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(215.16 KB 1067x785 anon proud to be a gamergay.png)

Meta Thread Anonymous 06/09/2020 (Tue) 19:34:04 Id: a120a4 No. 25719
Keep all of the board drama, autism, site issues, feedback and shitting on the website administration here. UPDATE: as of 05/12/2022, site meta discussion beyond /v/ is hereby requested to be moved to >>>/site/5423 See >>598426 for more details. Thank you.
Edited last time by dog on 05/12/2022 (Thu) 03:18:41.
>>597572 >Fell for the word filter Fug.
a kid
>>597568 Fair point
(122.11 KB 1003x1024 Asuka eat your damned cake.jpeg)

SITE META DISCUSSION BEYOND /v/ IS HEREBY REQUESTED TO BE MOVED TO >>>/site/5423 We're cleaning up the meta board and consolidating site discussions a bit. You guys keep this thread for /v/ and Mark related stuff, but the admins are shifting gears to the /site/ meta, which is also a cyclical like this one. We're going to be there a lot more instead of always lurking in here, so please make use of it. Responses to site-level chatter in here will be slow at best from now on so please direct people to /site/ to get their questions ironed out. Thank you.
>>598426 shouldn't the fist-post/pinned post be updated with this info and link? sounds good, thanks for the update.
>>598439 I agree with this.
>>598439 Done.
This is the most active board, should maintain at least some presence here, like maybe at least just telling people to go to /site/ when they ask about shit here, because people got accustomed to doing it all here, so you should at least help the transition along until you're satisfied.
>>598426 >SITE META DISCUSSION BEYOND /v/ IS HEREBY REQUESTED TO BE MOVED TO >>>/site/5423 Lmao. Good luck, niggy.
When I load a thread I get "network protocol error" and after refreshing it loads normally. But what causes it in the first place? Using firefox.
>>598622 Hey, it was an honest question. Didn't know some rulecuckery change is going on.
Anyone wanna help me find a stock heatsink fan for an AMD Fx-8320 some shit happened, my gpu died, I accidentally the whole thing with my mobo and I had to get replacements for both. I own both of them, the replacements but my aftermarket heatsink fan doesn't fit the similiar/samey to the mobo I got from china so it probably wont work :^) I was wondering if anyone has a link to where I can buy a stock heatsink fan for AM3+ or so I know this isn't really the thread for this but my time is extremely limited so it'd help me alot.
Jesus fucking Christ why can't I post with Firefox or any of it's forks?
>>598868 why the stock heatsink? I replaced mine immediately with a Hyper 212 and got a significant drop in thermals and noise.
>>598975 I can post fine with it. Where exactly is your issue?
>>598868 Never cheap out on the MOBO, I learned that the hard way. You won't find a stock heatsink anywhere unless you know someone and that shit must have been loud as fuck considering the power output of that CPU. Get a decent aftermarket heatsink, something like this should be ok as long as you don't OC. https://www.newegg.com/be-quiet-pure-rock-2/p/13C-001F-00061 >>598986 Can't solve captcha, keeps on a failed attempt loop.
>>598989 Well ask over here if you want help or to report bugs: >>>/site/5423
Mods clean up >>572951 instead of spending every waking minute scanning the GG thread in case someone posted a loli you fucking losers. The PC hardware thread is constantly being shit-posted in by retards.
>>598978 >>598989 Lads I just said why I needed it, I broke my first mobo by accident, bought a "new" one of the same type but I built my pc back in 2014. I own a hyper 212 Evo and it works fine it just doesn't fit on the fucking mobo for some asinine reason and the only thing that will fit on it would be a stock. Stock is shit I know but I have no choice, it's this or my pc is ded.
Not to throw more gas on the webring metafaggotry but why is someone going around copying the same OPs word for word across two /v/s?
>>603038 Fucking kill yourself pedo
(189.30 KB 668x744 attempting to post on 8moe.png)

Why is the site so spotty tonight?
>>603644 works on my computer; i find the site is usually choking in the early-mid afternoon, meself
>>599365 I don't understand the "ironic" shitposting about intel arc over and over. They've already made the "joke" multiple times already and it doesn't contribute anything to the thread. Anons are having actual discussions yet there are idiots in there acting like they're on cuckchan making the same low-effort shitposts over and over about the same damn thing. It really demonstrates that pretending to be retarded is just being retarded or when doing something "ironically" you're still just doing it.
>>599499 >I own a hyper 212 Evo and it works fine it just doesn't fit on the fucking mobo for some asinine reason How? Clearance issues? Mounting issues? As long as it's making even contact across the IHS you can just zip tie that shit on there. All it has to do is make even contact with the IHS using thermal paste and have air flowing over it. How you get it in there is inconsequential to its operation. You can even dremel off some of the fin stack to make it clear other components so long as you don't damage the heat pipes.
>occasionally visit Gamergate thread >make a few post >my shit often ends up getting deleted FUCK YOU JANNIES
>>603644 (checked) See >>591572 . >>603727 Just how off topic were your posts?
(107.40 KB 621x578 Zchan.png)

Not sure if this fits here or in the /site/'s meta. Feel free to repost there. From Zchan's GG thread. If not bait, some faggot falseflagged Zchan.
>>604175 link the thread
>>604175 >Zchan's GG thread I keep forgetting that there even is one there. Though now that I think about it, I keep forgetting about sleepy in general. Back on topic though, who cares. Nothing serious is going to happen.
>>604187 The worst already happened, we lost the original site and now we are stuck on niggermans site.
>>604175 Actually read the article, it's nothing https://archive.ph/oQz1p >New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced that her office is launching investigations into social media companies in connection with the terror attack in Buffalo that claimed 10 lives and wounded three individuals. The investigations will look into the social media companies and other online resources that the shooter used to discuss and amplify his intentions and acts to carry out this attack. Specifically, the investigations will focus on those ​platforms that may have been used to stream, promote, or plan the event, including but not limited to Twitch (owned by Amazon), 4chan, 8chan, and Discord. They're investigating where it was planned. That does not mean "THE FEDS ARE PLANNING TO TAKE DOWN ALL NAMED WEBSITES AND PERSONALLY ASSASSINATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEIR DWELLERS". The main place he used was Discord so that'll be their main focus. The dumbass kid confused us for 8kun, their investigation is probably going to be short when they realize we're not the place he was talking about. If the staff is smart they'll talk about this if they're contacted by the AG's office. Also they're not fucking stupid, if Zanon did post anything here they're going to see the dates don't match up at all on top of not seeing it in his ISP's logs. If anything that guy would be in more trouble than the site because they'd hand his IP over. >but VPNs! It's trivial to find out who an IP belongs to and talk to the company, they almost all keep logs, even the ones that claim they don't. Yes, it's going to protect you when pirating lolicon hentai or getting banned. That "active intellectual property protection" works by gathering large numbers of IP addresses found to be pirating and automatically filing reports to their respective ISP. A megacorp could easily find out if you're on an proxy and who you really are by threatening to sue a VPN, they aren't because most people are rawdogging the web, it would take much longer to vet all the IPs and it isn't worth their time. They're not going to protect you when you're a suspected mass fucking shooter, an AG is going to go through a little bit more effort than some entertainment company's web crawler. This is all moot however, assuming they'd even investigate this place they'd figure out quickly that is some random anon and not the real guy. I've been here for nearly a decade now and articles like this have popped up through our entire existence, without exception they have all been nothing burgers. The worst thing to ever happen was Cloudflare dropping old 8chan after Christchurch and even that didn't kill the site, what killed 8chan was yogapig.
>>604175 Kill yourself zigger.
(144.59 KB 328x352 faggot shit.png)

Forgot to mention VPNs for security are a placebo and if glowies actually want you that's not even the first thing they'd go for. Alphabet agencies are funded billions per year and can identify you based on minor things like your brow ridge or typing style, they're not going to be thwarted by your $30 subscription to Torguard.
(1.16 MB 3300x2550 americanidiotposter.jpg)

>>604207 >don't even bother obscuring your identity in any way it doesn't even matter big brother knows all
>>604207 You should assume VPN companies might have logs, but the claim that they all certainly do is quite extraordinary. You clearly have no proof of this either as no one can prove what is happening on someones private servers the minute an auditor leaves the building. But that goes both ways, you also can't prove that these companies are logging their users. So while you aren't safe just because you are using a VPN, a VPN company is in the business of keeping you and their users private. Your ISP is not in that business. So if someone has to choose between the trust factor being a company who's business is keeping you private versus the trust factor being monopoly ISPs that are completely owned by the government then I'd say the choice is obvious. Dogmatic anti-VPN retards are almost as obnoxious as the jewtube ads for the honeypots themselves.
>>604042 >Just how off topic were your posts? >Gamergate >Topic Lmao.
>>604206 Fuck off with this drama bullshit, leave the autistic metafaggotry to the retards who want their board to die.
>>604229 >leave the autistic metafaggotry This is the meta thread, jew know?
>>604223 >>604217 >>604201 >why bother trying to basic opsec >big brother can already backtrace your house and log activity >so don't bother with any attempt goy, its futile >no im not gonna say better alternatives
>>604261 Did you even read my post retard?
>>604262 reading is for fags. *begins flossing
(808.30 KB 328x268 1464781910791.gif)

>>604042 Admittedly it wasn't really on topic, the post I replied to wasn't on topic either, and I made only 2 post on that thread.
>>604262 >>604261 I was answering to the first retard, the one telling that its futile. I included you and the other in replies as support against that fag. Why are you assuming I'm opposing you? I was making fun of that guy
(1.17 MB 353x300 200 percent wat.gif)

>>604217 >>604261 >>604223 >>604411 Jesus are you all retarded? I said VPNs won't help you if you're in serious shit, not that they're completely useless. As a matter of fact I said the opposite >Yes, it's going to protect you when pirating lolicon hentai or getting banned. Don't you put blackpills in my mouth. A VPN is a basic first line of defense. I use a VPN. Now if you actually think a VPN is going to save you from a party van visit when you start making serious sounding bomb threats, you're a real kind of special. The old halfchan troll Quentin learned that the hard way when he got a police interview after threatening to shoot up his school.
That "Don't you put blackpills in my mouth" was meant to come after the greentext
>>604201 >>604175 I doubt anything would come up even if they plan to shut this place down. AG office is nowhere as powerful as federal agencies. They'll at most "investigate" this place (visit a few times), find nothing useful, give up and move on. Politicians talk all the time about how they gonna do something.
>>604230 That's true, but metadrama should be discouraged
>>604461 >say VPNs aren't a magic shield >schizoautists seethe many such cases >The old halfchan troll Quentin learned that the hard way when he got a police interview after threatening to shoot up his school. Quent was a fucking idiot saying that shit on his trip after already being doxed, he could have been posting on seven proxies or his mother's own IP it wouldn't have mattered. >>604461 And as mentioned he spend most of his time on Discord. At most they'll do a quick sweep of a few imageboards, maybe grab a few screenshots but they'll spend most of their time looking at social media.
>>604521 Fucking hell I made the exact same error twice but in reverse this time I'm not going to delete this and made a third re-post. First reply is for 604461 and the second reply is for >>604492
(407.93 KB 2153x2860 Goblin Husband by Kooni.jpg)

Hey dumb fuck mod. I wanna know why my first goblin post got removed considering you let the other goblin post remain for the rest of the thread especially when it wasn't even NSFW. So I'm curious were your shitty standards lie especially when the earlier benis posting in the #GG threads were offtopic and raunchier than what I just posted, faggots.
>>605035 Link the other g*blin post so it can be slayed too.
Should we have a general E3 cycled thread or nah.
>>605080 I thought E3 was cancelled again.
>>605080 Sure. >>605085 Most of them are still having events anyway from what I recall. >>605035 Not a mod, but your question about fps bullet sponges belonged in the QTDDTOT thread.
>>605085 We're in Eternal E3 (E4) again, everybody doing their own shows for months. They've probably already started but nobody here is paying much attention.
>>605080 Only if I can spank your jewcy ass
Site die for a while for anyone else?
>>605085 >>605100 >>605176 Alright, I'll make it sometime in the first week of June with a schedule of upcoming events.
(107.60 KB 346x381 squilliam.png)

>>605080 >>605191 Fuck we need to make a squilliam thread!
>>606581 He should keep eating trash, just commit to working out, he's a sewer rat, he adapts
>>606606 lol my posts were all deleted for claiming to be X poster on the fagfagniggernigger thread
>>606960 >>606960 That sucks, you mustve rustled some jimmies
>>607079 i feel like im on neogaf and not on 8chan
>>606960 Rip in piece /cattle/. Your one line shitposts will be dearly missed. F
>>607251 In what world did cakekike ban less on 8chan's /v/ lmfao? It's hilarious watching herdnigger newfags complete out themselves by constantly thinking that mark was more lenient back on 8chan. The dude was an absolute fucking faggot and it was made infinitely worse by the fact that he had dozens of sycophants that had yet to be disillusioned. At least here I don't see literally a single anon defend mark. I wanted to fucking kill the retards that would bend over backwards defending his retarded arbitrary bans because you didn't like nintendo games or some stupid shit. Point is that 8chan /v/ moderation was multiple orders of magnitude more ban happy. So if you actually want to present yourself as some oldfag yearning for days past you should probably actually learn how the board was back then.
>>607418 >>607251 >>607079 >>606960 Don't spam the GG thread with meta autism, simple as that.
>>607434 Nobody tells me what to do.
>>607456 Disgusting black creature, get out of my sight.
>>607418 It wasn't that way when he felt he had something to prove, everyone just seems to lose sight of why these sites have a userbase to begin with. Even hotwheels did, but at least he waited until after he had no influence on it anymore and didn't pull a moot.
>>607472 It wasn't what way? What are you disputing?
>>607479 Things were more lenient back on 8chan originally.
>>607494 What does "originally" mean? Mark was always a fucking ban happy moderator. Are you referring to Mark's moderation or the site in general? 8chan as a whole was obviously more lenient, but you retarded herdniggers keep conflating site administration with Mark's moderation decisions. If you are trying to push the narrative that Mark was somehow more permissive on 8chan /v/ then all you're doing is exposing yourself as a complete and utter newfag. 8chan's /v/ is where Mark became notorious for his ban happy moderation. This conversation is about Mark banning people in the GG thread for reasons people disagree with. So I'm not sure why you're trying to blur the lines between talking about 8chan as a whole versus specifically talking about Mark. Actually that's a lie I know exactly why you're doing that. Kill yourself herdnigger. The only people worse than cakekike are you fucking losers.
>>607418 >I wanted to fucking kill the retards that would bend over backwards defending his retarded arbitrary bans because you didn't like nintendo games or some stupid shit. I never once experienced this, only heard of it. I have however, been banned by Pewter for insulting Undertale.
>>607497 Do you really think he was banning people for not liking nintendo from day one? What makes you think anyone would tolerate that after just leaving 4chan over that kind of meddling in video game discussion? That kind of behavior happened over the years as a result of complacency. That's why so many of these altchans are headed by some attention whoring egotist that ran a board on 8chan and let it go to their head and now they think they know better than everyone else.
>>607507 I don't think. I know from first hand experience that Mark has since day one been a obnoxious tripfagging retard who banned for indefensible arbitrary reasons. The notion that Mark was ever at any point anything but a retard is fiction you are spinning.
>>607507 Marks issue was that he didn't know his own values, it was shaped by feedback from anons, and that feedback was always changing, so was marks enforcement. That's why people have seen him as a flip flop, I think it's because he didn't have a strong male role model to teach him virtues and a strong sense of identity.
I made a post here >>607506 and want to know what admins think TL;DR the Duke Nukem Forever Restoration Project already fell apart, due to their (((discord))) resembling something like the Fallout Frontier one. I was thinking, if these devs need a platform where they can communicate and post content, they could start up a board here. If this was something the admins would be fine with, I or somebody else could get in contact with them. I think public progress would ensure that the game isn't being fucked with again, any drama could be immediately aired, and assuming the devs have some means of talking to one another in private, using this platform or another, it could be just what they need. If tripcodes and names were available on this board, I would just suggest starting a cyclical general here If nothing else, it could be a general /duke/ board, where other content could be made, then the devs could later be invited over, either way it would be better than dealing with discord, and then hearing about the drama on cuckchan, instead of getting actual work done. The game is almost completed, give it a few years without drama or trannies and it could legit be done, tell me what you think
>>607517 I see why not, at worst we end up with a bunch of faggots that will get run off with anon¡s and mods.
>>607517 As long as global rules are respected, then anybody can host a board here.
>>607517 Why would the admins need to provide input on this? Literally anyone can come and make a board here dude. It's open board creation. You could make a board for it and just report on any updates.
>>607576 This wouldn't be just any board, this would be potentially housing one of the more ambitious restoration modding projects, so this is something more akin to the THQ AMA, as it would definitely bring more attention to moe. We've recently been namedropped in the shooter manifesto, so if acid or others don't want extra attention, I would respect that
>>607582 It's a complete non-issue. The board clearly needs more activity and what you've described is one of the most innocuous forms of activity the site could possibly get.
>>607607 This board doesn't have Names and Trips, as far as I am aware, so it would be a no go, the devs would need their own board. A DNF cyclical would be nice here, if Mark would agree to it and the devs actually came here. Still, it would help if Acid or someone else said they don't have a problem with this, so I can also bring that up when talking to them
>>607612 I didn't mean this board. I meant the imageboard in general.
(509.01 KB 1200x675 duke.png)

(5.98 KB 160x160 Possible tile wallpaper.jpg)

(459.47 KB 800x600 Possible post design.png)

>>607517 Whether or not a /duke/ board comes to existence, I would be up for making a special Duke CSS theme.
>>607616 That UI really is great, it's simplistic but it fits great with the games at the time. Shame the 2011 game didn't reuse it
>>607612 True oldfags called whole imagesboards just "boards", even though it's lingually cofusing. Of course, now that that's known, newfags will start copying it.
>>607623 I started browsing 4chan from about 2008/9 and never heard of it, but then again, I was part of the cancer that killed the site, so just as well Either way, devs or no devs, I would be up for a /duke/ board. Hell, we still got that gamenight for DNF multiplayer I would love to see, once people actually get the game running here
>>607627 That's because he just made it up.
>>607629 You just made up that I made it up.
(32.44 KB 329x558 24002.png)

(26.16 KB 480x240 24971.png)

(26.16 KB 480x240 24971.png)

>>607517 >>607616 Oh a Duke board sounds nice. I'd be good with it. >Duke CSS theme I'd like to make a request that if you do then you give a little love to the 2D Dukes as well.
(254.74 KB 1599x797 ClipboardImage.png)

You're an homosexual, Pururururururururuin.
>>607805 purururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururu[/doom][doom]rurururururururururururururururururururururin
(120.28 KB 412x363 LMAOing at ur life rt nao.png)

>>607808 >[/doom][doom]
>>607811 Yeah, something broke when I typed [doom][/doom]==[doom][/doom]==
(113.37 KB 546x344 ClipboardImage.png)

(310.97 KB 440x440 1326007074567.png)

>These posts aren't worth deleting IMO >PURURINED.COM
>>607505 JRPGs merely took the fantasy setting of Tolkien lore and DnD they never took the rulesets and systems.
>>607814 That was my post. What a fag.
>>607815 Yes, I know. But apparently Untertalefags can't tell the difference between them, nor between Undertale and bullet hell games.
>>607817 He also nuked every one of my posts in the thread, and probably the previous thread too, instead of just what made him asshurt. Make sure to check your posting history and change VPNs/Tor nodes often if you ever plan on making any non-shitposts on this site.
>>607814 >these pics aren't worth deleting What pics in questing aren't worth deleting?
>>607927 Loli drawings that were vaguely based on internet images of real children. Not tracings but drawings that were inspired by real pictures. So mildly unethical, not really illegal but maybe technically if you made a big stretch. Best to avoid but not worth caring that much about.
>>607822 (checked) >>607827 What a massive nigger.
>>607736 I'll look into it if I can.
>>607612 So are you going to do it or what?
>>607931 Cry about it pedonigger.
>>607827 what did the faggot delete again
>>608127 ethan ralph drama and torpedo loli=pedo shit
>>608044 >No one has a problem with Unteralterbach are you forgetting what happened to the attempt at an unteralterbach thread here? they're lucky it came out and got the limelight it deserved before this pedо in denial culture shift happened because it'd get 4chans gamergate treatment here for sure if it came out today.
>>608044 One of them the connection seemed very vague, the other was not. I care a little bit because I think using a child's direct likeness to create porn is unethical.
>>608262 Well then in fairness the nerd should be allowed, seeing how it is a lolified AVGN.
(492.81 KB 246x246 rohan lol.gif)

>>607497 >herdniggers calling other herdniggers herdniggers
>>608269 t. herdnigger
>>608269 Nice try Mark but there isn't a single anon left that thinks you aren't a fucking retard.
>>608306 >do you mean the one on /delicious/? there was a short lived thread here on /v/ that had most of the posts in it deleted and was eventually anchored because people wouldn't play pretend that it was purely a work of fiction that had nothing to do with pedophilia. >Normally I'd disagree with just about everything a pedonigger spouting the phrase "pedo in deniaI" says ok uncle tom you've proven your loyalty. >nobody cared whatsoever whether your cartoon smut of little girls was pure fiction or loosely based on real girls until after people started calling lolicons pedos people always called lolicons pedos so thats not it. my theory is 8chans pedo ban weeded out the people into lolicon that accepted they were pedos because of it while the ones who were in denial about it stuck around because they assumed the pedo ban wouldn't have any impact on them. so the only people still on 8chan by the time it banned lolicon were the ones too dumb to see the writing on the wall and now they're all here instead.
>>608322 it took you until like a month before the loli ban on 8kun to accept it so you were in the same boat as the rest of them.
>>608330 its just proof your uncle tom strategy doesn't work whereas me bullying the shit out of them has lead them to take mommies advice and try to ignore me until I get bored and go away.
(7.85 KB 175x211 86363.jpeg)

>>608281 >>608272 rent free
>>608333 >Deleted Checking these trips as they are now lost to the world.
Whats the sperging about this time?
>>608345 Ban evading Torpedo who keeps bringing up Loli=pedo bullshit playing coy while kvetching with his fellow herdnigger pedophiles.
>>608345 me, i did 9/11
>>608346 Oh, the usual then, i just clicked on when i read "loli" because i knew where it was going.
>not only bans me for posting spoilered shit about GG adjacent e-celeb shit but proceeds to completely nuke my entire post history and swiss cheese other random threads in the process Okay so are we back to the GG thread has to be strictly off-topic mode again? Because the last time you were cap coding in the GG thread you had flip flopped to it being okay to be relatively off-topic. It would be super cool if you could actually settle on what kind of posts gets your post history nuked and actually fucking stick to it you stupid fuck. LITERALLY JUST TELL PEOPLE THE RULES TO YOUR BOARD PLEASE HOLY FUCK JUST ARTICULATE WHAT IS ALLOWED
>>608364 Rule 9, the event isn't even remotely GG related and I'm not even mad my own posts were deleted, now go back to where you came from.
>>608373 Alright. I'll be sure to report every single off-topic post going forward then since it appears we're back to off-topic being not allowed.
>>608364 E-celeb shit was always shamed, nothing productive comes from it, glad vols caught up in that aspect. Sorry about your post history though, bro.
>>608386 Anon you spent 2 threads going on and on about some fat fuck getting beat up.
>>608388 Who got beat up? Did mark fight that ginger?
>>608388 No I didn't. I've made zero posts about the fat fuck. I'm perfectly fine with off-topic posts being deleted which is why I'm going to be report each and every single off-topic post I see going forward. I take no issue with off-topic being deleted, I just want clarity. I'll make sure every single post that is off-topic gets the attention it needs.
>>608390 Submissive, are we?
>>608389 No it was just Ralph again, getting knocked to the ground in a fight he started.
>>607974 Oh that's pretty.
>>608393 Gunt?
>>608548 Yes, it also fell out during the struggle.
>>608393 I like when he got bullied by that little rabbit girl.
Theres someone bumping old, dead threads, might want to check his IP to see if hes the same guy, because this seems like a way to kick off newer threads.
>>608955 It's me doing it, is that such a big issue to you that you have to report it?
>>608958 Yes, its the second night in a row that you do it, and you arent even engaging in conversations. You even bumped the western games chart when the most recent version of that thread was in the first page, whats wrong with you?
>>610418 this, we're all gonna get v&'d at this rate.
>>610422 CP is all over the board, someone needs to clear it.
>>610422 Democrat activism, as the wordfilters say.
>>610422 CP Spammer struck
>>610427 It's not lost to me that these Democrat opponents of chans always have CP to spam.
>>610432 But, it's not just on the gaygay thread. It's all over the board, and I saw a post on /b/
Are these on the faggot thread? >>610400 >>610412 >>610406 >>610397 >>610392
Someone remove this crap from /b/ too >>>/b/415288
>the site is now mexican
(7.89 MB 640x360 carlito.webm)

>>611044 Actually the most populated refugee board is venezuelan.
>>611049 I was initially horrified at that clap-like sound effect. I was expecting to see a child's cheeks getting clapped.
If someone posts nothing but anime pictures in an unrelated thread they should be banned.
(34.27 KB 413x413 smug mako.jpg)

>>614331 is this an anime picture? just want to make sure I don't get banned.
>>615119 >>615119 Post for the full, uncropped pic you fucking coward.
>>615125 and what difference would that make?
Ban Torposting forever, or at least disable images for tor.
>>615132 Something something seethe, something somethinh impotent leftard
(40.64 KB 741x177 ClipboardImage.png)

Welp. This is surprising. Sorry if this is not good to post here.
>>615862 Thanks us later for bring some decency here, mi amigo
>>615867 bold of you to assume spics arent as bad as niggers to begin with
>>615862 >this isn't a home, this is a fucking degenerate homeless shelter Do anons really struggle with avoiding those boards? I've never once had to interact with any of them here or on old 8chan. >>615861 >This is surprising Is it really though? This place was made with a fragment of a fraction of /v/ and a few others who wandered in/followed along. >>615867 >acidman will be getting off to asuka getting BEANED once we're through with this fucking place I laughed at this more than I should have.
>>615881 >Do anons really struggle with avoiding those boards? Anons aren't the people posting in the meta thread about wanting porn boards deleted. Those are called herdniggers.
What autism happened in drawthread?
>>616246 a fag claimed that he traced cp to make a loli pic, pic was bare basic with maybe the outlines being traced, said he did it to "own" the people who like lolis but not real cp. People laughed at him and got deleted.
>>616246 The same fucking autistic pedo that insist that we must share his shit or else this is a hugbox and yadda yadda.
>>616246 >guy draws an image of traced CP 6 months ago as "revenge" for people calling out artists on Pixiv for doing the same thing >gets two replies >art added to booru >not entirely clear what his goal even is >proclaims he owned /v/ epic style He sounded unironically mentally unwell
>>616254 Look at the shit he says, doesnt it seem familiar?
>>616254 you forgot to mention the recently traced image that made it into the OP of your latest draw thread. I wouldn't have even outed myself if it weren't for that gem because theres no way I can top that. >>616261 impotent jannies can't even kill all the boogeymen. its hopeless they might as well kill themselves.
(100.89 KB 588x232 pedo.png)

>>616246 this happened
>>616274 shouldn't you be working on tracing a mans body into an anime girl convincingly? I'd actually like to see the attempt.
>>616274 So his logic was same as the trap threads in b?
>>616289 my logic is all I have to do is slap some anime eyes on a real little girl and all these totally not pedos will come flocking to drool over her. and with my little experiment I proved just that. it worked so well in fact that it was put center stage at the very top of your drawthread for everyone to see.
Please stop giving the guy attention, he'll go away if ignored
>>616296 Nigger barely anyone paid any attention, and even then, its the same shit as traps.
>>616305 you're new here aren't you? >>616307 theres barely anyone even here in general. for such a small sample size I think the amount of good attention they got vs absolutely no suspicion whatsoever proves my point. if I can fool you faggots using nothing but a mouse and no drawing ability whatsoever how do you expect to root out the loli artists that trace? the answer is you can't and have no idea if what you're fapping to is just CP with a thin veneer of anime aesthetic or a wholely original image completely divorced from reality.
>>616313 >thin veneer of anime aesthetic You mean the fact that it changes from a picture of a human with real details to a simplistic drawing? All you essentially used was the silhouette/outline of a child, which means almost nothing because generally, yes, all human drawings are roughly in the shape of humans Also silhouettes/human-traced shapes are not the same as photo, but then again this means nothing to someone who literally says he doesn't distinguish between fiction and reality and says his traced work is the same as all other loli works, even when most are clearly unrealistic and not based off real children, like the Vivian/Gilda one where their faces are large compared to their bodies.
>>616318 I perfectly replicated the anatomy of a child in a lewd pose and showed it to people who purport to have absolutely no attraction to children and what do you know they have no trouble admitting to finding it attractive under the false assumption that it has no basis in reality. if I showed them the photograph itself they would virtue signal endlessly about how disgusting reality is to make sure everyone knows they aren't pedos but slap what amounts to a coat of paint over it to hide its real origins and they start furiously beating their meat.
You know if you have to explain that much about owning someone that just means you didn't own anyone. There's a reason even other pedos don't want to associate with you.
>>616319 >I perfectly replicated the anatomy of a man in a lewd pose and showed it to people who purport to have absolutely no attraction to men and what do you know they have no trouble admitting to finding it attractive under the false assumption that it has no basis in reality. >If I showed them the penis of the man they would virtue signal endlessly about how disgusting it is to make sure everyone knows they aren't faggots but slap what amounts to a coat of paint over it to hide its real origins and they start furiously beating their meat. You didn't "perfectly replicated the anatomy", you lazily traced over a picture.
>>616322 only the people who are too delusional to be swayed by words remain on this board I hope you realize that. even the product of my own autism who had a far more nuanced opinion on this subject than me finally threw in the towel and fucked off when even his posts in this thread were being deleted. he was the last person I know of besides me that still browsed this board without buying into the bullshit. >>616325 what do you think tracing does?
>theres barely anyone even here in general >therefore almost nothing should prove my point Well, good to know almost every anon here is living rent free in your deeply disturbed, solipsistic, flawed little head to go through such tedium.
>>616332 you do realize I could have just kept doing it over and over farming compliments and appreciation and none of you would have ever known you were thanking me for being a middle man in your desire for CP right?
>>616319 >anatomy >poses Literally doesn't matter, it doesn't make it CP, all you did was outline a human and filled it in with drawn details and features. You could accomplish the same pose with a render, same for anatomy, but that's not CP either. The most you can say was that the shape was traced off CP, that's it. If I trace a photo of a bird and then fill in my own elements, that doesn't mean it's still a photo of a bird, and it immediately looks dissimilar after the details are added in. Same logic applies.
>>616329 You could've traced a man, or a adult woman and it would have been the same. You do understand that there is a difference between "perfectly replicated anatomy" and the general shape of a human right?
>>616329 You're claiming that the others who fought for a place here were too nuanced and "threw in the towel" unlike you? No wonder they kept you out.
>>616335 when did I say it was CP or still a photograph? >>616338 please tell me this is a shitpost and you don't actually believe theres no anatomical difference between men women and children. >>616339 more like he came here with good intentions and just so happened to disagree with the people running the board about something and they crucified him for it. this has happened again and again to the point where I don't think theres anyone left to crucify. the I would guess 20ish of you still here all agree with the cakekike and his bitch boys on virtually everything. and if you do happen to disagree on something like in the case of johnny depps victory being worthy of celebration or not they'll make sure to shut that shit down and force a consensus.
>>616349 the problem is you posting my wrongthink and not that my VPN IP hashes might be visible. you're supposed to be silencing all dissent not propagating it. after being marks bitch boy for so long its a wonder you haven't grasped this by now.
(269.92 KB 549x643 ClipboardImage.png)

(101.81 KB 146x417 ClipboardImage.png)

>>616348 What are you talking about? What I'm telling you is that you could have traced a man and add anime eyes or whatever to make it look like a loli and it wouldn't have made any difference. Pic related, you could perfectly trace this drawing and make it look like a loli, same with this woman picture.
>>616352 it's hashed, lol cry faggot
>>616348 >there's no difference between my traced artwork of CP and actual CP, you're all pedophiles <when did I say it was CP? Nice try fag If you showed the Vivian drawing to someone, it would just be a plain drawing on its own. The Mika one is slightly more suggestive/lewd, but still similar. The fact that you had to explain yourself to "own" people is embarrassing, no shit people aren't looking at enough CP to distinguish when a pic is traced off a real child, it means nothing. Drawings use human shapes, not necessarily traced, but when the subject is human, the shapes try to match human shapes generally. If you showed someone a photo of a child, their reaction is different because that's clearly a photo of a real child. That doesn't mean a photo is the same as a drawing, even if its traced. The Vivian pic could never be called anything related to CP without that context otherwise. Similar for the Mika one, though an anonymous claimed to know that one mightve been based on something sketchy, who knows Regardless, tracings are clearly not CP.
>>616354 sure if you wanted to draw lolis with tiny pinheads relative to their height I guess. >>616360 try quoting something I actually said and then we'll discuss that.
>>616348 wait you talking about sylvie or someone else? And what does "product of my own autism" mean?
>>616368 Why are you bringing poor sylvie to this shit? Has she not suffered enough?
>>616368 just one of the anons that posted here and happened to like taking part in the debate surrounding lolicon. I say hes a product of my own autism because I feel as though I played somewhat of a role in freeing him from the cognitive dissonance that this board enforces. turns out the people on the other side of this debate who have a willingness to debate it don't last long before they switch sides and thats why every effort is made here to stop that from happening here. mark needs his little hugbox of delusional retards just like him to affirm his beliefs because otherwise he has outed himself as a pedophile with his real name attached and thats a fact he can't accept. so even as his boards population dwindles down to the double digits as less and less people are willing to accept the narratives he forces on them he continues to do so because anything is better than accepting the reality of the situation.
>I say hes a product of my own autism because I feel as though I played somewhat of a role in freeing him from the cognitive dissonance that this board enforces. In other words, you hopping to agree with yourself. Yes, truly a product of your own autism and narcissism I might add.
>>616387 believe whatever you want. hes the last person I liked in this god forsaken place even though he probably wouldn't say the same about me because of how hardline of a stance I take on the subject. unfortunately his good intentions were his downfall as they were able to leverage their ability to wipe out his post history again and again to the point where he didn't see a reason to be here anymore. I don't have good intentions in coming here so they have no leverage to use as a means to get rid of me. when you only come here to post wrongthink in spite of the censorious faggotry you just expect to have your post history deleted.
>>616390 Ok, are you leaving now or what?
>>616391 not until the fat kike sings that hes a pedo. I think I'd have an easier time convincing a tranny to accept their birth sex so don't hold your breath.
>>616392 You know he won't and you will keep screaming at a wall. Most people just ignore you, I do too, it was just this time I decided to respond.
>>616394 none of you could ignore my recent escapades though could you? I will find new and innovative ways to psychologically torture cakekike and his goons. turning this thread into my own personal free speech zone because they fear what I might do otherwise is only the beginning. my reign of terror will continue.
>>616396 Nigger do you even read the shit you write? You think youre a cartoon villain?
>>616398 I'm twirling my moustache at this very moment.
>>616399 He definitely thinks he is some sort of mischievous cunning little character.
You know you're full of shit though. You're obviously way too attached to this place to leave so it's really until you've successfully groomed Mark and others into being pedos just like your mentally-ill ass, just so you can feel in like-minded company again.
(428.58 KB 883x716 ClipboardImage.png)

>>616400 He's a chuuni, it's funny
>>616401 I've drawn softcore pornography here that we've all enjoyed so I think its safe to say we're already like-minded in that regard. its just the politics of it we disagree on. you're all optics cucks using a weeb variant of MAP to try and avoid the stigma and I'm in the "fuck the optics" camp because letting them have an inch has always resulted in them taking a mile. we conceded the ethical quandary of CP to them and now they've wedged that door of censorship open and are making lolicon just as illegal across the globe.
>>616405 >opticscucks To think it was just another salty revoltard this whole time, too bad Julay is dead isn't it fag?
>>616407 You should have seen him ranting about GG on the Drawthread
>>616407 couldn't care less about your board wars bullshit and I pissed on julays grave along with everyone else. when was the last time you decided to pay them a visit just to post lolis and watch them accuse you of being every one of their boogeymen? they're even more desperate for something to engage with than you guys if you can believe it.
>>616405 if you let the government take pedos rights to do with their children what they want, whats to stop the government from taking your rights of doing with your children what you want? its so easy to manipulate the goyim, you just tell them child suffering bad and that you will fix child suffering, and then you build your tyrant reign of terror from that slippery slope to the point you ban guns, freedom, and everything else. its a wildcard catch 22 topic to convince the goyim to cede "a little bit" of freedom for safety. but hey dont listen to me listen to the mspaint wojak comic.
>>616418 Anon, I don't want people to have the freedom to vote Dems, I don't think anyone with children wants people to have that freedom. This falls under the H.L. Mencken quote about the problem with standing for freedom being that you have to defend scoundrels.
>>616418 oy vey this antisemitism cannot stand I am so glad we have one of the chosen people at the helm of this board or it'd be like another shoah in here.
>ip hopping to agree with himself again >calling anybody desperate
>>616421 its quite a paradox isnt it? if you stand for freedom then you have to defend all of the people you hate, otherwise whatever it is you stand for will always devolve into tyranny that will eventually come for you.
>>616424 I am the tyrant. Now bow down.
>>616418 How about this alternative. Allow parents do anything with their offspring, even make cee pee, but also allow the populace to lynch anyone like in old times. You wanted the government to fuck off, then go all the way, faggot.
>>616423 you really think I can samefag when the jannies are so butthurt at me that they're willing to leak the IP I'm posting from? they'd point out I have the same bypass in a heartbeat.
>>616431 your terms are acceptable.
>>616396 >I will find new and innovative ways to psychologically torture cakekike and his goons. So you're integrating, you're not special, everyone does that.
>>616392 Protecting artistic integrity =/= sexualizing children
(23.18 KB 700x466 Sage.jpg)

Always remember to report, filter and ignore pedoniggers instead of feeding them attention.
>>616409 There's nothing wrong with (baby) sex dolls tho. They're mere pieces of rubber that don't involve children in their creation (outside of those in the Chinese/Taiwanese sweatshops that manufacture the toys).
>>616449 protecting artistic integrity would be acknowledging the correlation between why they feel the need to censor CP and why they feel the need to censor lolicon and fighting them on it. by hiding in a little hugbox where you pretend the correlation doesn't exist you're just letting them step over you on their path to illegalizing loli worldwide. they're up to 13 countries now or 18 if you consider the ones in which its already in a legal gray area. how many more years of this trend will it take before you believe that dividing ourselves in order to be conquered isn't an effective strategy?
>>616456 Imagine being caught with a baby sex doll. How would you explain yourself
>>616460 I'd scream BABY FUCK BABY FUCK IT'S AWWWRIGHT to scare the intruders.
>>616461 Why not use a real baby then?
>>616456 wrong and right don't exist, might makes right. if the majority of people decide that X is wrong, then X is wrong, and they'll force you to pretend X is wrong even when its clearly not if you have iq above room temperature, under threat of pain or elimination. morality is all fake and gay, its a coat of sugar on top of strength, which is the ultimate determining factor of acceptable and unacceptable. the strong call the shots and the weak and minorities follow them. >>616460 same way you'd explain yourself if you were caught looking at loli porn. or furry porn. or whatever the majority finds unacceptable.
>>616462 Too much maintenance (and poop).
>>616458 >All depictions of fictitious characters are 18+ years of age regardless of any contradicting textual description(s). Legal, fictional 2D or 3DCG artwork is not prohibited and is not to be conflated with pedophilia or any content banned under this rule. https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/globalRules.html
>responding to herdniggers Auto banning and wiping any bypass ID with more than 2 posts in this thread would drastically improve the board quality.
>>616468 Normally I'd agree, but this is the meta thread.
>>616456 What the fuck is your problem?
>>616458 Doing something as stupid as siding with p*dos would only accelerate the banning of loli.
>>616467 you don't actually think that provides any kind of legal protection do you? as if some random line in the rules of some site supercedes the copyright holders and what they'd consider the age of their characters to be. >>616476 then artistic integrity is already fucked because you've given them enough rope to hang you with and now refuse to reel any of it back in before its too late. but hey at least you'll go down as virtuous pedos who made sure to distance themselves from their more stigmatized counterparts. I'm sure that will make all the difference.
>>616476 >...and eventually, they came for me...
>>616483 >>616483 You want weebs to side with child rapists? Are you concern trolling or just retarded?
(3.64 MB 400x294 same as it ever was.gif)

>Pedos get the boot from /b/ >Meta thread is still nothing but arguments about pedos Never change, dramafags.
(200.43 KB 600x599 Fixed.jpg)

>>616483 >>616489 I don't like loli. It's still not as bad as p*doshit though and few people are retarded enough to conflate the two. The only people who think loli is in the exact same category and real p*do shit are attention seekers who want to feel morally superior by shaming others for any perceived shortcomings. It's nothing new at all. Deliberately choosing to stand with p*dos will only prove them right.
>>616493 If this is the same guy from /b/, he's trolling. He used to call it "free-speech" over there but would then ask the p*do mod to ban us for disagreeing with him lol.
>>616493 no rapists are bad because they're victimizing someone. looking at things on a screen doesn't victimize anyone no matter what it is so if they can criminalize what you're allowed to look at then they can justify the censorship of almost anything. what the weebs here are doing is granting them that which is a mistake. >>616499 nice armchair psychology but its hard to be morally superior to someone when you're guilty of the same thing they are.
>>616502 You should post sexy kids and make the community warm up to it then.
>>616502 I wasn't saying that you're the one feeling morally superior, it's those lobbying for restrictions and leading the witchhunts who feel that way. You on the otherhand and trolling because you're mad at Mark for banning you as you admitted here >>616396.
>>616504 He's already tried that and failed. The p*dos were completely kicked out of /b/ and they didn't manage to convert anyone. In fact it made us hate them more by proving to everyone how obnoxious and cancerous they can be. They are worse than furfags and bronys put together.
>>616508 Where did the cunnyseurs go?
>>616504 what do you take me for a bad actor? the only sexy kids I post have anime eyes drawn on them first so that they're kosher and can be enjoyed by all regardless of mental disability. >>616508 >implying all those restrictions allowed for the posting of anything sexy they might as well have been forced to post girls in burqas. back in the glory days the stuff you could post would really break peoples conditioning. you had newly awakened pedos fresh from cuckchan coming into the threads left and right in awe of what they'd been denied up until then.
>>616511 What is it about sexual deviants like faggots, furries (pardon the redundancy), and pedophiles that they feel the need to "convert" others to their deviancy?
>>616513 >>616513 A sense of power and purpose.
>>616504 >>616510 >>616512 Desperate cringe. >>616511 Not going to happen. I find that shit utterly repulsive as do most people. That's why everyone hates you and you'll never be welcome anywhere. Now stop trying to infiltrate like a dirty little kike parasite.
>>616513 >>616514 It's because they feel less ashamed if they have company.
>>616513 They have long abandoned and destroyed every single other facet of their being, left with nothing but their fetish they now seek a way to validate it as the right path.
>>616512 i just want people to stop lying and being hypocrites. >>616518 sounds like the cope of a slave. they're laughing at you and the fake morals they planted in your head. you're stuck with old hags while they get the fresh cunny in their secret islands and underground bases.
(28.61 KB 400x358 LauraB06_007.jpg)

>>616512 fine you've forced my hand. >>616513 >>616515 there is no converting anyone only helping people find themselves that are too socially conditioned to seek it out themselves.
>>616520 >His file name is the ugly little alien. This is why p*dophilia is a mental illness. It makes my skin crawl seeing that disgusting creature that you're referring to (not the skeleton). Every cell in my body is sending warning signals to avoid the deformity. You must like it due to your defective genes.
>>616520 >there is no converting anyone only helping people find themselves Faggots and trannies say the exact same thing.
>>616521 with you protesting that much I can't help but think you'll be caught in a motel doing meth with child prostitutes in the near future. >>616522 are they wrong? are you a believer in loving the dick being a matter of how hard you try?
>>616521 >it makes my skin crawl sounds like you're the one with a mental problem here. but its fine. mental issues and insanity are perfectly OK as long as you are collectively insane with the majority. if everybody is insane, then is anyone really crazy? if the wuhan flu circus had one thing to teach, it should be that morality is absolutely relative and you're not "right" or "a good person" simply because you think like the majority.

(210.85 KB 600x800 19230221_p0.png)

>>616460 Make sure the skin is Midna colored with orange eyes and pointy ears. Or make it an oni with red/blue skin and little gold nubbin horns. Anything to take the "edge" off.
>>616522 He is the exact same thing. Bet the time he spends when he isn't busy "psychologically torturing" (also likely a victim himself) here, is predating on retards using Discord.
>>616608 the victims creating victims narrative is total bullshit you know. the entire reason its perpetuated is because they weren't victimized and don't see a problem with it having experienced it first hand. just like fags aren't fucking your kids so hard they turn gay but that only the gay kids are receptive to them in the first place. in the case of actual victimization the trauma causes anti-social behavior and avoidance of sexuality altogether not an urge to inflict the same harm onto others. why would someone who can truly sympathize with that harm ever want to inflict it on someone else? and for the record the only thing I was a victim of as a kid was unrestricted internet access and if you tell me yours was any different I'll call you a fucking liar because you wouldn't be here right now if that were the case.
>>616627 >and for the record the only thing I was a victim of as a kid was unrestricted internet access and if you tell me yours was any different I'll call you a fucking liar because you wouldn't be here right now if that were the case. Personally, I think the trauma I faced that turned me into such a degenerate is specifically that I never got any sexual outlet until a very late age. Now I'm forever futilely trying to make up for lost time.
>>616523 >no u. Not an argument. >>616525 >I'm not wrong, everyone else is. Touch grass, incel.
>>616627 Sure I had unrestricted internet access but it's all about how you utilize it, not everyone's a runaway porn addict if that's the implication here.
>>616631 or you were just doomed to be a sick fuck from the beginning and your lack of sexual outlet was a result of that not the cause of it. I'm a strong believer in nature not nuture and thats partially what influences the way I think about attraction. nobody can be born exclusively attracted to drawings so the only explanation for it is some kind of cognitive dissonance like neckbeards with a case of sour grapes. >>616643 more that everyone here aged out of other imageboards and in order to fit into that timeframe you'd have to grow up using them or be really fucking old by now. I just can't imagine someone living off their retirement who would spend their time here arguing over shit that only internet aged people would concern themselves with.
>>616672 Except babies, infants and toddlers don't have any desire to fuck anything (or be fucked) you retard, sexual attraction in general has nothing to show at birth or early age, sexuality is most commonly developed around puberty, either shortly before, during, or after Fucking brainless retard doesn't have common sense and assumes cognitive dissonance while forgetting an obvious point
>>616680 babies infants and toddlers barely have the capacity to commit things to memory let alone concern themselves over what makes their dick hard. you conveniently leave out anything in between because you were probably interested in someone like a teacher or classmate before you went through puberty. I never understood my classmates obsession with hot actresses in their favorite movies or anything like that until I found lolicon and could correlate my feelings toward it to their feelings towards those actresses. looking back if I hadn't found lolicon theres no telling how long I'd have gone on sexually confused because all western depictions of little girls were sanitized as fuck and I was simply conditioned to not even consider them in that way. even after finding lolicon it took years for me to come to grips with what it really meant even while faced with CP raids on the boards I'd frequent because I simply wouldn't allow myself to entertain the possibility of liking it.
>>616699 We get it, you're a degenerate that barely missed becoming a tranny. Stop making it our problem and kys.
>>616702 too bad the same can't be said for you mr. "Touch grass, incel." sorry I meant ma'am please don't hit me with your dilator.
>>616699 So you admit you are sexually maladjusted, because if you truly always were attracted to children, why did it take you until you were an adult to figure that out instead of, I don't know being attracted to a classmate who was also a child? If your hypothesis was correct and it is your nature to be attracted to CIA agents, why did you not realize that until you were an adult?
>>616731 I was around 10 when I first searched for no no words on the internet but nothing I came across did it for me beyond the thrill of seeing what I wasn't supposed to. it wasn't until a year later that I heard about lolicon in a game chat and searched for it to find out what it meant and thats what clicked for me. I think being introduced to it in that way poisoned me against anything real for years because heres these perfectly harmless drawings I'm into that have none of the taboos attached to them that I was taught about like the real equivalents do and so long as I just promise myself its only the drawings I'm into everything will be okay. but lets just say theres only so many years you can read nothing but doujins of adults and children falling in love coupled with the occasional CP raid that paints a completely different picture than the daisys destruction "eyes swollen shut from crying" media depiction of what CP is before your conditioning starts breaking and you can't help but see things for how they truly are rather than how you're told they are. after that I just slowly stopped seeing the point in keeping this promise to myself that I only like the drawings and by that point I'd say I was around 15 or 16 maybe. having an identity crisis about being a modern day witch at the height of teen angst is a fucking trip though I'll tell you what. wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.
>>616672 Except you'd be wrong since I grew up on old school forums and I'm certainly not that old. And if you're trying to make it seem as if everyone on this site or who's ever used an imageboard is synonymous with being some sort of chronic masturbater or pedo, that's just you projecting your own misshapen tendencies to help suit your selective narrative. Apparently no differing experiences can exist outside your skewed perception of reality.
>>616774 Everybody on this board has a skewed perspective because everyone here is a childless virgin. I'm sure you're viewpoint is different when you actually are a parent.
>>616774 regardless you fall within the timeframe to have aged out of other imageboards while not being so old that you can't relate to people who grew up with the internet. and now that I'm thinking about different generations I'm imagining a nursing home full of old childless weebs tellings nurses to wash their dakimakuras and dust their anime figures for them while they reminisce with each other about the good old shitposting days. its only a matter of time.
>>616765 You get one (1) complementary (You), unfortunately no one else cares enough to respond to your blogpost.
>>616795 of the 41 (You)s I have received in this thread today I cherish this one the most. but as much as I'd like to continue making the meta thread a more interesting place to be than whatever gay shit was going on in the gamergate thread I'm only one man and all good things must come to an end. heres what started it all as a parting gift. >>599844
(67.80 KB 400x400 FAmfrquVUA8206P.jpg)

>>616801 >heres what started it all as a parting gift. >>599844 (573155) Wait, that's it? All this drama across threads over a MS Paint drawing that looks exactly like the stuff from amateur artists on Pixiv? I don't care if this is """traced""" (I wouldn't even call it traced, it's obvious you just drew a basic silhouette and then changed everything else), this is too ugly and amorphous to be considered a legal threat of any kind. Stop overreacting to DeviantArt-tier doodles for Allah's sake.
>>616801 Honestly, I actually prefer the no-argument sperg's occasional tantrums over your boring, one-sided screeds. Last and final (You)
>>616672 >or you were just doomed to be a sick fuck from the beginning and your lack of sexual outlet was a result of that not the cause of it. Naw. I wanted normal stuff first. But was a forever alone wizard's apprentice until a very late age. Now I can't get the normal stuff I used to want, because it's too late, so my alternative is degeneracy.
>>616907 its a moral threat not a legal one. this is a christian server.
>>617178 Those only ever show up on the list because they have more than 0 users, they are absolutely dead boards without an active userbase.
ACID add the "[text](link)" board message link thing to the user manual
>>617178 2dblacked kinda makes sense as its mostly a loli board... but whats the point of 8moe having a 3DPD interracial board that's just a worse version of whats already on a bunch of other sites?
>>617272 Blame whomever created it, not the site. I can, right now create a board and populate it entirely with pictures of my butthole, and that cant be held against the site just because it allows board creation.
>>617273 brb making a CP board.
>>617283 Thats what youve wanted to do since day one and youre assblasted because everyone told you to fuck off the clearnet.
>>617283 gamergate already exists
>>617348 Did you miss when he admitted he considers himself a priest of pedoness on a quest to convert the local barbarians? Faggot won't leave until a crusade erases him and his false religion.
>>617272 /interracial/ fags migrated from 8kun after a rogue mod nuked their board, while /2dblacked/ is an extension/spin-off of a Blacked general on cuckchan.
>>617178 No, not that kind of degeneracy. Other kinds though.
>>617503 Well just make a UAB thread and police any pedo infiltrators then. Or just talk about UAB in the Lolige thread. Or int he UAB thread on /delicious/.
>>617505 The board is dead because the BO is a weird namefag. Also one of the previous BO/mods got himself fucking arrested because he refused to employ basic opsec and not namefag like a retard. No matter how many more years you sit in this thread you will never convince a single person not to hate and reject pedoniggers. For all luciano goes around calling everyone impotent you might be the only person where that actually applies. You are truly an impotent faggot.
>>617514 >he probably got himself arrested because he believed you guys line of bullshit about how lolicon is totally exempt from all the moral indignation surrounding CP and you have nothing to worry about so long as you stick to drawings. I explicitly warned him about how his shitty opsec would get him into trouble like a year before he was arrested. >do you honestly believe you have no culpability whatsoever in people treating their attraction to children as if its nothing simply because all they choose to look at is drawings? Not any more than I would have culpability for enjoying murder fantasies in video games and having someone else go around murdering people. There is always some degree of culpability in every edgy piece of media. There is always some world where if no one said or did anything you didn't like that abuse or death might not occur. But society has essentially decided that basic freedoms are more important than baby proofing human expression. >or that if they shared my point of view instead that they wouldn't be in prison right now because they would've taken the proper steps to protect themselves knowing the reality of the situation? You're alluding to a world that doesn't exist. The overwhelming majority of anons consistently express to each other that they should increase their opsec. You're constructing a reality where everyone is circlejerking with each other and pretending like having a public and consistent identity on spyware platforms where you share images that are illegal in your country is totally sane and fine. Literally every single anon called him a fucking retard for engaging in the behavior that he did. Morality has absolutely nothing to do with it. You are delusional and you are impotent. Pedoniggers will never not be a laughing stock.
>>617525 >the pedo hysteric western world Anon, even in Japan if you vote Dems they treat you like scum.
>>617525 >can you provide a link? No. He posted elsewhere on on /v/. I have no idea where or when I gave him shit. >these aren't analogous at all. They are perfectly analogous. One is participating in murder fantasies and the other is participating in child molestation fantasies. If you're asking if I feel culpability in making people comfortable with looking at loli then yes. I take full culpability for that because that is my express goal. I do not feel culpable for peoples shitty opsec when it is also my express goal to get anons to learn basic security, privacy, and anonymity. The faggot used windows 7, discord, and google chrome. He was a complete and utter retard. >because society is more concerned with freedom? That is an inconsistency in how society treats things, which is bad. We treat fantasies about murder differently when we probably shouldn't. >you're all under a collective delusion and it was only a matter of time until one of you was forced to face the music. This can be applied to anything. You're just obsessed with applying it to loli because it suits your narrative. If he was arrested for hate speech what would that imply? That everyone who has ever said nigger is actively participating in an effort to systematically genocide everyone they don't like? People don't like loli and conflate it with pedophilia. This is not a secret. The fact that niggercattle treat loli like this doesn't actually mean anything. It informs how you should approach your optics and opsec, but it does not inform a moral position, merely a practical one.
>>617532 That's not true. The Liberal Democratic Party has ruled Japan for decades.
>>617540 Nigger fuck off, we all know what TOR is, and if we wanted that, we could go and get it, but we fucking dont, we wont join you, we dont want to have jackshit to do with you, kill yourself.
>>617540 For a lot of people who like loli, nothing can replace that. They just aren't the same thing. I know you think there's an absolute crossover but it's not so simple. If you love adult hentai, you won't necessarily see the same beauty in actual women, whether you're attracted to them or not. I think people should be more honest however you're not being entirely honest either, or maybe you are and you're just wrong. I have legitimately met gay men who like hentai women.
(9.12 KB 255x240 confused cat.png)

>there is a new board called >>>/retard/ Since when did this board came to be?
>>617598 it has been around for a while, it's owned by the former nonce BO of /b/
>>617598 do you guys even explore what other boards this website offers beyond /v/
(100.85 KB 793x700 should I have.jpg)

>>617598 It's an old board, that is currently high up on the list because somebody posted on it recently.
>>617601 Not that much.
>>617606 >somebody posted on it recently That's the weirdest part. There hasn't been a post in 8 days. Some fag made one at >>>/retard/1698 a moment ago, but it doesn't explain why the board has been so high in the list for a while.
>>617601 I try but I don't speak spanish so I end up just looking at the images.
>>617509 >The board is dead because the BO is a weird namefag. That has nothing to do with how active a board is and /delicious/ is quite active.
>>617601 I try to. I get lazy though and stick to /v/ a lot.
(747.54 KB 720x404 i dont.webm)

>>617601 Not really. If i want porn i can go to other websites and the non-porn boards are dead. I'll poke my head into /b/ on occasion but it's rare for anything there to catch my attention.
>>616731 >If your hypothesis was correct and it is your nature to be attracted to CIA agents lol
>>617568 >making someone feel so comfortable about something so that they feel no need to hide it is contradictory to making someone feel as though they need to hide it because of the dangers it poses. You are reaching into treating people like they are literally children with no agency with this line of argument. Basic opsec goes above and beyond even trying to hide things that are illegal. 99% of people don't want their online activities to impact their lives in any capacity. When you refuse to take the most basic of steps to ensure that then you are an idiot. No amount of trying to tip toe around issues and treat them like children will save them from their own incompetence. >all these post hoc rationalizations don't make a damn bit of difference when every time someone tries to correlate the dangers between CP and loli you call them retarded and censor them and say they're completely different things and theres nothing to worry about. I'll just assume you're conceding this point since you've really not made a decent argument against it. I get that you're an autistic stubborn retard that absolutely refuses to give an inch and your agenda is to deny everything all the time no matter what. Fortunately for me is that it makes it obvious how much of a delusional faggot you are. So you will forever remain an ineffectual retard who can't convince anyone of his inane positions. >nothing because there isn't some sitewide push from all the people in power here to force people into spouting hate speech. There doesn't need to be because hate speech is so universal here already. Hate speech is more universal on imageboards than loli's are. It's already normalized well beyond anything loli porn could even come close to. But of course this directly contradicts your entire narrative so you must deny it despite all evidence pointing in the exact opposite direction. It is absolutely hilarious interacting with someone who actually can't concede a single point even when they are faced with overwhelming evidence against their position. It's like interacting with a woman or a jew. You people are fucking bizarre. I do wonder what life must be like with a female oriented brain. Is it easier or harder to just deny everything that contradicts your world view? Probably easier but man you never know. I'm starting to think you people are suffering greatly.
>>617643 >plenty of people don't even know its illegal let alone in 2 more countries in the last year. Plenty of people don't run forums dedicated to the distribution of loli pornography and actively manage social media profiles in association with that forum. Not once did I state you need to use TOR to "get away" with the activities he was engaged with. The bare minimum is good enough for 99.99% of people. >is it though? Yes. Anyways it's clear you're just pretending to be retarded so I'm filtering you.
(145.58 KB 589x669 1363818072389.jpg)

this entire kerfuffle - >fag is sad and lonely and hates the fact that other fags aren't accepting him despite being "literally same", thinks we're acting "morally superior" >claims he's only presenting and justifying his arguments, that too using the same 3 points again and again >while simultaneously spamming cp, shitting up drawthreads, even other boards, trying to "own" us (and failing) action speaks louder than words as they say...
>>617652 You would think that he would give it up by now and get the message that noone likes him or wants him here, or anywhere else for that matter.
>noone likes him or wants him here, or anywhere else for that matter Pretty this is what motivates him to press further on with the shitposting.
>>617654 That's why I just report his posts all the time.
(12.54 MB 1280x720 nipah~ is freedom.MP4)

>>617568 >>617643 You're either being really retarded on purpose or just flat-out can't differentiate between fiction and reality a trait which can also be commonly attributed to normalniggers and leftists, no surprise. Is this a site where normalniggers, outside of sabotaging feds, frequent? No. Is it being encouraged to post fucking loli where normalniggers frequent? No. If the site's hosting services had a problem with loli, 8chan.moe would've been gone a long time ago and if they did, just find another uncucked providing service. Yes, you should feel comfortable to post fucking loli where it isn't banned, like 8kunt, and where it isn't illegal by some fucktard country's fucktard, thought policing polices. Polices which are at best arbitrary, stupid and most certainly agenda driven and should be overturned as they are something straight out of 1984. It's important to consider your opsec no matter where you are or what you post especially in this day and age but if anything else as innocuous as loli gets treated as some sort of online contraband, there would barely be any recognizable form of internet left. Your whole thought process is fucked upside down, it's not about tiptoeing around, playing guessing games until you find that warm, safe, little spot to shit in. Eventually, everything that's harmless is going to be conflated with something reviled and dangerous, like with Gamergate, what they're trying to do with the people who voted Trump and wrongfully conflating drawings with real life CP, to get that foot into the door of freedom of thought. It's always been about combating the absurd bullshit that uses these false pretenses to ruin people's lives and banning loli was always just a catalyst for something much larger. Stop being a fucking tool.
>>617659 I want to hurt you for writing like that. I want to fucking end your life.
(1.27 MB 1280x720 Ooh! Someone's salty!.mp4)

>>617652 What's up with the summerfags anyhow? Low-quality posting from people clearly not from this site is to be expected to some extent even with E3 cancelled, given >>>/hispachan/ refugees and the Buffalo redditard bringing his imitator ilk here to use this place as a backup dump for Hiroyukichan's shutdown, but holy shit is it bad. Like actual rapefugees from the latter half of the previous decade, they don't make any effort to contribute a meaningful presence, only spurting their dysentery from every pore and orifice. They make themselves really obvious with how every one of their posts reeks of originating from smudged touchscreens, maligned autocorrect algorithms and supposed character limits, or how they pine and constantly ask for "consensus" and spoonfeeding, or how they demonstrate a characteristic lack of judgment when it comes to filtering their thoughts and sentiments into threads. Holy shit, their OPs are awful (and they always have only one or two image files, of course). why aren't people calling out the cuckchan OPs yes, you should probably take a hint if reading this post riles you Man, ousting the janitor just for an April Fool's prank wasn't worth it. I don't even remember his moniker but he will be missed.
>>617671 >Man, ousting the janitor just for an April Fool's prank wasn't worth it. I don't even remember his moniker but he will be missed. tengoo
>>617601 Most of the other active boards are furry porn, cuck porn or in Spanish. >>617654 Anons need to ignore him, he's probably loving the attention. Had his original post in the draw thread been deleted with no replies this probably wouldn't have happened.
Motherfucker you can't even post the simple and factual statement that "boys have penises and girls have vaginas/vulvas" without someone on twitter trying to dox you and get you fired and unpersoned forever. Or fuck at some point one of the twittrtards might even show up and try to kill you. Twitter isn't merely a shithole, it's a hellhole and no sane person should ever post there for any reason or in fact even make an account there. Twitter is literally the digital branch of the Pandemonium. Nothing is innocuous on twitter or other social media but twitter in particular.
>why can't they post it on their twitter that has their phone number and real identity attached? Found your problem.
(102.48 KB 1280x720 toilet witch.jpg)

>>617660 Shove him in a toilet.
Stop deleting people's fucking posts, nigger. Stop it.
>>617671 It really feels like this place has been abandoned by its usual userbase or as usual, everyone's off since it's summer and will return by mid-September but it makes this place feel empty and abandoned. And the cuckchanners along with the rapefugee pacolocos isn't helping the situation either and I've had it with them.
(1.18 MB 480x360 into the toilet it goes.mp4)

>>617902 >shove him in a toilet POO IN THE LOO
delete /interracial/
(2.68 KB 300x100 another game banner.png)

New banner.
Mark a jewcy boy.
(1.94 MB 467x348 Mario_sick_and_tired.gif)

Anyone who doesn't start their posts with capital letters and structure posts where each sentence is its own line should be banned and deleted on sight. Remove them and you end up with a significantly better board, as they provide nothing of value and only shit up threads with extremely low quality posts. They're obvious outsiders as the only thing they do is shit up other threads now that they don't recieve the attention they used to from the meta and GG thread. Wojak/Soyjak is deleted out of obligation regardless and these fags are no different in what they represent and bring to the board.
Also clean up the drawthread, pedoniggers are shitting it up again.
(491.55 KB 1280x720 youre fucked up.webm)

>>624241 kille urself
>>623097 It applies to most tabletop board-based videogames, the AI is cheating and always reads your rolls because it's easier to program that than an entire AI subroutine to have the AI act like a player instead.
>>624241 >Anyone who doesn't start their posts with capital letters Rummor is special, don't worry about him.
(722.38 KB 800x800 get_out.jpg)

>>624280 I'm merely asking them to treat you like they'd treat any other cancer that came by the last several years.
(249.71 KB 500x500 ¬¬.gif)

>>624292 and id ask you to fuck off back to smuglo and also die pls
>>624241 OPs should follow these ruuruus but I'd be more ambivalent in applying them to regular posts, particularly those that actually contain some worthwhile information despite poor spelling.
>>624295 I know there's a lot of (just) criticism about the NES's limited color palette but on the other hand it did have the effect of help enforcing a certain look across all the games on the platform regardless of artstyle. Almost certainly wholy unintended but still. All of the early consoles and home computers had their own individual "look". Made them more distinctive.
To the ban appealer.
You've probably all noticed, but for the past 2 or 3 weeks there's been an anon bumping several bottom catalog threads every day with 0 effort posts like >>625779 , >>625778 , and >>625804 Usually I wouldn't care about necrobumping, I do it myself for threads I like, but he's been doing this regularly for awhile and it's become genuinely disruptive, pushing actually active threads down to below page 5 as well as making hard to tell what threads are actually active. This is probably bad for the board's long-term health, what are the mod's opinions on it? It's borderline spam. >>624521 Can you explain?
>>615154 This, but unironically.
(28.55 KB 754x356 ClipboardImage.png)

Oi Felbot! What the fuck?
>>624295 The fuck is wrong with Smugloli?
>>626574 I thought it was niggerpill at first. Looking at it again though i guess it isn't really niggerpill. I have restored it.
>>626580 Some anons don't like the auto meido.
>>626580 Overbearing rules that are the antithesis of being an image board.
>>626580 Aside from already mentioned rulefaggotry and automeido: fucking with discussion about sjweebs in animu/translation back when they were just 8/a/, partially responsible for the infinity next fiasco since the meido was basically DOSing the site to scan for grammar mistakes and consorting with cowniggers to make the webring.
>>626580 Most anons don't hate smug, they hate /a/ and the assorted f/a/ggotry that comes with the /a/uthoritarian state. /tg/ and /monster/ are alright but that's because Chrow and Aux are actually decent BOs.
>>626802 I'm mostly indifferent. But the mods there ban the entire onion address for the site if you use it to say something they don't like. They're pretty retarded.
You know, if you want me to stop posting wrongthink topics, maybe you should delete the wrongthink topic posts I'm replying to? Give me some real incentive to self-censor. In fact, I promise to stop remaking any part of my posts that reply to deleted posts. >>616318 >which means almost nothing because generally, yes, all human drawings are roughly in the shape of humans A primary argument that loli isn't pedo is that they don't have the proportions of real children. With the pedonigger's little silhouette ruse, he's essentially proven that to be false. That is, IF it's actually a competent trace and not some mediocre blob vaguely resembling the original silhouette as >>616907 says. I'd have to actually see the picture to verify, but since that's illegal, I've no choice but to listen and believe. >>616329 >only the people who are too delusional to be swayed by words remain on this board >I hope you realize that. The ironing of saying this while going on long diatribes to attempt to convince lolicons they like real children. It's like pottery >even the product of my own autism who had a far more nuanced opinion on this subject than me finally threw in the towel and fucked off when even his posts in this thread were being deleted. he was the last person I know of besides me that still browsed this board without buying into the bullshit. You mean (You) samefagging to agree with yourself? >>616335 >Literally doesn't matter, it doesn't make it CP >>616360 >Regardless, tracings are clearly not CP. You might want to doublecheck the law on that one, cuz. >>616394 >>616348 >the I would guess 20ish of you still here all agree with the cakekike and his bitch boys on virtually everything. This is the fate of all communities you know, without a constant influx of newfags. People will talk with eachother and weed out those they disagree with until only those in lockstep with the opinions they find most important remain. It's not unique to this site whatsoever, it's a product of human nature. The only solution is moving on to a bigger website for once, rather than a smaller one, even if that site is full of cancer. Go back to 4chan. >>616354 >>616363 No, you can't just trace and adult woman and give her anime eyes to make it a loli, let alone an adult male. Murai Renji proved that. His shit all looks weirdly proportioned as fuck, and especially the shoulders look really wide. To solve the pin-head issue, he just made the head bigger, but all that does it make it look more bobblehead-ish. Then it was later alleged by /delicious/ moderation that his non-bobble head works traced actual kids, and his art was re-banned from the board. >>616394 All it takes is one person every once in a while. You're just as much keeping him here as everyone else that replies to him. >>616405 >and are making lolicon just as illegal across the globe. Seems to me that lolicon is becoming more popular over time though, regardless of some cucked yuropoors and Canadians. I know Americans with no open interest in loli that didn't openly take issue with things like the loli scenes in Ishizoku Reviewers. The blackpilled narrative surrounding loli just doesn't fly. I think I'm also seeing less and less popular anti-loli videos on jewtube as well. The only place I ever see large complaints about it are Twatter and some SJW circles. >>616433 Stop samefagging you retard. Everyone knows it's easy as fuck to have multiple bypasses. I have three different tabs with different bypasses right now on the same browser, .se, .moe, and the onion. >>616449 Unteralterbach has artistic integrity. >>616468 >Banning people that mostly only post in the meta thread would improve board quality >>616483 >you don't actually think that provides any kind of legal protection do you? Acid genuinely does, because he's genuinely retarded. >>616494 It's literally just one fag and everyone else arguing with him. >>616502 >if they can criminalize what you're allowed to look at then they can justify the censorship of almost anything. Laws against viewing "sensitive" government documents were passed long before laws against CeePee in particular. Your degenerate wank material being banned is merely a sidenote to them. They achieved their more important goal of making it illegal to possess, view, or distribute proof of their corruption long ago, and banning kiddie pronz was no step in that process. >>616520 >LauraB06_007.jpg lol >>616521 >It makes my skin crawl seeing that disgusting creature >Every cell in my body is sending warning signals to avoid the deformity. <not the skeleton So you hate seeing Laura with all your being, yet you still clicked the spoiler despite knowing what the filename referred to? Sounds like my lady doth protest too much. >>616635 >Touch grass, incel. Uh oh, folks. Tumblr has entered the chat! >>616672 >nobody can be born exclusively attracted to drawings so the only explanation for it is some kind of cognitive dissonance like neckbeards with a case of sour grapes. Isn't that just you finding something that doesn't fit your worldview, so you reframe to conform to your preconceived notions about sexual attraction rather than every considering the possibility that your initial premise is wrong? Doesn't sound very scientific to me. >>616680 >Except babies, infants and toddlers don't have any desire to fuck anything (or be fucked) you retard, sexual attraction in general has nothing to show at birth or early age, sexuality is most commonly developed around puberty, either shortly before, during, or after By that logic, a butterfly's ability to fly is nurture, not nature, just because it wasn't born with wings. Inherent traits don't have to be immediately extant upon birth to be considered inherent. >>616765 HA! Nice blog, faggot. >>616801 >heres what started it all as a parting gift. >File not found Bruuuh. >>617517 LOL. Pedonigger got p@wn3d.
>>626806 You have no rights, nobody cares about you.
>>626809 I love you too anon-kun.
>>626809 Back in my day, we shamed and bullied torniggers.
(143.56 KB 471x214 Totally not malware.png)

>>626820 Back in your day it was cool to dox yourself by posting your own underage dick pics.
(66.19 KB 800x473 irishvirus.jpg)

>>626821 bold of you to assume the primary form of identification in the world is ones cock
>>626843 Yet they're just awkward doodles and nowhere near as instantly recognizable as this "perfectly replicated, traced anatomy" to anyone else, without you having to exaggerate in such great detail, bragging about how you somehow effectively awakened anons to their repressed urges or some shit. Obviously it's not as competent of the job that only you felt it was, while getting high off your own pedo farts.
>>626843 Oh wow. They're actually decent and clearly retain form. Sadly, archive only saves thumbs. I almost thought I saved the R. Mika one already until I realized it was fresh from the recent thread. It's definitely the sexier one. Not a huge fan of the Viv, and the figure is kind of marred by the black spats when it's only a thumbnail. The way >>616907 described it, I figured they'd being blobs of such poor quality that no one would even like them, but there's positive replies from high post count IDs. >>626908 Traced CP is still traced CP. It's still illegal, whether it's just the main contours of a child's proportions, or it contains those nasty 3DPD wrinkles and pores and details of the knees and elbows that are obvious signs of a trace. Nobody is attracted to knees and elbows. So yeah, he's not quite :^) right. Lolicons do like how real kids look, when you take away all the ugly parts.
>>626916 So lolicons like the way real kids look if they aren't real and don't exhibit traits that real children possess? Do straight men like the way men look as long as you take away all the parts that they don't like about how they look? Do I like how hamburgers taste as long as you take away the meat?
(1.17 MB 353x300 huh.gif)

How is this complete nothingburger drama still going
>>626920 >So lolicons like the way real kids look if they aren't real and don't exhibit certain traits that real children possess? Basically, it's the same as just preferring anime tiddies to 3DPD tiddies, except there's no stigma against calling yourself heterosexual for liking anime tiddies, and the the usual arguments will follow from here, so there's not really any purpose to further discussion. >>626908 >Yet they're just awkward doodles You say this like people didn't like them. That second one is noice.
>>626924 CP isn't a nothingburger. Faggot posted illegal traces of CP in the drawthread and archived it here >>626843 . Posting, archiving before deletion, then reporting illegal material is a common tactic by (((Esther))) types to take down small imageboards.
>>626924 Because although Mark will ban you for literally nothing. For some reason endlessly debating whether or not loli is cp is allowed.
>>626921 References can be used and created without the exploitation of children. Using references based on exploitative material is unethical. You should seek to avoid doing it because exploiting children is bad. We live in a world where CP is relatively abundant, which is bad and unfortunate. The reality of that is that there is a lot of material out there that was probably heavily influenced and referenced by certain artists. Those artists engaged in unethical behavior. Beyond that the ethics are blurred to a point where they aren't worth attempting to navigate. >>626926 >certain traits That qualifier doesn't change anything. The point is that if these traits are essentially unattainable in children is someone actually attracted to children? If children can not physically possess these traits does it not cease to be semantically sound to conflate an attraction to those traits with an attraction to children? Otherwise you're just allowing your language to fall into absurdity where nothing can ever truly be defined.
>>626931 >Beyond that the ethics are blurred to a point where they aren't worth attempting to navigate. Sounds like flipping the table because you give up. >That qualifier doesn't change anything. It does. >The point is that if these traits are essentially unattainable in children is someone actually attracted to children? Would you call someone who likes anime titties non-heterosexual because real women can't attain that beauty? Would you call faggots fantasizing about sucking cartoon dick, non-faggots because real cock can't be that aesthetic? Like I said. From here on it's usual debate, and there's nothing to be said that hasn't already been said, dismissed, ignored, fallaciously argued against and so on. This is the wall of this discussion. Go call the janitors and report all my posts now. I know you or someone else is just itching to nuke my wrongthink.
>>626926 >noice kazu is that you? >>626927 every drawthread gets archived by the person who makes the OP which wasn't me in either case. >>626931 >Using references based on exploitative material is unethical if you can't tell the difference then saying that doesn't mean much does it? you'll still fap to every sexy looking loli you come across totally oblivious to its potentially unethical origins.
>>626927 I've seen people use freely available cg models for reference. how do we know its not just that?
>>626937 You don't unless you ask the pedonigger to post the CP and verify it yourself by breaking the law twice. All you can do legally is listen and believe. Just like with Murai Renji being re-banned on /delicious/, even though the first time it happened, the mods decided it was a mistake and he didn't actually trace CP, only to reverse that reversal later.
>>626941 >That is the pragmatic non-ideologically driven position on the issue. You're right. I misunderstood. >But because you're an autisitic pedonigger Nuh-uh. That's this fag >>626936 . I'm just open minded. >I would just caveat that by saying that the majority of men jerking it to yaoi porn are probably also attracted to men. Don't you think it's weird the double standard you apply here? Does it not tickle the edges of cognitive dissonance in the slightest? As I said though, I'm not that pedonigger ideologue who won't budge even when presented a reasonable argument. I don't think liking loli and liking CP are the same, and I don't think like yaoi and gachimuchi is the same. But I do think both of the former are pedophilia, one just less so, and both the latter are faggotry, one just less so. I like plently of things purely in fiction that I hold nothing but pure disgust for in reality myself, after all. It would be inconsisten with my own personal experiences to believe it's not possible. >It means that if you're aware of your ethics breach you should cease and desist or remedy the issue. Pedonigger doesn't care about ethics, he cares about proving lolis are pedos.
>just deleting those 3 posts what did he mean by this?
>>626954 I don't even know what child actress they're idolizing anymore I'd never fit in.
>>626952 It means he deleted reported posts due to their "clear rulebreaking content" without viewing the thread for context. Basic moderation mistake. Mark needs to train his janitors harder.
>>626957 yeah it has been pretty obvious that the only engagement they have with this board is through the mod menu. I posted this days ago and its still there despite violating the 4chan tier rules here because nobody bothered to report it. >>624096
>>626962 Doesn't matter that it violates the rules. Images like that one are grandfathered in. Just like UAB parody comparison chart.
>>626963 >Just like UAB parody comparison chart post it I dare you.
>>626938 >Murai Renji how is he any different then sakimichan? (her old style) In my local art class I see students that can pull off much more "photo realistic" images from imagination (or reference) then anything I've ever seen that guy produce.
(36.53 KB 671x372 UABanned.png)

>>626967 >how is he any different then sakimichan? Literally who? Elaborate. >>626970 Look what the mods pedos took from you by being rulecucks lawbreaking faggots. It's now unpossible to post proof UAB parodied real girls without breaking global rules. This would have never happened if the site only followed the letter of the law and nothing more banned the pedofags in the first place. :^) >>626931 >You should seek to avoid doing it because exploiting children is bad. And how would one go about avoiding any materials sourced from exploitative materials? The only way to verify such is to break the law yourself. Otherwise, any and all "seeking to avoid" such materials is based purely on hearsay and paranoia. For instance, for all we know, those so called traced images in the drawthread by that pedonigger aren't traces of real girls at all, but just other loli images. Unless you just limit yourself to only the most cartoony & impossibly proportioned lolis, like say, most of /delicious/ with their obsession with ugly Calarts porn, there is no reasonable method of avoiding unethical materials.
>>626931 >>627351 Sorry, I misread your sentence. You said seek to avoid creating material using exploitative material, and I misread it as seeking to avoid materials created from exploitative materials. However, I recall you did say something about "Once you know it's made using exploitative materials, you can avoid it" in one of your deleted posts, so my post still stands as a response to that notion.
>>627351 >Unless you just limit yourself to only the most cartoony & impossibly proportioned lolis, like say, most of /delicious/ with their obsession with ugly Calarts porn /loli/ can't even get the last laugh as /delicious/ takes the spot of the most virtuous pedos by only fapping to ugly calarts porn so horrific it couldn't possibly have existed in the real world. lolicons completely and utterly BTFO for all time.
>>627392 What happened to /delicious/ anyway? They used to be the 4th or 5th fastest board here, now they're sitting at a cozy 0 PPH.
>>627485 I was wondering that myself. You would think with all the Latinos here that it and /sm/ would be 3rd and 4th most active boards.
>>627485 moving here happened. having a board here for that kind of thing now is like having a kosher deli in nazi germany.
>>627485 I assume the same thing that happened to every other happy legal community. Vamp. Fucker makes Mark look reasonable.
>>627502 >Vamp.
>>627485 It was mostly propped up the BO and mod activity. BO and mods stopped using the board and it slowed down. For small boards they usually live and die by 1 or 2 people actively using them.
>>627550 Ah, I see. I never used the board because I fucking hated the mods, a bunch of attention whoring namefags who clearly were not imageboard regulars. Looks like they drove off the userbase and then abandoned the board once they got sick of talking to themselves.
>>627560 Yes I tend to steer away from boards where the mods or BO namefag a lot.
shits fucking dying.
why tf did like 7 different altchans just die at once?
>>627615 Cuckflare.
>>627617 that explains alot but also nothing.
>>627550 What this guy said. /delicious/ always tried to look active, but it was almost all just the mods dumping shit, whether they liked that shit or not, to keep their board "alive". They were dedicated too, for a very a long time, and still barely ever get organic activity. A prime example of how "take Y to board Y, instead of offtopic posting here on board X,and then board Y will won't be dead" doesn't actually work. "It's dead because you're not using it" is really "it's dead because everyone isn't using it". Good luck getting a bunch of anonymous faggots to co-operate on increasingly small and divived boards and imageboards.
>>627672 Plenty of anons are delusional in thinking that creating a board means that they will attract an audience, when almost all board growth was the exact reverse in practice. A critical audience must exist first, for a board to gain life out of pure necessity. See: almost all cuckchan exoduses, early /animu/, the spics right now, and so on. I'd wager a good part of the reason why no new/non legacy boards really take root here and pretty much everywhere on the webring, is ironically because hotpockets suppress the offtopic before it becomes an actual problem and necessitating a new board.
>>627718 There aren't really the numbers for any new boards either.
(261.48 KB 850x1160 Asuka redbeach.jpg)

>>627672 >>627718 >>627722 You guys might be on to something here. The evolutionary progression theory of small imageboards... No shit, I'm going to put some thought into this.
>>627728 The only way out is through, Acid. If you want numbers, you'll need to force some hands into action. The supreme goal is to unite the webring, right? Well some webring sites are currently content in their backwater shitholes. They won't leave unless forcefully uprooted. Luckily for you, they all know this site exists. You have that benefit over most of them. You think anyone from another imageboard would flee to anon.cafe or zchan if it went down? Probably not, those websites are relative no-names. But 8chan has history. And when the walls come falling down, they may come here begrudgingly, but they will come here regardless. Either that or they will admit their weakness and return to cuckchan with all the cucks and the cuckcucks, exonerating you and your cause. Proving the faggots complaining about you would rather have 1984 tier moderation and guaranteed feds than to admit you were right. t. knower
>>627728 I still think the webring should be reached out to again, at least give anon.cafe and PLW another try, and here's an idea I just thought up recently. Go to the 8chan/webring (((Steam))) groups and message anyone and everyone from therem and let them know of this site's existence, let them know its a bit slower than it used to be, but show them shit like drawfag OC or whatever OC this place has made (no, not that shitty new logo) and they'll at least have a chance of coming back. I'll link them later as I'm working right now but there are literally hundreds to even thousands of people on those groups. Might even be worth recruiting a few cuckchanners if its done one or two at a time so they can assimilate without shitting up the place, rather than too many all at once. >>627731 >they all know this site exists not all of them, there are occasional newfags especially on zzz.
>>627728 Look at the spic boards, they didnt just create a whole lot of boards on the first day, they started with a main board and a couple of regional ones and as activity is gained they go and create new boards.
>>627728 8chan got a boost by the drama with gg on 4chan. That was a huge install base, fast enough to generate content and feel "alive". Most anons will prefer to browse legacy boards, the outliers being shit like /b2/, /vg/ got bigish but it also had a legacy name itself. >>627740 The spic boards used to be an entire board itself, they had a userbase.
>>627738 >I still think the webring should be reached out to again The webring is hot garbage and I say this as someone who regularly uses webring boards. They've made it abundantly clear that they want nothing to do with this site and I don't think we gain anything by associating with them.
>>627738 Most of those newfags on zzz are just 4chan crossposters who got brought to the webring by one of the various streams on cytube
>>627738 >I still think the webring should be reached out to again, at least give anon.cafe and PLW another try, and here's an idea I just thought up recently. Last time I checked Sportschan still had 8moe on their webring list, which means that every other major site (zzz, smug, alog, plw but mainly because there's no admin to fix the site's multiple bugs) purposely blocked 8moe on their end. They don't want to be associated with this site, and I'm sure no amount of changes done on 8moe's part will change it.
>>627777 > purposely blocked 8moe on their end. They don't want to be associated with this site, and I'm sure no amount of changes done on 8moe's part will change it Because someone didn't properly implement the webring plugin and kept making excuses.
(36.60 KB 680x383 Mothman is pissed.jpg)

>>627785 Absolute bullshit and you know it, go suck seagull's cock retard.
>>627786 There was never any proper webring implementation on this site.
>>627788 The fucking board list, lazy nigger.
>>627785 >>627788 Is that why Sportschan and PLW were kicked out for not even having zzzchan on their webrings? Oh wait
>>627789 Exactly, you are just proving my point.
>>627785 >>627788 That always seemed like an extremely petty excuse to me. Oh no, you had to click the board list to see webring boards, how terrible. The real reason is dramafags being salty about Mark and Acid and deciding to fracture the webring over it. Frankly, any site filled with such dramafags is not worth associating with anyway.
>>627789 Ironically even 8moe's semi-broken webring function still displayed zzz's shit, more than PLW and sportschan did. Dramaniggers who blindly take zzz's side literally did not pay attention to anything acid did.
>>627795 >>627794 >muh dramaniggers that holier than thou attitude from 8moe is what killed any hope of restoration
>>627795 What's more, iirc when 8moe was let back on the webring for a few hours, there was a rush to get the webring function to be working better, but then they kicked us off again.
>>627796 >muh holier than thou Ironic coming from one of your kind.
>>627796 >responds to smoking gun proof with goalpost shifting How embarrassing
>>627794 >That always seemed like an extremely petty excuse to me. It is a petty excuse. Pettiness is a hallmark of the webring and an excellent reason to disassociate ourselves from them to the greatest extent possible. All they ever bring to the table is pettiness and dramafagging.
I browse zzz and 8. No i dont care about webring bullshit, I go where the anons are. Simple as. Still butthurt fatchan died.
>>627802 yes, this site and its superior dog bukkake, nigger cuck porn, and spic boards should never be associated with something as awful as the likes of the webring, how could it ever recover from associating itself with a place where there's a bit of autistic arguing and drama, that sounds horrible
>>627813 >These grapes are so fucking sour, it's not like anybody would want to eat them anyway
>>627799 B-but you're a fed!!! Acid while working at his store did business with a fed, so Acid is a fed by osmosis!!!! A true based redpilled anon would refuse to sell to a fed!!!! Blacked.gov!!!! >>627813 Le this! 4chan before the exodus never had any degenerate boards, and neither did the OG 8chan!!! Handsome men? Cute boys? Never heard of those boards. He who maintains the moral high ground shall be the king of the webring! Long live zzzchan!
(78.26 KB 796x556 1422737524435.jpg)

I sense D&C niggers replying to eachother. >>627731 >You think anyone from another imageboard would flee to anon.cafe or zchan Pretty sure they have been doing so. Especially zchan, which has regularly added new boards. >>627764 >we
>>627876 You have a serious stick up your ass about zzzchan and defending Flaccid huh
>>627806 Finally someone with some common fucking practice
>>627907 yeah and each new board has been deader than the last. How did that /pol/ work out for ya?
>>627922 I don't know. I only use their /v/ and /site/, the latter only to complain about Sturgeon range banning tor nodes from the clearnet url.
(2.71 MB 1730x1147 Sad Sundae.png)

>>627907 >which has regularly added new boards >/a/(the board a nigger shat up /animu/ for) is a failure due to sperg BO on its very first day and no real will to go there. >/vhs/(now replaced with bmn) is either a mirror here or vice versaI dont really care either way, strange they didn't throw shitfits over it when both boards shared the same name and stream schedules. >/pol/ is DoA due to shitters making it a /b/. >/tg/ is DoA due to sperg BO and no one wanting to leave Smug/tg/. >/k/ fled there before going back to .cafe in a month or two. >Only success is /japan/ and that's due to board drama and its most of its activity is likely its BO and autistic /cow/ niggers with their vendeta. I'd say it hasn't happened for real yet, with the most successful board created being /2hu/, and even that one is successfull as the average anon.cafe board that isn't compltely dead yet. I do not care where they go as long as they stay alive and keep themselves safe and cancer free. I just want the webring to prosper or at least survive and be fun for as long as possible. Except /cow/ and /tv/, they reduce the standart IQ of the whole planet with their existance. >>627922 Lowercase fags prove themselves subhuman yet again.
(57.71 KB 600x600 srs bsns.jpg)

>>627806 >>627911 90% of people really don't care, I remember anons trying to start up shit with tvch claiming schizo shit about them attacking us even though Mark and Gahoole are friends. Thankfully that went nowhere. I believe it's a group of maybe 15-30 people involved in all of this, probably teenagers. Notice how you never see this kind of talk outside of the meta thread? Webring drama is so fucking stupid and it's always over the pettiest shit from people who take the internet more seriously than real life. Then you've got the best for last, the people who come on here just to blackpill. >the site is dead! >the site is dying! >the site is dead! OK, why are you here? Nobody here seems to care, threads go ahead normally and people talk about vidya. I don't get the point of this kind of arguing either. People have been claiming 8chan is dead for eight years now, and while we're certainly smaller than we were at the height of the internet hate machine days, 8moe's userbase has actually quadrupled since 2020. So beyond being pointless it's not even true. Some people want to waste their time in the weirdest way. Maybe it's just a really method form of trolling?
>>627931 >8moe's userbase has actually quadrupled since 2020. A whooping 12 anons :^)
>>627929 >no one wanting to leave Smug/tg/. Well why would you? Chrow is an excellent BO.
>>627934 I've heard good things about /tg/ for example, they dont use the meido, which is basically the biggest problem with smug, which is a good sign right off the bat.
>>627907 >I sense D&C niggers replying to eachother. Nah, it's the usual childish tribalism you can find everywhere in internet. Everyone has a favorite site, and their subconscious mind makes them defend their choices with teeth and nails or else they may feel like they made a mistake. >>627931 >Notice how you never see this kind of talk outside of the meta thread? That's because mods are relatively good at nuking metadrama that occurs outside of this thread (and the GG threads).
>>627931 >8moe's userbase has actually quadrupled since 2020. Are you taking this number from just before or just after the mass influx of spics?
(1.70 MB 360x360 Press_B_to_doubt.gif)

>>627931 >Mark and Gahoole are friends Gahoole shit-talked him and this site on Kiwifarms when a thread got made and they sperged out over /pol/ where the OP was a /cow/ copypaste. Which I'm 100% sure was made by a ZZZigger because this site was allowed back on the webring since the 8kun documentary, the timing allows no other conclusion. >>627934 Never said they have reason, only that of all "migrations" and new boards that happened to ZZZ only one really worked, same with any new board that isn't /b/ or /v/. >>627937 Also because no other thread really has it be really relevant, actual videogames have little to do with autistic board drama by niggers who take this shit and their street-shitter javascript way too seriously.
Everybody says, >meta drama bad, just liek use the sites you like that are active until something happens that fucks up everyone's shit a la Gaymergayte or the 8kunt lolipocalypse, and then everyone goes >You should have seen this coming if you paid any attention who ran the website(s) you use There is no winning, so I choose the lazy and inconsistent option and just ignore metadrama unless something piques my interest, like Acid doing something extremely bulliable, such as posting his BLACKED fetish.
>>627950 Meant to be directed at >>627806 >>627911 >>627931 and others holding such sentiments.
>>627931 Webring dramafaggotry has no place on 8chan.moe, partly due to the fact that the site isnt even considered to be on the webring but also due to the fact that this site has transcended such petty shit. Unlike other webring imageboards, this site has a healthy populace (though it could be better, its far more active than even the most active webring sites) and it is essentially self-preservative. Plus the site really doesnt need meta drama to bring the PPH up whereas some sites which I wont mention thrive upon it as their sole source of any major PPH
(46.57 KB 640x458 Sleep.jpg)

>>627965 Why is the webring pushed so much? Back in oldschool 8chan.co/net it didn't even exist and we were doing just fine, better than fine even. This is just bureaucracy bullshit but for imageboards, nothing but herdniggers trying to find a way to wave their dicks around powertripping and trying to be some sort of faux-organization, as one anon put it, a digital HOA.
>>627968 >Back in oldschool 8chan.co/net it didn't even exist Why do you think that was? Fucking idiot
>>627965 Ey anon i come from Hispachan. Can you please explain to me what the "webring" means? Is an alien concept for me
>>627970 Dont worry your pretty little head over it, Juan. It's best if you dont acknowledge it since it will crumble soon enough. Like all ideas originating from Hotwheels.
>e-whore discussion in the share thread gets deleted <racemixing discussion in the GG thread is fine >>627391 >>627641 >>627752 >>627844 >>627845 >>627859 >>627927 >>627942 >Mark and Gahoole are friends I think there's a picture of Mark headlocking Gahoole somewhere.
>>627969 Was it because we were all under one roof? It's a pretty stupid idea regardless, make it all one site or there's always going to be people having turfwars, no different from board vs board drama.
>>627970 When the OG 8chan died, anons set up a series of bunker sites, the webring is a lose confederation of IBs that link with each other and organize a bit.
>>627974 in order to make it all one site you kind of have to allow everyone and nobody here can handle that.
>>627970 The webring is an automated link exchange between all the imagebaords that are descended from the original 8chan: smuglo.li, anon.cafe, prolikewoah, zzzchan, tvch, julay and here. Also technically otterchat and sportschan too and possibly a few others.
>>627979 >you would have to allow everyone But we do? >well not cp posting pedos your discriminatory jerks! Oh. Yeah not illegal content obviously though.
>>627970 The webring is a group of imageboards that use an extension to display all members' boards in a single list, in order to make it easier for users to "travel" between boards and discover sites and boards beyond those they frequent. 8moe used to be part of the webring, but for various reasons (the extension worked poorly and the hundreds of 8moe boards flooded the lists, fart-related drama on 8moe, drama between staff of some webring sites and those of 8moe) it was "banned" without being allowed to return. >>627973 1. The entire biGGay thread is themed after racemixing with black girls. 2. The biGGay thread gets a pass with off-topic stuff because its users throw large tantrums when mods attempt to moderate it and their posts are removed.
>>627979 Begone diddler!
>>627974 > make it all one site It has been tried several times after 8chan died and not a single one lasted for one reason or another. The fact that this site is still up somehow shouldn't surprise you, it only remains up because of its small size.
>>627985 > it only remains up because of its small size. Id argue its mostly because the site uses a lot of redundancy and being hosted in moldavia.
(307.21 KB 2000x1126 Lost at sea forever.png)

>>627995 >in the years this site has been going. There's no way this site has been going for years. 8chan died just yesterday, man.
(8.18 MB 720x544 8chan memories.webm)

>>627997 Why did you have to go and make me sad, anon? ;_;
Where are the deletion logs? I want to know why one post of mine was deleted but not the other.
>>628095 Heh. I remember my first time here. Oh you poor newfag.
>>628095 Index page, book in the top right. And the reason is vols = fags; don't expect consistency or decency.
>>628116 >the vols did this Anon the logs show kazu dismissing two reports and doing nothing today. That single deletion wasn't a vol. Wasn't even Mark. Look for yourself.
(14.01 KB 1345x180 mark.png)

>>628117 >Wasn't even mark Huh?
>>628117 well what fucking post then nigger? im not psychic, i dunno what youre talking about, and odds are i dont even have the thread open so if i go look for it the post will just be absent
>>627785 >>627788 If we did not have a "proper" webring implementation, no LynxChan site does. We used the exact same addon that Julay and Cafe use to this day. The only meaningful changes were a fix for 0 PPH displaying as ??? and all requests were routed through Tor. The addon was simply not designed for sites taking advantage of unlimited board creation. It did no re-sort the boards list to include webring boards, nor account for multiple pages. nor handle sites having multiple domains. These were my main issues with it, and I think many users would say the same. But there exists no alternative implementation for LynxChan, so the choice was a broken addon as a starting place or no addon at all. I was rather hoping we could work with the other sites to make improvements together, and that joining would facilitate collaborative improvements.
>>628153 Make a BoardRing, it'll be nice to see which threads in the overboard have been bumped recently, or maybe add a notif bar and the ability to follow threads instead, that would be cool too
(1.83 MB 2147x1488 megamanstupidbaby.png)

>>628153 I'm just spitballing here, but what about making it so only the top 20/30 8chan boards are inserted in the Webring and all the other ones are either ignored or their stats muddled together in an "/other/" board? Could it be possible to modify the plugin so that it only counts a certain number of boards? That would give the likes of Smug no excuse to keep us out, as the site is not flooding the webring or at least no more than what the other websites are doing, at the same time it could be used to mask boards that are more prone to raids like /b/ or the extreme fetishes.
>>628155 One of the new BOs has asked for a live post update counter, and this would be necessary as a first step towards implementing that. One of the nice things about the webring API was that it provided latest posts and data on when a board was last updated. Normally LynxChan doesn't really expose that. I might poke Stephen about a latest posts API that standardizes it, just because I don't like developing the frontend to be reliant on addons. Usually the addons exist to support an optional frontend feature, or to make things easier for no-JS users. >>628158 Entirely possible, and was already on my list of intended improvements. Please understand, we're talking major re-architecting to fix some assumptions the addon makes about the site. The addon has to touch on some delicate parts of the engine's code, which could bring down the entire engine if an error is thrown in a bad place. It's not the sort of thing that can be quickly patched, nor rewritten from scratch. Over a year ago, it was in my top three tasks. But as it stands right now, I can't spend weeks ironing out bugs for an addon in the hopes that maybe I will just happen to fix some issue that other sites have. We had channels of communication open to the other sites' administrations and not one of them voiced an issue. If the other sites want to give a concrete "if you do this, we'll re-add you" list, that's somewhere to start and it would open a dialogue. But we've been the only ones making an effort to meet halfway, and given the cold response to even the most generous of offers, we're now assuming that the issue is not technical and has nothing to do with content. If it did, it would be easy to say so and clear the air. Seems clear at this point that a double-standard exists. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter: if the decision on who can join is arbitrary and the decisions made don't need to follow stated rules nor have a transparent enforcement and appeals process then the entire "open community" premise is just set dressing. When you start making up rules but refuse to state what exactly they are the entire situation just becomes Kafkaesque. We have an entire thread on /site/ dedicated to clarifying stances for the sake of transparency to avoid that scenario. My focus is on improving this site. If I can write an updated webring addon, great. But I'm not going prioritize it over actual features just to receive the cold shoulder. Our inbox is, and has always been, open and we're willing to collaborate with other site owners as we have in the past. But after two years of making entreaties and offering to meet at least halfway, I think the ball is in their court.
>>628159 Do you play with your butt while looking at porn?
>>628158 >That would give the likes of Smug no excuse to keep us out The pathetic thing is that you probably actually believe that. >at the same time it could be used to mask boards that are more prone to raids like /b/ or the extreme fetishes. Sounds like a good enough excuse right there. Don't ask me to explain how that makes sense, because it doesn't.
>>628340 you mean like a page that tells you what the rules are? what are you stupid? how are they supposed to delete whatever they want if they actually told you what you aren't allowed to post?
>>628340 >Has this place been infiltrated by ResetEra? /v/esetera has always been a cucked shithole full of reeeing faggots.
>>628340 >nigger shitting up the thread with bullshit based on unofficial (((fandom))) social media accounts <claim the deleted shit wasn't what it was
>>628159 No one cares about the webring, even webring boards. It is not something anyone actually interfaces with to discover sites or boards. It does not generate any activity. There a million more productive things to spend time and energy on. >>628357 You can always make a board and moderate better.
>>628365 Nigger how can you be so useless at pretending not to be you?
>>628369 >There are multiple "niggerpills" No, youre just useless.
>>628373 You were literally posting fan wiki posts as "sources" of the they/them, people see your shit coming from a mile away.
>>628369 if this board was run like this in 2014 during the anti-sjw era everyone bringing up the crazy shit coming out of universities and the worrying trend it presents would be banned for "concern trolling" and everyone would've been assured everything is totally fine. not sure what changed over the years to turn this place into a delusional fantasyland full of coping faggots but here we are.
>>628389 >People that pretend like old /v/ was somehow better/less moderated than blacked.moe /v/ are only exposing themselves as newfags. it was better just by virtue of mark being one kike and there being thousands of us. even if he was just as bad as he is now from the beginning which I didn't see personally your chances of actually feeling the effects of it were slim to none. >Now he has zero people defending any of his moderation decisions so he's actually held somewhat accountable. in what way is he or his jannies held to account for anything they do? have you forgotten about kazus little stunt as a global mod where he nuked a bunch of boards he didn't like and yet hes still here moderating like nothing happened? they can do whatever the fuck they want and not be held accountable for it because they know theres nobody waiting in line to replace them and so they can leverage their willingness to do it for free to get away with anything.
>>628369 >multiple "niggerpills" Waste of autism. You better be getting paid for all this.
>>628398 >meta threads didn't exist this is just gaslighting at this point.
>>628400 its like I said a delusional fantasyland full of coping faggots. don't you know mark is a great and accountable moderator now and everything is fine? there are literally dozens of us how could anything be wrong?
>>628400 i mean, there USED to be the /metav/ board but the fat faggot was too lazy to look at two boards at once
(534.82 KB 537x537 032563.png)

God damn this nigger is upset, all because his shitposts featuring random faggot twitter posts got nuked.
>>628404 >no argument >herdnigger grammar, refuses to capitalize anything >strawman out the ass Man you faggots are hilarious to shit on. I hope you guys never leave these threads and keep obsessively opening them every day so I can have a nonstop source of people to smack around and embarrass. Between the herdniggers shitting themselves, Acid being a retarded faggot, and Mark arbitrarily banning people for not liking nintendo games I have an infinite supply of losers to bully. Herdniggers can't even make Mark look bad. In their attempts they just make him look even better. Just leave bullying the cakekike to people that know what they're talking about you stupid fucks.
>its this fag again my goodness, he just doesn't give up does he.
>>628416 >pedonigger babble Man you guys are so fucking boring. It's just a cycle through the same talking points every day.
>>628418 >no argument aren't you supposed to be assuring mark that he isn't a pedophile? you aren't fulfilling your assigned role as his therapy animal.
>>628420 So did we just pivot away from the argument about the current moderation having more or less accountability then? The second you hit a wall it's just onto the next thing like you're an NPC going through a dialogue tree? Then rinse and repeat tomorrow? I'm going to keep it real with you my man this is not healthy. For me it's fun banter but I think you really need to either put more effort in or get another hobby. This level of dry repetitiveness can't be good for the mind. It needs stimulus. Just going through the motion of the same generic template posts because you know they get responses is unbelievably lame. I think I need to write a guide or something for herdniggers. They really suck at their own game and it's just so fucking boring.
>>628422 you were the one who told me to stop bullying mark because you're apparently so much better at it. even though you're only still here because he hasn't made a point of getting rid of you because you're one of his useful idiots that tells him exactly what he wants to hear. what exactly puts you in a better position to bully him?
>>628425 >herdniggers when they run down their dialogue tree
>>628426 calling me a herdnigger for example plays into his idea of everyone who hates him being an outsider that just hates him for no good reason when in reality the hatred comes from within his own former userbase. but you help him delude himself into thinking hes doing nothing wrong by labeling everyone opposed to him as a herdnigger. thats why of the thousands of people that used to use his board you're still here because you run defense for him.
>>628428 I'm sorry did you forget to include the argument to the previous discussion or are we still pivoting?
>>628429 how can he be held accountable when hes surrounded himself with people like you?
>>628431 >still no argument Okay I'm closing the thread now this is boring.
>>628433 and to think I was about to take pointers on bullying from someone who just got bullied out of a thread.
Let me post god damn it. >>628378 >Allow everything under sun except pedoniggers <If this was done in 2014, you'd all be pro-SJW Why don't you just turn your kiddie diddling ass into the police already? It's clear you live a hollow life of doing nothing but posting non-arguments to people who wouldn't listen even if you had an argument in a place you hate that was never your home in the first place.
Russian tranny says what?
>>628494 hi ;)
>>628378 >>628393 >>628404 >>628428 Why are you still here? There are at least 3 other /v/syou could be happily posting on and forget all about Mark and Acid and yet you come back here every day and piss and moan about how this site is run. You're free to leave. Go.
Question, why does mark sound like he has a lisp? Whenever he talks he sounds like he has a hard time making coherent sentences, he contorts his upper lip and it's weird
>>628507 He's really fucking fat, and it labors his breathing and speech.
>>628510 So if he lost weight his speech would improve? Like I feel having a conversation with him irl would tire him out, he thounds like heth having a vewy hardth time thrying to thalk. Like a jewy elmer fudd.
>>628489 its not about being pro or anti sjw its about being so whitepilled that an entire range of thought is labeled "niggerpill" and gets automatically deleted and assumed to be made by one boogeyman. between that and you jumping at cia nigger shadows theres enough schizo shit going on here to rival /qresearch/ >>628499 are you telling me you relegate yourself to this site alone when each board has its own site now basically? you're the kind of faggot who only used /v/ even when 8chan had like 50 boards at 100pph at any given time aren't you?
(722.38 KB 800x800 get_out (2).jpg)

>>628517 > its about being so whitepilled that an entire range of thought is labeled "niggerpill" and gets automatically deleted and assumed to be made by one boogeyman. You're being extremely disingenuous you faggot. You know very well is one person/bot that mass spams threads and even sock puppets while doing so. Sure innocent anons sometimes get caught up in the ban wave but 90% of niggerpill deletions are of niggerpill. >are you telling me you relegate yourself to this site alone when each board has its own site now basically? >you're the kind of faggot who only used /v/ even when 8chan had like 50 boards at 100pph at any given time aren't you? I go to other imageboards and to other boards on this site to post. Boards that I happen to enjoy I post on and visit. The difference is that you hate how this board is run and the anons here for liking how its run. I don't go to some place like Julay and bitch every day about how shit it is and how it needs to change. I just don't go there. Why do you still come here. You don't like the direction this place has taken and you know it's not going to change in a way that you want it to and the posters here are OK with how this place is and you recognize these facts repeatedly in your posts. Your dreams will never be fulfilled here. Fucking leave already.
>>628517 >y'all are too happy now ya hear? get depressed and kill yourselves all fucking ready. I lie about japan and the world every single day to demoralize you fuckers! Be sad already... Please... It's breaking my morale.
>>628540 Are you implying the loli==pedo fag with the broken keyboard is niggerpill? If it's not multiple faggots, that just makes their case even more pathetic.
>>628537 >90% of niggerpill deletions are of niggerpill this whole conversation started because someone got mistaken for niggerpill so no I'm not being disingenuous this shit happens all the time. and their posts in this thread were deleted along with it so its obviously because he didn't have the right attitude and not because he was the dreaded boogeyman. >Your dreams will never be fulfilled here. Fucking leave already. but my dreams get fulfilled here all the time they're just at your expense. for someone who brags about how many people they have here to smack around and embarrass you sure don't have the temperament for it. you think because you can bully cakekike that gives you power over me? you merely adopted bullying while I was born doing it by stealing my twins nutrients until it starved and I absorbed it in utero. we are not the same.
>>628577 >90% is 100% But no my favorite is >I have no intention of talking about video games. I am only here to piss people off. Hey niggerpill.
(225.00 KB 330x289 Enraged flutterbat .png)

We have two threads up that are blatant spam and one got anchored and the other one's still up not even pretending to be about video games. WTF is up with faggots not even bother trying to hid their shit post and subject less threads during these past months?
>>628577 >this whole conversation started because someone got mistaken for niggerpill so no I'm not being disingenuous this shit happens all the time. Well if he didn't want to be mistaken for niggerpill then he shouldn't post like him.
Nevermind, they got removed anyway.
(27.92 KB 632x529 melting.jpg)

Can we stop with the politics fagging and webring drama for once and deal with the faggot bumping a dozen dead thread every goddamn day it's getting so annoying, especially since half his posts are meaningless one-liners
>deleting all the anime discussion in the GG thread At this point it's like you're actively trying to make the place worse or something. This place will never be what you retards will want it to be without taking the soul out of everything and turning it into a shithole. Stop doing this shit, all this shit was okay in the past, but now it's not because you retards got some retarded ideas in your head to make the GG threads into something they're not? You already said you were going to step back from deleting off-topic posts, but anime, which has been adjacent to /v/ and is a significant part of imageboard culture overall, isn't? The mere fact that you literally still avatarfag as an anime character and the same for the site owner does the same didn't make you literal buffoons realize this? Fucking stop Let people be free to discuss shut, stop being tools and faggots.
>>629096 It's like they forgot what the soul of /v/ is. Either that, or they're newfags who never understood /v/'s board culture to begin with.
>>629096 >>629101 Effort posting also seems to be a mistake. more text means less likely to get a reply. Or the mods remove it in a deletion spree. (Anything above few lines of text feels like a waste of time/energy)
>>629145 I still effortpost regardless. Just giving up because the vols are incompetent isn't my style.
>>629101 I am not the mod who deleted the post but I can assure you it was deleted since it was off topic and doesnt really belong in the GG thread, which Mark himself has stated before is something he wants to try and keep on-topic from now on. If you have some anime or "adjacent" topics to discuss, take it to the Lounge thread or better yet /animu/ or the /a/ here. The GG thread only became the off topic haven it is recognized as now due to complacency by the mods, but that was never the original purpose, even back on 8chan prime. Look me in the screen and tell me off topic buffoonery belongs there.
>>629154 >Lounge thread If it weren't shamelessly ripped off from smug/a/ to the point of being a copypaste of their café thread, I might.
>>629154 >discussion of media relevant to the userbase <off-topic buffonery Shield Hero is an anime that was literally made the target of the anime media to promote feminist agenda, it was one of the things being discussed there and the topic of such came up. Other anime discussion ended up following naturally, just like talk of vidya having similar issues or events would logically have video game discussion follow or end up around it It was not a single deleted post, it was many deleted posts by many people. And no, you retard. Its not about it supposed to be an "off-topic haven", its about it simply having off-topic end up on it at times because discussion is dynamic. Turns out people who like not-shit video games (That largely come from Japan) also like anime which also suffers from a lot of the same kinds of attacks and negative influences and cabals, who'd have fucking guessed? I will look you in the screen and tell you you are a complete faggot, you are defending absolute shittery and you know it. Or is an IRL /v/ meetup really on-topic? That's more discord-tier bullshit that has nothing to do with GG and everything to do with Mark being a lonely faggot. GG is not just about video games anymore you naive cretin, it has encompassed the culture war, which includes other forms of media, and naturally, if you want to include those, there has to be leeway for those kinds of things to get discussed. Does that mean the GG thread turns into an anime thread generally? No, but sometimes it will have discussion about anime, big fucking deal. You retards need to get over yourselves and realize just what you are doing to this board when you happily delete whatever you please and justify it however you want. You act like a few dozen posts discussing anime are destroying the pure original purpose of the GG threads when even back then there was plenty of off-topic posting even in its most productive times, because that's just it. The ratio has increased because the situation is literally different than it used to be, and a lot of the people are different as well. The "original purpose" my ass, you have no idea about how GG has even changed over the years have you? The corruption was already exposed, do you think GG is just about games journalism now? Or did you ignore how literally everyone knows the industry itself (a far greater issue than just the journos) is full of pozz now? Mark himself is a capricious retard who makes decisions on a whim and goes back on them without thinking either, he is as fickle and flighty as a teenage girl, he is not some bastion of reliability or consistency whatsoever, and pointing to him as if he laid down some immutable law is naive as fuck unless you think he's never blogposted in those very threads himself.
(1.88 KB 125x125 1623751145151s.jpg)

Are some faggots seriously complaining about rules being even so much as tangentially enforced? If you don't like the way things are done, go elsewhere.
>>629166 >its about it simply having off-topic end up on it at times because discussion is dynamic. That the vols don't understand one of the basic elements of /v/'s board culture is astoundingly stupid. >>629167 If anything, you're the one who needs to fuck off.
>>629166 This post is so full of itself, it's hilarious. >>629169 Read the rules and then cry some more.
>>629154 How about you niggers try not fucking up with spam and niggerpill deletions, before fucking with regular posts on a still largely shattered userbase that is a fraction of its former self, and hardly at the point where any off-topic posts would be an issue that requires reaction?
This is why most mods prefer to pretend GG threads doesn't exist and let their users rot in their own feces. It's impossible to please an amalgam of 5 different pseudo-communities with hidden rules and customs built on top of the rules and customs of the board.
>>629174 A fringe thread that believes itself above all rules.
>>629174 If you suck that bad at your job, you should just quit, honestly. Not only do you do it for free, you do it poorly and that's just pathetic.
>>629170 >>629167 >>629175 being a brainless sycophant only earns you a soulless (and dying) imageboard. >>629172 Its like these imbeciles don't realize where they are. The risk of alienating actual users should fucking bother these retards at this point, considering each anon is literally almost a percentage point of the userbase on their own, not including their amount of posts or threads created. >>629174 Moderation that lets the users post what they want and just cleans up the trash rather than trying to "curate" their community should be an ideal, no shit that the GG thread has always attracted people from all over. You call it "rotting in their own feces" but I'd rather take that than being a slave to a moderator or board owner's whims.
>>629174 Maybe its time then to finally learn that nobody but outside bad actors cares about moderation beyond just nuking outright spam and niggerpill/lucario. Everything else can and should be dealt by the anons themselves. Going past that is shit on the level of feds fucking with people to justify their budget, despite the ironic fact that all of you are doing it for free.
>>629177 >The risk of alienating actual users should fucking bother these retards at this point I've been using imageboards long enough to know that these types are high enough on their own farts to not care due to genuinely believing that, not only are they doing the right thing, but that the majority of users agree with them. They'll hold onto this out of touch delusion even after the board's traffic has tanked. I've seen it happen on many, many boards.
>>629177 >Its like these imbeciles don't realize where they are. On some level, it's almost kind of impressive how someone can go on a site that came into being mostly due to a chain of events following people getting sick of the luggage lad's bullshit, is basically skirting legality due to all the wrongthink going on with all the pro-censorship legislation being pushed in burgerland/eu, and still manage to think along the lines of: <I know what this place needs to grow, stricter regulations!
>posts were restored This is why I still use this place, the chance of reasonable shit happening and users actually being listened to. Good job, you stopped being faggots for now, keep it up. >>629180 I still generally agree with this though, as i said above, the main reason I use this place is the chance of shit working out since unlike the shittiest places, this place does have a chance of issues being rectified. part of me has been increasingly tempted to leave imageboards behind partially for this reason with all the site drama and annoying moderation bullshit across pretty much all webring boards, and also because it feels like there's way more retarded anons around than there used to be
>>629201 >the main reason I use this place is the chance of shit working out since unlike the shittiest places, this place does have a chance of issues being rectified. I think the only reason people have stuck with cakekike and his merry crew throughout all these years is the fact that they can be bullied into reversing retarded decisions. Not so with a lot of other places.
>>629174 Hire more mods, GG threads become interesting when they're purged and the users scramble for answers.
Remember when I suggested I sell Gondola merchandise to fund raise and everyone hated the idea, despite being inevitable? Who's laughing now? https://archive.ph/u2c5q
>>630085 Okay. That guy is a faggot. What's your point? You want to be a faggot too? Then be a faggot. No one cares.
>>630085 People were already selling Gondola plushies before you ever came up with the idea, Goldstein.
>>630085 monetizing memes is a guaranteed way to ensure the legacy is forever tainted
>>630085 Your merch would've been shit though
>>630119 probably, I'm just having a giggle. >>630109 true
>>630128 Make merch of your jewcy asshole
(456.32 KB 1048x1314 ClipboardImage.png)

Mark, why are you doing this?
>>630585 RENT FREE
>>630585 It's the revoltards doing D&C, don't pay it any mind.
Edited last time by Mark on 06/25/2022 (Sat) 17:31:05.
(5.12 KB 595x429 jamacia picardia.jpeg)

>>630585 >mark that's me lmao >not being the bane of multiple imageboards get on my level virgin
>>630606 Why do you hate me so?
(191.25 KB 428x458 master.png)

>>630607 we do a little trolling
>>630607 I don't hate you Maku. I was mildly miffed at Acid for letting the /b/ situation go on for as long as it did, but that's really all in the past now.
(10.67 KB 427x566 Jewish Miku.png)

>>630619 >Maku
>>630607 I want to cum inside you.
(315.55 KB 500x829 jew persecute.png)

>>630607 Because you're a massive fuck up and then you turn around and ask "what did i ever do"?
(167.44 KB 2459x285 acid ckuck.PNG)

(900.46 KB 1770x1006 Acid.png)

>>630607 We are anonymoose We are a LEGION expect us.
>>630872 I wonder if acidman has a nice ass
>Reason: Niggerpill, go back This shit is getting out of hand.
>>631190 Probably because you said this place is worse than cuckchan and were actively agreeing with fucking niggerpill of all people.
>>631206 It's the truth cuckchan is less cucked than fatchan
Edited last time by Felbot on 06/26/2022 (Sun) 21:49:21.
>>631219 You know literally nothing.
>>631219 Fatchan is a thing still?
>>631276 You say that like people don't make the same statement about 8chan.
>>631292 8chan is dead, but we're the democratic people's republic of 8chan so that's close enough probably.
>>631289 Its like 8chan, zzz and uh. I think thats it. Everywhere sucks in its own way.
(26.76 KB 800x450 taiwan #1.jpg)

>>631296 >democratic people's republic of 8chan We're clearly Republic of 8chan.
>>631424 You get banned for wrong think though.
>>631427 You think Taiwan didn't round up commies and anyone who didn't like the KMT?
>>629166 You have weeb boards to talk about this shit on.
The problem is most people actually believe its possible to rise from absolute oblivion and make this board a worthy successor of /v/. As painful as it might be to some, that won't be the case. The people that have been left use it as a /v/offtopic/ board since all the other places are practically dead and any attempt to revamp their traffic is met with apathy. What bothers people is the deletion of the posts. Some people would much rather to be warned first, but that would take some site management to be involved, and that is and won't be the case. Both sides should come to a middle ground and stop pretending.
(382.63 KB 1112x560 dd edited.png)

>>631632 Darkest Dunechan
(124.85 KB 698x672 CAB.jpg)

Type: Posting deletion User: Mark Board: v Time: 06/27/2022 (Mon) 09:04:45 User Mark deleted the following threads: 631025 and the following posts: 630034/631033, 630034/631243, 630034/631600, 630034/631602, 630034/631609, 630034/631610, 630034/631613, 630034/631615, 630034/631620, 630034/631628, 630034/631631, 630034/631635, 630034/631639, 630034/631642, 630034/631646, 630034/631650, 630034/631652, 630034/631653, 630034/631656, 630034/631661, 630034/631664, 619035/631484, 599139/631516, 615593/631382, 435592/631032, 577440/631521, 516987/631459, 25719/631292, 25719/631462, 25719/631648, 624468/631294, 624468/631510, 597270/631300, 628180/631238, 628180/631242, 628180/631247, 628180/631250, 628180/631262, 628180/631267, 628180/631268, 628180/631338, 628180/631363, 628180/631373, 628180/631457, 628180/631474, 628180/631506, 628180/631513, 628180/631523, 538116/631239, 560090/631333, 560090/631514, 384861/631031, 630462/631271, 582710/631029, 611917/631512, 610183/631519, 619677/631463, 563934/631377, 631025/631027, 631025/631030, 631025/631043, 631025/631044, 631025/631050, 631025/631052, 631025/631056, 631025/631065, 631025/631066, 631025/631081, 631025/631084, 631025/631090, 631025/631099, 631025/631121, 631025/631134, 631025/631136, 631025/631137, 631025/631149, 631025/631150, 631025/631153, 631025/631154, 631025/631156, 631025/631165, 631025/631185, 631025/631222, 631025/631524, 631025/631529, 631025/631533, 631025/631669 from board /v/.
(454.35 KB 405x492 markblacked.png)

>>631687 What made him so angry that he decided to nuke activity? This at least explains why it's been so fucking painfully slow here lately, I could've sworn I was seeing more "not found"s than usual, to think mark would stop sabotaging his own board like this.
(181.69 KB 1200x1070 furry big.jpg)

>>631692 a fag and a not-fag were playing grabass in the GG thread well after it fell off the first page and the not-fag posted a picture that may or may not have been himself in the shower from behind; and really if you want to get mark on your side you should play to his fetishes but twist them a little so he gets more warped than he already is
>>631693 I suppose, but it doesn't explain why so many posts got removed outside the GG thread; unless those posts had reports on them, but I haven't seen things get overtly shitposty, or even amusing for that matter, maybe it's really bad in threads I don't lurk in, i dunno
>>631687 Does anyone have a screencap of that SMT thread before it was deleted? I don't get why it was deleted and nobody bothered to archive it earlier so I could get figure out what was exactly in it.
(1.27 MB 3378x3155 mark draw thread spaghetti.jpg)

>>631694 that answer to that is, of course, fucking jewboy
>>631694 Local faggot spammer Luciano/Niggerpill spams the entire board, not just GG you fucktard, and he enjoys IP hopping around to pretend all his (1) posts are different people.
>>631695 It was restored: >>631025
>>631793 >and he enjoys IP hopping around to pretend all his (1) posts are different people. That's because those ARE different people, Luciano/Niggerpill has a very specific posting style that anyone can sniff out at a 100 degree radius, unless those posts sound exactly like him I doubt that claim. I really don't recall him ever not using TOR either. It's more realistically some bored anon with nothing to do, because I have seen threads weeks old be bumped to the top, not the most malicious thing but understandably annoying.
(789.81 KB 1366x1611 Blackpill.jpg)

>>632016 You are retarded.
>>632016 >I really don't recall him ever not using TOR either. If you're wrong on that, you owe me a King's Gyro Philly.
>>632021 Read my post again, retard. It still doesn't prove niggerpill is the one going around bumping threads, there's no smoking gun to prove that its niggerpill specifically due to his obvious posting style always being the key to outing him, if the anon in question went around saying the exact same shit and baiting then you'd win your argument, but that's not what's happening. You're trying to take a shortcut and convince yourself that it has to be him so you backseat hotpocket and enable wiping anons posts history like a lazy fat bastard, what about the thread that got deleted, was that niggerpill too? Is he making threads now? What's to stop you from convincing yourself that any anons you don't like are niggerpill as an excuse to remove them? It's not that difficult to separate anons based on how they post, where they post and what they post. Think anon, THINK.
>>632035 I wasn't talking about the nigger bumping threads you cocksucker, read MY post again.
(139.87 KB 357x472 z7uaDPd.png)

>>632039 Ah, I see. I was on the assumption that you were on the position of trying to prove a different point, carry on anon.
>>631687 That was a sperg who kept screeching in redtext like a lunatic, though all his posts shouldn't be deleted
>>630085 I kinda want a Gondola figure to be honest. >>632044 I suspect that he'll double down and act more retarded. I don't understand why some people can just argue in good faith or know when they are wrong.
Why is the top bar fucking up?
>>632387 Because you need to purge your cache.
>>632387 Ctrl+F5
(118.54 KB 317x342 Thumbnail.png)

(366.59 KB 342x534 Expanded.png)

(1.29 MB 630x960 New tab.png)

Is this a bug with image expansions? It seems expansion in the same page doesn't truly expand it and you need to open a new tab to have a closer look. >>632398 Meanwhile the post above it expands it without issue, unsure if it's because of the post dimensions or when it was posted prior to this update. >>631346
>>632399 There were some adjustments to file cells which are probably causing this, but it's not intended. Will look into a fix.
(3.39 MB 720x1280 寒すぎ風強すぎ-1.mp4)

You dun good flaccid ma'am, you dun good.

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