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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)
Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 ID:a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
>>25719 Some fag is spamming the whole board with the same nujak garbage.
>>25719 >not a horsecock Shit taste desu senpai
>>25720 on it
>>25720 and finished.
Can you raise the number of total pages to something like 10? But also please bumplock the Friday night thread after its used twice so a new one can come in, I'm pretty sure reusing the same fucking thread so much is killing people's motivations to post in it.
>>25734 I can't bumplock threads, it's not in the core software. I'll ask the dev team to make an add-on after they install 2.4
(35.15 KB 623x479 1470710603382.jpg)
>>25737 >no bumplock feature >no default volume option >no webring support >JSchan has all of this Why is Lynxchan so shit even after several years of development? Wouldn't it have been easier to fork JSchan instead?
>>25786 >no bumplock feature >no default volume option We can always make a simple add on, I'll ask acid to make it after the upgrade. >no webring support We don't want our IP leaking out, and besides everyone would likely blacklist us anyway based on the 8chan name, leaving little point in having said webring in the first place.
>>25794 >we don't want our IP leaking out wut
>>25821 I'll ask acid to explain it when he comes home.
>>25737 When is 2.4 coming?
Why did you take nudes of your own asshole mark?
>>25850 I wanted acid to do it yesterday, but he's been busy watching his store because of BLM rioters. The tech team SHOULD get it done by the end of this month.
>>25857 Was it ever proven that it was his asshole? For one, that guy wasn't nearly hairy enough to be Mark.
>>25827 He explained it a bit in the other thread. >>23499
>>25883 >>25794 I've never even heard of this "ip leak" rumor before today. I understand not wanting to join the ring on if he's busy with coding that frontend shit, but the rumor sounds like D&C bullshit. With how many sites are attached to the it, I'm certain SOMEONE would've noticed at some point.
>>25874 THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING I mean, my dick was posted in a gamergate thread once, but no one ever found it. >>25883 Yeah, basically what he said. In short, the science team is working on it.
HOW ARE WE GOING TO HAVE OUR FORMER ANONS FIND US AGAIN? HOW CAN WE RETURN TO EVEN HALF OF OUR FORMER GLORY ONCE AGAIN? It's a death sentence for us if we were to let our community stagnate, we need to really do something about it but I have no clue what we should do exactly.
>>25926 in due time, anon.
>>25926 Maybe if you're lucky, ((((Esther))) will successfully kill every last /v/ alternative and force everyone to centralize to one site god I hope not, I actually like zchan
>>25926 For starters you need to find where did everyone go. Some boards are on the webring, others are here, and a couple of boards moved to Joshchan for some reason. But that's only a small part of the former community of 8chan and a lot of boards still are missing or homeless (like /fit/, /mu/ and /pone).
>>25926 People leave. This has been true in the 6 years of (actual) 8chan, where its last year before dying had only a fraction of the activity the first years had. If the 8/v/ community's userbase only decays and no new users ever make their way here, it will die. There's a massive "sekrit club" mentality that makes it near impossible to fish for new users, so death sounds like an inevitability. Original 8chan was shilled hard on 4chan and that's how it got its massive userbase. Post-8chan expects not to shill anywhere and live off of a fraction of a fraction of legacy users, which is an unsustainable lie.
(178.58 KB 291x322 1436313834166-4.png)
>>25987 Stop copypasting this garbage constantly please, I'm pretty sure everyone has heard it and doesn't want to take any more. >Oh I'm gonna go and save 8chan by spreading the word that we need new users, or else we will die. I mean, websites lose users with time right haha? <Okay so what's your plan And then its a carousel. All the answers given so far are consistently bad. >Oh I'm gonna advertise on twitter/reddit/4chan and get a userbase from there, its not that hard >I don't know I'm just complaining about the obvious problem Are you actually going to contribute something or complain that people are evil sekrit clubbers because they don't want to hear about it?
>>25999 It's freshly written, you think it's copypasta worthy? It's easy to dismiss every idea while not bringing any of your own, and just complain about people suggesting ways to tackle the problem. That is, if you think it's a problem. I think it is. I've watched activity go like a downward spiral for years, and it's pretty obvious where it's leading unless you put your hands over your eyes.
>>26010 >It's easy to dismiss every idea while not bringing any of your own, and just complain about people suggesting ways to tackle the problem. Then what is your plan to deal with bad ideas? Just let them happen?
>>25874 Whatever you say mark
>>25999 >>26010 Why don't you faggots just have interboard gamenights with the other /v/s or something?
>>26012 Come up with a better idea. If you acknowledge the enormous and continuous decline in activity as a problem, it's pretty obvious that people will have to find their way to here from the outside to remedy the problem, because unlike nations, websites can't breed and bounce back. The webring was a good idea and hopefully Acidman is working towards that functionality.
>>26015 Wow, genius. We're gonna advertise 8moe on websites that already know 8moe exist. >>26017 >Come up with a better idea Except having a bad idea is much easier and faster than havinga good idea. If we did what you're suggesting bad ideas would overflow. >Webring As I said before, around 90% of the people using the webring are aware that 8moe exists.
>>25999 >Okay so what's your plan Can't speak for others, but I do very casual mentions of this site and the webring (something like "X board moved to Y site") on the least shit boards of cuckchan in hopes that anyone who went there after 8chan died notices them. Call me a crossposter faggot cuck, but at least I'm trying to spread the word in a way that doesn't attract too many niggers.
>>26045 Define "least shit".
>>26050 Basically boards that haven't gone full Reddit like /pol/, /v/, /tv/, /b/, /int/, /mu/, /most of /a/, /most of /g/, etc; and I only mention other sites when somebody talks about how much he misses X board of 8chan. I never start the "shilling" or give full URLs, only mention that the missing board is back on another site.
Spinny wheels are fucking stupid Mark, just make a new meta thread whenever one hits the bump limit like a normal person. >>26061 Crossposter faggot cuck-kun, those boards have gone full reddit. So have most of the webring boards. Reddit is, and it pains me to say this, unironically better than a lot of them now. If you can't see that then you're blind. Black pills aside, there is hope to build a better future. Could be here, but if it's not, I'm sure somewhere else comfy will pop up eventually.
I am comfy here. Much thanks.
We have a pretty long to-do list. We've decided to prioritize the new frontend and the 2.4 upgrade because it simply needs to get done and it will be better to target Lynxchan add-ons for 2.4 rather than spend a bunch of time on them now and potentially have them break. The "short" version of the to-do list is: >new frontend >upgrade site to 2.4 >webring >improved backup system >TOR image posting >custom css >functional e-mails without IP leaks >webm default volume >new migration script Half of these should come with the new frontend. The other half are projects on their own. There's more, but this is what's immediately in front of us. If there are any suggestions about the frontend, you can leave it over at >>>site/134/ and we can go down and compare what's been requested with what the frontend does. We spent most of the last few weeks on the migration and then Acid has been tied-down because of BLM, so work will begin in earnest on the frontend this week. >improving traffic I'm very concerned about the lack of traffic across the webring, and also the boards that just totally died, especially after Julay imploded. Some boards are just gone and even the largest on a given site has half the traffic it used to get a few years ago. I think the non-controversial thing would be to try to attract old 8chan anons. How many have moved on from a year ago? If you know any, maybe let them know the webring exists and has become somewhat stable. Beyond that, there's no easy way forward and I think at some point the 8chan community needs to come together and discuss options. Recruiting from other hobby sites is potentially "easy" but could lead to an influex of shitposts. 9chan is basically full of 4chan shitposts now. Nobody on the webring wants any of that near them. Same goes for social media sites. It's a different culture. Attempts to recruit from these places will be controversial no matter what anyone does. Eventually, this community will need fresh blood from somewhere, but it's an open question as to how to do that. For now, I think it's good to foster cooperation. Seems like a lot of anons, including some BOs, still don't trust each other. Infinity Cup is a thing over on cafe. 8chanmania is still happening over here. Now that things are stabilizing, maybe some game nights will work. If the admins on the webring can agree on a system, maybe we can get the Attention Hungry Games started again. I've been so busy with the tech stuff that a lot of that has fallen by the wayside. But summer is here and we're about a year out from the deplatforming. Now seems like an appropriate time to reflect on how far we've come and start looking to the future. Rebuilding this community will continue to be an active process, but with some hard work and a little luck I think we can climb our way back to comfy levels we haven't seen since 2015.
>>26179 >TOR image posting But that already works >Eventually, this community will need fresh blood from somewhere, but it's an open question as to how to do that. You're manufacturing this "need". It doesn't actually exist. This place is pretty active all things considered. Artificially injecting "new blood" into an imageboard because of low activity is the same concept as importing immigrants because of low birth rates. The most valuable thing that anyone can do to increase activity is make good posts, good threads, and good boards. That is the meat of what makes an imageboard. Brute forcing things through administration will have minimal to no impact. Well, I guess technically it would have an impact. Advertising does work, you could increase the PPH ten fold if you wanted to with a collective shilling campaign, but then this place would devolve into an even bigger cuckchan cross-posting shit heap and become irredeemably shittier than it somehow already is. It only takes a dozen or so dedicated anons to bring up board activity significantly with effort posting. So if you just sit the fuck still and stop chasing PPH these people will show up and things will get better, and this goes for all imageboards. People getting antsy while most webring boards and this place haven't even existed without issue for more than a year. 8chan was more or less stable for what? Like 6 or 7 years? You need to abandon this idea that you are 8chan and if you don't gobble up every last bit of activity it previously had you're under performing. If this place had 1000pph today it would be completely unusable. Embrace the low PPH, let it rise through quality, and you'll then be able to enjoy decent PPH without the mess of retarded cuckchan soyjak spamming teenagers.
>>26190 Pretty much this. /jp/ was fantastic when it had only 6 people.
>>26190 >already works I wasn't notified Acid re-activated it. The functionality itself is fine; we just want a way to throttle Tor posters to prevent CP spam. The add-on to do that is still a work in progress, as far as I know. >You're manufacturing this "need" To clarify, I don't think we need massive PPH, nor do I think we need it now. I'm more worried about potentially bleeding off people over time; I'm worried what remains will evaporate. Stagnation is not ideal for long-term health. I've watched a lot of great communities die over the years. Some to Eternal September, others to a slow bleed. I want to see the 8chan community thrive again. At this stage I'd be happy to see an end to the deplatformings, the board hemorrhages, balkanization, and the rampant D&C. But I worry about what imageboards will look like in another 5-10 years.
>>26179 >I'm very concerned about the lack of traffic across the webring Don't worry too much, worthy users will find this place eventually, be it through unrelated searches, word of mouth, or pure curiosity. Seriously, this site is even advertised on certain subreddits, it's not some obscure deep web onion service. >>26190 I'd say there's a need of new blood not because activity is too slow, but because the population is too low and homogenous. Without any new users, this place will go down the same purity spiral all "alternative" communities fall into and bleed most of its users away as the site culture self-radicalizes and loses touch with the rest of the world. >8chan was more or less stable for what? Like 6 or 7 years? 8chan's stability was, quite ironically, due to its similarities with reddit: if a board sucked, beit because of moderation or users, you could make your own. Much like reddit, this system sweeps the problem under the rug without solving it in the least, so when things start going south they do so all at once.
>>26208 >I'd say there's a need of new blood not because activity is too slow I think it goes without saying that a relatively steady flow of new users is important for imageboards, but my main point was that you should never go about achieving this through advertising. When someone says shit like "we're going to have to find a way to solve this problem" while they're talking about new blood is sound quite a bit like they're trying to construct the narrative that without advertising we're all doomed. I don't see the conversation coming to any other conclusion besides advertising, it's not like there's some crazy radical idea that someone could come up with. The only thing besides literal advertising that could increase 8moe's visibility is the webring, but in order for that to be useful the sites administration probably needs to grovel and eat shit so they don't get blacklisted by all the admins on the webring, and even then the communities themselves might sperg out hard at being linked to 8moe, a site that has had the admin advertise on not just twitter but also literally reddit. Well now that I'm thinking about the webring I guess there is one more angle that could increase activity across the board. If instead of shilling any specific site, people went around the hundreds of niche imageboards that were compatible with the webring and shilled for them to join up with the webring that would be an acceptable method of a secondhand activity increase and probably bring in new posters that aren't insufferable retards. Assuming 8moe joined the webring that is. It's definitely much more tasteful than just namedropping the site on their boards like a parasite. It would also solve the problem of 8moe being blacklisted by everyone on the webring as these niche boards aren't aware of all the brain dead retarded shit this sites admin and Mark have done to make them so despised among the current selection of boards on the webring. >8chan's stability was, quite ironically, due to its similarities with reddit: if a board sucked, beit because of moderation or users, you could make your own. I'm sure that had a large part to do with its success yes. Which is why I think it's a good thing 8moe has a similar model. Though I do think it should perhaps be a little more restrictive, but it seems fine for now.
>>26212 To add onto that idea a little more, developing the addon to be compatible with more imageboard software is another effort that would be beneficial for everyone. Though I'm ignorant when it comes to the /tech/ aspect of that shit.
Since previous meta thread was deleted for some reason, for the past few days I've been noticing the issues with the thumbnails. Constant refreshing and hoping for the best
>>26212 I agree that advertising is a bad idea, but I think you're reading too much into the admin's choice of words. >I don't see the conversation coming to any other conclusion besides advertising The "easy" alternative would be creating OC: anyone who plays CoCanon's mod don't look it up if you don't know already has discovered multiple imageboards purely by following its development. Another is to preserve some sort of knowledge: a couple good links to game dev resources in /agdg/ will eventually bring people in, for example.
>>26237 >don't look it up if you don't know already i was going to get on you for being a pussy but i looked and they did a bunch of nofun bullshit to it >* Changed NoFur to be on by default. fucking weak
(35.34 KB 1280x720 mfw.jpg)
>>26239 I was merely trying to briar patch newfriends into getting a face full of Urta. >* Changed NoFur to be on by default. Pic related
>>26230 It's an issue with Vanwa. They were also filtering newlines and hiding webm thumbnails. For whatever reason, their requests to our server (on your behalf) fail, possibly by timing-out. Thumbnails work correctly over Tor and via direct connection to the server, but they occasionally break on Vanwa. We're well aware of the issue and we have some ideas for how to make Vanwa play nicer with the site and improve performance all around. We'll be toying with those on the test server while we upgrade the frontend and hopefully we can deploy those tweaks alongside the 2.4 upgrade. >>26215 Webring primarily consists of Lynxchan and Vichan sites, plus a single jschan site. This is basically it as far as imageboard software. The only one not covered by that is Infinity Next. >>26212 The plan is to join the webring, and when I discuss the webring I am including this site in it. I often use "webring" and "8chan community" interchangeably. I'm not advocating advertising, and I would never recommend advertising, especially on social media. I'm glad that those ads were mostly limited in reach to GamerGate participants. Namedropping is definitely tasteless and leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. It's the opposite of a solution. I use boards on other sites and it seems like opposition to this site in general is a very small minority, albeit a very vocal one. >>26237 Besides inviting people we know personally and acclimating them, I think this is the best solution. I'd encourage anyone who is interested in the future of imageboards to work on producing OC. If they don't know how, then learn. Clip images and add text. Make webms. Edit a video. Just try to produce the kind of content you like to see, and challenge yourself to learn something new. It's beneficial to anons and to the community at large.
>>26250 >I use boards on other sites and it seems like opposition to this site in general is a very small minority I don't think this is even remotely true. You underestimate just how many people actually fucking hate Mark. I think peoples hatred for 8moe is lessening just from the fact that he's shut the fuck up over the last little while, but to dismiss it as a small vocal minority would be a mistake. Multiple of the webrings largest BO's have expressed their contempt for Mark and anything related to Mark, which includes 8moe. While there might be arguments against the legitimacy of peoples issues with 8moe, these people do exist and do make up a large portion of the user base. More importantly they make up a majority of the kind of posters one would want on their board in the first place, people with high standards for their imageboard experiences. The alternative is smooth brained retards that don't hold anyone accountable for the stupid shit they've done. Associating the site with Mark through having him finance it was one of the stupidest decisions the administration has made. Only acid's retarded shilling on fatchan and fixating on the 8chan brand rivals it for retardation holding this site back.
What happened to /fascist/?????????
>>26276 >Only acid's retarded shilling on fatchan and fixating on the 8chan brand rivals it for retardation holding this site back To be honest with so many cucked sites out there the world needs an 8chan. Jim lost his spine is a faggot.
(59.38 KB 1364x340 ClipboardImage.png)
(20.06 KB 1344x172 ClipboardImage.png)
>>26384 I already found out but thx.
>>26310 The world needs an infinity style imageboard, it does not need one under the 8chan brand.
>>26396 I don't care about the brand, I care about the interesting assholes, misfits, outcasts, undesirables who bustle around at the end of the web, like in a dockland pub in Tortuga.
>>26179 Fixing the problems with VanwaTech's protection should be a top priority. A lot of images fail to load until I refresh the page various times, and on image-centered boards this is a big annoyance. Not to mention how the auto updater stops working all of sudden on random threads. Also here's the fixed link to the meta thread: >>>/site/134/
Can acid just bermaban those images for a while?
What's with the spam?
Why the janny meme spam?
(200.52 KB 677x673 mega_sonic.jpg)
Hey fag, I think you should still do a Sanic the Moviedog stream at some point. You brought it up in the CCPS5 thread.
FAKE NEWS This is your friendly local reporting tengu back with more hot loads and retarded takes. It's been a month following the storm that shook Julay to it's core. /jp/ bunkers everywhere have undergone non-stop bombing by the tot fan known only as Dolphin since then. He has a lot of loyalty for a hired gun if you ask me. In the meantime, the rapefugees from the have been seeking safe haven elsewhere. My sources currently pin their whereabouts to an undisclosed dead game and possibly a board that their enemies will never think to look. This reporter hopes for everyone's sake, that the Weasel's pockets are not so deep that he can continue to afford to pay the mercenary indefinitely. On a more primary note, Touhou MoF, SA, and UFO, have been released on Steam last week. This agency suspects that it is because ZUN has been becoming more open to the public in recent years. This is most likely to either support his family or to keep his reclining game franchise alive amidst a sea of new gachashit competitors. He's still too lazy to put out an official translation, though this reporter thinks it's for the best. You should learn Japanese instead of relying on a western localization team Anon. Spee had a bit of a scare recently, as it went down for an (as yet) unknown reason. Fortunately for sportsfans and Japanese speakers alike, it came back up after a couple days. When asked for a comment on what happened, the only thing ddduder would tell me was >wew This is possibly his way of expressing joy over his new illicitly funded car purchase. /icup/, the 4chan cup clone except for us, has officially announced the cutoff date for new teams to enter. If you wish your board to enter with or without the owner's consent you have until July 3rd. While I've never really loved human sports outside of theb owl, I'm starting to see the appeal. I might even join a team myself. If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: forced hehpilling, gokkun, cum inflation, ball worship, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Find me on the interpol website for more details. This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.
Even Captcha fails to load the image often now. Have to sit there and reload in hopes the captcha image show up.
(170.43 KB 811x784 Ayasaurus.png)
>>34629 The tengu are truly our greatest allies.
>>34638 What happened to tengureich? I recall that being not dead in my bunkers list.
>>34640 well it died
(1.08 MB 1280x720 AWOOOO.webm)
>>34641 Well that's fine, bunkers be bunkers.
(3.59 KB 446x19 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.54 KB 314x19 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.67 KB 266x28 ClipboardImage.png)
(3.40 KB 336x28 ClipboardImage.png)
Few questions yet: Where are filtering options yet? I think it helps a great deal for self-moderation.
I forgot to write out my second question and did it in screenshot language, it seems. Second question: Why do Settings disappear on catalog but on inside bread?
>>34602 We've made some changes to hopefully help with the Vanwa/thumbnails issue. It's on Vanwa's end so we're guessing what's going wrong and experimenting with tweaks to see if it helps. Jannyspam happened again. We're working on a permanent solution. For the time being, we'll enable captcha on every post when he strikes to slow him down. For now, if you see it just global report and that will alert the gvols sooner. >>34602 we cannot hashban because each image is modified slightly to evade this, but there's other ways to detect and ban. >>34697 >>34699 I'll check on the filtering thing. Settings not appearing on the catalog is probably an oversight in the frontend. We'll add it to the frontend change list. For feedback on the site's GUI, please drop a post in >>>/site/134. We'll be going down whatever is there as we build the new frontend. >>34629 Based Tengu.
(4.65 KB 686x120 EaIKQ--WkAAEx05.png)
(834.11 KB 2448x3264 EaIKZIiXgAALv0U.jpg)
(53.19 KB 1163x455 EaIKWwpWkAAWJOE.jpg)
(24.04 KB 697x723 EaIKSPPWkAAo823.png)
I know this news is 2 days old but MadThad, for whomever who cares, finally made it out of prison. Not the best year to make it out but good for him I guess.
Also whats that imageboard thats being posted on in those caps? It doesn't look like cuckchan to me.
>>34742 It's probably an archive newbro.
Mark, I really think you should leave the captcha on for awhile. Each time the autist spams he bumps the post count up several thousand.
>>34750 Pretty sure lynxchan 2.4 finally put in a PPH captcha trigger. Shouldn't be too difficult to just configure that or perhaps even change it to a PPM trigger or some smaller interval of time where you would only see dozens of posts within 10-20 seconds from bot activity. Unless 8moe hasn't update to 2.4 yet. Seems like the simplest most consistent solution to me, but I'm a no dev retard just running my mouth.
(33.12 KB 125x125 prinny spinny.gif)
>>34728 Cool dood, I'll shift on over there about gooey pooey.
>>34755 We are not on 2.4 yet. Our frontend is a fork of a fork and we made a lot of changes to get the site live ASAP. Since 2.4 is going to break a lot of stuff, we're just starting from scratch with the goal of making an easy-to-maintain frontend that also has all the stuff we want. So we'll upgrade once the new frontend is done. There's a bunch of 2.4 stuff we're waiting on, especially centered around captcha. That's why the new frontend is the top priority right now and other fixes are on the backburner.
Just a quick reminder that niggerpill is once again active, so if you see him spouting his usual bullshit do not reply, just report and filter him.
>>34861 >niggerpill Fuck that shit, but what you're suggesting reeks of safe-space mentality.
>>34862 What, reporting spam instead of feeding it?
(103.64 KB 640x775 1569594349583.jpg)
>>26179 Wanted to chime in on my own opinion on garnering more traffic. I literally only found out about this place about 30 minutes ago because a niche gamer article linked it to the anon who made the thread talking about censorship of jap games due to ten-cent involvement. This place really needs to get the word out because I haven't seen any word of it anywhere and only found it by happenstance. To ensure the survival of our people something has to be done and as other anons have said this sekrit club shit is not going to do any favors garnering taffic. That said its good to be home. I basically had to return to cuckchan because there was no way in hell I was touching 8channel with a ten foot dragon dildo. Good to see some anons returning to form.
>>35117 Well no eceleb or outlet wants to promote us due to the 8chan name
>>25719 >>15300 Just pointing out that there are two active meta threads right now.
>>35124 As I understood it, one thread is for meta discussions and board drama (this one) and the other for maintenance announcements and admin stuff.
>8chan still won't render icons for menu items, including hide/report >Still fully functional, it's just a visual thing >Running Iridium browser and Windows 7 with tons of updates stripped out >Friend on Steam has a display name / status message using Windows emoji >Renders as boxes >Think these are related >Grab a specific system update to update Segoe UI Font >Doesn't work >His status is still rendered incorrectly, but only half of them are boxes >8chan still not rendering right
>>38802 Just use Simplix update pack.
>>35120 I reckon folks like OneAngrySped would be more than willing than promote us. Though i still don't think that's a good idea.
>>38824 *...to promote us Fuck
(310.26 KB 680x383 praise be CLANG.png)
>>38802 >using meme browser >using unsupported OS after shitting skid "tweaks" all over it >wow stuff isn't working
>>38824 He already did, Acid or Mark contacted him for some reason (even though they shouldn't have). It was also advertised on Reddit, likely also due to Acid. I'm still mad about it.
Also the Vanwa issue seems to be fixed for me when it comes to thumbnails not loading. Haven't had to constantly refresh any threads lately
>>38826 >unsupported OS lol >>38802 Emoji's rendering as boxes shouldn't bother you because who gives a shit about emoji's. Have you tested other browsers? If you must use chromium based nigger shit then try brave, or at the very least test out firefox based shit like palemoon and the tor browser bundle to see if you have the same icon rendering issues. Either way it's not like the icons really matter that much, you can tell what they are by hovering over them and eventually would just learn what they are from their placement. You could probably just blame it on lynxchan being such dogshit software developed by a retarded amateur porn star hue monkey tranny nigger. I doubt it has anything to do with you running the superior OS windows 7.
>>38857 It's hilarious to see zoomers cargo cult for windows 7.
>>38859 >zoomer Looks like Acid's reddit shilling is taking effect.
(50.16 KB 199x204 nicebrowsenice.jpg)
windows 2000 the nicest nice OS, I'm not switching to XP!!!!!
>>38861 >y-you're reddit! Absolutely pathetic, when you grow up you'll realize Microsoft was spying on you just as well on your wonderful "debloated" win7.
>>38867 I never said they weren't. Windows 7 isn't perfect, but it's great and the only acceptable option if you want to play video games. You're not cancer for taking issue with microjew software, you're cancer for using cuckchan terminology.
>>38868 >and the only acceptable option if you want to play video games. That would be win10, purely on the basis that it's the only supported Windows OS and more and more stuff (both on the hardware and software side) requires it. Same way that Vista was the only sane gaming option even though XP was much more stable. >cuckchan terminology. I'm pretty sure "zoomer" came from youtube, not like it matters much with how centralized Internet has gotten.
>>38869 You can get most new hardware to run windows 7 if you aren't a brain dead cuckchan nigger.
>>38871 >most But not all, and especially not the newest (or future, if you plan on upgrading at any point). And then there's the software, backports aren't a common sight outside of linux.
>>38869 Just dropping in to say it should matter. Internet globalism is just as shit as real globalism. >>38857 I actually go out of my way to remove emoji support from browsers and operating systems I use by uninstalling, deleting, or butchering fonts that include colored emoji glyphs.
>>38892 I switched to windows 10 once and it was to try PSO2 NA because it was ""exclusive"" to the windows store. The windows store was completely broken and still isn't letting people install the game even weeks later. The windows store install was also wiping out peoples hard drives. After that I tried to fuck with the high contrast theming and realized it was gutted into useless trash, immediately uninstalled and went back to windows 7. I'll never use windows 10. Even when I use linux and I virtualize windows it'll always be 7. If something isn't compatible with 7, which I've literally never encountered, then I won't use it. Windows 10 is a broken unstable mess and it isn't worth the performance gains or compatibility. It is one of the worst pieces of software ever released.
>>38899 This is exactly why I was mocking zoomers. You didn't see how awful Vista was (you got bluescreens if you were lucky, otherwise it was hard freezes, data corruption, and even failures to boot), or win2000 was, or all the insufferable issues 98 and 95 had... Back in the days MacOS was a genuine competitor and you'd only boot Windows for games that required it. Also >uses Linux >complains about windows being a broken unstable mess LMAO you're in for a surprise when Poettering has another fit because people aren't using his abomination the "right" way, breaks dependency resolution YET AGAIN, and keeps all of his influence because the entire FOSS community is cucked.
>>25987 You need a slow drip of new users so they have time to learn and integrate. You don't want a large influx in one go.
>>38868 >the only acceptable option if you want to play video games It's the option if you want to play the most possible games. Linux allows you to easily play more games than you would get through in your life time. And considering most modern games aren't designed for fun why do you care if you can't play Call of Duty 19?
>>26179 I like that the to-do list isn't a bunch of new features. Software bloat is a real thing.
<<38904 >zoomers >LMAO Done give you (You)'s. >>38911 I'll start using Linux as my main driver when I have the hardware to do PCI passthrough. Linux is just as much of a pain to use as windows 7, just in different ways.
>>38911 >It's the option if you want to play the most possible games. Yes, in other words the default option. If you don't like win10 and all the games you want run on 7, good for you. If you like whatever weird flavor of Linux and by some miracle all the games you like actually work well on it, good for you. >>38929 Oh no, not my precious (you)!
>>25719 Can I ask if we're being raided? There is 1-3 faggots shitting up threads with the same retarded nonsense, always rushing to defend the CCP. So the question is, are they mouth-breathers from the /leftypol/ remnants or just fifty cent army?
>>39257 i sort of doubt it's actual wumao it would be funny if they actually went ahead and devoted resources to a 20-person imageboard but i think it's just /pol/friends who have memed themselves retarded
>>39257 >are they mouth-breathers from the /leftypol/ remnants or just fifty cent army? <implying there is a difference
>>39257 >1-3 people is a raid Not every single cunt on the web has to be part of a grand conspiracy
>>25874 Really though, who else has taken it up the ass so much that they got cauliflower butthole like that though? It's gotta be Marks.
>>39375 I'm a virgin though
Is there a reason why every image is a thumbnail and the default design is different? Did I miss something?
>>25903 >rumor It's not a rumor, it's just how the internet works. The issue here is not trusting this site's IP with other websites, they could be administrated by bad actors or people who would leak the IP to bad actors. 8chan.moe is behind an anti-ddos service, if the real IP is discovered that service is useless.
>>38899 >>38899 Do I need a virtual box to run 16 bit windows 98/xp programs? I had an old game that worked on xp, and intermittently worked on vista, and cannot launch on 7. Side note: compatibility mode is a meme and has never resolved a problem for me
>>40518 I think that the answer is "yes," although I think some versions of win10 have a built-in virtualization capability for 16 bit programs. I don't know of any lightweight windows virtualization setups that would run 16 bit Windows programs. Compatibility mode actually has worked for me once in a while, but it can't solve the problem of 16 bit programs not running in 64 bit windows 7+.
(334.47 KB 1024x554 Asuka heya!.jpeg)
(312.14 KB 1280x720 Arcadia WP.jpg)
>>38855 I made some tweaks to reduce the sizes of thumbnails by reducing their size by 20px and changing format to jpg. Unfortunately using jpg format, while shrinking the filesizes quite a bit and allowing big threads to load with breaking, also means that thumbs won't show with transparent backgrounds. Its a limitation of the file format so there's not a lot I can do about it unless we go to halfchan size small png thumbs, which nobody wants. It seems like a fair trade for good DDoS protection though. We've currently got a 12 point To-Do list for the 2.4 frontend conversion, and we now have another volunteer coder and a test server to help out with that. I've also filed a ticket with the host for adding a 2TB storage drive, but they haven't responded yet as of this post. There will be a few hours of downtime when it happens, so if they suddenly pop up with it and the site goes down for a few hours before we can announce it properly please don't freak out. I AM ALSO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE: We have another Administrator! The board owner of old /t/ - Tech is now my co-admin. He's actually the one who has posted the last few updates, and he and one of our globals did the hard work of rebuilding the migration script and bringing over /monarchy/, /liberty/, and the now-lost /fascist/. I hadn't made a formal announcement until now, but he's done damned good work and I'm happy to share the admin slot with him. I'm also starting preliminary development work on a sort of "network extension" for 8moe called Project Crescent Isle. After angrily brainstorming ever since we lost our first host and domain and doing a lot of research to get back into coding after a 20+ year hiatus, I think I've come up with a final solution to the site deplatforming problems by using bits that I learned from 08's development and our own TOR hidden service. I've converted one of my laptops into a very small scale test server to work on it in my free time. We have more day to day priorities to tackle on 8moe first, but this site will hopefully be the testbed for the fully realized version of the system. Time will tell. The focus right now is upgrades, backups, and features.
>>40607 >We have another Administrator! don't develop leadership rot like 8gag and every other website did, where all the weirdos get purged etc.
(34.80 KB 411x321 caesar AenO.jpg)
Please add a presolve chapta, and long filenames are truncated when hovering over them. Additionally, the mouseover over a posts date to see the relative time again would be nice.
>>40607 Excellent!
Every other good imageboard is pretty much dead. Its pretty sad.
>>41719 8kun, 9chan, zchan, julay every place has a handful of posters but for some reason, they just prefer staying there and not congregating to a single place that isn't 4chan. Still, total PPH of /v/ boards listed above is just 55. Imageboards will soon become museum piece.
>>41732 >9chan >julay >8kun >Imageboards will soon become museum piece.
>>41732 8kun is only a Q site Julay and 9chan are quitting the scene Us, zchan, Anon.cafe, smug and tvch are doing fine
>>38933 >by some miracle all the games you like are on it But that's not the case for any system. You make it sound like there aren't that many games on and you'd be lucky to have the ones you like on it. That's just wrong.
>>41739 >>41759 I focused only on active /v/ boards. I missed out prolikewoah but other than that, there isn't any popular ones left.
Anyone know if there is an active /tech/ or /g/ anywhere. It just died and the only thing to comes close is lainchan and wirechan. Arisuchan died a while back.
>>40518 >Do I need a virtual box to run 16 bit windows 98/xp programs? Yes, no 16 bit subsystem on modern Windows versions. >>41763 >But that's not the case for any system. My nigger, even the most optimistic data on ProtonDB is that around 60% of Windows games are playable on Linux. Even with just 5 favourite games, you have a less than 8% chance (60% ^ 5) they'll all be playable. Keep in mind that "playable" doesn't mean perfect emulation either. >>41769 No, for a somewhat simple reason: your average imageboard user is not as tech savy as he believes himself to be, and that audience is already satisfied with reddit and 4/g/.
(16.40 KB 205x245 index.jfif)
Is it worth playing? I recently played Ninja Gaiden (NES) and I want something similiar. I want hard 2d game.
>>41786 Very. However it's mostly a boss fight game, the few platforming levels are not that hard or interesting.
>>34740 Hasn't MadThad been out of prison for quite some time now?
*Mark you kike take care of this gay fucking board and delete those spam posts**
>>43875 i'm on it
(3.17 KB 254x108 NinjaGaiden(Arcade).png)
>>41786 You should also play NG 2 and 3, NG arcade and the NG Master System Game.
>>43877 Thanks
Is the site getting DDoSed or are you working on it? Things are loading slowly in a weird way.
>>43942 It was just spam, the captcha's on now so that should stop it.
>>44861 benis
(10.04 MB 1280x720 The Mark Show.mp4)
What happened to Mark livestreaming? I want to watch him fail at Sonic while cytube chat shits on him.
When can we filter by IDs? Seriously
>>45553 >filtering by ID Just use reddit at that point.
Welp, RIP in peace Zchan.
>>45657 The fuck are you talking about, nigger?
>>45660 >>45661 It went down for a few minutes and I feared the worst. Maybe I spoke too soon.
>>45663 Okay. Maybe some tranny could be retrying another DDoS right now, let's see.
>>45663 Its not loading for me either right now. I know there was a pissed off anon the other day but it could be the million other enemies that hate IB's, take your pick. This shows how nice it is to have more than one board though.
I haven't been posting as much as before the deplatform because I took it as an opportunity for self improvement and now I've bitten off more than I can chew but I want to let you all know I still having fun, and I lurk when I have less time to post good discussion stuff by have a beautiful time
The hidden service is down/broken federal arms dealer.
>>45964 works on my machine
(778.00 KB 750x500 welcome to estali a.webm)
Mortal Empires is fun.
(1.19 MB 1221x828 mockup1.png)
I'm running low on images to upload to the booru, fairly soon I won't be able to fulfill my twenty-pics-per-day quota. Does /v/ have any art to spare?
(3.52 KB 420x420 benis.png)
>8 posts per hour Where the fuck are all of you? The only people posting are the fags in the GG thread.
>>46275 If you don't know where we are by now then you shouldn't know where we are.
>>46280 Every /v/ community is pretty dead, that's not the issue.
>>46275 After 8ch got nuked everyone just scattered, sadly the mayority is in 8kuck, there are a lot of /v/s that are as slow or slower than this one, good thing /v/ was big enough. Other boards I used to visit like /argentina/ are just completely fucking dead. I really miss my choris
>>46297 > sadly the mayority is in 8kuck That is absolutely false, 8kun /v/ has a PPH of zero at the moment.
>>46298 oh alright, last I checked they were going faster than here
>>46297 >sadly the mayority is in 8kuck ___lol____
Is esther von schlomo finally given up or is freddit too busy masturbating to the riots?
Do you guys think there's anything we can do to grow the website? 8/v/ has slowly bled users over the past 4 years and it's getting to the point where I'm not sure we can sustain the loss. I remember what happened to mechachan, that site eventually had to shut down due to the lack of users.
>>47704 Between Mark wanting to shill on Twitter and sekrit club faggots who would rather have the site die than let anyone on the internet discover this site, I think 8/v/ communities are fucked.
A bug: when mousing over a post number, the referenced post or the referencing post overlaps the scrollbar on the right.
>>47715 >TORpedo niggerpilling imagine my surprise >>47704 >wanting to grow the website this is the main mistake i think most communities make. if cakechan is good, word will get out - organically and to the right places - and people will come here. until then, we get to enjoy slower, more on-topic and comfier discussion. personally i never want to see this place turn into 8kunt from a PPH perspective - it was fun in its own way but the nonstop spam from niggerpill, aaron lawson, the cripple's fag squad and everyone else got so tiresome
>>47704 Let's start with the basics: what kind of people would come here rather than post on 4/v/? This is a serious question: can't get a bigger audience if you don't know why they come to you. The easy answer would be "no dumb captcha, more privacy", but while it makes sense I doubt that's true given by how dead /t/ is and the amount of faggots bitching about TOR. Speaking of which, >>47722, mashing together bad memes doesn't help with board quality.
>>47722 It's called having a memory and remembering when 8/v/ had PPH consistently in the hundreds and seeing the steady decline through the years, bringing us to this point where we're at 1% of the original 8chan activity. If you don't find this alarming, you'll actually get what you want soon enough the way things are going. I am dead serious. You may be in good company of a few dedicated veterans today, but there's no telling when they'll stop posting. Personal life stuff, illness, death, loss of interest, taking a break - there's many such reasons that would lead people away, and when we're operating with a fraction of a fraction of a userbase with no influx of new people, this will produce an enormous hit to activity. >the right places What do you consider the right places?
>>47733 >if you don't find this alarming i don't. either this place will live or die. of course i would rather it live, but i will not trade overall board quality for wojack spamming faggots or redditors trying to be le edgy hatechanners. don't misunderstand, i'm not a muh sekrit club kinda guy and feel that anyone is welcome - but that assumes that the people who come here are willing to adjust and assimilate to this board's standards and culture. this is the reason i don't want any advertisement - bringing faggots here from twitter et al generally only brings loud retards who would rather smear their shit all over the walls in order to pwn us epin style than contribute. >what do you consider the right places other imageboards with a fairly high standard. smug is a good example but is not the only one. what i've done in order to bolster PPH is to tell actual RL friends, the ones i genuinely trust and/or admire about the site if/when they express frustration about a lack of a place to talk about games without normalfags swarming them.
>>47733 The anon is still correct about improving the quality of the board. Good threads have a tendency to keep people engaged and doing fun stuff bring more people.
Is Antares still alive actually?
Why do posts not always have an ID?
(549.16 KB 1183x1920 Asuka blush.jpg)
(81.19 KB 480x640 magi handy.jpg)
>>47768 Tor posters have blank IDs. Although I'm actually working on a new Tor-based system for the site right now while our other devs are working on the frontend for the 2.4 upgrade. In fact I'm posting from my prototype as a test. Another thing on the list is getting Tor users to have IDs under certain circumstances through a little more esoteric system I'm also tinkering with. We'll see how that one goes, but so far the Magi System is beginning to bear fruit.
>>47777 >>47787 I thought it might be that right after I asked.
>>47787 Fuck you nigger I don't want no ID. I'll block your nigger cookies or whatever bullshit you're cooking up.
>>47787 Does this mean you can ban specific Tor users then?
>>47844 no lmfao
(74.00 KB 810x927 Asuka smoking.jpg)
>>47844 Yes, it will. That's a big reason why its being implemented. If we can moderate tor users properly then we can work on integrating more tor functionality into the site, improving resilience without being as vulnerable to spam and CP bombs and the like.
>>47865 Explain how you're going to identify individual tor users when the entire purpose of tor is so you can't be individually identified. Are you going to require signups of some sort? This sounds fucking but not out of character for a rat fuck glow nigger such as yourself.
>>47865 Asuka is the worst girl.
(71.51 KB 921x692 Asuka HOOK.jpg)
>>47867 The funny thing about tor is that it doesn't actually make you anonymous at all. The start point (you) and the end point (our onion) already know who you are. That's how you get responses back from the server. Its everyone in between who isn't able to see who is who. With forced HTTPS to encrypt the connection from your computer to the tor entry gate node and from the exit node to the site, and DNS over HTTPS you can be anonymous to everyone else on the network (even your ISP) without necessarily being indistinguishable to the site itself. The latter is a side effect of the most common configurations of tor more so than its intended purpose.
>>47912 You didn't even remotely attempt to answer my question. How are you going to personally identify individual tor posters in order to ban them?
>>47914 He already did though, he said that they already have a way to identify you. He said that TOR doesn't make you anonymous to the site itself, only to everyone else, so they already can distinquish which posts belong to who.
>>47917 Alright, so Acid is going to use data mined data on his users to individually profile and ban tor posters. Hey does anyone else remember when Mark decided to sticky a thread and slander a webring board for the mere accusation that they were doing this? Haha, very cool.
>>47918 Hey would you look at that, stumbled across this super weird archive of Mark stickying a thread over the accusation of this exact same thing. Whoa.. https://archive.ph/RhY5F
(702.07 KB 1500x1500 Aya-Shameimaru.jpg)
>>47918 >Acid is going to use data mined data Where did he say he datamined anything? The information is already accessible and there. >remember when Mark decided to sticky a thread and slander a webring board for the mere accusation that they were doing this? Nearly two months later, and revoltards are still pissed!
>>47918 Let me play the devil's advocate, but isn't he saying that he will simply ban specific tor posters using data that is already here?
>>47923 My browser "provides" plenty of data, that doesn't mean I want it fucking harvested you nigger brained retard. Because he's refused to actually go into detail about any of this we can assume he's going to profile things like viewport resolution, potentially scrape any addons you may have installed, essentially exploit any non-default tor configuration to profile users like advertisers and feds do to track people across the web regardless of IP obfuscation. But hey, I'd love to be wrong. I'm SUPER fucking interested in how he's going to deploy a solution that not only is effective enough to profile individual tor posters but also doesn't result in him collecting profiles that could track all users (not just tor ones) across the web. Feel free to open source the code for this place anytime as well Acid. btw remember when Mark slandered a site for accusations that were 1/100th as bad as what acid is openly admitting he's going to do guys? haha crazy
(40.02 KB 965x215 sticky.png)
>>47923 Hey Mark, you should make a thread about this and sticky it dude. "Even so this is an issue".
(26.10 KB 256x256 Asuka avatar collage.jpg)
>>47927 Kind of. The implementation is a bit voodoo, but it has nothing to do with datamining. Its just making use of the info that tor passes about a user anyway to be able to say that torposter A is not torposter B. The goal is being able to ban one tor user for spam without it affecting all the rest, or requiring tor to be shut off arbitrarily. Everyone hates that and its not fair to regular tor users.
i for one cannot wait for this "revelation" about tor users being banned on an individual basis based on data that is already shared with the site to be spun into ACID SELLS TORPOSTER'S PHONE NUMBERS, HEIGHT AND PENIS SIZE TO CIA, FBI AND IDF MORE AT ELEVEN. bring on the conveniently pruned screencaps
(245.06 KB 990x906 8chanmoe_data_harvesting.png)
>>47955 <One revoltard already is
>>47957 that was fast. i suppose i expected nothing less
>>47955 >because data can be harvested it should be harvested Man we've reached some bizarre levels of stockholm syndrome.
>>47961 >my data that is already openly shared with a website being used for anything is harvesting it's going to be ok, anon.
>>47963 Correct, retaining data so that you can profile an individual user across multiple IP addresses is absolutely fucking data harvesting.
>>47948 >our retention of your data to profile you is just magic, don't think too much about it goyim
>>25786 >no bumplock feature Stephanie Lynx doesn't want to implement it due to philosophical reasons. >no webring support There's an addon. Many sites use it.
>>47914 >How are you going to personally identify individual tor posters in order to ban them? Why would he tell you?
>>47787 >Tor posters have blank IDs. Although I'm actually working on a new Tor-based system for the site right now while our other devs are working on the frontend for the 2.4 upgrade. LynxChan 2.4 already adds IDs to Tor users.
>>47965 >retaining data so that you can profile an individual user across multiple IP addresses The only person saying anything about that is >>47940 which is pure speculation on his part. Same with >>47967 >>47957 I'm curious where this was posted.
>>47982 Because I was under the impression that this site was supposed to be open sourced in the near future. Are you telling me that Acid is going to be using proprietary tech to profile users across IP's now?
>>47990 >which is pure speculation on his part. It's speculation because Acid has refused to explain the details. Regardless it's literally impossible to profile a poster without harvesting unique browser data. It's an oxymoron and his only explanation so far as been that it's "voodoo magic" lmao.
>>47865 You know Tor users can change their exit node with one click, right? I'm pretty sure you're not going to be able to do anything meaningful and would be better off spending your time on other improvements. >>47992 Most people use Tor through Tor Browser, which has countermeasures to prevent any sort of browser identification. That's why it has a randomly-sized inner window, so they can't even see your resolution. If it was possible you could report it to them and they would treat it like a bug.
>>47997 The artificial viewport in TBB isn't foolproof. It just scales your viewport to a common resolution relative to how far you've expanded it. It can still be used to narrow down your identity and be fingerprinted, especially on an imageboard with only a few hundred people, and even less posting through tor. The inner window is not randomly sized as you put it. >You know Tor users can change their exit node with one click, right? I'm pretty sure you're not going to be able to do anything meaningful and would be better off spending your time on other improvements. It's abundantly clear that he's not banning exit nodes. He's profiling users based on data he can harvest to ban them independently of their tor node. It's one of the most invasive things I've ever seen attempted on an imageboard and all of the tech illiterate retards defending it ITT are fucking idiots. I think the only other imageboard that has data scraping built into it to ban across multiple IP's is cuckchan.
Yo acid, I don't know if its just me but sometimes the auto refresh counter overflows and becomes negative and starts deducting and going to like -6000000 seconds.
>>48005 We've seen that, but thank you for mentioning it anyway. There's a planned fix along with the 2.4 upgrade, which itself is planned to happen before the end of July. Most likely in the middle of the month, so about 3 weeks. We're trying to decide on an update schedule after that, since we may not want to take every incremental release unless they contain some new major feature. We may look at 2.5 and then do site upgrades at 3.0, 3.5 etc. It all depends on the content and release schedule. >>48001 You're incorrect from top to bottom and posting your own rambling speculations as fact while freaking out over them. We are not, and will not be "datamining" users for any purpose.
>>48001 He's not doing either. He's saying he's trying to work on something, which he specifically said doesn't involve any datamining: >>47948 That doesn't actually make sense, from my understanding of Tor, but it's probably because he misunderstands something about how Tor works or doesn't realize how easy it is to switch circuits. Most likely he'll realize it doesn't work and it'll be forgotten about, except for the occasional retard posting a screencap to "prove" that he's browser fingerprinting because of a hypothetical impossible system that specifically doesn't involve that.
>>48011 >don't provide a single meaningful detail about being able to do something that the TBB is specifically designed to combat against <whoa bro cool it with the speculations you're totally wrong but I won't explain how or why you're wrong Nah, fuck you. I was giving this place a real chance but this shit is unbelievably fucking sketchy. You don't get to sit on your high horse telling me my concerns about your ability to profile INDIVIDUAL TOR POSTERS is invalid when this places source isn't publicly available AND you refuse to provide any details about how the fuck you're going to profile individual tor posters while somehow still respecting their privacy and not profiling them at the same time? Fuck off nigger. You rat fucks need to stop acting like Ron and treating your users like they're fucking goys that are some need to know basis. Every other imageboard is open sourced and doesn't do insane sketchy shit like this. Mark was willing to slander an entire imageboard over the accusation of something like this. This shit has just destroyed any built up good faith that this place gained over the last few months. Fuck this shit.
(17.01 MB 3379x3379 Asuka slav.jpg)
>>48016 I don't like explaining technical things until they're actually ready to show off, I only posted about it at all because an anon specifically asked if it was one of the goals. You know when you have to fill out a bypass captcha every few posts? Well when a tor user does that in the future system, the captcha bypass token will create a unique server-side ID for them that's attached to that token,and that can be banned like any other user. The captcha engine will have a proof of work requirement attached, so getting a new captcha to evade such a ban will be a non-trivial process. Its meant to give tor users as much freedom as possible so the server can rely more on the hidden service to protect us from deplatforming, but without giving up all ability to moderate. >>48024 I hope you feel silly.
>>48034 I specifically asked if that was the system you were employing here >>47867 and was completely fucking ignored. Instead you proceeded to ramble on about how tor wasn't as secure as people think it is and started talking about how it provides uniquely identifiable information. And you think I'm fucking silly for proceeding to continuously ask for verification on what the fuck you were planning to implement and if it had to do with the unique browser data you alluded to? This is some of the most ridiculous shit I've ever fucking witnessed. So tell me nigger, do you feel fucking silly for not answering a simple question?
>>48034 >The captcha engine will have a proof of work requirement attached, so getting a new captcha to evade such a ban will be a non-trivial process. Also I want clarification on this statement. How will it be non-trivial to get a new captcha token? If I am banned for calling Mark a nigger faggot what is to prevent me from immediately filling out a new captcha and proceeding on?
>>48048 That's why I don't like talking about things before they're ready. I don't have an answer for you yet because I haven't decided on it. The tor ban is one subsystem I'm working on in a pool of several bigger systems all designed to make the site much more resilient to attack. When I post updates about these things getting finished and maybe a big meta over in /site/ ask me again and I'll be happy to tell you. No matter what I go with expect it to take several minutes to duck a tor ban, since that's exactly what I'm shooting for.
>>48057 >That's why I don't like talking about things before they're ready. I don't care about whether or not you like talking about these things. You're correct, you should not have presented the information you did in the manner that you did. It was fucking brain dead and any attempts at characterizing the assumptions made from that information as "silly" or "irrational" are dishonest and stupid. When you first made the post I figured it would just be some captcha/registration system, but then you rambled about some completely irrelevant bullshit about tor and its lack of anonymization like some sort of fucking moron. Recognize your own stupidity if you don't want optics problems like this in the future instead of blaming other people for your own incompetence, or just learn how to answer a basic question. I hope you feel silly. As for the idea in general I think as long as it's executed without impeding on privacy or harvesting browser data it's actually quite brilliant. It would be nice to be able to post with an ID and have tor posters indistinguishable from regular posters, and not have my posts wiped out because cakekike is too fucking lazy to delete individual posts and just blanket wipes out all tor posts in a given thread. Though I'm cautious about the measures you plan to take with this "non-trivial to get a new captcha" bullshit, since I don't see how you could implement that on an individual user basis without profiling someone.
>>48057 >>48065 >No matter what I go with expect it to take several minutes to duck a tor ban, since that's exactly what I'm shooting for. But now that I think about it this bothers me. People should have the ability to rapidly change between tokens by solving captcha's if they want to as to avoid having a post history. This is a major part of why I use tor, I don't want cakekike or anyone to be able to riffle through my post history. The captcha token system is already clearly impeding on this, but at the very least a middle ground would be allowing people to change tokens at will. No matter how you look at it this is an effort to deanonymize users, and compromise should be made to minimize that effect.
>>48066 if you want to post anonymously then just don't use the name field or tripcodes
>>48088 Thanks anon, what a stupid fucking post.
>>48066 >This is a major part of why I use tor, I don't want cakekike or anyone to be able to riffle through my post history. <I want to derail threads and try to push a consensus via several IDs and not have anyone call me out on my kikery No.
>>47741 >other imageboards with a fairly high standard Likely the best source for people, except smug and all the other 8/v/ already know about each other and 8moe.
>>48093 What about this is unique to tor? I can go cycle through 300 clearnet IP's for you if you want. It's actually easier to do what you describe over the clearnet than it is with the TBB. You don't really seem to know what you're talking about.
>>48096 >I can go cycle through 300 clearnet IP's for you if you want. So you already have exactly what you were asking for?
>>48097 I guess? I'm not really sure what you're asking. If I were forced to use the clearnet I would change my IP after every conversation or every thread. Maybe the tor captcha tokens should be tied to individual threads. Honestly I'd argue that all post histories should only be viewable within specific threads even to board owners. But I value anonymity more than I do ease of moderation, and that would obviously make it a little bit more difficult to moderate, though probably not by much all things considered.
>>48099 Have you ever considered you're just a fucking retard.
>>48034 >The captcha engine will have a proof of work requirement attached If you're even considering blockchain memes, you better not be.
Can something be done about this gay spambot? It's honestly getting a bit annoying everytime it appears.
>>48357 You try banning tor, that might fix it.
>>49025 Nigger, I'm not Acid.
>>48357 Making the captcha harder is the only option, assuming it's actually a spambot and not a bunch of idiots manually solving captchas.
Just woke up, sorry guys. I'm cleaning it up.
>>49131 Alright, no problem, just get to it please.
>>49131 Mark, is there a system in place to stop spam automatically? Also, I made a drawthread when the previous one was spammed all the way to the back of the board. Should I delete it?
>>49145 Not yet. And I am not mork.
>>49158 >mork What's a mork?
>>49160 A Mark, but bigger
>>25719 https://8chan.moe/v/res/7979.html i still have the old html saved up to 6-09-2020 how do upload it
>>48057 >No matter what I go with expect it to take several minutes to duck a tor ban, since that's exactly what I'm shooting for. You're probably right about not talking before it's ready, but I'm now very interested in how the hell it would be done. Do I read it correctly that you would require this proof of work on the first connection too?
>>48057 >No matter what I go with expect it to take several minutes to duck a tor ban You know that's literally impossible, right? Even with a magical proof of work, a spammer could just stockpile valid captchas/whatever 24/7 and then use them all at once.
Have you thought about doing like footer ads or can't be assed and would catch shit for it?
>>49326 I don't really want to do ads. If you have ads then you have to have metrics somewhere tracking impressions and clicks, and I'd prefer not to. If we can find a non-bullshit way of doing it so it can help pay for the server I might change my mind, but for now, no ads.
>>49326 >>49690 Wouldn't make a difference since I'd be willing to bet virtually every single user on this site is already blocking those scripts. You could slap ads all over the entire site, in between posts, everywhere, and I don't think anyone would even realize for months. Even Jim with his q boomers admitted that ads were literally worthless and buying ad spots was essentially just a donation to the website since they got absolutely zero clicks, like literally zero.
(5.23 KB 169x180 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.30 MB 540x304 Confused_Popular_Tree.gif)
If you set enable Local Times, if you hover a reply in a thread that's like out of render view I guess, it doesn't apply the Local Time. >highlight a post i replied to in my post to check when they posted >tomorrow >[visibly confused]
I just had to double-pump the reply button too. Not sure if that's just my browser, Iridium latest, being fucky.
>still no default volume option
Hey acidkike, >>>/wholesome/ keeps fucking spamming other imageboards with advertisements. Can there be some community guideline against this nigger shit?
>>55265 You seriously think any rule or "community guideline" will magically stop a spammer? He knows he's being a cunt, he does it anyways.
(644.12 KB 640x360 autistic screeching2.mp4)
Hey acid, I got a question about codecs. I tried uploading an h.265 video w/ audio and the video part is missing. Does the current iteration of the site not support the codec? It'd help with file sizes for sure. Might just also be my own retardation. (i tried converting >>56404 to help the anon with file sizes)
(530.57 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>56415 >codecs Try to remember the basics of CQC
FAKE NEWS This is your friendly local reporting tengu back with another scoop of bird shit flying at your windshield faster than the speed of sound. King Slaphead Gahoole II of tvch fame has renewed support on his board following his decision to physically remove Eden (The /geimu/ board owner.) from /dup/ by force. This psychotic change of heart comes as little surprise to his inner court of elector counts and jesters, who have long known him to be an absolutely insane ogre. To him, if you ain't family, you could easily join his long shitlist of individuals who don't suffer from male pattern baldness. When I entered his swamp for a comment, I could only hear him grunting >wew It's possible that's the sound ogres make when they take a fat shit but who could say for sure as he was waist deep in his own filth already. In any case, this reporting agency is always glad to see another rulecuck get blown the fuck out, regardless of the context. It is worth noting however, that the weeb janny has apparently accounted for this, and claims to be preparing for his next move. Whether or not he is just blowing smoke remains to be seen. It turns out that the reason why zeech feels so similar to Dicsord is that the admin is or was allegedly a freelance bot engineer. That is the sole reason why it has special snowflake formatting compared to the rest of the webring, to more closely match that infamous Chinese backed software. What you're left with is that the two most popular /v/ owners both work for rival government agencies. Well that explains why they hate eachother! Naturally, neither of them were not available for comment. (Their superiors at the FBI and Tencent respectively likely ordered them not to to talk to the press.) You remember playing Cave's last great shmup, DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou? Neither do I! That's because PCBs for the currently impossible to emulate game run anywhere from 8k to 10k+ in your human "Dollars". An inferior Xbox 360 copy will cost you around 300. A possible PC port has been seemingly shelved following a partnership with exA-Arcadia, meaning that the hard to obtain game will remain so for the forseeable future. Apparently they plan to re-release the game with some new features exclusively in the arcades. Undoubtedly a poor business decision, considering the popularity of their previous ports to PC. This reporting agency firmly stands by the stance that danmaku should be free to all, so if you'd like a golden lead shower hit me up. If anyone has a POZ LOAD TIP they want to share with their friendly local reporting agency, this tengu is MORE THAN WILLING to perform sexual favors in exchange for information. INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: forced hehpilling, deep throating, hardcore kigu ERP, armpit licking, and allowing you to use Hatate in any way you see fit. Subscribe to my Onlyfans for more details. This has been your friendly local reporting tengu, signing off.
>>58932 delete this slander against tom NOW
>>56415 AFAIK this shouldn't be a problem. We'll look into it tomorrow. >>58932 w-wew
(73.15 KB 675x227 Metal_Slug_Laugh.gif)
>>58932 >It turns out that the reason why zeech feels so similar to Dicsord is that the admin is or was allegedly a freelance bot engineer >That is the sole reason why it has special snowflake formatting compared to the rest of the webring, to more closely match that infamous Chinese backed software >What you're left with is that the two most popular /v/ owners both work for rival government agencies >Well that explains why they hate eachother!
Unrelated, but Zchan is down at the moment. The admin was messing with an updated version of JSchan that caused lots of connection errors, and it seems that he took the site down to fix them (or maybe the site simply crashed). I'm posting here because I know there's a lot of crossposting between both sites and some Zfags will shelter here until Zchan comes back.
>>59330 Thanks for the info, I hadn’t checked Zchan today so this is a surprise
>>45553 Agreed. Tired of having to browse with my peripheral vision to keep from fully seeing some of the degenerate bullshit people think they're cute for posting un-spoilered.
(48.04 KB 927x451 Zch.png)
>>59330 >>59332 Site will be back up soon
>>59404 Well alright, also I'd advise you to change your CDN to vanwanet, but that's up to you. May the best man win.
>>59413 >may the best man win What does that even mean?
>>59443 It doesn't work.
(992.33 KB 829x793 Acid Blacked 3.PNG)
(50.37 KB 500x500 1563450502.jpg)
>>59404 Please don't die
>>59590 Bout tree fiddy.
>>59658 >zchan dies as gg threads gets perma de-railed by idiot admins restthatsleepwontfix.jpg
(67.09 KB 500x360 1556255283.jpg)
>>59798 Post the real image nigger
acording to the site owner,zchan is dead and not coming back.All other webring sites are shit,so this is it for me,we had a good run.
>>59947 He's given very confusing posts. He said he wasn't taking anything down but then implied people should migrate elsewhere and that he couldn't deal with the ddos.
>>59948 Seems to work right now.
(7.62 KB 1023x118 zchan vanwa javascript.png)
>>59947 In the /meta/ thread he says he was reluctant to use VanwaNet/Cloudflare because they require Javascript. Several people responded pointing out it was better than the site dying, hopefully he can be convinced to use one of them as necessary.
>>59951 Hopefully zanons can talk him down from the ledge. Looks like the sites getting hit again though.
(12.20 KB 529x135 zchan minds cloudflare.png)
>>59960 Now on Minds he just said he's putting it on Cloudflare. https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1129035234023378944
>>59964 An evil, but an evil for the greater good. We're being saved brothers.
>>59967 There's not going to be mania at this rate.
>>59964 Finally. I was almost getting noob-tourette. I mean I can understand one's gripes with cf but it's naive to go without any protection.
>>59964 And another thing going under the censoring arm of Cloudflare. It's literally the world's biggest man-in-the-middle. You do remember all this shit started with Cloudflare banning 8chan, right?
>>59982 Zchan isn't prominent enough to be deplatformed by Cloudflare. If he was he could shell out some money for Vanwa instead of using Cloudflare's free option. He might only intend to use it temporarily as necessary to deal with the DDOS anyway.
(16.72 KB 534x136 zchan cloudflare back up.png)
Zchan.cc should now be back up It'll take some time for the changed DNS to propagate, I'm not an expert but it might be an hour or so. After that people will need to flush their DNS, otherwise it normally takes 24 hours before your local DNS cache expires. https://www.wikihow.com/Flush-DNS
>>59658 >>59967 >>59982 >>59986 Cuckflared is as good as dead. >Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. DDoS protection by Cloudflare lolno
>>59999 That or no site, I don't blame him but I expect it to be removed after a point.
>>59999 >concern trolling (1) quads Cursed quads
(738.68 KB 760x839 ClipboardImage.png)
>>59999 It's not like 8moe use any ddos protection or something like that
>>60008 Vanva is somewhat less malicious than cuckflare. And the onion domain is uncucked.
>>60012 Jschan doesn't have onion support. The admin was ready to let the site die because he didn't want to use cuckflare but the users pleaded against that. It's obviously not ideal but until Tom develops .onion support it's the best solution the website has. Stop being such a nigger.
(109.54 KB 1253x299 ClipboardImage.png)
(412.34 KB 1280x720 simply_ebin.png)
>zchan goes down >Everyone gathers on 8moe's meta and goober threads >Not on /shelter/ Like pottery.
>>60017 Whats /shelter/?
>>60019 Did you come here from twitter faggot, I guess mark successed in getting more "users"
>>60019 Anon.cafe/shelter
>>60021 Yeah I did, mark says come one down to 8chan.moe tm, its where the memes live! >>60022 Oh, I forgot about that.
(136.06 KB 1394x1007 Suspicious.jpg)
>>60022 I'm keeping my eye on you faggot
https://zchan.cc works again. It's on Cloudflare now but no javascript is needed. Clear your cache, flush your DNS and restart your browser if it isn't working yet.
>>60031 I still can't access it on my PC even after doing the DNS and cache things and trying a different browser.
>>60021 >>60024 Not everybody uses anon.cafe, anon. You can't expect him to know every board.
>>60019 What's* >>60022 >Spoonfeeding God, do I hate torfags. :^) >>60039 >Know every board. It's one board. The one dedicated to when sites get taken down. Given the events of the past year, anyone here with two brain cells to rub together ought to be aware of it.
>>60044 Never heard of it. All I know about cafe is that they are doing the sports thing.
>>60048 >no i'm not a newfag <never heard of cafe nice try faggot
>>60051 I meant the /shelter/ board, not cafe itself.
>>60038 That might mean your actual DNS provider is slow in updating cached DNS results so it's still giving you the old one.
>>60031 > It's on Cloudflare now That seems smart.
>>60065 I can access it on my phone under the same network.
>>60076 If you have already flushed your DNS cache you can try restarting your browser or rebooting your pc.
>>60076 Try switching your computer's internet connection to OpenDNS servers;
Or visit the site using Tor Browser.
>>60079 I tried using 3 different browsers without success. I'm leaving restarting my PC as a last resort. >>60082 I use OpenNIC DNS and even tried Cloudflare's DNS. I'll try with these.
OpenDNS worked. Thanks to both of you who helped me.
>Do everything in >>60031 >Error message is now the server at zchan is taking too long to respond
>>60109 Werks for me. Clear your cache and make sure you're using the right URL. Otherwise try Tor Browser.
cuckflare didn't save zchan in the end
>>60151 What's that supposed to mean?
>>60155 Site is borked unless you're a torfag, despite not having an .onion address.
>>60164 Works fine for me on the clearnet. Stop using shitty DNS providers or wait 24 hours.
>>60168 or just nslookup the new IP and add it to hosts
>>60180 Though that might cause problems if their IP address changes later and you forgot you did it.
>>60168 It was down for 2 minutes, then admin apparently increased the cuckflare level or something so it works fine now.
(12.18 KB 461x401 1 quints booru get.png)
(541.39 KB 861x1023 candidates.png)
A couple of anons in the drawthread are discussing making new image counters for Ourobooru. 2nd pic are the so far proposed canidates for the new counters.
>>60531 /sp/ is completely dead so I'm against that. As much as I hate to say it, I think N8 should take his place. Say what you want about /fur/ but you'd be a liar if you said they didn't produce a ton of OC for the booru. If we add custom counters, they should be representative.
>>60531 I don't know who smug/a/ or /monarchy/ mascots are. Isn't /tg/ a Chrow? Replace those first.
>>60531 /ita/ here, would love to help with a tiny Rita.
>>60574 Chrow is the BO, /tg/-tan is a pimp-lich with an undead female assistant: https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=/tg/-tan /monarchy/'s board-tan is Grace-chan: https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=grace-chan /a/ has always had that board-tan. She's just bland, so nobody notices her . >>60589 Just be sure to make it a 68x150 pixel .gif if you do make it.
>>60531 Whatever you choose, dress them like the default booru catgirls.
>>60531 >Not 1.1.11 >Not 11,111 visitors
(348.33 KB 1024x554 Asuka assault.jpeg)
LOOKS LIKE ITS OUR TURN Site may be all over the place for a bit so hold on to your butts! Vanwa is doing their thing but we're still taking enough hits that the server is gagging. Vanwa no longer shows the nice traffic graphs that it used to so I can't gauge just how big this is, but its big. The other large attacks we got nailed with before didn't cause this much issue. The server shell is showing resources are a mess from request flooding and even the command line is slow. Edit: Tightened restrictions on page requests down about as much as I can, and it seems to have it somewhat under control. I think. The connections are getting caught by the firewall now at least. Expect things to be a little rocky but the site is working better now.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 07/13/2020 (Mon) 09:29:12.
>>60903 We need visualization acidkike, how many niggers are raping your waifu to represent this ddos?
>>60905 judging by the server stats about sixty.
I miss the good times of the board.
Is it over? Zchan is still getting shat on.
I haven't even noticed anything different so yeah, gg to whoever paid for the attack
(312.67 KB 700x819 Tiresome.png)
(221.78 KB 678x623 touhouAsianEyesChingChong.png)
>>58932 thanks for the news bird slut

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