike used to.
(49.24 KB 830x222 hotpocket is a faggot.png)
>>247848 Posting my reply to another Anon in another thread here to illustrate I am not a anon mad at a thread move/deletion as the new hotpocket likes to claim everyone that calls him a fag is. That out the way I will reply to you with the same information. Through observation I have came to the conclusion that this new hotpocket seems to think every thread HAS to be a Gamer Gate one, that its HAS to be outrage over what some fag said on Twitter. The dudes a fucking moron and quite possibly the dumbest hotpocket cake /v/ has ever had.
>>247812 Don't spam gore like a retard next time faggot.
Harmony is up
(35.93 KB 840x560 jihad.jpg)
>>248049 You fat fuck kike race traitor
(985.37 KB 500x500 transparent.gif)
>>247814 >>>/tot/ >>247848 >deleting by IP A few of my posts survived the Kazucaust. If he did why did some survive? >>247936 Two videos is not "gore spam" dummy.
>>248071 That kid looks cool as fuck goddam
(35.29 KB 267x200 really.gif)
>>248071 Liquid Snake needs an intervention. He hates his dad and brother. Understandable. We all hate our dads and bros but to join Islamic State over it is a bit of a fucking over reaction.
>>248172 He just wanted to jackals in the Middle East so he wouldn’t have to be associated with pansy foxhound like his brother David.
>>244144 Perhaps but it hasn't changed anything with regards the functionality of the version I'm using and I loathe to change them. Also that successful posting issue in /b/ is back.
>>248101 Her husband must be proud of how good she looks as one of the gang.
(272.03 KB 680x515 933.png)
>>248227 You're telling me that's a little girl? Not only she looks cool, now i want to fuck it even harder
Is somebody DDoSing the site? It's really slow
>>248246 epstein pls
>>248217 Checked it before and couldn't reproduce. Does Waterfox disable sending a referer?
>>247847 Why not? The real reason why pedophiles and many degenerates are getting shoah'd is because they're not their yes men. >>248099 >/tot/ >A very popular board on this site, almost popular as this one. So it's like the answer of this place to 8kunt's /interracia/l board?
>>248730 Don't think so, every other board is ok, might be working now I've not posted on /b/ since that last post.
>>249276 No number of mods is going to be able to react to something in 20 minutes.
>>249180 Do you have the issue on loli boards?
>>249276 >>249277 >>249342 What did I miss?
>>249419 Some degenerate CP spammer.
>>249420 Did it happen only on /v/? Was it the usual spambot that includes links to obvious honeypots, dolphin-style spam with gibberish text, or a faggot talking about pedophilia while posting CP?
Why has the validation tripped? The spam people were talking about happened hours ago. >>249434 Why did you delete this post, Mr Tor?
>>249432 As usual one was on /co/ and probably some other boards.
(6.99 MB 426x240 mark17.mp4)
>>249484 No meta discussion (that is negative of Mark) allowed in the meta thread, nigg!
>>249419 Just the usual CP spambot, but with a different image this time. Gone pretty quickly. Vols doing a good job.
>vols doing a good job If you say so.
(121.05 KB 1327x639 ClipboardImage.png)
>>249700 Doing a great job if you ask me.
>>249700 >banning a torpost what a retardd
>>249700 >>249702 Kazu? More like Cuckzu eggsdee
What's the purpose of having a website that's about "free speech" if you're going to censor anyone you disagree with because you have the power to do so? I don't see mods deleting swarths of posts as >EPIC LIBTARD OWNAGE I just see another power creep of internet moderation, just like on Twitter and Facebook. Just because the mainstream is leftist doesn't mean we should turn this place into a hugbox of neocon opinions. That's fine for boards like /pol/ but this is /v/ and we should be apolitical as possible.
>>250222 The site is about free speech, each individual board has no obligations to free speech. If each individual board had any obligation to free speech then there would be nothing preventing me from talking about things that are completely off-topic, rules and posting guidelines violate free speech. The imageboard is the platform, the individual boards are in essence private property. 8moe is a free speech platform, the boards within are free to do as they please. If you don't like how mods run a certain board there's literally not a single barrier to entry for you to create your own competing board. It's completely free, you can just go and do it. Just as I don't have to tolerate you coming onto my private and raving about how much you love sucking nigger dick I don't have to tolerate you coming onto my board and talking about how much you love sucking nigger dick. I can't imagine being so fucking new that you think cakekike of all people could ever moderate with any degree of nuance. You posted on cake/v/ and got cake/v/ tier moderation. What the fuck did you expect retard?
>>250222 Tell exactly what's being deleted, otherwise fuck off.
>>250222 Trips of truth. Unfortunately Mark, being the newfag that he is, fell for the >let's overmoderate to keep the cuckchanners out meme, which sounds good in theory but in practice all it means is that if enough people can point their fingers at a post they don't like and either claim it's cuckchan or otherwise some other boogeyman then the mods will delete the problematic post and the board slowly creeps into becoming an echo chamber implying it hasn't already I'm just gonna say, I think this was a much better place when we had a healthy mix of retards and non-retards from every end of the spectrum on the board. The retards were the ones who would ask questions and then generate deep philosophical discussion regarding the most mundane shit. Anons would write autistic walls of text taking up 3 entire posts to explain to newfags why their favorite game wasn't really an RPG and why it was shit. And after that the newfags would either assimilate or fuck off when they realized their faggotry isn't welcome here. You just can't get that kind of discussion on a board where everyone has the exact same viewpoints regarding everything from tastes in games to obscure politics. What are some of the biggest disagreements on this board to this date? Whether or not the PS2 is as good as people claim? How good some sequels are in comparison to other entries in the franchise? >>250253 This sounds just as fallacious as >who cares it's a private company they can do what they want Ignoring free speech as a principle and using legal arguments against ethical objections. Fuck off, TORfag. >>250255 t. butthurt Jannie
>>250271 >Ignoring free speech as a principle and using legal arguments against ethical objections. Fuck off, TORfag. Okay so let's find the boundaries you have for this logic. Should I be able to walk onto someones front lawn and start having a conversation about how much I love sucking nigger dick? I'm super curious where you actually think people should draw the line.
>>250271 >t. butthurt Jannie He just asked what was deleted
>>250287 It's always the TORfag who makes the most retarded arguments. Spread your buttcheeks further for Mark's fat cock, you don't have to be shy about how much you enjoy being fucked in the ass.
>>250300 I mean I feel like that was a pretty simply question that anyone with an even moderately developed moral framework should have been able to work within. I guess I overestimated your capabilities and thought you might be interested in a discussion rather than just begging a retarded obese jew to pretty please let you post things he doesn't want you to like some subservient faggot. My bad.
>>250222 You know, funny you mention this because I was thinking this exact thought today. In an ironic twist of fate in order to deal with the echo chambers of today this place has been created as an echo chamber itself. Any divisiveness opinion? You are luciano, or niggerpill, or that one fag who spammed bruce, or you are a good, or /cow/. God forbid you post anything againt GG because that will get deleted within a few minutes. Yet I can go on 4cuck RIGHT NOW and post what I want and not get jannied. Isn't that just rich?
>>250464 >Yet I can go on 4cuck RIGHT NOW and post what I want and not get jannied
>>250464 If you love cuckchan so much, go there and stay go
>>250470 >If you love cuckchan so much, go there and stay go You know he won't because he probably got banned for saying nigger there or something fucking stupid like that. Retards will go on and on about how posting on the webring is awful but they never fucking leave do they?
(14.24 KB 480x360 Douchebuster.jpg)
>>250255 >>250291 You get banned for saying the c-word, isn't that the equivalent of typing "niggers" with caps lock in twitter?
>>250618 >the c-word Cunny? I say it and post loli porn all the time without problem. Did you use it or a similar them to describe real children or some faggotry of that kind?
(52.41 KB 485x441 1473051142910.jpg)
>>250618 Cunny? Cunt? Crap? Cuck? Coomer? Cum? Crispy? What C word you faggot?
(189.25 KB 888x1330 infinite expanding.PNG)
>banned from ebuams >banned from SA >banned from gaia >banned from gamefaqs >banned from ed (closed now) >banned from cuckchan >banned from discord >banned from 8chan >>250694 "8chan.moe is a hobby project with no affiliation whatsoever to the administration of any other "8chan" site, past or present. " Why are you lying?
>>250738 >girltalk I think I remember sniping BO there and turning it into a natsoc board once.
>>250470 >I'm totally fine with 8chan being shitty echo chamber and I do not wish for anything to change You're part of the problem.
>>250789 There are disagreements here all the time, but you think this is an echo chamber because it bans an autist who constantly says we should hang ourselves over a meme president.
>>212688 >but its a personal/social risk to me Well that's Ironic since your already tagged. >>212730 >>on an anonymous imageboard You're not "Anonimoose." The logic behind it is a paradoxical never-ending loop of cat and mouse. >You're either really identifiable or you're too cheap to buy a VPN. People are easily predictable even you. VPNs are worthless if you're trying to stay private even if you selfhost it.
>>217065 Nah I'm not going to learn kikescript.
>>223411 Fucking Autistic Piece of Non-Compiling shit here. Can you spoonfed me why Endchan is bad other than loli?
>>250863 >TORnigger loses his cool having nothing to contribute and demands to be spoonfed. How about actually reading the thread you stupid faggot.
(16.51 KB 306x308 fuck it all.png)
>>250865 You're not a clever shitposter.
>>250867 Read: >>214223 >>214383 >>215238 >>216682 I don't save pics of this shit and you can ask acid himself for the claim email. >>244935
>>250876 >NO GOOD REASON >Country is a security threat that had tried this shit on the OG 8chan before. Don't worry anon, you can still post on TOR or use a VPN.
(20.68 MB 636x360 #1 Nasheed Palestine.mp4)
>>250879 it's a fucking false flag and for that reason a collective punishment is fucking faggotry and dishonest "I'M GONNA PUNISH A WHOLE COUNTRY OVER SOME FAGGOT PRETENDING TO BE A KIKE" fucking lmao
(18.11 KB 128x128 709207161632325643.png)
>>250920 >this is why mark broke off 8kun and was laughed at nigga how about you go back
>>250930 >Caring about OC There is no Original Ideas and Thoughts. We always say the same words, the same meaning, and most of all the same speech over and over and over again.
>>250876 Tell Putin to stop getting butthurt at porn of his waifu Penny Gadget and cease persecuting irrelevant websites over loli porn and then you and your country will be allowed to post in the clearnet again.
>>250789 >shitty echo chamber >80% of the board hates the BO >80% of the site mocks the site admin for being a retarded potato nigger cuckold Cake/v/ used to be filled with yes men goons but these days it at least manages to escape being that retarded anymore. >>250876 Eat shit kike, I hope your devil spawn country gets carpet bombed out of existence you malevolent gremlin faggot.
>>250694 Cake.
>>249976 Ackshually, banning tor works now when PoW bypass validation is turned on. It kills niggerpill and other continuous spam on sight. >>250253 >each individual board has no obligations to free speech. /b/ee does, most of the time. >>250271 >Ignoring free speech as a principle and using legal arguments against ethical objections. Fuck off, TORfag. The barriers to making a company are high, with regulations out the ass and massive funds required. And once you make one, you'll almost never have a chance of competing with the established big boys. The barriers to making a board, or adopting one, are zilcho. There is the issue of competition with confectionery jew's monopoly on muh PPH, but he doesn't even stop people from directly shilling their boards in the GG thread to siphon off its massive pool of off-topic posting. Shill there and shill hard, once per thread. Use your own board. Shitpost on it to fake it until you make it with PPH. Give it custom CSS. Make memes, make threads. It's possible. You can do it. Be the change you want to see. >>250464 That's less of an issue with echo-chamber enabling moderation, and more of an issue with the fact that this place is so small and off-the-radar, that anyone coming here to disagree with general sentiment in the GG thread are usually aggros of some flavor still asshurt about GG intentionally trying to shit up the thread. Also an issue of paranoid anons. >>251175 MODS MODS MODS MODS MODS!
>>249281 No /loli/ works fine.
>>250883 Wasn't an enormous, overwhelming majority of the "psst hey kid wanna blow up a federal building"-tier falseflag glownigger posting coming directly from Israeli IPs? I'm sure I heard this.
>>251505 Could be CIA in Israel, or North Koreans using proxies, or actual Jews. The problem with IPs is that they're suggestive but not conclusive.
If you configure your browser correctly images don't load on this crappy website.
(447.02 KB 1024x554 Asuka meds.jpeg)
>>251505 Correct. Our early months had a lot of weird schitzo thread derails, CP, and fedposting happening. On a whim one night I actually bothered to look at the IP addresses on a group of bans I had done and the majority were Israeli. When I instituted the geoblocking during the Vanwanet issue I put them on the blocklist and the trouble instantly stopped.
>>246517 I thought that video was lost.
(3.88 MB 360x640 1612739364374.webm)
>>250883 >pretending Fuck off kike. The only way the world will ever return to normal is when your kind and the shabbos goyim are in the ground.
(900.46 KB 1770x1006 acidman.png)
>>251531 Pull the trigger faggot, blow out your fucking brain. >>251553 i guess your true nature surfaces like the trash it is conflict seems inveitable anyway >dolphin spamming cp OK >other torfaggots do whatever the fuck they want OK >some faggot uses an israeli proxy to spam cp BAN a whole country hypocrites. fucking gentile trash
Relevant pic.
>>251559 >fucking gentile trash Gee I wonder why no one likes you.
>>251559 >Oy vey, why do the goyim oppress me so?
>>251559 Israelis are not people.
(475.91 KB 1899x2556 average siegefag.jpg)
>>251559 If it weren't for Acid's height he would've already transitioned.
(20.57 KB 500x289 41XF8VZu6WL.jpg)
>>251559 >Bans Israel Your not a real country anyway. You just a bunch of fags larping at being a nation squatting in other peoples land. No one cares fuck off.
>>251559 >I can't be half assed to learn to use a proxy in 10 seconds this is all Acid's fault Jewish mentality at work.
>>251598 >You just a bunch of fags larping at being a nation squatting in other peoples land Kind of like America
>>>/v/251600 Shit bait as most people will agree, not care, or both, nice try trying to divert attention from unified shitting on Israel JIDF.
(48.46 KB 1036x560 huiocaust.png)
(125.02 KB 1064x1598 27f1395064c8a0d1e59c269d6dc1c71f.jpg)
>Israel IP is banned based
Why would Mark ban his homeland? Does he hate his own race that much?
>>251598 >that image DOGO!!!
>>0251559 all me btw
>>251600 >redskins >people >implying it was their land
>Aniki memorial thread deleted
>>251711 its december 26 faggot gotta get rid of that xmas tree immediately
(109.72 KB 1439x1000 EitE6gZXYAARcEu.jpg)
>>251711 Unacceptable, what the fuck.
(37.08 KB 680x510 laugh at (YOU).jpg)
>>251600 All one I aint American. So that statement does not bother me. Israel can still fuck off.
(225.99 KB 500x375 giphy.gif)
>>251711 >come here for the first time in a year >see this
(15.07 MB 654x480 bioware forums.mp4)
>>251711 Allow me to explain, I was only planning on having the thread up for about 24 hours and then move on, kinda like we did with Harmony. I apologize for not giving an hours advance and I'll try to do so in the future.
(2.39 MB 320x180 Gachimuchi sword fight.gif)
>>251750 >All that gachi gone >Literally what >>251714 said Correct your mistake or I'll make another one and another one after that until it stays.
>>251756 Just make a new thread, I'll allow it this time.
>>251750 You always do this and every time you're told not to do this.
/b/ needs a cleanup.
>>251709 >look at how contrarian I am mom!
>>221227 You don't talk to people online for intelligent conversation, you do it because you cant get any other conversation to begin with and settle. More people is more people to settle with of which is a plus. However it brings up server cost and takes someone's power away so.... >>221210 All smaller imageboards nuke their own new userbase constantly for my post's stated reasons. >>221143 You forgot to respect athoratie
>>251559 Israel should not be allowed to post at all outside of the darknets wherein they could have anarchist capitalism, outside of that they can only make faggy sissy-rules out of everything. hint and nudge >probably should not (You) this bait but
(38.41 KB 400x346 1396222313788.jpg)
>>251711 Meanwhile on the superior board it's still up and full of content, LMAOing you at life.
>>252237 Is that before or after you deleted it 6 times?
>>251750 Impressive howl in that video. Does she realize how creepy she is though? Is that even deliberate?
>>250738 >>banned from ed (closed now) How the fuck do you get banned from what is considered to be an imageboard with namefags?
>>252134 Are you the one who keeps global reporting your own posts on /v/ saying "CP links on /b/" or something similar? If you are, please stop. Report the post you need moderated.
PLW is down
>>254464 What happened?
>>255136 It went down.
>>255138 seems to be back up

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