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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)
Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id:a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. Thank you.
>>306134 Let me know when you want to borrow some Jewish magic. >>306137 Yeah, I'm debating on whether or not to keep arguing with them. >>306142 >>306150 See >>306133. Children, as well as adults, that have been molested and/or sexually assaulted have been found to become damaged. They are very likely to suffer from depression, commit suicide, and even become rapists or child molesters themselves. Stop it and give up. If you're an actual glowie, walk away from your cubicle and take a break. Our recent batch of glowies were found to be German. Go eat some sauerkraut or frankfurters while you take a ride in your panzerkampfwagon
>>306156 >Children, as well as adults, that have been molested and/or sexually assaulted have been found to become damaged What does this have to do with anything being discussed itt?
>>306157 Anon, I think you might be retarded. He's arguing with a pedonigger, and that pedonigger is trying to say kiddy diddlers are less dangerous to society than a bunch of autists on /pol/. If you're not retarded, then you're trying to damage control for one of your friends.
>>306159 He's arguing that a pedo board with legal content and discussion is less dangerous than a nazi board full of people worshipping mass shooters. Posting legal things and discussing pedophilia is not molesting children.
>posting legal things Fucking Candy Doll pictures aren't "harmless stock photos" you fucking glowie.
>>306153 Empires and civlilizations rise and fall dude, nothing lasts forever. Thats the way the world works. I'm not even sure if it would be possible for us to have a resurgence due to our reputaion and what not, its not like I shot anybody or anything, I just want to play videogames and talk about it with fellow retards/autists online.
Why are the globals on here so shit? CP on /spam/ up right now.
>>306160 >>306162 >>306165 I hope you're both feds, because you should be paid to be this retarded and disingenuou. How does it feel that your friends are living the life of James Bond, stopping threats will destroy an entire nation, and yet, here you are, arguing with a bunch of autists on a low population imageboard?
>>306171 People can throw what you just wrote right back at you, retard. Let me guess, you're going to say pedos run the world next huh? If that's true, then you guys should have enough money to fund your own site with blackjack, underage hookers, and not have to be worried about getting shut down.
>>306168 Globally report it then.
>>306173 I think that's a jojo reference
(72.55 KB 960x960 the USA is a ranch.jpeg)
>>306169 >stopping threats will destroy an entire nation lol
>>306176 I didn't intend it to be. But, there was actually pedo that said what I was phrasing in this thread several days ago. >>306177 (checked) Ha. I didn't proofread that. I meant to write, "stopping threats that will destroy a nation".
(123.43 KB 800x600 fine pie.png)
>>306168 You could start by reporting it. >>306170 That's wrong, pedonigger. It's not globals deleting your shit right here, right now. It's me. Neck yourself.
>>306180 Best pony. Come on and smile.
>>306180 Wouldn't be icing on this shit cake without a horsefucker mod to come along and brag about making half this thread an incomprehensible mess of one sided discussions.
>>306184 They're more of a human than you are, pedonigger.
>>306184 Move it to /site/ where only the globals can delete posts, or to /hebe/ where the pedoniggers presumably reside now (although I haven't seen them or anyone else be active since the board was made).
>>306184 Don't believe anybody pretending to be a mod without role sig.
>>306186 It's okay, anon. I offer to hold your hand in these trying times.
>>306186 go to /c/. there are no pedos and metatards there >>306190 Nah, kazu really avatarfags with pinky pie. I saw him do it on /b/ before the drama started.
>>306194 >go to /c/. there are no pedos and metatards there There is at least one. They said that O'Brien had sex with his underage wife and that they're better for it.
>>306187 Or I could just write a txt document of my complaints and save it to my desktop where it will see as my viewers and will actually still be there the next time I look.
>>306195 >There is at least one link it
>>306200 https://8chan.moe/c/res/412.html#q483 Link. You'll find it there, in case the nigger didn't delete it. I'll post a picture too, in case it got deleted and Tor stops acting up. It's been there for awhile.
(64.50 KB 600x600 headpat pinkie.jpg)
>>306183 Great taste
(168.86 KB 1104x667 47e8edace.jpg)
>>306204 Cease.
>>306183 >>306204 Twilight is better. >>306202 >>306203 Looks like a mere joke to me.
>>306207 CEASE
(165.87 KB 540x432 boop animated.gif)
>>306205 for u >>306207 >Twilight is better. that egghead?
>>306211 C E A S E
>>306211 your whore mom (formerly dad) is an egghead >>306210 >>306212 It's 2021, you need to let it go
(65.01 KB 1280x720 going postal.jpg)
>>306208 You niggers don't quit, huh? 8Chan was never made to defend your kind.
(67.20 KB 750x452 pony.jpeg)
>>306204 Thanks. She's great. >>306207 Twilight is cool too. >>306215 Applejack is underrated. If the show was made for an older audience, she would either be the main character or the fan favorite.
>from pedos to bronies Oh god it's gotten even worse
(151.44 KB 1352x689 thisisnotfine.jpg)
>>306214 >its current year dude just be happy about being relegated to dying trannychans ruled by attentionwhoring horsefuckers
(415.86 KB 620x348 hRhcEQy.png)
>>306223 >trannychans Acid is pinkpilled?
>>306225 Damn, that was fast. I had my hand on the trigger
>>306223 I was talking about how retards like you still get pissed at cartoon horse show after all these years.
>>306222 (checked) The horse lovers, unlike pedos, are human beings worthy of respect and friendship. >>306226 Don't respond to black pill. >>306228 Here's a hard pill to swallow. Bronies are the western equivalent of magical girl fags. To hate one is to hate the other.
>>306229 I hate neither. I've learned to hate on an individual level. This way it doesn't matter if you're a brony, a tranny, a pedo or a nigger, it will be your individual actions what will make me hate you.
(156.98 KB 1259x966 32888.jpg)
(351.18 KB 953x758 25766.jpg)
>>306229 Here's a hard pill to swallow. Western cartoons are pozzed garbage. Also, I can enjoy sparkleshit on humans without enjoying sparkleshit on horses. Go make an /mlp/ and fuck off already.
(704.48 KB 1050x1440 266383.jpg)
I know some of you anons are enjoying the autism, but the admins really need to shoah the pedos from the site. They'll come for your interracial porn eventually, acid!
>>306236 archives or gtfo
Hey, when did google start indexing 8chan.moe again?
>>306244 Dubs wasted on a retard. They weren't saying it happened yet, just that they might or will, due to how they're infecting the site.
>>306245 Probably when google got a pair of their balls in the mail like they got jims, would explain why the moderation is cucking out and bad actors are trying to fracture what little of a community exists here.
>>306245 Only the words 8ch and 8chan are filtered in all mayor search engines. Adding extra terms bypasses the filters, just like how adding hentai or rule 34 bypasses goolag's anti porn filter on search results for the word loli.
/hebe/ is a top board now for fuck's sake. Do something.
(33.65 KB 600x600 2h28jjaq8en3g.jpg)
>>306236 Not before he does.
(2.38 MB 200x200 dancing-hatkid.gif)
(499.50 KB 400x293 35785.gif)
>>306229 >>306250 >>306186 Watching you retards freak the fuck out about this is GOLD.
>>306231 >a pedo Anon, for the love of god, stop posting
>>306259 Ask in /site/ if you have any doubts regarding the administration, I believe that they are just waiting for the right moment to kill their puny little board. But i'd rather it be sooner than later.
>>306250 to be fair the same thing happened with /c/ when it was new. It shot to the top and only v/b/hisrol could stay ahead of it it won't be there all that long
Calm the fuck down, I'm almost convinced this artificial freak-out is some intricate quadruple-psyop by the pedos. /hebe/ should be removed, but there is no fucking reason to sperg out.
>>306234 >Western cartoons are pozzed garbage. I don't disagree with you and I don't even care that much about mlp. We don't have to be enemies, anon.
(151.31 KB 1110x1107 glow in the dark.jpg)
>>306279 >what it used to be A fringe group of pedophilic parasites was never representative of 8chan as a whole.
>>306263 No. You need to cool down with the pedo hysteria before it goes out of hands.
>>306279 It's interesting timing is all. I'm also fairly convinced something is up, and not just with the literal Kraut glowniggers or the pedophiles trying to dig out a foothold. Whenever any group starts screaming for immediate action it puts my radar up at least. I hate the hebeniggers as much as anyone and am reasonably sure they're actually just a butthurt group of faggots from a particular pedo hotzone that begins with b and ends with iznel but the fact remains that outside of being faggots they haven't broken any site rules (yet).
(47.26 KB 371x427 35792.png)
(495.69 KB 601x513 35833.png)
>>306279 Screeching in full caps about a board being created on a site that allows anybody to create a board is pantsu on head retarded. I'm in full support of gassing out the pedoniggers, but acting like overemotional limpwristed newfaggolas does nothing. >Just don't want to admit how far removed whats left of 8chans community is from what it used to be? Does anybody on this site actually deny this? That has been obvious since before fatchan.
Imagine being a fucking pedophile.
(418.71 KB 650x507 ClipboardImage.png)
(212.06 KB 440x355 ClipboardImage.png)
(12.17 KB 983x92 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.43 MB 947x604 ClipboardImage.png)
/hebe/ has Sherry Birkin 3DCG porn up right now. The actress who she is modeled after was 11 when the game was being made. OP claims that many of it comes from the /delicious/ thread for the same subject. I don't know about the legality of this but considering the board it's being posted on this is bad news It also has another webm which according to the filename features Natalia Korda, another Resident Evil character modeled after a real child. Just as an example, AllTheFallen's booru doesn't allow this photorrealistic content and lolibooru doesn't accept it anymore. Do something
>>306308 Post this on site as well and get them fucking out of here for good.
>>306308 I didn't meant to spoiler that, those are just screenshots from twitter
>>306308 It is against site rules. >>306310 I hope it works. >>306312 Being a child molester is being the ultimate cuck. Think about it. You're admitting that other people are better than you at getting older men and women, so you go after easy targets that can't defend themselves or are intelligent enough to tell you no.
(58.43 KB 640x464 GrimaceWACKY.jpg)
>>306308 >he's so desperate to get rid of /hebe/ that it is willing to sacrifice other boards
>>306323 scorched earth
>>306323 >willing to sacrifice other boards At this point it might be worth it. Unfortunate but that's how the chips fall sometimes.
>>306323 Under American CP laws, 3DCG porn of real children is legally child porn.
>>306327 /delicious/ is superfluous anyway, there's /loli/ I heard it was west vs east art, but /loli/ lets western art get posted, so there's no reason we have both boards
(355.21 KB 640x662 36149.mp4)
>>306302 Because it's natural for sites to deteriorate and degenerate with time, especially considering the countless tsunamis of shit we've been through. Why are you so obsessed with times past? I miss it too, but the only way to go upwards and uphill is to stop looking back. Curtail the pedoshit and I'd say the site is in a pretty decent state. You take imageboards way too seriously.
>>306329 If that were the case wouldn't this whole site have been taken down? /delicious/ isn't even unlisted anymore. Maybe it is illegal but the feds just don't give enough shit to come after someone looking at fictional 3DCG porn.
>>306330 Just lock of of those type of boards for a few months to fumigate the site.
>>306337 *all of
>>306330 >/delicious/ is superfluous anyway, there's /loli/ >/delicious/ has 10x /loli/'s activity and one of the few active drawthreads on the site (which also is the board's most active thread). /loli/ is more focused on anime imagedumps than anything. >I heard it was west vs east art It is. /loli/ has lower tolerance for western content than what /delicious/ has for eastern. >but /loli/ lets western art get posted, so there's no reason we have both boards Western/cartoon art is only allowed there if it has an anime-like aesthetic (or at least isn't stickman-tier), something that a lot of /delicious/ content lacks. >>306337 The loli/shota boards aren't involved at all in this drama. This is a case only on /b/, /v/ and /hebe/.
>>306341 /delicious/ should have more attentive moderation that checks if 3DCG shit being posted is based after real children or not but I doubt they will.
(124.65 KB 500x500 88558986_p0.jpg)
>>306341 So, delete /loli/ and keep /delicious/? >>306346 I wouldn't have a clue what characters are based on real child actors and which aren't. I don't even know how I would find out besides asking every single poster "which character is this?" and then googling for a wiki article and ctrl+f "based on" That's a lot of tedium. I wouldn't expect some unpaid jannies to bother since I know I wouldn't either
>>306346 To be fair only an autist with an agenda would search for the actress behind a character used in porn. >>306350 >So, delete /loli/ and keep /delicious/? How about none of them gets deleted.
>>306355 Your ID is my favorite color so I'll accept your proposal not to delete either board.
>000000 >(90)
>>306350 Additionally Sherry has 3 different versions. The original, the Umbrella Chronicles version, and the REmake version. Only the REmake version is (supposedly) based directly on an actual person.
>>306358 New here, huh? All tor users share the same id.
(258.46 KB 1308x348 ShareX_MaoVe4edIJ.png)
(111.58 KB 580x127 i_view64_xOyZCr2Ys4.png)
>>306347 Probably because the OP of the /site/ thread formatted it like a nigger and asked for the individual posts to be removed, instead of advocating for board deletion. In-fact, the only thing he said was second pic related.
>>306362 I was implying for the board to be dealt with. I'm
(23.27 KB 420x260 87665510_p0.jpg)
>>306359 Genuine question, for anyone Why does it make a difference if a drawing or model is based on a real person? How is that different from any similar level of fidelity that doesn't have a specific person to base on? Aren't they both equally bad/ok since either way it's not actually a real person, and either way it's still a depiction of a child?
>>306367 One is clearly worse and arguing otherwise just outs you as a pedophile apologist.
(5.39 KB 400x400 10186862_p0.png)
>>306368 Are you trying to argue that sexualizing children in the abstract isn't as bad as sexualizing a specific one? Why?
>>306367 Because that's how the half cocked law was written and until it's changed or until the USA falls apart we all have to live under it.
>>306372 You never ever negotiate with terrorists Learn from the Israeli kikes.
>>306372 Report it globally and bring it up on >>>/site/ there admins and mods active in the meta thread there.
>>306379 > but will become an issue as photorealism is approached. There just needs to be a policy of micro watermarking high fidelity 3DCG to be able to ID it.
>>306385 >pedos aren't happy because the mods kotowed to the rulecucks >rulecucks aren't happy because the mods weren't heavy handed enough in their rulecuckery you just don't understand their 4D fence sitting strategy
(169.53 KB 811x1217 Asuka maid best.jpeg)
>>306385 Having principles is a real bitch sometimes. >>306406 Its also not beyond possibility that this is a bunch of /cow/boy anti-pedo crusaders trying to >A: Drive them off the site, and >B: Force us to compromise our free speech guarantee Or just glowniggers from Germany trying to "disrupt" our "hate" by causing internal drama as their playbook requires. Jumping the gun isn't what we're about, but I'm not sitting idle, either. There's an art to making sure absolutely everyone winds up unhappy with a rock-solid compromise, but you also never let the bad guys win.
>>306415 I think forcing the entire /hebe/ and any hebe tier thread on /b/ to be text only would be a good compromise that could ensure site safety.
>they actually posted CP on /hebe/ Goodbye 8chan.moe
>>306419 I mean, it couldn't hurt right? With the events that occurred over the last couple days it was a classic example of giving them a hand and then they take your whole goddamn arm.
>>306420 >instantly someone notifies this thread about it hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm >>306419 This seems like a good compromise
>>306419 >>306422 >>306427 This was literally the attempted compromise tried on 8chan's original /hebe/ back in the day, it didn't work because they'd keep posting links to CP or sharing CP sites. The BO never complied with Codemonkey's deal and eventually he ended up removing the entire board.
Why can't acid just outright delete /hebe/? Its his site you know. It happened before with hotwheels and /pedo/ then /hebe/ there too.
>>306419 Why do we need to "compromise" with literal pedophiles? Just shoah the fucking board, why is this a hard choice?
>>306433 You could force links to be broken and webfiltered too.
>>306415 If you're acid, >1 Why where the posts of the anon you responded to deleted? >2 Why do you want to allow pedos on 8Chan? This comes off as a loaded question, I didn't mean for it to be that, I am just curious.
>>306433 They were sharing TOR onion links to CP sites hidden inside spoilered images on /b/ just yesterday before I hotpocketed it enough until they stopped.
(48.77 KB 720x533 Aeris's new bellybutton.jpg)
>>306433 Hope is somewhat of a mistake. >>306430 I almost misread that as you saying that the mod banning the dude who broke the rules was overstepping. >>306422 lol fuck you you dumb fuck, kill yourself.
>>306433 This is just plain history revisionism. /hebe/ was nuked the day jim took over, there was no compromises, no deal, codemonkey wasn't even in the picture yet as he only became the scapegoat admin after how badly jim fucked up on his first day.
>>306437 Shut the fuck up CIA nigger symathyser. They need to be fucking persecuted and exterminated like the fucking pests they are. Why are you defending actual pedophiles so much to begin with?
>>306427 Its called looking at the site ticker you dumb mouth-breathing fucker.
Why don't you eat a bullet you fucking pedo.
>>306441 Multiple imageboards got taken down for CP you fucking troglodyte. If people start posting that here then this site will go down, we will have nowhere left to go including TORNIGGER and we might as well all kill ourselves after that. Do you want that anon? Do you want to lose your fucking home again? >>306446 How about you stop wanting to fuck kids? Where the hell did you come from? You need to go back into whatever hole that is you freak. You were a mistake and you are better off dead.
>>306437 Wordfilters can easily be broken and bypassed with even the most slight of effort, and if we get to that point they're clearly in contempt of the website. For example >Going to the store is needed. >On the topic, I need groceries. >On top of that, I also need to buy basic supplies. >Great value products can be found at Costco, if you're willing to join their membership. >Let's ignore that, though. >Entirely optional memberships can be a trick. You can probably tell what I did there, but if not, read the first letter of every line. And that's just an obvious example, you can be way more subtle about it. >>306441 I don't that's true? I distinctly remember those boards being set to read-only and CM talking about deleting them after the BOs didn't comply with the rules he laid out.
>>306453 Your faint praise damns this whole site, anon.
>>306442 Have you considered not being a retard and not lashing out at everyone and calling then a child molester or child molester sympathizer just because you didn't like how you interpreted a post in your own head?
>>306455 You know just today or maybe it was yesterday we were being spammed by actual CP from actual CIA right? If we let /hebe/ up you know its gonna happen again and this site will be vulnerable to being taken down right? How the fuck are you this dumb/dense? You are like a fucking lemming perfectly willing to walk right off a cliff because of "free speech"? NIGGER ITS FUCKING ILLEGAL. >>306459 Kill yourself. >>306462 >hurr durr stop being so meaaaaaan!~ You glow rather bright. If I see you when I'm driving im mowing you the fuck down too.
>more slipper slope censorship bullshit by fucking (1)s Go fucking die already.
>>306468 >spam occurs without /hebe/ existing >the spam will continue because of /hebe/ seems like it'll happen or not entirely independently of which board do or do not exist.
(84.02 KB 1326x301 ClipboardImage.png)
Well, thankfully the /delicious/ vol did the right thing.
>>306473 Was the spam occurring because of discussion of bringing /hebe/?
>>306477 No, it started when i deleted the pedo general from /b/ due to spam and eventually CP but seeing some webring posts it might have been kickstarted earlier by some bad actors.
>>306455 >muh censorship Deleting CP is not censorship, CP is not some kind of speech of artistic statement. It's literal child abuse. If you got busted for dealing cocaine, are you being censored? Would you use that argument there? >>306468 >If we let /hebe/ up you know its gonna happen again and this site will be vulnerable to being taken down right? This is the thing I don't think these anons are realizing. Even today, old 8chan is attacked because of the pedo shit despite it being banned from the site years ago. It was one of the focal points of that awful HBO series that came out recently. 8moe is still very obscure outside of the webring, you don't want it getting the media attention or some social media deplatforming campaign that 8chan got.
(152.25 KB 264x214 mong.png)
>>306468 This sort of behavior does nothing but hurt your cause you incredible fucking mong.
>>306478 >literally saying "we're gonna deplatform 8chan" If you seriously don't think /hebe/ wasn't made in bad faith in this point and are not seriously deleting it than I have no fucking faith in this administration anymore.
(28.96 KB 409x618 camera.jpeg)
>>306482 There's just one guy going around on his VPN defending keeping /hebe/ as if he didn't admit to being a pedophile earlier. I don't know who he thinks he's fooling, he's using the same bad faith arguments as he was before.
>>306471 Okay dude do we have any bunkers to fall back to once this site gets shoah'ed or are we truly fucked now? Just like endchan and CP SITE ~ REPORT ME who both got shut down for the same exact reason? >>306473 Okay, if what I said actually happens don't say I didn't tell you I told you so. >>306476 This is what anons are campaigning for. They are really trying to batista bomb this site to fucking dust. They think its really okay to post that shit and thing they can get away with it. You kiddie lovers are so fucking mentally stunted its sad really.
I just checked /hebe/ and some faggot is spamming instagram jailbait now.
(63.97 KB 548x768 im CIA.jpg)
>>306487 This is exactly what I meant and it didn't even take half an hour. We're fucked lol.
>>306487 It must clearly be you since you just reported it! >>306490 Go fucking neck yourself pedonigger.
>>306485 >They think its really okay to post that shit and thing they can get away with it. It's so goddamn infuriating, then they claim this is "their" site and it wouldn't exist without them. They pulled this shit on 4/b/ years ago too, then later on 8chan. >>306486 Your posts are getting deleted because you're a fucking pedophile.
>>306479 Okay, but retaliating to a justified deletion due to posting CP by posting CP more quickly and often? Like, just bite your thumb off at this point, man.
>>306487 Did you report it? >>306491 >It must clearly be you since you just reported it! This is why I say /hebe/ needs to be forced text only.
>>306500 Yeah, I reported it. What the fuck is going in this thread?
>>306494 What are you trying to say?
>>306505 It's ridiculous to respond to punishment for a rulebreak by flooding the site even worse. I just don't understand it.
>>306507 >>306507 It isn't if the entire point is just to divide and conquer or to deplatform or something like that.
>>306415 What fresh hell have you created Acid?
>>306507 They are mentally ill pedophiles. One of them posted a picture of a clothed young girl with russian text on the side, it's probably a russian image macro so i'm guessing that at least one of the spammers is russian and he posts in broken english.
>>306509 Well, I wish they wouldn't do that, I'm really enjoying the thread where we spoil entire games without using the title.
>>306511 You ought to re-read what you just wrote, because it sounds to me like you believe posting CP everywhere is proportionate retribution for a ban that you have easily circumvented.
>>306433 >>306441 >>306449 >>306452 I know two things above all else >That spammer is a tard and deliberately trying to stir up trouble, and they need to go >Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental freedoms and crucially woven into my identity I've seen many people say it's easy to defend free speech you like, it's hard to defend speech you don't I try to look at this from the perspective of mental illness. Here's a bunch of people with brains that don't work normal, and they want to talk about it with each other. I already support letting people discuss and embrace anorexia and other eating disorders in their own space. I support cutters/self-harmers being free to just enjoy it and share in their own space. I don't understand the appeal of children, and I like the ease of just erasing them from this site. But how can I reconcile this with my core beliefs? Text-only seems right, but the testimonies I see cast doubt. It's only one guy causing a real problem, right? Or is this just a limit to free speech that I have to come to grips with? I guess it's like giving furries a platform. Sometimes the kind of people that will flock to that free speech sign just can't be allowed it. Even if a handful are interested in civil, legal discussion, they'll always be a big flashing sign drawing in the problems. I'm glad I'm not running this site. it's easier when my idealized philosophies don't need to truly face the extreme ends and make that call for the practicality of it. I just hope the problem goes away, whatever action it may require.
>>306518 >>306511 Apologies in advance if it's not you. That made it sound like I was accusing you of being the one who was posting it. Sorry about that.
>>306485 >Okay dude do we have any bunkers to fall back to once this site gets shoah'ed or are we truly fucked now? Just like endchan and CP SITE ~ REPORT ME who both got shut down for the same exact reason? There's sleepychan, ZZZChan.xyz I don't think they'll be too happy if they get a lot of users from 8Chan over there.
>>306522 That's like setting off a bomb in a restaurant you were denied service in, glassing a bunch of uninvolved people in the blast radius. It's not proportionate at all, man.
>>306522 Fuck your "just punishment" shit, you make it annoying for me to use boards I like just because you want to spite mods. Eat a dick, you're just like the rest of the niggers who don't want me to talk about videogames.
>>306519 >Or is this just a limit to free speech that I have to come to grips with? Sounds like something Heinlein would write about. He likes to take ideas like that and play with them. For example, in Orphans of the Sky, it's about a bunch of relgious extremists getting upset with Earth and deciding to leave for a very far away planet. It takes so long to get there, that generations have passed and not everyone agrees with the old guard.
>>306544 I don't appreciate the amount you're downplaying the severity of seeing outright CP.
>>306547 /c/ even has posts about the toll it takes on them
>>>/hebe/343 They are posting pictures of children again I reported this minutes ago but it has yet to be deleted.
>>306553 C'mon, man. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, here. If you're posting fully clothed girls and getting banned then fine, I agree that's a little much. But are you posting it in the appropriate board? Are you just dropping it in a /v/ thread about Sonic Adventure 2 with no context? Are you posting straight up blowjob pics? That's what I don't agree with, but that's what I saw the night before.
>>306555 Anon, I did the same thing earlier in the thread. They are not arguing in good faith. Just report and/or ignore them.
>>306555 We don't disagree much, aside from the whole "appropriate board" aspect, /v/ isn't the appropriate board for lolicon yet you all still left 8kunt and came here as a result of its ban.
>>306556 That's just sad, Thrillho. >>306558 Hard to argue with that. I guess it's fair enough to ask "what qualifies as the appropriate board" and such. This entire topic's a verbal minefield.
>>306559 I'd say its based on the users, and on a site with mostly pedo users pedoposting will be appropriate regardless of the subject. Thats why talking about which vidya loli you want to fuck is appropriate here but not a place like resetera despite both discussing video games.
Wait a minute... I did a lot of thinking about what Acid said and why he said he wasn't going to gas the pedos. Then it hit me. I think I finally figured it out. Acid, are we running a honeypot? Are we luring pedoniggers so that you can report them to the proper authorities? That's actually genius if that's true.
Why the hell there are no banners? Tengu fucked some shit again?
>>306566 Should be fixed.
(15.85 KB 360x240 carl-2-athf1.jpg)
>>306566 I'm way past the point of caring at this point.
>>306562 >>306562 >Acid, are we running a honeypot? Fuck no Acid. Don't fucking honeypot this. You already destroyed /gghq/ over intl niggers. This time you'll destroy this whole site, not just /hebe/. Kill the snakes yourself rather than bringing in snake wranglers. You'll put this whole site into there radar.
>>306568 Did you find a new offending image in a banner like someone for unteralterbach?
>>306568 Why did they disappear?
>>306568 How do we see the banner page anyway?
>>306573 You can't. There's no banner page. The best you can do is click on https://8chan.moe/randomBanner.js?boardUri=v and see a random banner.
>>306571 >>306572 They disappeared because I inserted some documents into the database incorrectly and deleting them targets the wrong assets. It's happened a few times and I have a recovery procedure. The fix isn't hard, I've just had my focus elsewhere. I need a custom script for that and to fix /fast/'s spoilers and I just got caught up with some other issues. Restoring the banners takes like two seconds. >>306573 Right now users can't, but I've put in a request with Stephen already. Maybe in 2.7? >>306570 We're doing our best to have speech be as unrestricted as possible, even if we don't like it ourselves. We only report info to law enforcement as required if we receive a subpoena, and we have a policy to disclose those.
>>306574 These would almost pass for youtube monetization but it looks like yikes you have the N word on one of your banners and we don't tolerate that here so thats gonna be a no from me.
>>306570 >>306562 You faggots acidcuck IS the fed. Why do you think /k/ and /fascist/ never came here? He has already sold us out once, think about it
(13.60 KB 340x320 1811578108.jpg)
>>306577 >They disappeared because I inserted some documents into the database oh shid :D is a bodned :DDD feds are wadghing my gollegdion of loli born X-DD
>>306570 Out of all the reasons I could think of, that's the "best" one I could think of. These were the reasons Acid had: >1) Acid is running a honeypot to get the pedoniggers convicted >2) A possibility I'm going to leave out because it will be slanderous. All I'll say is please be more transparent Acid, at least put a sticky on /v/ and other boards describing what you're going to do >3) Acid genuinely believes allowing the pedos to post is a matter of free speech, but the pedos will push their boundaries and the site gets taken down 4) Acid is genuinely insane and wants as much chaos on his site before it gets taken down Emphasizing the part on Acid being more transparent on what he's going to do. Anons have been freaking out and for good reason. Acid should sticky a thread on multiple boards detailing on what he's going to do about our current situation.
>>306581 >These were the reasons Acid had: These were the reasons he had, that I could think of*.
>>306581 Theres already been situations where anything pedo related like loli have been hidden on onion sites, why not just delete them entirely since they're such a threat to the site being taken down? Why not just give up this gay imageboard shit and make resetnewera where we too think liking the sorceress from dragons crown makes you a pedo because only pedos like cuckime?
(349.50 KB 614x1000 Asuka judge.jpg)
>>306581 Number 3 is the correct answer. As I've said before, at the end of the day we're either a free speech site or we aren't. If we are it means putting up with things on the site that we and (you) may hate, and its our job to deal with it like big boys. Pedos have a right to speak freely, although they do not have a right to possess, share, and certainly not spam illegal content. Whatever this is about, I'm pretty convinced its more than just 3 pedos from /b/ sperging out and starting a war with pedo haters sitewide.
>>306596 >Pedos have a right to speak freely, although they do not have a right to possess Its my god given right, if the government thinks its can take away my lolis or my nukes then it can come pry them from my cold dead hands.
>>306596 >>306415 Acid, these are not your normal pedophiles, they are advanced turbo retard autistic pedophiles, and they DID spam this /v/ over a thread on /b/. They have no intention of actual discussion, they don't care about legality as much they like to say, and they certainly don't care if this site gets nuked (they'll just go back to where they came from). They are using "free speech" and "its not illegal" defense, using them as a shield while poking holes in them to 'test' us. Remind you of some people? Hint you destroyed /hq/ to "own" them. Learn to identify the kind of people who are behind this and know what they want and do next. Like furries, they are cancer even when not posting furry shit. Normal pedos don't spam /v/ when they get told off /b/, don't proudly proclaim how much they love children like a glowie, don't taunt us about boundaries and 'you're not real free speech'. Stop trying to be a hero and be a rational man first. Protect those who aren't trying to screw everyone over. >Atleast I have principles Principles don't mean you ignore rational thinking and obvious bad actors. And don't fucking try to call you fed friends over.
>>306596 I wonder how Acid would think if a board called /racewar/ was made and all the anons on it talked about killing niggers and jews. But hey, it's not illegal as long as they say they themselves aren't gonna kill anyone right? It's free speech right?
>>306601 /racewar/ would be these faggots comparing specs of fast cars.
>>306602 But do you think the (((media))) would give a shit about differentiating a shitpost between a credible terroristic threat. The pedos on /hebe/ could just say "oh I haven't actually fucked any kids but I want to" and you're alright with that? Just delete the fucking board, it's bad optics. I don't give a fuck about a pedo's free speech if it's gonna bite the site in the ass. >>306603 touche
>>306476 >>306485 >parading incremental censorship as "the right thing" Site admins and you lot lack foresight. >>306596 Acid ,at the drop of an ACT, you validated a request to purge porn using that Sherry model. Following your compliance, everything Unalterbach should be gone. Porn of Ellie from TLOU is to be voided. Why pussy out on a maybe dude?
>>306605 I just don't want pedos to have a place where they think they're comfortable and can talk about pedophilic stuff under the guise of free speech. If this place ever gets fucked over I guarantee you it'll be because of them, not because of /pol/. >The media isn't the law Good one anon.
>>306608 Sherry was literally mocapped and textured from an actual little girl. That's a completely different situation from anything you mentioned. >>306596 You still need to put then into text only mode. Any on topic image that they could possibly post would be at minimum borderline. Just don't give them the possibility. This is a different situation than for any other board.
>>306613 You sure are defending the rights of pedos hard. Tell me anon, if a pedo said right in your face that he wants to fuck your little sister would you beat his ass? If the answer is yes then you're treading on his free speech. If the answer is no then you're a pussy ass bitch.
(133.13 KB 1458x951 anonib 8chan raid.png)
>>306596 This Anonib thread seems like it might have attracted some of them, someone spamming "jailbait" pictures including an underage nipslip said he came from there. Someone made a thread "promoting" the site on one of their boards (/ygwbt/, stands for "Young girls with big tits"), presumably in an attempt to attract people who would cause problems for the site. https://archive.is/Y4cvv
>>306608 >everything walking dead should be gone, no alice from detroit become human or sunny from metal gear but the slippery slope doesn't exist guys
>>306618 >then you're a pussy ass bitch So? Why would that matter in the slightest?
(2.35 MB 1463x2392 Asuka rei school casual.jpg)
Whats your favorite pokemon, faggot? >>306614 >>306599 >>306601 >>306608 >>306614 From all appearances what we have here is a group of outsiders mixed with some local /b/tards playing both sides of a pedo/anti war. From a mod's eye view its pretty clearly coordinated, and they're generating all this noise to pull anons in from the sidelines and get them fighting each other across the site in general. Don't fall for it. Report spam and pedoposting as you normally would and let the mods do their job. As for /hebe/ the BO is being cooperative, but if he isn't able to handle what he created then action may be taken in accordance with the boring old regular rules. But anyone expecting earth shattering changes or mod/admin panic is going to be disappointed. This is, frankly, just another day.
>>306621 Alice from Detroit: Stop Being a Nigger has already been banned.
>>306623 Fuck Pokemon
>>306623 >these pedos are just alt right trolls in association with the hacker known as 4chan A mod deleted our threads because he was butthurt about having to clean up some shitposting made by a pedo and took it out on the rest of us like we're a fucking hivemind or something. There is no fucking psyop to create 2 sides of a pedo war, theres mods overstepping their bounds and pushing for even more senselessly restrictive rules on the whim that the feds will care if the video game character getting fucked has a mocapped face or not.
>>306627 >pushing for even more senselessly restrictive rules The rules have not changed a bit.
(71.32 KB 777x741 aron.jpg)
(453.80 KB 805x805 Lairon.png)
(1.51 MB 1280x1280 Aggron.png)
>>306623 So, what happens to the porn of Sherry from RE and of any other loli presumably modeled after a real child? Will it be globally banned as Parias stated on >>/site/2439, or will it continue to be ignored by everyone (hosting company included) just like before this drama started? >Whats your favorite pokemon, faggot? Aron. I love that little heavyweight, and its evolutions are cool as fuck.
(218.56 KB 368x334 shrug.png)
>>306628 >can't have a thread on /b/ anymore >no idea if /hebe/ will even be here tomorrow >nobody is using it anticipating the inevitable nuke >don't know if the sfm porn I post today is CP tomorrow because someone found out it was mocapped >been through 30 IPs talking about it here because apparently what I want to fuck determines whether or not I can speak yeah no biggie I guess
>>306630 That 3dcg porn modeled after real children is still technically illegal regardless if feds haven't done anything about it yet.
>>306630 It's already been purged.
>>306631 /hebe/ isn't getting nuked as long as the board owner is making a good faith effort to remove illegal content. The issue isn't motion capture, it's imitating the likeness of a real child or using scans of them to create a model. Your sexual preferences don't violate global rules. Board owners are allowed to ban for any reason, however.
>>306635 Unless they're global mods which would explain them nuking the threads on /b/ in response to cleaning up spam here. In which case they could nuke /hebe/ whenever they want.
>>306630 They could nuke threads but not the entire board.
(41.27 KB 320x163 mqdefault.jpg)
>>306630 >So, what happens to the porn of Sherry from RE and of any other loli presumably modeled after a real child? That shit's illegal? You know what, fuck it, of course it is. Limit /hebe/ to it's original intended purpose of 3d fully clothed teenagers. Force 2d to their respective boards. People making a nothing burger bigger than it needs to be, who gives a fuck about the pedos, didn't Acid already say the fags larping as CIA already got removed anyway? Why take it further than that? Acid already said that he'd tolerate pedo shittery if they don't post illegal content, insofar as things go generally the moment the pedos die no matter how quickly or slowly is the moment things go to shit, I know many of you are too new to remember this, but for the most part this plus poor management is an indication of when things will go downhill, and generally the first FBI cooperation request is the first sign that the place fully died like OG 8chan. As such I don't think anyone saying "Just ban the pedos" should be listened to, shit for all we know this is part of a huge psyops to make a pedo false flag before using that to try and get Acid to take them out. /hebe/'s BO is shitting himself, I'm certain it won't devolve any further if nothing else is pushed, so can you autistic retards just leave it be or are you just using this shit as an excuse to mine as much pph as possible you controversy whores.
>>306634 I know. I'm asking this to see how things will be nowm >>306639 >Unless they're global mods which would explain them nuking the threads on /b/ in response to cleaning up spam here That was kazu, a local volunteer that operates on /v/ and /b/.
>>306648 So the one behind all this isn't even that high in the pecking order? Why is he still around?
>>306649 >>306639 Board volunteers serve at the discretion of the board owner.
>>306649 Because action in a industry where action often times backfires ensures inaction is the best choice. It's what got Acid this fucking far. Not trying to force things. Regardless of what you think of Kazu's moderation policies or if he just helped to fan the flames of this shit, removing him now for a misdemeanor if you can even call it that would just be stupid. Also >>306652. blame Mark and whatshisname on /b/. I forgot his name from chatting with Mark and Codexx.
(56.76 KB 805x449 8moemeetingoftheminds.jpg)
>>306652 >oh muh division of labor oh muh bureaucracy how could I ever be held responsible for this when its totally out of my hands gimmie a break
>>306655 >NOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY CAN'T WE JUST INVADE WHOEVER WE WANT WHENEVER WE WANT WE'RE IN THE MORALHIGH GROUND REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DON'T ACCOUNT FOR ACTIONS AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES Actual fucking children. And people will still argue the AOC is a good litmus test for when someone should be allowed to reproduce. If the system existed in such a fashion where the people to blame for this mess had zero consultation with Acid in the first place then the fault lies within system, which first and foremost never said Kazu didn't have the right to not cross board moderate if he wanted to, there's only one problem and that's that /b/ has no rules, Dysomnia from OG 8chan banned people for no reason all the time, and unless a higher up steps in first who would have to be the /b/ bo in this case nothing can change. If Acid does it then Acid would be accused of A. Over stepping boundaries. B. Taking a stance on defending pedos spamming /v/ which kickstarted the whole thing. C. Indirectly taking responsibility. It's a bad look, the bureaucratic box company system works, it keeps things under control, how do you think the US eliminated communism? By funding cartels and terrorists. Now cartels and terrorists are the threat but for a good price. And the CIA agents involved were never indicted for this, because guess what, they couldn't be. As such, shut the fuck up you piece of living human evidence that the age of consent doesn't work.
>>306658 The bureaucratic box company system works as a means of damage control, thats about it. You think theres any kind of isolation between these people on a site as small as this? Why should I accept a corrupt cabal of tranny mods as the status quo for an imageboard?
>>306662 Someone just needs to make a new HD Sherry from scratch. Well a new head anyway.
>>306623 commit anhero you faggot and livestream it
>>306623 Acid, I am doing my best to write this as neutral and supportive of free speech as possible. Here's what I think you should do: >Lock or delete this meta thread for at least 1 week and tell everyone with site issues to take it to >>>/site/ The only people currently posting here are that anon constantly acting in bad faith they're lucky their posts were deleted, otherwise I would link to them, saying things like loli is really pedophilia and being against one means you're against both, and anons like >>306689, upset with your stance telling you to kill yourself. >Please make a sticky on /v/, /b/, and other popular boards describing the current "situation" and what you're going to do about it Even JewTube is more transparent. It's annoying for anons like me to go into threads like this and search through all the posts that were made by you on what's happening. Unless you want to keep as many users in the dark as possible, you lose nothing by telling everyone using the site what's going on. >Admit Asuka is best girl Come on, we both know it. Seriously though, do those other two things. >Whats your favorite pokemon, faggot? Flygon
>>306706 >>306706 >Please make a sticky on /v/, /b/, and other popular boards describing the current "situation" and what you're going to do about it Terrible idea, that's just inviting as much attention and traffic to that board as possible as the go-to way to mess with the site and its administrators. Also whether or not the site is allowing a board is not the sort of issue that should get stickies on unrelated boards.
>>306627 You retards were spamming CP, don't play the fool.
>>306715 >Terrible idea, that's just inviting as much attention and traffic to that board as possible as the go-to way to mess with the site and its administrators. I see your point, but I'm going to stick with my position on telling the users of the site, in a direct and clear way, what's going on. By "burying" it, I think we'll get some sort of streisand effect. Plus, this is the site of the "evil fascist nazi goobergators", there's already plenty of ways to draw attention to the site and cause problems for the admins.
>>306717 It is annoying how they're trying to turn fucking child porn into a free speech issue, and how our literal cuck of an admin also seems to view it that way.
(24.15 KB 310x327 1620743852004.jpg)
>free speech >but I'm going to delete every criticism of me if I don't like it >but pedos stay :^) THE ABSOLUTE STATE
>>306754 Take it from the man himself >>306596 >Pedos have a right to speak freely In what fucking planet?
>>306754 He has you there, Acid. You guys deleted the torfag calling the site's administration one of the biggest retards they ever saw. >>306755 (checked) >In what fucking planet? To play devil's advocate. Saying "I want to have sex with x" isn't necessarily illegall. It's abhorent, like saying you want to use a pile of feces as a fleshlight, but as long as you're not actively trying to do it, it's technically not illegal. But now to play "Angel's advocate", if pedos are allowed to post, as long as they don't post any images, does that mean we also have to allow blackpill to post his doom and gloom unhindered? I like that one anon's theory that Acid is running a honeypot. Acid might not be admitting it to trick the pedos into screwing themselves over.
>>306773 To add to the devil's advocate, stalkers are a perfect example. They're also creeps. However, until they tresspass on private property, kidnap, touch someone without their consent, and etc., you can't really arrest them or do much about them.
>>306754 Point to the logs where he deleted posts.
>>306779 Yeah sure, let's us endanger the entire website and risk a possible hitpiece by the media along with a fed investigation all so to allow a fucking pedophile to post pictures from some innocent girl's instagram. All it takes is ONE angered parent screencapping a post that doesn't even have to actually have any pictures, just a link or the name of the girl to get this site shutdown. This site is named after the fucking website involved with Christchurch and the Q bullshit that got an HBO doc. You can't play dumb to these facts. If all the anons lose their place to talk about videogames, cartoons and hentai then blame the retarded freeze peach mentality of the admin.
>>306773 If we're going that way every site on the webring might as well be a honeypot.
>>306773 Arguing that niggerpill is free speech is the same as arguing that a petulent bastard child screaming in a restraunt is also free speech. It's like arguing that faggots should be able to walk into an orthodox catholic church and start fucking each other in the ass because to stop them would be infringing on their "free speech". If the only purpose of their speech is to disrupt actual discussion and drive out users who want to have actual discussion, then it is fully up to the behest of moderation to remove that impotent goblin screeching and smearing shit on the walls, which is as much free speech as a feminist rubbing expired spaghetti-o's into her bleeding cunt is art.
>>306783 I understand your anger, anon. In my utopia, I'd send every pedo/child molester to their death or to work in the mines for the rest of their miserable lives. Screaming at the admins and calling for their heads isn't going to get us anywhere. And, at the end of the day, this is Acid's site. If he thinks he's making the right decision, then fine. If not, then the site dies and a bunch of anons can band together to make their own site where pedos are banned. They could also rename the interracial board to blacked, because that's what it actually is. >freeze peach You have to be careful using words like that here, anon. >>306784 That's the ultimate Chinese move. Pretend to be free speech, while giving the people you want to see go away enough rope to hang themselves. >>306795 You're right! And this is the point very few anons have brought up and what Acid somewhat touched on. How far are any of us willing to go for free speech? Because in theory, a 100% free speech area would allow people like blackpill to do whatever they want, because stopping them would be "censoring" them.
>>306783 Thank god there's the webring, though shame for /delicious/ if it happened. >>306801 So is allowing anons to post shit in their privacy, bugman. Wizardchan wasn't a free speech thing and it sold it's userbase like it was it's daughter in China. 4chan was arguably the same in that front and it wasn't particularly free speech on that front.
>>306800 Then how about this, if one faggot's shitposting "free speech" is used as a means of drowning out the free speech of everyone else, then is that faggot not infringing on their free speech and thus a detriment to the principle of free speech? Not removing the persistent faggots that continue to shitpost communities into oblivion would be anthithetical to the principle of free speech as their spam is an infringement on free speech. If they're cordoned off into their own cesspool of shitposting like absolute /b/tards were, then their shitposting only begets other shitposting.
>>306806 >bugman I'm not from ///West Taiwan\\\, fam.
Someone on /hebe/ is once again spamming "jailbait" images, non-nude images of a young child that the poster claims to feature in CP, and what looks like it might be a crop from actual CP. It has been up for over 2 hours since being globally reported without being deleted. A board volunteer has deleted one of the posts but not the others, even though they all violate Rule 2's provision against "'jailbait' and other borderline material". Incidentally, the poster admits he is posting them from his CP folder. Site-wide staff clearly aren't up to monitoring the site 24/7, and right now the board is attracting orders of magnitude more global rule-breaking than the rest of the site combined. The board isn't even active otherwise, basically nobody is posting except the one guy dumping his collection. Board owners have an obligation to delete content that violates global rules, if someone wants to run a board named /hebe/ he needs to have enough volunteers to delete content like that within minutes. Worse, this isn't just negligence because the board volunteer deleted one post and has posted some guidelines that are much looser than the global rules, the board volunteer is actively allowing images that violate the site-wide rules.
(152.49 KB 1000x1449 Asuka short.jpg)
>>306813 We're monitoring the board closely. Relax, anon. There's some deliberation on when to step in on borderline content, and our policy is to give the BO and staff some time to react before going ham with globals unless its overt CP. That said, I'm not very happy with how this is working out so far.
>>306813 >>306817 I'm the volunteer monitoring that thread. I'd really appreciate if you went to >>>/hebe/275 and gave a clear definition of what constitutes "jailbait" and "sexual abuse of children". Until now I have been deleting images from modeling studios and of children while leaving up instagram-tier photos and selfies that "don't show too much meat", but I consider that a clear definition of what content is allowed is needed not only on /hebe/ but on the entire site. Also /hebe/'s BO seems to be having problems with the captchas.
>>306813 The person you're showcasing also doesn't seem to care. What a disgusting mongrel.
(88.31 KB 302x103 ClipboardImage.png)
is this banner from Digimon World 4?
>>306817 I think someone dumping the "non-nude" parts of his CP folder is a good example of why the rule bans "jailbait or borderline" images in the first place. Trying to draw the line for shit like that can be a huge quagmire both legally and in terms of deplatforming from other companies being legally cautious as well. Fundamentally I think it's enough for this site to allow free discussion and loli without trying to figure out the legal grey areas for images of real children. People who want "jailbait" images can go to a dedicated sites for them. Incidentally the guy is posting images with PrimeJailbait watermarks, and from what I remember a decade ago that site actually employed lawyers to determine the legal limits. They still got shut down at some point, though I wasn't paying attention so I don't know if it was through legal action or deplatforming.
>>306825 Why not just delete the board? Is this the hill that you all want to die on?
Just ban the fucking pedos already. They cannot be trusted to limit their activity to mere discussion. Every single pedo board on old 8chan wound up being a place for these mentally ill subhumans to share cp, even when they were made text only, and any similar boards here are going to end up the same way. You cannot give these people the benefit of the doubt. If you let them have a place to gather, they will use it to share cp every single time. I know you want to be a free speech as possible but this is the one exception you absolutely have to make. You can't play with this shit. >inb4 tornigger I don't have any other choice at the moment.
>>306830 I'm a torfag and I agree with you. Just gas em' all. There are some things you can't defend.
>>306817 >>306825 Also, I think if you need a clarification for what breaks rule 2, I think a potential guideline could be that pictures of real minors aren't allowed in a sexual context. So if it's on a board named /hebe/ you don't get to post pictures of minors at all, rather than someone like that guy trying to feel out the limits. That way you don't risk stepping into the legal grey area and getting raided or dragged into court, or something that a company providing services to the site thinks is a legal grey area. But really even if you don't go that broad almost all the images he posted are clearly sexual pictures of minors and thus should be against the rules as they stand. >>306827 One solution is to just say something like "/hebe/ is consistently doing nothing but attracting rule-breaking content so it's banned". But even the rules against jailbait/borderline images should be enough to remove the main reason for them to post there, it doesn't matter much if it's just a dead board where occasionally they discuss laws surrounding pedophilia in abstract. Or disable image-posting there because otherwise it requires constant babysitting by admins.
>>306623 >From all appearances what we have here is a group of outsiders mixed with some local /b/tards playing both sides of a pedo/anti war. From a mod's eye view its pretty clearly coordinated From a simple lurker's perspective, it's really not that subtle. I'm sure you've got this under control. Also, Goomy is best, even if Goodra is the absolute worst.
>>306830 >>306835 >>306841 Listen to these anons, I'm Jewish. Shoah the pedos or we're taking Mark's cake and spamming /interracial/ with non-blacked porn. Seriously though. It's not worth keeping them here. They're nothing but headaches and trouble and there's only so many admins and site mods. I wasn't joking about being Jewish.
>>306847 >comparing a coordinated media campaign to smear gamers, which said gamers were point out as corrupt >To people wanting to diddle kids Bold move. Where did you learn such tactics?
>>306827 why not just delete the site? im sick of the BUT MUH US LAW excuse to remove loli content and stomp on FOS. >>306841 they can do that in better platforms like steam or dicksword. believe it or not, unless somebody reports you on dicksword you can say anything, and steam is the same. you make a group chat with your friends and you can call each other niggers and faggots in real time instead of having to solve a fucking captcha and wait for a server response everytime. really the only point to still use a fucking imageboard is to post content anonymously that is bannable in other better and faster platforms, like discord and steam. so if you take that away whats the point?
>>306848 yes you're more likely to get banned for making fun of the site staff than talking about wanting to fuck children here.
>more of this revisionist history garbage I can't deal with this anymore. This is on your hands, retards.
Only the volunteers of /hebe/ and the globals can delete the cp posted there, nothing that the people here can do.
>>306854 You know, by trying to revision history and come off as the enlightened mind, you're proving how retarded you are. One of Gamergay's prime goals was rooting out corruption. Gg is fundamentally opposed to pedos, which are known to have huge, corrupt rings of diddling children. So yes, if the world exists like you describe it, your people are much worse.
>>306848 Free speech here translates to "you can make your own board about almost everything 'legal that doesn't break the global rules and set specific rules for it", not "you can post whatever you want wherever you want regardless of the global and board-specific rules". Mark banning you from /v/ for posting his ass doesn't prevent you from creating your own "/v/" that allows ugly ass pics, unless you go a steep further and break a global rule with your post (like spamming his ass on multiple threads and boards).
>>306872 >Get buttblasted so bad they move the goal posts and believe I said something I did Begone. IP hop already to another id, pretending to be someone that agrees with you already. I'm Jewish, you're going to have to work smarter to subvert me, not harder. >>306874 Anyone got the "What GamerGate has done" copypasta from the gamergay threads?
>>306877 say something I did not.*
>>306872 >>306874 Remember: These are the people you want on the site, Acid.
>>306882 At this point, let these niggers take over the site. Let them run it into the ground or get it banned, so a better, stronger site will take its place.
>>306891 Precisely, this gotta be the hill that they want to die on. If you ignore your own users for the sake of a handful of pedophiles who want to discuss how to rape toddlers then have fun but don't expect your userbase to follow suit.
>>306882 The thread got linked on tvch, I'm assuming that's where 96a95b came from because he's obviously just shitposting.
>>306882 >>306891 You can make your own where only the topics you like and agree with are tolerated. I like the hands-off approach acid is trying to do, this is the original 8chan spirit. If the existence of a board triggers you this much you don't belong on a site like this imo.
What the fuck its happening? Are we being raided or some shit like that? The captchas seem to be bugged, and the posting right now its an absolute pain in the ass... The niggers of /hebe/ fucked up something?
>>306899 Pedophiles are here to stay! >>306817 >>306623
>>306892 >>306895 We appreciate the effort, but go back and take care of your ranch, /cow/boy. >>306893 It might even work out better in the end. >Anons complaining about Mark won't have to worry about him >Interracial will be an actual interracial board >Pedos will be gassed on site >The Brazilian Huemonkey will be lost >Blackpill will have to rethink his strategy
(979.13 KB 1440x1080 i understand your frustration.png)
>>306898 >hands off approach >except when the content is icky and we don't like it >"i want freedom of speech" -anon >"except when its a topic i dont like" -also anon same old, same old >>306904 this, people whining about pedos are remnants of gamergate and /pol/. you lost. go away already.
>>306894 >The thread got linked on tvch I thought only the same 3 /cow/tards were here, but turns out that gahoole's harem is monitoring (and definitively posting in) the thread too: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/cow/res/102181.html https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/46323.html >>306899 >Are we being raided or some shit like that? Right now, yes.
>>306899 >Are we being raided or some shit like that? Acid's posts about keeping /hebe/ have attracted the rest of the webring. Tvch removed us from their webring listing as a result. I can't say I fucking blame anyone for laughing at this shitshow, Acid's being a retard here.
>>306899 Right now there's apparently some people raiding from Anonib, Julay, and tvch. It probably doesn't have anything to do with the technical issues though, unless they have something to do with having to enable the captcha and proof-of-work. >>306904 In this case the pedos are actually from anonib and don't know anything about the site. The guy spamming "jailbait" and similar outright said he was from Anonib. They're confused that we allow drawings but not CP or borderline pictures of children and are complaining about "weebs". >>306619
>>306906 That's not true, tv-kun. Mark was fired and removed as the /v/ BO because he disagreed with Jim and leaked their personal conversations. He also doesn't run this site, Acid and Codex do.
>>306904 >>306905 >if I repeat a lie enough, it must be true! You know, at least Luciano would make schizo-tier posts trying to justify his retardation. How does it feel pedoniggers? A man that is so autistic, he can't understand the nuance of why anons use certain words, is smarter than you? And he'd still gas all of you too! >>306906 I might anon. But since this is a place I used to love, I want to see it die with my own eyes, you know, see it through.
>We now have a 3 way civil war between anons here, pedos, and tvch /cow/boys Just like my Japanese games based on the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms.
>>306915 what lie am i repeating? that you guys lost? that you guys are hypocrites that use FoS as a recruitment tool, and once you think you're in the "safe zone" you start purity spiraling and censoring? thats all truth and you know it.
>>306907 Everyone is rightfully laughing at this mess, I don't blame them.
>>306918 I don't think the mods will find this very entertaining. >>306920 I'll take the /cow/boys over you nigger. They might derail and shitpost beyond what is feasibly possible with autism, but they're still humans, unlike you. >>306922 (checked) Don't feed the pedos, especially when they post low effort bait like that. >>306923 LOL, no. Like the torfag said, gamergoyim are opposed to pedos. A side that is wants to root out corruption cannot coexist with a side known for corruption. It's why feminists will never truly be able to ally niggers. Fems want more police, niggers want less. You can't be dead and alive at the same time unless you're from Finland.
>/tv/ >antipedo this does not compute
>>306922 That's not the reason either, from what I remember this was made because the Fatchan owner got cold feet and shut the site down. That could be wrong but I think it went like this >8chan gets platformed >Vch gets made as a bunker, has a bunch of boards like /v/ and /tv/ >8kun comes back up >Mark takes Vch down despite Gahoole telling him it's a good idea to keep it >Gahoole decides not to come back to 8kun, sets up tvch >Jim starts threatening to delete /v/ and generally acts like a boomer, Mark releases the IRC and gets booted off the site >Everyone leaves for Fatchan >Fatchan owner shuts site down >Zzzchan gets made as a Fatchan remnant site, 8moe tries to replace 8kun Fatchan might have been earlier though, this all happened awhile ago so I don't remember it that well.
Don't mind me, I have no dog in this fight. I would just like to remind people that posters on this site like posting uncensored pics/vids of toddlers getting mutilated in their gamergate thread(and other assorted spergery, scroll to bottom of this pic) Why would anyone post something like this in a thread dedicated to videogames?
>>306926 >I'll take the /cow/boys over you nigger Nigger, he's one of the /cow/tv/ shitters. He and 96a95b.
>>306935 I've dropped the spaghetti real hard. Thanks for pointing that out.
>>306935 Anon, /cow/ and /tv/ are different boards. The guy is just baiting as well, why give him so much of the negative attention he's looking for?
(66.60 KB 449x507 ayyy.jpg)
>>306926 >gamergate wants to root out corruption no they dont, they wanted to control what is censored and what is not, just like the left does. the difference is that they lost because their purity spiraling doesn't appeal to the majority. hell what you're doing right now is just a little baby tantrum that you're throwing on your way out. because you can't handle that in a truly freedom of speech board there will be pedophiles and lolicons mingling with everyone else. tl;dr: you're crying that you can't run the culture the way you want and you'd rather burn it all down than have it run a way you dont like. thats what gamergate became.
>>306953 Are you some sort of schizo
>>306944 Pedophilia is illegal and against the law you absolute fucking retards that's like saying if you don't support murder you're against free speech when it has nothing to do with corruption or free speech.
>>306964 nice mental gymnastics retard, but you can post pictures of a murder with no consequence. so your entire retard analogy is void.
(114.97 KB 376x292 Do not Dumb here.png)
>Giving /tv/-niggers your time of day. Let Acid handle that shit, he said he's monitoring it and that they're walking on thin ice.Despite /hebe/ having a history of being a psy-op with the express purpose of slander and taking the site down. The moment they act up they get the boot, no need to argue with sub-human vermin that actively recruit from cuckchan, they can spam this thread all they want as far as anyone is concerned. >>306941 Considering their shared terminology and behavior I wouldn't rule out the userbase of both sites being the same people to a significant extent. >>306960 You need to be a subhuman to hang out on /tv/, if you ever saw their unfunny shit on this or any other board whenever they crawl out of their pen you'd know this by know.
>>306968 What parts the mental gymanstics? >but you can post pictures of a murder with no consequence Really you go around handing pics of corpses? Sure you're not just a sick fuck that needs to be put down?
https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/46323.html#46489 Alright. Which of one of you are betraying us?
>>306974 >us Fuck off to your shithole with your basic shit-stirring /tv/ nigger.
>>306977 (checked) These were some of my posts: >>306877 >>306918 Ask the mods to confirm if you want.
>another (1) complaining about rulecuckery Fuck off.
Can you just ignore the obvious /cow/niggers, you're just helping shit up this thread even more.
>>306984 The meta thread is little more than a containment shithole. We just need an official affirmative statement from Acid to see how all this ultimately devolves.
>>306979 If that's the case you'd know making a single text post means fucking nothing, in fact it would just be posts to encourage themselves. >>306981 It's called using the rest of the boards and making quality posts, the meta and GG threads are the sole threads where there's the drama in regards to this subject.
>>306981 >>306988 >>306989 You guys would have a leg to stand on, if it wasn't pedos. If this was Acid debating on whether or not to kick out commies, nazis, and homosexuals, then I'd be on your side. But that's not what's happening.
>>306993 so in your deluded mind Homosexuals = Pedos= Nazis= Commies Are you a schizo? Genuine question
(90.31 KB 599x599 86D9E2~1.PNG)
>>306993 Precisely, the pedos can fuck off to whatever honeypot the came from and leave us be. I don't think that they are even aware of the long term implications of hosting a board like /hebe/ and what it will eventually do to the site's overall userbase. Pedophiles are the worst kind of scum you could invite to any website and it never ends well, it justs ends up fucking over the rest of the site. Stop parading yourself as a free speech crusader and THINK YOU DENSE MOTHERFUCKER, DELETE /hebe/
>>307000 > I don't think that they are even aware By they I meant admins
>>306997 >He doesn't know the poem where they came of the communists first Im guessing you got a F in history being that retarded
>>307000 8chan did well when it had pedos on it. The raging normalfags are the problem. Where did they all came from?
>>307005 >we Who exactly?
>>307003 no it didn't. >>307005 Nah don't you remember the pedos fucked off to join the sjws when they were called out for being sick fucks
>>306996 Anon stop posting to bait and let the drama run its course, what is done is done and whether this leads to anything will be seen soon. Either the /hebe/ BO fails to keep the end of it's bargain and gets deleted or Acid neuters them to non threats. Regardless I do think /hebe/ to get deleted, if only due its long history with Dan Olson and and the BO deciding on that name instead of anything else. They could have picked any name besides this and they chose the one which endangered the site the most while contributing the least. >>307005 >Loli=Pedo Don't you have a jail cell to be in, Dr.Pizza?
>>306996 >Misinterprets my post >Argues in bad faith >Accuses me of having a mentally illness I don't know. Are you? >>306998 I think you belong on Reddit. Trannies love children and text emoticons. >>307003 >>307005 >>307004 You know what, Acid? Enjoy the honeypot. I hope the feds are paying you enough for niggers like these on the site, that report the same thing over and over again. May your blacked porn be good. I'm done. Make sure Mark has some nice cake.
>>307007 >no it didn't. Yes it did, way better than after they got kicked out. You can't tell because you weren't there you fucking newfag.
>>307014 see >Nah don't you remember the pedos fucked off to join the sjws when they were called out for being sick fucks
>>307017 You're a /cow/ard arguing in bad faith. Fuck off.
I would prefer /interracial/ banned first, before any discussion on banning /hebe/
>>307018 Wasn't even arguing, just explaining the basics of how normalniggers operate.
>>307019 >I would prefer /hebe/ banned first, before any discussion on banning /interracial/ FTFY
>>307021 Nope.
>>307017 Mine got deleted too for having an singular emoji in the greentext that was blatantly obviously only there to mock some fucktards attitude. This is rulecuckery at work. Absolutely zero context allowed, no creativity of expression, only slavic hotpocketeering and devotion to arbitrary rules for no reason. The end result is stifling discussion of any and all sort, and at that point what the fuck is the point? I'm sure this will be deleted too for badwrong think. I don't give a shit.
>>307025 Maybe if you lurked long enough you'd know we don't post emojis here.
>>307032 >>307026 It was my understanding they were one in the same. If I'm wrong, my bad. To be clear, it was a smiley face, just like this. :) >>307031 Nobody is going that far. The point was that rules are not meant to be zealously followed for no genuine reason. That's just retarded rulecuckery and only destroys conversation. Context is always important. You can see this being played out in real time right this second as the animal behind the scenes deletes this conversation. Why? For what point?
>>307036 That would be button pushing I don't agree with then.
>>307037 Rulecuckery is always a negative. No matter how well intentioned, the end result only end up being enforced doctrine and dogma. Kind of anathema to imageboards, with lasting repercussions (who the fuck wants to discuss with people that are arbitrarily enforced to be EXACTLY like you) but when you have normalfags running the asylum that's kind of what you get. Oh well.
>>307038 Rules are always good, no rules is /b/ and that already exists, /v/ doesn't need to be /b/ with video games. The mods who enforce the rules are more important, they can't be too autistic like certain (((people))).
>>307000 What these dense motherfuckers don't get is that at this point its not a matter of "muh free peach" This shit has happened multiple times before and every fucking time it burns the site. Every other board has nowhere near this track record, or nothing at all. The closest approximation is fucking loli, and even then that was the Russos who sperged at non-loli shit anyways. The userbase involved has been proven to be parasitic. You can't even go "it'll be different this time!" because we're past that goddamn point and it just looped around to the same goddamn shit proving without a doubt that its the same fucking thing. I don't know what the fuck is going to happen but the site may implode from this shit if Acid doesn't review his goddamn 8chan lore pamphlet. I don't mind his freepeach opinion but there won't be any peach at all if the site gets taken the fuck down. >>307038 It's not rulecuckery when you remove a tumor publically killing the host. I didn't really care about the /b/ pedo thread before this shit. I guessed correctly that it'd fuck shit up, but overall I didn't really care. You don't get to play the 'muh speech' card when you've got your fucking track record, and you've got glows making the same arguments to boot, and it's already begun fucking over the entire goddamn site.
>>307045 >Rules are always good, no rules is /b/ An imageboard raison d'etre is conversation and discussion. Nothing more, and nothing less. Rules are inherently stifling to conversation, and thus anathema to them. Have faith in your fellow posters. Do you really -and seriously ask yourself this- do you really think that the vast majority of people are entirely incapable of remaining on topic and not immediately dragging the site to shit if left unfettered? Remember, everyone here is here because they, in some major part, want to discuss [board topic.] >>307048 >This shit has happened multiple times before and every fucking time it burns the site. 4cuck's been running for 17 years straight, you dumbass animal. For the first 7 years of that ("coincidentally" the highpoints of the site that put it on the map), it was a poorly moderated lawless shithole replete with cp spam, little girl posting, and all other highly illegal shit. But of course, this is surely incidental. I know you're incredibly young, but come on man. Every time a site gets shut down for it, there's mitigating circumstances, such as genuine CP spam, mods being implicit, etc etc. You seriously need to calm down, take a walk from the situation, and stop making mountains out of molehills. Normalfags are screeching, but you're out of your goddamn gourd if you think this is "fucking over the entire goddamn site."
>>307048 So dramatic
>>307053 >pedophiles posting almost nude children won't take us down, goy! Fuck off, pedonigger.
>>307056 No, it categorically and empirically will not. Just delete it when necessary and there done.
>>307053 >the site Who knows, but if you haven't seen a derailed thread before then you don't lurk enough. I am not saying everybody has to stay on topic religiously, but this is a video games board and threads need to stay more or less on topic.
ni/gg/ers kill themselves and >we get to watch #WEALWAYSWIN!
>>307061 >if you haven't seen a derailed thread before then you don't lurk enough No need to be patronizing. The difference is that I don't CARE about a thread being derailed. What people have seem to forgotten after years of enforced rulecuckery turning this place into a pseudo-forum, is that the very nature of imageboards make threads inherently flexible, and more importantly, disposably transient. They are not some sacrosanct hollowed ground that must be rigorously defended or else any and all discussion ceases. Even if one gets derailed, there are a multitude of options the userbase can do to bring it entirely back on track, no rulecuck retards necessary. Off the top of my head, you can ignore the derailment and stay on topic, it'll blow over eventually. You can make another thread (potentially) free of said shitposters. You can fight fire with fire and smother the derailment with your own shitposting, consequences be damned. Hell, you can even join in the fun and participate, if the derail is actually fun. The skies' the goddamn limits, and the only limiting factor is the creativity and enjoyment of the users themselves. Threads are inherently cheap, disposable, and more importantly, meant to be created en masse. That's why there's space for hundreds of them with no creation limitations.
A racist pedo Thats about what i expect from people who hate 8chan
>>307111 but anon, racist pedos are the userbase
>>307082 Indeed.
>>307117 Don't be a retarded faggot thats clearly twitter
>>307121 no i mean, thats twitter too, the difference is that we admit it while they pretend they're not.
>>306817 Thanks for making sure you have everything under control.
>>307127 No one here is a pedo except those who come here on purpose to shit up threads
>>307117 >>307127 Oh, so you must be a competetive smash bros player? Who do you main? I bet you like to play as ness and lucas for obvious reasons I guess?
>>307133 [Citation Needed]
AnonIB just went into maintenance mode.
>>306601 Isn't that just /pol/ and /moonman/?
>>307053 We're not in the early 2000's anymore you dumb fuck. We can't take the same chances moot did, especially for pedophiles of all things. No one wants to die on that hill. They're an unwanted millstone around this website's neck.
>>307143 Its the truth, why do you think the drama started its because pedos love starting shit
I think the board owner and people at /hebe/ might be a bunch of /cow/schizos, considering their obsession with sargon.
>>307179 Well they are known to oust themselves with cuckchan tier Sargon edits.
>>306817 Just nuke the board, flaccid. You'd ban a Qboomer board right? /hebe/ and any similar boards are no different, worse actually. They're a danger to the site, more so than and in a different way to /pol/ so don't even try and bring up that false equivalence. <B-but if I ban pedoboards then what's to stop me from banning any board people don't like Your brain? /hebe/ is just a pedo board made in bad faith trying to post cp, or 'borderline' content as you call it. You can in fact just choose to delete them without becoming some communist dictator who censors everything.
>>307311 >You'd ban a Qboomer board right? He's said he wouldn't before. Qniggers are one thing, but I don't think anyone including the most avid free speech advocates draw the line at pedophiles being where the slippery slope begins. Yes there are "pearl clutching" tvch goons using this fracturing point to shit-post, but it's also pretty clear that 99% of this sites active and intended user base wants nothing to do with pedoniggers. So you have to ask yourself, is appealing to pedophiles on principles really worth the damage is might cause? It seems odd holding this position so strongly when Acid himself openly and consistently lashed out at alternative webring boards simply for existing, when decentralization is a key component of maintaining free speech. It feels like the position isn't being held consistently. I believe that it's perfectly reasonable to expect free speech to end where literal pedophiles start shit-posting. No one wants to "embrace infamy" like some kind of retard, they just want to shoot the shit. Trying to position yourself as some mighty bastion of principles is the kind of ego that results is more harm than good. There will always need to be compromise. This really shouldn't be the hill to die on, even if you are somehow convinced all the bitching is artificial. I would probably even agree that 90% of the complaints are from shit-stirrers. But even then that doesn't make these specific complaints any less legitimate just because they're being proposed in bad faith. I think plenty of the organic user base probably has just as much of an issue with pedophile boards and threads existing.
(27.19 KB 381x487 1620781274069-2.jpg)
(23.42 KB 450x417 1620781274069-0.jpg)
(25.94 KB 456x319 1620781274069-1.jpg)
>>307311 Don't worry guys, I will handle this
>>307326 fug, the /dunk/ikes are here again https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/46323.html#46833
>>307317 Free speech advocates don't draw lines, you're either free or you aren't. And saying we shouldn't be free because that means defending a group you personally don't like is exactly where the slippery slope begins.
(70.65 KB 1458x256 smug is out.png)
>>307343 But at least we got our free speech
>>307343 What a retard, if only he knew what /hebe/ actually hosted back in the day.
>>307333 I am already convinced that child abusers should be hanged. If I'm on board with literally killing them, it's a given I'd be okay with taking away their free speech. It's not that I don't like them, in my mind I've already sentenced them to death and as such have no compunction about taking away their other rights first.
>>307359 Why don't you drop by the thread and enlighten him then? Oh yeah, you won't.
>>307317 I agree completely. We should hear from Acid and company soon. >>307362 You're replying to a /cow/ nigger. >>307359 The degrees of bad don't really matter.
Concern trolls and genuine users concerned about /hebe/ and the site read this: >>>/hebe/711
>>307399 >rulecuckery Uh huh, since when was being compliant with US law "rulescucking"?
(61.06 KB 584x576 rad.jpg)
>>307399 >Global Rule 2 update So does that mean that a pic like this would be a rule violation now too?
(136.06 KB 720x960 kylerittenhouse.jpg)
>>307399 LMAO. Under these rules, you should delete this picture as it is a 3D image of a minor (Kyle Rittenhouse is 17)
(118.39 KB 1438x1415 Fucking Dead, Though.jpg)
>>307407 This would also be banned. And all to autistically keep the rules the same for everyone in order to appease a minuscule group of faggots that is unwanted anywhere and everywhere. wew FUCK /HEBE/
>>307411 >>307407 Would you care to point to the rule that makes these pictures not allowed?
>>307399 Why the hell are these people even allowed here? Why can't the admins just wipe these fuck faced deviants off the site least they want a repeat of what happened to 8kunt?
(3.47 KB 529x73 bastards.png)
>>307420 And they're STILL doing their "tee hee were towing the line" bullshit.
>>307420 Why can't you just deal with not having a place to talk to similar-minded people on the Internet? Serious question.
(148.16 KB 420x318 ClipboardImage.png)
>>307411 >>307407 No more Star Wars Kid. Just fucking NUKE /HEBE/
>>307428 This rule will still be in place regardless. That's just the way it is.
(199.02 KB 400x359 gamesphere.png)
>>307428 Serioulsy. They aren't vucking worth it.
>>307433 And now you get less speech. :)
>>307418 >>307411 >>307407 >>307403 To clarify, I specifically said pictures of minors in a sexual context are a problem, and pics of kids on a porn board, let alone one where the central topic is minors, puts them in a sexual context. Sexualized images of minors and jailbait has always been specified under Global Rule 2 from the beginning. The only changes to Global Rule 2 will be in the form of clarifications. Enforcement isn't going to change and will be the same as it has been the past year. The posts made on /hebe/ the past couple days violate those rules and we have been actively removing them.
(30.89 KB 500x375 disaster-girl.jpg)
>>307407 the fire rises
>>307436 That casts things in a different light. It would still be easier to nuke /hebe/ or failing that make them text only.
(507.27 KB 544x544 yankee go home.webm)
>>307441 And that's a nice hardy "go fuck yourself" from me as well who ever you are and who ever you represent.
This site is such a shithole.
>>307443 One day you will have no home. One day.
>>307436 You do know that they only wanted a board so they could share borderline CP right? Why not just delete it altogether? You fucking dense fat fucking retard. After breaking ties with half the webring and you still won't listen. I'm so fucking angry, holy shit.
(353.65 KB 640x360 1441986494776.png)
>>307444 You mother's vagina is a shithole because you came out of it.
>>307442 >>307447 We've given the board owner every opportunity to comply in good faith. If he cannot get a handle on things tomorrow then either the board will be put into text-only mode or deleted. It's gone on long enough.
>>307452 Are you actually serious? What fucking handle is there, the board is literally made to discuss pedoshit. Delete it you fucking retard.
>>306614 Re-read "Following your compliance ..." >>306621 and >>306625 even listed more characters who have and can go up in smoke because of these rules. >>306632 >>307400 2D porn is also considered illegal by your interpretations. >>306623 I'll wait and believe until the dirt settles, but it's shaping up to be a 3DCG ban based on >>307399 anons disinfo.
(146.70 KB 1000x1000 tails you nigger.png)
>>307454 Those are parodies of CHARACTERS. Some 3DCG stuff from AAA games and such is SCANNED from actual people. That makes it illegal the same way that photomanip or tracing would also be illegal. Don't be a nigger.
Here's what I don't understand, why I'm the world would you think that Biden's DOJ would continue to let this site operate???
>>307452 >If he cannot get a handle on things tomorrow then either the board will be put into text-only mode or deleted. I can agree with this much. A day will give the fags enough time to either shape up or get out. Hopefully >we'll be unblacklisted if they don't get their act together.
>>307455 You realize 2D that could be considered "obscene" is also illegal, right?
>>307457 >Hopefully >we'll be unblacklisted if they don't get their act together. Meh, I never got the grip of having a webring. Simply having a good old page with banners of "affiliated" sites (it can be the front or boards pages if you want to give them more visibility) has the same effect and is less broken than the webring plugins.
>>307454 >>307458 2D is fine. Under some state laws (California, for example) drawings are not considered obscene. The PROTECT Act is mostly focused on 3DCG, and specifically carves out drawings and cartoons.
(59.44 KB 921x557 cowshit.png)
>>307472 You're probably most certainly talking to one of the fags from /ramranch/. They are definitely stirring the shit.
>>307475 We're aware. The bulk of the posts stirring shit are people with no history beyond the last day. However, since comments are being taken out of context and misinformation is being deliberately spread elsewhere, I want to make a correction for the regular users who are wondering what's going on..
>>307343 >The admins appear determined to repeat all the mistakes of 8chan That's a good way of summarizing it. You're supposed to learn from your mistakes, not repeat them. Instead Mark and acid are repeating the mistakes of Frederick Brennen.
(316.34 KB 988x1230 1415984358982.png)
>>307485 Except hotwheels never made a mistake regarding /hebe/, he defended its existence up until the day he stopped being admin. The mistake was the normalfag taking over right after and nuking all the pedo boards simply because he didn't like them and in doing so signaled to the whole community that 8chan as we knew it was dead.
(1.78 MB 2815x5153 Asuka smoking sky.jpg)
New site meta sticky, including a Global Rules clarification, is live on >>>/site/2514
(60.41 KB 336x439 suggestive.jpg)
>>306623 Blue turtle but I lost my favorite picture of him. >>307455 > same way that photomanip or tracing would also be illegal Any example of someone prosecuted for anything related to sfm porn that were "scanned from actual people"? No "illegal the same way" doesn't count you double nigger. >>307472 So is 3D as laid out by the protect act. Sherry is not "virtually indistinguishable from that of a minor". For one, you can tell these characters are 3D models when compared to their real world counterparts. We all know admins are too busy and don't play video games. Second, Capcom did not motion capture the girls holes. As such the scan of the model is incomplete.
>>307472 >The PROTECT Act is mostly focused on 3DCG, and specifically carves out drawings and cartoons. This is incorrect. It carves them out ONLY if they are not obscene. >18 U.S.C. 2252A(A)(3)(B): [anyone who knowingly] advertises, promotes, presents, distributes, or solicits through the mails, or using any means or facility of interstate or foreign commerce or in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce by any means, including by computer, any material or purported material in a manner that reflects the belief, or that is intended to cause another to believe, that the material or purported material is, or contains— >(i) an obscene visual depiction of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or >(ii) a visual depiction of an actual minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct >...shall be fined under this title and imprisoned not less than 5 years and not more than 20 years... Now, 18 U.S.C. 2256(11) does contain a carve-out for drawings, etc., but only for an "indistinguishable" minor. It does not contain a carve-out for the obscenity provision. >[T]he term “indistinguishable” used with respect to a depiction, means virtually indistinguishable, in that the depiction is such that an ordinary person viewing the depiction would conclude that the depiction is of an actual minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. This definition does not apply to depictions that are drawings, cartoons, sculptures, or paintings depicting minors or adults.
>>307528 As such, can we get some clarity from Acid on this?
>>307529 The rules as they stand are as clearly in line with the law as they can be made, I believe. We're not going to delve into hypotheticals unless proper legal precedent tells us that we must. There's also the matter of 8moe being based out of a country where 2D content is explicitly legal.
(49.15 KB 764x432 fuck_off.jpg)
>>307528 >>307529 I remember you doing this exact same shit back on 8kunt right before Ron "talked to a lawyer", sperged, and banned everything.
>>307532 >The rules as they stand are as clearly in line with the law as they can be made, I believe. I disagree. I understand the point you're trying to make, but obscene 2D child pornography is against US law... >>307534 Nope, I was never on 8kun or any chan besides here. I'm a newfag.
>>307535 >I'm a newfag. You talk exactly like him and you needle exactly like him. Fuck off with the concern trolling.
>>307537 Well, I'm not. Stop being a nigger. I also love how you didn't bother to refute my points.
>>307538 There is no standard for obscenity other than "I'll know it when I see it". More over fictional people, including drawings, don't have an age because they were neverborn and therefor can't be children. Fuck off.
(53.72 KB 832x258 lawyer.jpg)
>>307532 What about that one (1) lawyer that codemonkey talked to a year ago that wasn't so sure of loli's legality, thus prompting him to continue to not allow loli boards to exist? Have there been any landmark cases since that makes it definite or is it still kind of a legal swampland?
>>307541 There hasn't been a landmark case on that, no. Prosecution is pretty rare, and usually targets people who are charged with other crimes, making the likelihood of appeal small. What's interesting is that 8chan used to be hosted in California, where 2D is explicitly not considered obscene. Given our interactions with VanwaTech, it's far more likely they had a similar issue with the Russians and decided to use that interpretation as a cover. They intentionally didn't migrate certain boards over long before the loli ban was officially announced.
>>307539 >There is no standard for obscenity other than "I'll know it when I see it". Correct. So as retarded as it is, an officer, judge, and anyone with any legal authority will claim anything they want to be obscene at any time. >More over fictional people, including drawings, don't have an age because they were neverborn and therefor can't be children. Yes, but that's irrelevant under the law, which means it's also irrelevant under Global Rule 1. >Fuck off. No.
>>307541 Who is the artist? I remember the artstyle similar to the lewd switch dog. This is the mother anon comic right?
>>307542 >What's interesting is that 8chan used to be hosted in California, where 2D is explicitly not considered obscene. Irrelevant under federal law. >>307539 Also, obscene speech, in any form, is not protected under the First Amendment.
(669.63 KB 1150x1115 45251fa41e6376cfeb231c99b77ab3da.png)
>>307544 inkerton-kun my mane and yes it is
>>307543 >>307547 >So as retarded as it is, an officer, judge, and anyone with any legal authority will claim anything they want to be obscene at any time. That applies to all pornography including porn made by Hollywood. Everything can or not be considered obscene arbitrarialy. Which is so vague as to be unconstitutional. We've gone over this a million times before. Fuck off
>>307549 >Which is so vague as to be unconstitutional. Which means nothing since a judge won't strike it down and the law(s) will continue to be used. >We've gone over this a million times before. If by "we" you mean everyone, then yes. If you specifically mean you and me, then no. As I said, I'm not who you think I am. >Fuck off No. I don't want anything banned, I'm just saying what the law is. I'm also trying to prove that Acid is an inconstant retard. He needs to scale back Global Rule 2.
>>307547 >obscene speech, in any form, is not protected under the First Amendment. Obscenity is, however, not something that can be identified under law as it is subjective. Which means obscene speech is protected under law because obscenity is undefinable under law, making all language by default not obscene. >Irrelevant under federal law. Anything is irrelevant under federal law in your logic if people completely ignore the law. >>307553 And he does not need to scale back Rule 2 as it relates to the survival of this site. If there is not any clear anti-stance on shit that's illegal in the United States, namely actual photos of children in any sexual context, then this site is free to be blasted with CP spammers which will then make the site liable to be taken down by the government. With a concrete rule and a clear stance, it removes liability. I don't think you understand law as it stands.
>>307553 >I'm also trying to prove that Acid is an inconstant retard. He needs to scale back Global Rule 2. Listen pedo no one's going scale back anything for you and your kind to share pics of real kids. Acid has showed you fags much kindness by not simply banning you all on sight. Too much kindness to my mind. The rest of us just fucking hate you and would rather you leave and never come back.
>>307560 >Obscenity is, however, not something that can be identified under law as it is subjective. Which means obscene speech is protected under law because obscenity is undefinable under law, making all language by default not obscene. Tell that to a judge. >Anything is irrelevant under federal law in your logic if people completely ignore the law. I'm saying just because it's legal under California state law means nothing if it's not legal under federal law. >And he does not need to scale back Rule 2 as it relates to the survival of this site. If there is not any clear anti-stance on shit that's illegal in the United States, namely actual photos of children in any sexual context, then this site is free to be blasted with CP spammers which will then make the site liable to be taken down by the government. With a concrete rule and a clear stance, it removes liability. I don't think you understand law as it stands. I understand the logic behind Rule 2. I'm saying there's no excuse for how strict it is. There is a better way than what we current have that would protect from liability. That's no excuse. >>307561 I'm not a pedo, I want jailbait specifically. I personally couldn't care less if the pedo and hebe content is banned, if you're only going by me personal preferences. Also, go fuck yourself.
(111.16 KB 655x685 esther.png)
>>2554 >>2566 >>2568 Guess who's back or more likely some cow or dunk fags fucking around. Assuming that they weren't "Esther" to begin with.
>>307565 >I'm not a pedo, I want jailbait specifically. That's pedophilia. I don't care if you have a different name for it, it's illegal. Leave.
>>307566 They can't even spell the name right.
>>307569 >That's pedophilia. No it isn't, you fucking retard. >I don't care if you have a different name for it, it's illegal. Not unless violates CP laws, which I'm not advocating be posted. >Leave. I'm not going anywhere. No one is, no matter how many times you faggots ask.
>>307572 Then you'll get banned. Over and over again if need be. You know exactly that it is illegal and no one is buying your bullshit. Also >So mad you're doubleposting
>>307565 Acid this is precisely why you need to ban all these people. They aren't ever going to behave.
>>307575 No, I won't be banned because I'm never going to post a single image to any board, ever, you fucking faggot. >You know exactly that it is illegal Bull. Fucking. Shit. You fucking nigger. >>307577 Fuck you, I'm literally not doing anything wrong.
>>307575 nah he's just doing that fucking anal-retentive thing where if he makes one error he HAS to delete the old post and make a new one; i kinda hope theres not more than one person like that around but there may be a whole army of slipshod autists just sneaking about
>>307578 You know why jailbait is called jailbait, right? Because if you mess with one you will go to jail. Do you even hear yourself you dumbass pedophile?
>>307582 I'm not going to argue with your dumbass self anymore. I hope all of you enjoy having to put up with the pedos. You deserve it.
>>307584 We won't cause you'll get banned.
>>307585 >We won't cause you'll get banned. >No, I won't be banned because I'm never going to post a single image to any board, ever, you fucking faggot.
>>307586 You'll still get banned for talking about pedoshit
>>307588 False as proven by the latest site meta update.
>>307589 And yet you'll still get banned for supporting pedoshit as an agent against the site.
>>307591 Yeah, on your circlejerk.
>>307592 And it's not yours, get out.
>>307591 Well, if there was any hope of you trying to make out like you weren't a retard, that hope died with this post.
>>307593 I meant /v/, to be clear. And yes, I will leave voluntarily because browsing and posting here gives me cancer.
>>307594 >>307595 This isn't something you can argue against, or something you can character assassinate your way out of, pedoshit is banned. Leave.
>>307596 You can't make us leave, and you won't. Deal with it.
>>307596 This site was founded on cartoons of drawn child sex, so I don't think so.
>>307597 You'll get banned either way. Doesn't matter because your pedo bullshit is banned. >>307598 Not actual children like you want, so leave or get banned.
>>307599 Everything you say is retarded. You keep saying I'm banned, which clearly isn't true, as I'm still posting right now, and it wouldn't matter anyway since it's so easy to ban evade. What do you get out of making the same false retarded point?
>>307599 Don't expect me to weep for you when loli becomes illegal, moralcuck. I'll leave now.
Dude stop spamming the thread. There don't need to be 50 posts about >leave >no u back and forth. You're not even talking you're just being fags.
>>307601 I'm telling you that pedophila and pedophilic content involving actual children is banned and as soon as you engage in it you will be banned. >>307604 You're not after drawn child porn, because the rule covers actual children, you being butthurt about it means you want actual CP which is illigal. You run the line and pretend you're all for art-based porn when in fact you want the real thing. Go elsewhere and get fucked. >>307605 They can stop responding at any time.
>>307607 >I'm telling you that pedophila and pedophilic content involving actual children is banned and as soon as you engage in it you will be banned. Which I've said many times that I will not. I don't post images. I don't even post SFW cartoons. I'm not here to contribute a damn thing to you faggots. >They can stop responding at any time. And so can you.
>>307607 what do you mean when you say "engaging in pedophila", you mouthbreathing fucking imbecile?
>>307610 Then why are you complaining? If you do nothing, say nothing and do not contribute, why are you butthurt against a rule that bans actual CP? >>307613 Trading or engaging with actual CP.
>>307615 >bans actual CP I'm not talking about CP, but you'll twist concepts into whatever you want them to be, so I'm not gonna bother. >why are you butthurt against a rule Because I want to consume the content of others.
>>307618 So you want to consume actual CP. It's banned, too bad. Go elsewhere and do not come back.
>>307619 >So you want to consume actual CP. Again, false, but I'll let you think whatever you want. >Go elsewhere and do not come back. I. Will. NOT. DEAL. WITH. IT. It doesn't matter either way, because you won't have the last laugh. This community will die like all the others before it, and nothing will be there to take its place. Enjoy having nowhere to discuss your hobbies.
(909.00 B 96x128 uh.png)
Hey Mark, here's an actual meta post about actual /v/ meta. Please make it a board rule that pro/hebe/posting and pedoapologetics to be banned on /v/. It has nothing to do with games and this shit is getting on everyone's nerves. They need to be shown that they are not welcome on this board.
>>307620 The rule specifically bans actual CP and has nothing to do with drawn porn and if it does it does not matter because no one gives a shit about your fetish. Go elsewhere and jack off on the myriad options you can find and stop obsessing unhealthily as this place being your "home". You won't be hosted here as a contributer to the actual child porn market and you will be banned if you engage in any future child porn shenanigans. I'm simply stating the facts and you're the one who's outing yourself as an actual pedophile. And if you want to be tolerated, you'll shut the fuck up. Right now you're sperging out. >>307622 And you need to shut the fuck up about things that don't concern you considering your agenda is still TORpedo nonsense and we know who you are.
This entire cp discussion thing that's going on these days is more annoying than the actual content thats posted from time to time tbh. Why don't the pedoniggers just make their own website? The pedo vs anti pedo thing will perpetuate itself forever when put in the right place. So pls just stahp talking about it atleast.
>>307622 If you actually cared you'd want all posts not relating to /v/ be removed, but you just want a circlejerk. That or you're a shitstirrer. Wouldn't surprise me if you were the guy spamming CP that time and you're having the time of your life being le epic troll right now.
>>307624 Who do you think brought it here?
>>307624 You and the TORfag blackpill nigger are the same person, so be quiet. I don't support pedophila but I also do not support people who are clearly bad faith actors with a retard agenda and you're worse then the pedos because you're a lying sack of shit with no actual ideals.
>>307625 >If you actually cared you'd want all posts not relating to /v/ be removed, but you just want a circlejerk. So you're still assmad about Gamergate/4am/lol/etc.
>>307623 This place is not my home, fool. My home was destroyed long ago. I'm just saying I hope yours is destroyed too. And it will be, in due time.
>>307629 See, you still consider this place your "home". That's unhealthy. No one here cares about me or you, this is a forum. Trying to find validation in an uncaring environment instead of pulling your own ass up with your bootstraps is probably why you got addicted to porn in the first place and got these fetishes you base your entire life around. That's all on you. Stop idolizing the anonymous people you meet on the internet you fucking retard.
>>307630 I just wish those fora wouldn't be rulecucked. >>307628 Schizo... you're too far off for me.........
I really don't care about /hebe/ unless they start posting illegal shit, or they become some sort of gayops board. But from the looks of it, /cow/schizos and /tv/incels are using this as a DNC tactic. /cow/ were most lively the ones that spammed the CP in the first place.
>>307630 You misunderstood. My former "home" had no affiliation with any chan, much less 8chan.moe. But I suppose the same point applies. >No one here cares about me or you, this is a forum. Obviously. >Trying to find validation in an uncaring environment I wasn't. I don't look for validation from others on the Internet. >pulling your own ass up with your bootstraps Dear God, shut the fuck up. Whenever I hear someone say a retarded statement like this, I go far, far away. >got these fetishes you base your entire life around False. >Stop idolizing the anonymous people you meet on the internet Never have, never will. >you fucking retard. no u
Enjoy your dying site. By next year it won't be here.
(5.17 KB 850x119 alt-chan revenge.png)
>>307632 >or they become some sort of gayops board. According to /cow/ that's exactly what they are. Not that you can trust /cow/, but given how many of these posters are acting I wouldn't be surprised if it were true or something similar was true.
>>307635 why do you say this site is dying?
>>307637 Because he and his buddies are trying to kill it.
>>307637 He means the comment Acid made in the other thread about only having 600 users. >>2553
>>307636 >not that you can trust /cow/ but I'm retarded so I'll believe it
>>307636 I found never trust what a /cow/schizo says, it's more likely to be /cow/ themselves. with the mention of sargon in the /hebe/ news thread, I would say I'm probably right in guessing at least some posters their are from /cow/. >>307641 aslong as this site is growing, or not shrinking, it isn't a dead site
>>307642 I'm just saying that it should be noted not believed.
>>307643 I would*
>>307643 >it's more likely to be /cow/ themselves. with the mention of sargon in the /hebe/ news thread, I would say I'm probably right in guessing at least some posters their are from /cow/. So /cow/ was the real podophiles all along. I'm utterly unshocked.
>>307628 >>307646 >>307645 >>307644 >>307643 >>307642 niGGers: >hurrrrrr it's duh /cow/tists!!! /cow/tists >hurrrrr it's duh ni/gg/ers!!!
>>307647 both are retarded beyond any measure and all we can hope for is them eradicating each other
>Acid actually banned all 3d pictures May as well just delete /hebe/ at this point. Thus begins the beginning of the end, of the beginning, of the end. This place will be dead before 2024. On that note, I will officially have sexual relations with a real child first chance I get simply because of all the bullshit society brought up from it. By attaching other issues onto this you will do nothing but eventually radicalize others to the other side. Eventually, one way or another, it will happen.
>>307654 >destroy some random unrelated person's life because you can't post jailbait on an imageboard This is exactly why we're insistent you be hanged. Do you not understand that? What you just said is why you are so hated.
>>25719 https://smuglo.li/support/res/1.html#q6159 Folks on smug are suggesting to just unindex shit if Acid still cares about our PR with the webring. I think it's a preferable alternative to being isolated from the rest of it to be quite honest.
>>307656 I agree. If everyone doesn't want to risk splash damage from /hebe/'s tainted name, just preventing it from appearing on the webring would solve this handily.
>>307656 Thirding this request.
>>307656 Can boards be unindexed for the webring specifically? The way 8moe works is to 404 external links to images and NSFW boards, if they are filtered from the board list there won't be any way to access them. Regardless whatever this site is dealing with other sites having alogs on their webrings makes this genuinely hypocritical, as their userbase is malicious and have gone to hurt other webring boards.
>>307662 >Can boards be unindexed for the webring specifically? Apparently. The guys in the thread linked note how smug's /support/ doesn't show up in the webring.
>>307656 Sounds good to me.
>>307664 Wouldn't that mean that /support/ is unlisted internally as well? Unless stated otherwise I am not sure if boards can select what boards to receive or send outside of whole sites.
(382.25 KB 800x1400 rememberdesu.png)
I'm also voting for unindexing /hebe/, but I'd also extend it to other borderline legal boards. >>307662 >Regardless whatever this site is dealing with other sites having alogs on their webrings makes this genuinely hypocritical, as their userbase is malicious and have gone to hurt other webring boards. The only people from Julay/Alogs that are actively shitty are /cow/, the rest of the site has Italians and Robot-enthusiasts who keep in their designated shitting threads. >>307671 /support/ is unlisted on the Webring because it is already unlisted on smug itself.
>>307672 >I'm also voting for unindexing /hebe/, but I'd also extend it to other borderline legal boards. Now here's a controversial statement. What boards would that be?
>>307656 That's the best option if Acid isn't going to delete it altogether. Be sure to unindex it on here too and not just on the webring list. I also strongly recommend that the board be put into text only mode.
>>307673 To me, it's /tot/, but it's entirely based off my fee fees. I know people don't like the idea of suppresing drawings, I'm just downright horrified just by thinking about it, but again, it's just me. Although I'm suggesting it as a general rule for any kind of board that may indulge in that kind of behavior (say that /baphomet/ comes back in here). To circumvent these places being completely unreachable, I think a /dir/ board is sorely needed.
>>307622 >Please make it a board rule that pro/hebe/posting and pedoapologetics to be banned on /v/ Ban discussion about that in general and not just one side of it, otherwise things will stay the same on this board. >>307656 /hebe/ already has the same hotlink block the loli boards have (404 error on 8chan. domains unless you access them from another part of the site). Removing it from the board list and navbar on top of the existing block essentially would make it Tor/Redchannit-only and cause more problems (complaints about "mods going their way to make things harder to access", (shit)posters posting JB pics again because "it's on Tor, who cares lol", more difficulty to monitor and moderate the board, etc). >>307677 >To me, it's /tot/, but it's entirely based off my fee fees. I know people don't like the idea of suppresing drawings, I'm just downright horrified just by thinking about it, but again, it's just me /tot/ barely has enough posts to appear in the navbard once a week, lol. Literally scrolling down on the overboard is enough to avoid interacting with it. >To circumvent these places being completely unreachable, I think a /dir/ board is sorely needed. That could be a good idea in theory, but in practice /dir/ would have to be displayed on the blotter at all times to keep it relevant.
>Unindex /hebe/ >Text only /hebe/ Not a bad solution, but why do it? Under what pressure? I say give it a week, all the (1)'s and the like will disappear and stop caring. Then make a decision.
>>307636 I hate gay imageboard drama.
(693.67 KB 880x394 ClipboardImage.png)
You don't need to harbor pedos for optics. Cut the faggot shit, I'm tired of jacking around with your validation captchas because you put your dick in an anthill, fucking queers jacking my board up by creating problems. You might as well be women. Reminder this queer shit was put on the Statue of Liberty by a commie kike woman. Fuck off, we're full.
Pedos rejoice, I was just demoted from /b/ since Rain is one of you. You can go and make your general again, no more boogeyman.
>>307772 fuck off back to cuckchan or whatever "alt chan" board circlejerk you came from, you clearly don't belong here
(3.09 MB 854x480 8ch poem.webm)
Look how buried /hebe/ is even in this webm. >>307775 No u,low effort pedo leftist, with low effort D&C.
>>307774 >>307756 Shut up, horesfucker, you're probably a pedo yourself. Also, I noticed how you fags aren't banning anybody in the thread anymore. Were all of you asleep again or did you get told off or something?
>>307777 This is a containment thread for meta bickering. Just don't spill over to other threads.
>>307654 Murdering pedophiles should be 100% legal. You people don't deserve human rights the moment you decided to want to fuck a child.
(437.10 KB 400x400 blingbling.gif)
>>307777 >digits wasted on entertaining goons with their artificial drama none of this would be happening if acid wasn't a huge faggot
>>307780 So you got told off :) >>307781 Don't worry bro, I hate children and think they should all be raped to death, that's how much I hate them.
(192.93 KB 2361x1114 Liev Schreiber pedo.jpg)
>>307781 It would help take care of even more of the nigger population too. You think the gay shit in the black community is on the down low, the amount of kid fucking is absolutely buried or shrugged off.
>>307745 The problem isn't the fact that you can't access it, it's the fact that it appears as a link on other sites, and they rightfully don't want a link to that kind of content on their site. If they were unindexed, they wouldn't show up on any other Webring site and no one would have any problem, not even the people who use the board.
>>307656 >>307657 >>307659 >>307662 >>307664 The LynxChan add-on (we use the same one as every other LynxChan site, including Julay and Cafe) doesn't have support for manual de-listing, just indexing. However, I can probably hardcode an exception, and we were already tossing around the idea of not federating certain boards. I'll dig through the spaghetti and see what I can do. Separating "indexed on the site" from "indexed on the webring" was on my to-do list for the new add-on anyways.
>>307818 Please do. I don't really care what the admins think of this, the current situation sucks for the rest of the non pedo userbase.
(366.91 KB 1274x1150 blacklisted.jpg)
>>307818 You were tossing around whole other ideas about the webring at some point, even.
>>307818 To be frank it would be a good opportunity to fix how the webring works here completely while you're at it.
So the pedo boards aren't going to be deleted? I think tolerating that shit in any capacity is a bad idea
>>307829 You're right. Can't have that on 8moe. Delete everything that offends normalfags! Loli (lol) and gamergays are next!
>>307830 You the same guy who was samefagging constantly earlier? Your arguments make no fucking sense
>>307829 We're trying to talk sense into Acid to remove them from public view, if anything. Also, it's more that they are enablers of that shit than actual CP hosting boards.
>>307833 I think those fags are thinking of leaving too and are talking about site names.
>>307831 Are you the schizo who thinks I claimed to be a global vol?
>>307831 I don't know if that's him, but he is still in this thread like here >>307446 I really don't know why it's such a difficult choice to get rid of the pedos. Nothing good will come of having them here
>>307828 The rewrite from scratch is underway, and I hoped to have it ready for the 2.6 update, but it's running behind schedule. It touches a lot of critical subsystems and if it crashes that would be bad. It needs to be stable. Trust me, I understand all the concerns with how it behaves. When it's fixed, expect better visibility for webring boards and less dead board spam on their lists.
>>307833 The fact anons need to beg Acid to take some sort of action against pedophiles on the site is fucking embarrassing.
>>307846 Actually, whining about things you don't like is something gamergays have been doing for years now. The only thing that's different now is that you might actually make a difference now, by banning legal stuff from the same site as you lol.
>>307852 >things you don't like Anon, you're talking about pedophilia as if it's furry porn. This isn't "wah I don't like thing", this is not wanting child fuckers on the website. This was a huge disaster on old 8chan as well
(134.68 KB 640x360 MOOOM GET IN HERE.mp4)
>>307829 You are like that kid who used to go to a friend's house and complained that they wouldn't play the game that you wanted to even though it was their console. Truth is that Acid & co own this site and get to decide what goes on here and what doesn't, if /hebe/ gets to stay then so be it if you don't like to share a site with them just make your own goddamn website.
>>307855 It definitely is a thing you dislike as you are incapable of making any moral, legal, or even practical reasons as to why it shouldn't be allowed. More active boards get away with much more, and you are trying to get text only boards banned even though they are just barely different from the other pedo boards on here, just because they piss you off. You can quit the revisionism, btw. No matter how much you'll repeat yourself it never will be true.
>>307858 just let /hebe/ stay and ban /interracial/. as long as /hebe/ doesn't encourage anything illegal, or any /cow/schizo gayops nonsense, let them be.
>>307857 they're just upset that their home, julay and/or /tvchan/, are dead as fuck. hell, they're still crying about koi aka BO of /japan/, and wrongfully calling him a pedophile because he supposedly enjoys lolicon(which they call CP) their asshurt could be a source of perpetual energy, if harvested, but that really goes for all the "lolicon crusaders", the long of it is that those who are the loudest have the most to hide(see, literally every single male feminist, which all turn out to be some sort of sex offenders in the end) >>307859 >ask acid to ban /blacked/ optimistic
>>307857 I mean we're getting what we all want since /hebe/ fags have been going in talks of leaving and making their own site. Good on them, they are not wanted here and do not want to be here after the pressure was put on them. Of all the torches those fags looked to carry on they chose /hebe/, they chose this treatment.
>>307846 This rush to appeal to the authority figure appears in every other post against /hebe/. The other half have some claim to represent some unanimous agreement of everyone. >admins >the site >admins >the site You guys are stuck in a loop.
>>307882 >in discussions about the site and its administration people are constantly appealing to the site and administration You really didn't think that one through did you, pedonigger?
>>307887 He is too busy being a subversive discord pedophile. All or most of these pedoniggers know one another and can tell eachother apart based on posting-style alone, they are signaling to one another constantly. Wouldn't surprise me if more than a few of em are feds considering their posting style. I've seen fedposting before.
>>307887 >>307889 It's probably the same guy running around on different IPs like we had a day or two ago, he's making the same arguments and posting in the same way. The difference is the mods aren't banning him on sight this time.
>>307893 > like we had a day or two ago You have schizophrenia.
>>307895 Hes right to be paranoid considering I'm still here, but that wasn't me. He would be even more paranoid if he knew the actual amount of us that are on this site.
>>307897 whos 'us'?
>>307902 Me and all the other guys living in your head.
>>307902 the mentally challenged
>>307857 >>307889 >>307904 >- schizo horsefucker retard who ruins others' boards and caused this entire situation in the first place through his sheer retardation
>>307912 The pedo problem was going to inevitably blow up sooner or later, it wasn't my fault.
>>307912 No, it was the glowies No, it was the /cow/tists Maybe it's just your own fault for being so painfully fragile that it only needed a small breeze to collapse your card house and now everyone who ever held a grudge against you is jumping at the opportunity to add a little fuel to the fire.
I reported this site to your host. I hope it gets taken down lol. Good luck pedos.
>>307933 Kill yourself
>>307933 okay /cow/
>>307936 no, you first, child molester.
>>307933 You know how many people did that to 8chans /hebe/ while it was hosting sets of kids in bikinis and nothing came of it? The admins here are worried about whether or not a character model used in porn animations are mocapped or not to determine if its based on a real kid and therefore illegal when they could probably just let people post candydoll on /hebe/ and nothing would ever happen, bunch of worry warts.
>>307944 didn't read, don't care, I'm just doing my part getting rid of pedos from the internet and possibly soon irl
It's not a matter of 'if' the board endangers the site, but 'when'. That shit's a ticking time bomb and it needs to be purged ASAP.
>>307953 Same could've been said about any of the things 8chan was known for like gamergate or /pol/, what do you think embrace infamy meant? You think someone that prioritizes the safety of their site would take on gamergate and all its baggage when it moved to 8chan? They lost a domain thanks to all that extra attention, but didn't purge all the gamergays and beg for forgiveness over it because thats what spineless pussies with no conviction do.
>>307966 Ethics in videogame journalism is not in any way comparable to fucking children
>>307966 There's a difference between a hashtag used as a boogeyman by journos and posting content that, by US Law, would get Acid thrown in the slammer.
>>307967 >>307969 Its comparable in its stigmatization that made it a risk to any site willing to host it, without GG there wouldn't have been any of that extra negative attention leading to DDOS attacks and the host receiving too many reports to ignore and taking the domain away. If by your own logic its endangerment to the site means it should be purged then why the double standard?
Unless /hebe is removed and all that, then I don't see how the host can really do anything. If they had a problem with loli or any other similar shit, then that clearly would not have been allowed last year. Either way through, I agree. That one board in particular is much more of a crossing line than loli, since you might as well be comparing them to the likes of Twitter where they have MAPS of all things. Hopefully Acid soon gets his mind together and realizes that this isn't something to really defend, as anything to deal with the actual shit is frowned upon by even the likes of lolicons.
(30.12 KB 399x399 _WhgenT4_400x400.jpg)
>>307973 We follow the law and maintain some safe distance from the gray area, and that's it. If we start rejecting legal content purely on the basis of its unpopularity or the sociopolitical whims of the day, we'd be no better than Reddit. An 8chan that wouldn't give boards like /hebe/ a fair shot to follow the rules and exist is an 8chan that wouldn't have given #GamerGate one either, or /pol/, or god forbid it to even have a /b/. /cow/ would have been banned for "harassment." Don't get me started on /baphomet/, /war/ or /tex/. Anonymous does not cower to the petty, non-law moral whims of normalfags. Neither do we.
>>307984 Out of curiosity, is this you? >>307326
>>307984 Mate, you are on testing grounds for what can possibly impoldede on itself. Are you really willing to defend this shit? Come on mate, this is clearly way different than loli of all things. Like many others have stated, there might be more sickos who post their actual shit on here to get this taken down. Not to mention, many others here are fine on things like loli, but /hebe is really gonna be the boar that breaks the camel's back. How the hell did it even appear? Why?
>>307973 >Its comparable in its stigmatization that made it a risk to any site willing to host it, Are you retarded? GG content wasn't "risky", it was banned for moralizing from social media and Moot trying to cover his tracks back on 4um. A bad actor like (((Esther))) trying to complain to the host about "boo hoo, they're harassing wahmyn" would be laughed out by even cuckflare. Comparatively, CP content would be putting risk of jail time on everyone involved from host to site admin to even users if the feds get uppitiy (and they already are if the CIA incident is any indication). >>307984 Here's a question for you; what is /hebe/ without the pedo shit? What does it discuss?
>>307984 Hey acid can you please explain to me, the plebian how lolicon is any different from pedophilia? Even if the pictures are drawings I have seen that most lolicon dojinshi and images always account and make it known that the girls in these pictures that are doing sexual activity are prepubescent children so what truly separates the two besides the fact that loli is legal in the US?
>>307990 Why do you keep asking him to change his mind when he's said over and over that he won't?
>>307999 Primarily the fact that they're drawings, tripsman. Unlike CP which requires a victim of child abuse, the acts depicted are purely fictional.
>>307999 What separates violent vidya from actual shootings? What about rape porn? Furry? Nechro? Reason being is that it's entirely fictional and one that can lead to a mess. For one, how can we talk with the fictional character? How does the police deal with the amount of reports that they also get with the actual shit? Too much of a mess to deal with again. Not to mention, this can lead crusaders of other porn that they dislike to use the same arguments that they cause shit or are bad for society when those same types are found to be actual scum. >>308000 Idk anon. I just think that over time if shit escalates. Acid might have a different of opinion. And if it's me telling him over and over again just to have moe back to it's former glory before /hebe, then so be it.
>>307984 Hope you like dealing with idiots like >>307999 on your dying website.
>>308003 Exactly how idtoic is it that I care for the site's well being? The fuck? I'm not even comparing loli to actual disgusting shit of what most can agree that makers and endorsers of should be hanged?
>>308005 Oh, well never mind then. Seems I finally saw that new comment.
>>308001 The definition of pedophilia is CP? I thought it was sexual attraction to prepubescent children.
>>308007 He asked about the drawings, retard.
>>308009 He asked how lolicon differs from pedophilia, your answer doesn't make sense.
>>308001 >>308002 There's a key factor you seem to be ignoring: rape and the like are actions, while pedophilia is an attraction, and lolicon, 2D or not, is inherently based on the attraction to "children". I'm not making any moral judgments, just saying it as it is.
>>307984 Some guy is spamming /b/ with pics of real children. Clean it up, maggot.
>>308012 Somewhat agree to disagree. Furry stuff no matter how you look at it is based on animal features, which is true cause otherwise people would like the (((Jewporn))) of normal humans. Nechro is entirely base don dead bodies, which can not be different. Rape I suppose you may be right, but again, I was just insisting on how that shit is a go despite most in the US talking about consent, But eh, i get what you mean. I'm just pointing out the difference along with the fact that said detractors who are really vocal about it are found out to be who they were that is way worst.
>>307984 Will you unindex hebe though that's all we want
>>308017 This.
>>308010 >Even if the pictures are drawings I have seen that most lolicon dojinshi and images always account and make it known that the girls in these pictures that are doing sexual activity are prepubescent children so what truly separates the two besides the fact that loli is legal in the US? ??? >>308012 Like >>308002 said, you can make an argument for violent entertainment causing school shootings or necrophilia causing people to go to the nearest graveyard and get their rocks off as both are similar fantasies. But unless you're a mind reader or have a time machine, trying to make assumptions on what people will do after consuming fictional media is purposeless -- that's why the focus is solely on CP's illegality, which does require a crime to be done in order to produce. Loli meanwhile just means you've watched Non Non Biyori and have a knack for reproducing the art style.
(1.18 MB 683x1024 Unbreakable stare.png)
>>307984 They chose that name for a reason. If they wanted to carry the torch of a psy-op organised by a pseudo-intellectual eceleb and his pedo buddy in a gig to discredit and deplatform the site, they have no one to blame but themselves. /hebe/ is not opposed merely for solely being pedos talking about shit, but for also bringing in other pedos and continually "testing the waters", trying to find any excuse possible to post their shit then throw shitfits in the name of being treated "unjustly", see the faggots in /site/ playing copy-cat with the Esther name. Them being a board dedicated to it makes marketing and inviting other pedo-niggers easier. If they merely wanted to talk about their 3DPD fascination or be a less "rulecucked" /b/, they could have picked any name instead.Do not let a cancer fester and allow people to use your ideals against you. Not that it matters much anymore since the BO has already started preparing to make their own dead in a couple of weeks site. If you want to see them off you can help them speed up the process then wipe the board once it's finished. >>308018 This is only for the webring and does nothing with the long term issue of bad actors that it attracts and perpetuates.
>>308020 >trying to make assumptions on what people will do after consuming fictional media is purposeless Who does that? Pedophilia doesn't mean "raping kids" or "watching CP". Where does this weird assumption come from?
>>308023 Did you even read the post I was responding to?
>>308020 Anon, you seem to be confused. The guy was asking about the differences between lolicon and pedophilia, not mentioning CP. On some level, a lolicon is attracted to the features of what would be described as a "child". >violent entertainment causing school shootings That's always been a garbage argument, yes, but it's a flawed analogy in this case. >necrophilia causing people to go to the nearest graveyard and get their rocks off as both are similar fantasies But you surely understand that a necrophile is attracted to a human, no? Trapfags are faggots because they're attracted to cock. Extrapolate from there, and remember I said I wasn't making any moral claims here. I like loli myself.
>>308020 My main question is how are lolicons not pedophiles? If you are attracted to drawings in the shape of children how does that not make you one, and even if you never molest a kid the fact that you are attracted to children is something damaging.
>>308024 Of course
>>308026 Did you not bother to read my comment anon? The same can be mentioned for any fetish/kink out there. You call it damaging? How so? Someone being attracted to rape is also bad, wanting to fuck dead bodies, or having some inetrest in animal features regardless of being humanoid or feral. Main difference is it's fucking fiction. And clearly from the past few years, it shows that those who are really vocal about it are willing to cause shit to avoid the spotlight on their ass.
>>308028 I don't like any of those "kinks" anon, I guess its just a matter of how denigrated in the mind you are at this point, I personally have none of those "kinks" and don't ever plan on getting anything remotely similar to them, maybe try to not stare into the abyss for to long or you might get pulled into it and never come back.
>>308026 >the fact that you are attracted to children is something damaging There's nothing inherently wrong with it as long as someone doesn't harm children
>>308030 Its damaging to (you) because it isn't natural and anything that isn't natural is bad for (you), its why most modern technology is driving the world insane.
>>307984 I mostly just find it entertaining that you seem to think the average anon that uses this board in good faith cares about some autistic edgy endorsement of pedophiles to spite "normalfags". Most anons are getting old and don't give a single fuck about these retarded LARP crusades. In the process of appealing to a minority of bad faith posters you're disenfranchising the people that actually use the site to talk about vidya and hang out. In my experience people that value principles over practicality in the face of everything tend to be overcompensating. People forget that cripple kike also defended the act of directly linking CP onion sites on the basis that is was merely text and not technically illegal. Now Fred has abandoned all those principles despite how fucking abhorrent that decision was even then even in the proper context because he and you don't understand the point of principled positions. Your stance on free speech is one of optics, that also gives this site terrible fucking optics. There is no benefit to allowing pedophiles besides the optics of being so hardcore that you invite even pedophiles to the site. Except these optics only appeal to bad actors. Literally no one else, especially people looking for a place to hang out and shoot the shit without fear of getting banned for saying nigger, are going to hear about this site openly enabling pedophiles to congregate and think to themselves "Wow this site must be the real deal for a non-honeypot bastion of free speech!". They're going to think that this site is completely fucking radioactive and refuse to touch it. The core user base wants nothing to do with pedophiles, pedophiles are only here in bad faith, the only one that is obsessed with free speech to the point where it's a clear detriment to the site is you. >oy vey but what about the slippery slope If anyone here actually believed this bullshit argument then you would have already gone passed the slippery slope by giving in to banning specific legal imagery on specific boards. Somehow you both already caved on your hardcore principle while still declaring that you've maintained it. I ensure you that anyone who isn't a retarded teenager and has actually spent a reasonable length of time around imageboards sees how fucking retarded this is. Unlike you some anons have actually been around imageboards for a long time and aren't just reddit/twitter niggers with some romanticized vision of what an epic anonymous imageboard ought to be as they shake with excitement over being the bad ass admin who rides the razors edge of enabling child abusers to use his site with explicit permission. Check yourself, retard.
>faggots conflating pedophilia with lolicon itt Meanwhile the /b/ pedo thread is still up and they're begging for more leeway with posting pics of real children. This site is a FUCKING JOKE.
>>308031 It is natural though. Damaging mostly because of the stigmatization making it very difficult for people because they often have to hide it at all cost, especially in the US.
>>308029 I didn't even said you were anon? I was just mentioning them since you call loli/shota damaging. Are they disgusting? Yes. But again, I am talking about them since IRL it's also bad. Guess what anon, seeing npcs in GTA getting killed and thriving off of it isn't natural either. But if the person is sane and there's nothing going on there and they know not to step that shit into reality, then it's clearly fine.
>>308026 >how are lolicons not pedophiles I'm arguing that they are by definition, at least on some level. I'm saying that as long as action isn't taken, there really isn't a problem. What I have a problem with bullshit statements like >even if you never molest a kid the fact that you are attracted to children is something damaging >>308033 Read my posts carefully.
Alright, clearly there's some form of miscommunication going on here. Let's start from the top as best I understand the questions: >"how are lolicons not pedophiles?" as asked by >>308026 and >>308010 Strictly speaking, if the attraction is solely to the idealized drawings in noticably unrealistic artstyle -- like say, the stereotypical moeshit or CalArts cartoon, that is a lolicon. If you attraction is to children both realistic and fictional, or only realistic children, that is pedophilia. >Why is CP illegal compared to lolicon doujinshi, as asked by >>307999 As stated before, unlike doujinshi which only asks you have some drawing talent, child pornography requires an IRL child to have been molested. This is a crime. >"Since lolicon is inherently 'attraction to children' technically speaking, raping an IRL child would also be acting on those urges, right?" asked by >>308012 Obviously. But trying to say fictional lolicon content is the cause of such behavior is a bit disingenuous -- hence why I brought up the argument of "violent vidya causes shootings" as an equivalent reasoning. Did I get everyone?
>>308022 >This is only for the webring and does nothing with the long term issue of bad actors that it attracts and perpetuates. Yes, I know, but the point is that we must first undo the damage the asinine decision of keeping pedo-panderers (note: not talking about 2D) has caused to the site. Then we can talk about actual improvements.
>>308037 >if the attraction is solely to the idealized drawings in noticably unrealistic artstyle -- like say, the stereotypical moeshit or CalArts cartoon, that is a lolicon I'm still a bit iffy on this. They still exhibit said features, even in a "deformed" manner. How does this differ so significantly from the "are traps gay" argument, even more so when it isn't just "draw a girl, call it a boy"? >If you attraction is to children both realistic and fictional, or only realistic children, that is pedophilia Agreed. >child pornography requires an IRL child to have been molested. This is a crime. Certainly. This is the key difference between doujinshi and CP, the distinction between acts of fiction and reality. >fictional lolicon content is the cause of such behavior is a bit disingenuous I didn't make that argument.
>>308022 Well Shit... >>308038 Agreed.
>>308037 So only the specific people who are exclusively attracted to a very unrealistic type of lolicon (that still has typical traits that are present in children but differs too much from actual children to be related) ought not be called pedophiles, but the rest is? Got it. But by my understanding all the rest of lolicon is also called lolicon, that's a little confusing. Why call them lolicons then and not moes or something.
>>308044 Why the fuck are all of you arguing about semantics, this is about protecting the site from being busted over shit, not whether it's morally good or bad Simply put, they'll shut it down for any real person (looking) too young to be of consent and they'll get pissed off but not able to do much of anything if it's any fake person (looking) too young to be of consent. The ambiguity and morality can wait another 300+ thread.
>>308040 In that case, I don't know what your argument was. Bringing up rape when discussing what the difference between lolicons and pedos, I can only assume you're conflating actionable pedophilia with the fictional. >>308044 It's the nip term for the hentai subgenre, and thus it's what people stick to. Imageboards, in case you haven't been lurking enough, are pretty steeped in Japanese media.
>>308047 Because there seems do be a lot of confusion about the semantics like people who assume pedophilia is an act or lolicon is entirely unrelated to pedophilia etc
>>307984 You can either have a site with free speech, the site that already existed. Or you can have a dead pedo site with no speech for anyone. If that's the hill you want to die on, so be it. The kind of community you're inviting and enabling is not going to play nicely by the rules.
>>308051 Anon asked what the difference between lolicon and pedophilia was, and I argued that there really isn't a distinction based on definitions of attraction, and arguments to the contrary conflate pedophilia with CP and the act of raping kids, unjustifiable acts that are obviously separate from the attraction itself.
What's the difference between being a furry and being a zoophile?
>>308051 >in case you haven't been lurking enough I presume I have lurked a lot and seen a lot of lolicon threads over the years as well. And most of it clearly doesn't fall in the category of "too unrealistic to be related to human female children". Especially the doijins that have been mentioned.
(187.02 KB 1961x2063 933[1])
>>308063 >most of it clearly doesn't fall in the category of "too unrealistic to be related to human female children" You're missing the point, it's not that it has to be apparent "these characters are not human", it's that it's clearly apparent that they're fictional. I've never seen real children with eyeballs that big, noses that non-existent, hair colors that impossible, among other usual trappings of the typical loli doujin. To say nothing of more stylized artists. Look at pic related. Akko's clearly noticable as a young human female, but you wouldn't claim she's a real person would you? >>308060 > Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D, be it CG content or otherwise. Most
>>307984 He acid, in case you didn't realize it yet but sites like reddit and twitter allow CP there but shovel it under the rug so they don't have to address it. You would be better just by simply not allowing them to have a place here at all. We barely have any good optics with the rest of the internet and now you're allowing pedophilias to have a place to stay under the guise of "free speech" unaware of the fact that these assholes endorse illegal actions towards minors if their past history is anything to go by. We lose nothing by deleting /hebe/ and those same cunts claiming deleting their board wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on considering what they're into. Now quit your moralfagging and do something about it cause they're not here in good faith and you of all people should know this.
Fucking post validation bullshit. >>308060 >I argued that there really isn't a distinction based on definitions of attraction, and arguments to the contrary conflate pedophilia with CP and the act of raping kids, unjustifiable acts that are obviously separate from the attraction itself Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D, be it CG content or otherwise -- that's already one difference if you ask me. Most of the time, there's no real way to indicate pedophilia outside of the possession and enjoyment of CP, rape, or self-admission -- god knows nobody in their right mind would admit to it unless they're degenerates like those Twatter MAPs.
>>308082 Large eyes are kind of a thing though because they grow faster than the rest of the body. Besides that, the typical traits that arouse pedophiles aren't in your list like flat chests, small body size, no pubic hair.
>>308085 Is there a reason why there's this bs valid crap? I remember moe in it's rarly months had none of thi shit. Now it's mostly annoying with no idea on my end.
>>308088 And there's no real way to stop them from enjoying that, and it isn't anyone's place to stop someone from enjoying loli doujins anyway. At the end of the day, the problem with pedos, from the site standpoint, lies solely with the CP content they usually enjoy and the illegality that comes with it. So long as you don't try and conflate loli with it in a desperate attempt to push the envelope and argue CP should be allowed (because like it or not, the law is not on anyone's side and the gray area's all the leeway people get), there isn't much to it. >>308090 It's anti-spam software. It's meant to make it obnoxious to try to dissuade and bore autists from IP-hopping since otherwise they'll be stuck for hours. However, it comes at the cost of giving regular users a couple minutes' annoyance every 12 hours.
>>308082 >Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D They'll turn there noses up at 2D if it isn't from the Champagne region of Japan, hence the separation of /loli/ and /delicious/.
>>308092 >So long as you don't try and conflate loli with it in a desperate attempt to push the envelope and argue CP I doubt anyone's genuinely trying to do that. The issue is that many people are vocal about how much they hate pedophiles and want them to be gone for being pedos and that just comes off very hypocritical given all the loli content.
>>308097 Have you checked the revised rule 2 thread?
>>308085 >Most lolifags I've been tend to turn their noses up at anything 3D Personally, I think it's denial or the acknowledgement that it's instant crucifixion. That doesn't change what they're attracted to. >>308097 > very hypocritical given all the loli content Yeah.
I own a small ass board that I try to post on whenever I'm not busy, having this site delisted from the webring accross so many sites isn't exactly helping. That's just a thought I wanted out of the way.
(232.91 KB 500x700 99816.png)
>>307984 >An 8chan that wouldn't give boards like /hebe/ a fair shot to follow the rules and exist is an 8chan that wouldn't have given #GamerGate one either <we have to support pedos because of GamerGate What are you even talking about you cuck piece of shit? You're trying to achieve some idealistic moral virtue that doesn't make sense even within framework you've provided. Regardless of my opinion that GG ultimately was/is a massive was of time and energy, I could at least make a justification for setting up a home for the movement. They were trying to expose industry corruption and attempt to fix it, there were ideals and goals based on a sense of being wronged. Regardless of how pointless/misguided some of these attempts were, there was ultimately good faith behind it all. There is no such justification of pedophilia. There is no moral good pedophiles are trying to achieve, no wrong to be righted. They want to abuse children to satiate their sexual perversion. You are trying to sleep beside a rabid dog.
>>308102 It seems that like some other anon said, the BO is making their own site. Imo, good. It's a win-win since we don't have to deal with the actual pedos anymore aside from the few who think any users here will handle their shit and the BO can do whatever the fuck they wish on their own site. Hopefully things go back to normal before any of this shit occurs anymore. >>308097 i don't quite see it as hypocritical. Sure, both are what a spade is a spade in terms of what they are designed to look like, but the main key difference is how it's aimed and made at. Loli and any other substance of it is just made for sick entertainment that is fiction, while the actual shit is at the cost of a child which any fucker who thinks it's wise should maybe look in the mirror and think about getting a noose perhaps. Eiher way through if we go by your own logic, which as I already stated before, we might as well call furries actual zoos, rape kink fans actual rapists or nechros actual sickfucks who want to do shit with dead bodies.
>>308109 >if we go by your own logic >we might as well call furries actual zoos >rape kink fans actual rapists How so? As said before, pedophilia is merely an attraction and does not descibe an act.
>>308108 He literally stated that he's allowing pedophiles to spite morality. It's unironically just an edgy position because Acid is a redditnigger that thinks edginess for the sake of edginess is what imageboards should be. Whether or not his decisions are morally abhorrent is not factored into the equation. He literally admitted that if CP were legal he would be fine allowing it on the site.
>>308109 You are conflating acts with attractions again, anon.
>>308112 >Acid would allow CP Nigger what do you think is happening right now?
(23.28 KB 480x360 Sundae_profile.jpg)
(146.78 KB 1751x1055 already dead.png)
>everyone abandons /hebe/ for /b/ the moment the mod who kept deleting their generals (kazu) is fired The absolute state of every-fucking-one using this site. I don't even know what to say about this.
>>308114 A severely neutered /hebe/ that is planning to move elsewhere that coincided with obnoxious faggots pushing the loli=CP shit and fags that demand inane redefinition of rules so they can claim they didn't break them as a Global Rule 2 custom made to cockblock "borderline" posting, kept afloat by the /tot/ embassy?
>>308111 Yes, but if we are to go by that logic, Furries would fit the same bill. They are attracted to animal features if they like the porn. Regardless, it's tiring to call them zoos or loli fans the actual shit since they aren't on that level of doing the actual shit imo. Sure, you aren't half wrong, but I still disagree on saying loli is like the actual shit. Rape stuff of adults I can understand I misjudged on through. >>308113 My explanation above should clarify more as to where I stand at anon.
>>308119 They're not neutered they're using /b/ as >>308118 said and there's a thread with child photos there right now. What a fucking joke of administration.
>>308121 >there's a thread with teen* photos Fixed, and it seems to be from the same guy who posted tons of them on /hebe/ until every pic was removed. >>>/b/17529
>>308124 Maybe niggers aren't reporting it, as all eyes are on /hebe/.
>>308126 I already reported it hours ago and nothing happened.

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